you are genuinely the cutest thing on earth


“i’ll show you how genuinely cute i can be”
(pay attention to everyone’s reactions)

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This might sound dumb but I love how different alex's smile is when he is with the monkeys or with miles than when he is with someone else (like interviews or whatever). Like, his smile is always so cute but there's something about the way he smiles when he is with any of them, like his face literally lights up and there's that genuine happy smile idk

That’s not dumb at all, you can totally tell when he’s genuinely happy and his smile is real, especially when he’s around Miles, I think this is when his face truly lights up, even when he’s not smiling, he just seems happy when they’re together.

I think that although he tries to put on a persona sometimes, he’s actually very humble and down-to-earth and this is why he can’t hide what he feels (even when he really tries).

Regardless of which smile it is, it’s literal sunshine and the cutest thing in the world!

The Signs and Their Smiles :)

Aries - Confident, charming, and silly. The light of life. This smile says, “My multiple sunglasses and I are ready for the world!” And if that doesn’t sum up the life of an Aries, I don’t know what does.

Taurus - One word, sincere. Their slow, sweet, honest smile will come straight from the soul, accompanied by a gaze worth melting hearts. Both Taurus and it’s smile bleed truth, sensuality, and meaning.

Gemini - Most of the time, no one ever really knows why a Gem is smiling when they smile. They could just simply be being pleasant… Maybe they’re recalling something amusing… Maybe they’ve just invented the best fucking meme ever… Or maybe they’re plotting world domination. The world may never know. What everyone does know about Gem’s smile, however, is that it’s incredibly beautiful. It is a quick flash that lights up the room instantly. It usually comes with flirty, flickering eyes and a racing mind. Gemini’s smile is the kind of smile that makes everyone smile for no reason, like some sort of mysterious spell.

Cancer - The most adorable smile ever. A cancer’s smile is oftentimes shy, but the cutest thing on the face of the earth. It’s genuine and always has good intentions behind it. They’re the blushers and look-away-ers but when you catch a glimpse of it you can’t help but want to give them a hug or pinch their cheeks.

Leo - You’ll see Leo’s smile from across the room. It’s usually, big, gorgeous and bold (like their demeanor). If a Leo is feeling themselves, you will most definitely see it in their grin. With their smile comes this sparking energy that they like to kind of give off to others- when Leo is smiling, they want everyone else to smile too. They are never selfish about that kind of thing. One quick look in the mirror, and the Lion is ready to flash its pearly whites to the whole world.

Virgo - A shy, I’m-trying-to-be-serious-but-am-failing-miserably smile is the kind that plays upon Virgo’s lips. A Virgo’s smile is a big breath of fresh air. It’s cute, unexpected, and the kind of smile you’d see and think “aww.” This smile is usually inspired by something quirky and brings out the soft character Virgo doesn’t show often.

Libra - Libra’s smile is playful and extremely charming. It’s literally just so pleasing to look at. Being smiled at by Libra is like a gift (a gift they selflessly like to give too!) Their smile is the kind that makes you giggle and swoon for the next 24 hours. Cheeky and dazzling- the show-stopper.

Scorpio - If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being smiled at by a Scorpio, you should be envied. Their smile is really intense- It makes one feel special, chosen. It’s an honest, captivating grin that speaks without words. Let’s not even mention how magnetic it is. It may be direct or it may be shy, but you won’t miss Scorpio’s smile. It’s the kind of grin that is felt first and then seen. The Scorpion’s smile is a wonderful thing to receive.

Sagittarius - Wild, confident, and beautiful. A Sagittarius’ smile is wholesome, genuine, and has enough positive energy to cheer up the entire world. The Sag smirk is toothy and fun. If you see it, you know there are good times coming your way. As long as Sag is beaming bright, you’ll never feel bored, unloved, or down!

Capricorn - Cap’s smile can breathe the life back into you. It’s always so real and genuine and kinda cute in an offbeat kind of way. Capricorn is always stereotyped as the workaholic who never smiles, but in reality, they do smile and it’s so so so refreshing. It’s toothy and quirky and gives Capricorn such a pleasing character. It’s like when they smile at you, they’re showing you their inside, and that’s something really valuable.

