you are fine just the way you are

tell me again about the multiverse theory

about how we got it right in every world but this one

or how even when we didn’t

you got creative

that this is the only universe

where you asked if we could still be friends

and then made a home halfway out the door

tell me there’s a universe where one of us could take the blame

where you ripped up my poems

and i called out your bullshit

and you slammed the door like a clapperboard

and leaned against it cinema style while i held back tears on the other side

i know its selfish to wish we lived in the world where this is killing you as much as its killing me

but i can’t help wishing for a better ending

even if it isn’t a happy one

maybe there just isn’t a poetic way to leave


forget i asked

tell me instead about the universe

where every day feels like sunday morning

and we never get out of bed

Not trying to start any shit here, but as an adult who is turning 20 in a few hours, I just want to say that being a fan of the cast of IT (and Stranger things) is fine! If you’re older and you like their acting and them as people, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. You’re not hurting anyone or doing anything harmful! If you’re in the slim majority of 18+ people being gross about a cast(s) of m i n o r s and sexualizing them in any way, please seek help!!! But to those of you who’re like me and stay in their lane and are respectful of everyone: you’re doing great sweeties! Keep doing you and continue living your best lives! To the younger (and some older) individuals who are making something out of nothing and portraying adult fans as pedophiles, you’re making twisted accusations that could ruin lives. Think twice before you throw a tantrum or misconstrue information. Ok that’s all, have a blessed night y’all.


Hey everyone, so I have seen a lot of talk about people feeling left out or unloved or favorites being played or people saying they’ll never be noticed or meet Taylor. Just overall a whole load of negativity and it has been bothering me a lot - not only because I know you how you feel, but also because I know we’re wrong and there isn’t enough support and positivity going around on this website. 

So I have decided to type out a giant text post regarding the way I feel about all of this, and I think some of you may find it really helpful or comforting, and some of you may brush it off.. and that’s fine as well. I just have a lot of thoughts right now, so I’m putting them into words.

1 - I’m going to start with a blanket statement that I’m sure a lot of you that are feeling upset or left out are tired of hearing but i promise this statement is true: Taylor Swift loves each and every one of us who love and support her. She does. End of story.

2 - I feel like giving up all the time, she’ll never notice me or want to meet me because I don’t post that many selfies and I don’t talk about my everyday life as often as some do, I am too insecure to post funny videos or to do a live stream on instagram. But when my anxiety settles and I take a look around - that is not what Taylor is looking for. Does it attract her attention sometimes? Yep, of course it does. But so do posts about her music, posts about how much we love her, stories of what she’s done for us, dad jokes related to her or just general freak outs when she releases a new single, a new video or even just an AT&T commercial that’s 30 seconds long.

3 - It is so easy to feel small and feel like she will never notice you because there are just too many of us - and while the fact that there are a ton of us is true, it doesn’t mean she won’t ever find you and it does not mean that it’s never going to be your time, there are people I know - mutuals, that had never been noticed by Taylor and had been here for years and randomly one day Taylor started liking all their stuff, all the time. I realize that I don’t know Taylor personally but if I know anything about the women that I have spent over the last decade dedicated to - it’s that she truly loves us and goes out of her way to find us and make sure we all feel special and loved, and she tries on a daily basis to find new blogs that have been out there rooting for her - so please just be patient - it is NOT because she hates the stuff you post or thinks your weird or doesn’t like you or just ignores you, it’s not! We’re all funny, we’re all witty, we’re all beautiful, we’re all fangirls and we all love Taylor - we all post a million things every day that she would like if she saw it. So just be patient, she’ll see it one day.

4. Meeting Taylor may seem impossible now, and I am going in and out of feeling that way myself. So your feelings are completely valid and absolutely one hundred and ten percent understandable and normal to feel. BUT, please try and keep an open mind and stay positive about it. I obviously can’t sit here and say every single last one of her hardcore and casual fans will meet Taylor, because there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people that like Taylor Swift. But I CAN say that those of us out here going the extra mile, those of us who have been here for long haul, those of us out here with blogs dedicated to her and living the swift lifestyle will get our day. And I swear to you - I know it in my gut - Taylor is out there trying to figure out how she’s going to make it happen. Also, Taylor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon - there is time, be patient. 

