you are four not fourty

Sneak Preview!

So my short one-shot for @elsewhereuniversity has become a 7,000 words and counting story. Since I’m still working on it I figured I’d give ya guys a sneak peak at it!


Your new roommate greets you with a smile, clothes like a bunch of sharpies threw up on them, and an extended hand.

“Hi, I’m Reagan!”

You take the hand, note the faint scars crisscrossing like a maze across the skin.

“Um, hi.”

They are so short they have to tip toe to look over your shoulder. “Do you need any help with your stuff?” You shake your head and Reagan nods, still smiling, before leaving the door open and going back to their side. “Kay, just let me know if you do.”

They are wearing the shoes that light up when you walk and you had no idea those came in adult sizes. Or maybe their feet are small? You pick up your first bag and enter the dorm, prepared for your first year at university.

You are not prepared, however, for the cat that sits on your roommate’s bed.

“Uh… we’re allowed pets here?”

Reagan looks up from their laptop, looking confused. “Pets?”

You put your bag down on your side of the room and point to the black long haired cat curled up on their tie dye sheets. Reagan follows your finger and blinks at the cat.

“That’s not a pet. That’s Skooma.”

Pause. “Like in Skyrim?”

Reagan gives you another grin. “Naw, I played Morrowind.” Nervous laughter. “I’m old.”

“I’m still pretty sure we’re not allowed cats.”

Their face goes blank and they stare.  If it weren’t for the blinking you would think they’d died or something.

“It’s… Skooma.”

Clearly, you aren’t getting anywhere about this. You’d just wait for an RA to find out or a teacher or something. It would be sad but you didn’t want to get into trouble. You put your first bag down and go to grab your other two. The meeting is at noon so you have some time to unpack and get things situated. You glance over at your roommate’s side, wondering how they’ve set their stuff up. Reagan is sitting against the wall, laptop on their lap and typing with a speed that sort of intimidates you. They haven’t even removed their shoes. Actually… now that you’re looking at their side it’s kinda… bare. Their sheets are bright tie dye that hurts to look at, there’s a rolling Hello Kitty suitcase beside the bed, and their desk is empty except for a brown, round bed, supposedly for the cat still curled up on the sheets. Other than those things the entire side of their room has no trinkets, posters, not even a litter box.

You wonder if it would be rude to put up your own posters. You eye your small framed photo’s and the Furby you’d brought. No, no, you couldn’t let something like this intimidate you. It was stupid. Who cared what your roommate did. You pull out your posters and sticky tack and try to artfully arrange them on the walls. The photos and Furby are put on your desk along with your brand new Graduation laptop.

“You might want to take the batteries out.”

You jump, in the middle of pulling out clothes and hanging them in the shared closet. “Uh… what?”

Reagan has a pair of thick, expensive looking headphones around their neck, squooshing their face. “That Furby. You should take out the batteries. Might end up hearing things you don’t want to.”

You can only stare at such a weird request.

Reagan smiles. “Just a suggestion.” They put the headphones back on and continue working on their laptop. Somehow, the cat has migrated to their lap and the computer is almost falling off their knees but they don’t seem bothered.

You wait but when they don’t do anything else you put away the last of your clothes. Reagan’s side of the closet isn’t as bare as their side of the room, at least. Just… very bright. You think some of the sneakers are heely’s for goodness sake. Who even wears those anymore? You check the time. It’s almost noon and you just know you’ll get lost on your way to the freshman meeting. You put on a new t-shirt and grab a small jacket just in case. You’re out the door before pausing. Wait… You poke your head back in.

“Uh…” Can they even hear you with those headphones on? Yet Reagan pulls them off and looks up expectantly. “Um, are you coming?”

The smiling is starting to creep you out. “To what? The freshman meeting? God no, I’m definitely not a freshman!”



“Pffft, the look… no, no, my old roommate, uh, left and I guess they had to stick someone in here.” They reach down and scratch the cat’s ears. “If you don’t like bein’ my roommate just give it a bit and I’m sure some rooms will open up.”

“Um… kay. Well, I guess I’ll see you later?”

Reagan waves with their unoccupied hand then yelps as their laptop takes a tip. You leave to muttered cursing and something that sounds like hissing air.

