you are fighters and you are brave

I present to you new sci-fi genre, hear me out folks


It’s like cyberpunk, but with Slavs. Everyone wears Adidas tracksuits. Sunflower shells bounce off the motherboards. You’re a brave resistance fighter and when you finally reach the main villain’s lair to assassinate him with your trusty laser kalash he’s squatting in his leather chair and calls you a cyka.


Infinite List of Movies: [17/?] The Fault In Our Stars (2014)
↳ “One of the first things they ask you in the ER is to rate your pain on a scale from one to ten. I’ve been asked this question hundreds of times. And I remember once when I couldn’t catch my breath and it felt like my chest was on fire, the nurse asked me to rate my pain. Though I couldn’t speak, I held up nine fingers. Later, when I started feeling better, the nurse came in and called me a fighter. "You know how I know?” she said. “You called a ten a nine.” But that wasn’t the truth. I didn’t call it a nine because I was brave. The reason I called it a nine was because I was saving my ten. And this was it… This was the great and terrible ten.“

Please let me be a lone flower for a while
A drifter
A dandelion catching on the gusts of wind
floating through the air
A fighter
A daisy sprouting through that single crack in the concrete ground
A brave one
A rose growing thorns
that let it protect itself
Let me take my time to bloom
Before you decide to pick and pluck me
From the roots that I have grown from,
So I can be my most ripe self
When it’s time for us to meet

-thank you for waiting <3


March 23 2017

National Eating Disorder Awareness Month PSA:

please please please please do not post pictures of yourself at your lowest weight or share that number.

yes you are strong. yes you are a fighter for restoring. yes you deserve to celebrate how far you’ve come.

however, your lowest weight does not define your recovery. 

you are brave for choosing life, and no one on social media needs to know your lowest weight to recognize that. the pain of an eating disorder is more than a number. you do not need to validate the stereotype to know how much you struggled.

stay loving. 

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Urbosa x fighter reader, who fight along side link but always had a crush on Urbosa but doesn't have the courage to say it to her, but when reader sees zelda leaning on Urbosa shoulder, reader gets jealous and runs of. btw i love you blog <3 <3 <3

*gasp* My precious wife.

HELL YEA. Consider it done! (And thank you!!!)

Jealous Reader (Urbosa)

(Name) was no appointed knight, far from it. But they were a fighter in their own right. No, they were not like Link, with his quiet ways yet kind disposition, but they stood out for their own achievements. Strong, brave, capable of taking out bandits, assassins and all the ill like, and well known by some to be a tough warrior.

So why, oh why, did they struggle so much to feel brave and confident when it came to love?

Granted, it’s not exactly easy to feel brave when the one someone is interested in is a giant woman who could through you into a mountain and electrocute you and you’d still thank her for it. Or when said lady is the pinnacle of Gerudo warriors. But still.

Urbosa, the leader of the Gerudo tribe, was everything and more. Brave. Strong. The best sense of humor. Serious yet good spirited, kind and firm. Brilliant. Who wouldn’t be attracted to her?

You’d think by now they’d be used to the feeling of jealousy. Yet not even the fates themselves could stop the green from appearing under their skin as they saw the princess so close to the Champion.

“Ah, well… You certainly got here fast. I should have expected as much, from the princess’s own appointed knight…” Urdosa stretch her neck a bit to see the warrior behind the knight, giving a bit of a smile as she spotted them. “…And company, of course…”

(Name) stood silently, watching over them as they exchanged pleasantries. This wasn’t their place. Not a knight who commands respect, not a champion who commands honor- not a princess who is beloved. 

“Excuse me. My equipment requires some attention, so I’ll leave you two to it.” They glanced at Link. “Come to me when your business is done here knight.” The silence echoed their footsteps that they barely managed to conceal from being noticed as rushed, unaware of the green eyes that followed their steps for a moment. 


“-father will wish to hear of what I have to report, so we best be off. Goddess knows he’ll be worried if we take too long.”
“Surely he’ll understand the delays; the desert is no easy terrain to travel through.”

‘suppose their business was done then. (Name) put away their sword as they finished polishing it, their back on the approaching trio (well duo, given that this is Link that’s involved) of voices coming their way. As if on cue, the unmistakable Princess and Champion turned the corner, Link not far behind.

“Thank you Urbosa, for all your help today. And for your patience.” Urbosa waved off Zelda’s flustered demeanor, a warm, lovely, distracting smile on her face.

“You give yourself too much credit, Princess; you are hardly a test of my patience.” Oh shi- barely they managed to avoid connecting their gaze with the Gerduo champion’s, missing her eyes on them, resting on them before turning back to the princess.

