you are getting upset at flowers

// tried to make this as gender neutral because people who identify as male can get periods too!


- He thought something had been off the last couple of days but he couldn’t pinpoint it?

- “ Babe, are you okay? You seem upset.”


- scared for his life

- he even calls Seven out of all people to see if you had said anything about what was making you so upset?? he really wanted to know here.

- “ maybe it’s her time of the month? ”



- goes and gets chocolate, ice cream, flowers, heating pads, medicine, a new blanket like everything there’s no holding back here

- he’s such a sweetheart no matter how hard it is when you’re crying over dogs on the internet or upset at how loud the cars are outside he’ll do his best to comfort you!!

- yes MC those are good dogs pure doggos right there

- yes cars are awful they’re one letter away from cats what do you expect


- this poor boy has / hardly ever / been around stuff like this

- so he has no idea what’s wrong with you all of a sudden?? you were so happy and now here you are screaming about how he left one of his shirts unfolded that’s so unlike you

- when he tries to say you were the one who did it hoo boy here come the tears

- silently googling “ help, emotional s/o ”

- it’s either just hysteria or menstruation

- he totally forgot that was a thing

- he’ll ask if this is what you have

- and you get angry at him again like MC you have to work with me here

- he’ll try to have you lay down to rest so he can have you calm down a bit before he suggests ordering some soup and reading to you

- he’s so sweet about it after that but he makes sure he’s careful as heck

- gets a period tracker so he can monitor when he has to be prepared.


- I mean he does have a sister

- and hes been around his mom enough to see some things

- he’ll be really nice about it even though you make him wanna cry when you yell he doesn’t like that :((

- knows that you’re probably going to want ice cream, movies, and chocolate so he’ll go out and get it for you

- if you ask for pads or tampons he’s a little embarrassed because the cashier looks at him weird but he doesn’t really care it’s for you!!

- he’s scared the entire week but he’s still sweet

- gets up and gets you some water or food whenever you ask for it

- not grossed out at all by talking about it surprisingly he has a high tolerance for blood and such since he’s going to be a veterinarian.


- has satan possessed you he’s ready to preform an exorcism

- but with the cramps mood swings etc he knows what’s up right away

- he won’t ask about it he’ll just get you whatever you want for the entire time he’s very obedient surprisingly

- the whole week he makes only 000.2 jokes very fearful

- he’s still the sweetest though like he’ll go out and buy anything you want no matter how ridiculous

- you want a puppy he’s getting you a puppy

- anything to contain the demon living inside your body holy shit


- when he notices you’ve been more moody lately he asks if everything is okay? are you upset with him?

- then you explain you just have your time of the month he’s understanding right away and asks if you need anything and if you’re alright

- he’ll take your mood swings like a champ he’s never mean he knows you’re going through a lot of pain

- surprise massages whenever you look like you’re hurting

- and he gives the most amazing massages let me tell you

- he has a ton of heating pads he likes them so he’ll give you some if you’d like


- you’ve been yelling at him so much lately what the hell

- then you’d cry he had no idea what was happening but it wasn’t pleasant

- he will fight back though when you’re arguing with him

- but if the tears start coming that’s when he sucks it up and says he’s sorry

- saeyoungs the one who has to explain what’s happening and it’s a long process but he kinda gets it??

- he feels bad but still you’re acting so shitty stop that

- he’ll fight but he’s nice about it, he’ll bring you food or water afterwards. if you ask he’ll give you a massage too, but they’re kind of sloppy since he doesn’t know how.

if you were my girl

I would:
•wake you up gently with nose & face kisses
•run my fingers on your back until you fell asleep
•have flowers & dinner waiting for you after a long days work
•watch your favorite movie, even if I hate it
•slip out of bed quietly so you can get as much rest as you need
•listen to you pour your heart out about whoever made you mad or upset that day
•treat your family as my own
•build blanket forts for movie night bc who needs to be an adult anyway
•fuck you in the blanket fort
•the usual
•maybe the counter
•or the hallway
•or the shower
•my mood apparently changed half way through this
•someone date me damn it

I miss you.

