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Wait, wait wait. What is this intriguing Publish to AO3 Google Doc? I write all my stuff in Google Drive, but I agonize through fixing the formatting when I paste it from there into AO3. Have I been missing something magical?


So, on the AO3 “Cool Stuff” FAQ, there is a link to this document under “Posting and Managing Works.”

THIS IS THE BEST DOCUMENT IN ALL OF HISTORY. Basically, it has a script in it that has a “Post to AO3″ option and it will go in and fill in ALL the HTML you need - italics, bold, paragraph breaks, you name it!

It has directions in it for how to use it, but it’s real simple. You just always chose “Make a Copy” when you start writing to make a new document that you can then re-name. Change the language to American English (or whatever language you use) and type away. Then right before you post, click the button, get all the code in there, copy, paste, AND POST. 

It is literally so, so glorious and I want to tell everyone. 

(Also, the AO3 Cool FAQ page has some other cool stuff too!)

ok so the only way i could upload this was to re-encode it into a lower quality (720p), so here you go

Segment of Yuzuru Hanyu on THE★LEGEND, translated by me (using Chinese subs), original source here.


Here comes a list of useful words you can find on most Korean beauty product and sample packagings:

화장품 - cosmetics
기능성 - functional
사용법 - way of use / how to use
증정용 - “for presentation” so in this case “not for sale”
스킨케어 - skin care
내용물 - contents
마지막 단계 - last step
피부 - skin
촉촉한 - moist
부드럽다 - soft (부드럽게- softly)
발라줍니다 - apply
피부결을 따라 - (by) following the skin’s texture
손을 깨끗이 씻은 후 - after washing your hands clean/thoroughly

슬리핑 팩 - sleeping pack
핸드 크림 - hand cream
etc. (as far as I know, product types  - like these two examples above - are usually written by using the English word simply written with hangeul, so if you can read the Korean alphabet and speak English, you won’t have any trouble figuring out what type of product you are looking at ;))

제조판매업자 - (manufacturer) basically this is the brand which sells the product
제조업자 - manufacturer (which actually makes the products for different brands)
고객상담실 - customer service office (고객(님) - customer)

170215 CH+ CHAT W/ JIMIN

> Gwangju Jeolla-do
> Even if we are not here you speak well
> I’m Jimin
> I’m at home drinking water 
> This is a night greeting, a night greeting
> こんばんは (konbanwa/good evening)
> I know a little Japanese
> I want to speak English and Thai, but I can’tㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
> Thank you? (typed in English) That’s all I can really sayㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> すみません~ (sumimasen/sorry/excuse me)
> ㅋㅋㅋ All I know are the basics
> I miss you all too we will (meet) soon
> Shall I recommend a song?
> Spring Day haha
> I know I know you’re listening to it a lot
> I heard that foreign and Korean ARMYS are working hard together
> Thank you
> It’s beautiful how you all are working so hard together seriously thank you 
> You must miss us right?
> Hoseokie hyung’s birthday is soon
> I didn’t buy a gift haha
> After buying the members presents I will not give gifts because our house will go broke
> ㅋㅋㅋbecause I’m the present right
> Hoseok あいしてる (aishiteru/I love you)
> ㅋㅋㅋI know you’re late, you were playingㅋㅋㅋ
> Ah ah~
> Sorry I want to go to sleep so excuse me while I go wash up
> ㅋㅋㅋLet’s all go to sleep soon~
> I’ll go to sleep as well
> Goodnight (in English) おやすみ (oyasumi/goodnight)
> Sleep well

trans: jhope-shi

When it Rains || Chapter Two

Genre: Angst, Fluff, (eventual) smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1527

A/N: Thank you all so much for the love on the first chapter! I hope you enjoy this one too! Feel free to message me your thoughts and opinions! I hope I didn’t disappoint!

Originally posted by sugutie

It had been a couple of days since you met Jimin and Jungkook was still pissed at you. After Jimin left that day he accused you of cheating and all kinds of other shit that he should know you would never do to him. Jungkook had this idea going through his head. The idea that he could talk to other girls but you couldn’t even make eye contact with another guy. He interrogated you like you committed a crime. Asking questions such as, “who the fuck was that”, or “why were you with him”. You had to thoroughly explain to him that Jimin was just walking you home since he was too “busy” to pick you up. That shut him the hell up and you could see the glint of regret in his eyes but he gave you the cold shoulder because he didn’t want to admit he was in the wrong.

