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Dear Evan Hanson summarized

Anybody have a map?:shy tree boy and drug smoker are aNGST Y, and moms are good

Waving through a window: life is hard and shy tree boy is sad™

For forever:you had one job e v a n.

Sincerely, me: but like they were re a l l y g Ay t h o???, (ft.smoking drugs™)

Requiem: Connor was an angelic ass™

If I could tell her: use fake information about peoples brothers to get with girls nOTASCAMATALL

Disappear: this is giving me strange heathers vibes™

You will be found: tree boy made the internet cool again,

To Break in a glove: daddy issues™

Only us: sorry Zoe but I still ship tree boy with your dead brother cOUGH.

Good for you: you done fucked up tree boy.

Words fail: no I’m not even going to t R Y I’m crYING thiS hIT M E sO B A D.

So big/ so small: ok like Evans mom is b e s t m o m™ she’s too good for t h i s, best mom deserves better.

Finale:tree boy sees sky’s forever.

The end

This lowkey took me 20 minutes to write cOUGH COUGH

when i wander into the emma frost tag and start missing my girl so much

hawajulayman  asked:

Why do u love Richonne ? And as a black woman how do u feel about the way Michonne is written in the show and they way Rick is with her? I'm black too. By the way Lemonade is in my top5 Richonne's fanfiction. A masterpiece i hated and loved Rick. When i finished i was like " girl Richonne is fine, Richard didn't do that in the show ". Well done ! Gimple needs to take some advices form you. Excuse my english, I'm french.

Aww, thank you so much! 🖤And no need to apologize for your English, it’s perfect. 

Oh man, why do I love Richonne. For so many little reasons, but broadly speaking, because it’s a healthy, mature relationship that stemmed from a bond of friendship and trust and mutual respect. They went from almost enemies to bringing one another back from the brink of death – both figuratively and in some cases literally. And in those moments and their connection to Carl, they became this family inside the bigger family. They became intimate. And they’re just so well-written. No unnecessary drama, no badly executed tropes or stereotypes. Just two really beautiful people whose worlds were turned upside down, but they saw what they wanted and needed in one another, and they made a relationship out of it. Finally. I can’t believe this zombie show gave me one of the best onscreen relationships I’ve ever seen, but… here we are. It probably helps, though, that they aren’t the focus of the show. Just a really great byproduct of it. 

As for Michonne, I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the way she’s been portrayed. When she first showed up, I was so enamored by her mere existence. This dark-skinned woman with dreadlocks and a sword saving white ladies in the woods. I was in. Then she refused to talk to people, even when she had important shit to say, and it got on my nerves. But… I was still in because she wasn’t dead yet. And then Scott Gimple came along and shattered all of my fears about her any longer being just the angry black woman who refused to cooperate. In season 4, her relationships with Rick and Carl were fleshed out, and the reason behind the guard she had up became clearer as the season went along, pretty much at the same time that the Grimes boys had managed to knock it down. Finding out she was a mother and how she lost her first family and seeing her break down in After was all so heartbreaking but necessary. It all went a long way to showing her as an actual person. And the subsequent seasons, while not as heavily focused on her at all, did reinforce that. They gave her the full range of the human experience, from loss and anger and heartbreak to love and sex and fulfillment and happiness. So seeing her journey and watching her relationship with Rick blossom into what they have has just been so satisfying for me. That’s not to say it’s been perfect by any means, but when I look at the picture so far, I love what I see.



This is the episode where I started getting really nitpicky about the anime’s choices (I am allowed my pettiness), which is unfortunate for me, but this moment, man.

You have Kristoria out in the frozen cold, fully expecting to die. Daz is screwed based on her ability to keep him alive. She’s not going to abandon him. Consequently, that means that she’s going to die as well. Forget that there’s another person there who might be able to help; they’re both absolutely dead, and she’s going to keep on marching until reality picks up on that.

Then Ymir pops up, and in seconds, her motivation is cast out into the open and dismantled, and her personal history is being recited to her on a whim.

(You know, the personal history that leads to someone else dying because of her.)

They’re in the middle of a blizzard, with Daz quietly dying at their feet, and Kristoria halfway through her latest suicidal stunt. Nothing good is happening here. Every awful thing about Krista is completely exposed.

But she listens to this girl talking about her tragic, tragic life, and the thing of it is, Ymir already knows all of this, and she’s sticking around.