I miss sleeping next to you
I miss waking up next to you
I miss reminding you how beautiful you are
I miss showing you off to the world
I miss kissing you
I miss holding you
I miss showing you how much I love you
I miss having you cuddle closer to me at night
I miss you stealing my clothes
I miss you begging me to make you food
I miss kissing you on your forehead
I miss taking cute pictures
I miss fucking around with you
I miss taking you out to dinner
I miss spoiling you
I miss buying you flowers
I miss surprising you
I miss not having to keep my hands off of you
I miss teasing you
I miss your smile
And I miss your eyes
I miss your jokes
And I miss the constant making fun of each other
I miss hearing about your day
I miss hearing what makes you upset
I miss wiping your tears away
I miss getting lost with you
I miss the car rides with no destination
I miss not being able to make it through a single movie
I miss beating you at games
I miss you being cocky
I miss touching you
I miss making memories with you
I miss seeing you
I miss the inside jokes
And I miss talking to you 24/7
I miss taking care of you when you were sad, nervous, or not feeling yourself
I miss holding your hand
I miss you putting your legs across me in the car
I miss you grabbing my hand in the car so you could sleep
I miss sharing moments with you
I miss calling you mine
I miss us

I don’t miss having to watch what I say
I don’t miss not knowing what’s okay
I don’t miss not knowing how much I mean to you
I don’t miss being so unsure
I don’t miss not being able to text you
I don’t miss stopping myself from saying things
I don’t miss not sharing my day with you
I don’t miss not knowing where I stand

But I miss you, I miss you more than words can describe.

Youngjae as a boyfriend

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  • you’re basically dating an angel
  • and he treats you like the princess that he knows you are
  • constantly singing to you
    • when you’re cooking, or studying, or sleeping
    • he’ll even sit on the bathroom counter and sing to you while you shower because he just loves being around you
  • he loves to be spontaneous
    • sometimes surprising you with little gifts
    • but he was more the type to send long texts when you’d least expect them, telling you how much he loved and appreciated you
    • or the type to randomly show up at your door with flowers, telling you to get dressed because you two were going out
  • he’d hate when you were sad
    • whether you got a bad grade, were having a bad day, or worse had a death in the family
    • he would completely change his mood, comforting you as best he could
    • though he wasn’t the best when it came to touchy-feely emotional things
    • you being upset hurt him, and he’d always want to take your pain away
  • he’s not very big on pda
    • especially in front of the other members
    • the always liked to tease him about you, but it was harmless
  • youngjae preferred to keep things simple in front of others, not going too crazy with kisses or being too hands on
  • but he was sure the longer you two were together that would change
  • when it was just you two you’d laugh for hours
    • stay up late talking about the most random things
    • but also talking about more serious things from time to time
      • but nothing too serious since you two were still young
  • and he’d never let you fall asleep without him saying “I love you”
  • just to remind you, so there was never a second you didn’t know how much you were loved

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hi how do you feel about flower boy seokjin's 0.8 second screen time ?

sad :( really sad :( omg even my friends who aren’t bngtn stans were upset❗️visuals are supposed to get hella screen time n stage time ! it’s like……….bighit doesn’t know how to use a visual omg seokjin should be mcing music shows & getting cfs and shooting for magazines etc etc but they don’t give him the promotion he deserves !!!! i rly hope they keep sending him to variety tho!!! so many ppl loved him on law of the jung

Dating Isaac Lahey

A/n: Even more Isaac bc I love him okay ^-^


Dating Isaac Lahey would include:

• “But why do you even care?”

• “Because I love you dammit”

• “Oh”

• Lots of kisses.

• Like for no reason at all.

• Lying in his arms and just talking for hours.

• Him playing with your hair when you’re upset and not being able to keep your eyes open.

• Waking up to your favourite flowers.

• Being his anchor.

• Even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

• Stealing one his shirts and him loving it so much that he doesn’t like it when you’re not wearing one.

• Wearing his lacrosse jacket.

• Him getting distracted during a game because he sees you in it and he thinks it’s the hottest thing he’s ever seen.

• He gets hit in the head with the ball and you’ll never let him forget it.

• Getting him into your favourite TVs shows.

• Finding out that he hasn’t watched any Disney movies and having movie marathons every weekend until he’s seen them all.

• Him falling asleep with his head in your lap when you’re reading.

• Studying together.

• “Stop staring at me, I need to get this done”

• “Stop being so adorable then”

• “Shut up”

• Baking together.