5. Seeing people meet Taylor can be hard, because jealousy is a real and perfectly normal emotion especially when it comes to something you’ve dreamed of for so long and seeing so many other people get this can make you feel so small. And then you start to feel selfish and it’s an endless battle because you don’t want to be jealous. So start with this thought process: Those fans have wanted to meet Taylor just as much as you do, and they too at one point said to themselves “she’ll never notice me, she’ll never want to meet me” but look at them now! So try to be happy for them, because they have lived out one of their dreams by getting to meet her, and that is such a beautiful thing to happen to anyone, it really is! Even though it makes me a little jealous and sad - honestly, I LOVE seeing my mutuals and even people i’ve never spoken to meet Taylor, because of first of all you have photographic evidence of people meeting the one person they’ve always wanted to meet - the person that saved their lives or made them chase their dreams or feel brave enough to fal in love, and everyone deserves the chance to hug and thank Taylor for all those beautiful things. I think about how happy I would be if that were me, and then I realize THAT’S how happy those fans are, and that is such an amazing thing to see people so happy. Just try to embrace it, try to be happy for them even if its hard sometimes. But also, realize that it is okay to have moments of sadness and doubt, but don’t let it consume you because your time will come. 

6 - Think about it this way - the more people that get to go to sessions and meet Taylor and get noticed or whatever it may be, the more room there is for you to get your chance! So be excited that people are meeting her! It means you’re one step closer to having your moment with Taylor. Seeing that she’s out there actively trying to meet as many people as possible, even if it isnt you right that moment, means that she is doing her best and WANTS to meet us. ALL OF US. 

7 - Remember to be thankful - remember that Taylor does not have to do any of this. Sometimes I think this fandom as a whole, myself included at times, gets spoiled with the fact that Taylor does all of these things for us - packages, over the top tours, ticket programs so we don’t lose tickets to scalpers, meet and greets before and after her concert, welcome us into her home, joining live streams, reblogging and commenting and liking tumblr posts, following us on social media… no other celebrity does that, because they do not have to. Taylor literally owes us nothing and yet she gives us everything. So try to stay humble and remember that… try to remember that this fandom as a whole is so blessed to begin with that Taylor is so good to us… that even if you don’t get noticed anytime soon or don’t get invited to meet her.. we still have been given so much by Taylor and she does the best that she can. 

8 - I can’t speak for Taylor but I feel like it hurts her when she sees negative posts about her not liking us or not noticing us or never going to want to meet us because we aren’t good enough. She loves all of us and you know better. You know she doesn’t want to make any of us feel left out or hurt or isolated or not good enough… she’d include every single of us if she could at one time. We just have to wait for our time. Patience is key.

I don’t know if anything I said helped, or made sense or if anyone even read this far (hi, thank you if you did) but I just really wanted to get that out there… incase anyone needed to see it. 


Girls Night

 This was it, your first girls night in ages. You, Nat, Wanda and Maria had gone out for a nice dinner and drinks, nothing outrageous; you’d told your babysitters you’d be home around 10:30. But about halfway through the night you started to get hundreds of texts flooding your phone. Okay, hundreds was a dramatic way of putting it but still.

 It started about five minutes after you got your meal,


    Hey, Lily is too young for Astro-Physics right?


    Ignore Barnes everything is fine.

 You chuckled to yourself and didnt reply to either of them. You would have had your husband watch Lily, it would have been ideal, but with him out of town you were left with no other option but earth’s mightiest heros to watch your toddler. Fifteen minutes later and…


    Okay, just so you know, Tony is going to have your walls re-painted. Lily and Steve got super into finger painting. There might be a Van Gogh in the hallway courtesy of the captain.

 You almost choaked but managed to keep a straight face at the table.

 “You good?” Wanda asked catching the brief struggled you’d had.

 “Yeah, I’m just starting to second guess my babysitting choices.” You chuckled.

 “Oh, no. What happened?” Maria asked taking a sip of her wine.

 “Nothing, I think.” You checked your phone for anymore texts and were relieved to see there were none.

 The evening continued on nicely and then came the dessert course.


   Lily had mac n’ cheese for dinner with some carrots and peaches.


   What Bucky isn’t telling you is that he’s spoiled your daughter and also gave her three scoops of ice cream, popcorn and a half a snickers bar.


   Sam talks to birds, you can’t believe a thing he says.