At this point in the manga, the panel where Kristoria smiles and asks if Ymir wanted to be her friend is the happiest she’s ever looked, and it still holds a rank.

One of the manga’s prevailing themes is how cruel the world is, and how much beauty can be found in the midst of that cruelty. Historia Reiss’ life is a collection of miserable tragedy at every turn, but in this one moment, where she thinks someone might want her, and she might have a friend, you can see all of the life Krista hides springing up.

There is the slightest, most minuscule chance of anything good happening here, and every terrible thing that she’s suffered through and perpetuates falls away next to the sheer hope of something beautiful.

Sunday Night Smut Fest

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so here we are again, having another blurb night. I know I am going to get more requests than I am going to be able to complete; but no matter what, this is a good old time. I always have fun writing these and I didn’t want to go as long as last time before doing another blurb night, so here we go! you all should know the drill by now, and if you don’t, or if you have any questions at all about it, just send me an ask. and I decided to make a new post just because I thought it looked cleaner and I thought it would make things easier. so yeah.


Pick An Idol

(Recommended Groups)

  • Seventeen
  • Astro
  • Red Velvet (please please please)
  • f(x) (please pick Amber please)
  • Got7
  • BTS
  • i.o.i
  • Twice
  • Monsta X
  • Girls Generation
  • **also don’t forget that I write for other fandoms like Degrassi and The Walking Dead, so if you wanna request something for one of those, completely feel free

Pick A Reader

  • female/male/gender non specific
  • no reader (member x member pairings)

Pick A Category

  • smut (seeing at this is Smutty Sunday)
  • fluff
  • angst

Pick A Letter

  • A: Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy AU
  • B: Vampire AU
  • C: Zombie Apocalypse AU
  • D: Monster High AU (yes, I mean like the dolls)
  • E: 1930′s Gangster AU
  • F: Angels & Demons AU
  • G: Halloween
  • H: Harry Potter AU (with prefect bathroom or library bonus)
  • I: Frat House AU
  • J: Daddy/Mommy Dom and Little One (AU?)
  • K: Reverse Idol AU
  • L: Idol Reader AU
  • M: Porn Star AU
  • N: Step Sibling AU
  • O: Hybrid AU (now with heat sex/going into heat bonus)
  • P: A/B/O AU (now with heat sex/going into heat bonus)
  • Q: Friends With Benefits
  • R: “you have a crush on my best friend so now we’re gonna have a threesome” (choose three)
  • S: “you’re my (older) sibling’s best friend but let’s fuck anyway”
  • T: “I can fuck better” (choose three)
  • U: Boarding School AU
  • V: Royalty AU
  • W: “I sent you a nude by accident”
  • X: (come up with your own!!!!) (wild) (absolutely wild)
  • Y: High School AU
  • Z: Internet Friends AU (now with sexting or Skype sex bonus)

send your requests here!

Have a little Lirry, because I of course can’t visit a zoo without getting some fanfic ideas (and when I say I’m going to be completely off tumblr for three days, people should never believe me).


“Harry, don’t you think we could-”

“Shh. It’s going to move.”

Liam very much doubted that sloth was going to move. It hadn’t moved in the (Liam looked down at his watch) twenty long minutes they’d been standing in front of the pen, staring at it. Possibly that sloth was dead and no one had noticed because it made no difference.


“Liam, stop talking, you keep scaring it stiff.”

Liam took a deep breath, forcing himself to keep quiet. This was supposed to be a lovely day, and he wasn’t going to let his impatience (or rather Harry’s seemingly endless patience) ruin it. It was only half past two in the afternoon. There was still plenty of time, even if Harry refused to walk away from the aviary (why did a sloth end up in the aviary, Liam had no idea) until the sloth had done something.

Harry’d always had an affinity for the slow-paced creature. There was a reason Liam used the word as a term of endearment, after all, born out of many hours spent listening to Harry’s slow rambling stories, voice like treacle seeping into Liam’s bones and making him pleasantly sleepy. But Liam had never quite realized just how intent Harry was on befriending the actual animal.

“Sloths are creatures full of surprises,” he’d told Liam when they’d stopped in front of the pen, his grin so wide that Liam hadn’t minded waiting a bit to see if its occupant was going to move.

