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170215 CH+ CHAT W/ JIMIN

> Gwangju Jeolla-do
> Even if we are not here you speak well
> I’m Jimin
> I’m at home drinking water 
> This is a night greeting, a night greeting
> こんばんは (konbanwa/good evening)
> I know a little Japanese
> I want to speak English and Thai, but I can’tㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
> Thank you? (typed in English) That’s all I can really sayㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> すみません~ (sumimasen/sorry/excuse me)
> ㅋㅋㅋ All I know are the basics
> I miss you all too we will (meet) soon
> Shall I recommend a song?
> Spring Day haha
> I know I know you’re listening to it a lot
> I heard that foreign and Korean ARMYS are working hard together
> Thank you
> It’s beautiful how you all are working so hard together seriously thank you 
> You must miss us right?
> Hoseokie hyung’s birthday is soon
> I didn’t buy a gift haha
> After buying the members presents I will not give gifts because our house will go broke
> ㅋㅋㅋbecause I’m the present right
> Hoseok あいしてる (aishiteru/I love you)
> ㅋㅋㅋI know you’re late, you were playingㅋㅋㅋ
> Ah ah~
> Sorry I want to go to sleep so excuse me while I go wash up
> ㅋㅋㅋLet’s all go to sleep soon~
> I’ll go to sleep as well
> Goodnight (in English) おやすみ (oyasumi/goodnight)
> Sleep well

trans: jhope-shi

If you're in a relationship and you're not happy, you need to ask yourself why you attracted this type of person. The universe doesn't speak English, the vibration you emit is the vibration you attract. This is why you can go through several relationships and it feels as if you've dated the same person. First, start with yourself if you want to see change.

[ENG] 160506 CBC News - K-Pop Big in Toronto
Watch here | Credit: CBC News

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i love love love love love your icons!? have you made (or will you make) an icon tutorial? mine never turn out as good as urs

thank you so so so so so so much!!!!!!! it’s been asked so many times that i’m just gonna do it right now lol. i admit i checked other icon tutorials to have an idea of how to start this. do i really need to type what you’ll need? anyway. english isn’t my first language btw so if you don’t understand something feel free to come ask me. even if it’s a stupid question, those are the easiest for me k? wink

you’ll need:

  • photoshop (i use the photoshop cc version)
  • a screencap lmao (i take them from here)
  • a psd (you can check the psds i’ve made or… not)
  • patience tho

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Dark Fate Ruki Heaven 02 Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue    Maniac 01     Maniac 02     Maniac 03      Maniac 04     Maniac 05     Maniac 06     Maniac 07     Maniac 08     Maniac 09     Maniac 10     Maniac Epilogue     Heaven 02     Ecstasy Prologue

Switch Up! For those who have been with me for all the other routes, I don’t do the Heaven Scenarios until I finish the endings. But, for some reason I wanted to start now. So, at the end of each arc, I’ll be posting a Heaven Scenario. After this will come Ecstasy Prologue. Heaven Scenarios are just extra situations not necessarily tied to the plot.

[Note: The Heaven Scenarios can be found in the “special” section on the main menu. You unlock them by choosing the correct word choices at the end monologues during Chapters 06-10 of each arc]

-Scene: Black Screen-

Yui: … …Nn… …Mn.

-Yui Wakes Up; Scene: Ruki’s Bedroom-

Yui: (This place… …I’m in Ruki-kun’s room?)

(… …That’s right. I was talking with Ruki-kun on the bed)

(I guess I fell asleep… …)

(It’s pitch black outside… …I must’ve slept for a long time)

*Bed Creaks*

Ruki: … …Are you up?

Yui: Ruki-kun… …yeah, I’m awake.

Sorry. I promised that we’d go out together, but I slept for so long… …

Ruki: Don’t worry, it’s fine.

You were up late last night. You were probably lacking sleep.

Besides, it’s raining out. It’s not suitable to go out in this kind of weather.

Yui: … …Raining… …?

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Okay, it's 8:06pm, and I was looking through your blog looking for something interesting that would really get my creative juices flowing, and I couldn't help but notice that you've said English isn't your first language. What is your first language? And how did you learn to speak English so fluently (or type it so well)?

Hi, I hope you found something interesting!
I am German, so that is my first language. Here in Germany every child has to learn English. And when I started school they changed the school system in my state so that kids start learning English in Elementary School. So I had English classes for 10 years. But school English is not the same as real English, so I would say I really learned it from reading and watching TV in English.
And now I even think in English, my teachers would probably be so proud of me :D
- Jana

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What happened in Ks 17-18? its not anywhere Online

It is. Tbh it’s not hard to find if you look for it. I said before that if people came off anon I’d give them the links but there were too many people so I don’t think I can do it anymore. It’s too time consuming, sorry D: You literally just have to type in “killing stalking chapter (whatever) english” and you can find it easily. Sorry if I can’t be more helpful.

If you want a brief summary:

Sangwoo finds Bum in the bathroom crying before he goes to meet up with his friends. He finds out it’s because Bum was insecure about himself while Sangwoo is loved by his peers, then proceeds to also say he was aroused despite that at how cool Sangwoo looked. So Sangwoo lets him suck his dick while being bored on his phone. Jieun is throwing a fit that Sangwoo is taking too long so he finishes himself and goes to meet his friends. His friends are standoffish and insult Bum the whole time.

