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You've answered a lot of the headcanon prompt thingies sooo TIME TO ANSWER ANY YOU HAVE LEFT :D notsorry.

OH MY GOD SHEEP YOU JERK. Okay fiiiine. 

For this thing!

2. Has non stop puns: Austin

4. Has a dysfunctional family: Tim, but I think he’s the only one whose family really qualifies as ‘dysfunctional.’

7. Is a sweet angel: Amber, Josh, Austin

8. Can kill you with a pencil: Denise

11. Will eat everything if they could: Amber! Will try anything and loves food. Food is one of those “live while you can” things for her. 

13. Knows random facts about everything: Caitlin

14. Owns a motorcycle: Austin (does it count if it’s technically Lucy’s motorcycle??)

16. Is naïve: Amber, maaaybe Austin depending on context

19. Likes Harry Potter: Amber, Austin

22. Likes dragons: Amber, Austin

23. Will laugh as they kill you: Denise

26. Acts like they don’t care, but do: Blake. Tim (context, though; doesn’t care much about other peoples’ feelings or well-being, but he really cares what other people think of him, and also has some hard lines he doesn’t cross with regard to the harm he causes other people).

28. Gets lost easily: Amber

29. Likes to work out: Blake

31. Knows every song ever: Austin – has a song for everything. 

32. Likes socks: Josh, Caitlin

24. Has a sweet tooth: Austin, and Amber maybe?

I just wanted to belong

A/N: Happy Angst Appreciation Day round three, it’s a day late, but life happens. Reader is Dean’s 17 year old daughter who has a twin brother named Robby.

Dean x Daughter!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by sammy-samulet

You stood at the counter of the diner trying to decide if you should go back to the booth where your father, uncle, and twin brother sat, or if you’d have a better time alone at the counter. You’d gone up to ask for more napkins to clean up a spill that Robby, your twin had made. However glancing back you saw that they had waved down the waitress who your dad and brother were both flirting with.

With the roll of your eyes you took a seat at the counter; knowing you’d actually enjoy your meal if you weren’t near your father or brother.

You loved them both dearly and at one point your entire family was so close knit that your absence would have been noticed right away. However as you grew older the bond you shared with your twin and father began to disappear and once you started going on hunts with your dad and uncle, it all but vanished.

At first you told yourself that you were overreacting; that your father was just constantly worried about you, but as time went on you saw how close Robby and your dad still were, yet you remained on the outside.

It was something that your dad and brother both seemed oblivious to. Whenever you’d try to involve yourself in what they were doing they would send you away with some excuse as to why you couldn’t participate with them and soon you just stopped asking.

This never seemed to effect them, but it sure effected you.

Your father and Robby might not have seen what they were doing, but your Uncle Sam sure did. At first he tried to stick up for you, pointing out to Dean all the times it seemed that Robby and him would purposefully leave you out. Dean would deny it and after countless arguments with no change Sam stopped trying. Instead he became the figure in your life you so desperately wanted.

Still, there were times that Sam got sucked into whatever fun Robby and your dad were having; leaving you to be the outsider in your family again.

It was a role you learned to accept and gave up hope that it’d change.

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Context: So here’s the lay down. We’re playing a sea fairing campaign and we’re trying to obtain a ship. Our party includes a Minotaur fighter, a Psionic; who is keeping her identity a secret from the rest of the group, two dragonborn brothers a cleric (me), and a sorcerer.  The sorcerer is a sharp tongued noble, the psionic has no patients for jokes and won’t hesitate to melt someone’s brain just for being obnoxious, i.e. the sorcerer.

DM: Okay so you form you party and are on your way to find the cause of disappearance of the town’s livestock. You arrive at the farm in question. There is a run down barn, a few small huts, and what appears to be a tool shed. What do you do?

Me: “I say we search the barn for clues.:

Sorcerer: “Okay let’s split up gang, you and the bovine go check the barn while our robed friend and I shack up in on of these huts!:

Psionic: "It is unwise to trust a robed stranger is it not?”

Fighter: “It’s also unwise to refer to me as a bovine, you ignorant lizard.”

Sorcerer: “It’s fiiiine i’m just joking around; however, hooded maiden the offer still stands.”

Me: “So to the barn then.”

We eventually figure out that their is a nest of giant rats who have been attacking the town’s livestock and stealing food and what not. The entire time the sorcerer continues badgering the Psionic, fast forwarding to the cave full of giant rats. Just got done with a fight everyone’s low on health and we’re about to rest.

Sorcerer: “This cave is a drag, why not head back to town and shack up in the inn? You can bunk with me love! (referring to the psionic)

Me: "For the love of Poseidon would you give it a rest! We have a job to do!”

Psionic IRL:  Sorcerer, make a intelligence check.

Sorcerer, IRL: What? Why?!

Psionic IRL: I’m using Mind thrust, make a intelligence check.

Sorcerer: “No! Wait i’m sorry!”

DM: Roll, she already said it.

Sorcerer: *rolls* …. 1

DM: oh……

Psionic: *rolls d10* I got a 10, how much health do you have?

Sorcerer: “…2”

Table looses it

DM: So yeah the sorcerer kinda grabs his head in agony and just slumps to the floor motionless. He’s dead.