 You took a deep breath and ignored them. If she had that much sugar she should go crazy for a bit and then crash. It was fine. It’s gonna be fine.

 You and the girls got your check but decided to hit up a coffee shop since you didn’t have to be back for another hour and a half. You had just gotten your drink when you felt your phone buzz in your pocket.



 She was crying? Well, had Thor figured out how to turn off the caps lock on his phone, this would propbably seem less dramatic.

 “Ladies,” You said with a sigh.

 “They can’t handle it, can they?” Nat asked with a smirk.

 “No.” You smiled as everyone headed for the door. “And apparently Lily is crying.”

 “Poor thing.” Wanda cooed.


   What’s Lily’s favorite movie?


   If I promise to take her to Disney do you think she would calm down enough to go to sleep?


   My mom used to give me a spoonfull of Gin to get me to go to sleep. Is that allowed?

 You panicked and fumbled to text Bucky back.


   I’ve locked Mr. Barnes out of the liquor cabnets, the bar downstairs, and Mr. Stark’s personal collection.

 You sighed and braced yourself on Natasha showing them the texts that had stopped your heart. They thought it was funnier than you did.


   Meg, I’m so sorry. I’ve tried everything but she really wants you.

 - I’m headed back now. ETA 10 minutes. Tell her I’m coming and put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The one called “Little Parade”.


 You took a deep breath and looked out the window of the cab. Eight more minutes and you could hold your baby.

The cab ride was short and you found yourself almost sprinting to the elevators at Stark Tower. When the doors finally opened you followed the sound of Mickey and the gang and found Lily and the boys watching the T.V.

 Bucky was holding Lily and he whispered something in her ear. She snapped her head around and climbed out of his lap, running to your arms.

 You scooped her up and could see that she had been crying pretty hard. She held onto you pretty tight and within minutes was asleep on your shoulder.

 You thanked everyone for their help and took Lily to your room, tonight you’d snuggle your baby and make sure you were there when she woke up in the morning. She was your world and you’d give up ever going out again just to be with her.

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How old would you say Erwin, Levi, Hange, Mike, Nile, Marie, Pixis, Zackly, Levi's old squad, Mike's squad, and Moblit are?

Allow me to state that I’m basing my answer on the series pre-clash arc!

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different interpretation, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue points of view with me or send me hate messages; please do us both a favor and just don’t even bother with it.

  • Erwin: 38
  • Levi: 34
  • Hanji: 30
  • Mike: 40
  • Nile: 37
  • Marie: 36
  • Pixis: 60
  • Zackly: 62
  • Gunther: 23
  • Eld: 22
  • Oluo: 21
  • Petra: 20
  • Nanaba: 26
  • Gelgar: 27
  • Lynne: 25
  • Henning: 27
  • Moblit: 31

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Psst. Chara. Asriel. *hands them two pieces of paper and a Wingdings translator.* I asked Gaster to wrote down what he would say to each of you if you were still…around…in this universe…and knew about the skeletons. I…had my ways to get him to write these. So, what do they say?

“Kinda curious what your ‘ways’ were.”

“I … I don’t think I wanna know, actually …”

“Yeah, I definitely wanna know.”


“Fine, fine. Let’s just read them.”

Dear Prince Asriel,

I am not sure whether you - or any version of you - will truly read this note, but as this human is forcing my hand, I suppose I have no choice but to write it.

I do not have much to say. As I would have told your father - and have told your mother - I am not going to apologize for what I have done. I wish you did not know about it, as it is not your burden to bear. I have chosen my path knowing full well what the consequences would be. I have no excuses, only reasons. Whether those reasons are sufficient cause for my actions has yet to be determined.

I suspect that, for you, no reason would suffice to explain away the pain I have brought upon my creations. You are far too young to understand the concept of sacrificing the few for the sake of the many. I would not have forced such a sacrifice on anyone alive - which was why my test subjects were of my own creation. I feel certain that, nonetheless, you despise my existence knowing what I have done, as your mother does, and as your father would, if he were aware. As I said, I have accepted the consequences, and I only wish you did not have to bear the burden of them.

If you are indeed still alive somewhere, I hope that your life with your mother is pleasant.


“Uncle” Gaster


I may accept the responsibility for my actions, but know this: none of this would have been necessary had your kind not ruined everything in the first place.