After two minutes, Liam had started looking around, waving to the little bright colored birds that were freely skipping about around them. After ten minutes he’d gently cleared his throat and stared at his watch in a way he hoped drove the point across. After fifteen minutes he’d finally dared speak up, but Harry had shushed him straight away, and every time since.

Some people would stop in front of the pen, take one glance at Harry’s intent look, and stick around for a few minutes, clearly under the misconception that something interesting was about to happen. They all left with slightly baffled looks on their faces, and Liam was getting tempted to just follow them and come back to pick Harry up at the end of the day.

Except he had something planned for this trip that really required Harry to be with him when it happened.

He looked at his watch again. They’d been there for going on thirty minutes now, and the giraffes’ pen was on the other side of the zoo.

“Haz, I think it’s sleeping,” he hazarded, keeping his voice low. Harry just raised a hand, still staring at the sloth as if he was hoping to make it move from sheer will alone.

Knowing Harry, it might just work.

Liam sighed, nervously patting his jeans pocket. There were still a lot of things to see before making it to the giraffes. At that rhythm, they’d never get there before closing time.

Maybe he should just do it here. Wait until the sloth finally moved, if it ever did, then get down on one knee and ask Harry to marry him.

But he’d wanted to do it in front of the giraffes because that was where he’d fallen in love with Harry, on a day out with the lads, watching Harry beam like a little kid in front of a baby giraffe, excitedly giving everyone all the facts about giraffes that anyone could have ever wanted to know.

“Do you realize that baby fell to the ground from 5 feet high when it was born?” he’d accusingly fired back at Louis when Louis had made fun of the giraffes’ gait, before stumbling three feet sideways and crashing straight into Liam’s side, seemingly for no reason at all except for the fact that Harry seemed amazingly maladjusted to standing on two legs. Louis had snorted the coke he was drinking out through his nose and Liam had focused hard on that - and Louis’s subsequent swearing - to avoid thinking about how nice it felt, having Harry plastered against him.

Harry had stayed in front of the giraffes so long that everyone had left him behind except for Liam, who’d admittedly been more enthralled by Harry’s profile than by anything that was happening in the pen.

“I knew you’d get it,” Harry had told him, wrapping an easy arm around Liam’s waist, blissfully unaware of the hammering of Liam’s heart behind his ribcage. “You always get me.”

He’d turned to look at Liam, all eager and youthful and impossibly beautiful, and Liam had leaned forward and kissed him full on the lips without even thinking, drawn to him as surely as a magnet to a fridge door (on which Liam later pinned the selfie he and Harry had taken that day, Liam grinning so hard you couldn’t see his eyes, Harry’s cheeks flushed from pleasure, both of them with lips pink-tinged from kissing).

“Harry, don’t you want to see the giraffes?” Liam whispered now, getting desperate. He really really wanted to do it there. And he really really didn’t want to lose his nerve. “I heard they’ve got a new baby…”

“But it was supposed to move,” Harry whined, gently tapping the cage’s wire with his open hand. “C’mon, slothy. I believe in you.”

“You should know better than to believe a sloth,” Liam teased. Harry’s hurt look took him aback. “Look we can pop by later on? Maybe it’ll be feeling more energetic then…”

“No, it had to be now. I thought it could - never mind.”

Harry looked really upset, which worried Liam in turn. This didn’t bode well for his marriage proposal. He wasn’t about to ask Harry for anything while Harry was reeling from sloth-induced sadness.

He coaxed Harry away from the pen and out of the aviary, trying to be extra jovial to make up for Harry’s forlorn sighs, but nothing seemed to cheer him up, not even the otters, who were rambunctiously playing in their pen and sliding down into their basin again and again.

“Look at that one,” he said, pointing to an otter who had pressed itself to the pen’s fence, small otter paw scrabbling for the wet twigs stuck on the other side of it, trying to drag them inside.

“It’s adorable,” Harry said absent-mindedly, hands stuck deep into his jacket pockets, leaving Liam feel strangely cut off; Harry was usually only too happy to hold his hand.

“Harry, have I done something wrong?” Liam finally asked, ready to go back to the aviary and spend the rest of the day there, if only it’d make Harry look a bit more like himself. “We can-”

“The sloth was supposed to move so you’d make a joke about how it reminded you of me and then I could ask you if you’d mind having your very own sloth till death do us part,” Harry blurted off, speaking faster than Liam had ever heard him speak before.