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|| Girls Chase Boys ||

{summary: a love story based on mixed signals and a dash of miscommunication.}

i reached 700+ followers! this is such an amazing milestone for me and honestly, i’m so fucking happy! as a thank you gift, here’s a full story based on my ‘imagine peter parker falling in love with you…“ prompt ;)

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53

peter parker only tags: @wavy-ley , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none but extreme fluff

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine!**


{all the broken hearts in the world still beat/ lets not make it harder than it has to be/ ooooooh, it’s all the same thing/ girls chase boys chase girls}

“Doesn’t it ever annoy you?” You hear your best friend, Melody, ask while you were doing your homework in the library. Only half listening to her since you were so engrossed in typing out your essay for English Lit, you were in the midst of editing a few paragraphs when you respond with a half-hearted, “Does what annoy me?”

“The fact that that Parker kid keeps staring at you.” Recognizing the surname as belonging to this cute boy named Peter who happened to be a good friend of yours while sharing nearly all of your classes, you frown at Melody’s words and look over to your right where she was sitting, “What? Peter never stares at me. What makes you think that he’s staring at me all the time?”

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If you don't mind me asking - what exactly is going on in France right now with the election? My french is very standard school french so I have a hard time reading all of your posts (still good practice) or french newspapers, the newspapers here don't really report anything on the topic, outside of the most basic stuff, and you seem to have opinions / a lot of sarcasm to share. If you don't mind typing it up in english that is. Sorry to inconvenience you :/

Haha don’t worry, it’s no bother !

To sum it up, the french elections are next sunday (I think ? not the one that comes, the one after) and it’s a M E S S

The current president (François Hollande, Socialist Party) will leave after 5… very hectic years, I guess. i mean, he tried I think ? But the conclusion is here: unemployment is high as fuck, the poorest households are poorer and poorer, and the richest ones are richer and richer.

As for the candidates as France’s Next Top Model, reality TV couldn’t have found a better cast if they tried: they’re 11, they’re full of ideas, they’re full of salt, they’re not above biting each other to blood. 6 of them are considered “small” candidates, as they barely have any screentime and room to expose their ideas (they only have been invited at the second debate, the one with every candidate, because people complained the first debate was only with the “Big Five”, and suddenly I feel like it’s the Eurovision), those 5 are “big” candidates (read: likely to go to te final face-to-face two weeks after the first round)

I say the candidates should gain the mantle by fighting in the mud (blades authorised, no guns), the constitution says they shall be elected, and for some reason the majority of the people here seem to think the boring solution is the best. Too bad, I think the candidates are so full of anger that they’d rather fight in the mud also. 

 Anyway, to sum up the candidates (random order) 

- Hamon : big candidate, he looks like a hobbit and represents the Socialist Party. TBQH I didn’t follow what happened in his party but apparently not everyone is after him ? The problem is that, after 5 years of Hollande, the party is quite weak so.

- Lassalle : small candidate, from what i got he’s a farmer ??? from a tiny village in the mountains ???? he’s the mayor there ???? and he played rugby for years like his nose is all broken and he speaks lie a rugby player. On the center I think ??

- Arthaud : she’s a teacher (of economy I think ?), member of the Lutte Ouvrière, a trotskist union. She is SAVAGE, she is ANGRY, elle est là pour NIQUER DES MERES. Small candidate 

- Cheminade : he wants to colonise the moon and owns a collection of 18 000 euros  of precolombian and prehistorical artifacts. You’d think that with such ideas he’s a big candidate, but no. i think he’s on the right

- Le Pen : sadly huge. you see the KKK ? well, with no hood so we can all see her dirty face and get her dirty spit from her dirty mouth and her dirty ideas on our faces. also steals money. “i understand your suffering” she says to the poorest people of france, while napping in her family’s castle

- Mélenchon : big candidate. how do i even begin to explain jean-luc mélenchon ? very savage too, he’s the number one of the youtube game. he has a manga about him and a video game. On the very very very left but nooooot extreme left, ya feel ? 

- Macron : he’s a fucking banker some people want to vote for him because they find him sexy (allosexuals need to STOP) he has no ideas no program, “yo i’m not the left i’m not the right” yeah shut up man but man how can you have so little dignity that you can say to both Mélenchon and Le Pen in the same breath “I agree with you” ???????? big candidate i dont get it

- Asselineau : small. wants the frexit. Exists I guess

- Fillon: right-right. big. So stupid i actually believe he’s three squirrels that are trapped inside a corpse. he needs to give back the money he stole, by giving fake jobs to the members of his family. Lately he said something like “it’s so hard to spare money, how you do it”. you win like, 200k a year you shitbag. never open your mouth ever again.