Dr. W.D. Gaster

listen I’m all for different Carlos blogs doing whatever they want with how they portray their muse, no one does him the same. But don’t fucking turn Carlos into an excuse to smut. Don’t just age him up to be legal so you can have him be fuckable, because that’s not the point of his character, or any of them. You want threads and verses where he’s grown up? That’s fine, I do it too. But don’t be fucking shady about your reasoning because it comes across you treating a muse as a way to write sin and less for everything else that makes them what they are

just a thought

tried a new style, would love to know how i can make it better!

Great, so you’re trying to a new style. That’s cool. But you’re breaking a few basic rules of anatomy that you really shouldn’t be ignoring, even in an exaggerated style.

The arms are far too long. Not terrible in shape, but the elbows are basically sitting just above crotch level, meaning the wrists would come down to the knee. It might look fine now because of the way she’s holding her hands, but it’s going to look frightening if she’s ever got them straight.

Also I would 100% recommend against drawing legs like that. It would look better having MLP legs on her than the ones at the moment. There is no adherence to the general form of the legs, and quite frankly they look broken. There does not need to be that much of a bend on the front of the shins. They aren’t concave. If you were looking for something sleek, make the front of the leg a single line with some slight curves, then put the drastic bend in the back, following the calf muscle. 

The rest is acceptable. If I was going to offer a few more things, I would say avoid making the waist thinner than the head, and generally do more to balance out the features. But deal with the arms and legs first and foremost, I think.

- Mod Bunny


aurora: oh. caleb? hi sweetie.. what are you doing here?

caleb: hey mrs. bloom.. sorry to just randomly show up like this i guess? is zelda home? i really need to see her

aurora: no sweetie she’s not? she’s actually on her way to your house. didn’t she tell you?

caleb: she’s.. what?

aurora: she’s heading to yours right now. i take it she didn’t tell you then.. she left about 30 minutes ago

caleb: oh.. n-no she didn’t tell me. uh.. thanks anyway mrs. bloom

aurora: no problem, is everything okay?

caleb: ..what? oh.. uh y-yeah everything’s fine. i gotta go though

caleb @ caleb: fuck


“What……exactly are we marching toward…..?”

“Fire Emblem Warriors I assume… that correct Lady Elise?”

“Yup! Also I kinda always just wanted to lead a march, two birds with one stone~!”

“Mhm…..Have a good time Lady Celica, Have fun…..storming the castle…or whatever it is you do in these kinds of games.”


“Hey, look at it this way. I’m superhuman strong and they didn’t put ME in…..Maybe you’re too good for it Lady Selena.”


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Hi, I hope you're doing fine ! I'm just passing by to say I finally watched Skam (I'm in the middle of season 4) and now I can't look at your post without thinking about the way Skam is filmed, like when it focuses on the characters expressions if that makes sense. Whatever, thanks for making awesome posts, have a nice day/night !

heck a compliment if i’ve ever gotten one!!! also i hope you liked skam wait what am i saying of course you did anyway thank you!! hope you have a nice day/night too!!

all this and heaven too

by @estherroberts​ and @tanosoka

chapter five: royally fucked

fandom: ars paradoxica

content: rated g, sally/esther/bridget, post season 2 finale, lots of conversations about Feelings and lots of gay bullshit


“We need to talk.”

“No shit.” Bridget’s heart is still racing from the near-disaster in the hallway. What is Esther thinking, getting out of bed so soon?

“Just.” Esther takes a deep breath. “Gimme a minute.”

“Sure.” Bridget leans up against her desk. “I can’t believe you walked all the way here. You absolute idiot.”

“I’m fine! I swear.” Esther coughs, doubling over. She sits back up and grins. “Do you know, you’re the second person to call me that today?”

“Oh, really? Good to know I have something else in common with Sally Grissom.”

“How did you know it was Sally?”

“I, uh.” Bridget shifts so she’s facing the wall. “Overheard. Getting ready for work. A little.”

read the rest on ao3!

F2F: Surprise! I miss you.

Mercedes gnawed on her lip as she walked up the long drive way of the beautiful Tennessee home. She couldn’t even believe she was actually doing this. After Samuel just up and left, Mercedes was a little confused. One minute things were fine and the next he was telling her that he had to leave and before she knew it he was gone without any real explanation. So maybe what she was doing was foolish, flying all the way to Nashville on a whim just to see her boyfriend? Were they even still dating? She didn’t know. This was all so stupid but despite herself, she was ringing the doorbell anyway. 

