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Archie Andrews Imagine

‘Extraordinary Measures’

Cheerleader/Football Archie Imagine #1

Summary:  Y/n is a cheerleader on the River Vixens and has a date with her quarterback boyfriend, Archie. The only problem is Cheryl won’t end practice.

Word Count: 1603

request:  Hi~ can you please do a cute archie x cheerleader reader? 🖤

a/n: I know actually nothing about cheer (even though I have so much respect for the sport) so I did a tiny bit of research for this. Sorry if I got any cheer lingo wrong or messed something up. Let me know and I’d be happy to adjust it! // Also I wasn’t sure if the request wanted a Friday night football game kind of story so I kind of just did what I thought would be cool, but now I definitely want to write more cheerleader/football!archie stuff so be on the lookout. (Requests are open!)


“Don’t mess, don’t mess,

don’t mess with the best ‘cause the best don’t mess!

Don’t fool, don’t fool,

don’t fool with the cool ‘cause the cool don’t fool!

From the east to the west

the Bulldogs are the best!

B-E-A-T beat ‘em! B-U-S-T bust ‘em!

Beat ‘em, bust ‘em, that’s our custom! Come on Bulldogs readjust ‘em!

Gooo Bulldogs!”

You along with the rest of the River Vixens were breathing heavily after running another cheer, it could practically be called panting. You were the flyer, with three equally exhausted bases under you including Betty and Veronica, finished in a liberty position with your hands in a high v. You’d been practicing for close to four hours – with no water break. Cheryl was always aggressive but this was a new high even for her.

“That was great ladies,” Cheryl yelled standing up from her spot on the bleachers. You looked down to Veronica and Betty and smiled in relief; it’d been a long day of getting yelled at by Cheryl and this seemed like progress. “Except that it wasn’t. It was actually terrible,” she walked down the bleachers toward the squad, putting an extra emphasis on ‘actually’. “My grandmother could cheer that better than you sacks-of-potatoes-with-skirts-and-ponytails that call yourselves ‘cheerleaders’. And she’s been dead since Obama’s first term.” Your face fell. You should have known. This was Cheryl Blossom we’re talking about.

The bases helped you down and you all gave each other long, knowing stares with heavy eyes. “I swear to god, I’m gonna go New York on her,” Veronica threatened. All the Vixens were thoroughly done with Cheryl for the day. Unfortunately, though, it didn’t seem that she was done with you.

She pulled out her megaphone for added drama. It’s not like she needed it. Even if her voice wasn’t extremely loud and high pitched enough to make dogs bark from a mile away, she was only standing like fifteen feet in front of you. “Why don’t we run ‘Be Aggressive’. Is that simple enough for you guys? Can your tiny little pigeon-brains handle that? And if it’s as bad as the rest of practice has been, it better be because all of you are puking your brains out or morbidly injured!”

Everyone was parched and needed a break. You decided it was worth a try. “Cheryl?” All eyes turned to you with shock and desperation. She cocked her head, egging you on and crossed her arms, waiting for you to continue.

Normally you would just deal with Cheryl and imagine something really embarrassing happening to her to make yourself feel better, but today she had put you in an especially bad mood. You we’re supposed to be going out with your boyfriend, Archie, soon but it didn’t look like she had any intention of ending practice in the near future. He was the school’s quarterback so he would be finishing up football practice any minute and you guys were supposed to be finished with rehearsal half an hour ago.

“Uh, I was wondering if maybe we could get some water?” You asked with an especially pathetic expression and your best puppy dog eyes without being obvious. She gave you a blank expression and stared at you for an uncomfortably long amount of time. Like 15 Mississippi seconds.

“You know what?” she probed, still using the unnecessary megaphone, “Yes, you girls can get water. But only because if I have to listen to you imbeciles butcher another simple cheer, I’m going to Van Gogh both my ears off, and I mean that. Be back in two minutes.”

A couple of girls ran up to you graciously but most just ran to their water to make the most of the time that was given. Two minutes in Cheryl-time was pretty different from two minutes in real-time. Just then, the football team parted ways signaling the end of practice. Some guys went to their cars but a lot stayed behind to watch the cheerleaders practice. It was kind of creepy but football normally got out after cheer so it wasn’t usually a problem.

Archie, jogged over to you with his gear still on and his helmet in his hand. He smiled at you with crinkly eyes and ran his fingers through his disheveled copper hair. “How’s my favorite River Vixen?”

You forwent an actual greeting and instead just yelled “WATER,” at him, grabbing the green bottle in his bag with the Gatorade logo on it and gulped it. It came out a little more desperate and forceful than intended but you figured he got the general ‘welcome’ message. When you finally came up for air he looked at you in awe and gave a chuckle, “Well hello to you too.”

“Sorry, it’s just Cheryl’s been crazy all practice. This is literally the first water break we’ve gotten.”

“Cheryl? Crazy? How new and different for her.” He leaned in to kiss you but you dipped out of the way.

“I promise you don’t want to kiss me Arch, I’m really sweaty.” You handed him the bottle back.

“Yeah, but I’m really sweaty too so it cancels out,” he leaned in and kissed you softly.

You smiled up at him, “Ah yes, simple algebra. How could I forget?”

The nice moment you were sharing was interrupted by the sound of nails on a chalkboard, also known as Cheryl Blossom’s voice through a megaphone, “ONE MINUTE”.

Your head whipped around back to your boyfriend. You HAD to get out of this practice, and you had an idea of how. “Archie.”


“I need you to stomp on my foot right now.”

He shook his head in confusion, “What? Why? You’re kidding, right?”

“Archie please. I don’t have time for questions. Cheryl is gonna kill me, at least if I don’t get to her first. Now just please stomp on my foot. With the cleat, she’ll check for damage.”

“You’re not kidding. Y/n! no! I’m not just going to crush your foot. Are you crazy?”

“Come on!” you pleaded with him. You looked over at Cheryl. You could tell even from this far away that she was getting increasingly impatient which meant that you were running out of time. “You don’t even have to stomp that hard! Just like, leave a mark or something, I’ll act out the rest!”

“Y/n, I’m not going to stomp on your foot.”

“Archie,” you widened your eyes at him and talked slowly and deliberately. “I swear to the lord above if you do not stomp on my foot, with cleat, right now, then I will not talk to you for a solid week. I swear.”

He opened his mouth to say something, contemplating what to do. He really didn’t want to hurt your foot but he knew that, strangely, you would be really mad at him if he didn’t.

Cheryl’s voice rang from the megaphone, “LET’S TAKE IT FROM THE TOP VIXENS!”

Archie went against his better judgment, lifting his foot about two feet off the ground and slammed it down onto your soft sneaker.

“SHIT!” You buckled over and grabbed your foot in pain, balancing yourself by holding onto Archie with your other hand.

“I’m so sorry. Are you okay? I really didn’t want to –”

“It’s fine, Arch. That was perfect. But I will need you to carry me over to Cheryl. She’ll want to see this.”

He put the rest of his equipment in his bag and lifted you up bridal style and headed towards the cheer squad. “Cheryl’s going to kill me right?” “Probably.”

She had her back turned to you as she was yelling at a freshman about how her hair looked unprofessional. “Cheryl?” You called out to her. She whipped around and her jaw dropped.

“What did you do to my flyer Andrews?!”

He cautiously answered her, “I’m really sorry, I just accidentally stepped on her foot with my cleat…”

“Which foot?!” Her eyes were wide with rage. You lifted your leg to indicate. She walked swiftly over to you and roughly pulled off your sneaker, making you wince a bit in pain. Sure enough, Archie’s cleats had left their mark. Your foot was red and it was obvious you couldn’t do anymore flying today. She threw the shoe into your hand that wasn’t wrapped around Archie’s neck. “Next time keep your big clown feet to yourself Boo Boo the fool.” She turned and walked towards her place in the bleachers. “Get out of my sight Y/n and put some ice on the foot. It better be healed by next practice,” she warned over her shoulder.

You looked at Archie, “I think… we’re free to go.” You looked back at the squad and saw Betty and Veronica getting into formation to run something. Betty reached her arm out dramatically towards the two of you and you could see Veronica mouth the words ‘Take us with you’. You reached back mirroring Betty’s motion as Archie turned away and walked towards his car.

“At least now we can make our dinner reservation. I got us a table at this great place called Pop’s. You probably haven’t heard of it, it’s pretty underground.” Archie quipped.

“Oh yeah? Sounds cute. I really will need some ice when we get there though. You know you actually stepped on me pretty bad,” you said to him, knowing how it would make him react.

“Are you kidding me? You forced me to do it! You threatened me!”

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding relax. I will need some ice though.”

“What are you? Some kind of masochist?”

“Mr. Grey will see you now.”

dating ross butler | (would include)

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- being shorter than him even in heels

- “your such a bfg”

- hugs on hugs on hugs, he literally would give the warmest hugs

- you’d borrow -steal- his clothes like 24/7

- “is that my shirt?” “um well yes it it- also no longer yours

- lots of snuggling

- everywhere

- pda, so much god damn pda

- visiting him on set

- did i mention cuddles?

- constantly touching his hair

- you’d run your fingers through it when your snuggled up with him at night

- asking -begging- to let you braid it

- “no baby” “pleeeeeeassseee”

- him giving into you every time because he’s so inlove with you

- him being the first to say i love you

- make out sessions in his trailer

- cuddles in bed because he’s just a giant teddy bear

- inside jokes

- banter

- meeting the cast

- coachella with ross, the 13rw cast & the riverdale gang

- riding his shoulder during halsey

- piggy backs everywhere because you’re lazy

- ross trying to drag you to the gym

- “c'mon baby it’ll be fun”

- dancing in his kitchen

- going out to premieres always as his date

- ross always gushing about you even in interviews

- being his princess & number one fan

- binge watching 13RW with him on the couch, wine and junk food at hand

- crying because the shows triggering with your mental illness’

- “don’t cry baby, i love you”

- snuggles for comfort

- more banter

- “so zach is literally reggie but with more screentime”

- laughing so hard you nearly pee

- tickle fights

- road trips

- both of you singing -badly- at the top of your lungs

- catching him trying to get of guard photos of you

- “stopppppp!!!”

