you are fine just the way you are

Imagine: Being at the after show with Jared

You’re his daughter and you’re with him at the after party for the concert he just did. You get mad at him and convince him that you’re old enough to go out on your own and for him to stop being so protective. You go off to the bar to get a drink and dance with your friends. Soon someone starts to push up on you and bother you while you dance. You regret telling your dad you were fine and wish he was here, then you look over and see him witnessing everything. You work your way through the crowd as he works his way towards the people who were bothering you ready to take care of them, giving you a reassuring look as you pass by each other.

“Daddy I’m sorry I got mad at you over this.”

“Baby you never have to apologize to me.”

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I'm extremely sorry for asking, you're probably tired of seeing this, but I love how fine and sharp your lines are. I tried to use the drive file you've placed, but it can't seem to open. I'm so sorry for asking again

AAAA i am not tired of hearing this sdgdfh i do feel that i am a bit undeserving just cause i still have a long way to go but THANK YOU AAAAUGHDFHF <333 also here is how to load the .tpl toolset file! i hope this helps!

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I have my first college audition tomorrow (I play French horn) and I'm so scared because I just got my braces off about two weeks ago and it's changed my range and the way I play, so I can't do as well on scales and a part of one of my pieces is still rough :(((

no performance is ever going to be perfect. and you had your braces removed, not years of hard work and skill, so I’m sure you’ll do fine. just trust in yourself

Seduce Me Headcanons #1

When Suzu finds out about the demons, she’s naturally shocked, just like Naomi. The whole idea seems strange, and oddly laughable. It takes an hour for Mika to convince her of the truth. Then she finds out about Damien, his powers and how uncomfortable it makes him feel to constantly hear thoughts. She stops laughing, and just looks at him for a while, surprised.

So Suzu starts intentionally thinking to him. Any positive thing she can. Sometimes she’ll just stare at him and think things as loudly as she can.


Others seem it as a little insensitive since Damien has so much negativity about his telepathy, but in Suzu’s own way, it’s her trying to help. She’s accepting but brash, though she wants him to have nice thoughts since he’s going to hear it anyway. Damien knows it’s an intention from the heart, and finds it one of the most kind things anyone has ever done for him.

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Good luck running the blog, I hope you have fun!! Do you have some general cute hcs for Polnareff that you can share? Either SDC or VA is fine (just no turtles, please)

Thank you! I’ve enjoyed it so far! Sorry there aren’t very many, it was hard not to stray into angsty headcanons, especially with VA polnareff

  • SDC
    • He acts like some cool tough guy but he’s really just a dork who falls in love easily.
    • The number one way to his heart is to flirt back. He’s not expecting it so he’ll just get really flustered with his face super and red and will stutter out a response.
    • He doesn’t realize how dramatic he is. On more than one occasion he’s embarrased everyone around him acting on his code of honor or calling someone out, and he doesn’t fully understand why. He has this idea of how the world should be and feels like his responsibility to make it that way.
  • VA
    • If someone flirts with him it’ll really make his day. He’s kind of self conscious because of his injuries, but he’ll gain some confidence from that.
    • Although he’s calmed down a bit from his younger years, he’s still a huge dork that likes to make jokes.
    • When he smiles, it’s just like when he was younger, big and goofy and contagious.

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I am terribly sorry about that thing about your trine mates. It was my mistake in believing that they may have still lived. Keep goin and take care of yourself. They'd have wanted you to succeed.

It’s fine. I have entertained the same thought myself, but it’s useless - just wishful thinking.

There’s no point in torturing myself. And I intend to succeed. For all of us. Perhaps in a way… you weren’t wrong. I don’t know if those who are one with the AllSpark know what’s going on with the living, but maybe they do… Maybe they do miss me. 

I’ll succeed before I see them again, better than we ever dreamed. I want them to be proud of me. Maybe they’ll even… forgive me….

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Ah welcome back from the hiatus~! Can I ask for a scenario with Karamatsu and his s/o on a date around Christmas time?

Thanks and here you go!

You were sitting on the bridge listening to the strum of Karamatsu’s guitar. He wanted to you to hear the new song he had wrote and what better way to show it off than with a public performance? Like usual, no one really paid much attention to the leather clad man but at least he had yours and that’s all that mattered.

The sound of his guitar drowned out the sounds of the city. You didn’t realize he stopped playing until he touched your shoulder. You turned your head to face Karamatsu, who looked worried.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah. I’m fine, just zoned out a bit.”

