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Steven Universe Theory: White Diamond Is The Enemy


As of January 6th, 2017, we have been officially introduced to three diamonds: Yellow, Blue and Pink. But what about White?

Personally, the most interesting theorizing for me has been originating from the Pyramid Temple, and here’s why.

First of all I want to point out something that no one has before: The Pyramid Temple is the first place we see the Diamond Authority symbol. That’s right. The new symbol. The symbol made after the shattering of Pink Diamond. The symbol that everyone believed made its debut in ‘Jail Break,’ was completely visible in season one, episode eight. Don’t believe me?

The symbol is first seen to the far left as the gems are entering the temple. It is surrounded by what looks to be a sun, and rays of light. Seem familiar? A certain light with a song of some sort? That’s right. The corruption song, revealed to us in both Lapis’ backstory and Centi’s drawings.

The second time the symbol is more clearly visible, after Steven has ‘touched the magical thing he is definitely always never supposed to’ and the gems land in the center of the temple.

(Do I have your attention yet?) What this means is that this temple was created after the war…at least, after the shattering of Pink Diamond, and the re-creation of the Diamond Authority symbol. What exactly is the purpose of this temple? I’ll get to that in another theory.

I will be referencing SliceofOtaku’s ‘Source of Corruption’ theory…so feel free to go check it out!

After the gems enter the temple, before Steven messes with the magical thing, we are introduced to another mural, one that has been used in many theories thus far.

The mural introduces us to four main beings, three being what is assumed to be diamonds, and the last, Rose Quartz. Just barely out of sight, we can see the sun and the moon on opposite ends of the mural, so we can assume that the mural is meant to be read, or translated in a counterclockwise manner. We are also introduced to an unbelievable amount of hands, and small black figures that we assume represent humans, or crystal gems. Again, we’ll get back to a lot more information on this mural in another theory. The main focus is the center mural, the one with Rose Quartz.

Many have speculated that this mural is depicting Rose Quartz fighting against a Diamond. Others have speculated that this is Lapis Lazuli because of the wave like structure beneath her, but that theory has essentially been proven wrong, and it is safe to say that this is in fact a Diamond. But which Diamond?

Many theorized that this was Yellow Diamond or Blue Diamond, because of the triangular symbol on her chest. Others have speculated that this is just a universal symbol of a Diamond, and it could be Pink Diamond, and that this mural was the depiction of the last battle between Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz. I think differently.

White Diamond is and has always been the top of the Diamonds. This is shown by her symbol constantly being at the top of the Diamond Authority symbol, and her mural on the Moon Base shows that she has the most colonized planets and moons by far. Some would argue that she is the ‘oldest’ of the Diamonds. Regardless, she is definitely at the top of her game, even though we have little proof to show it.

When Yellow Diamond was first introduced, fans were in awe. I myself thought that she was just an epiphany of beauty, authority, and everything that a personified diamond would be. She was Yellow Diamond.

When the world was introduced to Blue Diamond, we were given a different aspect of the Diamonds entirely. Diamonds had feelings. Diamonds could be distraught. Diamonds could be vulnerable. Diamonds were capable of the same earth-shattering, depressing emotions that we humans are.

Later on in “That Will Be All” we see that even Yellow Diamond is troubled by the loss of Pink. Even though the two Diamonds are handling the situation very differently, the two still feel the loss of a close figure, some might even say a sister or a lover. Yellow attempts to console her fellow Diamond and encourages her to get back up and be the leader that she needs to be. Yellow has obviously continued her responsibilities as a Diamond, but Blue just hasn’t. Instead, she’s focused on keeping Pink’s legacy alive, and it has made her a shell of what she used to be. Yellow is obviously trying to pull her fellow Diamond from this pit of despair, and return her to her authoritative figure. But where is White Diamond? Surely the head of the Diamond Authority wouldn’t want a fellow Diamond wallowing in despair forever. Wouldn’t she?

Even though Yellow is trying to encourage Blue to stop mourning over the loss of Pink, she’s still there. She’s still concerned about her fellow Diamond. She’s present, and accounting for all of Blue’s latest activity. White Diamond is essentially nonexistent, but she’s not shattered.

We can tell that White Diamond is not shattered/bubbled/missing because:
- She is still present in the Diamond Authority symbol.
- She is not mentioned as a bubbled or shattered gem.
- She is not being mourned over like Pink.
- There are no gems that we have seen bubbled that resemble a Diamond.

Of course, this is only a theory, and it is entirely possible that White Diamond is shattered/bubbled/missing, but I feel that it’s highly unlikely. I mean with that many colonies to run at once, (and certainly more since the war) I think anyone would qualify as ‘missing.’

So what does any of this have to do with White Diamond being the enemy? I’ll tell you. White Diamond shattered Pink Diamond.

That’s preposterous! Why? How? Where?

Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond! It’s fact!

No. It’s not. Just like media, it’s what they want you to believe. But who’s they? The higher-ups. The leaders. White Diamond.

Rose’s sword was made to destroy a gem’s body, never the gem. Rose would never shatter someone, as stated by Steven, and I think I stand by that. Of course everyone says that she had to do what she had to, and that it was true, but I just don’t buy it. I think Rose ‘poofed’ Pink Diamond, but nothing more.

Let’s go back to the mural.

Here we can see Rose battling a Diamond. But what is that in front of her? A diamond. A pink diamond. Could this be the actual Pink Diamond? Yes!

It has been made clear that White Diamond is the leader of the Diamond Authority. She wouldn’t care about a small rebellion. Not near enough to come to earth. So what would make her come to earth? Pink Diamond. The well-being of a fellow Diamond. As soon as Pink Diamond is ‘poofed’ or shattered, things get super real for the Diamonds. The rebellion isn’t a game anymore. One of their own is in danger, and that’s enough for White Diamond to put an end to it all.

Rose Quartz proved that this rebellion wasn’t something that could be handled with a snap of their fingers. The Beta Kindergarten was proof of that. As stated by Peridot, the Beta Kindergarten was Homeworld’s scrambled attempt to generate extra soldiers on the ground, mid-way through the rebellion. This wasn’t Homeworld’s attempt. This was Pink Diamond’s attempt. Jasper further reiterates this fact by her emotional speech about her purpose being to fight from the very beginning, because of what Rose Quartz did to her colony, her planet and her Diamond.

Rose Quartz has always been presented to us as a lovely, beautiful being. I personally can’t imagine her harming another gem, not to mention the being that created her. I think Rose Quartz ‘poofed’ Pink Diamond, holding her hostage, and was using her as a means of negotiating with Homeworld and the rest of the Diamond Authority. This is when White Diamond joins the war.

White Diamond finally travels to earth, and brings reinforcements with her. In a final attempt at ending the rebellion, and the gem colonization of earth, Rose Quartz negotiates with White Diamond alone.

It is common knowledge in the real world, that only diamonds can cut diamonds.

Depicted in one of the first murals ever given to us, White Diamond delivers a shattering blow meant for Rose Quartz, but instead strikes the bubbled and defenseless, Pink Diamond, and shatters her gem for good. Infuriated, distraught, and bent on revenge, White Diamond blames Rose Quartz for the death of her fellow Diamond, and who would deny it? The very leader of the Homeworld gems and the Great Diamond Authority.

At an unknown time period afterwards, Homeworld gems are called to retreat, and the three remaining Diamonds join together to create the corruption song. Sadly, many gems are unable to escape, left on earth as corrupted gems, mere shells of what they used to be. Thus, ending the rebellion and the colonization of earth. White Diamond returns to her duties as a Diamond, while Blue and Yellow mourn for their fellow Diamond.

Of course, gem activity does not come to an immediate halt after the rebellion, the Pyramid Temple and the Cluster being examples of that, but we’ll try to figure that out in another theory.

As for White Diamond’s involvement in future episodes of the show, I feel that she will be the last villain Steven and the Crystal Gems face. The show revolves around empathy, and I feel that both Blue and Yellow will be able to be won over by Steven’s compassionate nature, or at least they will think twice about what actually happened in the rebellion. Perhaps in some sort of argument within the council itself, White Diamond would angrily admit that she was the one that shattered Pink Diamond, or in a battle between the Crystal Gems and the Diamonds, they discover Diamonds can’t be shattered by normal gems, and the Diamond’s whole worlds would be changed forever. Homeworld gems would be changed forever. All because of the one Diamond above them all.

White Diamond.

I hope you guys enjoyed my theory on White Diamond and I’ll be working on other theories soon!

Sherlock and The Social Dots

I keep seeing people continue to fight over Sherlock and the meaning of Eurus’ tests so I wanted to write a little thing on it.  I’m doing this with a wrist brace on and heinous fibro-turd pain, so forgive any misspellings.  

The way I have personally absorbed Sherlock and the meaning of Eurus’s tests is that it’s about Sherlock as an empty person.  He is an incomplete picture until he begins connecting the dots that are his social connections and even more importantly, his emotions.  Let’s look at his relationships one by one and I’ll explain.

Dot 1: Greg Lestrade

  Lestrade represents respect for authority.  In fact, he is the only real authority figure in the series.  He’s Sherlock’s ‘boss’ in a way.  Bosses need people they employ to be reliable, respectful, and trustworthy.  Sherlock treating his boss/mentor like crap, making fun of his intelligence and skirting around him at every chance he gets is terribly disrespectful.  Sherlock is childish and arrogant and disregards Lestrade in most cases, even refusing to acknowledge his name.  We’ve all had those bosses when we were young that we didn’t respect, so we act like spoiled brats about it even though those people probably have way more experience than we do.  They have earned their position via the rout of hard work and being reliable and respectful.  By the end of the series, however, Sherlock shows us he has resolved the issue of his respect for Lestrade by politely asking him, by name, a first for the entire series, to please take care of his brother.  Sherlock is no longer a bratty child and he has connected the social dot of respect.