- Poutou : he’s a factory worker and he has no chill, and eats spoonfuls of both sugar and salt every morning. He knows he doesn’t have any chance to win, but he takes every occasion he has to remind the others that the people they claim to represent actually exists and wants to have a voice, too. 

i counted 10 and there’s one i forgot but who ????? sorry i guess dude ????

there was a debate with the eleven of them the other day and. Idk if you’ve already watched reality tv with like, people getting angry and snatching wigs over butter forgotten on the counter or toothpaste not cleaned in the sink ? it was that but to determine who will have the nuclear codes of the country 

idk what to add, fee free to ask and i’ll probably answer after a good night of sleep because im exhausted

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Yes. Fishmob question. How do you... Even give birth to this. How. I'm losing my english over this. Pourquoi. Comment.

je ne fuckign sais pas ça me semblait une bonne (????????) idée à ce moment là

ENGLISH TIME {Jungkook fluff}

Jungkook stood in front of the counter at the Starbucks as he was rehearsing his order in his head. The group had been in New York for a few days and Namjoon had been helping him with studying up on more English, but he was always nervous to use it. However, today, he had bugged the guys enough that they were making him go and order his own coffee. He walked up to his spot at the cash register and looked at you.

You said something to your coworker as you put the last order cup down. Looking at the next customer, you felt yourself blush a little. He was gorgeous and his simple outfit fit him perfectly. You put on a smile and tried your best to stay calm.

As if Jungkook couldn’t be more freaked out, now he stood in front of you in a complete mess.

What can I get for you today? You asked in your usual manner. Your coworker was making little comments as he passed behind you. Girl, he fine. You blushed a little more as you looked expectantly at Jungkook. Jungkook looked over your head at the menu.

Uhm medium coffee with a little milk. He said cautiously. You automatically knew that he was trying to speak to the best of his ability and you found it even more adorable.

Alright, do you want dark roast or a blonde roast? You asked for clarification and pointed at the two pots behind you. Jungkook looked at then smiled.

Dark is strong right? He was very careful with this phrasing, and didn’t want to sound dumb. You nodded and smiled. Then dark roast. He said confidently and you nodded again and rang up his order.

Oh and your name? You looked at him and his eyes widened.

Jeon Jungkook, what’s yours? He asked and you laughed writing the name to the best of your ability on the cup.

Oh, Y/N. Here’s your coffee! Enjoy! You handed him the cup with the coffee and milk and he nodded and walked to a group of guys. They all began yelling and speaking in another language, walking out of the Starbucks, while you moved onto the next customer.

Jungkook spent the entire day asking Namjoon to help him with other types of English orders.

Why are you so hung up on this girl? Namjoon asked, a bit exasperated from having to play teacher all day. Namjoon always wanted to help the guys learn English, but he was starting to get tired from having to constantly thinking in English.

She’s just really pretty. Jungkook mumbled and rubbed the back of his neck. He didn’t want to annoy Namjoon, but he knew that if he didn’t make a move now, he would always kick himself over it.

Well, go back to the Starbucks and order another coffee, maybe she will remember you. Namjoon said to the younger member and pulled out his book to read. Jungkook nodded and walked out the door.

You were locking up. It had been a long day and you were excited that you would be able to get off a little earlier today. Then you heard the dreaded bell ring, a customer was coming in at the last second. You sighed to yourself and straightened your apron, you had let your other barista off early because of how slow it was and now you were just tired. Who orders coffee at 10pm? You mumbled to yourself and looked up. The man standing in front of you was the guy from this morning. He looked like he had something he wanted to say, but didn’t know how to put it into words.

Uhm how can I help you, again? You giggled a little and Jungkook smiled.

You remember. He said and you nodded.

Of course, you came in this morning. You recounted the encounter and he smiled wider, nodding enthusiastically. You forgot about your fatigue with his cute smile and felt yourself smiling back. So how can I help you? Another coffee? You asked and he shook his head.

I would like a date. He said and your eyes snapped up.

What? A date? You asked him and he nodded.

Yes. A date. He said with more confidence. You laughed a little.

That’s very kind, but I don’t go out with customers. You kindly declined. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to go out with a beautiful man like him, but it wasn’t good for you to start going out with customers. You saw his face fall a little and he looked at you.

