you are goign to kill me

idiosynoracular  asked:

OMG your MLB YGO au is killing me a legit nearly teared up when i found it ;A; i can't wait for any new posts you make >< (if youre still goign with it) i was just wondering who you'd make chloes equivalent, maybe vivian wong, and i saw an ask reffering to nathaniel, maybe that could be rebecca??? any thoughts

i stopped for awhile bc i hit thesis season at school, but i might start working on it again now that i’ve graduated. i’m not entirely sure if i want to put in a chloe equivalent, but i definitely have some thoughts about some of the possible miraculous users. 

I think next week’s episode is going to be emocional. What if they torture Lydia or something in front of Stiles? Ugh I’m going to die…

I need the episode now.