Dot 2: John Watson

John represents friendship, pure and simple.  John is literally the “replacement” for Victor, Sherlock’s best friend who was killed when he was very, very little. That left Sherlock as the empty shell that we see at the start of the series.  The loss of his friend at such a young age meant that he essentially shut down the part of him that he felt could even have friends.  He rejected the idea of personal connections with other people entirely, so that he wouldn’t suffer loss again.  John, through all their trials and tragedies, has now healed that wound for Sherlock.  Even more, John as Sherlock’s friend, has helped him connect all the other dots.  He walked with him step by step to do it.  Without John’s companionship, Sherlock would still be empty.  John’s maturity helped Sherlock grow up and be the man he was supposed to be, had he not suffered such a terribly traumatic event in his youth.

One other thing John represents is family, brotherhood to be specific.  Mycroft was very cold to Sherlock in their youth, even though it’s obvious it wasn’t always that way.  In the family videos we are shown, Sherlock absolutely loves his brother.  It isn’t until later, after Victor, that he feels so alone.  It’s obvious Sherlock loved Victor just like a brother, like the brother he really needed but was taken from him.  Sherlock says John is “family” in TFP, and he means it.  It also shows just how much emotion Sherlock has.  His love is that strong. His friend was his brother, a part of his own blood, even if they wren’t born as brothers.

Dot 3: Mrs. Hudson

Mrs Hudson represents a parent’s love.  It’s clear that Sherlock has a very strained relationship with his parents. He doesn’t hate them, but he doesn’t appear to believe that they care for him.  They’re not around when he is still basically a child in a grown man’s body.  He has cut them off in his mind.  Maybe they weren’t there for him in the past so he continues to believe they’re not there for him now.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Hudson dotes on Sherlock, brings him tea and food and generally ‘takes care’ of him.  She’s kind but not a pushover.  She’s also led a life that is about as tumultuous as you can get, which I think appeals to Sherlock.  He always surrounds himself with people who aren’t “regular” people.  Mrs. Hudson holds enough action and adventure in her life that she appeals to Sherlock, and she is also loving and sweet to boot.  Mrs. Hudson is the connected parental dot for Sherlock.

Dot 4: Irene Adler

Irene Adler represents sexuality.  What’s even better is that Irene represents fluid sexuality, and more importantly, the rejection of labels.  Regardless of how everyone has interpreted this, when you get down to the simplicity of it, it is simply about rejection of boxing one’s self in.  Sherlock’s box was his own making, his image as the “higher power” that Irene pointed out.  Irene’s own box was her sexuality.  Both of these people had discovered during the episode that their boxes weren’t taped shut all the way.  There was wiggle room.  Back to the sexuality part, Irene awakened Sherlock sexually.  The entirety of ASIB was loaded with sexuality, from Sherlock being naked and looking extraordinarily dashing, to the very naked Irene appearing to completely disrupt his logical thinking power.  It’s as close to canon as one can get that Sherlock did sleep with Irene after Karachi (judging by Eurus’s reaction to his violin song for her).  Sex and intimacy was something Sherlock had very much refrained from in his life and Irene connected that dot for him.  

Dot 5: Molly Hooper

Molly represents authentic love, or “romantic entanglement” as Sherlock puts it.  Everything about Molly and Sherlock’s interaction falls in line with how everyday romantic relationships blossom.  They began just like kids, with Molly having a crush and Sherlock being a jerk to her, ignoring her, or thwarting her attempts to date other men. As they grow together, they begin to close the gap between them.  Molly earns Sherlock’s complete trust, which was monumentally difficult for her to do considering Sherlock’s fear of connecting with people too closely.  Molly loves Sherlock through his best times and his worst times, unconditionally, even though he doesn’t appear to return her feelings.  From small things we’re shown, however, it feels as if Sherlock does feel something for Molly, but he has compartmentalized it and buried it as deep as he can underground out of fear.  Eurus’s test is what forced Sherlock to dig up that box, that box he’d put his heart in and covered it underneath the earth.  Eurus forces that box open, and connects the dot of romantic love for Sherlock.

Dot 6: Mary Watson

Mary represents, I think, coming to terms with one’s self, and the different shades of the self.  She represents acceptance.  Mary connected with and accepted Sherlock instantly because they were the same.  They both came from dangerous lives, they are both morally gray, and they both have a need to be accepted for who they are, the good and the bad.  Mary was in many ways, a reflection of Sherlock’s own duality.  I think Mary made him question things about himself (no not sexually), and I think she also taught him how much he is worth as a person.  She showed him that even though you are this person you’ve constructed out of your own pain, you don’t have to live just as that person.  You can have anything you desire and still be you.  You can live with shades of yourself, and those around you who truly love you will accept you as that.  They will love you for the good that you are, and forgive you for the bad that you are.  Mary connected the dots of acceptance for Sherlock.

Dot 7: Jim Moriarty

Jim represented fear.  He represented who Sherlock would have been, had he not had some form of love and connection in his life.  He was a madman, a true sociopath.  He showed Sherlock what it really would be like if he was who he said he was. We learn very quickly, however, what Moriarty already knew.  Sherlock can never be like him because he does have a huge capacity for love.  He’s hidden it, denied it, but it is there.  Anywhere Moriarty appeared, it caused great fear in Sherlock.  Even after his death, Moriarty was in Sherlock’s mind, chained up in a padded room like a some kind of caged monster.  As much as Sherlock tried to be like him, he really feared becoming that.  He also feared that Moriarty would be the undoing of his friends and family, forever a threat to their lives.  Moriarty was an endless threat to Sherlock, an endless fear of madness and murder.  Jim connected the dot of fear, true fear, for Sherlock.

Dot 8: Mycroft Holmes

I admit this one’s tough. I feel Mycroft represents weakness.  For all the power Mycroft wields in the government, he’s very fearful of being out in the world.  He keeps people as distant as he can manage and still be a part of  functioning society.  He also did a terrible thing and locked up his little sister and lied to his family about it because he feared confronting it.  All along in the series, we see Mycroft chastise Sherlock for things like having friends, being close to people, tangling with psychopaths, etc.  Mycroft is a very soft, fearful person, which makes his nickname The Ice Man sort of ironic.  Its not that he doesn’t care, he’s just far too soft to care.  We see his softness demonstrated with Sherlock, time and time again.  He cares so much for his little brother and fears so much for him that he constantly keeps watch on him.  Mycroft also tried to help Sherlock by proxy, using John as a means to help Sherlock heal his wounds.  In the end, Sherlock comes to realize his brother isn’t a bad person, and that he loves him deeply.  In fact, he loves his little brother enough to die for him so that he won’t be left like he was as a child, without his best friend.  I think Mycroft regrets being as weak as he is, because he didn’t do more to help his siblings. It just required too much care, and he wasn’t able to fulfill that.  In the end, it is Sherlock who is the stronger of them, and he is stronger because of his connected dots.  The last dot is connect by Mycroft, and that is Sherlock understanding that he is capable of protecting the weak, that he is stronger thanks to his mind, heart, and soul now being complete.

That’s about all.  I only included the major characters here, the ones we see almost every episode.  I’ve already talked a bit about how Eurus forces Sherlock to confront trauma, so she represents that last little bit which Sherlock needs to connect everything together.  She wasn’t a dot, so much as the one who helped him see the entire picture he’d made.  Also, Rosie helps Sherlock in her own way, as Sherlock now has this capacity to care for the smallest of people: children.  Rosie is a teeny, tiny, adorable dot.

I mostly wrote this because I had wanted to for a while, but also because some people are still arguing about the I Love You scene.  They’re missing the forest in favor of the leaves.  The bigger picture is pretty clear on what everyone’s purposes were in the show, and how they affected Sherlock as a man.  To become a great man, he needed to be a complete man.  All these connected dots make him that man.  

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What are your thoughts on private vs public adoption agencies? I've been looking for jobs and have been thinking about working in adoption. Private agencies pay better obviously lol

(This is going to be my LEAST popular post) When I first started actually looking into adoption I was looking at all the wrong places. I was looking at adoption agencies, mainly private ones. I was reading stores about how families that had adopted babies or children, how happy and wonderful their lives were to have children because they were infertile or just because they felt called to adopt. I had heard all these wonderful stories from adopted children, how much they loved their parents who adopted them and how grateful they were to have families. It seemed like the perfect, most pure and good thing to do was adopt, especially as a prolife person, some unwanted baby who had escaped the possibility of abortion by people like me who wanted that baby.

A couple years ago I was scrolling on Facebook in my favorite Facebook group, a Catholic Homeschooling group. It was such a good place to go for comfort and prayers, from the daily struggle of being a Catholic Mother and Wife. I felt the urge to pray for some of these women who I considered my friends, and I came across a photo of a beautiful newborn baby with beautiful black skin and thick black hair over his little head, laying in the hospital bed just so tiny. “PRAYER REQUEST” it read. The first few sentences was about the babies health problems, as he was a few weeks premature, but the writer assured us that he would make it, being the strong little guy he is. She gave us a little background, how badly she had been wanting this baby for so long, she had children herself, but had always felt called to adopt. “Over 30,000” she began to explain, she spent on adoption fees and hospital costs! On and on she went. Then came the real prayer request. The biological mother and father wanted to keep the baby. After all this money she spent, after months of preparing the nursery, “he’s already mine” she yelled into the screen and into the many hearts of mothers reading who gasped at the idea of someone tearing their infant from their arms! The post went on about the biological mother and father, who clearly were “unfit” do to their age and financial instability.