• Getting annoyed when he eats half the ingredients before you can use them.

• Being the big spoon sometimes.

• Especially when he’s had a nightmare or upset about his past.

• Him being frantic when you get hurt.

• “It’s only a sprain”

• “A sprain that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t have come with us”

• Becoming really good friends with the pack.

• Pet names.

• “You ready princess”

• “5 minutes babe”

• Scott and Stiles teasing him when he calls you princess in front of them accidentally.

• Just being really, /really/ in love.

Ok, but...

Adrien still celebrates mothers day. He buys flowers for his mom and puts them on the table but he also buys Nathalie some flowers and leaves them on her desk with a thank you card. Because Nathalie has done so much for that boy and tries her best to reason with Mr. Agreste whenever Adrien gets upset/sad and she’s never claimed to act like a mother towards him, she just really cares and Adrien deeply appreciates her.

Jackson Wang as your boyfriend
  • Oh god okay at first you’ll think he’s annoying because he never shuts up
  • Like literally never shuts up
  • He constantly would brag about himself and try to impress you
  • But you soon would learn to tolerate his annoying self and actually fall for him because he’s a precious cinnamon roll even though he tries to tough on the outside.
  • He’ll do this huge romantic gesture to ask you out on a date and then he would do something sweet to ask you to be his girlfriend.
  • He’ll buy different types of flowers every week.
  • Constant cuddles.
  • if you were upset and on the verge of tears, he’ll get your favorite food, snacks and put on your favorite movie to distract you
  • forehead kisses!! SO MANY FOREHEAD KISSES
  • Different types of dates every week
  • one week it’ll be a amusement park date, to a picnic, to just watching a movie and cuddling on the couch
  • Him being completely needy and wants your attention when you’re busy.
  • “jackson stop!! I NEED TO DO MY WORK.”
  • Movie marathon’s once a week
  • when he can’t sleep he’ll poke you till you wake up
  • “Jagi I can’t sleep.. Let’s talk.”
  • “jackson I’m tired. Can it wait till morning?”
  • “but IM BORRREEDD.”
  • so then the both of you will talk about childhood memories and what you want to achieve in the future.
  • You being too scared to meet his parents and he’ll calm you down by telling you it’ll be okay
  • But when it comes time for him to meet yours it’s WW3 happening.
  • But your relationship would be so incredibly great people would envy what the two of you had, even if you have fights it’ll be okay because you love each other enough to just fix whatever was wrong.
Jokers Daughter Headcanon

You get into a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend and come running home crying. Joker can’t stand to see you upset so he grills you on what they did to hurt you so he can punish them accordingly. They show up to the house with flowers ready to apologize but you’re over it and just want your daddy to give them shit for hurting you. 

Never Stop Loving You

Killian Jones x Reader

Author: Me

Warnings: Mentions of verbal abuse, nothing explicit or specific

Summary: Killian is determined to find out why the reader has been avoiding him lately, leading to several discoveries.

He found you at Granny’s, mindlessly picking at the piece of cherry pie in front of you. He was determined to get you to talk to him today. You two had been dating for a while, just over four months to be exact, and it had started off great…. but lately you’d been avoiding him, distant when he was around, withdrawn when you were alone together.

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How BTS would wake you up in the morning

how would bts wake you up in the morning? :)

Jin: This cutie pie would probably make you breakfast in bed. He would wake up earlier than you, and would tiptoe out of your shared room, making the least noise possible. He would make your favorite breakfast, and set it all cutely on a tray, decorated with flower petals.

He would walk back into your room, setting the tray down on the bedside table, and would brush your hair out of your face.

“Jagi… Wake up, breakfast is ready.” He would whisper lovingly, with a smile playing on his lips. You’d flutter your eyes open, and smile, wondering what you had done to deserve a boyfriend as amazing as him.

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Jimin: He would totally wake you up by cuddling you, and kissing you all over. He would wake up, and see you over on the opposite side of the bed, and would get upset by the lack of physical contact. He would roll over to you, and wrap his gorgeous arms around you, holding you tightly against his chest.

“Wake up baby… I miss you” He’d whisper in your ear, before kissing the skin on your neck gently, nipping down every so often until you began to wake up.

“You know, you can wake me up like this every morning from now on.” You’d whisper roughly, your voice still heavy with sleep, your eyes still closed, but a smile tugging your mouth upwads.

