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Dating Underfell Sans Headcanons!

*He’s a flirty SOB, and not exactly very subtle about it, either. He’ll slid right up to you with a lazy grin and half lidded sockets, and begin a barrage of pickup lines (many of them dirty) that are thoroughly inescapable.

*He’s got his charms, though, and he knows when to step off. Most of the time.

*He’s a bit of an attention whore. He gets incredibly grumpy and irritable if you start to ignore him.

*So many pet names. “Doll” “Princess” “Sweetheart” and “Kitten” are his go- to titles, and he hardly even calls you by your real name anymore.

*He’s incredibly possessive. Sure, you can talk to other guys, but the moment one of them takes an interest in you- well, they better be ready for a b a d t i m e. You’re his, after all.

*He even has a collar for you, but- well, that’s more for the bedroom. Of course, he wouldn’t complain if you wore it out.

*Lots of dark humor and self-depreciating jokes.

*He’s a bit of a hothead. Well, a bit might be an understatement.

*Lots of cursing. He might as well be a sailor for all his obscenities.

*Rough sex.

*Kinky sex.

*Just a lot of sex in general. Sans is kind of freak.

*Under all his rough facade, however, he’s actually a marshmallow at heart, and snuggles practically dust him.

*Couch snuggles. Bed snuggles. While you’re busy doing work snuggles. He just loves cuddling.

*Lazy movie nights.

*Lots and lots of junk food smothered in mustard.

* Yeah, you’re going to have to do most of the cleaning. He’s kind of a mess.

*He’s incredibly uncomfortable with feelings. He’s the kind of guy who’ll just kind of pretend everything’s okay just so he doesn’t have to confront emotions.

*But if you’re crying, he’ll sit down next to you and comfort you in a surprisingly soft voice and a barrage of hugs. And then he’ll go find whoever made you cry and beat the living hell out of them.

*He’s seen some pretty dark shit, man.

*He isn’t the kind of guy who believes in love, or anything. Before you, it was mostly just one-night stands and drunken hookups.

*Speaking of drinking, oh boy, does this skeleton do a lot of it. It’s the only way for him to numb the hurt he keeps suppressed in his bones.

*You’ll have to drag a very, very drunk him home after a night of him throwing back absurd amounts of vodka-spiked mustard shots more often than not, so often Grillby has you on speed dial.

*He’ll lose his filter entirely when he’s drunk, and bitterly laugh at your stupidity for staying with trash like him. He knows he doesn’t deserve you, but he’s too selfish to leave you. You’re just so good and so kind and he’s nothing but a screw up. He hates himself, for that.

*He’ll eventually just break down, and just sob into your arms for hours.

*He’s so sorry, he tells you, although you don’t know what for. He just holds on tighter.

*He loves you, but he’s not going to tell you that.

*Secretly, He’s too scared you might say it back


Okay, so after the overwhelming feedback on my Classic Sans headcannons, I decided UnderFell was next on my list! What can I say, I’m trash for skeletons.

Sneak Pt. 2 [M]

Summary: Power and seduction are a lethal mix, especially when you work at one of the world’s most powerful corporations. But be careful, because someone is always watching. 

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: ceo!namjoon, dom/sub themes, smut, angst

Word Count: 7,253

A/N: this is unedited. I can’t look at it any longer as this took me 2 weeks to write. If there any mistakes, please let me know haha

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Part 1 Part 2

You run your fingertips along the tender parts of your neck. A knot had formed under your skin weeks ago. You really needed to get that checked out, but you also really needed to meet your deadline. At this point your work was more important than your health. There was a lot riding on this project, a possible entire rebranding of one of the most powerful companies in the world. And you were the one responsible.

There were times when you were in the middle of a long stretch of work when the night on his desk would flash through your mind. You would think about the wood pressed against your back in the middle of analyzing sales figures for the past 10 years. You could feel his breath on your throat in the middle of sending one of board members a strongly worded e-mail.

You hated how every touch was imprinted in the back of your brain. The asshole in Armani was in your head every time you closed your eyes. Your body started to tingle every time you passed by his office, knowing that maple desk was on the other side of it’s walls.

You hated it.

You hadn’t seen him since that night. He was conveniently shipped out overseas to check on some of the international branches of the corporation he inherited. You were glad, for the most part. It gave you time to detach yourself from that night and bury yourself in your work. Hoping that by the time he came back to the office you wouldn’t want to shove him against a wall and repeat the night on the desk.

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Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 14

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It was 6:30 am, according the clock on the bedside table and Feyre’s mouth felt like the Sahara desert.  Rhys was lying on his side next to her, his shirt completely unbuttoned and his jeans unzipped. Feyre tried not to think about how she was completely topless and bloody freezing. For now, her main priority was to relieve the desperate urge to pee.

She threw her clothes back on and went on her mission of finding a toilet before trying to find the hideous turtle neck that she found dry on the bath, smelling disgustingly of Tequila. She put it on anyway, fighting her heavy limbs and overwhelming nausea to return to the bedroom -passing the door that Rhys had pinned her against last night - which thankfully seemed to be the guest bedroom. She didn’t think Helion would let them live it down if he found out that they had…done things in his parents’ room.

Rhys was still fast off - my kids sleep like the dead, Ines had put it. Attempting to see whether Rhys was cold she put her hand to his chest and found that he was most definitely unnaturally warm. She tried to convince herself that checking his temperature was the reason for trailing her fingers softly down his chest and not because she simply wanted to touch him.

Rhys’ eyes started to flicker and she withdrew her hand quickly, but had to sit down because her stomach suddenly lurched in protest.

“My god, is this what dying feels like?” Rhys groaned, rolling over on his back and wincing at the movement.

It suddenly hit her in that moment, of the aftermath that was likely to ensue. She couldn’t believe she had given Rhysand Spera a drunken blowjob. She had kissed him in front of everyone. Everyone at the party would know why they went upstairs and didn’t come back down. The mortification overwhelmed her so quickly that she wanted to bury a hole that was 10 feet deep and just lie in it.

Rhys seemed to notice her embarrassment immediately as he sat up, zipping up his jeans awkwardly.


“Oh god gross, Velma and Fred got it on, this is some Scooby scandal.”

The pair whipped their heads to the door where Cassian was standing in the doorway looking rather drunk still. He wasn’t wearing a shirt or shoes, he had taken off his wig (replaced by Lucien’s pirate hat) and he was holding a broomstick. In the other hand he held a McDonalds bag.

Cassian then threw a box of chicken nuggets at them, “Here have some nuggs.”

Cassian’s feet then started moving towards the bed and he collapsed on it, face first, and Feyre winced as she heard the snapping of a broomstick. Their friend lifted his head up and realised he had also squished the brown paper bag.

“Fuck, not my nuggs.” He then proceeded to sit cross legged in front of them, delving in to his McDonalds bag and retrieving his squished chicken nuggets. Rhys caught her eye with a what the fuck look but she quickly looked away and she was suddenly grateful that Cassian had just barged in here in all his drunken glory. It meant that she didn’t have to face the flaming mortification that was running through her veins every time she looked at Rhys.

She had her mouth on his co-

“Are you alright Cass?” asked Rhys carefully. Cassian shook his head, his eyes were beginning to well up.

“I fucked up, man. I really fucked up.” He started sadly chewing on his misshapen food. She thought she might as well get settled if Cassian was going to pour secrets, so she brought her legs on the bed, crossing them like Cassian and eating her own chicken nuggets that he had thrown at them only a few seconds ago.

“I doubt you’ve done anything of the sort, brother,” said Rhys.

Cassian shook his head, “Nah, you don’t understand.” He then looked between Rhys and Feyre, his eyes wide. “Please tell me you wore a condom.”

Feyre felt like she must have resembled a strawberry and Rhys coughed awkwardly.

“…We were safe, Cass,” Rhys eventually said and Feyre was grateful that he didn’t say something like ‘nah man, didn’t go all the way, was just the stuff in between’.

“Thank god,” more tears dropped from Cassian’s eyes, “I love you guys, so much.”

Azriel was right, Cassian was the emotional drunk. Rhys looked to her to say, we need to get him home.

It was now a growing struggle to even make eye contact with Rhys and she hated herself for it. She wanted to go home, crawl into bed and dwell on her drunken decisions in misery by herself.

She couldn’t bear the thought of going to school Monday, the news of Feyre Archeron seen going up the stairs with Rhysand Spera  at the Halloween party that would probably make headline news considering that Rhys was Head Boy and was constantly in the lime light.

So, when Rhys told her that his mother would pick them up, Feyre declined his offer and called Nesta.


Nesta arrived in her dressing gown, a miserable scowl on her face.

“Do you know what time it is? It’s a damn Sunday,” she growled out as Feyre nearly fell into the passenger seat, standing up was an extreme effort when fighting dizziness, nausea, tiredness and regret.

“Sorry,” Feyre managed to mumble out, it was still quite dark out, dawn not having even broken yet, marking the start of November.

Eventually after a few minutes of listening to the positively energy inducing Sunday morning radio, Nesta said, “You got with a boy didn’t you?”

“What? How could you possibly tell?” Feyre spluttered.

“Because I know you more than you think. And you have a suspicious bruise on your neck.”

Feyre pulled at her turtle neck to find that Nesta was right. Damn it, Rhys.

“Rhys?” asked Nesta, and Feyre realised she actually verbalised her condemnation of Rhysand. “The kid who is head over heels in love with you?”

Feyre was far too hungover to even process the verity of that statement. “He’s not in love with me,” she mumbled, throwing her head back against the headrest, the motion of the car making the nausea grow worse with every turn.

Her older sister snorted, “Yeah and the sky isn’t blue.”

“It’s grey actually,” observed Feyre as she purposely opened her eyes to watch the oncoming storm.

Nesta turned a corner rather harshly making Feyre’s stomach lurch in protest.


“So, what did you do with him? Was it just an innocent make out, or did you go full out?” asked Nesta, a slight smile on her face. It was unfamiliar.

Her older sister had never asked about boys before. “Since when did you care about what I do with guys?” asked Feyre rather incredulously.

She shrugged, “It’s what sisters do, isn’t it? Talk about stupid things like boys.”

A drop of rain landed on the windscreen, and Feyre thanked the lord that it gave her the perfect excuse to stay in bed all day.