“They aren’t able to take care of the baby, the world doesn’t need more thugs and drug addicts, the baby is already yours I will pray immediately that the laws are in your favor have faith!!!” That was the general voice of the over 300 women in the comments. Every single one of them busted out their rosaries and prayed with their whole hearts that this baby would be delivered into the arms of the adopted mother who so clearly loved this baby more than the biological parents, after all, she was the one that paid the hospital fees, the adoption costs, “Tell her she will have to pay back all the fees! That will make her change her mind! She just wants to use the baby to live off the government!!!” More and more similar comments came in.

I sat down myself, saddened by the situation and started to pray. At first I also began to pray that the adopted mother would win the child, but something didn’t feel right.

At what point does someone have the right to take an infant from the arms of their mother? After they have paid 30,000 dollars? After they have had the lawyers for their private adoption agency protect the adopted mother by packet of papers with laws and signatures? After finding out that the biological mother was a poor scared young woman? Who deserves their own child then? By most those terms certainly not me.

For a while I thought this situation was rare. I thought generally most women who gave up their infants were happy, or even grateful their children were adopted by warm wealthy families. I was wrong.

I started researching birth mothers, I listened to their stories, their stories of immense regret, loss, pain that only a woman who’s infant was living but not in her arms could feel. As a mother myself, I can’t even fathom the pain. I mean that from the very moment I hold my child, the bond is something you simply cannot understand unless you are a mother yourself.

See, in government ran agencies there are no lawyers. The primary concern is the best interest of the child, which professionals, psychologists, even our Catholic theology all agree over and over the best interest of the child is it’s biological parents, second choice being other blood relatives. I won’t go into detail on this, you’re welcome to research yourself.

If it was up to me, private adoption agencies would be illegal. That’s right. Illegal. In order for their doors to stay open, they need to make money. Their best interest is NOT for the child, although they may tell themselves that they are doing God’s work by “rescuing” the infant from the arms of a poor teen mom and into the arms of wealthy infertile parents. The fact is, the concern is not for the infant, the mother, or anyone. It’s for the paying customer, and the financial gain for the doors to stay wide open. Most of them with the loving intention of saving babies from abortion, completing families with infertile parents. Women (birth mothers) come to these agencies scared out of their minds, they don’t want an abortion, and they honestly believe (thanks to society) that an unwed mother, a teen, a poor woman, is undeserving of her own child. They go to these agencies and are are coerced. Lawyers work for these companies and are paid big money to work on behalf of the adoption company and the client-the adoption parents. The birth mother has absolutely zero protection herself. These businesses profit by taking children from the wombs scared hopeless young birthmothers and into the arms of paying customers. There is no turning back, once the money is paid, the baby is no longer belongs to the birth mother. At this point she is reduced to as the prochoice people say “an incubator”. We can deny it all you want, but in this business, is she anything else?

Did you know that government agencies almost never have infants available up for adoption? Do you know why? Because they aren’t making any profit adopting children out. They are working for the best interest of the birth parents and the child. Mothers are directed to help, and get the help they need to keep their children, or a biological family member is able to care for the child, because that’s the best interest of the child. The mother is also legally able to have her child returned to her, as long as she is not an addict, or has ever been charged with child abuse. In private adoption, this is absolutely never an option, unless of course the lawyers didn’t cover the company and the adoption parents well enough.

Slowly I began to uncover the real face of most infant-relinquishing adoptions, children desperate to know who they really are, forbidden by laws or their adopted parents to find the mother and father that they were created by to be loved and cared for them. Forbidden to have relationships with their birth parents. Then you see the birth mothers, who morn the loss of their child who’s still alive for the rest of their lives, shamed, guilty, hopeless. Look up their blogs. Read their stories, face their pain.

The worst part is, because this has a lot to do with religious, particularly Christian and prolife groups, we turn our cheeks and close our eyes to the pain. We tell ourselves that it isn’t our problem and we’ve done our part. I don’t believe that, and I’ll stand on whatever side against what is the best interest of both the mother/father and the child. I’ll never choose one or the other. And never on the side of profit, especially profit off human beings.

There was a story my priest told me about the importance in our Catholic faith about the relationship between a mother and child, being as were Catholics and we don’t dismiss the importance of Mary in the life of Christ like other Christians might. He said in Yakima there were many Latino immigrants who were there illegally, and were being deported. The problem is, the children they had, one in particular only days old, were legal citizens of the United States. In situations like this the children are actually forced to remain in the Untied States as citizens. The Bishop of Yakima, stepped in, firmly planted in the truth that a child should never be separated for a mother. The children were then able to be processed, released, and returned to the parents.

If we look at Mother Mary, a teen, unmarried (betrothed, but unmarried), she would probably be deemed an “unfit” mother by our society. We gasp in horror when prochoice people say heinous things about Mary aborting Christ, but we would support Christ being raised by any other woman than the Mother of Christ?

Why are we okay with signs at clinics where scared women go to have abortions that read, “don’t kill your baby we want it!” Why are we so obsessed with “choose adoption!!!”

Where is the rally for the “alternative” true and holy nature of keeping a mother with her children? Why is adoption seen as the solution to abortion? There are programs in place to help these women, in our country how is it possible that a woman is so scared she feels the need to abort or give away for her child? How is this still a normal mentality? Because both prolife and prochoice people feed the fear. Neither of us apparently has any faith or respect for the nature of human beings. We have those who are prochoice who stand solely on the side of the mother, and those who are prolife who stand solely on the side of the baby, but who protects the family? Isn’t that the divine nature, the most important structure of our entire society? Unfortunately even pregnancy crisis centers are required to educate mothers who have already chosen to keep and raise their baby, on the topic of adoption and how much better it is for their baby, before giving any sort of services.

So, is there a need for adoption? Yes there is. There is a need for adoption because although God has designed us to be raised by our mother and father there are still evil and sin in this world. Sin that abuses children, causes parents to become sick with addictions, and creating broken family and children who have not a single blood family member to turn too. This is where the need is, not in the wombs of scared women or young mothers.

Now, we can tell ourselves, as prolife or proadoption people, that “we’ve never done that!!” Or “I’ve never strictly advocated for a woman to adopt without pointing her to help as well!” But honestly that isn’t good enough to wash our hands free of guilt. If we aren’t actively seeking and speaking out about stuff like this, we feed the same mentality that feeds abortion. That an unwed, poor, scared, mother is unworthy of her own child. I see hundreds of prolife people state that “we need less adoption laws to make adoption easier!!” Easier for who? Adopted parents? Through the state adoption IS easy, for parents who are qualified based on the best interest for the child. It’s also little to no COST. Yep. You heard that right. What’s easier than that?

Since I’m not a birth parent, I would like if we could all actually read what the birth parents have to say about adoption.

Here’s a pamphlet created by birth parents on how adoption has affected them. In order for a woman to properly and willfully choose adoption as a choice for her, she needs to know these facts, she needs to hear the good and the bad in order to make an informed decision. I beg all people especially prolife people, to read the pamphlet and inform yourselves please! If we want to really protect woman and children we need to protect the family!

(Sorry for any grammar, spelling mistakes)

Love Is Ludicrous; Reception

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x Jimin feat Taehyung and Jungkook

x Mature, Fuckboy/Playboy Maknae Line

x 2777

Plot: Jimin Park was the ultimate definition of playboy along with his friends Taehyung Kim and Jungkook Jeon. Upon one of his best friends getting married, he’ll have to deal with consiquences also known as Y/N

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Many guests approach the park with high hopes of seeing the newest married couple, the park decorated with many kinds of flowers bringing a happy and peaceful atmosphere but it was far from peaceful.

Jungkook had just finished greeting the last of his guests that had congratulated him on his newly wedded life, don’t get him wrong he was ecstatic that he was finally able to be with Hana but with his hyung and his wife’s best friend at each other’s throats he could do anything but relax.

He began to walk back to the main table where his and Hana’s most important guests sat, he hauled to a stop when he noticed the glares being sent from each end of the table.

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All I See - Part Two

You can find the other parts of this story and my Masterlist HERE!

Synopsis: Rick comes to see how you’re doing and Maggie comes to apologise while Negan attempts to get you out of his mind.

Ships: Negan x Blind!Reader, Rick x Blind!Reader
Words: 1,148
Warnings: Curses, mentions of claustrophobia
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You were lying on your blow-up bed in the living room. You could hear the slight pattering of rain on the roof as you sat there attempting to sleep. Every time you closed your eyes you were back in the tiny closet, the walls, although you couldn’t see them, seeming to close in on you. You shivered and rolled over, attempting to focus on the rain instead of the dark thoughts.

Normally when you couldn’t sleep your sister would come and help you, she would tell you stories of how the world look before all of this. The thoughts of bustling towns and sunny countryside comforted you even if it did make you feel a little disappointed that you had never been able to see it in the first place. She was on a run so she wasn’t able to help you tonight, even though you needed it so ardently.

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Powerful Moments in Civil War

After seeing Civil War, I’d like to discuss what I believe were some of the most powerful and pivotal moments in the movie. Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie yet:

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Thoughts on Sinbad and the latest chapters

Okay so after talking with @murasakihime and @fluffyfloof and getting tagged in a post by @miyamanga ive decided to finally come out on the whole sinbad die posts/topic whatever. YAAAAAAaaaaaaaayyyyy lets get started,
Firstly i want to say this post is long and in no way meant to offend anyone whether you support magi’s most idiotic king or not.

