you are going away

the colors are wrong
pinched noses - forced breaths
what good are these
paper planes?

there is no room
for question here

the colors are wrong
broken necks turn blind eyes
kindling is nothing without

is not a point of view

the colors are wrong
words cannot compel blue to red
sadness is
never simple

i cannot write suicide notes any more

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How about LuzToye + 3 if possible Niamh? You know I love your writing! -queenofkeys

aah thankyou so much for the oh gosh!! i hope this is alright also sorry this is long cause i got very carried away!<3

3. Just as they’re falling asleep:

“George, Georgie baby- sweetheart c’mon, we have to go,” Joe sighed, gently nudging his dozing boyfriend’s side in the hopes of waking him up- at least just enough to get him into the car and back home. 

It had been one of those irresistibly balmy summer days; when the sun’s warm rays and the thought of basking in them made getting any college work done damn near impossible. Joe knew George had been feeling a little under the weather lately (the stress of exams coming up having finally caused cracks to appear in his usually cheery visage), and so had suggested that they take the day off for once to enjoy the heat while it lasted- though perhaps in words that had sounded a little more like “fuck this, we need a break.”

He’d driven them to a park on the edge of town, and the two of them had spent the afternoon swapping languid, ice-cream sticky kisses in the baking heat. Soon bright bubblegum blues had faded into the soft, hazy pastels of a serene summer’s eve- the sky awash with peaches and lilacs, and the gentle hum of the breeze in the leaves punctuated with a myriad of birdsong. George’s eyelids had begun to grow heavy, and he’d found himself laying down with his head resting on Joe’s warm and oh-so inviting lap, just stopping short of purring at the feel of fingers tenderly combing through his hair.

This hadn’t been a problem at all, until the last of the day’s warmth had given way to the chill of a late August night, and Joe’s fingers had begun to grow cold.

“George, hey,” he tried again, a loud sigh escaping him as he was left with no choice but to-

Jesus Christ, Joe! I’m up! I’m awake!” George had grumbled, as his head was forcefully and unceremoniously shoved from the comfortable pillow of his boyfriend’s thighs and onto the cool grass below. The thickness of his voice, and the way his shoulders had drooped as he tried to stand had wholly suggested otherwise, however, and so Joe had found himself wrapping an arm around his waist in order to stop him sinking back to the ground to drift off to sleep once more.

“I’m sorry, baby, but it’s getting cold,” he had chuckled softly, half carrying and half dragging his boyfriend back to the car, wondering for a moment if the old blanket he’d kept on the back seat would be clean enough to offer him. He decided that it was, and, after carefully manoeuvring George into the passenger seat (with minimal cursing, and definitely no cries of “well maybe if you’d actually try to help yourself instead of expecting me to do it all, things would have gone a lot smoother!”), he had leant into the back to fetch it for him. 

“I love it when you call me baby,” George had mumbled sleepily as Joe had wrapped the blanket around his slouching shoulders, “I- I love you as a whole, in fact.”

And though Joe’s heart was racing and his cheeks had flushed bright red; he found himself laughing and leaning down to plant a kiss on the George’s forehead as a quiet snore escaped him. “I love you too,” he had murmured with a smile against the other’s sun-warmed skin, “but we gotta head home now, okay?”


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Hello lovely people! And a big hello to all my new followers!! Thank you for nearly 1.5k while I was gone. ♡ You guys are amazing. I’ll be more active on my studyblr as of today, since I’m on autumn break. ^.^ I’ll probably post my favorite March spreads from my bullet journal tomorrow. So, keep an eye out for that. ;) 

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Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!


So, we know that Keith had his mullet back at the Garrison bc that’s how Lance recognizes him, but I like to hc that Keith had short hair and the mullet is the product of, ya know, living in the desert for a year.

Imagine. Your crush disappears into the desert only to suddenly reappear before you months later, long(er) hair blowing in the wind. Maybe a bit of a tan too.

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Goodnight, Captain
(AKA vague prequel to this)

Where freshly minted Captain Kirk reads up on stuff even when he’s not on shift and nods off in random conference rooms on the Enterprise. Certain first officers who don’t require as much sleep take care of things.


i still remember playing animal crossing on the gamecube with my brother and we pissed off mr resetti one too many times so he WOULD NOT LET US PLAY until we had WRITTEN A FORMAL APOLOGY LETTER he told you exactly what to write and you just had to type it out, exactly, letter for letter, and if you tried to cuss him out instead HE KNEW and he was FURIOUS and you literally could not continue to play the game until you had written mr resetti a formal apology for making his life hell