It felt strange to want to disclose things to her elder sister. The biggest secret that Feyre had told her sister was that the Tooth Fairy wasn’t actually real and Nesta had laughed herself hoarse at her 9 year old sister. Nesta had been a 13 year old witch then. But now, she wasn’t so bad.

“Not sex but…we did certain things.” Feyre thought she must have still been a little drunk.

Their house came into view, and Nesta pulled up with a sly smile. “Things, hm?” Her older sister made specific gestures in question and Feyre burst out laughing, indicating the ones that she most definitely did do last night with Rhys at the same time as covering her face that had no doubt grown exceptionally red.

Nesta brushed it off with wink before they both climbed out the car together.

It eased the embarrassment at least a little bit.


The halls buzzed with the usual petty gossip that bounced along the walls and floors to stretch throughout the entire school.

Every corner Rhysand turned he was faced with knowing looks from Seniors and he had to turn down a high five from a rugby player who told him, Feyre Archeron. Nice.

Well, it seemed everyone at the whole fucking party had seen him and Feyre escape upstairs.

Rhysand continued to do what he did best – pretending that everything was normal. Azriel walked beside him shooting menacing glares to anyone who gave him sly thumbs up. The football team including Tamlin were gathered at one corner, and it was almost eerie how they all ceased their conversations just to stand and watch them walk past with twisted grins on their faces. Only Tamlin’s mouth was set into a thin line.

If Cassian were here, he would probably propose a fist fight right there on the vinyl floors of the school halls but Cassian was at home, ill – hungover still, most probably, since he drank his body weight in alcohol. Ines wasn’t a pleased mother on Sunday and had expressed her anger by giving them plain pasta for dinner – completely plain, no sauce and not even salt.

He hadn’t spoken to Feyre since she told him she was getting Nesta to pick her up from Helion’s, and it kind of hurt him to see her avoid his gaze at every possible moment. It was quite obvious she was embarrassed. It wounded him even more so if she regretted it.

Because although Rhys regretted being drunk, he did not regret the things they did. A lot of it was hazy, but it was still imprinted on his mind and he had to get himself off last night just thinking about it. He hated himself for it, that now he had actually gained a physical memory to return to when he was sexually frustrated. He had been trying to get Feyre to text him back all day but to no avail.

The moment he saw her waiting in maths he let a sigh of relief. At least she wasn’t that embarrassed to even arrive at school. He wondered whether she had experienced the same morning as he had.

She was doodling aggressively on her pink tinted paper and her face was flushed – probably from the hushed whispers from the bastards in the class who were obviously talking about them.

He noted that she was wearing her Wonder Woman t-shirt.

Taking his seat, he cleared his throat, attempting to catch Feyre’s undivided attention on her aggressive doodling.

Someone whistled and Rhys observed Feyre turn in on herself even more.

Fuck this, he was Head Boy. He had the authority to shut these idiots up.

“Anyone who believes insolent gossip must have inherited such feeble mindedness. Do something with your boring lives and get a bloody hobby,” Rhys announced, his voice laced with an undertone of threat. He watched as people turned back around in their seats, obviously ashamed at being called out by him. He noticed one of the football players however remained turned towards them, and they sent Rhys a malicious grin before turning back to the front to await their teacher.

He felt Feyre exhale shakily beside him.

“Feyre,” he said lowly. She remained staring at her pad, her doodle were in fact just harsh scribbles, like she was colouring her pink paper in black. “Please talk to me.”

Her voice was completely flat as she said, “Did you know I’ve been called a slut three times and a whore twice? And it’s only first period.”

Rhys’ blood boiled at the inequality of it all. Where Rhys was met with high fives, Feyre was ridiculed.

“Tell me who they are and I will report them to the board,” he assured, trying to offer her some justice.

She let out a little laugh, finally turning to look at him. Her eyes were empty and it pained him to see it. “It doesn’t matter. The thing is, it’s not even about what happened Saturday. Tamlin has started a rumour that I’ve slept with basically the entire football team, Lucien and now he’s claimed that I’m starting on you and that I probably will get on Cassian next. Or was it Azriel? I can’t remember,” she threw her hands up mock question. She leaned closer, “The thing is, you’re the third guy I’ve ever been with. Who I’ve ever even kissed.”

Tamlin must be truly hung over Feyre to start spreading such foul rumours. Rhys resisted every urge in his body to walk out of that door and wring his neck between his hands. Alas, Rhys must always resort to non-violent ways to ruin someones life. Thanks mum.

Feyre put her head in her hands. “I’m so stupid. This is my entire fault.”

A pang of guilt rang through him sharply.

“Feyre, no. None of this is your fault-“

Rhysand,” said Mr Johnson sharply. And Rhys was obliged to shut his mouth as he watched Feyre return to her colouring. The left side of her hand was being coated with lead but she continued to draw, sometimes making quick sketches of what seemed to be members of the football team to then be stabbed with doodle knives.

He was desperate to talk to her. Tell her that he was glad they did what they did. But then he realised how selfish that sounded because surely drunken handjobs and blowjobs meant nothing to Feyre, especially when they have costed her this - while he was able to keep his reputation because he was a fucking male. 

The pain was exceptional as Mr Johnson handed out an infernal test, first period Monday morning, eradicating any further chance to talk to Feyre when given tasks.

Today was going to be a long day.


Mor had somehow decided to persuade Feyre to eat with them in the canteen at lunch. Mor’s exact words being, if you let them get to you, they’re winning. Never let the unworthy win.

Wise words, but easier said than done when Feyre entered the canteen with the familiar looks from the typical mean girls and the typical boys who were now eyeing her up like she was going to throw herself at them next.

Today was an exceptionally bad day, each lesson, certain people would go out of their way to play upon the rumour that Tamlin had somehow spread like wildfire. Apparently, Feyre was not only fucking Rhys, Lucien and some Jake guy that she didn’t even know until today when she was going out with Tamlin, but she was also trying to get on Bron when he was still with his girlfriend.

Their thoughts meant nothing to her, but it was the attention that made her want to curl up on the floor and rock.

Feyre had made her school career out of staying in the background and now, she was in the limelight and it was hitting her at full force.

There were some looks of sympathy, but those were the looks that she couldn’t stand at all. She didn’t need fucking pity. She needed peace and some black out curtains.

The dream team minus hungover Cassian were sat eating as normal and Feyre swallowed at the sight of Rhys.

Mor and Feyre sat, pulling out their packed lunches. Nesta had actually made her a poorly constructed tuna sandwich, but she ate it all the same.

It was a quieter lunch time, the tension between Feyre and Rhys was pretty evident amongst the table, though Mor and Azriel did make conversation between them, with Amren piping up from her texting with Varian every once in a while.

At one moment, Feyre made eye contact with Rhys and the question behind his eyes were perfectly clear, please can we talk. She nodded reluctantly, and they both made a move to stand from their chairs. 

It was like the entire canteen was put on mute as they walked out together, Feyre did her best to copy Rhys in how he walked, with his head up and the casual air of not giving a fuck. But it was difficult to maintain as they exited and she slumped back over in relief, returning to her natural tortoise state of withdrawing in her shell. 

Her mouth was about to open but Rhys took her by the arm and pulled her away and into an empty classroom – away from prying ears.

The air between them was fraught with tension - an even greater amount since they were alone - and Rhys sat at one of the desks while Feyre decided to remain standing and pace instead. This was all her fault, and she berated herself for her drunken mistakes for what seemed to be the millionth time that day.

“I should have never kissed you,” Feyre blurted out. “I’m sorry.”

Rhys looked instantly hurt, and he didn’t make any effort to cover it. “Right, okay,” he croaked out.

Oh no, now she had just probably insulted his ego. “It’s just that, if I hadn’t kissed you, or dragged you upstairs then I wouldn’t be treated by shit by half of senior year. It was a mistake to kiss you. I was drunk and stupid.”

The words only seemed to wound him more as his face became solemn and dejected. Feyre was angry at herself for being so insensitive and angry at him for no apparent reason other than the fact that he was completely unharmed by the aftermath of what they did. It was a vicious circle of unnecessary anger that wouldn’t even be churning in her if it wasn’t for Tamlin’s rumours spreading like the damn plague.

He swallowed thickly before saying, “So, everything we did. None of it meant anything? When you kissed me it was because you were drunk and nothing else?”

Feyre was choking on her own words. It was one thing to admit that you like someone when you’re absolutely pissed and go kiss them, but it was another when you were sober. When you were staring that someone right in the face.

“I think so, yes,” she lied. She didn’t know why. Feyre hadn’t had much practise in the arts of admitting that she liked someone.

He stood up, “Well I think you’re lying.” He was looking at her with so much intensity in that moment like he was willing the words out for her. It infuriated her slightly that he thought that he knew her so well. Fuck, Feyre didn’t really understand herself that much.

“What do you want from me, Rhys? Do you want me to stand here and give you a full fucking signed admission?”

He seemed to splutter on his words, “Yes! That’s exactly what I want from you!”

“Fine,” she spat, “I admit that I’m not like you Rhys. I admit that I can’t just brush off vile rumours as easily as you can. I admit that I really enjoyed what we did Saturday but I’m struggling to even look at you because I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed that everyone knows. And I’m angry that Tamlin has twisted something like this into something shitty against me. So now everyone thinks I’m a slut because apparently I’ve been fucking three guys at once. Alright?”

Feyre closed her eyes. She expected today to be awkward, as they had crossed a line that most definitely surpassed any level of platonic relationship. She hadn’t expected to come to school being depicted as the new High School whore, courtesy of her bastard ex-boyfriend and his vile yuppies.

She felt him move closer, and a tentative hand reached out to take her own hand. She opened her eyes. Feyre wanted to trace the frown on his face with her finger and draw on a smile instead.

“They won’t get away with this, Feyre,” he said firmly. “They shouldn’t be allowed to treat anyone like this. But please. Please don’t let them win, they are unworthy winners.”

“That’s exactly what Mor told me.”

“It’s one of my mums sayings,” he said with a small smile. He is so, so beautiful.

He swallowed, playing with her fingers. She watched as he traced his thumb over her knuckles.