Sinbad without a doubt is magi’s most complex character and the things his done to so many people can not be simply overlooked. He gave so many people a future and sacrificed so much for them. All your precious children i.e jafar, the eight generals even the main cast are where they are because of sinbad. And i feel like recently alot of people in the fandom are just looking at his actions and writing him off the book as a villain. Die a horrible death. Which is completely wrong. Please do not ignore sinbad’s past, his sufferings and his motives. You can not just look at a character’s actions and say that person is terrible without understanding what there trying to do and why there trying to do it.

From a very young age Sinbad has experienced terrible things. As a toddler he had to witness the physical and verbal abuse of his father on a daily basis. His family were always treated as outcasts and they were struggling to make ends meet. There was also obvious tension between his mother and father to remove the expatriate title from the household. After all this sinbad had to watch his father beaten by the very army that’s supposed to protect them and they even executed him. Shortly after that his mother falls grievously ill and he had to work everyday to make enough money to make sure she will say good morning the next day. This in within itself is more than any child should have to endure and witness and set sinbad on his journey to change the world.

And things didn’t get any better for the poor child. He ended up a slave years later. Physical and mentally tortured and after that experienced the war where he lost his country, home village and the comrades he traveled the world with. These people were the only family he had and they were torn away from him in horrible circumstances.

Now put yourself in all these scenarios. Would you not do what sinbad is doing?. Would you not go to any extent to protect the people you love so such a terrible fate never befalls them again?.

And i just want to also mention that sinbad has never moved forward from that day. No matter how you look at it. Sinbad is stuck in limbo, while he did rebuild sindria and all. The pain of that day has never left him. Up until the revelation of alma torran he has lived with a voice in his head and he even believed it was his younger self who was haunting him for his failures.

He even still has dreams of the war, Sinbad has always carried a very heavy burden and he has never tried to share that burden with anyone and now its crushing him. To add to that the fact he can see fate makes the whole matter worse because sinbad must’ve felt just like David did. He feels isolated, alone and there is no denying sinbad took comfort in david’s presence.

Even though i dislike it myself what sinbad is doing in the current timeline is understandable for someone in his position. Idk how many took notice. But read closely and you’ll begin to notice every chapter sinbad grows more tired and afraid.

He is concerned, he is terrified of war breaking out again. He doesn’t want to see it again and he doesn’t want to lose the people he loves most. Now some people will say “yea but he brainwashed the whole world and his gonna kill everyone even his friends himself”.

And to that i say “yea but you know thinking 1000 years into the future is not just a sinbad thing, titus did it too you know, he was worried for both the now and future….. and how is that any different to when ugo sent everyone from alma torran to the new world, and lets not forget when he sentenced the djinn to an eternal life of solitude in the ruins of their former home?. Why did no one complain then? Was it because the Djinn agreed to it? The djinn agreed to the matter because it was solomon’s will, and it was because it would protect the world. But is that what they themselves truly desired?

Alma Torran was barren and to ensure the survival of the people ugo moved everyone to the new world and erased the history of alma torran from their minds. I’m sorry but that is also a form of brainwashing. Erasing from the minds of everyone an entire chunk of history that could’ve potentially stopped the outbreak of war in the first place had everyone known. Yet i dont see anyone complaining about that.

Sinbad is doing the exact same thing ugo did except his keeping everything in tact. The people of the world continue to remember the events of the world. They continue to live their own lives freely with the added addition of a shared hope that will unite the world. His returning everyone to a greater place. A utopia where war will never break out again. Where families will once again be reunited.

Now to all those people who wish death upon sinbad i just want you to rethink sinbad’s position and understand where his coming from. Also people who are asking for jafar to kill sinbad. I refuse to believe that would ever happen. We had an omake that clearly showed jafar refuses to bring harm to sinbad. infact why would jafar kill him? Jafar has been with sinbad the longest. He has seen sinbad at his highest and lowest. The two of them are so close and their bond and loyalty to each other is unbreakable. If Jafar, actually if anyone kills sinbad then nothing has changed from Alma Torran. History has once again repeated itself, the great king once again falls and the world will return to a state of chaos. Not to mention it will be a complete betrayal to sinbad and everything his sacrificed for the sake of others.

I think the world owes sinbad a debt and its time for that debt to be repayed. Instead of him always running around saving people, its time for the people to stand up and help him and to remove the burden his shouldering.

To put an end to this long post. Sinbad does not want to be the enemy, nor is he trying to be an antagonist. He is only doing what his heart believes will stop the repeat of all those terrible events he has had to experience. Solomon’s world is riddled with failure and error. The whole magi system is itself a failure and sinbad is only trying to piece everything back together to create a utopia

Jeonghan: Please Don't Be My Prince

Day 3 of the 13 Days of Halloween! This time it’s Flower Prince Jeonghan (judge me all you want I don’t care)! This might turn into a series~

In which you find out a little bit more than you would like about a student in the Night Class.

Genre: Halloween! Vampire!AU

Words: 1,069

Part 1 | 2 | 3 [Final]

First Bite/First Night Part 1 | 2

Originally posted by yuu-jin

“If it’s possible, I’d like for you to leave by eight, Miss Lee, as the school opens to the night classes at eight-thirty,” the teacher sponsor for the school newspaper reminded you.

“Sure thing,” you replied absentmindedly.

“I’m serious, Yerin. I don’t want you here too late. This year’s class is a little rowdier than usual,” she said.

You sighed. “I know. I just really want to finish up the basic layout before I go home. I’ll leave when Mr. Price gets here; he’ll walk me to the bus stop.” Mr. Price was the foreign teacher that taught the night classes English. He was pretty well-liked among the students, but most of the faculty thought that he could be too loose with enforcing the rules.

“All right. But you can only stay because I don’t have the right to deny a student access to learning materials,” she huffed. You smiled a little. You could tell just how young your teacher really was when she acted like this. She was pouting like a child, though she was busy keeping the door open with her foot and her glasses on her face while her arms were full of papers.

“You can go,” you reassured her, ‘I’ll be fine.”

She moved her foot and the door closed before she could say goodbye.

You knew your teacher had a good enough reason to be worried. The night classes were not very similar to your day classes. They had only been introduced two decades ago, shortly after the vampire population exposed themselves to the humans. Even though the humans had initially been terrified at the thought of creatures that were literally bloodthirsty walking among them in the open, the current public opinion was that since there were humans who killed humans, it wasn’t much of a change that there were vampires that killed humans from time to time. Vampires did not typically kill the people they drank from, after all. They generally drank from theirs lovers exclusively.

It was almost like there were two worlds that just happened to exist in the same place. The vampire government had autonomy over their own people, and the human government only stepped in to work with them on certain issues. Humans attended school in the daytime, and vampires studied by moonlight. The humans had their president, and the vampires had their ruling family, and, for the most part, the worlds were able to live in harmony.

You continued to work in silence, quickly losing track of time. You didn’t even notice the door opening.

“Excuse me, but you’re at my computer,” a boy spoke up behind you. You didn’t bother to look up, and your eyes merely flickered to the time in the corner of the screen.

“The night classes don’t start for another thirty minutes, and I really need to finish this, so can you just hold off for a minute?” you asked, trying to be polite. You didn’t have anything against the poor boy, but you were just tired of having people interrupt your work. As editor of the school newspaper, it was your job to make sure that everything was perfect when you sent the issue to be published.

“Well, I really would like to be at my computer,” he retorted.

You spun around in your chair ready to tell the boy off, but you froze as you caught sight of the very reason the night students were bolder than usual this year. The boy who you were about lose your temper with was none other than the vampire prince, Jeonghan. He smirked, and even then you had to admit he was gorgeous. He played the part of the prince well, with his flowing hair and what appeared to be a kind countenance. You never quite trusted him however; maybe it was the scarlet eyes and sharpened canines that threw you off.

“You were saying?” He cocked one eyebrow.

You grit your teeth. Even though the vampire government had no jurisdiction over humans, you still could not completely disrespect them. Besides, you liked to think that your parents had raised you better than that.

“Nothing,” you said.

“If that’s all then, how about you get out of my seat, hm?” he suggested, or rather, ordered. His eyes began to glow, and you knew that he was trying to influence you. Vampires were able to influence most humans and other vampires to do what they wanted, as long as it was not too out of the ordinary for the person being influenced.

You knew that Jeonghan was supposed to be especially powerful considering he was a member of the royal family, but you felt nothing. No familiar fog in your head, no uncontrollable limb movements – nothing. You stared back at him, a little annoyed that he tried to force you into giving up your work.

“Listen, I’ll only be a few more min- Crap.” You cut yourself off. You blanched, and Jeonghan’s face mirrored yours. His mouth fell open, a confused sputtering sound coming out as he attempted to form a coherent sentence.

You jumped to your feet and practically threw your bag over your shoulder. You knocked into his shoulder on your way out of the room, but his expression didn’t change.

“Would you look at the time? It’s so- so late! I can’t believe I didn’t just leave when you got here,” you forced out a laugh. It sounded more like you were being strangled, and, by the way you felt, that was more appropriate than laughing. You were already halfway out the door by the time he called after you.

“Wait!” he shouted, tripping over a chair in his rush to catch up with you.

“Sorry, gotta run!” You waved awkwardly.

“I’ll find you!” was the last thing you heard from him before the door slammed shut. You sped out of the school before he could see where you had gone.

The one and only vampire prince Jeonghan had tried and failed to influence you. As the crown prince, he was supposed to have the ability to influence nearly every person on the planet. Actually, every vampire was rumored to have that ability. Not being able to influence someone was the only way of telling that they were the vampire’s one true mate.