  • Puglia: So, I'm just fine, inside my shell-shaped mind.
  • This way I get the best view.
  • So that when he sees me, I want him to.
  • Sardegna: Rosa, don't you think you're being a little, I mean maybe just a tad-
  • Puglia: I'm not defensive!
  • I'm simply being cautious.
  • I can't risk reckless dating,
  • Due to my miscalculating.
  • While a certain suitor stands in line,
  • I've seen in movies,
  • Most made for television,
  • You cannot be too careful,
  • When it comes to sharing your life.
  • I could end up a miserable wife.
  • Puglia, looking at Sicilia and Sardegna: Sorry girls...

i dont like getting in to overwatch discourse but i love making fun of blizzard’s inept writing so i’m gonna do it anyway

the way blizzard keeps trying to push omnics in overwatch as an allegory for racism is one of the most poorly handled things i’ve ever seen to the point that it’s almost comedic

the game’s narrative (what little there is) wants you to think people who hate omnics are irrational and hokey and “not with the times,” right. wake up grandma, it’s 2057. that sort of thing.

but blizzard themselves have since done the following:

  • established that the omnic crisis was like only 20 years ago, so everyone over the age of like 25 has concrete memories of “the time robots almost destroyed the entire planet”
  • established that the omnic crisis was a global conflict that brought humanity to the brink of extinction, literally every single human alive at the time was affected by it
  • established that nobody really knows why the omnics stopped attacking, not even the omnics themselves
  • established in Pharah’s comic that peaceful omnics are very easily hacked by both malicious humans and omnics alike, so literally every omnic has the potential to have their sapience wrested away from them to be turned back in to a mindless killing machine in an instant
  • put a game mode in the game that takes place during the omnic crisis where you just go ahead and kill as many omnics as you can

like, blizzard have never been good writers, but jesus christ. this is some next-level incompetence. the fact that people are obsessed with the lore in this world and get REALLY in to the nitty-gritty of it astounds me. you take a single step backwards and look at it from a distance and it all falls apart.

like, if you like overwatch, fine, but people write essays as long as their arms about the lore of a world that’s this badly written and i just do not understand it. just play the tf2 game. laugh when says oppa gangnam style. blizzard did not put even a fraction of a fraction of the amount of thought in to the game that some of the fans put in to their fantheories. 

basically what i’m saying, in the least chill way possible, is “chill.” 

louis is so fucking obvious about who he really is and and what he really cares about and how much he hates doing this shit, yet i still have to see so many people on this hellsite questioning him on a near daily basis and that’s honestly so disheartening to see. and if it’s this hard for me to watch when i’m just a fan of his, i can’t imagine how it feels to be him or to be the people closest to him.

Circle casting 101

(i don’t know the artist of the lovely photo i’ve used for this post, if you do please let me know so i can give them credit!)

A magickal circle is an energetic construct that you build or envision around yourself before working magick, doing a ritual, some like to cast a circle before meditating or reading tarots. For a solitary practitioner the circle is typically 5-6 ft in diameter, but the size expands based on the size of the group. It can be defined physically, energetically, or both.

Circles provide protection and serves as a container for your personal energy as well as the energy you conjure.

Please remember that this is just what i personally like to do when casting a circle, but that there are many methods.

Preparation for circle casting

1. Determine how much space you will need.

2. Cleanse your area. Vacuum, sweep, throw away any trash in the area.

3.Make sure you have everything you need for your ritual! Theres nothing more frustrating than having your circle casted and realizing you’ve forgotten an herb or any supplies you need for the work you’re about to do.

4. Purify your area. Light purifying incense, sage, sprinkle salt and holy water. Most importantly, Visualize the negative energy dispersing. If you don’t focus & visualize, your physical actions will have little effect. Visualization is hands down one of the most important things in any and all magickal workings!

5. Now its time to cast your circle!

Visualize protective energy coming from within you and direct it towards your casting arm. Focus it through a casting tool (Athame, wand, or hand)  and visualize a beam of energy coming from it and settling on the ground. Trace your circle with this energy, 3 times in a clockwise direction. Once for protection, once for focus, and once for power.