Aquarius - The Aqua grin is quirky and so adorable to witness. Aquarius Is very confusing in the way they communicate their emotions to the world. Even something as simple as a smile can end up coming out a little bit awkward, but that’s just the Aqua way, as I like to say it. Their grins are off-brand in a cute sense. And they’re always different. Always. Being smiled at by an Aquarius is new and entertaining- truly special, just like they are.

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Pisces - So precious. The fish’s smile is so loveable. The silly, loving Pisces has a smile that probably can save the world. Like, I feel like if everyone saw a Pisces smile they would no longer have hate in their hearts. Honestly.

Early Summer

A/N: Ok, so here recently I was thinking about the “damsel in distress” trope, and thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if the girl dipped the guy instead?” and when I thought about it, NaLu instantly matched up to this. And I had to write it. I didn’t proof read this so there is probably typos, but I hope you enjoy!

Author: SirDragneel

Pairing: NaLu

Summery: Lucy hasn’t been having a very good day, but sprinkle random chance with a REALLY good looking guy, and you have a recipe for an early summer.

Today had been another fabulous day for Lucy Heartfilia.

Of course by fabulous, she mean shit-tastic.

First she was late for her job at the coffee shop, had a guy flirt with her for 30 minutes straight as she tried to usher the man to please take his beverage and leave, and had coffee poured on her when she denied the jerks advances.

What was with guys these days? Lucy would never fully understand, and it’s why she had sworn off guys for the past few years, since her last boyfriend, Loke, had cheated on her a million times. The two had remained friends, but just friends was all Lucy every wanted to be, at this point.

Luckily for Lucy though, she didn’t have to walk home with a coffee stain on her shirt, as her friend, Erza Scarlet, lent her one of her shirts, since she always seemed to have spare clothes.

Lucy had been so wrapped up in her thoughts, she barely registered the shout from the guy in front of her, as he tripped on the curb.

He had his hands in front of him, probably to catch himself on the floor, but both Lucy and the guy-who was wearing a red beanie-practically screamed as his hands caught her shoulders instead.