“Princess? Might I have a word with your company? There’s a matter that appears is of great importance to discuss.”
“Why, certainly. I-”
“Good. (Name).” Their head nearly dislocated at the speed it shot up. “A word.”

Gulp. Play it off, play it off, don’t her know you’re screaming your head off internally. “Of course. Link-” he turned to them. “Make sure everything is ready to go.” With that, they cautiously made their way over to Urbosa, trying to avoid falling on-



Ow. A hand before them reached out, and their eyes followed it until they met hers.

“Clumsy, aren’t you?” Man, she was so strong. Brushing themselves off, they looked anywhere but at her. 

“Er.. so what exactly.. how may be of service to you, ma’am?”
“Urbosa. You’ve known me as long as they have.”
Now then, (Name)?”
“Yes?” Ba-dump, badump, badump, badump-
“Would you care to tell me what exactly do you have against me?”

…Eh? Urbosa must have seen the look on their face, because she continued.

“For the past while now, you actively avoid me. Anytime you see me, you turn away with a look of anger on your face, one that I’ve only seen on the battlefield. We are not enemies, therefore, I do not know what you grudge you have against me. So, again, I ask.” She leaned in, looking them dead in the eye. “What do you have against me?”

Oh. Oh dear. Oh deary dear. Almost immediately they flustered up, their hands in a flurry as the words flew out of their mouth.

“W-what?! No! Nonononononono-Is that what you think- why do you think that-?!”
“Don’t make me repeat myself, it’s rude.”
“L-look, I… I’m not avoiding you because I hate you, alright? To be honest, there’s not a bone in me that dislikes you, honest!”
“Then why just now did you take one look at me and turn away in disgust?”
“That-!… That wasn’t… exactly… meant for you…”

A single eyebrow was raised, Urbosa’s eye unmoving.

“…Uh… I….” Now or never, before she decides that you hate her. “I… wasjealousofZelda.”
“Come again?” Dang it. They took a deep breath and spoke clearly.
“I… was jealous of the Princess…Because I…” Deep breath, you can do this. You beat the snot out of Moblins you can do this! “have… feelings for you.”

Oh look fingers. How interesting. How intricate. Far more interesting than the more than probable look of confusion or anger or disgust or disappointment or awkwardness on their crush’s face. Yes siree, nothing to see here. The awkward silence was nothing compared to them fingers, the cute chuckle of hers was noth- hold up.

Chuckle. Urbosa. In the same area. What?

“Um… It’s fine if you don’t-”
“My, my. Who knew that one of the Princess’s company could manage to actually bring me to shock? Though I must say, you definitely took your sweet time.”
“You… you’re taking this rather well…”
“Did you expect less? I’m not some monster who rejects people cruelly.”
Oh. That’s… kind of expected. At least it’ll be a polite ordeal. “Right… I get it, feeling isn’t mutal… Thanks for being so nice about all this..”
“Funny, I don’t recall saying that.”

“I’ll admit, I hadn’t expected this. Nor had I prepared to have this conversation like this. But-” Their hand held hers gently. “if you are willing to give me time, I see no reason why we both can’t explore these feelings. Together.” 


“Wonderful. Princess.” Zelda looked over her shoulder at the two. “Would you be opposed if your company were to stay a bit longer in Gerudo City? There’s some business (Name) is uniquely adept at and I am in need of their skills.”

“Hmm…. Father only really requires Link and I for our duties… A few days couldn’t hurt.”
“Lovely. Many thanks Princess.” (Name) could feel themselves glow as her face drew close to their ear.

“Looks like we’ll have plenty of time to figure things out, you and I.”


Hey guys, I’m looking for blogs to follow of the fandoms I like. The list is below. So if you reblog/post anything of games, anime/manga and the other things below, reblog or like this post and I will check your blog (Does not mean that I’ll follow you).


-          The Legend of Zelda

-          Xenoblade Chronicles

-          Fire Emblem (mostly Blazing Sword, Shadow Dragon and Awakening)

-          Ace Attorney

-          EarthBound/Mother

-          The World Ends With You

-          Fantasy (mostly VI and VII)

-          Bravely Default

-          Kingdom Hearts

-          Rival Schools

-          Tatsunoko vs Capcom

-          Marvel vs Capcom

-          Super Smash Bros.

-          Street Fighter

-          Darkstalkers

-          The King of Fighters

-          Mega Man (mostly Classic and X)

-          Pokémon (mostly HeartGold/SoulSilver)

-          Star Fox

-          Sonic

-          Metroid

-          Yoshi’s Island

-          Other retro games.