You were so not into the idea of transferring into the night classes, much less becoming a vampire princess.

DC Fic Masterlist

All right, let’s see if I can get this thing rolling (finally). Everything should also be under the “fic” tag on my journal. Most of the links go to AO3. The ones that are currently only found on Tumblr are marked with an asterisk.

Gimme a poke if you notice something’s missing or not working correctly.

Edit: this masterlist is woefully out of date.

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It got stuck in my head and just had to be done. Sorta sad though, but idk, Chilton is just generally sorta sad. 


Oooooh can you write the conjugal visit Chilton one?! Pretty please! 🙏🏻 I’ve thought about it before actually seeing him in that orange jumpsuit!

Requested by: the lovely @vintagemichelle91 and a couple anons

You’d done your research, wanting to know ahead of time what to expect. And everyone on the forum you found had been right - this was insanely humiliating.

Bent over and naked, you took deep breaths and tried to focus on what really mattered here as the two guards finished their cavity search. And it really could be worse, at least they were female guards. Plus, you couldn’t blame them for doing their job and trying to keep the inmate population safe.

You knew how vulnerable he felt inside, rarely sleeping and always on high alert. He didn’t like to tell you, didn’t want you to fret even more over him, but it would have been impossible to not notice how tired he always sounded now.

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anonymous asked:

This might be weird and you may not know about the cod zombie universe and the four main characters tank/takeo/Nikolai/Richthofen but if you Do how would the companions react if they were around helping out the ss also I love your blog

Anon you sent me on a nostalgia trip with this one! You’ll be glad to know I used to live off zombies with my friend on World at War and both Black Ops 1 and 2 so I’m more than happy to answer this one :D 

Cait: Loves Nikolai, thinks he’s great craic and finally someone who is a real challenge for her at the game o’ drink. Often gets black out drunk with him. She thinks Tank(Dempsey) is a hunk of American beefcake, she loves her Sole dut damn Tank is a hunk, she often flirts with him, a lot of “Hey there handsome, a guy always looks good in green ;)” and from Dempsey “Well hellooo beautiful” all just playfully as Sole is her one and only. Likes Richthofen, he’s as mad as a hatter but sometime his bat-shit crazy personality scares her just a little. Takeo is cool and he’s handy with a sword but she thinks he’s a bit cold.

 Curie: LOVES when she can talk science with Richthofen, him being a “doctor” and all, although it puts her off a little when he starts talking about what happened with Samantha and Maxis. Likes Dempsey, he often compliments and flirts with her. “Oh you are naughty monsieur Dempsey ;)” she’ll reply. Thinks Nikolai is cute, he’s funny but she’s a little off-put by the amount of alcohol he consumes constantly. Takeo to Curie is a courageous man who doesn’t need to say much, she often talks with him in Japanese and discusses what the 20th century was like.

 Codsworth: Thinks Dempsey is a true hero like Nate, he often asks Dempsey what it’s like, all this travelling. Naively once asked if Dempsey served with Nate. (Nate’s great great granddad possibly since both served on the Pacific front, could be canon perhaps?) Just like Danse with Takahashi, mistook Takeo for a Chinese soldier/spy. Sole has to explain Takeo is actually Japanese, to which Tak takes a slight disliking to Codsworth afterward. Codsworth nearly ran away when Nikolai appeared. “AHHH!!!!… by god… a drunk communist!” to which Nikolai laughed “HA!… talking metal ball… he’s not wrong.” He tries to avoid Richthofen, he’s afraid that Richtofen will try and take him apart to build a wunderwaffe.

 Danse: Is honoured to have Dempsey in his company, like Codsworth sees him as a great hero. Dempsey thinks Danse is a tiny bit of a suck up, still though he likes what Danse is packing “So big boy… you gonna let me have a go in that or am I gonna have to get a can opener?” Even when Dempsey made remarks like that Danse still loved him. Tries to recruit Richthofen into being a scribe for the BOS but Richthofen denies “Er… no Danse… no.” Danse hates Takeo, even though it’s clearly explained Takeo is in fact Japanese, he considers him a Chinese spy. Almost throttles Nikolai when Nikolai starts talking about the Motherland, a big mistake he realized, when Nikolai konked him on the head with a bottle of vodka and knocked him clean out. “Danse is like first wife, all talk and useless.”

Deacon: Tries to play off his lies to Richthofen, which of course the mad German doctor sees straight. “Ja Deacon das cute, what’sa matter? Daddy not love you enough, you come up this heinous lies?” Richthofen is brutal when he wants to be :o. He likes Dempsey, thinks he’s  bit of an airhead though, probably because Dempsey doesn’t need to lie about the things he’s done. Doesn’t have an opinion on Nik or Takeo either way, he thinks they’re cool though.

Dogmeat: He likes them but they’re not too fond of him. They’re all afraid Dogmeat will turn into a hell hound, especially Richthofen, Dogmeat reminds him too much of Samantha’s dog.

Hancock: A little awkward around them after they all mistook him for a zombie and tried to blow his head off. Like Cait, bonds with Nikolai and introduces him to chems. Of course a massive party ensues in Hancocks office for the rest of the night. He thinks Richthofen is too highly strung and chucks him a couple inhalers of jet to chill his ass out. Almost the same for Takeo, thinks he could do with some chems, when he sees his samurai sword, Hancock challenges him to a sword fight to pass the time. He likes how Dempsey doesn’t give a shit and says what he wants, although at times he gets pissed off being called a “Meat bag/ Zombie freak”

MacCready: Total crush on Dempsey, there’s just something about him that makes Mac thinks he’s a good guy. Not so sure about Tak, being the quiet one of the four, he’s a little suspicious and take a while to warm to him. Richthofen, total loose cannon and a possible danger if he were to completely flips out, MacCready tends to be cautious around him. Also cautious around Nikolai, too much vodka and Mac believes Nikolai too could flip out and be dangerous to everyone around. He tends to keep an eye on Richthofen and Nik

Nick: Demands that Sole keep them in line and makes sure they don’t go off the handle on a rampage. While he respects Dempsey as an American hero he thinks he’s a chauvinistic airhead with too much arrogance. Constant eye on Nikolai as he’s afraid of what Nik’s drunken escapades will do. Has to lock Nik, Cait and Hancock up overnight a few times because of their relentless partying. He likes Takeo’s integrity and sense of honour, although is mindful of how quiet he is sometimes. In ways he fears Richthofen like the Institute, he’s afraid Richthofen will start abducting people for his experiments again.

Piper: For such a strong person she is absolutely terrified of Richthofen, a cold chill runs down her spine whenever he’s near, she knows what Richtofen’s done and what he’s capable of, encourages Sole not to hang around with him for fear of them becoming like him. Butts heads with Dempsey from time to time, unlike Cait or Curie, Dempsey pisses her of with his incessant flirting. She quite likes Nikolai, thinks he’s generally harmless, although the public drunkenness is a turn off for her. Likes Tak, he’s a nice guy, except that time he tried to slice Takahasi, generally he’s good and doesn’t do anything to annoy her. Publishes another article, this time entitled “The Out of Time Gang” All of which feature Tak, Nik, Dempsey, Richthofen and of course, Blue.

Preston: As soldiers, they’re impeccable, although off the battlefield he’s not so sure. He thinks Nikolai shouldn’t encourage the settlers to get drunk with him, Cait and Hancock all the time and gets mad when he does, but he thinks he’s okay most of the time. Like Piper, he thinks Richthofen is a monster for what he’s done and prefers not to interact with the zany German. Dempsey’s generally okay, when he’s not womanising the settlers or intimidating them, Preston wants to punch him when he’s doing that but never does because he knows Sole keeps Dempsey in line. He thinks Takeo could be a bit more dignified in battle, he has to look away while Takeo finished off wounded raiders with his sword. Hurtling it straight into their chests.

Strong: Actually picked up Nikolai by the scruff of his neck once with Nikolai flailing in Strong’s out-stretched arm, when he got drunk and tried to take Strong in a fight “Heh… little human funny, smells like super mutant though…” Doesn’t like Richthofen because of the wunderwaffes, he prefers a sledgehammer over scientific weaponry. He admires Tak for getting up close and personal with his sword, after maiming his target with a pistol. Neither likes or dislikes Dempsey, although he likes when Dempsey gets mad and caves a raider’s skull in with a tire iron.

X6-88: He’d die if Richthofen accepted his offer to join the Institute, think of all the technological marvels Richthofen could bring with him. Almost mistook Tak for an Institute infiltrator once, although could you blame him? :3. Decked out Dempsey cold, when Demps tried to start a fight with X6, he learned pretty much straight away not to mess with him. Regards Nikolai as a total drunk, but is very impressed with the volumes Nik can consume and in such quick succession to each other.

So I’ve had this one on the burn for a while, I’m so sorry it took this long to get done ;_; But it’s a special one and I had a lot of fun with it, so it’ll be the 700 follower celebration post. Thank you so much guys for all of your continued support I love you all! :D

P.S. there is a lot of smut/NSFW on it’s way so don’t worry.

My beautiful Omega - Dean Winchester x Reader (Alpha/Omega & Teacher/Student) - Pt. 4

Title: My beautiful Omega

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1,395

Warnings: Age gap, A/B/O dynamics, Teacher x student relationship, Language

Original imagine: Imagine Dean being an Alpha who has not met his Omega. He doesn’t think that he has a mate so he has decided to live with Lisa Braeden, a Beta, whom he’s engaged to. He thinks he’s happy and in love until the day he meets you. His Omega and mate. Only problem is that you are a lot younger than him and a new student at the school he is a teacher.

Read other parts: Part 1 here! l Part 2 here! l Part 3 here!