“I’m glad we did what we did Saturday. I’ll admit that I wish we weren’t drunk, but I wanted you. I wanted you then and I-“

The door to the classroom opened, to find a group of people that Feyre most definitely did not want to see. Rhys and Feyre’s hands slipped apart.

“I don’t think Mr Weaver’s classroom is an appropriate place to fuck now is it,” said Bron with an infuriating grin. He was followed by six members of the football team, including Tamlin.

“Aren’t you supposed to be doing something right now?” retorted Rhys, “I don’t know, maybe mindlessly kicking a ball around for 90 minutes?”

Where Feyre had began to freeze up in the presence of so many boys who went out of their way in telling her keep your legs open Feyre, we want a go as she passed them in the hallway at break, Rhys stood with his usual mask of cocky Head Boy swarm. His hands were neatly in his pockets of his black jeans, his head was cocked in arrogance. Instead of inching behind him, however, she stood at his side and attempted to put her greatest face of indifference.

The searing gaze of Tamlin was burning into her skin. Instead of ignoring him this time, she had somehow mustered the confidence to look back. And she held his gaze with such vehemence behind her eyes that he imperceptibly flinched. That was a win.

The team filtered in through the classroom, casually brushing their hands across desks. One of them closed the door, the soft click permeated through the room.

“Are you big boys going to try and beat me up now?” asked Rhys, he looked at his watch, “We only have 10 minutes to the bell, might as well make it quick.”

The football team sniggered, whereas Tamlin stood stoic by the door, not sharing some of the sadistic smiles of the others.

“Go on, Tamlin,” said Hart, “He’s basically given you an open invitation.”

Feyre’s heart was basically in her mouth when Tamlin stepped forward towards them. So she willed her legs to move in front of Rhys, facing down her ex-boyfriend as he stood just over a metre away. She would not let Rhys become a part of this.

She decided to aim for the heart and take a good stab. “What do you think your mum would say about this?” she spat out and Tamlin’s eyes flashed in hurt. Good. “She would think how pathetic you are. I don’t understand why you think it’s acceptable to spread bullshit about me. If I had known that you would have been like this then I would have never agreed to be your girlfriend.” She huffed a laugh, “And now, you want to beat up Rhys? In an attempt to assert your ugly masculinity in front of your douchebag friends? If you’re going to throw a fist Tamlin, hit me. I’m the one who cheated on you after all, right? With Lucien, Rhys and that Hybern guy whose name I only learned today.”

She did not understand how she was able to step forward, her body inches from Tamlin’s. Perhaps it was the searing heat running through her veins that did often have the capability to give her such confidence.

Move on, Tamlin. Call me a slut and a whore. But you of all people know that isn’t the truth. And you know how much your mother hated liars.”

She stepped back, and the usual anger that would emerge from Tamlin when she fought back wasn’t there. Indeed, Tamlin’s body was tense and his lips were set into a thin line, but it looked as if he were keeping himself in check.

“Let’s go,” Tamlin eventually said, indicating for his friends to leave.

But no one moved. 

“What the fuck man, you said you wanted Spera on the floor?” growled out Hart.

“Is that with physical or sexual intent? I can never tell,” purred Rhys with an infuriating smirk. He actually winked at Hart. 

Hart stepped forward past the desk he was standing behind, coming into the clearing of the classroom only a few short steps from where Feyre and Rhys stood. His fist was clenched.

“I ain’t a damn homo like you or your fucked up family,” Hart grounded out.

“You say such enlightening things,” said Rhys and Feyre touched his arm in warning but he continued. You idiot Rhys, you damn idiot. “Tell me, Hart, do you say that before or after you’re done sucking Bron’s cock for him?”

It was instant. The fist that went flying through the air was enough to make time stand still.

Feyre braced herself, her breath stuck in her throat as she attempt to push Rhys out the way but Hart’s fist was already caught within Rhys’ own.

“Everyone saw that was self-defence, right?” said Rhys as he yanked Hart’s arm so hard that he went flying past them into the teachers desk. Feyre had never seen him move like that, it was so perfectly executed like he already had practiced such moves before.

The next few seconds could only be described as shock, as each football player looked to each other in silent question.

She felt a hand pull on her arm away from Rhys as the silent whistle blew, and half of Prythian High School’s football team charged at him.

It was something like a movie scene, but not the kind of scene where a badass hero would be kicking down all of its opponents in the blink of an eye. No, this was the kind of scene from a Stephen King novel where the bullies were beating the shit out of its victim.

Rhysand wasn’t fighting back. He let Bron’s fist connect with his face and he didn’t move away when he saw another fist go into his ribs. The sound of fist meeting flesh was sickening and Feyre screamed in protest.

Two hands were holding her arms in a death grip and she kicked and swore, she needed to stop this. Tamlin’s unmistakeable voice rang through her head, “Don’t get yourself involved.”

The classroom door burst open and Feyre thanked all things that had ever existed as Mr Weaver stormed in, students gathering outside the classroom. Tamlin had let her go to help Mr Weaver break it apart, seizing arms back and pushing them away.

Rhys was sitting on the floor, propped up against the teachers desk, blood pouring from his nose like a crimson river.

Feyre was suddenly beside him, pulling his face towards her urgently to inspect the damage. His cheek bone was undoubtedly going to bruise, and his jaw was left with similar marks. Blood was pouring over his mouth and down his chin, Feyre scrambling for tissues to stop it.

Her hand was shaking as she pressed the tissues to his nose. A twisted smirk began to emerge on his face and Feyre almost punched him herself.

“You’re a stupid prick,” she snapped out. “Why didn’t you fight back?” People were being dragged out of the room behind her, the shouts of teachers rang through the hallways.

“Your freckles are adorable, especially up close,” he said, his voice ragged.

“Answer my fucking question.”

The tissues were being coated in scarlet and Feyre had nothing else to offer to stop the wretched bleeding. She resorted to tearing a bit of her Wonder Woman t-shirt, pressing the white fabric to his nose. Where in the Cauldron were the teachers?

“I told you they wouldn’t get away with what they’ve started, Feyre. They will have suspension or expulsion on the cards for them right now. Violence is not tolerated in any form in Prythian high,” he murmured with a devilish smile, voicing one of their head teachers most used phrases, although he winced from the pain of doing so.

Feyre was torn between giving him a smack around the head and kissing him, because Rhys had just gotten himself beaten up to basically ruin the lives and careers of half of the football team.

“You’re still a stupid prick, Rhysand.”

“I know.”

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BTS Reaction to them seeing their ex-girlfriend (you) after a while

Requested: Yes

first / this time, they walk up to you and talk to you

i hope you don’t mind but these are slightly longer than my normal reactions, oops-

Rap Monster

When he saw you sitting there on a park bench, all alone, reading a book he couldn’t help but walk over. He sat down beside you, silently, not too close as he took a good look at you. You hadn’t changed much, still beautiful to him. You looked at him for a split second but didn‘t react any further. Maybe you hadn’t recognized him? Or maybe you just didn’t want to.

“It’s been a while.” You didn’t respond at first, keeping your focus on your book but he knew you had heard him, the way your fingers clenched around the object. “I never wanted to break up.” He knew it was stupid to say but,

“Me neither, Namjoon.”

You always thought so. He had looked geniuenly sad when he broke up with you. You didn’t question it, but it had still hurt. You had closed the book, placing it in your lap as you kept your gaze ahead of yourself. His head snapped up at your words. He had expected everything, just not that. 

“I know Namjoon. I never questioned your actions, because I was sure you had your reasons. I always tried telling that to myself. It really did hurt me.” It pained him how calm you sounded while talking about how he hurt you. 

“I owe you an explanation. How about that coffee shop we always went to?” He knew it was risky to ask for and he mentally prepared himself for a rejection.

“I’d love to, Kim Namjoon.”

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He’d be walking by the small coffe shop you two always went to. He made the mistake of stopping, letting his eyes wander through the big window. He almost didn’t notice you, almost. You were seated in the same booth you two had always been, your favorite beverage on the table infront of you while you typed something on your phone.

Without much thought, he pushed the door open, barely recognizing the small bell sound of arrival as he walked straight over to were you sat. He slipped on the bench opposite of you, waiting for you to notice him. When you did lift your head at the noise, your eyes widened slightly when they made contact with his.

“Jin.” Your voice still sounded at beautiful as ever, his name slipping from your lips like you never had that argument that made you leave. You placed your phone down on the table, giving him a small smile. “I didn’t think I’d see you here.”

“Me neither.” You could tell by his voice that he was nervous. Nervous to speak to you again after so much time had passed. Now that you were right there in front of him, he didn’t knew what to say. He may have seemed confident, but he wasn’t. Your smile was so gentle, as if none of that ever happened, as if you still were the same couple as six months ago.

When he noticed the waiter moving over to their table, he went to move and just leave and let you be, though when he heard his favorite order slip out of your mouth so easily, without any question, he knew he could stay.

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Since your break-up with Hoseok, you had been going to the local dance studio instead of the practice room. You had to wait for a room to get free, and you had to pay for your session, but it was fine. You could easily afford one or two hours, and it wasn’t like you went there every day. 

You were lying on the ground, exhausted and out of breath when you heard the door open. You lifted your hand, pointer finger out-stretched. “One minute.” You didn’t even look at the person that entered, though it seemed that your words had caught his attention.


You had expected everything. But never had you thought that Hoseok would use public dance studios. You turned your head to find him looking at you with a hesitant smile, though you could see the nervousness swirling in his eyes.

“Wouldn’t have thought you’d go to a public dance studio. I’ll be gone in a minute.” You knew you sounded rude, but you weren’t even sure if he wanted to talk to you. You lifted yourself off the ground slowly, walking over to your bag.

“Why don’t you stay? You were always honest with me when I looked like an Idiot trying out something new.”

His voice was hesitant, but you smiled slighty, sitting back down on the ground.

“I hope you’re still as good.”

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You never thought you’d meet him again like that. It wasn’t unusual for you to go out late at night. It was more peaceful, there were less people, less noise. Never had anything happened to you on these walks, and even if someone decided they’d want to mess with you, you could handle yourself pretty well.

Though this one guy seemed to be either extremely drunk or just plain stupid. No matter how many times you had told him off already, he’d just keep on following you. You knew you could just go home, you weren’t that far away, but you didn’t want that creep to know where you lived.