Needless to say this is going to be a interesting campaign. I ended up using revivify on the sorcerer and continue our quest. All the while the sorcerer has been quite behaved since then.

Mbti Reacting To A Crying Friend ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)

INTP: … “look at that weather” … “its nice” 

INFP: “DONT WORRY ITS OK. HERE LOOK ITS THE PIC OF THAT VIRTUAL CHARACTER U LOVE SO MUCH” … “Hey but … you’ll be fine. The world is…” *goes on and on ends up having an existential crisis themselves*


INFJ: if you want to talk I’m here to listen … Really just take your time. You are fine really really. I’m here to listen.

ENFP: “OMG YOU ARE CRYING!! (/゚Д゚)/  OMG TEARS !! ARE YOU OK ?? Wait !!!! What am I saying?? You are crying of course you are not ok” *BIG HUGE HUG* “lets go out for a drink or something” :)

ENTP: *unconsciously cracks a joke* … *shows Memes* … *Puns* … *Cute animal pics* … … … “If you wanna talk I really don’t mind” … *more memes* … “I KNOW LETS GO GET DRUNK!!!”…. “ oh you need a hug???” … … … … … … “Fiiiine” *gives them a hug until they stop crying* … unconsciously cracks a joke again*

ENFJ : “WHO THE FUCK MADE U CRY????” (╯°□°)╯︵   “I’LL KILL THEM FOR YOU I SWEAR” … “Oh oh no no wait you’re alright”  *gives them a hug* *cracks a joke at the end*.

ESTP : “Hey don’t worry it’ll be fiiine like seriously. Please. Stop crying. Look memes. Want to join me in on a prank?? … no? WHAT DO I DO IN THIS SITUATION???”

ESFP : “YOU ARE CRYYYYING (ʘ_ʘ) . LOOK SHE’S CRYING  (/゚Д゚)/. EVERYONE SHE IS CRYING  \(*Д* \) . What to dooo???? X_X” *acts like some clown to cheer them up*

ENTJ : “well, life’s a bitch” -_-

ISFJ : “oooh dear don’t worry. You are ok. I’m here. Its fine”  *a big hug. gets them some food* (idk why don’t ask)

ISTJ: “U can always solve the problem its not the end of the world. want me to help u put out a plan??”

ISFP: (the clumsy one): “oh daamn. uuuuuh hey! i know! wanna go with me see some flowers?? its in this rly nice calm place. And um they r rly beautiful too” *gives a hug* “hey hey hey! don’t worry u can tell me whats wrong! rly … WE CAN EAT SOMETHIN’ TOO …. MUSIC IS GOOD TOO…” *ends up crying with them*  ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)

ISTP: “oh well. wanna go out for a drink?”

ESTJ: “oh…. crying…. uuh…. ok….. welp?…. want me to kick someone’s ass for you? or nah?”

ESFJ: “ TEARS! oh damn. WHO DID THIS???  oh dear. Don’t worry I’m here if you need anything”

BTS reacting to you joining them in the shower


Jin would be a bit surprised by you suddenly joining him, but he would love it. He would love washing your hair for you and helping you rinse it out. He would be a little shy about helping you wash the rest of your body. “You’re so silly! Stealing all the hot water in my shower!” Jin laughed

Originally posted by 55kumamons


Yoongi wouldn’t mind you hoping in the shower with him at all. He would give you a small chuckle and an eye roll. “You couldn’t shower by yourself? Fiiiine, make sure you get all clean” He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes away from you as you got washed up. After you were done, he’d help dry you off with a nice fluffy towel.

Originally posted by seokjins-wings


Hobi would be in the middle of washing his hair when you got in the shower with him. Once he opened his eyes, he jumped and let out a little squeak followed by a laugh. “Y/N!!! What are you doing in here! You scared me!” He would stop for a moment to take a look at you standing under the water unclothed. He then would pull you close saying how beautiful you were even doing normal things with a bright smile.

Originally posted by jaayhope


As soon as you stepped foot in the shower, Namjoon gave you a smile that quickly turned into a smirk. “I’ve been waiting for you to join me, baby!” He said. He helped you wash up and made sure you were nice and toasty, even though he thought the water was a little too hot. But something about the way he had been looking at you said he had another thing in mind for this shower than just getting clean.

Originally posted by jenorise


Jimin would be a little startled and embarrassed by you coming in the shower with him. He thought the way the water dropped down your body looked sexy, but also very lovely. “How are you so beautiful, princess?” He got some shampoo in his hands and gently rubbed it into your hair and did the same with the condicioner. He was so busy thinking about you, he forgot to wash his own hair.

Originally posted by morekpopmore


Tae would be super excited that you came in the shower with him. He wouldn’t really be concerned with getting clean, he’d just want to have fun. Tae giggled a bit then said “Oh no! Watch out, cutie!” You were confused about what he meant until you got hit with a big splash of water from above. The once calm shower ended up as a huge water fight that left the floors and everything else soaked in water.