“Nice job” he murmured, putting a soft hand on your shoulder.

You jumped slightly, startled, but once you turned and saw who it was; you relaxed. You felt your heart skip a beat at seeing him smile down at you. You were not going to deny that he was rather handsome, definitely older than you, but you could not lie to yourself. Hell, every girl in your age would be attracted to a man like him. He had strong features yet soft for a man his age. You did not know it exactly since he was not your teacher, you had not been in any of his  psychology classes yet, (seeing as you were also new in the school, and town in general) but you were going to start next week; so of course you knew who he was. Caroline, your new friend, having helped in that; giving you more than enough information about him.

You blushed slightly and mumbled a small ‘Thank you’ at him, avoiding eye contact in fear of blushing even more.

You hear him chuckle, obviously at the way you responded to him, and bit your lip; feeling the heat rise in your cheeks.

“You don’t have to thank me, it’s the truth” he said, his hand rubbing your shoulder softly.

You looked back up at him and felt yourself relax at gazing into his green orbs. They felt so familiar, like you had seen them before in your life, and made you feel so… safe. His voice alone being able to help you relax, feel at home, at peace… And, yet, at the same time cause things n you to stir, things that you had never felt before. And things that the mere thought of, made you blush.

“I seriously doubt it” you mumbled with a small shake of your head.

“Wow, talking about optimistic” Dean muttered sarcastically and you found yourself laughing; him soon following suit.

“I generally am. It’s just this specific project I’m having trouble with. Drawing a figure is not as easy as it seems” you mumbled.

“You seem to be doing well with this one, though” he noted.

“Yeah, right. Even my dog could have done a better job than me at this” you said with a shake of your head; letting out a sigh.

Dean laughed out loudly, shaking his head too “Come on, don’t be so pessimistic. You’ve done an amazing job, really” he said with a soft smile; rubbing at your back softly.

You felt a shiver ran through your spine and you smiled back at him.

“Thanks” you whispered, your smile growing bigger.

“You really have a talent” he said in a soft voice, getting closer to you. So close that you could smell his scent. You were able to smell it before, but now it was more clear, and you would be lying if you said it wasn’t the best scent you had ever smelled. You didn’t know if it was his natural scent or some aftershave but you could not deny that, once again, you felt things stir in you. Things that you had never felt before.

“Not really. I just try, I guess the result is good but still…” you trailed off, shrugging sheepishly.

“You really are modest. Believe me, you draw really well. Better than any person I know. Definitely way better than me!” he said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, right.” you brushed him off.

“No, believe me!” he insisted with a smile “I’m telling you, my brother could draw better than I do now since the age of five!” he said.

“No way!” you said with a laugh.

“Yes way!” he said laughing “Just wait to see me trying to draw a simple house. I’m telling you, not even a comedy would have made you laugh more!” he said with a shake of his head.

“That bad?” you asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Even worse!” he said nodding furiously.

You smiled at him and continued talking.

You talked a little bit about your painting but soon the conversation drifted to other issues, interests, hobbies, goals and anything that could give you the opportunity to know each other. Laughs and jokes were shared, making you both enjoy yourselves to the point that you thought of nothing else, or anybody else for that matter. Soft, small touches; innocent from you and less innocent from Dean who was still trying to hold himself, and some lingering ones, were shared. In the beginning it was mostly Dean but then you followed suit, more relaxed than before. Time passed by so quickly that you did not realize it, and (sadly for both of you) you had to say goodbye and leave when the bell rang, and the lesson was over.

You didn’t miss a beat to look back at him when you exited the door, though. His own eyes were glued on you too. And when they locked with yours, smiles appeared on both your faces.


The drive home was rather silent. Not really for Dean, who was occupied by thinking of you (all the while trying to keep a smile from spreading on his face), but mostly for Lisa. She kept glancing at him, trying to catch any reaction, wanting to know what he was thinking. What he was thinking that he was constantly biting his lip and trying to hide the smile that lingered on his face ever since the lesson ended. She kept biting the inside of her cheek, trying to keep herself from speaking, from asking anything or from starting to accuse him of anything, all of which would surely lead to an argument. The car was no place for that kind of argument.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Winchester?!” she all-but-shouted once Dean closed the door.

Dean looked at her for a while, not responding, but knowing fully well what she was talking about “What do you mean?” he asked, wanting to be completely sure.

“You know fully well what I mean! I mean the way you were looking at her!” she shouted and Dean let out another sigh.

“And don’t you dare ask who!” she said stopping him from saying anything “You know fully well that I’m talking about (Y/n)!”

“Lisa…” he let out a sigh “Please, let me explain” he spoke softly.

“Explain what Dean?! That you were staring at her like she was some piece of meat? Like you wanted grab here then and there and bend her over the desk and fuck here right there? That you had so little self control as to go immediately by her side, not caring if anyone noticed or saw you, and shamelessly flirt with her? So little respect for her to go that far?! Hell, Dean, she doesn’t even know what flirting is! What the hell were you thinking?!” she shouted at him, the anger and pain in her voice making Dean feel guilty; although he wasn’t.

“It’s not like that” Dean murmured, head down in shame.

“Oh? And what the fuck is it like? Huh? Damn it Dean, the girl is so young that the second anyone realized what you were doing, there would be cops at your door! Hell, she is 16 years younger than you! Sixteen damn years younger Dean! What the hell did you think you were doing!? What the hell were you even thinking?! Flirting shamelessly with her and then what? Take her innocence away? Corrupt her?! What would you have done if nobody was there Dean?! What the hell were you going to do?! How far would you go?!” she screamed at him at the top of her lungs, her anger completely taking over her.

“Dammit, Lisa!” Dean shouted “It. Is. Not. Like. That.” he gritted his teeth at her “She’s my fucking mate, you dumb Beta. And I’m sorry if I reacted to her, but I cannot help the fact that she’s supposed to be mine! I’m sorry for hurting you but I can’t help it! You don’t understand it, damn it! You will never fucking understand it!” he gritted his teeth; putting a hand over his eyes.

“Try getting it into your fucking head! Damn it! She is my Omega! She is my mate!” he shouted at her angrily and Lisa’s eyes widened. Dean’s last words lingering in the air.

'She is my mate’

Day 14: Favorite Loyalty Mission

Well, my personal favorite is Garrus or Tali’s, but the reason is soley because Garrus and Tali are my broskis. And to be honest, I’ve already discussed a lot of why I love Garrus’ mission in my write-up on Garrus’ romance, and Tali’s introduction to quarian politics in my fav female companion write-up. So let’s focus on one of the really philosophical heavy-weights:

So, Legion’s mission is an interesting challenge. First of all, because the stakes for Legion’s mission are considerably higher than anybody else: while everybody else’s mission only affects themselves or a very small group of people they’re intimately connected to. But Legion himself is not a person; rather, his identity is Geth. For Legion’s loyalty mission, Shepard’s choice affects an entire race. Legions’ loyalty mission gives you a lot of information on how synthetic life in the Mass Effect universe operates, but it does more than that:

It’s the only loyalty mission that gives Shepard (and us) insight into being a Reaper.

Because, you see, you are an organic being, forced to choose the fate to synthetics, a life-form you are inherently unable to understand. A lifeform whose way of life – a communal hive mind, driven by pure mathematics – is completely foreign to your mind. Your options are to either re-write the life-form entirely, making them indoctrinated into doing your will (even though they believe it to be their own) or destroy them. There are no other alternatives. Cooperation is not a possibility.

When it’s the Reapers, it’s a synthetic boogieman doing it to organic life. When it’s Shepard, it’s a key strategic decision. You are Commander Shepard and you have become death, destroyer of worlds. You are the Geth reaper.

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Since we now entered 2017 at my place as well, I think it’s about time to finally post what I was planning to do for quite a while now!

Other than a follow forever (speaking of which, I don’t think this is even necessary, like, once I follow you, I’ll always follow you, sooooo), I just wanted to thank every single blog I’m following for making 2016 a quite pleasant year for me! I haven’t been on this blog for a long time, yet I always had a lot of fun when going online and that’s thanks to you and only you, so I hope that with this post I can give some of my happiness to you and give you a nice start into 2017, even if it’s just a little!

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anonymous asked:

can you please write a little ficlet of dean begging to suck cas's cock? I've been looking all over and I cant find one like it :(

OK so they’ve only been going out for a few weeks and it really shouldn’t be a big deal because there’s a lot of other shit going on right now and sex isn’t exactly the first thing on Dean’s mind except that it totally is.

He and Cas had been on a hunt together while Sam was helping Jody with something all the way on the other side of the country. Cas saved Dean’s life at the expense of getting information from a demon, and Dean wasn’t particularly thrilled about it. There was a dark, heavy silence between them on the drive back to the motel and then as soon as the door had shut they exploded on each other. Dean doesn’t even remember what he was yelling or what Cas was yelling, all he remembers is that they started shoving each other and throwing punches, and then Cas slammed Dean into a wall and his face was so close that Dean for some reason thought that the most logical thing was to reach forward and plant his lips on the angel’s.

He woke up sore and content the next morning, every limb of his body wrapped tightly around a naked Cas, who was of course awake and staring down at Dean like he was seeing him for the first time.

“I suppose this is something we should discuss,” Cas had said seriously.

“Great pillow talk, Cas.” Dean lifted his head up so he could trace Cas’ ribcage with kisses.

“I am somewhat unfamiliar with human mating rituals, but I detect that your current behavior is not in line with ‘one night stands.’”

“That wasn’t a one night stand, Cas. Let me take you out. On a date. Like a real date.”