Though never had you expected the man to be cut off mid-sentence by none other than your ex-boyfriend.

“Didn’t your mom taught you any manners? Come on man, she said no. Fuck off already.” You couldn’t help but notice how the stranger eyed Yoongi carefully before he lifted his hands in defeat. “Girl never told me she was taken.” He’d shrug before walking off, purposely bumping shoulders with Yoongi when he left.

“So you still walk around late at night, huh.”

“I see you still terrify poor male specimen as well.” You could see the corner of his lips twitching up in a faint smirk at your words. Truthfully, you were glad that he had scared the other man off, even if it seemed as if he had been your boyfriend again.

“Let me walk you home. That guy could be creeping.”

You smiled slightly at the excuse, but nodded anyway. “You know the way.”

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He’d been staring at you for a while now, too hesitant to just walk over and talk to you. To others, he probably looked like a creep, but he didn’t even care. He wanted to, he really wanted to talk to you, but he didn’t even knew what he would say. Though when he saw you trying to reach for something on one of the higher shelves, he saw his chance.

He was quick to walk over, easily grabbing the object you were reaching for. When you noticed the arm beside you taking what you were just trying to get, you turned around slowly, surprised with the familiar face you met.

“Taehyung.” He was holding the object out for you, wordlessly waiting for you to take it. Hesitantly, you took it out of his grasp, your fingers brushing his skin slightly before you lifted your head to smile at him.

“Thank you. As you can see, I’m still too small for the top shelves.” Though your smile faltered slightly when he didn’t answer but just continued to stare down at you. You bit the inside of your cheek slightly, wondering if you should just leave.

When he saw your reaction, he panicked, his eyes moving over your face in a hurry, mumbling incomprehensible words to form a sentence not even he knew the meaning of. Though you had seemed to notice that he was just being nervous when you smiled again.

“You think we could get those cookies we always had as midnight snacks?”

And all he could do was nod, as he followed you around like a lost puppy that had found it’s owner again.

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It was ice cold, pouring like hell, you had just gotten the notification that your bus wouldn’t come because of difficulties and had you packed an umbrella? Of course not. So here you were, already soaking, shivering to the bones as you made your way home from work.

What you didn’t expect was to be stopped by some boy in front of you, as you nearly bumped into him while walking. You went to apologize, though when you saw who it was, your eyes widened slightly.

“Jimin.” Even though he had an umbrella with him, his hair and clothing were completely soaked, just like yours. He didn’t say anything as he stared down at you, only lifting his umbrella slightly, a silent sign for you to get under. Hesitantly, you stepped closer, and when he made no move to step away, you smiled slightly.

“The dorm is still a way isn’t it? Why don’t you warm up at my apartment? You seem just as cold as me..”

You could see him smile slightly and with a short nod, he turned, though waited for you to walk with him in comfortable silence.

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He watched as you went to sit down on a nearby bench, probably exhausted from your run. He was just out to relax a little when he saw you jogging through the park. Though even if you weren’t together anymore, he couldn’t help but feel mesmerized to see you.

He knew he’d probably mess up if he went to talk to you, though he didn’t want to let this small chance slip through his fingers. With big steps, he walked over to where you had sat down, stopping right before you.

You had lifted your head when you noticed someone approaching you, already pulling out one of your headphones, though Jungkook was the last person you expected to meet on your walk. You were aware that his own solo ‘Begin’ was still playing, and by the smile on his face, you knew he could hear it through your headphone.

“Been a while. I see you still have a great taste in music.” His words may have sounded cocky to anyone else, but you could hear how nervous he was, even if he gave off a confident aura. You smiled slighty, moving over to give him some space on the bench.

“You want to know just how good my taste in music is?”

He gladly accepted your offer, happy that he didn’t mess up like he thought he would.

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“...Two Of Us.”

Requested by an anon.

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You didn’t know what to do. You weren’t a parent. You were the youngest, therefore you saw yourself as a baby. You didn’t want to take care of another baby. You were awkward and scared to take care of a child. Especially since it was your baby was your sister’s child.

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Credence Barebone x Reader: Still Magical

A/N: You’re a nurse in New York and you always treat Credence when he comes into the clinic.

Originally posted by hardyness

“Nurse (L/N).” Your friend and co worker comes over to you. “Yes, (F/N)?” You asked her. “That boy is here again.” She said, gesturing to the skinny, pale boy sitting on one of the hospital beds. “I’ll take care of him, okay.” You said gently, walking over to him. “Hello again.” You greet him, giving him the best smile. “Are you okay?” You asked him.

He didn’t say anything. You’ve known this boy for a few weeks. He’d come in with bruises, cuts and at one time, some burns. Not so serious burns though. But you’ve always treated him. Everyone at the clinic knows he’s the boy who hands out the flyers around the corner.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, can you do a hc about the rfa (and v and saeran, if you write about them) on a mc that they have met before when she was drunk and was flirting with them really smoothly? And then the storylines happens and she doesn't remember them but they do?

(*´ω`*) np! I wonder if I’d flirt when drunk….So far when I’m tipsy I just get really stubborn. I think the RFA would have a handful dealin with me, haha!


-When he finally met you in person, he suddenly realized why your voice seemed so familiar.

-You were that chick from about a month back!

-But…You didn’t seem embarrassed? You just smiled and joked just like you did on the chat (albeit with a bit more blushing). Did you even remember?

-He sure did. He remembered just hanging out with his fellow co-actors, just relaxing at a local bar he enjoyed and having a few beers. He was used to women coming up to him and trying to flirt, but uh…Not drunk women who didn’t realize who he was.

-”You- You know? You look a LOT, like a LOT, like this actor guy dude from the local theater. God, you should just see that dude. His name is? Is uh. Zenny? Something I can’t fucking, remember…But god I’d lick his abs, he’s so handsome. You look like that guy man! That cool guy. That beautiful dude.

-Oh my god. He felt so fucking embarrassed for you. You just kept going and going, not realizing the whole time, until your friends finally dragged you back home.

-He thought of that scene a few times, but oh my god, your friends never told you? (GOOD FRIENDS GOOD FRIENDS)

-He decided NOT to bring it up then, not when the two of you were finally meeting in person for the second first time. 

-(A few weeks later, he finally brought it up. Your face was so red as you called your friends for confirmation. When they finally admitted what had happened, you just stood in embarrassed Shock. Until Zen finally admitted you were the one girl who managed to flirt with him at a bar and he actually got interested in you.)


-Jumin had given her so ‘free’ time. Which was, of course, allowing her to go on a wine tasting event with him. It was a bit better than working (and he’d probably have her set up a few meetings anyway), so she agreed.

-She didn’t drink often, but she could see how some lightweights could become overwhelmed with the all the samples.

-At least, that’s the excuse she came up for you. God, as soon as she heard your voice on the phone, she instantly remembered how drunk you had gotten at that simple wine tasting event. But you didn’t remember her? It stung a little, but you were…Very. Very drunk.

-She remembered you trying to casually walk towards her. She thought you were wanting to talk to her about Jumin, praying that it wasn’t about how you could get a date with him. But when you slid your arm around hers and slurred, she nearly had her heart stop.

-”You-You are literally the only pretty person here. These dudes are so uuugly. Oh my god, how come rich guys can’t even look decent half the time. Do you like girls? I like girls. I’m a girl. You’re a girl. Lets. Lets hang out. Blow this popsicle stands. We’ll have fun.”

-When security dragged you away (Jumin’s doing, with light murmurs of complaints from him), Jaehee had to try her best not to blush and laugh.

-You were cute, but oh my god she had never been flirted with like that.

-As the two of you started dating, she never, ever mentioned it. Not until about a year later after a night you had gotten tipsy again, and thankfully you two just laughed together about it.


-As soon as he heard you voice, he knew it was familiar. A nice one, something that didn’t urk him that much.

-Seeing you in person made him immediately want to ban all wine from the RFA party. How you were so shameless he never understood.

-A few months back, he had attended an event that allowed for extra guests to be brought. He didn’t really remember which one. He had went to so many they just blurred together at times.

-He did, however, remember clearly of a drunken woman suddenly grasping his arm. He immediately was annoyed, thinking it was some other woman who had tried flirting with him earlier, but when it was someone new, he gave you a moment to talk.

- “These rich dudes are so. Boring. Are you boring too? You look cool. You look…Cool. Not borin’. Not borin’ at alllllll. Do you wanna be not boring together? Like. The dude who brought me doesn’t even know where I am. Fuck em. Fuck em all. I’d even fuck you if you’d lemme.”

-Oh my god.

-Security had came and gotten you later, and he just sighed and fixed his sleeve. He thought you were ridiculous. 

-So at the RFA party, when you said you were introducing yourself the first time, he called you out on it. It wasn’t the first time you two had met.

-He ended up going in full detail, exactly what you said, how your hair was messed up, how everything about you was just. Embarrassing.

-Your first RFA party was filled with many embarrassing moments after that, especially from a teasing Seven.


-He was just hanging out with Zen when the drunk you came sauntering up, looking strangely confident and slightly confused.

-He almost pulled his phone out, getting ready to film what was possibly Zen’s most embarrassing moment.

-Instead, his hands froze when you passed by Zen and went directly to him.

-“You’re. You’re weird lookin. Not in a bad way though. Like. You look weird but cool. Cute. Yeaaah. I like redheads. Are you into girls? Or guys? Because i wanna. I wanna take ya out.”

-Omg. He was dying. He never really had this happen before, and Zen’s shocked expression was totally worth it.

-Before he could give you a reply, your friends finally found you and pulled you away while spouting apologies.

-So when he found out exactly who you were when he did his background check, he laughed so hard

-He wouldn’t bring it up with the others around (Maybe Zen), but he’d tease the FUCK outta you about it.

-“I guess you got what you wanted, huh?”


-Poor baby. He’d NEVER bring it up to you, except on his deathbed.

-He had finally agreed to go to the bar Zen wanted to take him to. He was a bit nervous because of how often he was being carded. His hands wouldn’t stop shaking!!

-Of course, to make matters worse, there were girls flirting with Zen constantly. He was just here as a third wheel!

-He watched as another girl kinda. Stumbled over to Zen. Great. He couldn’t even have drunk girls- Oh god she was going to him, not Zen!