-          Rurouni Kenshin

-          Fullmetal Alchemist (mostly Brotherhood)

-          Casshern Sins

-          Cowboy Bebop

-          Samurai Champloo

-          Eureka Seven

-          Hunter x Hunter

-          Yu Yu Hakusho

-          Baccano!

-          Giant Killing

-          Neon Genesis Evangelion

-          Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

-          Bakuman

-          Trigun

-          Ghibli Studios Movies

-          Pokémon Adventures

-          Others I can’t remember now…

Western things: 

-          Marvel Cinematic Universe

-          Captain America

-          Guardians of the Galaxy

-          Lord of the Rings

-          Hobbit

-          Calvin and Hobbes

-          How to Train Your Dragon

-          Back to the Future

-          Star Wars

-          Regular Show

-          Others I can’t remember now…


Today I would like to honor all of the badass WOC actresses/characters on TV that deserve more recognition, and to show that you don’t always need to have superpowers or be a kung fu fighter to be awesome. You can be an independent, quiet, book smart, loving, brave woman who makes this world a better place. Characters like Cami O’ Connell, Elena Gilbert, Hayley Marshall, and Lana Lang are not the female characters we need to be looking up to.

Bonnie Bennett: African American

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Isabelle Lightwood: Lebanese, Mexican

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Kisa/Santanico Pandemonium: Mexican

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Kira Yukimura: Japanese (actress is Korean) 

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Raven Reyes: Mexican, Irish

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Tara Thornton: African American

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Annalise Keating: African American

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Olivia Pope: African American

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Cookie Lyon: African American

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Tasha St. Patrick: African American

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Annabelle Zhu: (actress) Half-Chinese American and Part-Cherokee descent

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Number Two/Portia Lin: (actres) White (Canadian) and Chinese

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Your scars are like stars.

They tell your history. Where you’ve been. What battles you’ve fought.

They show how you’ve been through hard times. Rough times. But you’ve come out the other side still kicking.

They show how brave you’ve become. How much stronger you are.

They tell people that you’re a fighter. That you’re not afraid to give up.

They tell a story that is unique to you and only you alone. 

Your scars are like stars. They’re beautiful.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have an great Example of a big-hearted, fun-loving, AMAZING and overly UNAPPRECIATED dude who cares enough to open up about his own battles of depression over the course of his lifetime and give ones like us who suffer with some type of mental health disorder a reason to FIGHT, a reminder to WHY we fight, and WHO we fight for….Because rather you’re tall, your short, thin, heavy, white or colored, lesbian or straight - You Are ENOUGH and you will always be ENOUGH for those who love you. Even when you feel all alone and there is nothing left to fight for…There is somebody out there that is battling right alongside you, even if you’ve never met. The truth is, depression and anxiety is a mind-eating, soul-wrecking sickness and it destroys more people then we could ever imagine.
Jared Padalecki is one of these people. He’s brave, strong, a hard fighter and a believer in what’s right in this world.

He is NOT your goddamn cheerleader for the ships that you ship and his messages to #AKF shouldn’t be portrayed for things that it is not. Whoever sat there and completely disconfigured Jared’s awareness message by slapping a big ole’ “DEAN IS BI” over it seriously needs to take a step back and look at your life. Is it so boring, so plain, so screwed up that you find it entirely amusing to do anything and everything you possibly can to put down a good man?
Because, news flash - whatever y'all say, whatever y'all do, however many photos you sit there and edit, however many nasty messages you send Jared’s way can never and I repeat N E V E R change this simple fact:
Supernatural started with SAM AND DEAN.
Supernatural carried on because of JARED AND JENSEN.
Supernatural’s storyline is always the center attention of SAM AND DEAN.
Supernatural will end with SAM AND DEAN.
So either get over it, or get the hell out of this fandom because believe me when I say it, you are only wastin’ your time and typing/tapping away at your device to prove a nonexistent POINT.

*heavy breathing* I’ve said that all I wanted to say. You may now carry on, my fellow fans.

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Hey Alex, I just wanna say that you're amazing and one of my role models (bc you're super intelligent, a really good fighter, a wlw, and one of the bravest people I've seen) and I wish I could be as brave as you one day

Alex smiles warmly at the person, saying a shy, “Thank you” as she thinks of what else to say.

“I… You know, I don’t see myself as brave, I just do what I have to do to keep my loved ones safe… the only brave thing I’ve done lately was coming out. That- that was hard, but so worth it.”

Alex worries her bottom lip for a second, and chuckles, shaking her head. “Maggie is much better at giving advice, but I can tell that you are brave! Just keep living one day at a time, alright?”

What Disney Film They Love


Big Hero 6. Tony likes a lot of Disney films but this is by far one of his favourites.


Snow White. It was already out before he got put in the ice so he had already seen it and it reminded him of that time.