By some miracle Cas had agreed and it wasn’t long before they admitted their long-standing (long-suffering) feelings for one another. 

But they hadn’t had time for more than a kiss here, a shower together there, sitting too close together on the couch while Sam rolls his eyes, Cas holding Dean while he sleeps for a couple hours most nights. They’re on a big case, so sex is really off the table for the time being.

But Dean just really, really wants to suck his boyfriend’s dick.

It’s all he can think about. 

It started when Cas saved Dean and Sam’s asses by smiting at least a dozen demons in ten seconds and Dean’s never been so turned on surrounded by a bunch of dead demons in his entire life. 

Cas had reached his hand down and helped Dean up and then wiped some blood and dirt off Dean’s face and asked him if he was all right and it’s the most romantic fucking thing that’s happened to Dean in like five years at least.

And suddenly Dean had gotten the urge to fall to his knees right there and tear Cas’ pants off. Instead, he had nodded shyly and let Cas take them back to their motel before he disappeared and left Dean awake and hard all night thinking about how amazing it would be to have Cas’ dick down his throat. Sam had asked him in the morning why he was disgustingly sweaty and looked like he had just seen a ghost (“well, not a ghost—I mean, you know what I mean”).

Every time Cas and Dean were in the same room together after that, Dean became flustered and weak at the knees and couldn’t communicate in full sentences.

Cas didn’t seem to notice until day three of this. “Is something wrong, Dean?”

“What? No! It’s, um…nothing.”

“We are in a relationship, correct? Shouldn’t we…’share feelings’ with one another?”

“God, Cas, please. Just—no.”

Just as Cas is about to say something, Sam walks by on the other side of the room and announces rather loudly, “Dean wants to suck your dick, Cas.”

Dean can feel the rage pooling in his belly and the heat rising in his cheeks. But when he looks at Cas, he finds a smirk on the angel’s face.

“You desire to perform oral sex.”

“I mean, yeah. No point denying it now.”

“That’s good to know.” Cas leans in and kisses Dean hard and fast and then he pulls away and disappears, leaving Dean breathless and annoyed.

Dean didn’t know Cas was capable of being such a fucking tease, which is why he falls for it. Hard.

Cas shows off his totally not hot at all angel powers any chance he can get, and he pretends to be clueless when Dean reacts like he’s in grade school and has his first crush. 

Whenever they have some down time, Dean tries to get handsy but Cas just pushes him away and says he’s not in the mood. But then five seconds later he’s got his hands on Dean and lulls him into a haze of sexless contentment within minutes.

After several excruciating days, Dean finally gives up and starts to beg. 

He throws dignity to the wind one slow morning in between hunts when he walks into the kitchen to find Cas and Sam drinking coffee and looking bored. Despite the fact that Dean knows better, he believes for a second that Cas actually slept last night as he inspects his ridiculous bedhead and the robe—Dean’s robe—that’s falling off of one shoulder and revealing a shirtless Cas beneath it. 

“God, what does a guy have to do to suck a dick around here?” Dean blurts out.

Sam and Cas jump at the volume alone. “Um, I’m gonna…” Sam says before shutting his laptop and disappearing past Dean.

Cas walks up to Dean and crowds his personal space, continues drinking his coffee. “Oral sex is still on your mind?”

“Are you freaking serious, man? Please just let me suck your dick. I don’t understand why—”

“I’m going to go help Sam with research. Let me know if you make breakfast,” Cas says before giving Dean a coffee-breath kiss on the lips and leaving.

Dean’s so sexually frustrated he wants to dump Cas’ ass and go to a gay bar where he doesn’t even have to ask to suck a dick, but instead he admits to himself that he’s completely whipped and starts making Cas’ favorite breakfast foods.

Cas makes obscene noises as he eats, and when he’s done he tells Sam “leave” before crawling under the table and giving Dean the most intense blow job of his life.

It’s completely unfair.

Dean stays awake two hours later than he wanted to that night, curled up against Cas’ chest and asking him over and over again in every way possible if he can just suck his dick already. Eventually he’s so tired that it’s just “please…please…” every few seconds until he passes out with his arm hooked around Cas’ chest and his leg hiked up around Cas’ stomach.

Dean becomes like a neglected puppy, following Cas around and lighting up at even the littlest acknowledgment of his presence. He’s hesitant about touching Cas and generally just lets the angel take the lead on that one.

He really shouldn’t be complaining because they haven’t been so busy saving the world lately, so he gets to come most nights of the week now. But he’s getting real sick of this one-way street thing.

After a particularly jarring three-day hunt out in Wisconsin, Cas lets Dean sleep for a solid 12 hours before waking him up with bite marks and fucking hickeys all across his shoulders and chest. 

“Jesus, Cas, are you trying to eat me?”

“I want to fuck you.”

Cas’ voice is so low and so insanely commanding that Dean feels like every ounce of blood in his body just beelined to his cock. “Um, that’s…”

Cas moves so fast that Dean flinches and almost falls off their bed. But then Cas is taking his tie off the nightstand and wrapping it around Dean’s hands and the headboard. 

“Are you tying me up like some goddamn—”

“Shut up, Dean. Don’t act like you don’t like this.”

Dean sighs and settles back against the pillows. No point arguing when Cas is absolutely right.

Dean was already mostly naked, so Cas just has to strip his boxers off to get started. He reaches for the lube that they keep in the drawer in the nightstand, but Dean stops him.

“Wait, Cas. Please. I’m begging you, please let me give you a blow job.” He hates himself for the broken desperation in his voice, but he can’t help it.

Cas just smiles and strokes Dean’s face. Then he lubes up his fingers and begins opening Dean up.

Cas is so ridiculously good in bed that Dean sometimes forgets that he’s a clueless baby in a trench coat who really shouldn’t know a single damn thing about sex. 

And yet Dean’s wrists are practically bleeding as he struggles against the tie constraint, and there’s tears in his eyes as Cas alternates between rimming and giving him a blow job. Cas has hoisted Dean’s legs up over his shoulders so that his tongue has easy access to every part of Dean. While his fingers hit his prostate, his mouth is on his dick. While his hand is on his dick, his tongue is on his prostate. It’s excruciating. 

Dean’s just about to come when Cas tells him not to. He feels completely betrayed until Cas says, “I told you I wanted to fuck you.”

Cas unties Dean’s hands and flips him over on his stomach like he weighs nothing. Then, before Dean can even get in a comfortable position Cas is fucking him fast and hard, his legs straddling Dean’s bent knees and his hand under Dean’s chest to hold him up since Dean’s elbows aren’t exactly strong enough at the moment.

Dean comes with a scream, his dick untouched. Cas pulls out before he’s come.

Dean’s not even thinking when he gropes for Cas and tries his hardest to get his mouth near his cock. “Please. Please, Cas. You have to let me. You have to let me suck—”

Cas shoves his dick into Dean’s mouth then and begins fucking him. He lets out the most ungodly sigh of pleasure before saying, “I’ve been waiting for this for so long.”

Dean’s so unprepared for it that he nearly chokes. But then he realizes that this is also what he’s been waiting for for so long, and he ends up giving the best blow job of his entire life. (OK, it’s only like his fifth or sixth blow job. But it’s still the best.)

Afterward, Cas curls up in Dean’s arms for once and mumbles, “Sorry I wouldn’t let you do that sooner.”

“It’s OK, Cas. I mean, I hate you. But it was worth the groveling." 

Carl Grimes imagine- Captivated *Request*

A/N: Well, this is very short. And the ending is pretty bad. Sorry to whoever requested this, it’s rushed but it’s been so long since i’ve been on I thought I would try and give you something.  tried a new approach with this one, writing in Carl’s POV sometimes so some feedback on this style would be appreciated. I’m not sure how frequently I will be updating, but I will try my hardest to keep writing. Enjoy!

There he was again. That boy, the one you had seen around for the past few days. It seemed that every time you stepped foot outside of the house you had been staying in, he was there. Apparently his name was Carl Grimes, and he was the son of the sheriff of Alexandria. You had been in Alexandria for the past week, after Aaron and Daryl had found you alone in an abandoned house. Everyone was nice in Alexandria, but you often wondered about Carl. 

It seemed like he was always present, and yet he had never spoken to you. You didn’t mind much, considering you were very quiet and generally distanced yourself from people, since you had issues trusting new people after a few bad run ins with random groups in the past. Although Carl never spoke to you, and was always hiding around the corner, you weren’t afraid of him. Sometimes when you caught his eye, he would send a small smile in your direction, which you gladly returned. He was attractive, there was no denying that. But you always wondered why he never spoke to you, and you sometimes longed to just talk to him. 

However you were shy, and knew that you would never be the one to initiate a conversation with him. So instead, you sat down on a park bench by yourself, and began to read a book you had found in the house.

Carl’s POV

She was stunning. When I heard Daryl say that they had found a girl who was about my age, I hardly flinched. I certainly didn’t think I would end up being so enticed by her, and so captivated by her very presence. But most of all, I just wanted to talk to her. I wasn’t an introverted person, and I could take on walkers without even flinching, but I was too scared to strike up a conversation with her. The thing is, I am too scared to start a conversation with her because of how reserved she is. She smiles at people, and has a few small interactions with them, but overall she just seems lost. She looks as if she has lost herself, and that is why she is so distant. It is as if she is a dream to me, as if the way she is so distant makes me almost believe she isn’t real. Y/N seems different to every other person I have met since the outbreak. She had been affected by it, but at the same time, hadn’t. I could tell she was still there, the real her, underneath the distant demeanour she presented to everyone around her. She intrigued me, and I couldn’t help but wish I could get to know her more, if only I wasn’t so nervous. 