Call the 4 quarters

  • Face North and say “I call to the North, to the element of Earth. Grant me (us if not practicing alone) your endurance, your strength.”            Sprinkle salt onto your altar or crumble earth into a bowl on your altar.
  • Face East and say “I call to the East, to the element of Air. Grant me your creativity and your intuition.”                                                                 Light incense, wave a fan,or drop feathers onto your altar.
  • Face south and say “I call to the South, to the element of Fire. Grant me your passion and your energy.”                                                             Light candles.
  • Face west and say “I call to the West, to the element of Water. Grant me your empathy and your emotion.”                                                         Pour blessed/storm/moon/natural water into a bowl or into your chalice.

Now would be the time to call on any deities you’d wish to work with. You can call any Goddess or Angel by personalizing this to them. I typically do not personally work with deities, but if you were to want to, Call to them similar to how the Elements are called. Ex. “I call to Gaia, Mother Goddess, Spirit of Earth.” and then place an offering symbolizing them, so for Gaia you might place  grain on your altar as an offering.

If not solitary, now would be the time to invite others to the circle. The group leader typically invites others in by a series of phrases, although i know every coven has their own method fine tuned for themselves, This is just the method i’ve seen used and am familiar with.                                                                    Ex. Group leader:”Children of the Goddess, I now invite you to enter our circle.” Each member will be asked “How do you enter this circle?” The response should be “In perfect love and perfect trust.”

Now its time to raise energy. This is the most important part of this process.

Here are a few ways! There is no wrong way to do this part, and there are SO MANY ways. You can fine tune this all to you.

Witches Rune Chant

“Darksome night and shining moon,

East, then South, then West, then North,

Hearken to the witches’ rune;

Here i come to call thee forth.

Earth and water, Air and fire.

Wand and pentacle and sword,

Work ye unto my desire,

Hearken ye into my word.

Cords and censer, scourge and knife,

Power of the witches blade waken all ye unto life,

Come ye as the charm is made.

Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell, Lend your power unto my spell,

and work my will by magic rite.

By all the power of Land and Sea, By all the might of Moon and Sun,

As I do will, So mote it be;

Chant the spell, and be it done.

Eko, Eko Azarak

Eko, Eko Zamilak

Eko, Eko Karnayna

Eko, Eko Aradia”

Meditating to raise energy. Visualize energy building and building by seeing by seeing warm, yellow light fill your body until its expanding out of your body and filling the dome above your circle and visualize it filling with energy.

Music or Drumming, Dancing and Chanting.

Once you reach your desired energy level, it is time to get into whatever spellwork or ritual you desire to preform!


I like to walk the circle the opposite way of its casting three times, and voila!

Keep in mind that this is just my method! There are many methods and this is just one of them.

[trans] Ivyclub 2017.04 member interviews

Q1: What special items do you bring around with you often?
Four Leaf clover, toothbrush.
Q2: If I was a fan of NCT, who would be my favorite member? Why?
Taeil: Winwin. He’s handsome. He might look chic (or cold?) when we first met, but he’s really cute.
Q3. Recommended food from convenience stores?
Pizza bread.
Q4. Any fans who left a deep impression on you?
Fans saw us and started crying. I can feel like we influence our fans a lot, I’m really thankful!!!

Q1. A tip for making friends during the new school year?
Taeyong: Now I think of it, people who have brighter personalities and positive mindsets tend to make more friends.
Q2: An unforgettable memory from White Day or Valentines’ Day?
Taeyong: Now that I recall, I don’t have experiences like that..
Q3: Eat or Rest? Which would you choose?
Taeyong: Resting. I used most of my time for eating to do other activities. Usually I put eating last.
Q4: Any desires you had for life in university?
Taeyong: To be able to meet a soulmate

Q1: If I was a fan of NCT, who would be my favorite member? Why?
Yuta: Taeyong. He’s so charming on stage.
Q3: What’s my charm point?
Yuta: My eyes, especially when I laugh.
Q3. Recommended food from convenience stores?
Yuta: Snack. (Oh! Potato!)
Q4: An unforgettable memory from White Day or Valentines’ Day?
I received chocolates from my crush in junior high, I was worried for a long time on White Day as it was my first time buying chocolates for a person.
Q5: Words that motivate you when you are tired?
Yuta: The wall only comes to one who are able to cross it.
Q5: A goal to achieve in 2017?
Yuta: I have many goals. I want to be someone who is able to fulfill every single small goal I set

Q1: What special items do you bring around with you often?
Doyoung: Notebook, because there might be things I want to record down.
Q2: If I was a fan of NCT, who would be my favorite member? Why?
Doyoung: Haechan, Mark. They are cute.
Q3. Recommended food from convenience stores?
Doyoung: Hamburger and yogurt that costs 1000won.
Q4: Words that motivate you when you are tired?
Doyoung: Don’t be too hung up on what you have done, you are actually doing well!