“What were you thinking about?”

“How nice it was of you to write a song for me.”

His cheeks lit up and a smile formed on his lips.

“I’m glad you lik-ACHOO!”

“Bless you.” You laughed.

“It’s rather cold outside. Let’s go somewhere warm?” He meekly suggested.


You both walked, hand in hand to a nearby bakery.  Warmth engulfed the two of you as you entered. He took a seat at a nearby booth while you ordered some drinks and pastries. You brought your order to the table, took a seat in front of him and began eating your pastry.

As you finished your pastry, you noticed that Karamatsu hasn’t touched his pastry or drink.

“Are you okay?”

“My hands are freezing.” He replied as he looked down at his hands.

“Touch the drink, silly!”

“I can’t. They’re too cold just like this unforgiving snow storm.”

“Kara…it’s not even snowing.”

“But, mon amour it’s as cold as your beautiful annoyed death stares.”

“…I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult.” You muttered as you took a sip of your drink.

Karamatsu slammed his hands on the table, gaining the stares of the customers nearby.

“It’s a compliment! How can any of your wonderful faces be something negative?!” He screeched.

“Karamatsu! Calm down! You’re gonna cause a scene and get us kicked out.” You whispered as you brought him back down into his seat.


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CA what if Alice was stabbed? How'd you react than?

CA: I don’t know. Let’s see here. If she had wasn’t hit in a vital place I’d gladly heal her. But, I can’t possibly do anything if she was hit somewhere vital and deadly. But of course, it doesn’t have the same effect if I don’t act devastated and upset does it?

CA: Why fight a battle you can’t win, it only makes you worse when you tried and failed, fully knowing you would.

CA: What changes this, is the fact that I owe her. So I would help. Maybe just once really. It only takes once for her to know. If she decides to leave and not be my friend anymore, fine by me.

(Stop being this way, I know what you’re trying to do but STAP! DON’T BE A JERKWAD)

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5 blogs you'd recommend to your followers?

I was going to do this really eloquently, but I’m tired + a little tipsy and I just want to tell people they’re lovely

  • @ofcateyes - #1 bae pretty sure the first magnus i rped with
  • @lightinthedarkwood - person who got me into rp and good izzy (but they’re on semi-hiatus so i feel a little guilty sending you their way)
  • @onehellofaconfusion - another bae who i’ve met irl and they are lovely (like daisy they’re kinda on hiatus so i feel bad)
  • @camillebelcourtme - absolutely darling plus we have somehow created a camille/etta friendship in a coffee shop which is bloody brilliant
  • and last but not least @notaseamonster - we haven’t done too much but they’re great 

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HI, I'm curious if you were aware or if it 'bothers' you in any way that some ikonics treat your blog as an ikon news central rather than a personal side blog? and thus most of us being intimidated to initiate a friendship with you. Yo

Haha I don’t mind either one! If people ‘only’ follow us for iKON related info & gifs then that’s totally fine! But if you want to message me in privat and talk to one of us, then even better! :3 I swear we don’t bite haha 💕 if you want to become friends just send us a message and let’s talk ☺✨

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also.... keith and lance... shirtless.... back to back... working together to escape said elevator....

i’m so mad because you know!! that they talked!! like they had to somehow work out that whole left foot/right foot system and lance is a motormouth.. he has adhd… there’s no way he was completely silent as they worked together to CLIMB UP an elevator shaft. they totally talked!

lance: okay. truth or dare?

keith: we are climbing up an elevator shaft there’s no possible way you can dare me to do anything right now

lance: ohohoho, is that so? are you choosing dare then?

keith: … no. truth.

lance: coward!! fine. have you ever kissed your knife?


keith: you do realize that i make up half of what is keeping us moving right now. i could just drop my legs and let gravity kill us. i’ll do it.

lance: we are not dying until i see that pool.

On what she’s learned from her parents: It made me realize that you can’t judge anyone especially your parents for what they’ve done in their past, because people change. I’ve noticed some people get very enthralled with people bashing. Sometimes people can’t help themselves. But I find a way back out and not talk about other people. Even when people are so judgmental about what you wear or your weight, you just have to step away and be like, ‘I’m a normal, fine human being.’


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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Okay, let me put this in the clearest terms possible:

Yuuri and Victor are not breaking up.