-“Heyaaa, cutie? You’re preeeetty young, huh? Barely able to get in here huh? Hahaha.. but you’re so so cute. Hey, cutie, gimme your phone number! I’ll be your girlfriend!”

-Oh my god. Oh. My god. He was mortified. Even Zen was watching! Oh my god.

-Before he could gather the courage to respond, he saw a few girls come and drag you away, full of scolding and giggles.

-That night, Zen just laughed and patted your back.

-Of course Zen wasn’t laughing now as Yoosung kissed you, vowing to keep that memory to himself.

-(Until Zen told you literally a day later)


-V didn’t really go to bars or anything of the sort. But when he visited exhibitions, especially ones he was also featured in, they tended to offer wine to drink.

-Unfortunately, not everyone could hold their alcohol.

-He watched a woman stumble a bit, quietly murmuring to several different pictures.

-Eventually she made over to where he was standing.

- “God. I love this one. This. This is a good one. Better than the others. Wait. No, that’s mean. Those are good too. But this one, this one is like. Good good.”

-Oh god. He was trying his best not to laugh. He decided to stand beside his own just in case he could answer questions, or interest people in more of his works. He was not expecting this.

- “But man. This guy has to be sooo fun to be with. I’d love to date this guy! Have coffee! Talk about. Flowers and shit. God, I’d probably sleep with him too.”

- Wow?? He didn’t even know how to respond. So… He didn’t. He watched you sleepily study his picture and… Walk away.

-Flash to him finally meeting you after the RFA party, and you didn’t seem to remember him OR his pictures at all.

-He worried a bit if his pictures just didn’t last well in people, but when you looked as if you never saw them, he concluded maybe you just didn’t remember that day whatsoever.

-Later on, when you two had been together, he always kept you away from the wine at his exhibits. When you questioned him about this, he finally told you about the first time he met you.

-Needless to say, you never drank at exhibitions ever again


-The first time he met you, before the whole RFA mess, was at a bar.

-Needless to say, he pegged you as a target before you really said anything.

-He had watched you from a corner, just basically watching everyone. He was just trying to see what the fuss was about with bars.

-The drunks were annoying. And stupid. Annoyingly stupid.

-But… He wasn’t expecting a decent looking one come to him and try hitting on him.

-He watched, slightly amused, as you stumbled over your words.

-“You’re a little black parade looking punk, aren’t you? Lookin. All tough. And like a punk. Very punky. Can I sit with you, punk? You’re. Cute punk. Yeah! I like punk stuff too, imma even gonna get this badass tattoo one day, man! Whoop!”

-He didn’t even manage to give a response before you sat down and promptly conked the fuck out.

-He didn’t really know what to do, and since he didn’t feel like getting mixed up in anything, he left the bar before any of your friends could question him.

-So when the two of you finally met in person, and you introduced himself, he just laughed for a while.

-“Do you not remember me?”

-After a brief explanation, he ended up laughing for a looong time with how red you had gotten. He actually joined Seven in teasing you.

Bodyguard Bucky.

A/n: The title is unoriginal af, I know. Just a little thing I wrote because I saw a dvd of ‘The Bodyguard’ in a charity shop and was hit with the idea, that Bucky is your bodyguard but you’re secretly in love with him. (It is nothing like that film/play, I haven’t seen it but I looked up the plot.) I thought ‘that’ll be easy to write’, but oh my gosh, was I wrong! It’s gone through so many rewrites and had about half of the original version cut, and it has some of the same themes as other things I’ve written, but I hope it’s okay…

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Summary: You’re secretly in love with Bucky, your bodyguard, but now he’s leaving…Whatcha gonna do?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Gender Neutral)

(Mentions of being Tony Starks’ child, but only mentions, and it’s not clear if you’re adopted or what-not, to keep it inclusive…)

Word count: 2136

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol/intoxication, some angst and crying, but fluff by the end :)


As Y/N Stark, Tony Stark’s one and only child, you were obviously going to be a bit of an easy target, so since you’d finished school you’d had a bodyguard to protect you practically 24/7. The man entrusted to keep you safe for the past few years was one James Buchanan Barnes, or Bucky to you, and over that time you’d like to believe that he’d come to be more of a friend than just paid protection. 

Apparently not though. Last week he’d announced he was to quit with no warning and that single action had sent your life into turmoil, having realised a long time ago that you were completely and utterly in love with him.

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Good Girl Ch 24: Trouble

“I’ve never been so annoyed with my parents for being gone in my life,” Jihyo groans into her hands. I nod in agreement, her head is in my lap, she peeks up at me with those pretty eyes of hers. “Joo, please call those hot oppas of yours.”

“No, no, no, I may be drunk but I know well enough that I would get into so much trouble. They said they would release us in the morning, just wait.”

“Everyone else is already gone,” She gestures to the empty cell that was filled with our classmates an hour ago. We stare past the bars to the sea of desks and police officers when my ringtone starts again. It has been ringing for the whole two hours we’ve been here, I’m starting to get annoyed by it. The officer that has been watching us must finally be fed up with it as he charges over with the phone in his hand.

“Turn that stupid noise off,” He hands me my phone threw the bars. I grab it and unlock it to see 57 missed calls and almost 100 texts from Jin and his boys. I silence my phone before handing it back to the officer whose eyes were glued to my hand the whole time. He grabs my hand, flips it over, almost dropping my phone in the process, and stares at the ring Jiyong gave me. “Does this belong to Jiyong Kwon?” The officer questions. I pull my hand away to glare at him.

“It’s mine, Jiyong oppa gave it to me.”

He stares at me for a minute before rushing away to his desk. Jihyo is wobbling by my side to stare at the strange older man, “What a creep.” I nod in agreement, holding my hand to my chest. We watch him pick up his phone and dial some number, panic evident on his face. “Does your oppa have any connection to the police force?”

I feel stupid for not realizing that before. Of course they have some connection, they are all mafia leaders, they must be on someone’s radar. If not that, than the fact that they are incredibly rich might be a factor, Jiyong seems like the type to donate a shit ton of money to keep the police from looking into his business more. At least I think gangsters do that. A few minute past before another younger man comes to the bars, he’s in a suit, most likely a higher up from the way the old officer bows to him.

“Miss. Jooyoung,” The young man looks from Jihyo to me, stopping on me when he sees the ring on my finger. “That is an interesting ring you have there.” His handsome smile does nothing but put me on edge as the alarms in my head ring quietly. “Where did you get it from?”

“I got it from my friend, Kwon Jiyong.”

His eyes widen slightly, “You’re friends with Kwon Jiyong?”

I nod drunkenly.

“How about you come with me to my office?” He looks to the officer to open the cell. I’m hesitant to follow the nice looking man out of the cell alone but if it involves talking about my oppas I don’t want to bring her into it. With a deep breath and a firm hold on my big side I step out and follow the man into his private office on the other side of the station. Once inside he closes the door behind me, he signals me to sit down in one of the chairs in front of his desk while he sits down in his chair. I’m stiff in my seat, my eyes glued to my hands as I try and be as sober as possible when all I want to do is let my little side out, but this is definitely not the place for that. “So Miss. Jooyoung, I tried to call your parents to talk to them about that ring on your finger but they told me they were out of town and were busy at the moment. They told me to call the temporary guardian you have been living with. But when I can’t find anything in your files and your school file is sealed. So could you tell me how you came across that ring?”

“Jiyong Kwon gave it to me.”


“Because we’re friends.”

“I find it hard to believe that you are friends with the Black dragon of Korea,” He cross his arms over his chest and stares me down.

“I want to go back to the cell.”

“We are having a discussion right now. This is a very serious case Miss. Jooyoung. This ‘friend’ of yours is a dangerous man.”

“He is not dangerous,” At least he isn’t to me. “He’s a massive teddy bear.”

He raises a brow at me, “Fine, I would like to see how close of friends you are with him.” He reaches for his phone before dialing some number, I get confused when he puts in on speaker. The phone rings a few times before someone answers.

“Detective Lee, I’m very busy right now, not to mention that it is 3 in the morning. What the hell could you possibly want?” Jiyong basically growls in the phone.

Before the detective can respond I find my little side poking her head out at the sound of his voice, I can’t help but yell, “Oppa!” Detective Lee stares at me dumbstruck for a minute at my sudden change in demeanor.

“Beautiful?” Jiyong is obviously confused.

“I take it you know each other,” Lee shakes his shock off.

“What is she doing there? Is she okay? Joo-ya are you okay?” Jiyong yells.

“Oppa I’m tired. I wanna go home but Jihyo and I got arrested.”

“Arrested? Did they put you in holding? Give me ten minutes at most.” The line goes dead.

“Why do I feel nervous?” Lee says out loud, I’m guessing it wasn’t meant to be when he looks at me weird for responding.

“Oppa tends to do that to people. I’ve been told he can be very scary.”

“Do you know what he does?”

I nod, throwing him off more. “He owns restaurants, clubs, bars, and lots of other things.”

He glares at me, “Do you know what else he does that has the police looking into him?”

I shake my head.

“You seem close, you have to know.”

“Jiyong oppa is too busy to do much else but work. I only see him once a week because of his schedule.”

“He isn’t your guardian?”

I laugh at that, “I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live with oppa.”

“Who is your guardian?”

“My headmaster.”

He stares at me for a minute, “I’ll be back with something to sober you up, this is going to be a long conversation.” I groan as he leaves the room. Time passes slowly before there is a commotion in the main area, followed by the door behind me busting open. Jiyong is standing there, his chest heaving, I grin at the sight of him before rushing to him, tackling the man to the ground.

“Oppa!” I giggle, planting a kiss to his cheek.

He chuckles, “I’m guessing you aren’t hurt?” He shifts into a sitting position with me on his lap, my arms around his neck.

“I’m so happy to see you!” I beam at him.

“I can tell. Now how in the world did you get arrested?”

Lee comes back in with a cup of coffee in his hand, he stops in the doorway completely confused at the sight in front of him. “Never in my life would I have guessed the black dragon would be laughing on my office floor.”

“Why was she arrested?”

“Her and a friend are the last of a group of kids we brought in that were caught drinking at a party,” Lee explains.

“Why didn’t you call the others?” Jiyong asks me.