- lots of innuendo’s and constant teasing -especially in public-

- long distance when he’s working

- midnight text, because he’s -always- thinking about you

- protective ross

- especially when your out drinking and other guys try and flirt with you

- butt grabbing

- flirty in public almost always

- goofing off when it’s just you two

- being woken up by his dog in the mornings

- arguing over silly things but making up shortly after

- make outs

- make up sex

- trying to impress you

- “i bet you can’t actually do the spoon thing”

- him proving you wrong

- “yeah you’re forgiven”

- sarcasm 24/7

- forehead kisses

- his cologne all over your clothes and apartment

- movies nights

- going to sporting games

- wearing his teams colours

- “holy fuck you look so right now”

- blushing -constantly- whenever your around him

- being hopelessly in love

- dating a real life cinnamon roll

100 Prompts List

1. “What’s a soulmate?”
2. “Are you sure you know where we’re going?”
3. “This isn’t gonna end well.”
4. “This is my stop.”
5. “When will they kiss?!”
6. “You’re in love with _____!”
7. “Are you kidding me? We’re not ‘fine’, we were never ‘fine’!”
8. “It’s like we’ve faded apart.”
9. “It’s like you don’t care anymore.”
10. “Don’t you dare touch me!”
11. “Not again, I’m not losing you again.”
12. “You had your chance.”
13. “Excuse me, I think this is your coffee.”
14. “I’m marrying ______.”
15. “So you’re taking _____’s side. Okay.”
16. “It hurt when you said you didn’t love me, but it hurt even more when you fell in love with _____.”
17. “I can’t believe I was stupid enough to fall for my best friend.”
18. “I want my best friend back.”
19. “Sorry, but _____’s gone.”
20. “My parents asked about you.”
21. “I’m sorry, but who are you?”
22. “You got her pregnant? While you were with me?”
23. “I’ll always be there for you.”
24. “You yell at me all the time. All the time. So now that I’m leaving to regret what you’ve done?”
25. “Is it so bad that I want to do something for myself for once?!”
26. “Why are we still a secret? Are you ashamed of me?”
27. “So there’s someone else on the side?”
28. “Are you drunk?” / “Were you drinking again?”
29. “What’s going on?”
30. “I’m leaving.”
31. “Don’t you dare say it. Don’t you dare say you love me.”
32. “You say you love me and that I’m the one for you but you’re still sleeping around and texting other people too.”
33. “I made a mistake.”
34. “I’m not going.”
35. “Don’t you dare walk out that door.”
36. “I wasn’t supposed to wait for you forever.”
37. “I moved on.”
38. “Run, and don’t you dare look back.”
39. “I love you and it’s terrifying.”
40. “What is this feeling?”
41. “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”
42. “When will you stop running and accept the fact that I love you?!”
43. “I think I’m on my period.”
44. “I think I’m pregnant.”
45. “Did you really mean that?”
46. “Am I not good enough?”
47. “Take care of your parents.”
48. “Come back home.”
49. “I can’t trust you anymore.”
50. “Why did you tell ___?!”
51. “These pickup lines won’t make me like you.”
52. “Leave! See if I care!”
53. “Can I paint your nails?”
54. “I’m not happy with you.”
55. “I loved you my whole life and I waited for you to notice.”
56. “What’re you hiding from me?”
57. “I don’t want to be alone right now.”
58. “I wish I could tell you.”
59. “Everyone thought it would last. I thought it would last.”
60. “A second chance? After you broke it off? In a public place?”
61. “You can’t wear that out.”
62. “I’m not leaving till you listen.”
63. “You look good in my shirt.”
64. “You look like you haven’t slept in days.”
65. “It could be worse.”
66. “Put me down!”
67. “I know this Human Phys but I know we’ve got chemistry.”
68. “What do you mean a double date?”
69. “Stop singing to children’s shows.”
70. “Do you need help with your sunscreen?”
71. “No, I insist on playing.”
72. “You, me. That cafe on 14th at 6.”
73. “I think you should stop wearing makeup.”
74. “Did you just say that to me?”
75. “I’m sorry for jumping on your back, I thought you were someone else.”
76. “Sorry, we’re closed.”
77. “Hi, we were assigned as partners.”
78. “Excuse me, do you need help getting that?”
79. “You look like you need a drink.”
80. “Are you on the (sports) team?”
81. “It’s not what it looks like.”
82. “Do you trust me?”
83. “Go talk to them.”
84. “She’ll whoop your ass if you try anything funny.”
85. “Your drink is nasty.”
86. “I just moved in.”
87. “I’m lost, please help?”
88. “I got this number last night at the bar, and it seems to be the wrong person.”
89. “What’re you doing here?”
90. “I said I never wanted to see you again.”
91. “Are you that stupid?”
92. “That was really hot.”
93. “Let me drive.”
94. “Stop putting the mugs on the top shelf.”
95. “You’re an asshole.”
96. “How was last night?”
97. “I accidentally broke your window.”
98. “Can I buy you a coffee?”
99. “We’ll go there someday, I promise you.”
100. “Here. I know it’s your favorite.”

elphabun  asked:

SasuSai #25 for the sm prompts?

(everything i write with sai turns into a freaking novel how the fuck does that happen??)

“You know,” Naruto says, “I could cut off that other sleeve for you! Then you’d match! Aren’t artists supposed to like that kind of thing?”

Sai gets the feeling that Naruto doesn’t actually know much of anything about what artists are supposed to like and is just guessing wildly. It’s not the first time he’s had the feeling. It is, however, just ever so slightly more aggravating than the other times, or it would be if Sai allowed himself to feel anything at all.

(There’s a nervous flutter in his chest. He’s tense. He’s worried. He’s happy. But he isn’t any of those things, because he’s Root, and Root shinobi have no emotions.)

“Thank you, dickless,” he answers, and friends are supposed to sound thankful and appreciative when responding to each other’s requests, but Sai mostly just hopes he manages cheerful. Anything more complicated is usually hard, and right now, especially when it’s about his right arm—

He doesn’t touch it. His sleeve is long on that side for a reason, and the numbers are hidden, high up near the bend of his elbow. None of his teammates have seen them, not even Captain Yamato, who’s spent all day watching him with uncomfortably knowing eyes.

“My clothes are very fashionable, though,” Sai adds, even as Naruto is opening his mouth to loudly protest the nickname. (Sai had realized after the first emphatic objection that that nickname, at least, would not make them click as sudden best friends, but Sai also suspects that if he were allowed to have emotions, he’d be a dick, so it all works out.) “Ah! I see! Friends often dress in coordinated outfits, don’t they? Should be both look like we went dumpster-diving for our clothes behind a color-blind octogenarian’s house?”

Naruto blinks. His mouth opens, and then closes without anything coming out. Sai can practically see him trying to figure out if he was just insulted.

Sakura has a sudden and inexplicable coughing fit into the bottle of water she’s drinking, and Captain Yamato is very purposefully digging through his pack. When Naruto turns to them to gauge reactions, he gets no help, so her turns back to Sai with a squinty look of suspicion and levels a finger at him.

“My clothes are awesome!” he insists. Loudly, because it seems everything Naruto does is at top volume. Even sleeping, and Sai hadn’t really thought that was possible. “You’re just jealous ‘cause mine actually cover me!”

It is, Sai will admit, rather a better comeback than he expected. Still, he offers his teammate a charming smile (tries, at least; Shin always told him it made his face look weird) and goes back to his ration bar.

He very, very carefully doesn’t touch his right arm.

His breath comes faster as the moment approaches, as he slips down into the tunnels and pretends he can’t feel the date and time of his meeting carved into his skin as if with a hot knife. Easier to focus on the mission, on Danzō’s orders—

Except, for the first time in his life, it’s not.

Orochimaru is walking in front of him, Kabuto behind him. He’s in their base, so impossibly close to his objective. Danzō has every faith that Sai’s abilities can match Sasuke’s, and even if they can’t, Sai will win. He’s Root; there are only missions to be completed, objectives to be fulfilled. No doubt, no hesitation, no mercy.

“A visitor for you, Sasuke,” Orochimaru says, full of laconic amusement and a thread of something Sai can’t pinpoint. “From Konoha.”

The date on his arm burns.

Inside the room, Uchiha Sasuke turns to face the door, one hand resting on his sword. Taller than Sai, almost as pale, with the same hair he sported in his file and which Sai personally finds just as ridiculous as Naruto insists it is. But this isn’t the bored resentment of Sasuke as a genin; this is Orochimaru’s favored apprentice, deadly and fully aware of it, the last Uchiha—

Dark eyes go wide, and Sasuke stops moving.

It probably says something about Sai’s training, that it takes him several long moments to realize that the pain in his arm has entirely vanished.

“Interesting,” Orochimaru says, half-idle, though he doesn’t look back at either of them as he crosses to the desk on the far side of the room.

(Sai wonders, in one of those split-second flashes of insight that used to make Danzō especially cruel in training, just how long ago Orochimaru’s date passed. A very long time, he thinks, and doesn’t allow himself to dwell.)

“You knew,” Sasuke says, short and angry, but he doesn’t look at his teacher, either.

The implication helps Sai finally find his voice. “That’s not possible,” he says, and tries to make it sound polite, though he doesn’t think he manages. He feels dazed, fifteen degrees off of center when there’s no real reason to be. He still has his mission, his purpose, and this—this could be an opening. He could use this to get to close, to take Sasuke by surprise—

Except that Sai can’t move an inch.

“Well,” Kabuto says, ducking his head just a little so that the light reflecting off his glasses hides his eyes. It doesn’t hide the amusement in his voice, however. “You’ll certainly have the pales, prettiest children genetics can achieve. You must be so proud.”

Sasuke rolls his eyes, just faintly, though his gaze immediately falls back to Sai. He takes a step forward, then another, shifts into a slow stalk that brings them face-to-face in a handful of strides.

Sai could go for his own sword. He has every chance of reaching it before Sasuke can grab his.

Sai doesn’t.

“You betrayed your team,” Sasuke says flatly, though his eyes are intent.

Words don’t come easily, all tangled up on Sai’s tongue even though his trainers used to accuse him of talking too much. “I’m Root,” he says, as though that explains everything, and to him it does. Sasuke, however, won't—

“Hn.” Sasuke, of course, doesn’t care. He looks Sai over, then steps to the side, past and around him.

Sai could sink a kunai into his spine, his jugular, his kidney.

Another thing Sai completely fails to do. His head is spinning, caught up in what do I do and what now. No good answers, no way to find answers, and it’s not as if Sai has ever made decisions for himself—

“Are you coming?” Sasuke asks, casting a half-glance back over his shoulder as he pauses in the doorway.

“What?” Sai asks, and he’s never before been caught quite this much off guard.

“Coming,” Sasuke repeats, audibly annoyed but still waiting. “I’m forming a team. You’re my soulmate. You’re coming with me.” A pause, and Sasuke’s fingers tighten around the hilt of his sword. He looks away again, out into the hall, and Sai is acutely aware of Orochimaru still and silent across the room. “My brother can’t find you. You either come with me or Orochimaru will keep you here.”

Something cold slides through Sai’s chest. Uchiha Itachi is a man even Danzō fears, and it’s easy enough to recall the files, the way he tortured Sasuke both the night of the Massacre and the next time they met outside Konoha. Easy enough to imagine what a man who slaughtered his entire clan would do to the soulmate of the little brother he’s made a sport of taunting.

“You assume I’m staying with you,” Sai says instead, and the smile he wears feels no more or less fake than it always does. “Lord Danzō sent me to kill you.”

Sasuke’s snort is entirely unimpressed. “I’ve already given you three chances. If you haven’t noticed any of them, you’re a pretty terrible assassin.”

He is not, unfortunately, wrong.

Just for a moment, Sai thinks of Naruto, of Sakura, of Captain Yamato. He left them on the surface, abandoned them like Sasuke said, and now he’s considering abandoning Danzō and Root as well.

Of their own volition, his fingers rise to press against the still-tender mark on his forearm. Numbers, a date recorded down to the second, and that mark is one thing that has always marked Sai as Sai. Not even Danzō has found a way to erase them from his operatives yet.