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J-Hope: He would probably jump/attack you on you, bouncing up and down, screaming hysterically until you wake up.

“WAKE UP JAGI WAKE UP! THE SUN IS UP! IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP!!” He would scream, jumping beside you, as you groaned and rolled over.

“No. Go away” You’d say, covering your face with his pillow, trying to go back to sleep.

“But I bought breakfast for you! Your favorite coffee! And it’s gonna go cold!” He told you with a pout. You smiled, shielded by the pillow, but then proceeded to sigh heavily and pretend to be annoyed by him.

“Fine, let’s go have breakfast” You said, rubbing the sleep from your eyes, while he beamed at you, pulling your arm and dragging you to the dining room.

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Jungkook: I don’t think he would actively try to wake you up, he would be in awe watching you sleep, so happy he finally got the girl of his dreams, he would probably let you sleep for as long as you needed.

You would however wake up at some point, feeling someone looking at you. You’d open one eye first to look at him, and would laugh as he blushed and stuttered, totally trying to act like he wasn’t staring at you, and definitely wasn’t a creep of anything.

“I wasn’t watching you sleep or anything.. I swear” He’d stutter, eyes big like a deer caught in the headlights.

“It’s okay Kookie, you’re just cute.” You’d tell him through a yawn, covering your mouth with your cute hands. He’d grin at you, as he wrapped his arms around you, glad you are finally awake.

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Rap Monster: I get the impression Namjoon would be the type of guy to caress your cheeks, and your arms, whispering your name repeatedly, almost melodically, until you woke up. He would play with your hair, and give you all the love and affection he thinks you deserve, unable to keep his hands off you.

“Wake up baby… I want to see your smile” He’d tell you, and almost on command, you would smile, opening your eyes, and looking at him, his smile reflecting yours with all his dimpled glory.

“I must have done something really good in my past life to deserve someone like you.” He’d gently whisper at you, making your heart melt, how could he be so romantic so early? In reality, you were the lucky one, for having found a boyfriend so romantic and caring as Namjoon.

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Suga: Let’s face it, you’d probably do the waking up most of the time, because this little cute thing loves to sleep. However, if he ever did wake up before you did, he would probably love to wake you up with a shower of kisses, making you feel like the new Sleeping Beauty.

He’d hover over you, his cute plump lips covering every single inch of skin on your face.

“Are you awake yet jagi?” He’d ask, a kiss between each word, and you’d keep your eyes closed, and purse your lips together. You almost shivered at his sexy gruff morning voice.

“No… I think I need more kisses to wake up” You’d whisper cheekily, making him laugh.

“That can be arranged…” He’d tell you, his voice lower, darker and needier, before he attacked your skin, placing kisses all over your face and down your neck until you finally decide to wake up, but his intentions of getting breakfast long forgotten already… if you know what I mean.

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V: I get the impression TaeTae here would be the most annoying, yet cute about this. He would wake before you, and would immediately get bored without you. He’d start off by poking your cheeks while calling your name, his gentle first attempt at waking you up.

“Are you going to wake up?” He’d ask after a couple of minutes poking you. You’d groan and gently push his hand away, while covering your face with your pillow.

“No. Leave me alone, I wanna sleep.” You’d grumble, your eyes still closed, trying to get back to your peaceful slumber. He’d be shocked at first, pouting at you, until an idea crossed his mind.

“Oh yeah?” he’d teasingly ask, before straddling your lap, and tickling your sides. You burst out into a giggle fit, squealing and squirming underneath him, trying to push his chest away with your hands, and failing to do so.

“Are you awake now?” He’d ask grinning at you with that gorgeous rectangular smile of his, and you’d huff, blowing a strand of hair away from your face.

“You’re a pain in the ass sometimes Tae.” You’d tell him angrily, but the smile on your lips would give you away.

“Yeah but I’m YOUR pain in the ass” He’d reply, wrapping his arms around you and tackling you onto the bed.

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A/N: None of these gifs are mine, credits go to their rightful owners.

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Laito, Carla, and Kou relationship headcanons please!