“I’m… what?”

Harry took his hands out of his pockets. He was clutching a tiny red box in one of them. He looked absolutely miserable. “I thought I’d take out the ring and ask for your hand, I thought it’d be nice to do it in front of the sloth pen,” he moaned, looking at the otters with a pout. “But that lazy bum wouldn’t move.”

Liam kept staring at Harry’s hand, or rather at the hints of red visible through his clenched fingers, heart beating so hard he could feel his pulse thrumming in his throat. “Harry,” he croaked out, before clearing his throat and trying again. “Harry… can I see that box?”

“No,” Harry very nearly wailed, slumping down against Liam, forehead pressed against Liam’s shoulder. “That stupid sloth ruined everything.”

“I really don’t think it ruined anything at all,” Liam said, trying to keep his voice as calm as possible despite the whirlwind his brain seemed to be caught in. “Can you please let me look at the box?”


“How about,” Liam said, reaching into his own pocket to get his own box out, “how about I trade you for it?” His box was black, but he was pretty sure its contents were identical to Harry’s.

“Trade what?” Harry mumbled into Liam’s jacket. Liam raised his hand palm up, the box in its center, right between their bodies where Harry would see it. He felt Harry tense up against him, then Harry raised his head, eyes wide.

“I wanted to do it in front of the giraffes’ pen,” Liam said with a small smile that grew bigger as Harry’s face went from surprised to elated… but then Harry’s face fell.

“Fuck. The giraffes was a much better idea. Why didn’t I think of that?”

“I don’t know,” Liam said, feeling warm from the tip of his fingers down to his toes. He couldn’t stop grinning. “Maybe because the ‘where’ didn’t matter at all?”

“Maybe,” Harry nodded, before kissing Liam so hard he almost dropped his box.

The picture they pinned on their fridge that day had them both holding hands, rings catching the sun, three little brown heads peeking up on either side of them as the otters tried to get into the shot.

For their wedding they had their guests send donations to the zoo. It was the least they could do, really.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any thoughts for what Clarke can do to make you like her character again? I was so looking forward to her arc after 4x08 but after this episode i'm dead. And with only a few episodes left idk what she could do to fix it for me. even something as big as her tangibly rejecting or destroying the chip (which lbr, the writers don't wanna upset the antis so they probs won't go there) it still won't be enough.

I don’t think Clarke’s arc is complete, which is why I haven’t completely eradicated her from my “List of Characters I Like” list. I mistakenly believed (like many) that when she took the Nightblood in 408, it was a sign that she was finally letting go of the “I am Clarke and I am the only one who knows how to fix all the problems” mentality. Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case. 

HOWEVER, when I look at the arcs that Bellamy and Clarke are both on this Season and think back on previous Seasons and realize that often their arcs compliment each other, I notice that Bellamy and Clarke’s arcs haven’t….intersected yet. 

Bellamy’s arc this Season has been all about learning how to let people go, letting them live their lives as they see fit, while Clarke’s has been about overcoming her tribalism (or so it seems) and becoming her own kind of leader. These arcs seem different on the surface but their not at all. 

In order for Clarke to complete her arc successfully she needs to come to the realization that she can’t just tell people “this is how we’re going to do it-because I said so!”- which sounds a lot like L/xa’s “They are my subjects!” and Roan’s- “I am a King!. Clarke isn’t the Commander, she’s not the sovereign. She’s not even the Chancellor. 

It seems the show has been telling us from the beginning that the old ways of leadership need to die (literally): Jaha (Chancellor) seemingly died in Season 1, Dante and Cage (Presidents of Mt. Weather) both died in Season 2, L/xa (Commander) and Pike (Chancellor) died in Season 3. We don’t know which leader will die in Season 4, but it seems that the leaders who are unwilling to change, who are stuck in the “old ways” don’t make it to see the end of the show. 

If Clarke can’t change, can’t learn that she’s not destined to be the leader of the Arkadians by some sort of divine right (like L/xa and Roan), that she can’t just force people to bend to her will (like L/xa and Roan), that she can’t bear it all so they don’t have to (like Dante), that she can’t force her will on groups of people who are not her own (like Pike), she will die. And as she’s meant to be the hero of the story, I don’t think she’s going to stay in this rut. 