It’s a mark that Sasuke shares. Sai scans his soulmate, searching carefully, and—

There. Right along the curve of his shoulder where his robe falls away, the skin still faintly red, are the same numbers Sai long ago memorized. A match.

A pair.

Sai takes a step, and it feels a little as if the world is falling away beneath his feet.

(He follows Sasuke, catches the barest hint of something like a smile as Sasuke turns away, and the earth has never felt steadier.)

Anything You Are, Anything You Do

Prompt: So its officially pride month!! I was wondering if you could do a cute thing where Spencer’s S/O comes out as asexual to him and he’s chill (bc personal hc, he is also asexual but you don’t have to include that if you don’t agree) and then cuddling and doctor who. Submitted by @sassesu

A/N: Whooo! Happy pride month!

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A/N: I found this on tumblr and I’ve seen a lot of other users use stuff like this, so I decided to give it a shot! They probably won’t be the same size as my other imagines but, I’ll try and make them just as good! Send in a player and a number please!

1. “Come over here and make me.”
2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
3. “Please, don’t leave.”
4. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
7. “I almost lost you.”
8. “Wanna bet?”
9. “Don’t you ever do that again!”
10. “Teach me how to play?”
11. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”
12. “I think we need to talk.”
13. “Kiss me.”
14. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
15. “So, I found this waterfall…”
16. “It could be worse.”
17. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”
20. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
23. “Just once.”
24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
25. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
26. “I got you a present.”
27. “I’m pregnant.”
28. “Marry me?”
29. “I thought you were dead.”
30. “It’s not what it looks like…”
31. “You lied to me.”
32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
33. “Please don’t do this.”
34. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
36. “I wish I could hate you.”
37. “Wanna dance?”
38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
39. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
40. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”
41. “You did all of this for me?”
42. “I swear it was an accident.”
43. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
44. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”
45. “Tell me a secret.”
46. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
47. “No one needs to know.”
48. “Boo.”
49. “Well this is awkward…”
50. Writer’s preference

   51) “Seriously, now you want to talk?”

   52) “I- I don’t know what to say to that.”

   53) “Well, this motel room is too cold.”

   54) “The water pressure is horrible, see?”

   55) “I don’t understand you.”

   56) “Put my hand where?”

   57) “Hey, I’m going to- oh..”

   58) “Whoa! Buy me dinner first.”

   59) “Watch your hands.”

   60) “100 friggin dollars for a Christmas tree?”

   61) “We need more water balloons.”

   62) “We don’t have enough.”

   63) “You’re reading what?”

   64) “What the Hell is that?”

   65) “It’s so big!”

   66) “Truth or dare?”

   67) “What kind of game is this?”

   68) “No, I’m not a friggin virgin!”

   69) “Do I look like his brother?”

 70) “No, actually we’re married.”

   71) “Make out with me.”

   72) “Did you really like it? Like honestly?”

   73) “Ow!! That’s not my arm!!”

   74) “Get you hand off of my……”

   75) “You ate them? I was saving them!”

   76) “Did you bring it?”

   77) “Are you sure? We don’t have to.”

   78) “In the car??”

   79) “A dog?”

   80) “Owwww!!!!”

   81) “Put your hand around my hip.”

   82) “Don’t be shy.”

  83) “Yes, a date.”

   84) “I’m pregnant.”

   85) “Marry me?”

   86) “Cancer?”

   87) “My ass?”

   88) “Seriously, let’s play a game of (spin the bottle, truth . or dare, twister, or whatever game you want.. you pick)”

   89) “Just take it off.”

   90) “Just wrap it around my waist.”

   91) “That’s my (body part)”

   92) “A pink what?”

   93) “How many times have you seen me naked? And now . you’re shy?”

94.      “If you walk out right now, it’s over for us.”

95.      “I need you to forgive me.”

96.      “I love you for you, don’t you dare think otherwise!”

97.      “Come on, let’s throw the dice, see what happens.”

98.      “Is… is that even possible? Like, can we do this?”

99.      “I just need you to do this one thing for me.”

100.      “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”

101.      “Stop! Please, don’t! Take me instead!”

102.      “You should know that the side effects, well, they’re pretty intense.”

103.  “Before I do this, I need you to know that I have always loved you.”

104.  “What were you thinking?? Were you trying to get me killed?”

105.  “Let’s face it- we’re cursed.”

106.  “How about we put the gun down and let’s talk about this?”

107.  “Why is it we’re always the unlucky ones?”

108.  “You can’t leave me in the dark. You have to tell me these things.”

109.  “Just pick a damn name, okay?”

110.  “I don’t care what she said, it doesn’t mean jack squat.”

111.  “This relationship used to be all about communication! What ever happened to that?”

112.  “You walked away. Not me.”

113.  “So because he said you should, you thought it would be okay to follow through with it?”

114.  “Don’t force my hand, you won’t like what happens.”

115.  “We’ll finish it the same way we started it…together.”

116.  “If you walk out that door, you’re no longer one of us. You’ll be one of them and that means I’ll treat you like one of them.”

117.  “Game’s over you son of a bitch! Tell me where (s)he is!”

118.   “Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing!”

119.   “Now you said you’d be here. Where are you?”

120.   “We were supposed to be family.”

121.   “How dare you.”

122.   “You have no idea what I’ve done for you.”

123.   “You need to leave. Right now.”

124.   “Stop taking pictures! I’m fucking stuck. Be useful and help me!!”

125.   “Delete that immediately.”

126.   “But the carnival is right down the street! Can we please, please go!?”

127.   “Stop eating all these burritos. I’ll have to pay the consequences later on tonight!”

128.   “It was him! He stepped on my foot.”

129.   “Sorry, I thought I was alone..”

130.   “Shopping? Do I have to go?”

131.   “Is it supposed to look like that? Are you sure?”

132.   “I swear it was like that when I found it!”

133.   “Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life?”

134.   “Separate them right now or so help me God, I will kill you!”

135.   “So there was an accident..”

136.   “Give me 5 bucks, I’ll explain later.”

137.   “Twins? We’re…we’re having twins?!”

138.   “BOOM! That oughta how you not to mess with me!”

139.   “Blood. Blood everywhere.”


141.   “Asking for a friend.. Do you know how to get a foot out of the toilet?”

142.   “She was crying, right there in the middle of the grocery store.”

143.   “It spilled everywhere. And guess who had to clean it up. That’s right. ME!”

144.   “What do you mean you’re sold out?”

145.   “I’m addicted and I admit that I need help.”

146.   “So? It’s not your problem so butt out.”

147.   “My mom thinks you like me. Tell her she’s wrong.”

148.   “I’m laughing because you’re angry. I swear I didn’t do it!”

149.   “I want to come home.”

150.   “This is… this is somewhere I never imagined I’d be.”

151.   “I left everything for this, I left it all…for you!”

152.   “Please don’t leave me.”

153.   “You didn’t tell me it was karaoke night..”

Disclaimer: I did not make any of these someone else did

Just Chidlhood Poverty things: 

- Weekly trips to the pawn shop w your mom. 

- You’re home alone again. Dinner’s in the fridge, don’t touch the stove and don’t answer the door. 

- Leg muscles so thick you could kick someone to death by age 6 b/c of all the walking you do.

- McDonald’s isn’t a treat - it’s dinner. 

- You smell bad b/c you gotta wash your clothes with soap again and rn you’re raiding the hamper doing the “doesn’t stink, no noticeable stains” test till the 1st of the month.

- The soap/shampoo/perfume bottle that’s 99 percent water.

- Breakfast is margarine on a single slice of bread. Lunch is a Kraft Single on a single piece of bread. Dinner is either a dollar menu sandwich or another Kraft Single on a single slice of bread (with some processed meat if you’re lucky)

- Plastic bottles full of water in the (not working) fridge just in case you can’t pay the water bill in time that month.

- Blankets. 75 percent of your possessions consist of thick blankets.

- Your wardrobe includes shirts from schools and/or events you’ve never attended, companies your parents never worked for, or from family reunions who you obviously never attended b/c they don’t even share your name.

- There’s about a 50 percent chance of nothing happening if I turn on this light/water faucet/TV/space heater/etc.

- We bought you these shoes that are literally three sizes too big because we don’t know the next time we’ll be able to afford shoes. 

- Powdered milk. Powdered eggs. Canned fruit. Canned vegetables. 

- You have no sentimental attachment to anything material in this world because chances are you gonna lose it anyway when y’all get evicted.

- Forcing yourself to eat whatever terrible concoction you have to come up with because all y’all had in your pantry was bread, ketchup and a can of tuna and your parents can’t buy any more food until the 1st.

- The teacher’s yelling at you because you won’t pay attention but you can’t because you’re hungry….or because you didn’t get any sleep because you got evicted the night before.

- Feeling guilty when you ask for shit like light-up shoes, Barbies, or a bike because you know your parents can’t afford it but you also feel really upset because all the other kids have that stuff and you don’t.

- Hiding the Free Lunch form in your bag and waiting to turn it in so no one sees you doing it.

- You get to try a Fresh Fruit or Vegetable for once and your eyes light up and you scarf it down like someone gave you a whole cake.

- Trying really hard not to be jealous or upset at a friend who has parents that can buy them things like new toys or go on vacations or help them buy a car or pay their school fees. 

- You spend Christmas night crying yourself to sleep wondering what you did wrong that Santa decided you were bad and didn’t get any toys like all the other kids. 

- No Boy/Girl Scouts, no after-school activities, no learning to play instruments, no sports clubs, no summer camps because all that shit that’s a supposed “hallmark of childhood” costs money your family doesn’t have.

- Never ever ever ever ever ever letting any of your friends (if you have any) find out anything about your home life. 

- “Why are you doing (menial job making poverty wages) when you could be doing (literally the thing you always wanted to do but couldn’t because of money)?”

- “Can’t your parents help you out?”

- Cracking jokes about your poverty ridden childhood with people who were never Poor and they don’t laugh but just look at you with That Look ™ and you get super self conscious and never open up again.

- Getting angry when people compliment a skill of yours and claim you should be in college/in a professional job/making lots of money doing this thing you’re good at because I dunno, maybe I would have if poverty didn’t lock me out of the chance to actually get somewhere in life with this skill.

- Realizing that merely growing up in severe poverty as a child has literally fucked you up mentally for Life because it means you never really had a childhood and were forced to mature way too fast and not really being able to articulate that because most people Can’t Relate to that level of poverty.

- Wanting to die because you literally have been doing this barely surviving shit since you were a kid and you can’t possibly imagine doing this for another 50+ years.

Do You Believe in Soulmates? Part 4


Summary: Reid comes into terms with his feelings for you and you start to avoid him. Morgan figures out about the genius’s feelings for you and tells him to gets a move on before someone else catches you. However, all feelings have to be put on hold as a case comes through that is nothing like any cases the BAU team has ever seen. 

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Thank you so much to everyone for all the support that you guys have shown me. I really almost gave up on this story as I have been going through a rough patch and kind of lost motivation. It was your support that gave me the motivation to keep going so thank you so much for liking and commenting! I love you all!!!

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds, Supernatural Crossover

Warnings: Angst, some talk about the case, a bit of gory details. 