[Mun] マリ: I’m not that familiar with Carla, so I tried my best. Hope you like it!! 💕


- Wants to hang out with his lover. All. The. Time. He’ll take her anywhere, but he enjoys most to take her to the fairgrounds or a theme park; Laito is secretly obsessed with Disneyland

- Wants to get married to his lover rather quickly; he’ll start thinking of proposing after about a year of being in a relationship

- He easily gets into small, harmless quarrels with his lover, and if she turns out to be really upset about it, he’ll buy her flowers and bring her breakfast in bed

- Very into public affection; Laito loves sweetly kissing her on the cheek in front of people, getting her all flustered, and will wrap his arms around her waist to show everyone that she’s his, sometimes even secretly sucking her blood in a bathroom or alley


- Quite a formal boyfriend. He’d insist on meeting her parents, showing them that she’s in the hands of a proper, sophisticated man

- Not really into public affection, but he does tolerate holding her hand, their fingers intertwining; in private, he still seems to come across as rather modest and slightly stoic, but he’s very appreciative of his lover and loves her deeply; he wants to be close to her and takes care of her properly

- Carla likes to have everything planned out with regards to a relationship; even calculating the amount of blood he can extract from her to make sure her health isn’t in danger

- He’s a real gentleman, naturally taking the lead in almost everything, holding open doors for her and treating her modestly. He often takes her out to fancy restaurants for dinner and enjoys taking her on European city trips (Paris, London, Rome, Geneva, Moscow, you name it, he’ll take her there)


- Like Laito, Kou really insists he be close to his lover all the time and he enjoys taking her to concerts and crowded bars bars because he’ll get recognised less easily, but he’s slightly less keen on public affection

- He wants to keep his work and private life separated; he does not want his lover to get involved in his career as an idol and ensures his lover that that’s an entirely different side of him that involves him acting most of the time. Kou really does not want his lover to worry about his idol side at all

- Because of his career, he can rarely take her out to public areas like restaurants so he’ll cook fancy dinners for her all the time or take her to trips outside of the country

- Very affectionate in private; loves cuddling with her, showering her with kisses and stealing cute, tiny bites from her

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MY SWEET KARASUNO GIRLS!!! Ccan I request for yachi, saeko, kiyoko, and yui headacanons?



• she’s a really talented singer, even made some covers but being Yachi she is too embarrassed and shy to tell anyone about it. Though Kiyoko is an exception 

• has a habit of baking when she’s stressed or upset and needs to cool off. usually ends up with a whole party of sweets in her house 

• loves plants and flowers and is good at taking care of them, except for cacti’s. cacti’s are her weak point. They die no matter what in her care


• she is the one you go to if you want to get your nails to look top notch, she can paint, decorate, fix them up really pretty nailed it

• can do latte art, cats? flowers? totoro? she can do it and it’s almost a shame to drink and ruin it

• if you are in trouble or just need someone to talk to, she’s the dude. Call her 3AM? She will pick up, hell she’ll even go to your house if you really need a friend


• she can skateboard and is really good at it, no one but Yachi knows about it though

• has a hobby of making clothes, whether it’s for her or someone else. Sewing is one of her strong points 

• is the type of person to lose her headphones 98% of the time. It’s as if it’s a curse 


• is an amazing artist, her drawing skills are out of this world but rarely draws because she is too occupied by volleyball for the moment

• she loves fixing other people’s hair and she is darn good at styling it in various styles 

• is a goddess and can walk in stilettos without even batting an eye. sLAYYYY


Adopt a Sim No.5 : Adopted

Angelica Rain

DESCRIPTION: Angelica is the niece of Bella Goth. Though she may not have the hair, she sure does have the personality of a Goth. She loves spending her days alone in her rooms, either crying or playing music. Although she has such an upsetting life, she tries to cover up the fact that she is sad by performing musical plays for her friends and family.


|Hair|Eyes|Eyebrows|Eyelashes|Skin|Blush|Lipstick|Flower crown|Sweater|Jeans

**** YOU CAN APPLY TO GET HER BY: msg me and tell me some facts about your sim family/household! I will msg you and give you her tray files if I choose you!****


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Can we get a ___________ (I don't know the difference between headcannons or preferences or whatever) about the gang visiting you in the hospital?