I have a lot of hope that now that Bellamy has learned the “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” lesson from Kane, and has applied it (as of last episode) and he and Clarke are reunited, he can begin to share what he’s learned with her, which will help to balance out Clarke’s leadership (because a large part of Clarke’s problem is that she thinks she is the ONLY one who bears the weight of leadership-when we as the audience know this not to be true). 

Eliza said in a recent interview about the episodes leading up to the finally that Clarke leans on her friends a lot, which gives me hope that what I’m thinking is right. So….here’s hoping!

Bad Seed Rising opinions needed?

Okay so I’ve just been over my previous chapters and tried to figure out how long our little love birds have actually been playing this act out and it’s only been 10 days? 10 days?! In 24 chapters we’ve managed to only get through 10 days of them actually faking it. Anyway more to the point was how much longer would you like me to drag this out? Because I feel like I’m at a place where I could definitely get things going but 10 days feels a little like jumping the gun. 

How many days is it considered acceptable to be fake dating someone before you start to wanna jump their bones?

Hell if I know, opinions on when or how you’d like it to go down would be awesome!


Requested by anonymous

“Where you going Ethan?” You said cornering your friend at the top of half blood hill. He stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn to face you immediately, you had a feeling he really didn’t want to face you.
“You’re not going anywhere” you continued when he didn’t respond to you “I know where you’re going and I won’t let you”.

You weren’t naive. It was obvious why some campers were missing. They weren’t dead, no they ran away to join Luke and the Titans. Ethan’s always been bitter toward the gods but this was taking it to a whole new level.

“You can’t tell me what I can and can’t do” Ethan snapped back.

“Stop being such a miserable asshole. Just because the gods are awful doesn’t mean you can treat us, your friends like this” you replied angrily.

“Don’t be stupid [Y/N]. You were my only friend”.

“Then stay for me!”.

“No. I care about you more than anyone else on this dumb planet and hopefully you’ll come to your senses and join the right side”.


anonymous asked:

auror potter fanfic: if you can get your hands on 'the complete works of maya' pdf or other format, I highly recommend Drop Dead Gorgeous. it's a drarry, but it's hilarious, and there isn't much going on in the slash department until very late into the story if that puts you off.

That doesn’t put me off at all haha I’ll take a look :) Thanks for the recommendation! 

aurorasuplex  asked:

my favourite poem is amor mundi by christina rossetti! i love the flow of the first two lines especially. 🖤

I love the “Oh that’s a thin dead body which waits the eternal term” part.

“Oh where are you going with your love-locks flowing
  On the west wind blowing along this valley track?”
“The downhill path is easy, come with me an it please ye,
  We shall escape the uphill by never turning back.”

So they two went together in glowing August weather,
  The honey-breathing heather lay to their left and right;
And dear she was to dote on, her swift feet seemed to float on
  The air like soft twin pigeons too sportive to alight.

“Oh what is that in heaven where gray cloud-flakes are seven,
  Where blackest clouds hang riven just at the rainy skirt?”
“Oh that’s a meteor sent us, a message dumb, portentous,
  An undeciphered solemn signal of help or hurt.”

“Oh what is that glides quickly where velvet flowers grow thickly,
  Their scent comes rich and sickly?”—“A scaled and hooded worm.”
“Oh what’s that in the hollow, so pale I quake to follow?”
  “Oh that’s a thin dead body which waits the eternal term.”

“Turn again, O my sweetest,—turn again, false and fleetest:
  This beaten way thou beatest I fear is hell’s own track.”
“Nay, too steep for hill-mounting; nay, too late for cost-counting:
  This downhill path is easy, but there’s no turning back.”


I was tagged by the mighty @isly-quinn to make that meme where you put a picture of yourself surrounded by characters you strongly relate too; so here’s a picture of me when I was 8 years old, dead tired, in front of a cereal bowl! (That’s right! I don’t even relate to the Riddler that much. But he’s such an interesting character, darn it.)

I think I’m supposed to tag 5 more people, so i go with @kore-chan, @dawnandchoco, @canadian-riddler, @jayjaynetti and uhhhh @ifreakinglovetheriddler

…I was supposed to tag the first two, but Tumblr won’t admit they exist for some reason.

dreaming-fail  asked:

14, 16, 24, 27

14. Which of the TMI characters are you most excited for them to appear again? 

I am most excited to see Magnus (who is probably my favorite character from TMI!) and Clary and Jace because I want to knoW WTF IS GOING ON WITH THOSE TWO?!? 