Originally posted by bangtangirl-cutennes-v


Jungkook would be really embarrassed that you came in the shower with him at first. His face would get all red with a sheepish grin. After a while he would just joke with you and splash water on you from time to time. “Alright, alright, get cleaned up! I’ll be back~!” He said as he stepped out of the shower. When you were done you found that he had laid out nice cozy pajamas for you and made sure the bed was ready to you lay in.

Originally posted by jungkookpresent

LadyNoir July, Day 25: Sober

@seasonofthegeek, this is me trying to make you smile.  :)  It’s completely ridiculous, but it’s fun, right??

When Chat Noir reached their meeting place, he saw that Ladybug had arrived there ahead of him, and he smiled.  

“My Lady,” he said, bowing.  “Are you ready to—”

“Chat, do you think I’m sexy?”

He stopped short, taken completely off guard by her question.  “Ah, is that a trick question?”

“No!”  She began earnestly, clutching her yoyo to her chest and stumbling a bit as she stepped closer to him.  “I really want to know, because there’s this guy, right?   And I’m toootally in love with him, because he’s incredible, and I know that he knows that I exist ‘cause I can finally talk to him now, and we talk, you know?  We talk! But it’s been years, and he only sheesh—no, sees, me as a friend.  So I thought, maaaybe I’m not sexy enough.  Or maybe I’m not likeable!  Am I not likeable, Chat?”

Chat stared at her, trying to sort through her unusually rapid speech and grandiose gestures for meaning–something about a guy, and talking, and being unlikable?–but he must have taken too long.  Her eyes rounded and filled with tears, and the next thing he knew, she’d thrown her arms around him and was sobbing into his chest.

“I’m un-liiiike-a-bllllle,” she wailed.

“What just happened?”  He asked the sky.  Chat put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back, so that he could see her face, and recoiled immediately.  “Dieu, Ladybug, your breath smells like a winery. Are you drunk?”

Her mercurial mood shifted again, and she giggled.  “Chat Noir, are you sober?”

“Well, that is usually how we do patrols,” he muttered, still trying to wrap his head around a drunk Ladybug.

“Oh!  That’s why I’m here.  I can’t go patrolling with you tonight.”  She leaned forward and put a hand on his shoulder to pull him down, closer to her face, as if to tell him a secret.  “I’m a little drunk,” she whispered conspiratorially, and giggled again.

“So I noticed,” he deadpanned, and sighed.  He’d been looking forward to patrolling with her. “I’ll take care of the patrol tonight, Bug.  You go on home and—Hang on, how did you even get here?”  

“Like this!”  Ladybug swung out her yoyo and promptly hit herself in the forehead.  Then she frowned down at it on the ground, as if surprised to see it there.  “Ow.”

Chat blanched, thinking of all the ways she could have killed herself trying to play Spider Man while drunk.  “Okay.  New plan. Patrol is canceled, and I am taking you home.”

“You can’t take me home, silly.  You don’t know where I live.”  She tried to put a hand on her cocked hip, but missed, and jabbed her thumb into her hip.  She looked down, placed her hand carefully on her hip, and then looked back at him with a proud smile.  “Besiiides,” she continued, “if you take me home, you’ll know who I am!  You can’t know who I am, that would be insane.”

He sighed.  He should have known that she’d be hell-bent on protecting their identities, even drunk.  “Then I’ll take you back to my—uh, my friend’s house.  I’ll take you to my friend, and he will take care of you.”

Ladybug tipped forward from the hips, and narrowed her eyes assessingly.  “You’re just going to take me to your house, detransform in another room, and then come in pretending to be surprised, aren’t you?”

“No!  No no no, of course not.”  She crossed her arms and arched her brow skeptically, then over-balanced and stumbled forward.  He sighed. “Ok, fine.  Yes, that’s exactly what I was going to do.  But you can’t get home on your own like this.  Either you let me take you somewhere safe, or we’re sitting here until you sober up.”

“Ugh, fiiiine.  But only if you promise to help me figure out why Adrien Agreste isn’t interested in me.”  She huffed petulantly, oblivious to the dumbfounded expression on his face.  “I’m not really unlikeable, am I?”  She whined.  

Then she blanched, and her eyes widened.  “Oh, shit!”  She clamped her hands over her mouth, spun away from him, and puked right there on the roof.

He blinked at his retching companion, and shook his head as if to clear it.  “How is this my life?”  He asked no one at all.  He sighed and put a hand on her back, smiling ruefully.  “Somehow, I always envisioned our reveal being so much more romantic.”

Personal Trainer

Steve x reader

Summary: you’re trying to start jogging and ask your boyfriend to help motivate you.

Warnings: a little bit of insecurity, a couple suggestive jokes, Steve is a little shit

Word Count: 1353

A/N: My brain wanders when I go to the park like most people’s do in the shower and this is what I come up with. Sorry?

Originally posted by capsteverogers-things

Exercise had always been a bore to you, and now that you couldn’t rely solely on the speedy metabolism you were blessed with through the first twenty-five years of your life, you had to find a way to keep yourself fit that didn’t involve going to a gym. It would’ve been alright if you could stop comparing yourself to those around you–but they ran faster, for longer periods of time, looked better doing it…

You were ecstatic when you found a relatively quiet park close to your apartment. The paved path was over two miles and mostly flat, with tall trees that provided ample shade. You thought you were crazy for wanting to start jogging, but you knew being active in the gorgeous park would be stimulating enough. So that’s what you did.