Of course you can! ☺️ And just so you know preferences are generally more of a paragraph for each individual character. Headcannons are more bullet point and short ideas rather than a whole paragraph. In this case a headcannon works best because you want a group reaction so I can just have a bunch of ideas listed. If you wanted to know each characters separate reaction I could still do headcannons- they would just be their reactions listed- or you could do preferences- which would be those ideas put together in a proper paragraph and expanded on slightly. I hope this helps a little ☺️💗

-They would all bring you something.

-Flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, and more. Each one would have a gift of some sort.

-Steve would get pretty upset seeing you in the hospital bed and he would stand near the back.

-Dally would stand with him.

-Mostly because he’s no good at being comforting.

-Ponyboy would sit on the edge of your bed or in a chair next to you so he could hold your hand and make sure you were alright.

-Johnny would be fine at first but eventually he would get sad seeing you in the bed too and go to stand with Steve and Dally.

-It would upset you to see them all upset.

-Darry would notice and send them out of the room to go buy you something else.

-He would kiss the top of your head and sit on the other side of you that Ponyboy wasn’t on.

-He would ask you all sorts of questions to make sure you were alright.

-Two-Bit would be sad but he would still make jokes.

-He felt a bit better when you laughed at them.

-When the other guys came back and saw you smiling they felt a bit better too.

-They would all start to get comfortable in your room and you liked having them around.

-But you found your energy quickly become drained.

-Johnny was the one who saw you getting tired and suggested they leave you be.

-All of them would say goodbye to you.

-Some kissing your cheek or some just patting your shoulder gently.

-You liked seeing your room covered in all the things the brought you.

-And it felt like they were still there when you placed one of the silly stuffed animals beside you and fell asleep.

Soul Mate Concept #2

>Anything your soul mate draws on themselves appears on your own skin and vise versa

>Drawing over their artwork as it fades to try and make it last longer

>Never letting ANYONE write on your hands and ruin your S/Ms artwork

>Watching flowers they draw appear on your hands like blooming flowers in the spring

>Eventually plucking up the courage to write to them on your arm and getting to meet them through it

>Them drawing on their arms years into the relationship when you get angry or upset

>watching all the drawings fade away at once when your soul mate passes away, and realising that your arms will always be plain now

I don’t want meaningless sex. I don’t want to date just to date. I want commitment. I want to invest my time, mind and heart into someone who will give back to me just as much as I give. I want stinky breath kisses in the early morning, quick hugs in between class, and 2am snugs after a long night of studying. I want to see your cheeks rise as I’m holding flowers for you, waiting for you outside of work. I wanna spoil you with sushi, and candy bars when you’re upset that you think you don’t need. I wanna be the last voice you hear before you fall asleep and part of the reason why you get out of bed in the morning. I want to be someone that you could live without if you had to, but you’d do anything so you’d never have to.

You are allowed to.

You are allowed to be upset over minor things. It’s a natural reaction to get upset when things don’t work out like you expected them to or wanted them to.

You’re allowed to be super happy over minor things. It could be something as small as finding a pretty flower, if it makes you happy then that’s all that matters.

You are allowed to prefer to not tell someone what’s making you sad, whether it’s something minor or major. It’s your emotions and you decide if you want to tell others or not. 

You are allowed to not like saying that you’re autistic or that you’re on the autism spectrum. It’s fully okay to not feel comfortable saying that you’re autistic or on the autism spectrum.

You are allowed to stim even if you’re not autistic or on the autism spectrum. While stimming is most common on the autism spectrum, stimming isn’t exclusive to it.

You are allowed to be autistic and not like stimming. While stimming is a very common thing to do when you’re on the autism spectrum, not everyone likes it, and that’s okay.

George Crabtree’s encyclopedic knowledge of cryptozoology.

George Crabtree remaining skeptical of a plesiosaur in the lake because while sea monsters exist, there has never been a documented case of lake monsters.

George Crabtree’s zombie theories.

George Crabtree’s adorable disappointment when there are no zombies.

George Crabtree spontaneously predicting pizza delivery and CLUE and frisbees.

George Crabtree’s inventive approach to romance.

George Crabtree’s flower garden of Aunties.

George Crabtree’s long anecdotes about his flower garden of Aunties.

George Crabtree being a dog lover.

George Crabtree getting upset over the spiders.

George Crabtree enlisting Higgins to help him rescue his favorite spider.

If you don’t think George Crabtree is the cutest thing ever, get out.