You only get lost once on your way to the meeting and so you’re quite early. A cheerful older student comes up and gives you a nametag. She tells you to write your name on it, but not your true name. Whatever that means. You’re staring at the nametag in confusion (do you put your full name? What the heck is a true name?) When another student comes up to you. He’s got a bit of a beard and his curly hair barely fits under his University cap.

“Havin’ some issues?”

“Uh, yeah. I was told to put my name on it but… not my true name?”

He wrinkles his nose and sighs. “Best to go with a nickname. Make ‘em happy, eh?”

It’s still weird but you put a nickname anyways and peel off the back to stick it to your t-shirt.

“Well, anyways, my name’s Harris.” You shake his hand, calloused and rough.

‘Uh, well, you already know mine.” You point to your tag.

“Now I do. What’s your room number? I’m pretty sure I can find your RA for you, I know ‘em all.”

You have to pull the crumpled piece of paper from your pocket and peer at your writing. “Um… I’m in room fourty-four floor four.”

When you look back up from putting the paper away you freeze. Because he’s… he’s staring at you with something like fear or pity.

“So, uh, fourty-four floor four, huh. Um… you met your roommate yet?”


He nods shakily. “Good. That’s… good.”

“Is… is something wrong? They’re not some sort of murderer or something are they?”

“What? No, no.” He wipes his hands on his jeans. “Just… be careful, kay?”


“Is this about the ca-”

His hands clap around your mouth and holy shit you thought people only did that in movies.

“Nope. Nothing to do with them. Or it. Or anything.” You duck away from his gross, sweaty hands and give him a dubious stare. “Well, uh, the RA for floor four is that girl in the blue jacket.” He takes off, giving you looks over his shoulder.

Your RA gives you an absent nod and a smile before returning to her phone and you sit in a provided chair. You thumb on your own phone, blessed anti-social device. Noon passes and when the stragglers thin, the RA claps to get attention and smiles at everyone. You half listen to the speech. Some of it seems odd (carrying iron? Salt? The bowls by the doors had to be filled with milk?) but most was the usual stuff you had already read in the papers they hand out. Yes, you read them.

But, then…

“Oh, and who is staying in room fourty-four?”

You blink. What. Cautiously, you raise your hand and shrink when everyone looks at you.

The RA, you already forgot her name, smiles at you. “Excellent, I have to speak to you after the tour, okay?”

You nod, what else could you do? As the RA continues on, a girl beside you, glasses taking up half her face and hair pulled into a ponytail pokes you in the shoulder.

“What’s so special about room fourty-four?” She whispers through a lisp.

You shrug.

The boy on the other side of her leans over, almost falling into the girls’ lap and she pushes at his shoulder. “Do you have a single room?”

You shake your head. “No, I have a roommate.”

Both of them stare at you. The girl pulls at her skirt. “Who is it?”

“Um, they’re not a freshman. So… they’re not here.”

The boy smacks his hand on the back of the girls chair. “What? No way!”

The RA clears her throat, staring at them pointedly. The two shrink back, still giving you looks. You hope you can avoid them when the tour starts. As usual, it is not to be, and the two corner you as the group is herded together.

“So,” The girl starts. Her nametag says Bea in looping, over exaggerated cursive. “You have a roommate in a freshman dorm building who’s not a freshman?”

“Uh, yeah, that’s what I said.”

They stare at you. You stare back.

The boy, his nametag says Gary in blocky, thick pen, throws up his hands. “Well?! You can’t just say that and then not explain anything!”

You open your mouth, to say <i>i can’t tell if they’re female or male and everytime i think of asking i can’t they have a cat that doesn’t look like a cat and they smile too much</i> but the words catch in your throat and you don’t say anything.

Bea scowls at you, crossing her arms over her chest. “Whatever. C’mon, Gary, we’ll probably see this mystery roommate eventually.” she stalks off in her high heels, skirt swishing about her knees. Gary gives you a glare before following.

You wonder if you’ve lost some potential friends.

“Well, they were rude.”

You yelp and whirl around, your own hair smacking into your face.