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Caught Up In You 2

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Swearing, Stalking, Angst, Sass, Anxiety, potential life of death situations. I’m not really sure. But it’ll have cute fluffy pieces too.

Being famous isn’t always a piece of cake, sometimes you down right regret it. when a fan starts sending you frightening letters, claiming his love for you, and declaring you as his property when you’re about to start your Europe tour. Your manager and tour team start making calls to get you help. When a man shows up asking for the details of the stalker, things he’s sent, the letters, pictures.
The Kingsman agree to help you out, sending Eggsy and Merlin to your aid. When you and Eggsy start to get close, the media starts running a whirl wind of rumors. Sending your stalker on a new craze and Eggsy’s boss on a rampage. Will Eggsy keep you safe, or will you continue to regret your career choice??

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A special attack has been launched! Hope you enjoy it ^~^ ~<3

am i… am i getting boned…?

it’s 6am and i just finished manipulating a major set of route variables don’t judge me shhh

this was just sent earlier, i have no idea what in reference to- stars sweet anon, thank you for the compliment, though i hardly think i’m worth any kinda jealousy! i’m just pluggin’ along and spending far too much time on fan content =v=;;;

okay i’m gonna make myself sit down and do a big answer post for all the asks you sweethearts sent in re The Great Noodle Jape (because i seriously look at them every day and get too full of Good Feelings-tm- to be coherent in reply), but i just got this one earlier and - oh my gosh i don’t think that’s weird at all, and i’m freaking honored, love ;////; i know where you’re coming from - even though i’m obviously the one who made it all, it’s still weirdly satisfying and super heartwarming to ‘interact’ with them?? i mean, i dunno… i’m personally super attached to these skelebros and so a lot of insert things give me good feelings. i’m just happy i could provide that for you in turn. <3 <3

Chris Evans Fic: Cabin in the Woods

Fluffiest of fluff for a Saturday!

This was originally a request from @alievans007 that’s been a very long time coming. Apologies for the wait but it’s taken me forever to envisage the perfect scenario. So, hope you enjoy!


‘Babe, I know you’re super excited about this secret plan of yours but I don’t think security are going to let you take me on a plane blindfolded, somehow.’ You’d been beside yourself since you’d arrived home from work, only to be all but bundled into the car by your much bigger and much stronger boyfriend, assured that everything you needed was already packed. He’d insisted that you wear the blindfold but you quickly realised that it was more for show than for any practical reason.

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Just A Crush

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader Insert 

Words: 3376

Genres: can you take a guess (fluff) 

Summary: you have a crush on matt and you think he cant tell but…he so can. and it turns out he has the same feelings for you. but can one night change everything when Daredevil himself comes crashing into your apartment like, prince charming dressed in red? (i tried to be dramatic. im not good at summaries.) 

Warnings: none, unless you hate small bathroom make out sessions. 

Notes: no one requested this but i hope you like it anyways :) 

“I don’t care if I fall in love to a devil, as long as that devil will love me the way he loves hell.”

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Midnight Shenanigans

~ A Shayne Topp Imagine/Fluff ~

A/N: Look, I don’t write, I was going to make a short parody, but it kept getting longer and longer and I actually kinda liked how it turned out, so I thought I’d share it. It’s super long, so if you get through it, I applaud you!

Warnings: Fluff. Like, a lot of it. (also, alcohol? like, having a drink)

Words: way too many, I like my epithets.


Winter Games.

The event of the season.

And it was going to be extra special this year. Why? Because you get to go!

As one of the newly established head writers and producer, you would be reffing this year’s Games, along with Sunny, Joe and Matt and you were hardly able to contain your excitement.

The venue was the same as the previous years’ one – Big Bear.

The evening before, you were starting the slow process of packing when it hit you.

You were a part of the Smosh family and have even been in the background of a few videos, though you were more of a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of person, so this was going to be a big step.  This would’ve been your first on-screen appearance that included talking. Oh geez. Your stomach churned. Oh holy geez. Mostly unscripted. Unscripted. I literally work with scripts, how in God’s name am I going to pull this off?, you thought to yourself.

Thankfully, you were taken out of your trance with a noise. That familiar iPhone ringtone we all know and never change. Standing up, crossing a mountain of bags, you reached for your phone and looked at the caller ID. Shayne. You smiled briefly before picking up. That guy always knew how to make you smile.

‘Hello?’ you said, going back to the suitcase. However, being the clumsy potato that you were, you caught your leg on a plastic bag, managing to lose your balance and fall directly on your bum, with a noisy *thud*.  A loud laugh escaped the phone.

‘I get that it’s part of your “brand” to just barely be capable of walking, but please try not to die, we prefer our writers alive’ Shayne joked.

‘Ha-ha’ you said sarcastically, picking yourself up from the floor. ‘Thanks, I appreciate it. Now that you’ve told me, I am sure to stop tripping and falling over’ you joked back.

‘Perfect! Don’t say that I never did anything for you!’