Okay, then I’ll have another coffee. He said and you nodded. Ringing him up, you made his coffee and prepared for him to leave, but instead, he sat down at the counter and sipped at the cup. So, Y/N, how old are you? You looked at him with a bit of a glint in your eye. He was determined to get to know you, so you just began talking to him. Soon you found out that he was in a band called BTS and he even got you to play it over the speakers, you laughed as he started to show the various dances. There was something so cute and innocent about him, but also mature. You felt your knees going weak the more you talked to him.

So Jungkook, how long are you in town? Jungkook thought for a moment at your question. Pulling out his phone and checking his calendar, then doing a quick Google Translate search, he answered.

3 days. You were saddened to hear that he was leaving so soon.

Alright, well why don’t I take you up on that date offer for tomorrow? You asked him and a megawatt smile graced his features.

I would really like that! He answered and you smiled.

Okay, why don’t I give you my number? You grabbed his coffee cup and wrote your cell on the side. He smiled and took the mug back. Now, I have to close up. You started and he took the hint.

I’ll go. Thank you! He waved and gave a little bow, you smiled and waved back. Closing up, you started to play BTS and falling in love with his voice.

Jungkook ran back to the hotel and ran into his and Namjoon’s room. Namjoon looked up from his book and over at the clock.

Where the hell have you been?! He questioned the maknae and Jungkook smiled, waving the cup in front of him.

I got her number! We are going on a date tomorrow! Jungkook laughed and smiled at Namjoon. Namjoon smiled back and chuckled a little.

Good for you. He went to look back at his book, but Jungkook stopped him.

Now we must do everything tonight. Jungkook said which prompted Namjoon to scrunch his eyebrows in confusion. You’re going to teach me all the English you know tonight! Jungkook exclaimed and Namjoon sighed.

Jesus, you have had too much coffee. Namjoon closed his book and sighed. Although Namjoon acted exasperated he was happy for his younger bandmate and began a night of English lessons.

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What kind of boyfriend would each got7 member be?

Sorry for the long wait, anon! Here’s a little summary of each boy and what kind of boyfriend they’ll be. Enjoy! <3

Originally posted by jaesbum


  • Honestly, the most chillest boyfriend ever.
  • He may be quiet at first when you both meet but once he gets to know you, he’ll talk more.
  • Hug and cuddles are the #1 thing this boy will do daily.
  • Even if you’re cooking, studying, or even just watching TV, he’ll want to cuddle every moment.
  • You two will also have so many random moments but it all turns into inside jokes you two share.
  • Also kisses from Mark Tuan??!?! THE MOST SWEETEST THING EVER!
  • You’ll melt in his kiss tbh.
  • Dates will be super chill and fun at the same time.
  • Jackson would most likely tag along just to annoy you both.
  • Not a big fan of PDA but huge when you two are alone.
  • Sex with Mark Tuan ahhaha uh… hot and sexy. HIS DEEP HOARSE VOICE WILL TURN YOU ON OKAY? okay.

Originally posted by defsouljb


  • He’ll either be really cold or really sweet to you when you both meet.
  • But once he realizes you’re the one, he’ll definitely be a man and confess right away.
  • Back hugs and kisses on the cheek
  • damn… that boy will know how to treat you right.
  • He’ll spoil you left and right.
  • He’ll even act cute whenever you request for it. Just for you only.
  • PROTECTIVE AF, I’m telling you.
  • Have you seen the way he gets angry easily?
  • Damn son, he’ll beat anyone that touches you, even if it’s Jackson.
  • Dates with him will be sweet, like a walk in a park or ice skating.
  • Sex with Jaebum… well y’all know full well what that man can do. I’ll just let you imagine it. (dominate, rough and overall the best sex you’ll ever had. Hot damn i need holy water)

Originally posted by i-got7s


  • THIS BOY OMG. He’ll be so touchy but secretly inside, you’ll enjoy it.
  • He’ll made you cry out of laughter and literally be the person that you can joke around with all day.
  • He will tell you about his past, like fencing or his life as a trainee, and you basically remember every detail of each story because he’s told it to you many times.
  • He’ll be such a gentleman towards you.
  • He will spoil you.
  • Kisses every second and hugs you all the time.
  • He’ll basically never let go of you because he’s touchy af.
  • Dates with him will be adventurous and fun.
  • It’ll be something memorable like skydiving or something.
  • Sex with Jackson… oh man..  Don’t even get me started… so many orgasm denials and sometimes can be rough in bed…
  • enough said