Reagan smiles at you, wearing an eye searing orange hoodie and bright pink sweatpants. They are pulling their Hello Kitty suitcase behind them and you have no idea how you didn’t hear them approach.

“I was just heading out and saw you about to start your tour so I decided to say hi.” They tsk and shake their head. “But instead I hear some truly rude people. Those two won’t make any friends like that. Are you okay, though?”

You work your jaw and give them a watery smile. “Uh, yeah, I’m fine.” For some reason the question makes the two’s snubbing hurt even worse.

Reagan looks into the distance, seeming lost in thought. It goes on long enough you shuffle uncertainly. Just as you’re about to speak they meet your eyes and give you a grin. “Don’t worry about people like them. Oh! Here, you should wear this.” They reach into their hoodie pocket and pull out a bead bracelet. It’s made of those cheap plastic beads you get in kid jewellry making kits. All you can tell is that the colours are bright and many, pinning down the pattern or naming any makes your head hurt.

You accept it.

For some reason you slip it onto your wrist. It’s made of that stretchy string you get in the kits and easily fits. Against your wrist you can see some of the beads are the white letter ones and you flip them over.

Your name.

“Well, I’ll let you get back to your tour. See ya!” Reagan turns, the suitcase making no noise as it runs over the gravel. Their hood is bulging outwards and you can see a black, fluffy tail draped over the edge. Two bright yellow eyes stare at you.

You are not sure when you return to the group. The tour guide’s don’t mention it, in fact they avoid looking at you altogether. You listen to the speeches about the cafeteria and how to use meal points. You follow as they show everyone the library, the on site gym, hand out maps for campus. You rub the bracelet, feeling the square beads in between the round ones.

You… are pretty sure you never told anyone your full name.

Nothing you own has your full name on it.

Only your student number was on your assigned room sheet.

After the tour everyone is herded into the cafeteria for lunch (provided by the school specifically for the freshman). You find your floors RA and tap her on the shoulder. She turns, giving you a customer service generic smile.

“Uh, you wanted to see me after the tour?”

The other older students she was talking to peer at you curiously. Harris is the only one actively avoiding looking at you.

“Oh! Excellent, just give me a sec, you guys.” You follow when she walks into an unoccupied corner. “Okay, your roommate was there when you went to your room, right?”

“Uh… yeah.”

“Thought so. So the… uh, previous roommate left some stuff and I figured you could use it.”

“What? Like… clothes? Shouldn’t that stuff be given to, um, someone else?”

She laughs and reaches into her pocket. “Not that kind of stuff.” She pulls out a bag of dried salmon cat treats, a small toy mouse, and a pair of glasses with one of the lenses cracked.You take it because she won’t stop holding the stuff out to you expectantly.

You stare at it. “Um, doesn’t this cat stuff belong to my roommate?”

She shakes her head. “You’ll need it. But don’t wear those,” she points to the glasses. “All the time. They’re brushed with iron. Don’t want to see stuff you shouldn’t!” She laughs, too bright, too loud. “Well, good luck!” And she leaves you standing there with an armful of weird cat things and a pair of useless glasses. You don’t even wear glasses. Actually… you touch the lenses. They’re plastic.


Molly: Can I hug you?

Eurus: …Yes but for only four to five seconds.

Molly: Fourty-five seconds?!?!

Eurus: NO! FOUR TO FI-

Molly: [holds Eurus] No take backsies!

Big Fun [Part Two]

Orphan Brigade [High School Years]: Geoffs boys are growing up fast. They’re attending High School, meeting girls and participating in epic heists.

Trigger Warnings: Guns, Violence, Blood

Michael was missing, kidnapped by a rival gang.The remaining lads were staging a rescue mission, but given how intoxicated they were from Meg’s party, Geoff wasn’t optimistic about their chances. 

“We’re going to have to call in some help for this one.” Geoff stated, pulling out his phone.

“Who are you calling?” Ryan asked as he grabbed his black skull mask.

“Some old friends.” 

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A Bed of Roses [5]

Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6

Words: 6629

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Superpower!Au

Summary: Superpowers are suppose to make you invincible, someone who could save the world, a hero. It’s not suppose to be like this…not like this.