‘I shall remember this piece of advice till the day I die, which will inevitably be by slipping on a banana peel or tripping over my own two feet while carrying coffee.’ He laughed.

You started organizing your clothes into neat piles on your bed.

‘And your tombstone will say “Here lies our beloved (Y/N), who forgot to follow the Great Shayne’s advice.”’ You giggled, folding a shirt into your suitcase.

‘So anyways, what are you up to?’ he asked.

‘I just started packing’ you replied.

‘Oooh, right on time! It’s only…’ he stopped, presumably looking for the exact time. ’11:43pm!’

‘Hey, I only need about an hour, I have plenty of time. Have you already packed?’

‘Yup! All done, ready to go!’

You scoffed. ‘You must’ve forgotten something.’

‘I pretty sure I haven’t. Triple-checked.’

Another scoff from you.

‘And hey, if you “only need an hour”’ he mocked, ‘that’s great, you have enough time to get food with me!’

‘Oh, Shayne, it’s almost midnight, I don’t know, and-‘ you trailed off.


‘And… I don’t know, we need to be up in 5 to 6 hours?’

‘That’s a terrible excuse. You’re living on your own, you make your own rules and then break them, because rules are meant to be broken, dammit!’ he said, overly enthusiastic.

You kept folding clothes into your suitcase, silently. You wanted to go, really, it seemed so fun and like the epitome of ‘living’, from what you’ve seen in those typical young adult movies. Fun, you thought, not a good enough argument. All of a sudden, your stomach grumbled. Now that’s a good argument.

‘And also, I’m kinda maybe possibly in front of your building…’ Shayne added.

You dropped the dress you were neatly trying to fold.

‘You’re what?’

‘An evolved monkey’, he said, a hint of pride in his voice.

‘No, gah! Why are you-? How did you-?’ You tried to formulate a question but failed miserably. ‘Wait, let me buzz you in.’

‘No, no, I’ve got a better idea – you come with me. I’m already here and you already said that an hour is plenty of time for packing. Plus, I can help you with that later. So…. whaddaya say?’

You approached the window looking towards the building entrance, in disbelief, but sure enough, there he was, one hand in his pocket, pacing.

‘Alright’, you sighed, ‘give me three minutes to get down there.’

‘If you don’t make it, food’s on you. And your time… starts… now! Three minutes, go!’

You threw on the first shirt you saw – a baggy gray tee with the NASA logo on it, which was way too big, pairing it with boyfriend jeans.

Forty-five seconds to go.

You grabbed your little leather backpack, along with your phone, keys and wallet, stuffing them inside violently.

Twenty-seven seconds left.

You slammed the door, locking it quickly and sprinted down the stairs, skipping over multiple steps and almost dying thrice.

As you opened the big entrance gate to the building, you heard a beep. Shayne’s phone went off, signaling your three minutes had been over.

When you looked ahead, Shayne was peering back, a Cheshire cat-sized smile was plastered across his face.

‘No!’ you yelled, while bending over, resting your hands on your knees, trying to catch a breath. ‘Nonononono, I made it, I- I… I got out of the building!’

‘Nope! Doesn’t count! Looks like I’ll be enjoying some… whatever our food of choice turns out to be.’ Shayne said smugly, putting his hands behind his head.

When you finally got your air back, you stepped towards him, holding your side. You were really out of shape.

‘But I did it, the deal was to get down here in 3 minutes!’

You approached him, slouching. He threw an arm around you, as a way of greeting you and, well, because you looked like you were barely standing. This will have proven true merely moments later, when you shifted all of your weight off of your feet, forehead pressed against his clavicle.

‘Ah, yes, but you did not stop the alarm! That’s the unspoken rule of race-bets, always stop the clock!’ he said in a matter-of-fact tone, while patting the back of your head.

‘Fiiiine’, you let out a slow sigh, still in the same place. Maybe you were exhausted after a long day at work, maybe this three-minute workout from hell got to you or maybe this scenario felt pleasant, but you didn’t move. And neither did he. You just stood there, for a good while, taking it all in. You didn’t remember how long, but at some point he stopped patting your head and just rested his chin on the top, his arms around you. It was… nice. Man, male colognes are the best, you thought to yourself.

However, this suddenly made you feel extremely aware of the close proximity in which you were, making your cheeks a few dozen shades more red. You shifted a bit and Shayne, understanding the signal, let you go, scratching his head. You couldn’t help but think you’d seen a bit of red tint in his cheeks, only for a mere second, however, as it faded away quite quickly.

‘Um… so, since midnight snackage’s on you, it’s only fair that you get to pick the place.’

‘Hmmm… the closest ‘eat-now-regret-later’ place is McDonald’s. Does that work?’

‘Ughhh, fine’, he fake-complained, ‘No, yeah, sure! That’s a few streets down, though, might be a bit of a walk’ said Shayne.

‘Or we could take my car?’

‘Nooo, come on, look at this weather’ he said whinny, pointed to the sky. It was rather beautiful. The sky was completely clear, there were a few stars visible. The air was way too warm, considering it was technically winter, a light breeze was blowing. ‘It’d be a shame if we didn’t take advantage of this, doncha think? And if you get tired… I don’t know, I’ll just carry you or something, we’ll figure it out!’