Originally posted by gotsolucky


  • You’ll be dating a man who’s a complete savage but also a sweetheart as well.
  • Just like Mark, he’ll need to know you before he’ll decide if he’ll confess.
  • This boy will be the death of you… seriously.
  • He’s sweet, caring and overall a traditional Korean boyfriend.
  • He’ll love to hold your hand, constantly keeping you by his side because he wants to show you off.
  • He’ll read you to sleep or even just read to you in general.
  • Dates with him will be sentimental, peaceful and fun.
  • He’s not a big fan of PDA but will kiss you just to make the other members jealous.
  • Sex with Jinyoung… boy he can be rough if you ask for it but will always be sweet and loving (unless you’re both thirsty af)

Originally posted by markjin


  • Dating him will be like dating a man that radiants happiness everywhere he goes. 
  • His laugh is music to your ears and his funny faces always kills you with laughter. 
  • He’ll be a caring and sweet boyfriend. 
  • You’re first meeting may be shy and awkward but he’ll warm up to you once he knows you better. 
  • Him, constantly singing at the top of his lungs but you enjoy it so much that you sing along with him. 
  • Whines just to get your kisses. 
  • PDA wouldn’t be that much be he’ll enjoy it. 
  • Sex with Youngjae… damn.. He’s too innocent but gurl he’ll make you feel so good if he wanted too. I JUST CAN’T. YOUNGJAE IS TOO PRECIOUS.

Originally posted by ohparkjimin


  • oh boy… you better be prepare to deal with this boy… 
  • He’s a major fashionista
  • Meaning he’ll go on shopping sprees with you, buy you expensive brands of clothing and even pick out your outfit
  • He will spoil you TO THE MAX because this boy claims to be rich af
  • Just imagine him in the kitchen while you walk up to him and give him a back hug  
  • So many dance parties in your living room which will mainly consist of dabbing 
  • Him, rapping to you in Thai, Korean and English (an attempt to)
  • He’s not the type of guy that will be into PDA but will kiss you in front of members
  • “How do you know I’m not big?” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Dates with him will be super sweet, fun and exciting because he knows how to have fun 
  • Sex with Bambam.. Oh boy… this boy can go from cute to hot in an instant… wild and sexy. 

Originally posted by busanplayboy


  • He’ll be really shy at first when meeting you 
  • After you give him your number, he’ll call you everyday and ask how was your day
  • He’ll be the sweetest boyfriend you’ll ever have
  • Like he’ll clean up the house, clean the dishes or even try to cook just for you
  • Watching him put on dance shows for you
  • Him, teaching you how to dance so you two can dance together
  • It wouldn’t be even a peck on the lips, it’ll be a full makeout
  • The only PDA he’ll do in public will hold your hands but boy… he’ll kiss you every time he’ll get the chance to in front of his members.
  • Dates with him with be thoughtful and meaningful. He’ll also make it really fun because you both like to be adventurous sometimes. 
  • Sex with Yugyeom… those dancing hips will make you feel so good… damn that boy can be rough and sweet at the same time. 

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Hello. I never noticed before this update but Sunati has a nice as- feelings! I meant feelings! Yeah... that's it... (also sorry if you said in the faq this types of questions weren't allowed, my english isn't the best)

Haha, I am happy to talk to about Sunati’s ass (assuming that is what we are talking about XD)

I actually spent a lot of time thinking about her butt this week, because on one hand I want Sunati to be effortlessly slender (because mods) but on the other hand it feels really weird when artists (mainly superhero comic book artists) draw ladies without butts to keep them skinny. I tried to aim for a happy medium :)

Originally posted by jypnior

“Do you think everything will work out?” you whispered softly, the room was dark the sun hadn’t even come up yet but you were huddled into Jackson’s side with his arms wrapped around you tightly. His face buried into your neck, the day hadn’t started yet - and at 8:00am KST JYPE was going to release a statement that alerted the fans that Jackson had a girlfriend who he had been with for four months now. Feeling nervous was was only normal, and he’d assured you of it but neither of you could find it in you to sleep - everyone had been quiet with nerves but there was an underlying fear that it would effect their career’s. 

“It’ll be fine, the guys and I  love you so much the fans can’t not love you too,” he murmured lightly as he rubbed your back, you looked at the clock in the corner of the room  the sun would be coming up soon and you have just over an hour before the world knew about the secret the two of you had been hiding. It hadn’t started out this way, in fact you’d known Jackson for almost two years before he made the move to confess his feelings for you. You remembered it like it was yesterday, you two had always been spotted together but no one ever suspected anything. 

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