Beauty and the Beast. He would always think of himself as the beast and that upset you sometime as that is definitely not what you saw him as. After the film ended you would tell him how much you love him for who he is.


Brave. I don’t think this really needs explaining.


Hercules. He likes to see how people on earth think of the Gods and who


Mulan. She is a fighter so she can relate to Mulan. You often heard Nat humming the tune to some of the songs while she was practicing her moves by herself.


The Parent Trap. Pietro and Wanda are twins so you could all watch it together. Whenever one of the twins was left out they wouldn’t talk to you for hours.


The Parent Trap. TWINS! He would also probably watch something like Tangled because he thinks Flynn is good looking just like him.


The Little Mermaid. I honestly don’t know why I picked this one but I can just imagine it and it’s really cute.


Frozen. You always saw Loki as just misunderstood and evil so you thought he could relate to Elsa. When you showed him the film he knew just how much you actually meant to him.

Peter Quill

Alladin. You would make fun of Peter flying around on his ship like it was his magic carpet so he would start singing ‘A Whole New World’ really badly to get you back.

(This one is really short as I didn’t really know what to write apart from the film and why. Anyway I have another imagine to do so it should be up later today or tommorow. I go back to school tommorow as well but I promise I will make time.)

The Mask of Zorro: Diego De La Vega [INTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod

Introverted Intuition (Ni): “When the pupil is ready, the master will appear.” When young, Diego is idealistic and romantic, filled with visions of a greater California devoid of corruption and injustice. He survives his imprisonment by fixating on his futuristic intention to avenge his capture and the death of his wife; he refines his idea until it is flawless. Upon meeting Alejandro in the tavern, Diego immediately senses his greater potential; he realizes Alejandro is capable of being his “replacement” and ally in carrying out his vengeance. He prides himself on patience, and often berates the young man for not keeping his eye on “the greater picture.”

Extroverted Thinking (Te): “Your brother is dead; put it behind you.” Diego is frank in his assessment of others (“You are drunk and in no condition to fight a trained fighter; you will fight bravely and die very quickly”). He constructs a meticulous plan that he wants carried out to the latter, which includes training Alejandro to act the part of a gentleman, teaching him how to fight, and training him to put his emotions aside. Diego’s logic gets him out of prison (take the place of a dead man, kill the guard, grab his keys, break out of my chains, dig myself up out of the grave). He is used to being obeyed in the orders he gives.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): “I can see we’re not going to do a lot of talking,” Alejandro laments, when opening up to Diego and receiving silence in return. Diego is hurting over the loss of his wife and daughter, but does not talk about it until it is absolutely necessary to do so; he shyly befriends Elena and compliments her, without revealing too much information about his own sorrows. He berates Alejandro for using the mask of Zorro to fulfill his own showy desires, reminding him that Zorro “is a servant of the people.” Late in the story, Diego chooses to pursue his emotional desire for revenge and to have the truth come out, nearly at the cost of everything else; he prioritizes his feelings above their “greater plan.”

Extroverted Sensing (Se): The presence of a training wheel in his underground lair reveals that Diego has perfected his skills over many months and years of practice… they may not have come naturally to him. He is very opportunistic (knocking out guards, kicking Montero’s legs out from under him, getting into various scraps with Alejandro), and in the moment whenever he dons the mask, but sometimes miscalculates the situation, leading to his capture. 

Note: Raphael is another NTJ.

1:55am / r.h. Sin

it’s late, you’re tired, unable to sleep. restless and yet you playback past events and memories, unable to quiet the noise within your mind. you lay your head down at night and close your eyes, only to be reminded of all the things you struggle to deal with on an everyday basis. your heart is heavy from the weight of your own emotions. things you’ve felt for those who weren’t worthy of an emotional reaction. those who weren’t as brave as you in terms of feeling the vulnerability of love. you’re a fighter and each day you wake up wearing a smile that has become your armor and each night you to war with nothing but a heart that’s been beaten down and cracked from falling toward the floor. you’re a beautiful mess, a wonderful example of strength and a grand representation of what it means to be a survivor. tonight, you’ll survive once more. tonight you’ll be greater than the things meant to destroy you. 

These then are my last words to you: Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact. The ‘scientific’ proof that you are right may not be clear before the day of judgment (or some stage of being which that expression may serve to symbolize) is reached. But the faithful fighters of this hour, or the beings that then and there will represent them, may turn to the faint-hearted, who here decline to go on, with words like those with which Henry IV greeted the tardy Crillon after a great battle had been gained: ‘Hang yourself, brave Crillon! We fought at Arques, and you were not there!’
—  The Will to Believe and Other Essays in Popular Philosophy (William James, 1897)