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  • forever an untamed marshmallow.
  • quotes “looks like a cinnamon roll, but could actually kill you.”.
  • yEAP. meet lee jihoon, your very own cuddly teddy bear who dislikes being smothered with love and skinship because they make him “feel like a kid”.
  • and you’re like, “don’t blame me. you actually look like a kid.”
  • and you’re pretty lucky that you’re lee jihoon’s girlfriend.
  • if you’re not, you’d already be begging on your knees for mercy and for your life to be spared.
  • because why?
  • okno.
  • one time, mingyu warns you about the infamous guitar, saying, “iT’S A CURSED INSTRUMENT THAT WOULD PUT YOU TO SLEEP FOR TWELVE HOURS STRAIGHT! STAY AWAY FROM IT.”
  • and you’re like, “stop being dramatic, kim mingyu.”
  • and he’s like shaking you by your shoulders and screaming in your face.
  • basically, everyone is afraid of your boyfriend. yeap, including his friends.
  • long story short, woozi has the temper the length of a tiny needle.
  • one wrong move, and yOU’RE CUT.
  • but he wouldn’t do anything rash to you. if he’s pulling out his guitar, it just means he’s gonna play a song for you to listen.
  • “i kind of thought of a new song. i want you to hear it first.”
  • the one cute thing about woozi is that, he actually cares and loves you a lot despite rarely showing it.
  • like, he would never allow anyone else to hear out his new song until you hear it first.
  • and woozi is vERY VERY VERY GOOD AT SINGING.
  • like one time, you made him him sing “winter child” for you during your birthday and his voice is so pretty that you just throw your arms around his neck and starts cooing at how beautiful that marshmallow is.
  • and he’s like, “i get it. so let go of me now. you’re choking me… I… NEED… AIR…”
  • being sensitive due to his height, you never joke around about it. and that was one of the reasons why jihoon likes you so much.
  • like when hoshi or seungkwan tease him for not being able to reach the top shelf, before he could swallow the two whole, you already defend him.
  • “hey. you two aren’t even that tall for you to judge.”
  • (¬‿¬) = the face of a proud boyfriend.
  • “and plus, he’s cute this way. so shush.”
  • (¬_¬) = the face of a not-so-proud boyfriend.
  • lee jihoon is obviously quite possessive and protective of you. so if the guys are being too close and touchy with you, he’d snap. yeap, he will. he’s just a jealous wittle cinnamon.
  • at times, woozi is actually very sweet, in comparison to his real devilish personality.
  • like if you fall sick, he’d visit you at home with some take-out porridge and medicine. and he would treat you like a mother would, but he’s stricter than your mom, that’s for sure.
  • while watching you recover, he brushes away your fringe and his eyes just automatically land on your lips. and he’s like, should he do it?
  • he wants to. it’s been days since he last kissed you.
  • and he’s a man, with testosterone.
  • so he goes for it.
  • but you stop him like, “i’m sick.”
  • and he’s like, “let’s both be sick.” and gives you this gentle but passionate kiss that turns you to jello. unlike his rough personality, woozi always treat you like some kind of fragile glass even when you two are making out.
  • and yes, he gets sick the next day.
  • at times, when you’re too stressed out with a pile of presentations to prepare in the library, he would place a can of coffee and cream bun next to your laptop.
  • “you can never make progress if you don’t recharge with some food.” he smiles that adorable smile of his.
  • and you’re like, “yOU’RE THE BEST!” while burying your cheek in his mid-rib while snaking your arms around his waist.
  • “okay. i get it. i’m the best boyfriend. you can let go now. y/n, let go. let go, please.y/n.”
  • he could never scream at you like he would to other people. because you’re just that precious to him.
  • when he first confessed to you, he told you that he likes you because despite how many times he got angry at you (before you dated), you never left him and actually stayed by his side.
  • “i thought you would walk away after our first day as a couple.” he confessed that day.
  • “silly jihoon. how could i ever leave you? my heart already chose you.”
  • another reason why jihoon is head over heels in love with you is due to the fact that you appreciated his songs way back before you two are together.
  • he likes the expression you make while listening to his song through the earphone, or that smile lingering on your face as you bob your head to the beat.
  • he honestly think you’re very cute (even though you told him countless times that he’s the cutest thing on earth).
  • like when you give your opinion about the song, he knows you are genuine. all the compliments and praises you give him are genuine, and that motivates him to make more songs for you to listen to.
  • and that’s when he unleashes his romantic side during your anniversary.
  • he’d bring you to an empty park where he hangs up neon lights in the trees (coughs with the help of the boys coughs) while he stands on a mini stage across from you on the bench.
  • and the second he strums his guitar, you’d realize how unfamiliar the song is, but as it goes, you pick up the fragments of lyrics.
  • “you’re an angel sent to me from heaven.”
  • “how can i be so lucky?”
  • “you have the prettiest smile.”
  • “the reason why i look forward to everyday.”
  • that you realize that this is his new song that you have never listened to before.
  • the lyrics soothe your heart and touch you so much that tears blur up your eyes.
  • but all woozi did was continue singing with this genuine smile on his face.
  • all the memories he spent with you are conveyed beautifully in the song.
  • and you just break down that moment his song ends and he confesses, “i love you so much, y/n. happy first anniversary to us.”
  • and you’re just crying in your hands but then woozi appears, crouching down in front of you while peeling your hands away with this gentle smile on his face.
  • when he sees your tears, he chuckles and wipes them away with his thumbs. “aigoo. are these tears for me?” he coos.
  • and you leak even more bECAUSE YOU JUST COULDN’T GET OVER THAT BEAUTIFUL SONG and wraps your arms around his neck as you hug him thankfully.
  • this time, woozi didn’t push you away or tell you to let go. instead, he also wraps his arms around your waist and buries his nose in your hair where he releases a sigh of contentment.
  • this moment is too perfect. you two are like puzzle pieces that match together.
  • “i love you too, lee jihoon. you adorable pikachu.”
  • too, too perfect.