Word count: 2,608 a bit longer than most of the other parts. Sorry not sorry :)

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“Spence slow down, what did you say?” JJ asks, trying to listen to her friend over the music of the bar. “Hold on I’m gonna head outside.” She excuses herself and goes outside, the cold air hit her face like a ton of bricks but being filled with the warmth that the beer she drank earlier JJ was not bothered. “Now tell me that again.”

Reid took a shaky breath and paused for a couple of seconds. “I’m in love with (Y/N), and I’m terrified.”

JJ immediately felt a wave of contradicting emotions go through her, she was at first jumping for joy that her friend finally came to terms with his feelings, but then she was also scared of why it was making him terrified. She was also kind of disappointed because you had left earlier with a handsome man that seemed to be in love with you, was Reid too late? Will his heart be broken again? Will he just deny his feelings for you later saying that you were just his best friend, leading you to have your heart broken?

“JJ, you still there?” Reid whispers, she could tell that he was crying at this point.

Her heart broke for him, she quickly replies, “Yeah Spence I’m here. Why are you terrified?”

“JJ, she’s my best friend and I’m in love with her. After I left the bar I followed her and the guy, they seem so happy together Jayge. I want her to be happy, but I also want her to be with me. She has been through so many bad things and still manages to smile. She was there for me through everything, she still comes to my place whenever I call her, whether it’s 2 in the afternoon or 2 at night. She’s been such a good friend to me and now I’ve fallen in love with her,” Reid pours his heart out while tears escape his eyes.

“Reid, I don’t see what’s wrong with the situation,” JJ admits confused at the situation.

“Don’t you understand? JJ come on, you saw how she looked at the guy, and how he looked at her. They’re so in love with each other, he’s in her apartment right now as we speak. They’re probably having sex, and tomorrow she’s going to want to talk to me about it. They’re in love, and just like how I talked to her about Maeve, she’s going to want to share his feelings about him with me. I want to say that I’ll be a good friend and listen to her but I’ll probably distance myself. Then she’s gonna rack her brain over what she did wrong, about why her seemingly best friend will no longer even look at her. She going to be so hurt and knowing her she’ll confront me about it and in the heat of the moment, I’ll confess that I’m in love with her. After that JJ everything will change, she’ll distance herself from me, she won’t look at me and my heart will break into a million pieces. Now, do you understand why I’m terrified?” Reid exclaims letting out his deep fear of losing you to his coworker. “I can’t lose her JJ. What do I do?”

JJ takes a deep breath and says, “Spence, just because they seemed like they were in love doesn’t mean they are. You know that sometimes when two people who are very good friends interact it can come off as being in love. Also, just because they’re in her apartment together doesn’t mean they are sleeping together. Reid, you are worrying yourself over a bunch of assumptions, just wait til tomorrow to find out what actually happened and then you can panic okay?”

“Alright,” Reid agrees.

Needless to say, Reid didn’t get any sleep that night, the thought of you being with another man raided his mind. The thought of someone else caressing your soft skin made him furious. You were his. You belonged to him and he belonged to you.

You had about the same amount of sleep that Reid did. Though your skin wasn’t being caressed by any man and you were furious at everything. Reid was yours. Heaven’s decided that he belongs to you and you belong to him, you have no say. It felt wrong and you wanted nothing to do with it. At the same time, the thought of you being with Reid, the love you have for him finally being reciprocated did make you giddy.

The next morning you entered the bullpen sporting a massive headache and bloodshot eyes more so from all the crying you did last night rather than the alcohol. “Good Morning sweet thang!” Morgan exclaimed as you sat down at your cubicle which was unfortunately right next to his.

Morgan sat at the corner of your desk and slurped his coffee every couple of seconds until you finally broke. “Why are you doing that?” you grunt narrowing your eyes.

“Doin’ what suga’?” he replies innocently smirking that his plan worked.

“Don’t play naive with me Morgan, you think you know something and you clearly want to tell me so spill,” you huff, Morgan chuckles and shakes his head trying to stretch out torturing you as long as he possibly could. However, your eyes immediately jump to Reid walking towards you with two coffees in his hands.

“Here (Y/N) that usual,” Spence says with a sweet smile. Though Reid bought you coffee every morning, today it felt different. Everything about Reid felt different, his smile was brighter, his eyes, though bloodshot like yours, seemed more warm than usual, his hair, if it was even possible, seemed more unruly. Overall, everything that made Reid attractive in your eyes seemed to be amplified. The last time you felt like this was when you first realized that the genius stole your heart for good. It took you a couple of seconds to notice that you hadn’t taken the coffee he had extended to you. 

“Oh! Thanks, Spencer!” you take the coffee ignoring the odd look that Reid gave you as you addressed him as Spencer. You never called him by his full first name it was either Spence, Reid, or one of the other nicknames you had for him.

Morgan broke the silence, “you and the mysterious man last night. How was he?” Spencer tried really hard not to pay attention to the conversation but as soon as the mysterious man you left with was mentioned his attention was nowhere but there. The genius tried to pretend not to listen in but Derek noted pretty boy’s sudden change in behavior. “Come on pretty girl. You dragged him out of the bar and was basically shooting love arrows with your eyes at him. Tell me everything.”

You chuckle at your coworker and say, “Derek what Cas and I have is pure platonic love. We haven’t seen each other in months and so I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.”

Derek looked at you unconvinced, clearly analyzing your behavior for tells that you were lying. Grunting you added, “Derek I slept alone in my bed last night. Anyways, why am I trying to prove myself to you? You can believe it if you want,” and with that, you dove into finishing up paperwork.

Spencer was much happier now that you confessed that nothing was going on between the mystery man and you, and tried his best not to show it in case anyone figured out his feelings for you. However the happiness that shown on his face caught the attention of the team’s handsome hunk, and when the genius got up to refill on coffee Morgan decided to play on his hunch.

“So you gonna tell her?” he asked.

“Tell who what?” Reid replied.

“Are you gonna tell pretty girl over there that you are head over heels in love with her?” Morgan tossed out hoping to get a confirmation, which he got almost immediately as Reid choked on his coffee so badly it was coming out of his nose.

“Did JJ tell you?” Reid managed in between coughs. 

“Listen, kid, I may not have an IQ of 187 but I do have eyes, and I like to think I’m a skilled enough profiler to notice your behavior towards her and interpret it,” Morgan reassured Reid that his secret keeper had indeed kept his secret. “When are you gonna make a move?” Morgan questioned. Reid who had recovered from his coughing fit looked at Morgan with wide eyes at the question. Morgan lets out a frustrated sigh and continues, “Reid, you are a provable genius how can you not understand that she is just as much in love with you as you are with her.”

Reid shook his head refusing to believe it, “Morgan I’ve been friends with her for years, I know her well enough to know her type and unfortunately, I am nothing like the men she is into.”

Morgan rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to reveal your long time crush on him but was interrupted by Hotch calling you all to meet up. As they were walking to the conference room Morgan leaned in and whispered to Reid, “Just make a move on her before someone else does. Trust me Reid if you don’t you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.” Reid didn’t have much time to dwell on Morgan’s words because as soon as he entered the conference room Garcia started to explain the case.

“I hope you all had a light breakfast crime fighters because this one made me empty out the contents of my stomach this morning,” she pointed all of your attention to the television which was displaying the happy family pictures of the victims.

“Garcia where are the crime scene photos?” Rossi asked.

“I’m sorry, sir. I had to look at it all of last night and then I got a nightmare because of it, and so I wanted 2 hours of no crime scene photos. I uploaded it all to your tablets and for my tech-allergic oldies I made Anderson print them out,” Garcia explained. You send a sympathetic look towards her, usually, the technical analyst could stomach the gory photos we had to look through but if the case had shaken her up this badly then it must be our goriest one yet.

“This is Sharon Kerrigan,16, only daughter of  Andrew Kerrigan, she was found three nights ago 100 miles from her home in, cue the twilight zone music, Danvers, Massachusetts,” Garica paused and looked around for everyone to make the connection.

After two seconds, everyone naturally turned to Reid to tell them the significance of Danvers, Massachusetts but when he kept starting at the file before him you decided to speak up, “Danvers, Massachusetts, formerly known as Salem village, Massachusetts. The home of the Salem witch trials.” That was your first red flag on the case.

“Right you are my kitten,“ Garcia smiles at you and continues on, “two nights ago, Marissa Lebowski, also 16 was found 30 miles from her home in Danvers, Massachusetts. And yesterday night guards at a local bar in Salem found Alyssa Jethro dead, she was also 16 years old. I’m still waiting on the M.E.’s reports but from the crime scene photos I can tell you that their eyes were burned out.”

“Burned out?” you asked.

“Yeah seemingly liquefied,” Garcia nods. That was your second red flag, one more and you’d have to call in re-enforcements.

“Three girls in three nights, that’s a spree,” Morgan commented.

“Which is why we are leaving for Danvers immediately. The town is still trying to recover from the action of people who lived 300 years ago, and this unsub is not making it easier. Wheels up in 15,” Hotch said as he got up.

Gathering your thing, you hoped to God that the red flags you had raised would just be a coincidence. Your brothers had warned you that if you did cross a case that was more of their league than the BAU’s to give them a ring and they’d take care of it, but you never really worked out the kinks in that plan. And now you were sitting with a potential demon case, with no idea what to do. Worrying about demons and all other things supernatural you didn’t notice where you were going and bumped into Reid, who had turned around to see why you were so quiet.

“Sorry Spencer,” you apologize and practically run out of the room which was now completely empty, not wanting to deal with your emotions until after there was some clarification on what this case was and who you were dealing with. You tried your best not to look back at Reid, you knew that your odd behavior towards him must have started to hurt the genius by now. He may even be questioning whether you were telling the truth about Cas, but for now, you couldn’t be bothered. Your hunter instincts were taking over and if there is one thing being a hunter for almost all your life taught you, it’s that you can’t let emotions cloud your mind at any point of the case.  

20 minutes later you were all up in the air heading to Massachusetts and once Garcia patched through you started to review the case. On the jet rides, you always sat next to Reid, always. So when you decided to sit next to JJ instead of him the entire team knew something was going on with you. However, since they had a case at hand everyone decided to go on as if they hadn’t noticed.  

“Other than being 16 years old,  there is nothing that seems to connect these girls. I mean Sharon was a blonde, who playing on her school field hockey team while Marissa was a brunette who was shy and volunteered at her church most of the time,” Morgan observed from the case files.

JJ was the next to throw her thought out into the open, “Yeah, and Alyssa was more into the gothic lifestyle. Black hair and dark makeup, listened to emo metal, intimidated half the school.  I mean how is the unsub even getting to these girls?’

“There is one other thing that connects them, all of the victim’s mother’s died violently at the age of 10,” Reid added noticing the pattern. 10 years, the same amount of time for a demon deal to expire, you silently noted.

“Oh yeah, forgot to mention that. All the mothers of the victims before dying went crazy,” Garcia stated.

“Unfortunately in our line of work crazy is a common term could you be more specific Garcia?” Rossi who took the seat next to Reid asked.