Sangwoo ends the night early, saying he needs to take Bum home. He tells an upset Jieun to go ahead without him and he’ll catch up later. The car ride back home is silent until Bum looks up and sees Sangwoo’s creepy smile reflected in the glass saying something like “He looks like an excited child for some reason”. When they get home Sangwoo drags him and throws him in the closet, saying he has a surprise for their “anniversary” and that Bum isn’t allowed to come out until Sangwoo says so. He texts Jieun to leave the karaoke party without letting anyone know, where he proceeds to take her back home and start having sex with her in front of the closet Bum’s in.

Bum looks kinda shocked/horrified, but at the same time reaches out to hold Sangwoo’s hand (gaay) while he fucks her. Sangwoo then starts asking Jieun why she dislikes Bum so much. She gives him various reasons “he doesn’t smile enough, he’s skinny, he smells, etc”. Sangwoo pretends imo to get offended for Bum and it confuses Jieun why he keeps pressing the issue when they’re still having sex. Sangwoo then throws the closet open and reveals Bum inside.

Jieun screams and kicks Sangwoo away, trying to run away. Sangwoo is clearly having fun and is like “Don’t be that way” and drags her back. He drags her down to the basement, but before he can chain her up she punches him in the face, running up the stairs screaming for help. He gets pissed off and throws a wrench at her and chains her up. Jieun pleads for her life while Sangwoo gently leads Bum down the stairs and puts him in a chair, removing his clothing and telling her she can only go home if she has sex with Bum. She agrees instantly, surprising him. He goes into a monologue about her distasteful character, with which Jieun starts screaming profanities and telling him she’ll get him locked up in jail to rot.

Sangwoo tells her she shouldn’t be begging for her life to him, but to Bum. Both Bum and Jieun are surprised. Sangwoo announces he’s done this all for Bum and “sacrificed a lot for this”. He then declares by killing Jieun, they can be together “Until the day that we die.”

That’s p much a summary of chapter 17 and 18.

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Can you type down Chroms japanese confession line in english text please? If that's how you say it...

Huh, what?

Roomaji? Or English Translation?




Ore no kimochi wo uketomete kurete arigatou

Itsu no hi ka, tomo ni heiwa wo torimodosou…

Kanarazu da.

Thank you for accepting my feelings.

Together we shall return peace to this land…

I swear it.

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What does WIP mean? I've always wondered but I am to embarrassed to ask

Work In Progress!

(It’s okay, I’ve used Urban Dictionary more times than I’ll admit)

Namjoon Reaction | Comforting you when you’re not his ideal type

Omg you’re not bothering me, and your English is great! ^_^

To be honest, I don’t think any of them would be too fussed if somebody wasn’t their ideal type, because that’s just saying what their perfect girl would be, and it’s quite unlikely there’s going to be a ‘perfect’ girl. And I don’t think any of them would mind too much about appearance because they’re all such sweet guys.

Namjoon: I think Namjoon would be the member most accepting of what a girl looks like. I don’t think he’d care about your weight, body shape, skin colour, etc, but he’d care more about your personality, so if you were really upset about not looking exactly like his ideal type he’d definitely tell you that. He’d tell you that he thinks you’re perfect, and he wouldn’t be dating you if he didn’t love you the way you were. He’d spend the rest of the day/evening trying to prove that he doesn’t care if you don’t look just like his ideal type, and would probably end up taking you on a date too to cheer you up.

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How to Become a Straight-A Student: The Unconventional Strategies Real College Students Use to Score High While Studying Less
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This is the one book that got me a 4.0 GPA in college and was tremendously helpful during a time when I was burned out and stressed with too many extracurricular activities on my plate. It has tips on how to study efficiently and how to balance your time, making the most of those moments between classes. Most importantly, the author writes in a way that made me actually want to study out of sheer excitement to learn something for my own benefit, something that is reinforced on his blog, Study Hacks. I get a lot of questions on study techniques and always end up recommending this book after explaining my own techniques, because it covers a wider variety of methods that can help different majors (problem-solving physics/math vs. history/english) and shows you how to study for each type in a way that saves you time and effort. I really hope this helps, and good luck to everyone with finals! x


Attention Russian Language Learners! 

There is a great website that I think will be helpful for those learning Russian.

Website: (Website can be used on Computer/Tablet/Phone)
Cost:Free [1 Week Demo]; $10-$20/month [Subscription]
Targeted at : Beginning to Advanced Students

  • Automatically adds stress marks to all words (unless ambiguous).
  • You can type any text in Russian or simply copy and paste into the site.
  • You get English translations for Russian words.
  • You can type the Russian by transliteration.
  • Able to see all declensions of a word or verb conjugations.
  • You can look up the Russian word in English.
  • It gives you the case, gender, and number, along with the grammatical property of each word.
  • You can highlight words by similar properties.
  • It includes a Russian grammar explanation page.
  • You can print each file as a PDF.
  • If you want, you can choose not to see stress marks and translations.
  • Saves your documents onto its online cloud for you.

Ok. First off, I am not being paid for this. I have been using this program for about 3 years when it came out. This has been very helpful to me as I can look up declensions of tricky words or simply to improve my pronunciation with stress. Please note: this WILL NOT do your homework for you! It is meant for you to understand Russian grammar and to be able to look up things when you don’t understand it. Beginners will be happy to have handy tables and grammar explanations, while more advanced students can test their reading with the translations, type their essays and correct them themselves. This is definitely a program I recommend for those that want to be able to improve their grammar. Currently, you can buy it as a subscription, but if this is something that you feel you need, check it out and see if you would want to spend your money on it.