Q1: What special items do you bring around with you often?
Ten: Notebook and a black pen. Whether I’m unhappy or happy, when I have the inspiration I would listen to music and draw. 
Q2: If I was a fan of NCT, who would be my favorite member? Why?
Ten: Mark. He’s very hardworking and sincere. To me he is a cute younger brother but in NCT DREAM he’s a mature brother who takes care of the younger kids.
Q3: Ideal type?
Animal lover and someone who challenges herself.
Q4: Words that motivate you when you are tired?
Recently I fell in love with this phrase “Be Different Be Unique”. I want everyone to understand me more as a person. And I want to show off the dances and music that is uniquely me.
Q5: Any desires you had for life in university?
To attend art school in London and part time at the same time!

Q1: A tip for making friends during the new school year?
Jaehyun: Rather than purposely trying to do something, just get closer naturally.
Q2: If I was a fan of NCT, who would be my favorite member? Why?
Jaehyun: Taeil. He was shy, but after getting to know him better he’s someone full of charms.
Q3: Most memorable talent show I have done during school trips?
Jaehyun: I danced to SNSD’s Genie (Tell Me Your Wish).
Q4: An unforgettable memory from White Day or Valentines’ Day?
Jaehyun: As my birthday falls on Valentines Day, I have ever received chocolates instead of presents on that day.

Q1: Unforgettable memory of 2016?
I’m happy to have debuted.
Q2: Movies or dramas that you like?
I like Signal and Léon: The Professional
Q3. Recommended food from convenience stores?
Winwin: I like ramyeon.
Q4. Any fans who left a deep impression on you?
The fans are always encouraging me, so I have to work harder.
Q5: Goals to achieve in 2017?
Winwin: I want to work even harder to show fans a cooler side of myself. I want to speak Korean better than last year, and let more people know about NCT. Fighting!

Q1: A tip for making friends during the new school year?
Mark: Eat and chat with friends at food stalls.
Q2: If I was a fan of NCT, who would be my favorite member? Why?
Mark: Jaehyun hyung. He just makes people feel comfortable. He’s sweet and nice.
Q3: What’s my charm point?
Mark: Not sure if this is a charm point, but I like to laugh. Even if it’s not funny haha
Q4: An unforgettable memory from White Day or Valentines’ Day?
Mark: In 2016 we spent Valentines Day with our fans for the first time. Back then we did the Rookies Show in Thailand. It was Jaehyun hyung’s birthday that day too.

Q1: A tip for making friends during the new school year?
Haechan: Look for common topics to talk about with people you want to get closer to.
Q2: If I was a fan of NCT, who would be my favorite member? Why?
Mark hyung. He’s cute yet manly.
Q3: What’s my charm point?
My legs and my voice.
Q4: An unforgettable memory from White Day or Valentines’ Day?
Haechan: I received so many chocolates and candies that my mum had to drive her car over to bring me home!
Q5: Goals to achieve in 2017?
Diet more! haha

the following are NOT reasons why batkids are allowed to be child vigilantes:

-bruce is an abusive parent

-bright colors draw bulletfire 

-sidekicks are convenient 

-he enjoys putting children in danger

-child soldiers are cool and fun

actual reasons why batkids are allowed to be child vigilantes:

-in 1940 dc wanted a kid hero for their target audience to relate to, and it was a very successful move

-when comics got darker later, dead sidekicks made for easy manpain

trying to hold the very fact of kid sidekicks against bruce (and ollie, barry, etc) is so pointless. before even getting into comic verses theres certain things you just have to accept: people are taken seriously while fighting crime in costume, glasses can disguise superman, and sometimes kids take on armed criminals with limited combat experience. (usually theyre fine). just always keep in mind what the characters are responsible for and whats just the industry.