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Spice-Ghoul’s Ghost Story Corner: Official Meet & Greet!!!

I’m just going to start off by stressing to you all how just incredibly nervous I was about the Meet & Greet. Just…so beyond nervous you guys. There were so many layers to it too! Not only were we going to get to interact and finally get a photo with them (while they’re IN THEIR COSTUMES NO LESS) but as everyone knows, it’s a lot of freaking money for the M&G tickets. So if you make a dumb face, you just wasted a TON of money. And on top of everything else this was the last chance we’re going to have to get a picture with Papa III and the Meliora Ghouls, which it’s been our favorite era! So there’s so much at stake to make this photo count! And when things are at stake…I get crazy.

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Dear Diary,

It’s taken approximately 17 years, 6 months and 28 days but its FINALLY happened. I’M IN LOVE! Well and truly, deeply and madly, utterly and stupidly, can’t eat sleep or think of anything else, head over heels in love! And the object of my undying affection/rampant teenage keep getting boners every 5 bloody seconds lust?? The new Russian exchange student at school Ivan! Oh Ivan. How is it possible for one human being to be so God damn bloody cute (seriously, like the cutest thing you have EVER seen) whilse also being so God damn fucking GORGEOUS?! If I described him as the most adorably gorgeous boy to ever walk the Earth even THAT wouldn’t feel like I was doing him proper justice! And oh yeah, there’s another thing you should know about my future husband Ivan. He happens to be a real life, cartoonishly huge, genuine competitive bodybuilding muscle boy!! We’re talking every single body part exploding & bulging out for miles, twice as big and beefy as any fucking lad in any of my classes and a frame so wide he can barely fit in the school fucking hallways! FUUUCKKK!!

He’s like a miniature version of all the huge, freaky, vein splattered bodybuilders in the muscle mags I get out and have a sneaky look at/cheeky tug over every night, before hiding them under my bed, which by the way I am convinced my mum has found. That would explain why she hasn’t been able to look me in the eye for weeks, and why when my dad simply said the word “magazine” she dropped about four dinner plates on to the kitchen floor, before muttering something and scurrying out the room, face as red as a bleedin’ beetroot, with a look of sheer panic, horror and mortified embarrassment etched across it like some dirty old man in a trench coat had just flashed his penis at her!

Even when Ivan was standing at the front of the class as Mr Kennedy was introducing him, and he was covered up by his jacket, he still looked fucking MASSIVE! Like a fucking tank on two legs. Huge thick meat bulging underneath his clothing, begging to burst out. And then of course when Mr Kennedy announced “Ivan has entered muscle man competitions”, which caused a few whispers and giggles from the rest of the class, my face went bright, something started swelling under my desk and I prayed for the ground to swallow me whole. And then Mr K said, “Come on Ivan, show us those guns”! OH. MY. GOD!! Ivan blushed like mad (cuuuute) but his face erupted in a cheeky/smug smirk! He coyly took off his jacket and FUCK ME HARD his arms were fucking HUUUUGE!!! Two monstrously thick fucking cannon just popping out below the sleeves of his t shirt. A ripple of gasps and giggles rode through the room and Mr Kennedy, in his typically and excruciatingly embarrassing manner continued, “my gosh Ivan you are a big lad. Come on then boyo, give us a flex. Show us some pump”. Ivan’s cute little cheeks burned up even more as he tentatively raised his right arm and flexed into a one arm bicep, his huge hard croquet ball shaped muscle erupting and exploding beside his oh-so-gorgeous mug. At this point my face had turned so red I could have been mistaken for a 5"10 lobster in a school uniform. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life, but also just about the most incredibly freaky nand unbelievably horny thing my eyes have ever witnessed and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since!!