‘Why don’t we go to the drive-through, get our food, drive up to the hills and eat there?  We can go for a walk and have a vehicle at our disposal, if we happen to need it! Boom, compromise!’

‘Deal!’ said Shayne, giggling slightly. You stepped towards your Mini Cooper.

‘I mean, hey, I know you’re in shape, but I feel like I could collapse any moment now’ you informed him. He chuckled, already seated in the passenger seat, seat belt on.

‘Ho, boy! Food – here we come!’

About 7 minutes later, you entered a McDonald’s drive-through, ordered way too much food, and soon enough, you were on your way for the hills.

‘Yo, drive-throughs’, said Shayne, with a mouthful of fries, ‘might be the best thing we ever came up with. No human interaction, you don’t even need to leave your car!’

‘Definitely. I’d say it’s up there with fire and the computer’ you replied.

You talked the whole ride, finding yourselves in sporadic fits of laughter. After 10ish minutes of traffic-free driving, you were there. Shayne insisted he should carry all the food, you knew that any attempt at arguing would be in vain. A short walk later, a small bench graced you with its presence and you decided to occupy it, the food bags taking most of the space.

‘Woah’, you exclaimed, trying to squeeze the BigMac™ into your mouth, ‘in the two years that I’ve lived in LA, I’ve never been here at night. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.’

‘Right? And the best part?’ he said inquisitively, looking at you, ‘The view!’ He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, with a rather constipated facial expression, barely holding in the giggles. You laughed and shook your head.

You sat there for moments? Minutes? Hours? Who knows how long, talking about… nothing yet everything, really, while eating you food as slowly as possible, and almost choking a couple of times due to excessive laughter. When you finished your meal, you felt 500lbs heavier and completely incapable of moving. Shayne removed the scrunched up wrappers and scooted a bit closer. You held your stomach and let out a long grunt, reminiscent of vocal fry.

‘I think… I think I’m just gonna stay here… live my life on this bench, y’know, become an urban myth’ you said, curling up into fetal position.

”The girl on bench” ’ he said, in an overly dramatic tone, patting your back, ‘some say you can still hear a faint rumble of her stomach trying to digest the ton of food she consumed on that faithful night.’ You giggled.

‘Why, oh why, cruel world must it taste so good but hurt so badly?!’ he yelled to the sky, his voice shaky.

‘Shayne! It’s midnight, keep it down’ you tried to stop laughing and act serious, but failed.

‘Whyyyy?!’ he cried, falling onto his knees in front of the bench. Your stomach started aching, this time from laughter. You stood up and approached him, with the intention of helping him get up, extending your arm, however, when he grabbed it, you wobbled in the air and ended up landing on top of him.

Good job, wow, you’ve really outdone yourself this time! you thought, while hoping for the ground to swallow you.

‘Oh my gosh’, you said, completely flustered, not looking at him. You turned your head to glance at him, noticing that his face was way closer than you initially calculated. ‘I- I- I am so sorry, that was so… Oh gosh, I’m sorry, are you okay?’ you rushed to get up. Shayne just looked at you, laughing, with an amused look on his face. He was going to make a joke, but upon seeing how utterly distressed you looked, he decided against it.

‘Of course I am, I’m great, couldn’t be better’ he stood up, holding his side, ‘minus the fractured rib you might’ve caused me, but hey, I’ll live!’

‘Hey, no, don’t’ worry, really, it’s all good!’ said Shayne, putting a hand on your scapula. A short period of silence followed. ‘Hey, wanna go pack?’

‘Oh, sure, but I can do it, really, I’d hate to keep you up, but thanks for-‘

‘Nooo, you’re not keeping me up’ he exclaimed, ‘I dragged you out, so I need to redeem myself!’

You sighed.

‘Okay, fine. But my apartment ‘s a mess, don’t say I didn’t warn you!’

Your face was still a bright shade of red, the embarrassment unbearable. You hugged yourself, as if you were cold, and kept murmuring many I’m sorry-s along the way to the car.

During the ride, the constantly opened window helped you calm down and your skin tone to go back to normal.

Much to your surprise, the mess you had left at your place before was still there. :(

‘Woah, was there a nuclear explosion here?’ Shayne asked, evidently trying to push your buttons.

‘Actually, yes, that’s very insensitive of you. How dare you bring that up?’ you played along, while taking two clean glasses from the cupboard. ‘Want some gin?’

‘Woah, hey, heyhey, I don’t know if… I..’ Shayne stuttered, evidently taken aback by this suggestion. ‘I had no idea you drank.’

‘Well… I’m full of surprises’ you said, with an over exaggerated wink. The corner of Shayne’s mouth twitched. ‘And besides, I just do it occasionally.’ He nodded. ‘So, do you want some?’

‘I… uh… sure!’ he replied, still a bit confounded.

You poured the liquid into the glasses and added two ice cubes. Taking both glasses, you approached Shayne, who was looking at the clothes you already packed and handed him the glass.

‘Y’know, I’m pretty sure you don’t really need a cocktail dress… and I’d say that’s more than enough T-Shirts for a week and a half’ he stated, taking the glass from your hand.