“I mean crazy as in these women might have suffered a psychotic break. A week before their violent deaths, they all started freaking out saying things like their loved ones looked like monsters and being terrified to be around anyone. Every one of them also reported multiple times about being chased by a big black dog,” Garcia explained. As she finished her explanation you tried your best not to fall out of your chair, excusing yourself abruptly you got up and went to the back of the plane ignoring the worried looks of your coworkers. Once you made sure no one was looking over at you, you pulled out the phone you always had hidden you your coat pocket and dialed the first number on your contact list.

“Hey, it’s me. How fast can you get to Danvers, Massachusetts?”

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Part 5 Coming up in two days!!

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Castiel x PlusSize!Reader

Word Count: 851

Warnings: it’s just cute and fluffy.

Author’s Note: This is a request from @sweetlittledelights. Sorry this took so long!

Request: “I would like a plus size and castiel story thingy please? no smut.”

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Castiel smiled as he entered the library room of the Men of Letter’s bunker. He held a large Torrid bag in his hand, smiling down at you as he handed it to you.

“Happy birthday, Y/N,” he smiled sweetly. “I have learned that it is customary to buy someone a gift. I saw this and, well, it reminded me of you.” Castiel perched himself in the chair beside you and watched intently as you opened the bag.

A grin crossed your face as you pulled out a light blue pair of flannel pajamas, decorated with small stars. Your heart fluttered as you stroked the soft fabric. You knew exactly why they reminded him of you.

You thought back to your first date, an evening picnic just outside of the bunker. Once the two of you had watched the sun set, you laid on a blanket and listened to Castiel as he told you the real stories behind the stars. You laid there for hours, holding each other’s hand as you watched them twinkle and glow. It was the best night of your life.

And now you had something to remember it by.

“Thank you, Cas. I absolutely love them.” You smiled as you studied the rain droplets on his trench coat.

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As You Wish (Cisco x Reader) Part Two

For @dontwishonme, here’s the second part to your request! I hope you like it!

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Request: Could I please request a Cisco X reader where the two of then are both in denial about their feelings for each other, so music Meister steps in, but instead of being trapped in a musical they end up in a fantasy adventure movie like the princess bride. And they have to follow the story and confess their feelings to escape? Thank you! <3     

Chapter 2        

The next day you were awoken by noise in the room next door. You only stirred slightly, not really disturbed by what was going on, although you live alone. Until, you turned my head and was faced with a television that wasn’t yours; still playing the intro to The Princess Bride. Blinking several times, you sat up a little, wondering when it was you fell asleep on your couch.

That is, ‘till you realized it wasn’t your couch.

In that moment, the sound of a door opening had you looking up to meet Cisco’s eyes as he rushed out of his bedroom. When his eyes met yours, his feet came up almost a foot of the ground and he let out a really high-pitched squeal that you did not know men could conjure. That’s when you remembered what happened the night before. Going over to Cisco’s for movie night and having to tuck him in bed when the chance to kiss and confess wasn’t happening, and then you returned to his couch to finish the movie…

Guess the movie finished without me…You thought, glancing down at your state of being. You suddenly felt very self-aware of the fact that you had fallen asleep in your jeans which were now wrinkled and your Harry Potter t-shirt which had rode up a bit while you slept.

Blushing, you were quick to pull your shirt down as you began to worry about the rest of your appearance. Your hair was known to look like a rat’s nest in the morning and you prayed to God you didn’t have any bags under your eyes or sleep in your eyelashes. Quickly rubbing your eyes, you attempted to apologize to your friend who was leaning against the wall, hand on his chest, trying to relax after somewhat scaring himself.

“S-sorry…” You stuttered. “I-I was going to go home… I didn’t mean to fall asleep here…”

Once Cisco caught his breath, you could have sworn there was a tinge of pink on his cheeks. “N-no, it’s fine. Really. I just didn’t realize you were still here… You slept on the couch?” When you gave a nod of your head in answer, he frowned. “You shouldn’t have done that,” you started to apologize again before he added, “You should have slept in my room.”

You flushed slightly, feeling the heat rise in your face and your heart thudding in your ears again. Had he just told you that you should have slept next to him last night? Would he really have been comfortable with that?

“You could have left me on the couch.” He finally finished, rushing into the kitchen. “It’s rude of me to have my guest sleep on the couch.”

Ah, that’s what he meant…You took a deep breath, trying to rid the thought of being in Cisco’s room, under his covers, sharing his pillow which probably smelled like him. Tucked under his arm, enveloped in his warmth, resting your forehead against his chest as he kisses your head and says–.

“What are you doing?” He asked, snapping your back into reality. Holding out half a bagel to you, the other half he was currently chewing on.


He sighed, glancing at the clock on the wall. “I’m going to be so late!”

“You work today?” You asked, grateful for a change of subject.

“Yeah and I overslept!”

“I’ll drive.” You offered, getting up from the couch, nibbling on the bagel he gave you.

“You don’t have to.”

You shrugged your shoulders as you put on your shoes by the front door. “I want to.” I don’t want to leave you just yet. “Besides, I haven’t seen the team in a few days, want to say hi.”

Once you made it into Star Labs, Cisco said he’d meet up with you in the cortex later. “I’ve got to check on a few things in my lab. I’ll be there in a second.”

“Oh, oka–.” Before you could finish your sentence, every fiber in your being froze.

Of course, you had pictured what Cisco’s lips might feel like, but to have them actually touch your cheek was a whole new story. His breath was soft against your skin as he pulled you back and it mingled with the heat that had already rose to your face. Had he really just given you a kiss? On the lips or not, you were definitely not upset about it. However, before you could smile and express your gratitude towards the simple gesture, you notice his wide eyes and tinted-red cheeks.

“I don’t know why I did that.” He admitted under his breath. “S-sorry! That probably crossed a line!” He gave you a nervous laugh, backing away from you, “Won’t happen again!” Then he hit the wall, with that he laughed and turned on his heel, practically sprinting down the hallway, leaving you in a confused, disappointed mess.

What was that…?

You didn’t even bother hiding your feelings as you walked into the cortex with a frown. Barry was the first to spot you, and not yet noticing your sulking posture, he greeted you cheerfully like he usually does.

“Hey, Y/N.” It wasn’t until you didn’t respond that he had noticed your low mood. “You okay?”

With that, Caitlin turned in her chair to also peer up at you. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” you lied.

“Nothing” didn’t last long, because as soon as Barry was distracted with something else, Caitlin was at your hip, ready to ask questions.

“So,” she started, “Did you tell him last night?”


She sighed, “How come?”

“Because he doesn’t like me like that…” After that, you had to reluctantly tell her about what happened just a few minutes prior.

Her eyebrows were raised far up her head, “Why would he kiss your cheek then?”

You shrugged your shoulders, avoiding her curious, confused eyes. “Don’t know, but it sounded like he regretted it, so…”

You got a glance of her sympathetic smile before she began to apologize. “Well, I’m sorry, Y/N. I really did think he liked you back…”

“It’s fine. I told you, we’ve always just been friends anyways.”

The red-head let it go for a while after that, not bringing it up anymore as you worked to help Barry with “small” task like house fires and car chases, and kittens stuck in the tree. It wasn’t until things calmed down a little that she spoke up.

“We should hang out tonight.” She suggested. You thought you saw a shade of pink brush her cheeks before she added, “Actually… I’m going to this speed dating thing at Jitters tonight, if you want to come with?” She sighed, “It’d actually help my nerves a lot.”

Your eyes widen a little in surprise, “You’re doing speed dating?”

She looked bashful for a second as she shrugged her shoulders, her red hair bouncing in the process. “Iris convinced me to do it, honestly. She was going to go, but apparently things have been going well in her love life lately.”

“Wish I could say the same…” You mumbled.

She giggled, “Then come with me!”

You rummaged your mind for excuses, anything that would do, but as you looked at your friend who waited patiently with hopeful eyes, you sighed.

Aw, what the hell. What’s the worst that could happen?

You sported yourself in something classy and comfy. A nice, soft-fabric dress to your knees, sleeves stopping at the elbows, and only a slight low-cut to look good but nowhere near “club-ready.” Nothing too revealing, because you didn’t want to give anyone the wrong idea. This night was strictly to support your best friend and meet new people. You were definitely NOT going home with anyone tonight.

You met up with Caitlin at the front of Jitters and complimented her immediately. She had curled her red-hair which hung down to her shoulders and wore bright red lipstick that you never imagined she even owned. She wore a dress shorter than yours that sparkled under the lights hanging outside of the coffee shop, and for a second, you had to wonder if you were underdressed. But when a group of girls walked in with nothing but jeans and a t-shirt, you relaxed.

You’re only here for your friend, relax…

Entering the coffee shop, they had arranged some of the tables to be parallel to each other and placed numbers at each of the tables. That’s when Caitlin held out a sheet of paper that almost looked like a ticket to some concert.

“I’m at table 12,” she told you. “Right next to your table.”

You glanced down at the 13 on the ticket before nodding in understanding. You both took your seats as the director of the event began explaining everything. You tried to do your best to focus, but honestly, you were very distracted.

You could help wonder what was going through Cisco’s head when he kissed your cheek. Which then lead you to think about what it would feel like if he had kissed your lips. Then you thought about your daydream during your guys movie night, and how you wouldn’t have to be sitting at table 13 if things had gone the way you had hoped they would.

And then, before you knew it, dates were being handed to you left and right.

You met Jim who loves to play guitar and Richard who owns a nice car, and James who just moved to town, and Liam whose ex-girlfriend cheated on him, and Harry who had a tattoo of a cat on his shoulder, and–.

“Hello.” You couldn’t help but admit that this guy was attractive. Tall-ish, dark, curly hair with nice eyes and a bright smile. Cisco’s smile flashed through your mind and you were quick to shake it off because you had just been spoken to and you didn’t want to be rude.

“Hi, I’m (fake name),” you said, shaking his hand. After about the fifth guy you met, you reminded yourself you weren’t really here to find a date, so formalities weren’t really important to you at the moment. You felt a little bad, considering these guys were pouring some really personal (and odd) information at you all night, but you still couldn’t shake Cisco off your mind.

“(Fake name)? Really?” He asked, chuckling slightly.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, you raised an eyebrow in his direction. “Yes. Why?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know. You really don’t look like a (fake name), Y/N.”

When your name left his lips, you froze once more that day. You could feel your hands shaking in your lap and you tried not to show too much surprise, but your eyes were wide and the shock was written all over your face.

“How do you know my name…?” You asked, eyeing the man suspiciously.

He grinned at you, a gleam of mischief in his eyes. “You see, the secret is…” He leaned a little over the table to whisper, “I know everything. Like how you don’t want to be here.” He nods his head in Caitlin’s direction, “How you’re only here to support Caitlin who is doing this in an attempt to get over her dead fiancée, Ronnie. How Iris gave her the ticket and then when Eddie and she got back together, she gave her the second one which now you have. AND how none of these guys have caught your attention because you’re still head over heels for Francisco Ramon.” Before you could speak again, he added, “Except you think I’m cute. Thank you.”

Narrowing your eyes, feeling an extreme dislike for this stranger who suddenly knew you and your friend’s personal lives, you spit out, “Who are you exactly?”