“I didn’t want to get in trouble. Jihyo and I are never allowed to hang out because shit like this happens, I didn’t want to give them more reasons I can’t hang out with her.”

He nods in understanding, “Then you should have called me.”

“You were busy.”

“I dropped all of it. I don’t want that to be your reason not to call me, understand?”

I nod, “Thank you for coming. I’m sorry for causing trouble.”

His stern face cracks at my cute drunken apology, “I love trouble, but I would prefer it for you to stay out of it.”

“I don’t know, I’m feeling very naughty right now,” The words are out before I can properly think them over. I have never seen Jiyong so amused.

“This is not what I was expecting, but I’m very happy I came.”

I try to hide my blush, “I’m sorry I don’t know where that came from.”

He chuckles, “I don’t know either but I would love to find out.”

Lee coughs, bring our attention to the man still standing in the door, “I need the number for her guardian.”

“I called them on my way, they should be here soon.”

“Them?” Lee questions.

Jiyong chuckles as he looks up at the man, “You are in for a treat Detective.” As if on command shouting erupts from the entry way again. Jiyong stands us both up, pinching my cheeks he says, “Put on the cute charm of yours or else we are in for it.”

“What the hell is going on?” Lee mutters to himself making both Jiyong and I laugh.

“Detective Lee,” Another dragon growls from the doorway. Kris is there with the others behind him, none of them look too happy.

“Dragon oppa!” I coo drunkenly.

“I’m very upset with you right now,” Kris says sternly.

“Then get out of the way Mr. Grumpy pants,” Luhan pushes the younger out of the way. “Come here baby!” I happily jump into Luhan’s arms. “Oh my god, are you okay?”

“I’m much better now that all my oppas are here!” I giggle gleefully.

“Lets get her home,” Suho kisses the top of my head as I smile up at him.

“I’m not done talking with her,” Lee says bravely, earning a glare from every man in the room.

“She’s a drunk 17 year old she needs to go home and go to bed,” Xiumin snarls. Lee automatically steps back at the sight of the angry man, “If you have any questions they can go threw our lawyer. We are going home, come on guys.”

“Wait!” I place my feet firmly on the ground as the two oldest try to pull me out. “We need to Jihyo.”


I nod pulling my hands away from them to run back into the entry way, “She is still in the cell.” There I find her passed out on the bench, her back to us. I look to my oppas who followed me out; Lee is behind them with the keys to the cell. “Open the door.” I demand. Lee hesitantly comes past the line of still glaring men to open the door for me. I quickly am by her side shaking her awake. “Jihyo, you need to wake up so we can go.”

“She is not coming with us.” Kai deadpans.

I glare at him, something that makes everyone tense, expect for Jiyong who is standing there, amused. “I’m not leaving her.”

“Joo-ya,” Chanyeol starts but stops the second my glare switches to him.

“I’m not leaving her. If you guys don’t want to bring her along I’m going to stay here until they release her in the morning.”

“If you are a packaged deal I’ll happily take you both,” Jiyong offers giving me a sexy smirk.

“Fine, she can come,” Kris huffs storming into the cage to pick the drunk girl up.

“I wanna ride too!” I bounce up and down like the child I am at the moment.

“I’ll carry you,” Kyungsoo offers cutely. He easily scoops me up like Kris did Jihyo.

“Lets go home, I’m tired,” Suho grumbles. We all shuffle out of the station, the van is there along side Jiyong’s favorite car. Kyungsoo is about to put me in the van when I stop him, waving Jiyong over I smile at the older man.

“What can I do for you?” He asks playfully.

“I just want to say thank you Oppa, you are an amazing friend, I’m very confused how you don’t have any.”

“I don’t need any, I have you now. We will talk more on Friday, I’ll be picking you up from school for your birthday surprised.” He gives me a handsome smile before heading to his car. Kyungsoo climbs into the car, with me on his lap and Jihyo in Kris’s we have a very full car as the others climb in. The drive back is quiet, I can tell they are mad but I also think their minds are somewhere else at the moment. When we get home Jihyo and I are carried to my room.

“Get out,” I deadpan as Baekhyun and Chanyeol try to make themselves comfortable in my room.

“But Baby,” Baekhyun whines as he cups my face.

“You guys are not sleeping in here with us.”

“There is plenty of room on the bed.” Chanyeol states.

“I don’t care, I’m sleeping in here with just Jihyo.”

Baek pouts, “She can sleep by herself.”

“So can you.”

“Why don’t you want us sleeping in here?” They continue to whine.

With my little side still here I can’t help but be shyly honest, “I’m the only one who can sleep in the same bed as you guys. I’ve always been a selfish child, I’m not sharing you guys, even with Jihyo.”

They coo at me, sandwiching me between them, “Our baby is so possessive, it’s hot.” Baekhyun kisses me fully on the lips, softly at first but slowly he slips his tongue in to explore my mouth, I push him away.

“Not now,” I say breathlessly, trying my best to hide my smile and ignore the tingling feeling in my lady parts. Both boys huff, “Please leave so I can go to bed.” They give me their best puppy dog eyes, “Tomorrow we can finish.”

“Night baby,” They say together, each kissing a cheek before leaving. When they are gone I collapse on my bed where Jihyo is already passed out, I expect nothing less from her. Without much care I peel off her leather skirt and crop top, leaving her in her fancy matching underwear. Not that I have room to judge since Tao dressed me this morning in a cute blush underwear set. I undress myself before stumbling over to the light and turning it off. Once I’m back in bed Jihyo automatically sticks to me, I’ve forgotten what a cuddle monster she is when she’s drunk.

I happily spoon with her, letting her sleep the same way Tao did last night with her face in my chest and her arms around my waist. Her voice is soft when she says, “Thank you for not leaving me.”

“You were awake?”

She nods, “I figured it would be easier if I didn’t participate in the conversation.”

I can’t help but laugh at that, “For once you used common sense.”

“Those boys seemed nice.” I nod. “And extremely horny,” She teases. “I think it’s cute how possessive you guys are over each other, makes me think of us.”

“We aren’t that possessive over each other.”

“We have both started a physical fight with other girls when they got too friendly.”

I laugh at the memory, but I begin to think of what Jihyo must have been thinking as she listened to my conversations with my daddies. “Who do you like the best?”


“Out of all of them, who do you like the best?”

She is quiet for a minute, “Jiyong.”

“He wasn’t included in that question.”

“I don’t care, I like him. He reminds you of me, that is good enough.”

“I’m being serious.”

“I can’t give you a fair answer since I haven’t met them all, but in the morning, let me get a good reading on them and I’ll let you know.”


Requested by @janaespecter14

“The lady said leave her alone.”  Dean saddled up chest to chest with the guy who had his hand wrapped tightly around your upper arm.

“Out of the way, short stack.”  The man from the bar leered down at Dean.  He wasn’t too much taller than Dean.  Only a couple of inches.  But it was enough for him to try poking fun at the Winchester.

“Last chance.”  When it became evident that the guy had no intention of letting you go, or leaving without you, Dean pulled his arm back and launched a hard punch square at the guys nose.  There was a sickening crack when the punch collided, but his grip on your arm loosened enough for you to get free.  Dean took hold of your hand, pulling you the few steps away and out of the other mans reach before putting his body in front of yours.  “Warned you.  Asshole.”

Shameless 07

Words: 4,583

Summary: This one I almost didn’t want to write, but it’s prevalent to the story and vital info in here, so it had to be included. There’s no warnings I can think of. Sam finds you in a bar after the incident in the gym and convinces you it might be time to talk to someone about what’s happening. That’s the best summary I can give right now.

Shameless Chapter 6

Shameless Series

The bar was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday evening. You’d been here for a couple hours now and the crowd hadn’t grown all that much as you watched from your worn out barstool. The amber liquid was burning less and less with every sip you took from the tumbler in front of you.

Was this your 7th?  Maybe 8th?  You’ve been here too long now and your drinks were starting to blur together.

It’s been a long time since you’ve drank this much. You’d made it a point since you’d left your early-twenties that you would be more mature, more responsible, less…drunk.

But tonight, oh boy, tonight you were going to do whatever you could to numb this agony residing deep in your chest. Bucky’s words were so fresh as they replayed in your ears over and over.

“…only one desperate enough to keep coming back…”

Well, if he hadn’t hit the nail right on the head with that one, huh?  You were desperate. You were pathetic. You were not worthy. You were weak.

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I would love to see some wedding/marriage themed stuff!! Maybe domestic headcanons for 76, Jesse and someone of your choice? I wanna know what my boys do for their spouses, and who gets it down on their wedding day!!

Marriage fluff awayyy! I’m oddly excited to write this one, for someone who’s not a fan of marriage. <D 

Also telling me to pick a character of my choice is just cruel! I couldn’t decide, so I just did the two requested boys. 


Soldier 76

  • A perfect gentleman and then some throughout the entire ceremony
  • So when you get to the place of the honeymoon, expect all that pent up energy to finally come out *wink wonk*
  • During married life, he forces himself to suppress his work addiction, so he’s not just leaving you alone while he slaves away in his office
  • Depending on whether he gets home late or not, either you or he cooks dinner 
  • Evening cuddles in front of the TV are common
  • Tbh, you guys usually end up falling asleep on the couch during this time; the bed is rarely touched in terms of actually sleeping in it
  • You both wake up early to have coffee and breakfast and plan out the day
  • Alternating Friday nights are date nights
  • Saturday is absolutely off-limits for work of any kind
  • Sundays a catch-up day for everything that wasn’t done on Saturday


  • You have to stop him from getting drunk during the dinner after the ceremony
  • It is very difficult but it’s possible
  • He slow dances with Genji, who was his best man, after the first dance
  • He probably slow dances with every one at least once, tbh
  • Teases you the entire rest of the night about what he’s going to do you on the honeymoon
  • And he keeps every promise and then some
  • You make breakfast, he makes dinner; neither of your are home for lunch
  • Most dates are at home or at petting zoos, horse pens, carnivals, etc.
  • Literally that couple that finishes each other’s sentences
  • Unintentionally wear matching clothes
  • You guys are literally teenagers in a forever-dating scenario that just happens to involve wedding rings
  • Whenever he’s on a mission, he calls every night; he also brings back a souvenir of some sort
  • Bringing back a present whenever one of you is away is a tradition of sorts
  • You’re always wearing something of his
  • Musical/movie nights
  • On weekends, you guys actually go out and be social, probably bar hopping with some friends like Hanzo and Pharah

anonymous asked:

hi! how would RFA react to drunk MC talking to random people on the streets?