‘Yes I do! T-Shirts are comfortable and great for layering and that’s how you combat the cold, you layer and-‘

‘But you don’t layer T-Shirts on top of T-Shits!’

‘But- yeah, you’re right, I mostly sleep in T-Shirts’, Shayne turned his head towards you, ‘What? They’re comfy so I bring extra, in case some get dirty or sweaty, y’know.’ You took a swig of your drink, almost downing it all at once, stumbling a bit.

‘Woah, easy there, you don’t want to be hung-over for the trip’, said Shayne, steadying you.

‘Nah, don’t worry about it, it’s just gin…’

‘Okay, well, you need to pack!’

‘You said you’d help!’

‘I will! You need a supervisor, to maximize efficiency.’

‘So you’ll just sit and tell me what to do?’

‘No, don’t be silly… I might stand up eventually’, replied Shayne, evidently proud of his comeback, which earned him a disapproving headshake.

‘Oh really?’ you said, grabbing your bras and underwear from a drawer.

It was Shayne’s turn to change into a tomato, clearing his throat, trying to look anywhere else, scratching the back of his neck and basically doing every other tick in the book signaling he was uncomfortable.

You grinned mischievously, realizing what you’d done and quickly put it all away into the suitcase.

‘You can look now’, you said.

‘Oh, hah, psh, no, I- I wasn’t, I-‘ he tried to come across as calm, cool and collected, but ended up looking even more awkward. You awed and kept packing, moving on to sweaters.

You kept packing and at some point, the gin started kicking in, making you extremely sleepy. Surely enough, the process took more than an hour, even with Shayne’s eventual help. You collapsed onto your bed, headfirst, and he lied next to you, on his back.

‘This was exhausting’, you exclaimed.

‘Nah, I’d say it was fun!’ he replied. You rolled over so that you were also lying on your back.

‘Thanks for helping, I would’ve probably fallen asleep had you not been here’, you said, turning your head to look at him.

‘See?’ he beamed, ‘I told you!’ he chuckled.

This was the first time you got to look at him so closely – the laugh lines and those baby blues, the slight beard he was trying to cultivate, his radiant smile… You caught yourself staring and only then did you realize how close you actually were, which in turn made you blush profusely. He kept smiling, but his gaze trailed down your face and focusing on your lips, for a split second only. You batted your eyelashes, not knowing what to do. Sh-Should I do anything? you thought. This will just make things awkward, probably. Oh goodness I messed up again, what am I supposed to do, I-

At this point you could feel his breath on your nose. He moved his hand to brush off some of your hair. The tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife, which made you panic even more. I gotta move, you thought, this will be way too weird in the long run, I should probably just cough or something or-

And then it happened. He moved just slightly towards you, closing the tiny gap that remained between the two of you. Your mind, while racing up until that point, was completely blank – no worry, no panic, just bliss. The kiss was shorter than you would’ve hoped for, yet still sweet, making you smile like a mad man, which in turn made his lips curve into a grin, as well.

Shayne was gently caressing your cheek. He opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by you initiating another kiss, this one deeper and more passionate than expected. He put one hand on the back of your neck and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer, while you held onto his shirt and neck. A few minutes later, you broke apart, neither of you able to stop smiling. You laid there for a few minutes, intertwined, without saying a word.

After some time, you tried to move, but Shayne’s embrace wouldn’t let you.

‘Shayne’, you called out. No response.

You looked up and saw him pretending to be asleep.

‘Shayne’, you repeated. No response. You tried wiggling out of his grip, but couldn’t. He started laughing, eyes still firmly shut.

You placed a kiss on his clavicle, which instantly made him open his eyes and look at you.

‘Wanna watch a movie?’ you asked.

‘Depends on what you got’, Shayne said, seemingly loosening his grip.

‘I’ve got whatever you want’, you beamed. ‘Well, I don’t, but the torrents do!’

”Space Jam” it is, woo!’ he exclaimed, throwing his arm in the air. You laughed and mimicked his ‘woo’.

‘Okay, I’ll go set it up, you refill our glasses and get the popcorn ready, there’s some in the cabinet.’

A few minutes later, everything was in order and you were huddled up on the sofa. The movie started playing and you immediately started commentating out loud, laughing. Neither of you said anything about what had happened, which was bound to backfire, but at the moment it seemed fine.

The file you had illegally downloaded was buffering quite a bit and you were really tired… I’ll close my eyes just for a few seconds, you thought.

And lo and behold, you fell asleep. As soon as he noticed, Shayne spent a few moments looking at you, wondering whether he should carry you to your bed or leave you be. He ended up choosing the latter, as your bed still contained the residue of a nuclear explosion that took place earlier. He tried to move, in search of a blanket, however, you fell asleep on him and he just didn’t have the heat to move you. Instead, he threw an arm around you and you got even comfier. Shayne lost track of time – for a certain period, he was just observing your serene expression, but he ended up falling asleep next to you.

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Title: How?

Author: Jude

Parings: Sam Winchester x Reader (Mentions of past Sam Winchester x Jessica Moore)

Warnings: Language, editing, blood and pain, crack, angst, fluff, I don’t think there’s any more.