“Oh, where are my manners?!” He leaned back in his seat, looking far too comfortable as he fixed the collar of his shirt. “YOU can call me The Music Meister.”

“The who?”

“Oh, Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.” He leaned forward again, giving you a tad smirk, making you wish you knew what he was thinking. “Boy, do I have plans for this next story…”

“I’m sorry, but wh–?” You cut yourself short when you noticed something new in his eyes. Something you couldn’t quite put into words. But it was hypnotizing. And before you knew it, you were falling towards those dark orbs of his, almost like a black hole sucking you into an unknown destination.

And you continued falling, and falling, and falling….

How to set up an Altar

Find a place that you can clear for this purpose; it can be multi-use or just for your altar.

Collect rocks, shells, ribbons, candles, etc. (Anything that you value to decorate the desk with. They can be purposeful like herbs and gems)

Focus your energy on this place. You can do this through meditation or even simply through staring and admiring. Depending on you and your witchy self, you may have your own way of placing your energy.

If you are not satisfied with your altar’s appearance, hit down ideas and scribble up some designs to help yourself remember to buy/gather improvements like drapes, (if it’s in front of a window) cloth, gems, rocks, incense, tablecloth, etc.

Not all altars have to be “pretty” it’s about you and should fit your way of living. If you are minimalist, maybe your altar only sports a candle and your Grimoire. That is A-OKAY.
Maybe you like clutter and cover it in amethyst and books and sticks that is JUST AS FINE.

SHORT VERSION: make a space that you really enjoy looking at and being in. This doesn’t have to be done over night. It can take place over time with gradual improvements like most things do. I myself am constantly searching out shiny rocks and the perfect tarot deck to display. (One separate from the deck used in divination)

Nothing is a wrong move. If you like a set of dice and they help you in some way, put them in there! If you have a test from primary school that fills you with happiness, post it on the wall of your altar area. If you have a plush doll that calms you, let them be included then! Nothing is a wrong addition to your altar so long as it suits you and your needs

Rhodey rolls into the kitchen to see Tony pouring a bottle of scotch down the sink.

“What’re you doing, man?” He asks, faking casualness as best he can, but his hands are gripping the wheels so tight it makes his knuckles hurt.

Tony shakes his head. “I can’t go back down this road, Rhodey. I’m not doing this.”

Tony’s been in and out of the bottle for…for as long as Rhodey’s known him, really. Periods of sobriety, each one as sincerely meant and well intentioned as the last, punctured by the pulling urge genetics and nurturing and poor coping that Tony’s been lead to.

He was out after Afghanistan, decidedly out, and one night Rhodey takes a second to set everything else aside and thinks about drying out in a cave surrounded by terrorists, knowing any wrong move will kill you. He was back in, then, knowing he was dying, his own invention, his own body, poisoning him. And then clean, for Pepper. Then New York.

Tony’s life is made of highs and lows, ups and downs so painful more normal people can’t stand to watch. Or they do watch, they spectate like it’s a sport, a public event.

The point being that, after New York, Tony really didn’t get another high. His vices morphed slightly, he worked more than he drank, but that’s a statement of how much he worked, not how little he drank. Not even for Pepper could he quit again, not when his world had so effectively been pulled out from under him.

And then Ultron. Rhodey winces just thinking about it, because honestly, he sort of expected Ultron to push Tony over the edge, deeper into the bottle than Rhodey’s ever seen, and if Tony hadn’t asked–begged–Rhodey to take his place on the Avengers, then Rhodey wouldn’t have left Tony’s side.

Tony does drink. But he also finds a new outlet, this time not machines but politics. Accountability, righting wrongs, being the best he can be and working with the people. He dedicates his soul to that.

And after that…well. Another low. As if his godmother dying wouldn’t have been enough, but Tony loses most of his so-called friends, is betrayed again and again, under Ross’ boot some days so much he can barely breathe, and finds out his parents were actually murdered.

Tony built Rhodey legs, but Tony built JARVIS mostly drunk too. It’s not a statement of sobriety.

Tony sets down the now-empty bottle and grabs the next one, starting the pour. Rhodey watches the liquid spill with some sort of abject fascination.

“Gonna help me?” Tony asks.

“You think about what this is gonna be like?” Rhodey asks. “After?”

Tony turns to look at him, a wobbling smile that says he’s just glad Rhodey didn’t argue. That says he’s thought this through and disregarded it, for the most part.

“Figure if I can sweat it out in an Afghani cave, I can do it in our luxury compound,” Tony says. “I’ll keep working much as I can, distract myself through it. It’ll be fine. Nothing I…nothing I can’t handle.”

Tony, with his bad heart and his anxiety and his PTSD. Tony who should probably call a doctor or a rehab clinic or someone, but who will stubbornly insist on sweating it out on his own.

“Fuck that,” Rhodey says. “That the last bottle?”

“Three to go,” Tony says. “Place wasn’t that well stocked, thank God, I’ve almost…run it dry.”

“I’ll pour,” Rhodey says. “You, go change. Pajamas. Sweats. Whatever. Lose the jeans.”

“If you want me out of my clothes….” Rhodey doesn’t have to look up to know Tony’s waggling his eyebrows.


Rhodey pours while Tony’s gone, then gets the bottles out of the way, into the recycling bin so they can be taken out later. Out of sight, out of mind.

When Tony’s back, Rhodey’s already in what was once the common room, pulling off the numerous throw pillows and blankets, making a little nest on the couch. He has four bottles of water and a box of crackers to one side, the remote resting on the couch’s arm rest.

He transfers himself to the couch, then pushes his wheelchair so it’s just at the edge of reach but not blocking the view. Then he motions Tony into the nest with him, pulling blankets over them and re-positioning pillows.

“Is that my shirt?” Rhodey asks, touching the sleeve.

“You said whatever,” Tony defends.

Rhodey smiles. “Yeah I did. Star Trek?”

When Tony starts to shake, Rhodey’s there. When Tony feels like he’s going to die, Rhodey strokes his hair and whispers to him. When Tony thinks a drink is the only thing in the world worth waiting for, Rhodey makes him sip some water.

Tony’s never understood that, yes, this is his demon to fight, but since they were just stupid college kids, all James Rhodes has wanted to do is fight them alongside him. It’s what friends do, it’s what people who love each other do.

“Got'cha, Tony,” he keeps saying, and he means it, too. Right now, over the next few hours, the next few days. Every day Tony craves a drink and needs some support forevermore. Now, always, in everything. Rhodey’s got him.

Pro tips from a front desk lady:

● Don’t try to haggle with the front desk staff over your room rate. This isn’t an auction house.

● Not every hotel offers discounts (triple A, AARP). Don’t be offended if you’re told that they don’t offer discounts. They don’t HAVE to.

● If you’re traveling with a pet, tell the front desk staff. You’ll most likely be charged a pet fee… but that will be a smaller fee than possibly getting kicked out with no refund for sneaking your dog/cat in.

● When checking in/making a reservation, make sure you are VERY clear about your needs (smoking/non smoking, first floor, handicapped…etc). We don’t know what you need unless you tell us.

● DON’T SMOKE IN A NON SMOKING ROOM unless you have permission from the front desk. Some people are sensitive to smoke… and is a bitch to de-smoke a room that’s been smoked in.

● If you’re traveling with kids… WATCH THEM. The front desk is not your babysitter. Letting them run around the hotel unsupervised makes us and your neighbors not like you so much.

● If you’re traveling with a service dog, LET THE FRONT DESK KNOW RIGHT AWAY. We can’t ask you for proof, but don’t hide it. It’s shady looking. If it’s a legitimate service dog, you shouldn’t feel the need to hide it anyway.

● If you live in a state where pot is legal, check with the desk about their policies regarding you smoking on the property. If you DON’T live in a state where it’s legal, don’t do it. Most likely you’ll have the cops called and/or you’ll be evicted with no refund.

● If the hotel has a pool, pay attention to and follow their pool hours/policies. Don’t be that asshole that the overnight shift has to chase out of the pool area.

● If you get a room with just one bed, don’t try to fit five or six people into the room. The general rule is two people to a bed. Why? Fire code. Too many extra people in a room is a hazard.

● If you’re not in your room, please have clothes on. Even if you’re only running to the ice machine.

● Hitting on front desk staff isn’t cute. We might flirt back… but most establishments have a strict no fraternization policies. Don’t ask us to come to your room later and if you’re turned down… just go to your room. Don’t make it awkward.

● Most hotels will ask for identification. Don’t be rude about it. We’re just making sure you are who you say you are. Also trying to make sure your card isn’t being used by someone it shouldn’t.

● If you pay for a room with a credit card and it doesn’t have YOUR name on it, don’t be surprised if you’re asked where the card holder is. “They said I could use it ” isn’t a good answer. Credit card theft is a thing that happens.

● If the internet stops working while you’re staying at a hotel, don’t yell at the desk staff. It won’t fix anything and chances are, they either didn’t know about it or are trying to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

● Using a third party website to book your reservation is fine (expedia, priceline, Travelocity…etc), but make SURE that you print off your reservation confirmation AND that you call the hotel to make sure it was booked correctly. Those third parties are KNOWN for messing up the reservations and then blaming it on the hotel. If you book through one of these websites, the hotel has nothing to do with making your reservation. If the third party puts in your room wrong, IT’S THEIR FAULT.

● If you’re traveling through an area, check to see if there are special events happening that could affect the room rates. If there is a special event happening (sporting event, graduation…etc), just because you’re not in town for the event doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay the same rate as everyone else.

● During some special event weekends, most hotels have a two night stay requirement. Typically this is for Friday and Saturday nights, but check with the hotel you’re staying at. You will probably be charged for both nights if you try to leave early. Don’t be surprised if you are.

● Most hotels have an (AT LEAST) one week cancellation policy before a special event weekend. This means (if it’s a one week cancellation policy) that you have until the FRIDAY BEFORE you’re due to arrive. Other hotels may have longer cancellation windows. Two weeks before arrival is a typical time for a cancellation policy. I’ve heard of other hotels requiring notice a month in advance to cancel without penalties.

● After checking into your hotel, GO CHECK YOUR ROOM. Go and make sure you were given the room you reserved and that it’s clean. Must hotels have a “refund window” that can be between fifteen minutes or thirty minutes. If you leave the property and don’t come back until hours later and complain to the desk that your room is dirty or wrong, don’t expect much sympathy. Or a refund. You’ll probably be moved to a new room. We have no way of knowing if YOU were the reason the room was trashed. All we know is that you checked in two hours ago… and now you’re complaining that the room is dirty.

● If for whatever reason you’re asked to leave the hotel, just go quietly. Nobody wants to deal with the police. If we do call them, they’ll probably MAKE you leave. Handcuffs will probably be involved.

● DON’T MOVE THE FURNITURE IN THE ROOM. This isn’t your house.

● Key cards are magnetic. Keep them away from your electronic devices if you want them to keep working.

● Not all hotels keep housekeeping staff 24/7. If you turn down housekeeping in the morning while they’re doing their rounds, don’t bring me your dirty sheets. I’ll probably give you fresh clean sheets and towels, but I’m not changing your sheets. I’m not a housekeeper.