Also, I really really want Jace and Kit to interact! This series needs some more Herondale boys!

16. Do you think Malcom is really dead?

Not unless hell has frozen over :)

For real though, there is absolutely no way that a mere stab wound killed the High Warlock of Los Angeles. Besides, that would ruin all the suspense if he raised Annabel from the dead and never got to see her again!

24. On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for Helen and Aline to return? 


27. Overall, what are you most looking forward to? 

I am most excited to read about the characters going to London! It is going to give me all the TID feels, and I don’t think it is possible to be more excited than I am about the emotional agony that Cassie is about to put us through! Also, I really want Kit to meet Jessamine and for her to tell him about his ancestors and then I’ll just explode because Will :’)

Thank you for asking!

Send me a “Lord of Shadows” Question!

Sandra: Let’s go over the plan again, shall we?

- Alrighty. 

Sandra: Well, roadside accidents are surprisingly easy to fake, you said. I’ll leave the car at a rest stop to buy some food and make sure she is still inside. A reckless driver crashes into the car, leaving one victim dead. It’s very tragic but unfortunately these things happen. I’ll play the grieving guardian for a while. 

- Ok, same plan, then.

Sandra: Same plan. I’ll tell you when we drive out tomorrow and text you when we’re at the rest stop. It should go off without a hitch.

- Just be there as agreed. And of course, this won’t be done for free. I will be expecting the sum we agreed on.

Sandra: Absolutely. You know I always reward those who work for me.

She hangs up the phone, not realizing that the last part of her conversation was overheard by her intended victim.

Dan and Phil (Phan) Imagine: All of the Stars

“Phil, where are we going?” Dan asked stumbling over branches and rocks. “Phil, why did you think it was a good idea to blindfold me and take me to the forest. This is dangerous, I am going to fall and break my neck and then I won’t be able to ever go on Tumblr ever again because I will be dead Phil. I will be dead.”

“Stop complaining and hold onto my hand instead of saying you can walk by yourself. This is a surprise, so shhhh.” 

“Fine. I wonder if Slenderman is around, this does seem like the place he would live.” 

“Dan, shut up. Now take a few more steps aaaaaand stop.” Phil said helping Dan sit down. 

“Can I take my blindfold off because I feel like I am in 50 Shades of Grey and believe it or not, I am not into that.” 

“Fine you can take it off now.” 

Dan took of the blindfold to see the forest that he was sat in had pretty, fairy lights hanging from all the trees, there was also a blanket underneath him with some food and candles. 

“Phil, what is all of this for?” He asked confused. 

“Just to show you how much I love you. Plus I wanted to go stargazing and I thought it would be a good idea for  spontaneous date because I know how much you like stars. So lie down and look at them.”

“I would would much rather look at something prettier.” Dan said smiling as he lay down on the ground. 

“What’s that?” Phil said joining him and putting his arm around Dan. 

“You.” He smiled, hugging Phil. 

themeattoast  asked:

What was your favorite scene in part 5? What are you most looking forward to getting animated?

not sure which scene is my absolute favorite, but if i had to choose, id say the reveal of the french guy in chapter 565

pretty much any of the fights as seeing them in motion always helps me figure out what the fuck is going on, but probably the grateful dead fight since that one’s fucking good

At 8:58pm I wanted to end it all,
There’s a sadness that lives inside me that I can’t escape, at 9pm I thought I would fall.
I’m drowning, every so often I come up for air to see if anyone would notice at all,
As the waves ride past me so did you,
I live inside this constant ball of death, and the only way you stepped inside was at my funeral.
Sometimes, I just want it stop for good but at 9:03 I want to be saved from this fall.
It seems people only love you when you take your last breath, they only see you when your eyes are closed.
You can’t love people back to life, you only saved me when I was dead.
To take this thread, to tie the knot and maybe give life one more go…
—  Nicki
Can you see me now?

these violent delights … have violent ends.

digital painting of dolores abernathy from hbo’s westworld! honestly if you haven’t seen it go watch it immediately, it’s like firefly meets red dead redemption meets ex machina and it’s amazing.

you can watch a speedpaint of this piece here!