Summary: *Soulmate AU You never had a tattoo. You were a blank. You had accepted it…Until one day at college, a cursive name sprouted on your abdomen. ‘Samuel Tristan Winchester’ Years later, you met your Sam. But his soulmate died. How is this even happening?

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader.

Word count: 2.6k

A/N: This is for Ana’s (@notnaturalanahi) 600 Crack Challenge! I got the prompt 34. “What the hell are you doing up/down there?  –I’m trying to see things from your perspective.” I tried my best to keep it crack but crack isn’t really my thing as much as fluff is. I hope this is alright! 

Also, Sam and Dean don’t have any canon middle names according to my minimal research, so I’m using Jared’s middle name. And the reader’s tattoo appears the day that Jess dies, in case you’re wondering. 

@fangirl1802 @jotink78 @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @abbirae99 @crazysocklovingfangirl @iamnotsaneatall (I’m just tagging random people cause I lost my tag list so please send me and ask if you want to be added or removed from this makeshift tag list)

8 years old

“Mommy?” You asked your mother as you traced your father’s inky cursive name on her wrist.

“Yes, baby?” 

“Will I ever get my tattoo?” You asked for maybe the millionth time in your lifetime.

“I don’t know, darling. Everyone always has their tattoos when they’re born…Let’s just hope that you’re different.” 

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Evan Hansen x reader, School Dance headcannon

{This is a five parter, the first being Evan. Connor and Jared will come later! AND Alana and Zoe! No one asked for this, I just had some ideas in my head. Have a great day! -Fiona}
FYI: Bit of swearing…not from the characters…the narrator (totes not me) gets carried away

-There is no way Evan asked you to the dance beforehand

-It’s a miracle he even turned up

-Poor boy spent forty minutes in the toilets before going into the dance hall

-He spends a lot of time standing in the corner watching everyone

-Then who should he see but lil old you sitting at the side of the dance floor alone

-And HOOOOLY SHIT you are lookin’ fiiiine

-SwEAtY boY is back cos he wanted to ask you to the dance but of course he never could. You’d surely laugh at him

-But here you looked so bored and alone and Evan almost doesn’t realize he’s walking over to you

-Turns out you don’t have a date and your friends ditched you for their own dates

-Evan is so stunned?? Cos how could Y/N Y/L/N not have a date to the school dance?!

-Evan has been stuttering for like a minute and has somehow managed to string a sentence together that you can just understand

- ”Evan, are you asking me to be your date?”

-And hot holy damn you both got the date of your dreams

-You go with him to to get a drink cos he’s too anxious to go alone

-You try to get him to dance at one point but you soon figure out it’s a bad idea

-But you two are sitting at a table by yourselves and you’re both just having a great chilled time in each other’s company, swaying to the music

-You get to know each other so well in just one night

-He insists on driving you home but your dad has already pulled up

-Evan gets a cheeky cheek kiss at the end of the night

-Definitely not the only date

Alex Galchenyuk #3.2

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this! I hope you like this one. Enjoy!:)

Check out the first part here.

Word count: 811

Originally posted by ladysstardust

“Now this,” you said, wiggling your toes under your dress, your mouth full of the cheeseburger you just bit, “should be in thousand-dollar per plate events,” you closed your eyes and moaned, “definitely better than sex.”

You finally managed to drag Alex out of that stuffy event and into the closest diner. The fact that he drove you here hasn’t escaped your mind.

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#189 - For xi3ls

Filling the prompt “reader is friends w/ the guys & works for catb, & her & Van sort of start a secret relationship & try to keep it hidden from the guys. Maybe they tease one another in front of the guys to turn the other on secretly.” from @xi3ls

It was seeing Van in a hoodie that did it to you. Before, in the button ups and with the quiet listening he did during meetings, he was different. He was a guy in a band that was too cool for you to think about as more than a coworker. Then, he was all jokes and shower fresh scented and soft. He was sitting on the floor of the bus, in the room he and Larry cohabitated, looking up at you. 

“Why you looking at me like that?” he asked. 

“Like what?" 

You handed him the mug of tea you’d made him and passed the other over to Larry, who was stretched out on one of the tiny sofas. Van had dragged the thin foam mattress off his designated bunk into the room. He’d taken all the mattresses from the unclaimed bunks too. A small nest had been constructed, and watching him sit among the pillows and clothing spilling out of an open bag, you fell in love. It happened instantly and out of nowhere and hit you with such a force that you became breathless. 

"I don’t know. Just lookin’ at me funny,” he replied, sipping the tea. 

“Sorry. Do you guys need anything else?" 

"Y/N, you ain’t a P.A. anymore. Tour manager, yeah? Don’t worry about making tea and checkin’ on us. Go… manage,” Larry said with a warm smile. You nodded and left the room under the weight of Van’s gaze. 

You went back downstairs to sit at the ‘kitchen’ table and double check all the bookings and pretend to be calm. Bob came down and quietly made you a cup of tea. He sat opposite you at the table and uploaded photos from his camera to his laptop. His company was reassuring, even if he didn’t mean it to be.  

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