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I've been reading your fic and mostly I love it, but I got to the part with Mr Busby and it made me kind of uncomfortable... I was wondering what your feelings on religion are, considering how he's written? He seemed so nice at first, why did he get so harsh?

Hi anon,

Firstly I really appreciate you sending this ask, because if people don’t like something I’ve written I’d much rather they say so so I have a chance to explain/discuss, so thank you! If you want to talk about it more please feel free to message me off anon, I won’t be offended at all :)

Just for now though I’ll explain as best I can (below the cut as it’s a bit long):

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so i’m sorta sad right now and i wanna/need to take my mind of it. I decided that i needed to make some 1d moodboards and yeah

anyway, i love making moodboards especially series so if you have an idea for one send me an ask!


- be following me please i want friends

- reblog this post


- girl direction or canon

- series or single moodboard

- ship, ot4 or specific boy

- inspiration?

- specific colors or album/song inspired

idk if any of this makes sense but humor me please

Thank you Daddy

Thank you Daddy, for always being there for me.
You always treasure me and love me, you appreciate the things I do, you love me on my bad days, tell me every single day how beautiful and cute I am. All of it, even when I’m a bit of a brat.
It’s your first time being a Daddy, and I know you sometimes worry about being good enough. I can easily tell you that you’re an amazing Daddy, no wait, the bestestestest Daddy ever.
You always look at me when I’m in little space, with this adoring look in your eyes.
I love and appreciate all the things you do for me, especially when I’m all little. Like when we cuddle and watch Doc Mcstuffins together, and every time a song comes on, you rock us back and forth, cause we have to “dance” to the song! It always make me feel so good, and sooo little. You hold my hand when we’re out, and make sure I’m away from the road, so that I’m safe. You’ll get all my toys out, so that I have something to do, or you’ll pretend to be Mister Vampire, and bite my neck! You also spoil me so much, with extra cuddles, back scratches, aaand candy!! But it’s also the things, that you do for me in big space, you make sure that I get my homework done, that I drink enough water, or eat enough food.
You don’t judge me for anything, and I finally feel like I’m good enough, I finally feel good in my own body. I feel safe, because of you. Thank you for loving me so much, thank you for being with me. I can’t imagine myself without you. You’re the best boyfriend and Daddy, that I could ever wish for, and you mean the world to me! I can easily say that you make me the happiest girl alive, even without trying. Thank you for being who you are, just thank you. I love you so goddamn much.

artistically-confused  asked:

*ahem* hey there again... I might make a sonic-centric blog so that I can join the community, but I got stumped when it came to usernames. I know it's sort of random to ask, especially since you don't know me, but do you have any interesting usernames off the top of your head? //scurries away

Blue Wind Chime 

Sadistic Shadow 

Surly Scourge (I need to stop with this alliteration whoa) 

Rival Warrior 

Project Sonadow 


Two Tailed Wonder 

Miles Per Hour In The House 

*Coughs* You should be my Tails *coughs* 


Dusty Pink Rose

Golden Metal Blaze

Shadow Unleashed 

(Towns / Places) 

Apotos Mill

Chilled Holoska

Adabat Vineyard (Reference to Jungle areas but sounds like wine I love this one xDDD)

Final Egg

Egg Carrier Empire 

I could go on for days, if you want more just — I can go on for DAYS

Alright, so here is the deal friend-o’s after talking with a large handful of people last night I have finally decided I am going to clean my dash, unfollow inactives and people who do not follow me back for the sake of keeping my dash a safe space or people who I am not chill with on my dash anymore. If I do happen to unfollow you and you want to write MESSAGE ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MESSAGE ME. I am always here to write with you all. shoutouts for helping me last night to @algidcalc @ofheatwaves @smoakinoverwxtch @xhellsfire @brckencastle @lifefcrdeath @bethewhitecanary @undefinable-like-fire-and-heat these are just some of the people, not all of them by any means that were really helpful and sent me IM’s good vibes or assured me of things while talking me through somethings. I apprecaite everyone that follows me especially you guys. So today is clean up day and I will try to get things done. I love you all XOXO ~Arya

Helpful guide to fully enjoy your Final Fantasy XV experience
  1. Watch Brotherhood  → Play Chapter 1 of FFXV  → Watch Kingsglaive  → Play the rest of the game!
  2. Sometimes the music overpowers the dialogue! Turn the music level down a bit so you don’t miss anything.
  3. Really take your time exploring Leide, Duscae and Cleigne regions ESPECIALLY before going off to Altissia!
  4. While in the Leide/Duscae/Cleigne areas: Camp in different spots to trigger different tours, take on some hunts (you’ll need the money), do a bunch of side quests. Explore everywhere!
  5. SAVE A BUNCH OF PROMPTO’S PICTURES! Fill up your 150 slots.
  6. Grind and work on leveling up before Altissia.
  7. Be sure you’re emotionally ready for the 2nd half of the game. Stock up on tissues. Literally, I had anxiety playing through it the whole time.
  8. There are a few “horror game” elements in the later part of the game filled with a bunch of jump scares. Be prepared for that.
  9. Again, take it slow. Don’t be in a rush to finish it! You could be 40 hours in the game already and not finish it yet! That’s perfectly ok! You’re doing it right!
  10. Enjoy it! You’ve been waiting for this game! For some it’s been 10 years, while others maybe only discovered it more recently, either way have fun on your adventure through Eos, chocobros!
Be my girlfriend because:

-I’ll buy/make you food
-Staying in and watching a movie is always an option
-I will surprise you with flowers for no reason other than I love you
-Cuddles, all the time
-We can be nerds and geek out over stupid things together
-I’ll (try to) harmonize with you while singing in the car
-Sad? We can make out. Happy? We can make out.
-I’ll rub your butt
-We can treat dogs like our babies
-I’ll protect you from anything scary
-I’ll never ask for anything except a genuine smile
-We can take naps together, any time of day

i went with sexy hawkeye as my costume. and so did at least half of the other avengers & shield agents. awkward

i told steve no photos so he drew a picture instead. asshole

Compiling all the answers for the phone call questions under the cut! If you’ve been doing another boy, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll add it to the list!

Adding my own ones first from the outfits I have, then tacking on extras at the bottom. There are a lot of questions! 

Thanks to @as-sweetas-honey for the bits I missed!

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Happy one year anniversary UNDERTALE !


Pre-ruffle, mid-ruffle, and post-ruffle Tenth Doctor Hair

David Tennant from the podcast commentary for Tooth and Claw (from the hair-messing-up scene above):

“I love the way Euros [Lyn, director] uses all these shots here to show the ideas all colliding at once

…and I love messing with my hair in moments like this, because it gives Steve, who does my make-up, a nightmare in continuity terms.

I like to keep him on his toes.”

David Tennant Appreciation Week 2016 (theme: smile - because it makes me)