Just so y’all know: I’ve never drank anything before (because I’m a young lass). So if some of the behavior is wrong it’s because??? I’m 17 and have never drank an alcohol.


  • Must protect!
  • He keeps you away from any MEN because they’re PIGS
  • Someone smiled and waved at you and you grabbed their hand and held it for a solid 10 seconds.
  • He has to pick you up and bring you home.
  • He’ll buy you some doughnuts first, though. 
  • He held you like how one would hold a sleeping toddler to bring them to bed.
  • He puts you to bed and 


  • He doesn’t really know what to do?
  • You two were waiting for Driver Kim outside of a nice, fancy place where you’d had a little too much to drink.
  • And now you were doing card tricks
  • The rich people near you are so fucking confused.
  • They don’t get it.
  • Once you get into the car, he indulges you and you get to do your card tricks on him.
  • Encourages your hobbies, even your drunk ones.


  • She’d put a baby leash on you.
  • She needs to keep you away from people who are just trying to live their lives
  • Talks to you like a toddler
    • “No sweetie, let’s stay away from the nice man.”
    • “Honey, you have to leave them alone.”
  • Responsible™
  • Makes sure you take off makeup/contacts/tight clothing/ties before you go to bed.
    • Also makes you take any medicine you take at night and drink a cup of water
  • Kisses your head and tucks you in
  • What a blessing


  • He’d be kind of very drunk, too
  • So honestly??? He’d be right there with you
  • You guys are the crazy college kids talking to everyone and stumbling around from bar to bar
  • You’d 100% go to a Denny’s and eat so many pancakes.
  • He’d try to carry you home but would stumble and drop you, then fall.


  • Tbh he’s already pretty uncomfortable with you being drunk in the first place.
  • The whole smelling like alcohol thing you’ve got going on brings back a lot of bad memories for him.
  • He just wants to bring you back home and put you to bed 
  • When you start talking to people he’s :/
  • He’s so done dude
  • He’s very uncomfortable and just wants to go to bed baby why are you making this so difficult please just stop talking to people it’ll be okay just come home
  • He sleeps on the couch to stay away from anything that could trigger bad memories.

anonymous asked:

Hi can I get daehwi's reaction to you confessing to him by accident? Like you think you're texting your best friend but you send it to him? (like you send him your paragraph or what you're gonna say to him when you call him)

hi anon i’m going to tweak this because this kind of request would suit a ‘messenger’ scenario. you know the ones with actual phone layout & is an image. …..also adult!au and crack because…. wait no it’s just v humourous not crack cx hope you enjoyed it even tho it’s diff from your request! the lack of layout and proper structure in this makes me cringe but i hope it’s still ok :”)

  • it was just after you finished your lunch that you headed out to the rooftop to get some fresh air
  • your best friend suddenly calls you and you pick it up out of obligatory friendship duties
  • “why are you calling me child?”
  • “do you think i like calling you??? girl i’m just here to get spicy about your crush”
  • “…are we going to talk about daehwi again?”
  • “it’s the highlight of my day to hear about your fails in flirting. man i should write a book about what NOT to do when flirting based on your experience /laughs loudly.”
  • you were a bit skeptical of your friend
  • like
  • is she rlly your bfffff?
  • nah
  • “…i talked to him again today” you squeaked, totally whipped.
  • “really??? wHat shit did you say this time??”
  • “excuse me mother, i talked to him professionally! you know how good daehwi looks in a suit like bless me virgin mary i think i just got pregnant” you fangirled into the phone, shaking your shoulders madly and jumping occasionally.
  • “so??”
  • “so what”
  • “so tell me what you’re going to tell him when you tell him about your feelings?!”
  • “don’t you have anything else to substitute tell with???”
  • “just get to the details!”
  • “OK. if i was asking daehwi out” you would pause to blush and take a moment to properly formulate your words “if was going to confess to him… I would probably ask him out to a dinner…”
  • “make sure you order salad so that you can hide the fact that you act like a man in the inside <3”
  • “oh shut up” you laughed “and then he’d walk me home and i’ll ask him if we could stop by the park” you sighed, hopelessly romantic.
  • “we’re getting good so far! by the way would you guys be drinking during dinner? that would help with the mood like make him mad drunk and get him on your bed- like bAAM! you’re married to him 9 months later”
  • “i’m not going to sleep with him you pERVERT!”
  • “you mean not yet?”
  • “yes not yet”
  • “and then?? what else?” your best friend urged in a very ecstatic manner.
  • “wait i’m just going to put you on loud speaker because i’m trying to find something inside my bag” /puts the phone down on the bench next to you after turning it on loud speaker. “yeah and then i’m just going to tell him about my feelings when the mood-”
  • /hears soft footsteps and turns around quickly.
  • /gasp and dies.
  • you’re not really dead but just went off your mind in this precise moment
  • there
  • creeping towards the exit
  • was the epitome of love in this universe
  • and also the person who accidentally overheard your conversation
  • probably the person who should have never heard it
  • lee daehwi
  • in his hot suit glory and his styled black locks
  • “…h-hey (y/n)” he would awkwardly turn towards you as if he was unsure whether he would leave or not.
  • “…” you were scared shitless, least to say.
  • “hey (y/n)!! aren’t you going to continue? are you going to kiss daehwi or not after that-” you quickly ended the call.
  • your eyes were wide and open, resembling a deer caught in the headlights. your hands were shaking and you lacked words to say.
  • “i’m sorry for overhearing your conversation…” daehwi would start off, fiddling with his own hands.
  • “…i-i-i’m so sorry you had to hear that” you would lower your head and avoid his gaze. oh my god what were you thinking? why did you have to call without looking around to see if anyone else was around as well??
  • “but…” he would glance at you “is it true though?”
  • you blinked, “huh?”
  • daehwi would blush redder and clear his throat. “is it true that you like me?”
  • your eyes would widen once more, “h-huh?”
  • he would come closer towards you while looking down at his feet. “I never had the courage to say this because you know… i’m a coward” he would laugh lightly.
  • “but i think you’re pretty cute too” he would say.
  • you would take a step back. “wait… does this mean…?”
  • “if i knew you felt the same way you probably wouldn’t have needed to plan your confession” he would smile cheekily.

Originally posted by leedaehwj

*i’m not 100% satisfied with it so pls do request again if you feel the same way :’)

anonymous asked:

Hiii I love your writing Omg. Can I pls request for a bts reaction their crush/gf being hit on by a drunk guy? Thank yousss💙

BTS Reaction To Their Crush/GF Being Hit On By A Drunk Guy


Since he is such a gentlemen he would try not to make a scene and because the guy was drunk he would kindly escort the man away from you, since he clearly wasn’t in his right mind to know better that a man should never hit on another man’s lady. “How about you go flirt with someone else” he’d move the man to a girl that’s equally as drunk as the guy.


It didn’t matter to him that the guy was drunk, he should have knew better than to go and mess with you when anyone could clearly see the two of you are an item. He’d glare at the guy before taking your hand and moving you guys to another part of the bar. “Maybe next time we should just stay home and order in, even drunkards with no life try to go after you” he’d say annoyed still glaring at the guy who was now flirting with someone else.

Rap Monster:

Even though he is a gentlemen, he wouldn’t handle it so much like one, simply for the matter that he didn’t like the why the guy was hitting on you, and it was clear that you were giving him a look to save you since you felt uncomfortable. “Shouldn’t you go bother someone else that is actually interested in being with a drunken slob such as yourself?” he’d say roughly giving him a light shove away from you.


Hobi is such a sweet person and it would be wise to not get on his bad side, Unfortunately for the drunk guy who was hitting on you he didn’t know just how bad our little sunshine could quickly turn to a cloud of thunder. Taking hold of the mans shoulder he’d press his finger into the man’s chest “A man like you should be ashamed to even think of messing with a lady when she’s clearly uninterested”


Everyone always talks about how Jimin is the most scariest person when he is mad and that was why you were trying to shoo the drunk guy away from you the best you could, but at last it was too late for Jimin saw this and immediately took action. He may be shorter than the guy, but he was a ball of fire about to burst “Aye, who do you think you are hitting on a defenseless girl, people like you should really know their place drunk or not that’s disgraceful”  


Taehyung would be one of the more calmer people in this situation, he would be upset a little on the outside, but he wouldn’t let you know that. Because the guy was drunk and clearly didn’t seem to know any better he would just escort him outside and call a cab to take him home. “You’ve clearly had to much to drink to know the difference of right or wrong, so I hope tomorrow you look back on your actions” *Ah such a sweet boy he is* (^∇^)


He would confront the guy , which would take you by surprise a little bit, only because you never seen him act so harsh to someone before and when asked why, he’d be flustered since he didn’t want you to know that he has the biggest crush on you “y-you shouldn’t let people flirt with you..that’s all, you should always have a man around…like me”

The Club (Miniminter imagine)

A/N: Heyy everyone:) This was an imagine my best friend @sdmntrxsh requested and it got longer than i thought it would be.. anyway i hope you enjoy bae<333

I hated going to the club. There was always too many people there for my taste. I enjoyed cuddly nights on the couch with a good movie on.

But for some reason satan had decided to take over my body and say yes to Simons stupid invitation to going out with him and the boys. Right after i agreed i regretted my decision. And of course i haf tried to get out of it ever since. It didn’t work.

Now we were on our way and i was freezing. I should have known to bring a jacket or something. None of the guys seemed to notice my almost blue fingers. Or well all except for Simon, after he had noticed, he started to take off his jacket getting some looks from especially Lewis that had his zipped all the way up. He was the best boyfriend i could ever wish for. But you couldn’t take his jacket! Then he would freeze as well. Your struggle didn’t last long though, seeing as he was a lot stronger than you.

Once you reached the actual club and had payed the driver. You had taken an uber here since you all planned on getting totally wasted and didn’t want to leave a car standing here.

Right when you walked in most of the guys disappeared. Some up to the bar, others to a booth and lastly Tobi and Freya walked out on the dancefloor. They took a complete piss out of all the sexy dancing going on, with them looking like they were going to dance salsa. It was hilarious to look at.