Now I’m not a religious man, but tonight I felt the need to get down on knees, rest my arms on the end of my bed and say a little prayer. This is how it went; “Dear God. I know we have never spoken before, and I know I’ve never really paid much attention in R.E, nor am I sure that I even believe you exist, but if you can fix it for Ivan, aka the huge, pumped, cuter than cute mountain of Russian muscle gorgeousness/rotten cute, roid stuffed, muscle God of my dreams, to return my love/affection/wanting to cream my undies every time I think of his beastly biceps erupting at the front of the class (i.e. every fucking second of the day) then I promise I will never EVER bunk off school and spend the day getting drunk in the park on a bottle of vodka stole from my parents cabinet again, I will stop sneaking into my sisters room and reading her diary, and my days of stealing the pick n mix from Woolies when the security guards not looking will be over. Oh and I will stop forging my moms signature to write notes for getting out of P.E. And I suppose I’ll try and stop screaming "get out of my fucking face you bitch I hate you & I wish I was adopted”.

Failing that God, if you could fix it for Ivan to have some kind of temporary amnesia, long enough for me to convince him that we are life long lovers and he is head over tan painted heels in love with me, thus allowing me to touch, feel and squeeze every single one of his indecently pumped outrageously big muscles before fucking him untill there’s nothing left but a pair of posing trunks and a damp patch, then I promise I won’t ask or want for anything else again".

Right diary, I’m off to dream about whatever’s hiding/bulging underneath Ivan’s shirt. My guess? A perfectly pumped pair of the most lickable pecs and the cutest little set of ripped up skin stretching abdominal muscles bursting through his tummy. Oh and if my own tummy isn’t covered in sticky white love cream when I wake up tomorrow morning it will be a fucking miracle!

Love muscleaddict, aged 17

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Lowkey headcanon v almost died while trying to take a nice scenic veiw pls dunt kil me

i love this request so much!!! i hope you like the way it turned and thank you so much for requesting this!

“Okay honey i don’t think you should get that close to the cliff” you said to a very focused V.

Today was yours and V’s rest day so you decided to go on a night stroll and having discovered the best photography spot of the city, you knew you’d have to take your very passioned boyfriend here. But of course, it was going a bit over the edge, if you see what i mean.

“I’m fine I’m fin- holy fuck i got a really good shot!” he wouldn’t stop muttering and it was also one of the rare occasions he ever actually swore. You found his furrowed eyebrows and cheeks pink with excitement the cutest thing on earth but it didn’t stop you from thinking the position he was in was quite dangerous.

“Up here, it’s like looking down at the world. You can see the trees, the flowers, the sea and the many busy people going on about the day. Up here it’s like standing on a giants back exploring the world with awe.”

You smiled. You knew V was absolutely passioned about these things and seeing him this genuinely happy for once in a while made you legitimately as happy as he was. 

V. Get down here, i’m telling you, you’re way too close the edge and I don’t want you tripping off.” But you were starting to get genuinely worried as well because you just knew how carefree he could suddenly turn out to be when photography is involved. He suddenly forgets all basic rules and becomes so into it it’s fascinating.

Moreover, you been up in some hills involved a lot of trees, a lot of fallen leaves plus since it rained last night, the ground was still a bit slippery and that could lead to very dangerous outcomes. 

“V that’s enough come back here it’s dangerous you’re scaring me.”

Okay okay give me like 3 seconds? Is that okay with you? Oh let me get this oh yeah hold o-”

And just as he was leaning forward, his foot was caught in brambles and you swore you could’ve heard your heart stop beating.

“V!” you gasped and brought your hands to your mouth, not being able to move because of the shock.

Thankfully, he doesn’t fall forward but lands on his back. No one talks for approximately 40 seconds until you wear V’s giggles.

That was not funny.” Your legs loose all energy with the stress you accumulated in such a little time and you fall on your feet. V gets up and kneels down next to you.

Are you okay?” His smile shines through.

I should be asking that to you dumbass” you whispered as he took you in for a hug and caressed your back. 

I’m sorry MC but I can’t guarantee this won’t happen next time