● If there is a bell on the desk to ring if we’re not there, don’t ring it if we’re standing there. Don’t let your kids ring the bell. In fact… pretend the bell is invisible. We hate the bell.

● Most hotels will only hold your room reservation until a certain time (usually 6PM) without a valid credit or debit card on file to guarantee the room. If you don’t want to give your card info, you run the risk of not having a room.

● Not all hotels have a front desk that is open 24/7. Check with the hotel, and don’t be surprised if the lobby is closed if it isn’t a 24/7 place. Yes. The lobby is locked. Nobody is here to help you.

● Be nice to the front desk. We’re just trying to do our jobs.

This is just a general list of things I think people SHOULD know, but don’t. Every hotel is different.

Satisfied - Peter Parker

Requested by anonymous. Hamilton lyrics used, obviously.

“Okay,” Wanda said, walking you into her room in the compound. She had just given you a tour. Tony was trying to recruit you for technical analyzing for the Avengers. The tour should have sealed the deal for you, the compound was absolutely beautiful. “So, this is my room. If you do decide to join us I’m sure that Tony will get you one just like it.”

“Yeah. It’s amazing,” you said, glancing around the room.

“What’s wrong? I thought you’d be really excited about this. You’ve been acting weird since last night.”

“I don’t know,” you said, a slight smile growing on your face. 

“Ooh, yes you do. Tell me!” she said, pulling you to sit down on the bed with her. “What happened?”

Last night, Natasha had drug you out to the party that Tony was hosting. She had convinced you to wear a skirt with the graphic tee you were already sporting. You made your sister promise not to leave your side. However, the minute she spotted Clint, she ran away from you. 

“Nat, please wait.” She ignored you, so you were left alone at a party full of drunk people. You grabbed a drink and surveyed the room. No one else seemed to notice you. Since you weren’t officially working for the Avengers, they didn’t know you. You were never one to grab the spotlight. 

Natasha walked across the room, telling a joke that had everyone dazzled. Just as you were smiling at Natasha, something drew your attention from across the room. A group of people laughed at the boy in the center of the group. 

You felt a weird feeling in your chest, and a larger smile spread over your face. He looked over at you and smiled, too. He said something to the person next to him, most likely to excuse himself. He made his way over to you.

“Hi,” he said, holding out his hand.


“My name is Peter.”

“Parker?” you asked with a smile.

“How’d you know?”

“I don’t know, I think I saw some webbing on the walls.” He scrunched up his eyebrows and laughed nervously. “My sister told me. Don’t worry.”

“Oh, are you Natasha’s sister? Y/N, right?” 

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you.”

“You, too,” he said with a genuine smile. “I hear Tony is trying to recruit you. Decided yet?”

“No, not yet.”

“Anything I can do to help with that?”

“You already are.”

“Well good. Without sounding too bold, you strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied.” You blushed slightly and shook your head.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, you forget yourself.” Peter laughed, looking down at his feet.

“You’re like me, I’m never satisfied.”

“Is that right?”

“I have never been satisfied.” Again, you blushed.

“Well you should change that. What do you want right now?”

“I want to dance with you.” You smiled and sat down your drink.

“Alright, let’s go.” Peter grinned, setting his cup down, too. Just as you waked out on the dance floor, a slow song started playing. Peter put his hands on your waist and pulled you close. “You’re more confident than Natasha said.”

“She talked about me?” he asked as you both started swaying. 

“She thought we should meet.”

“I’m glad she did. She seems like a good sister.” You smiled.

“I know my sister like I know my own mind, you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind.”

You and Peter danced and talked until you were blue in the face. Eventually, he led you off the floor to a couch lining one of the outer walls. He grabbed you both a drink before sitting down next to you.


“Thanks for dancing with me.”


“I”ll hold you to that,” he said with a smirk. “I do hope you let Tony bring you along.””

“Because then we’d get to dance all the time?”

“Yes, among other things.” He sighed and casually placed a hand on your knee. “I hope to see you again.”

“Me too.” He smiled and leaned in to kiss your cheek before leaving.

“Oh my god, Y/N, you have to take the job. It’s destiny!” Wanda said. You laughed and rolled your eyes.

“I don’t know about that.”

“Y/N, you said it yourself, ‘I have never been the type to grab the spotlight, were were at a revel with some rebels on a hot night. Laughing at my sister as she’s dazzling the room, then you walked in and my heart went boom.’”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You practically did. Just take the job! At least just to spend more time with Nat and I.” You sighed.


“Really? Yay!”she said, jumping up. “Go tell Tony right now.” She grabbed your hands and pulled you up. “Go.”

“Okay, okay,” you said as she kicked you out of her room. You started walking down the hallway, walking towards his lab. The door pushed open easily and you found Tony sitting at one of the work benches.

“Hey,” he said, looking up at you.


“What’s up?”

“I’ve decided to become your technical analyst.” He smiled and stood up, hugging you tightly.

“That’s awesome. Can you start now?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess.”

“Great, I have something for you to look at in here.” You nodded and walked with him towards the door. He explained to you the program he wanted you to look at, and then opened the door.

“Hi,” you said softy when your eyes found Peter.


“You two know each other?” he asked, looking between you two smiling fools. “Whatever. Get to work. Make googly eyes later.” You laughed and sat down across from Peter.

“I’m glad you decided to join.”

“Me too.”


There were two requests about Roman Reigns’ hernia, so I meshed them together. I hope you two who requested the imagine enjoy! Xo


– Can you do an imagine where you’re dating /married to roman and you get the call that he needs emergency surgery for his hernia? Please and thank you xoox 

– You and roman getting into a fight about his possible hernia and then him being all romantic and apologetic when he has the surgery

Leati’s next show is here in Barclays Center, so we took the opportunity to have a nice little dinner date, along with a drink or two before we get back to our regular routine tomorrow morning. He leads me into our hotel room with the brightest smile on his face. I see it everyday, but each time I’m blessed with it, I fall just a little bit deeper in love with this gorgeous, crazy husband of mine.
I kick off my heels and throw my bag onto the floor beside them, then tug at Leati’s shirt so he’s forced to press his big body against mine.

“I had an amazing time tonight.” I press a small kiss on the corner of his mouth. “Thank you.”
“You are absolutely welcome,” he says, leaning down to take my lips between his teeth. Then he walks forward, slowly making me step backwards until the back of my knees hit the mattress. “I wasn’t in the mood for dessert earlier… but I am now.”
“Oh.” My eyebrows rise in amusement. “What do you want then?” I begin to unbutton his shirt. Despite the muted lighting, his golden skin glistens, just begging for me to kiss every inch of him.
“My favorite,” he breathes, nipping at my bottom lip again. “You.”

The hem of my dress is trussed up and over my head in a flash. And before I know it, my back hits the mattress. The cool sheets instantly make my back bow off the bed. Leati straddles my hips, his long and strong fingers float up my torso, my ribcage, up my arms, until he binds my wrists with his hands. I’m completely at his mercy.

“Your clothes are still on. That’s hardly fair.”I pout.
He releases me briefly, shrugging off his shirt fully. I take the opportunity to watch him move, kicking off his shoes and socks and finally slipping off his jeans. All of his clothes are on the floor beside my dress without a care. Then he crawls over me again, his left hand binding my wrists. “Any other complaints?”
His warm breath against my neck stirs the pool between my thighs. My hips writhe beneath him on their own accord. “Not a one, baby.”
“Getting antsy?”
“Like you aren’t?” I giggle, directing my eyes to the unmistakable bulge in his Calvin Klein boxers.

Straight lust flashes through Leati’s eyes, and then his lips are on mine. His tongue skims my parted lips and I welcome him with the rise my head off the bed, making the kiss deeper, stronger. He responds immediately, ravaging me. His free hand slides down my neck, stopping when he reaches the tops of my breasts. With one swift move, my nipples meet the cold air, hardening even further. I moan into his mouth, tugging my hands free from his hold. I’m growing beyond antsy now.
I free his hair from his bun and watch as the inky strands fall forward around his face. I giggle when the tips fall onto my breasts, tickling the sensitive flesh. Leati shakes his head, promoting his hair to tickle me further and I’m squirming, trapped under his thighs, in a fit of giggles.

I slap his thigh three times. “I tapped out!” I squeal.
Leati leans forward, taking my mouth one more time until I’m breathless. “I just wanted to hear your laugh. Now do with me as you please.”
He places my arms over his shoulders. Once he’s made sure I’m holding on tight, he flips us over so I’m splayed over him like a blanket. Skin on skin never felt so good. The only barrier is my bra and our underwear, but that will quickly no longer be an issue. I place my hands on his abdomen and fix myself to straddle him. He immediately winces, his hips buckling underneath me. This is not the first time this has happened.

“Incredible,” I huff, scolding him. “I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you have not gone to the doctor.”
“Leati, dammit!” I crawl right off of him and the bed, not caring about the fact that my hand was still on his stomach. If he doesn’t care, why the hell should I? “What the hell is wrong with you?”
He leans back on his elbows. “You are ruining a very good moment. And a very promising end to the night.”
“You,” I place my finger directly to his stomach, not at all missing his wince when I press into his skin, “are ruining a very good body. And a very promising career.”
“It’s a possible hernia.” He shrugs.
“That can possibly mess everything up for you. Does WWE know about this at all?” The smirk he was sporting flees his lips. The panic is setting in. Fucking good! “What are you going to do if it really is a hernia? What happens when the possible hernia becomes a real hernia during a match, huh?”
“Then I will tap out and have my limp body carried out on a gurney.” His lips form a small smile, as if there was nothing at all wrong with the foolery that just slipped from them.

I am absolutely speechless. I throw my hands up in surrender and stomp off to the mini wardrobe across the room.

“Where are you going? Come back!”
“I’m changing,” I growl through gritted teeth. That man is impossible. I free myself of my bra, quickly shrug on one of the impossible man’s famous t-shirts, and strut off to the bathroom without looking back.
“Are you serious? What am I going to do with this then?”
I peek over at him, finding him adjusting his groin in his boxers. I want him, as always, but my anger is definitely beating my need for his body right now. “That box of tissues still by the bed?”
Confusion crosses his beautiful face. He looks to the box and nods. “Why?”
I smile sweetly. “Good.” I grab my bottle of lotion from beside the sink and head back to the room. I toss the bottle at him. It lands directly between his sore spot and his groin, causing his legs to jerk off the bed momentarily. “Do with that as you please.”

As mad at him as I may be, I’m watching his match. I’m sitting backstage with a few of the divas gathered around me. I guess the girls are picking up on my mood because they’re barely talking to me, but I’m not making a big fuss about it. I’ve come to love some of the girls, but my mind is focused on Leati.

Speak of the devil. I turn my head towards the door. He is fully suited and booted in his ring gear, delicious as ever. “Yes, Leati?”
“Can you come here for a second?” He gives me his best puppy dog eyes, so of course I stroll over to him. “Are you still mad at me?”
“Does this still hurt?” I poke his tummy, softly. Even with his thick vest and my gentle touch, his eye twitches. I roll my eyes. “Looks like a yes from the both us.”
“I promise that after this match I will go to medical. All right?”
“Now give me my good luck kiss.” He puckers his lips. “Come on!”
I let out a long, long sigh, pushing up to my tiptoes. My lips meet his and my eyes shut closed. Fireworks shoot through me at the contact, waking my want for him again. No way. Not gonna happen. I pull away from his lips, hesitantly. “Good luck, baby.”
“Thank you.” He presses a chaste kiss to my lips once more and then he’s gone.