As I walked through the streets I saw her sitting down on a bench, reading a book. She looked beautiful with the sunlight shining down on her, and she looked so out of place in contrast to how bleak and dead the world was outside of Alexandria. At this moment I realised what she truly was to me; a beacon of hope. Whenever I caught sight of Y/N I would just forget everything. All the pain, horror, trauma, stress and anger would just leave my body, and it would only be Y/N present in my thoughts. I couldn’t contain this any more. Being in her presence was addictive, I always craved more of her. I needed to talk to Y/N. No longer feeling shy, I turned and walked purposefully directly towards Y/N. Here goes nothing.

2nd person POV

You were so engrossed in your book that you didn’t notice Carl approaching you. 

“Hey Y/N.” He said in a strong voice, causing you to jump and let out a small gasp as you were pulled back to reality from your novel. You relaxed as you noticed it was only Carl, but only slightly. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. My name’s Carl.” He said apologetically, smiling at you. You shyly lifted the corners of your mouth, offering your own smile in return. 

“I know who you are Carl, I’ve seen you around a lot.” You said quietly, closing your book as Carl sat beside you. He laughed awkwardly, giving you an apologetic look. 

“Yeah, sorry about that. You probably thought I was some weirdo, sneaking around but never talking to you.” He said, looking around nervously. 

“Hey, it’s fine Carl. I’m glad you did speak to me, because the truth is I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while, but I couldn’t bring myself to actually start the conversation.” You said, smiling at him. You were glad Carl had decided to talk to you. He seemed nice, nicer than you thought he was, and you hoped the two of you could become friends. All of a sudden you heard Rick calling out to Carl. Carl looked in the direction of his fathers voice. 

“I’m sorry Y/N, I better go. But it was nice talking to you, I hope that maybe we can become friends?” Carl suggested, his voice sounding slightly timid. You grinned. 

“I would like that. See you round, Carl.” You said warmly. With that Carl turned and jogged off to meet Rick. You smiled to yourself as you opened your book again. You could tell that Carl and you were going to become really good friends. Or maybe something more than friends. You didn’t know, but honestly, you were happy either way.

anonymous asked:

I hope you're havin' a awesome day Camy! Well I'm here for ask you something and so important tbh Recently we've seen a L.E. to be precise yesterday & I don't know if you caught what the building which is Shuu right now it's called L.E. *Ishida had put a symbolism again* Good Camy what I wanna know is which is the meaning behind that? L.E. it's relationated with the moon and so & the moon it's relationated with Shuu! Thanks for everything Camy I love your metas & I read them every time I can :'3

Hi, hi, dear Anon <3! (Seriously, you’re the sweetest. I hope you’re having a really good day too! Your asks are the base of my metas u-u<3)

Yeah! I noticed that too! An amazing person made a post about that here. But like you’re asking my opinion, i’ll explain a little bit of the meaning of an moon eclipse (Lunar Eclipse), not only religiously, but also in the japanese and chinese culture. And, of course, in the tarot. (Because is the thing that i know the most, with the religious thing)

  • Moon Eclipse in the Bible. 

“The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the Lord” (Joel 2:31) 

“ I looked when he broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood “  ( Revelation 6:12)

I’m gonna quote only this two, but there’s more. The eclipses (moon or sun) happens a lot in the, old and new testament (When Jesus die, the sun go dark for hours)

Joel’s books is part of the Old Testament and one of the minor prophets. His books is quoted in Malachi too.

The “Day of the Lord” is associated with terrible things; earthquakes, natural disasters, darkness, the destruction of the “ Almighty “, or an terrible event (In Ezekiel, e.g, that day is the destruction of Jerusalem)

It is a day on which the judgment is poured out on sinners, who later takes over the penitent blessing and affirmation of God’s covenant with his people.
The Revelation, or the Apocalipsis, was written by John (Maybe the apostle, wich is not secure) It’s the last book of the New testament. I think it’s the book with more symbolism of whole bible.

The verse is talking about, literally, the end of the world. But let’s not forget why/when this book was written: When the Christians were persecuted and killed for their religion. And this Book was the way to encourage them to keep believing in their faith. It’s like they were saying: “Yeah, you’re suffering now, but this worth the pain. There’s a heaven waiting for you, bad thing are happening, and worst things will keep happening, but it’s worth it.”

In conclusion, the moon eclipse symbolize a real danger, something bad is going to happen, something really, really bad. (For example, people believed that a lunar eclipse was the foreshadow of the crucifixion of Jesus, and like i say before, the Judgement Day)  But, after that, maybe the blessing of “God” will fall. But, I’m don’t really sure about which type of god. 

  • Moon Eclipse in the Japanese and Chinese Culture. 


In the Japanese culture is viewed like a bad augury, and then, again is associated with earthquakes, which it’s kind of truth because when the moon it’s like this, the earth activity goes little high. People are afraid of this because of that, and the moon eclipse took a bad connotation. 

In the Chinese culture is viewed a little different: 

In Chinese mythology it is believed that the lunar eclipse occurs because of a dragon, a masculine solar energy that consumes the moon, In order to ward off the dragon the Chinese traditionally made loud noises, by smashing pots and banging mirrors. Up until the 19 century even fired cannons into the air during a lunar eclipse, to combat the dragon. The event was seen as a bad omen, a coming of disease and famine. (x) 

This works for the Sun and Moon eclipses. 

And it’s not the first time that a dragon  made an appearance in TG, like you can read it here, in Floppyamon’s (amazing) theory.

And also, chinese culture it’s not the only one who believed that “something” was eating the sun or the moon. That belief extended to many other cultures.

  • Moon Eclipse in the tarot.

I don’t have much to say about the tarot it’s self. Many people believe that in the moon part of the Fool’s journey, something like this would happen but no. There’s nothing about an eclipse in the Moon part. But this stage is very, very dangerous one. It’s very difficult to pass through this part of the journey. It’s not a negative card, at all. Just it’s dangerous. Also “the Moon tends to show up what we generally ignore, refuse to see, or even deny all the time. But the step has to be taken, for without facing up to darkness, we will never see the light ” (x)

Many discoveries had been made in this arc: Kanae and his talk to Eto about his “true” feelings, Sasaki’s knowledge about the Eyepatch ghoul and Amon Kotarou, Shuu and his realization of what happened to Kaneki and what he was feeling that night in the Anteiku raid.

BUT! There’s something about an eclipse in the tarot. 

Eight of Cups. 

“We see the figure climbing a hill, going to higher ground, with the implication of moving from a less to a more meaningful situation. Notice the resemblance of the figure to the Hermit. To reach the height of the Hermit’s wisdom, we must first put the ordinary things of life behind us. The Hermit reminds us that the image of land does not necessarily mean action or involvement in the ordinary sense, but can suggest almost the opposite: that is, withdrawing from outer activity to seek at greater self-awareness. At first the scene appears to take place at night; but when we look closer we see that actually it depicts an eclipse, with the moon moving across the sun. A moon phase, that is, at period of inner awareness, has taken over from outer-directed activity. By joining moon imagery to a scene of movement, the card teaches us that developing a deeper sense ofself is also an action” (From the book  “ Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom”)

Also, the eclipses are viewed like a good opportunity to “clean” the house of bad things. (cofMatsuricof)

  • Bonus Point: The Moon. 

This is the moon we seen in the chapter. 

And this is lunar eclipse in Japan,  the Octuber 8, 2014. (x)

And also, that moon look like a “Crescent Moon” , one of the phases of the moon. In this phase people say that “is favorable for changes in old habits, ways of thinking, acting and feeling.”

In general, an opportunity to change and grow.

As you can see the Lunar Eclipse is mostly viewed like an omen of a bad thing. In the past, people were afraid of this natural event because they didn’t understand what was going on in that time. Now we know, but that it’s still viewed like a mysterious thing, the changes in the earth still occurring and the augury of a bad thing is still there.

Maybe the name of the building represents the Eclipse of the Tsukiyama Family. A Family who went through a brilliant past, but now, and slowly, becomes an a dark moon, darkening the night, maybe forever.

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A Fresh Start

AN:  I had every intention of writing a part 4 smutty drabble for the We Can’t Keep Doing This series, but, this turned into a conclusion of the little Adrian Chase subplot and a sort of spec for an Olicity reunion.  Takes place after the events of my Arrow Spec Script 5x01-02.  (I may reformat this at some point into script form)

Felicity mentally catalogues all the work she has to do.  After being relieved of her CEO duties at Palmer Tech, she’d had precious little time to even process her new status as unemployed person because of the events Damien Darhk put into motion.

She needed something to do, not just for money, but for distraction.  Curtis had given her a gift, not just of mobility, but purpose, the dream of helping people, of changing people’s lives through innovation and invention.

And if she couldn’t make that vision a reality at Palmer Tech, then she’d just do it herself.  Convincing Curtis had been easy, but what hadn’t been so easy was trying to launch a new business.

They had spent weeks working on a business plan to help generate interest and Walter Steele had secured them a meeting with the Starling National Bank board. She only had a few more hours before she had to head downstairs to start her other job with the Green Arrow.

As she entered the makeshift offices of the nascent Smoak Industries, she stopped short.  Adrian sat quietly at the small conference table, staring off at nothing.

“Hey, I thought you were working late tonight?”  Felicity absentmindedly says, still thinking about her work.

Adrian eyes snap back into focus.  He didn’t know how long he had been waiting; he had been so lost in thought. Thinking back over every moment, he and Felicity had spent together.  Recalling each conversation, everything she had ever told him.  He felt numb.

“Were you ever going to tell me?”  His voice is low and serious.

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