I know that no one can think rationally right now and everyone is panicking, but step away from the anime for a moment and look at the bigger picture.

What do the authors want to do by having Yuuri say “Let’s end this” and ending the episode right after that? Because this isn’t just Yuuri’s words - it’s the context in which they are said that matters.

They’re purposefully trying to make you feel a certain way. I think we all know what way. Remember the episode with Maccachin’s accident? Or shall I say: the episode that ended with Maccachin’s steamed buns incident that shook all of us but was resolved the next episode with everything being fine?

It’s their way of making sure you keep watching, and yeah, it’s absolutely shitty of them, but they love playing with our feelings, I mean that’s sort of their job.

What I’m saying is: The end of ep 11 will not impact the anime negatively as it is merely a trick of the authors to make sure you worry and return to watch next week. It hardly has anything to do with the actual story.

I mean, of course, Victor and Yuuri’s heart to heart will be absolutely relevant and important, but I wouldn’t get hung up on the “let’s end this” line if I were you. That’s what they want you to do. It’s not worth the stress. They’re not sinking this ship now - they know exactly what they’re doing.

Don’t let them play you. Believe in the power of Victuri.

my advice to the signs
  • aries: chill out buddy, it's not that important.
  • taurus: don't work yourself to death its ok to slack off once
  • gemini: not everyone will always forgive you for everything!
  • cancer: just talk to people about how you feel, don't let them guess
  • leo: it's not all your fault, don't be so hard on yourself
  • virgo: take a little distance and realize you can't control everything
  • libra: people like you just fine. no need to keep trying to prove yourself
  • scorpio: don't step on other people on the way there. be considerate
  • sagittarius: a little stability is nice if you try it, really!
  • capricorn: you're doing great. it's okay to relax and let loose for a bit.
  • aquarius: try to accept that other people won't always agree with you.
  • pisces: don't lose track of yourself trying to please others.
  • Otabek: Just be yourself. Say something nice.
  • Yurio: Which one? I can't do both.
  • Otabek: ...
  • Otabek: *smiles* On the other hand, you're fine just the way you are.
Don’t get me wrong now… but my life was fine before I met you and I’m sure it’ll be fine after you leave. However… I don’t want fine, normal, or ordinary. I want you… and maybe sometimes that means mayhem, tears, or heartbreak… but I don’t care. I’d take it all… because along the way… you gave my life color and it wasn’t just fine anymore… it was beyond extraordinary… you gave me the ride of my life.

-I fine with fine, but I don’t want fine. I want you.


Making plans with the Signs

“Hey Aries do you want to hang out?”

Aries: yo I was just thinking the same thing, there’s this house that just burn down and I want to go explore it! Come with me.

“Hey Taurus wanna hang out?”

Taurus: sure that’s fine, but can we stop by like chipotle or something?

“Hey Gemini can you hang out today?”

.009868 seconds later

Gemini: Sorry bud already hanging out with someone 😝😁

“Hey Cancer can you come over?”

Cancer: Ew why don’t you come over here? Never mind on my way

“Hey Leo! Let’s hang out this weekend.”

Leo: Nah sorry I’m gonna give you a made up excuse on why I can’t.

2 days later:

Leo: Hey lets hangout this weekend!

“Hey Virgo can you hang out?”

Virgo: heck yeah! We can do some yoga! 😱

“Hey libra, want chill?”

Libra: Sure 😉 What are we watching on Netflix? 💓

“Hey Scorpio, I know you’re mad at me but do you wanna hang out?”

Scorpio: *no response*

“Hey Sagitatious, wanna hang out soon?”

Sagitatious: Yeah, not today tho maybe like next week?

“Hey Capricorn, can you hang out today?”

10 hours later

Capricorn: sorry I’m busy

“Hey Aquarius! We should hang out!”

Aquarius: Ok! Let me feed my iguana first

“Pisces! We need to hang out soon”

Pisces: I know I miss you 😭😭

Nonbinary people with specific limits on what is misgendering and what isn’t are excellent!

You’re excellent if she/her is fine, but being called ma’am makes you bristle!

You’re excellent if he/him is good, but ‘gentleman’ and ‘Mr.’ make you feel weird!

You’re excellent if they/them is your pronoun of choice, and you’re just fine being called ma’am, but miss isn’t something you’d touch with a ten foot pole!

You’re excellent if it’s the other way around! You’re excellent if your misgendering is specific!