Your fun didn’t last though because soon you felt an unfamiliar hand on your waist. Disgusted you shoved the hand away and continued out on the dancefloor to have some fun with your friends. This didn’t last long either though since another guy or possibly the same one, started to dance dirty up at you.

You were getting mad. The one night you decided to go out with your boyfriend and friends you were almost getting what you could call assaulted.

Tobi and Freya were oblivious to the scene happening right next to them and continued to dance. You didn’t feel like dancing anymore. So you once again shoved away his hand and made your way to the bar.

The guys that had previously been here had disappeared to who knows where. You got a bit upset since you knew Simon had been amongst the guys. You didn’t feel like partying even the slightest anymore and just wanted to go home.

Just as you had turned around to find one of the others and tell them that you were gonna call a taxi and go home, someone stopped you. “Hey there gorgeous,” a very drunk man said, whilst blinking to you, “Why have you been ignoring me all night? Didn’t you feel my hand or what?” His breath was awful, it seemed as if he had thrown up, which wouldn’t surprise you. “I’m sorry, i have a boyfriend, who i am looking for right now actually, so if you wouldn’t mind…” you trail off trying to go past him. He didn’t budge, not even the slightest.

Suddenly you feel an arm around your shoulders. This was familiar to you, so you didn’t move one bit. Reassured that everything was going to be be okay, you relaxed.

“Hey babe,” Simon said, you could hear on his voice and feel in the way he clenched your arm that he was angry. “Is he bothering you?” Simon continued. You just nodded, suddenly very tired and you hadn’t even gotten a single drink! The guy finally seemed to get the hint and quickly muttered something that sounded like “she could’ve told me her boyfriend was here” or something as he moved away.

“Thank you Simon! He had been pestering me all night” you told Simon as he hugged you. “It’s okay, but what do you say about us to going home and watching a movie?” He answered. Still tired you nodded your head and looked forward to sleeping against his chest.

Requested by anon:  “I met you last night when you were drunkenly patting my dog in my backyard at 3 in the morning and when i asked you what the hell you were doing you slurred something about dogs being great and then you threw up on my feet and then fifteen minutes later you were passed out on my couch so that’s why you’re here right now also what the fuck is your name and why were you patting a dog in a stranger’s backyard in the middle of the night”

Taking a steadying breath, Dean steps outside, into his darkened backyard.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he shouts, his grip on the baseball bat tightening.

His German Shepard Zepe barks at him in a way of greeting, waggling her tail happily as the stranger keeps stroking her ears. A guard dog my ass Dean thinks as he takes a few more steps forward.

The guy kneeling on the grass looks innocent, burying his face in Zepe’s soft fur, but he’s still a stranger petting Dean’s dog in the middle of the night, so he lowers the bat, but stays alerted.

“Hey, dude, seriously, what the hell?”

The stranger finally looks at him, one cheek still pressed to the dog’s back. As the light coming from the open back door illuminates his face, Dean can see he’s approximately his age. His eyes are blue and a bit glassy.

“S’ry, needed to,” he slurs, hugging Zepe tightly and the dumb dog climbs into his lap, looking at Dean like she’s asking him to join the cuddling session.

Dean sighs when the guy mutters something about dogs being great. The guy is obviously harmless, but it’s late and Dean wants to sleep.

He grabs his shoulder, startling Zepe who jumps away.

“Look, man, you should really-”

Before he finishes, the guy doubles over and barfs, hitting Dean’s shoes.

“Son of a bitch,” Dean sighs.

“‘m sorry, so sorry,” the guy keeps mumbling as Dean drags him inside. He can’t even really be mad. The guy is drunk out of his mind and in no state to go home. God knows Dean’s been there many times and he’s still grateful to all the people, strangers or friends, who kept an eye on him.

He settles the guy on his couch and wraps a blanket around him, he’s been outside in just a shirt for god knows how long and he’s shivering. He’ll be lucky if beside a killer of a hangover he won’t wake up with a cold.

Looking at the guy’s looping eyelids, Dean decides it’s safe to leave him alone for a minute. He returns with a glass of water and some Advil and gives it to the guy.

“Thank you,” he whispers and washes the pills down with the water. He tries to place the empty glass on the coffee table, but wobbles and would fall on his face if not for Dean catching him.

“Easy there,” Dean soothes him, sitting down beside him and taking the glass from his hand.

“Whoa!” the guy gasps, his eyes suddenly wide open and fixed on Dean’s face.

“What?” Dean asks with a chuckle, he can’t help himself, this is just too surreal.

“You’re pretty pretty,” the drunk bastard says, his eyes roaming over Dean’s face. Dean huffs out a laugh.

“Stow it, Casanova.”

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  • “Man, you’re fast when you’re drunk!”
  • “What’s gotten into you? Oh that’s right, nothing, ever.”
  • “Why wouldn’t she just come right out and say what she wants?”
  • “That can never happen again.”
  • “Love is trusting someone enough to tell them what’s really bothering you.”
  • “Come with me if you want to bang.”
  • “I’m going to get you to that hospital or die trying.”
  • “People make fun of the guy who stays home every night doing nothing, but the truth is that guy is a genius.”
  • “I don’t think I can do normal anymore.”
  • “Don’t say that whore’s name in front of our baby!”
  • “When did I become such a gooey romantic?”
  • “Last week I went out with a girl whose favorite band was Glee!”
  • “Treat me like I’m a girl scout trying to sell you cookies.”
  • “Your breath reeks of shredded carrots and deceit.”
  • “Here’s twenty for picking up a girl with only one word and here’s another twenty for that word being boner.”
  • “So you’re pregnant? Huh, looks like nobody told your boobs.”
  • “If we’re together long enough I hope that one day you see yourself like I do.”
  • “When it’s just not there, you can’t force it.’
  • “I can actually hear the sound of her vagina being boarded up.”
  • “A man can do a lot of living in three hours.”
  • “Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things.”
  • “I can handle you preventing me from fulfilling a life long dream, that’s being in a relationship.”
  • “I’m too far gone, I’m broken.”
  • “Deep down you know you were never happier than when you were with her.”
  • “You can’t pay your mortgage with hacky sacks and good vibes.”
  • “I’m never going to talk to my dad again.”
  • “I am never gonna have closure. Closure doesn’t exist.”
  • “I want to be confused with you.”
  • “Never screw over a girl whose last name ends in a vowel, because she’s got brothers.”
  • “I’m a good boyfriend in my sleep.”
  • “With great penis comes great responsibility.”
  • “I’d say hump her brains out, but somebody obviously already has.”
  • “There’s an alien growing in my stomach that is going to explode out of my vagina!”
  • “When your friends have great news you’re happy for them for like a millisecond and then you start thinking about yourself.”
  • “I’m so sorry, you must think I’m totally disgusting.”
  • “Anytime a single guy hangs out with a married woman there are rules that must be followed.”
  • “You look gross when you cry. You know that?”
  • “God, your nose is bleeding like a faucet.”
  • “That is so romantic, I want to fill a pillow case with dead batteries and beat you with it.”
  • “Puffy cheeks, smudged mascara, slightly red nose, that girl was just crying.”
  • “All that stupid crap they tell you about how fulfilling teaching is, it’s all true.”
  • “Good for you for not playing with yourself!”
  • “Ultimately, we only see what we want to see when we’re ready to see it.”
  • “You guys bangin’? Keep goin’, I’m not even here.”
  • “Everyone has baggage.”
  • “I sound kind of douchey. I can’t stop myself!”
  • “There’s a fine line between a true story and a bald-faced lie.”
  • “Of course she is upset - take a look at yourself you dumb slut.”
  • “Being single sucks - turns you into a crazy person.”
What happened? M.C

Word count:600

You sit on your bed crying over your break up with your boyfriend Michael of 5 years. You and Michael were happy well at least you thought he was happy. It turns out that he has been cheating on you for the past year. When you found out you were furious but now all you’ve done is sit in your room drowning in self pity.

“Oh sweetie you can’t keep crying like this.” Delanie your bestfriend says.

“It hurts so much I don’t know what to do to with myself anymore.”

“Y/n I know it hurts and it will for awhile but I promise it will get better and then you will look back and laugh at how stupid it is to cry over a stupid boy.”

“Delanie he may be stupid but he was my stupid boy and I loved his stupidity.”

She seems to be thinking that over but then you saw her eyes shine with an idea that you had a feeling that you wanted know part of.

“Y/n you and I are going out for drinks.”She declares. and as you thought you didn’t want part of her plan,

“Dee I don’t really feel like going out.”

“Yeah well you don’t feel like doing anything so guess what you don’t get a choice in the matter.You’re going and that’/s final.”

You decided that it was best to not argue with her so you get up and go get ready. 

You two are finally ready after about an hour. You get to the club and immediately regret your choice of agreeing with her.

“See Y/n it’/s so bad out here now lets get some drinks and dance.” You simply nod your head,

It’s been a few hours and by now your fucked. Your dancing with a complete stranger and you don’t regret not in slightest. You find Delanie over by the bar.

“Heeeey Dee I’mm sooo glad that you convinced me to come out tonight.”You giggle.

“Y/n Ithink we should get going before you get to drunk.”She says.

“No I don’t want to go.” She tries to get you to when some strange guy comes over and steals you away.

“Y/n you forced my hand.”Delanie says as she dialing the number of the last person you want to see.

“Michael thank so much for coming I just didn’t know what to do with her.”

“It’s fine Dee just go home I got Y/n here.”He says.

Michael begins to look around for when he spots you trapped under some man.He runs over to get you away from the man when you see him.

“Michael you’re here!”You says while trying to push the man off you.

“Yes, Y/n I’m here to take you so lets go.”He says.

You finally push off the man and you pick up your things to go home.

You finally make it to your house and by now you’re starting to sober up.

“Okay Y/n lets get you inside.”Mike helps you out of the car and into your house. He walks you down to your room to help you get into bed/

“Mikey, thank you for helping me when you really didn’t have to”You say.

“It’s no problem at all to help you.”He says softly.He helps you get all tucked into and your almost asleep when you finally ask the question that has been on your mind for the past few months.

“Michael what happened to us?”

A/n:Okay so this may have a part to if gets enough notes. Requests are always open