“Ugh! Can we do something fun?” Taehyung is lying on the carpet, arms spread out like a starfish, staring at the ceiling wearing a bored expression.

“Tell me if you think of something.” Hoseok is lying on the sofa, eyes closed and forcing a nap to let time pass.

Everyone’s in a similar position, Jimin staring at the wall, Jungkook shuffling a deck of cards mindlessly and Namjoon flipping through a book. Yoongi’s seated at the round table with his head in his arms, sleeping and Jin is looking at the sky through the barred windows.

“Wanna play uno?” Jin suggests.

“We’ve literally played uno a million times, hyung.” Jungkook whines with a sigh.

“Well I don’t know!” Jin raises a tone, exasperated.

“How about truth or dare?” Jimin suggests after a minute.

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Joe Sugg imagine || Break up ||

Anonymous said:
hi!! im in love with your writing, it’s so bloody good haha. I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader and joe had recently broken up & joe posts a video of him and his new ‘girlfriend’ and people link the reader to it though twitter and reader gets really upset but it ends up joe was only doing it to see if the reader still cared and stuff!! thanks, ily 💗💗 xx

- -

“What is going on?” You noticed your phones screen continued lighting up with Twitter notifications.

You’d gotten a lot of attention recently, you had been seeing Joe Sugg and almost four months but you two started to fight a lot about silly things and decided to end the relationship.

You were both upset about it, you had move out of the flat and into your own one bedroom smaller flat.

You both posted identical videos on your channels tilted; “Grown up stuff.” Which was you both explaining to your viewers you had decided to part ways, maybe not indefinitely but for the meantime you were going to be moving out and going different ways.

A lot of people were upset, you had been accepted very well into the community of ThatcherJoe even before you became a couple people shipped you hard core.

You opened your Twitter feed and went to your mentions people were freaking out;

Everyone was linking you to what seemed to be the same YouTube link. Making a face you pressed the link watching as it opened in YouTube.

Before the video or title loaded you could see Joe was the uploaded, the title finally appeared with the player.

'Meet my NEW girlfriend!’ Was the tilted, you felt like someone had slapped you in the same seeing a gorgeous woman sitting beside Joe on his bed and he was smiling brightly.

“Are you serious?” You whispered, you were broken up five minutes … More like two weeks and he had a new girlfriend?

You already felt hurt, unsure if you wanted to watch this video, you hesitatingly clicked on the play button and the video started.

You sat in silence for six minutes and fourty-four seconds watching as Joe bubbly and funny as usual introduced his viewers to his new girlfriend, the video ended with him kissing her cheek.

Following the end of the video you had gone through several emotions but anger and depression were the main two.

“I can’t believe he moved on so quickly,” you whispered, a piece of you wanted to make a mean comment on Twitter but you held back. You decided to post;

* (Y/Twitter/Name): Congratulations to @Joe_Sugg for finding another someone special! I hope she makes you happy! Truly and honestly. :) you deserve it. *

You still had eight characters left and debated on adding the hashtag; jackass or not… You didn’t in the end and sent the tweet…

… A week and two days had gone by, you were getting a lot of supportive comments and tweets from people who weren’t too pleased with Joe, a lot of people were saying some mean stuff about Joe and his new girlfriend but you tried ignoring them.

You weren’t going to be the cause of a public drama festival online, you just went about your business.

* Caspar 😎 Lee: are you coming to film today like we had planned? Joe isn’t here. *

You read the text message from Caspar.

* You: just putting my camera in my bag and going to catch the tube, I’ll be there in twenty. * you sent the message off, slipping your phone into your jeans front pocket.

Zipping your bag closed you grabbed your flat keys and left for the tube running just slightly behind…

… When you arrived at Jaspar house it was weird knocking, you had left your key the day you finished moving out.

The door unlocked and opened, but Caspar wasn’t standing there, Joe was.

You went to say something sexually inappropriate as you expected Caspar but your expression changed and tone became indifferent, “oh, hi.” You said.

“Hey.” Joe said lowly, you both awkwardly avoided each other’s gazes. “Is Caspar here?” You asked.

