you are goign to kill me

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I can't believe that you try to be SJW here and defend Dean Winchester without questioning. In 11x03 Dean even verbally harrassed a woman. That is even considered as sexual harrassment. You only care about his look you hypocrites.

are you kidding me

of all the things you could pick, you’re goign with the time he checked out a woman and then turned away when she said no? Not only does saying that’s harassment diminish real harassment, but it’s…not even sexual harassment because that is a specific term that applies to workplaces so, you’re being dumb on a lot of levels.

Here’s the thing though, I can like a character that does thing I morally disagree with. Cas, Sam, Dean - all of them ROUTINELy KILL PEOPLE. Like…straight up fucking murder AND YET I still love them as characters because enjoying a character has nothing to do with approving of their behavior so, please kindly, go fuck yourself.

I think next week’s episode is going to be emocional. What if they torture Lydia or something in front of Stiles? Ugh I’m going to die…

I need the episode now.