“He ran out really quick to grab something - did you wanna come in?” He asked as you noticed he was wearing the red hooded sweater you bought him and it killed you.

“That would be nice - it’s a little cold out.” You pointed out and he nodded stepping aside allowing you to walk in.

You couldn’t help but feel Caspar had lied to you in someway. “What are you guys uh, filming today?” Joe asked awkwardly.

“A Q&A for me and Caspar hasn’t told me exactly what he plans on filming.” You looked around the place.

“Oh, cool.” He nodded and the silence grew around you.

“You moved on quick.” - “you really didn’t care I got a new girlfriend?” You asked each other at the same time.

“Of course I cared! What did you want me to do? Post a video flipping out about it or start tweeting mean crap about you and her? That isn’t my style and you know it.” You shook your head.

“It hurt like fucking hell watching you be smily and bubbly with someone else, it made me hate this poor girl who did nothing to me except replace me.” You were looking at Joe.

“(y/n).” Joe said.

“I wanted to just slap you a little bit, sorry but I’m being honest - how could you just move on like that after I just moved out?” You whispered in sadnesses.

“I was trying to see if you did still care!” Joe said, “she isn’t my girlfriend! She’s one of Caspars friends, it was all a lie.” Joe spilled to you and you stared him down.

“What?” You said darkly.

“I love you, I couldn’t get over you the second you took your last box from this house I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” He stepped in front of you.

“You weren’t suppose to take it that well, I wanted you to storm over here,
Call me an idiot and tell me you loved me and we made a horrible mistake.” He said.

“I could still call you an idiot.” You admitted.

“Only if you promise to take me back? Forgive me for being an idiot and not trying to work things out better.” Joe asked you.

“I promise.” You held your pinky up, Joe extended his pinky, wrapping it around yours you shook making a promise.

“Come here my idiot.” You said softly and you pulled him close by his shirt and kissed him.

Safe in the Five AM Light

It was in times like these, Lydia thought as they drove away, that no time turned into months, and months turned to an indefinite number that stretched deadlines even farther away. 

High school is over, and summer is starting; so are Stiles and Lydia. 

AO3 | Rated T | 6.6k

Based on a prompt on stydia-fanfiction for fluffy, new-journey-together, awkward-at-first Stydia. (x)

Beta read by Rachel (@rongasm​), and actually I’m going to give full credit to her, because I realised that her headcanons influenced my writing so much, I felt like a thief. 

This is actually my first Stydia fanfiction ever, but I posted Carry Memories With You before because reasons. 

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Read Between The Lines

This is based off the prompt “AU in which every time a person falls in love, a red line appears on their wrist”. They’re still in Fifth Harmony and everything so I didn’t get completely AU. I’m not sure if anyone else already did this, I haven’t seen one but I could have missed it! Anyways let me know what you think.

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anonymous asked:

So, I can imagine in Core!Frisk's technical non-existence, the phrase "You don't see that everyday" 1. Has the smallest chance of showing up and 2. What is the concept of time to Core!Frisk nowa-'days' anyway?

From Frisk’s perspetive there is no ‘was‘ or ‘will be‘, there is only ‘is‘. When they say something like “I will tell you in a near future” or anything time-related, they always consider the perspective of people they’re currently talking to. Because saying things like “I am currently telling the conclusion to you four weeks, two days, thirteen minutes and fourty-five seconds from the current point of your linear existence so technically speaking you already know the answer (except not yet, at least from your point of view) … of course, that only accounts yourself from this particular branch of probable timeline of this alternative universe, the rest of the multiverse aside” would be unnecessarily confusing.

When I Wished Upon that Star, I wasn’t Expecting it to Come True. (3/?)

Pairing: Joelay
Warnings: swearing
Word Count:1,773

Summary: The Wish Granting Federation, or WGF, is a federation that was created to grant the wish of those that wish upon stars. Those that make the wishes are called Wishers, the agents that are deployed to grant the wish are called Granters. 

Ray Narvaez Jr. has wished upon a shooting star for someone to love and for someone to return that love. Love wishes are rarely granted for various reasons, but Agent Joel Heyman has been assigned to his Wish. It his job to find Ray that person.

Based on this post.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


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