I join the divas again, waiting for Roman Reigns’ theme song to pour through the speakers.

“Everything alright?” Trinity probes.
“We’re good.” I smile on a small shrug. “He’s just a massive pain in the ass.”
“Undoubtedly. But don’t worry, he’s got this tonight.” She winks at me and now I’m wondering whether or not the winner of this match has already been decided. Leati never tells me, so it’s always a guessing game.

We turn our attention back to the TV once Roman Reigns starts making his way through the crowd. His fist meets with mostly the childrens’ little fists, while women and some men grope and pat at his back. I let out a small chuckle. He lands over the barricade and slides into the ring with his usual grace.
And damn, does he look delicious.
The next theme song hits and it’s one I recognize. Big Show. The giant takes his sweet time and I’m all but yawning. He finally steps foot into the ring and the bell rings.
A few minutes in, Roman Reigns is still doing his rag-doll bit and I’m waiting for him to make his comeback. But something about this match is making my stomach churn. Big Show keeps going for Roman’s gut, Roman grunting and bending over in pain with each blow. Big Show didn’t know about the possible hernia, at least I don’t think he did, but he must because he’s surely going for it like a mad man. I watch Roman fight with every ounce of pain in his face. He’s hurt. No, he’s now injured and still pushing through. Big Show goes for the gut again and I’m suddenly flying out of my seat.
I find myself pacing in front of medical, because this is where Leati will be once the match is done. Ten minutes later, no Leati. My phone buzzes in my pocket and I’m blindly reaching for it without a second thought.

“Hello?” I greet as Big Show appears through the curtain. A sigh of relief leaves my lungs. But the cautious look in his eyes does nothing but bring my stomach to churn again.
“Mrs. Anoa'i, this is your husband’s EMT.” The earth bottoms out beneath my feet. I’m pretty freaking sure about that. “Please do not worry. Mr. Anoa'i does have a hernia that needs emergency surgery, but he will be perfectly fine.”
Big Show steps forward, obviously coming to talk to me and I put my hand up to stop him. I don’t need coaxing. I need to get to my husband. “Where is he? Did you already leave to the hospital? Why didn’t anyone come find me–”
“Mrs. Anoa'i, we searched for you but could not find you.” Of course not, because I was waiting in front of medical. Damn it! “We are headed to Mt. Sinai. I will personally wait for you outside of the ER as per request of your husband.”

That’s all I need to hear before I hang up and make a run out of the building, leaving Big Show and several of the divas with wide eyes as I pass them. I immediately hail a cab, shout out Mt. Sinai emergency room, and sulk in the back seat.
He better be okay. He better fucking be okay. Stupid, stubborn man. This is exactly what I was afraid of. Stupid, stupid! I yell at him in my head.
I’m not sure how much later, I throw a fifty dollar bill on the passenger seat and run towards the man waiting for me, just like my husband requested. He quickly leads me to the private room Leati is being tended to in. I burst into the room and spot his big body in a hospital gown and the signature white blankets hospitals give covering what the gown won’t.

“This must be your wife.” The blonde doctor smiles at me. “I’m Dr. Keller.”
“Nice to meet you, Dr. Keller,” I huff out on a smile as genuine as I can manage. I’m winded, concerned, and upset. “Is he going in for surgery right now?” I talk like Leati isn’t in the room to keep my patience in check.
“Yes. Like I was just explaining to Mr. Anoa'i, the hernia has twisted around one of his testicles. That’s why he wasn’t able to push it back in.”
Wait. Hold up. “What do you mean push it back in?”
“This has been happening for a long while, baby. I just… pushed it back in.”
My neck snaps to my stupidly handsome husband’s face. “How long?” I grit out.
Leati’s chin falls to his chest. “Six months…”
“You pushed a hernia back into your body? For six months?” I slip into the chair beside his bed, fuming. “What the hell is wrong with you?”
“Injuries equal downtime. Even more with surgery. That equals disappearing from the main roster. That means no TV time, no money. I couldn’t do that to us.” He grabs my hand in his, making a point to fix my engagement ring and wedding band so they are perfectly snug at the base of my finger. “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I thought that I was doing what was best for my family. For us.” He threads his fingers in between mine and pulls my ring to his mouth, pressing feather light kisses all over my bands and his own.
I pull our hands to my lips and repeat his feather light kisses. “I don’t care about TV time. I don’t care about money. I care about you, your body, and your health. You could be collecting bottles on the side of the road and I will still be by your side..” I pull his scruffy chin to look into his beautiful brown eyes. I’m kind of glad he removed his contacts before I got here. “Do you understand me?”
Leati kisses our bands again. “I promise after this I’m going to take extra careful care of my body.” He leans over, pressing a long kiss to my temple before he reaches my ear. “You could’ve had me last night. Do you know how long its going to be before we make love again?”
“Oh, Jesus christ!” I push him away from my ear and turn towards Dr. Keller, watching us with a small grin on his face. “He’s ready to go into surgery. Please, take him.” For his sake and my sanity.

“Yes, ma'am.” The kind doctor calls in his team to wheel away Leati.

“Good luck kiss?”
I cock my head to the left. Of course, my stubborn man wants a kiss right now. “Good luck kiss.” I carefully sit on the edge of his bed, not wanting to pull at any IV’s  or other wires attached to him. Ugh, this is a mess. I brace a hand behind his head and swoop in. His warm, soft lips coat mine, warming me from head to toe. Leati moves his hand up my spine to the nape of my neck. I make sure to take the kiss to the next level, juicy and leaving him wanting more. Then I pull away from him.
“You’d collect bottles with me?”
I burst into full blown hysterical laughter, promoting him to do the same. “Yes. I’d collect bottles with you, baby.”

I Didn’t Mean To Hurt Her (Alan Ashby & Austin Carlile) (Of Mice and Men)

I switched it up so y/n is Austin’s sister and Alan is the fiancé.

Word Count: 1,155


“Alan, do you really think I’d cheat on you? I love you Alan Ashby. I love you so much that I’m going to marry you and have a family with you. Who told you these lies about me?”

You were trying to calm down your angry fiancé Alan Ashby from your brother Austin’s band. He’d come back from tour accusing you of sleeping with your ex behind his back. Hell you didn’t even have contact with you ex anymore. Alan looked harmless but he could get worked up.

You grab his arm and he shrugs you off.

“Amber told me, you sent her messages telling her not to tell me. She cares about me unlike you y/n.”

Amber was Alan’s ex and also their merch girl, because Alan insisted she didn’t have feelings for him anymore but clearly she was still trying to break us up. No one in the band liked her, hell I didn’t even have her phone number.

“I don’t even have her number babe. I don’t speak to my ex anymore, but apparently you trust some jealous bitch over your fiancé and girlfriend of four years. Look me in the face Alan.”

You grab his arm again but regret it a few seconds later when you feel a sharp stinging sensation across your cheek.

“She’s a good person y/n.”

You clutch your cheek and feel tears form, Alan had never gotten violent before.


Amber let it slip that she’d faked the messages and was trying to break my baby sister and Alan up. Alan was pretty mad when we dropped him off at the apartment he shared with my sister. I felt like something bad was going to happen so forced the bus to turn back around.

y/n gave me a spare key so I easily got into their apartment just as Alan slapped y/n quite hard. I was in shock but it was soon replaced with anger, no one laid a hand on my little sister and especially not her fiancé.

“Shit y/n I’m sorry.”

“Get away from me Alan.”

y/n backs away from Alan looking scared. I clear my throat.

“Get the hell away from my sister Ashby. I never expected you to hit a girl, especially my sister and your fiancé.”

Alan turns around and looks scared to see me.

“I didn’t mean to hurt her Austin, I get mad sometimes.”

It every ounce of self control I had to keep myself from hurting Alan, y/n wouldn’t forgive me. I point at the open front door.

“Get out of my sight Alan until you calm down and find a damn good way to apologise to my baby sister.”

Alan bows his head and quickly leaves the apartment. Once he was gone y/n breaks down. I run to her side and cuddle her as she buries her face into my chest, staining my shirt with her tears. y/n was my world and no one was ever going to be good enough for her, but Alan came along and changed my mind, well at least I thought he had.

“Amber told us she lied once Alan was off the bus. I made them turn around. No one lays a finger on my baby sis.”

y/n pulls back her eyes red and puffy as she sniffles.

“Thank you for coming Austin, I love you but I still love Alan.”

y/n saw the good in everyone including Alan, usually she was the only one able to calm him down but Amber had three months to poison his mind against her.

“I’ll beat his ginger ass in the studio sis, he’s not getting away that easily. I’m going to stay the night so you’re not alone. How about we watch some Disney?”

y/n’s face lights up at the mention of Disney, it was our common love.


After a night to calm down and a scolding from my family and other band members I was ready to face the consequences of my actions. I really needed to work on my anger issues, but first I needed to win both Carlile’s back. Austin trusted me with his sister and I ruined it in an instant.

I open the apartment door and notice Austin sprawled on the sofa watching TV while y/n runs around the kitchen. She loves to cook and hates when anyone ruins her organised space. It was one of her many quirks that I fell in love with.


y/n sounded surprised as her eyes locked with mine and I flinched upon seeing the bruise forming on her cheek I caused. The TV shut off and Austin stood up glaring at me, the only reason he hadn’t hit me is because y/n didn’t believe in violence.

“You better have a pretty damn good apology Ashby, you hurt the person I trusted to keep safe.”

Austin could be intimidating as hell despite his cuddly personality. I shuffle on the sport more nervous.

“You trusted me to protect and love y/n Austin and I betrayed that trust last night. I never thought I’d have to protect her from myself. I love your sister to the point that I don’t know what I’d do without her by my side, I will do everything in my power to win back your trust and friendship.”

Before Austin could reply I turn towards my beautiful y/n.

“I can’t ask you to forgive me because what I did was wrong on so many levels. I know I get angry and I’m going to get professional help. I want you to love me without being scared around your future husband.”

y/n walks towards me cautiously and I half expect her to hit me back, but instead she wraps her arms around my waist and hugs me.

“I can’t stay mad at you Alan, yes you hurt me but I’m going to help you and we’ll work through this as a couple.”

“I don’t deserve your love y/n, how do you see the good in everyone?”

She pulls back and smiles.

“Everyone has down days babe but then you have several good days. I guess I’m more chill than my older brother.”

Austin clears his throat and I untangle myself from y/n. For a second I forgot he was here. He comes towards me before pulling me into a bone crushing hug. The Carlile’s were a hugging family.

“You every hurt my sister again Ashby and they’ll be hell to pay, you can kiss your ginger locks goodbye. If y/n can forgive you then I guess I can to.”

My hands instinctively reach for my hair which I loved a lot. y/n laughs before joining the hug.

“This is how it should be, my two favourite boys getting along.”

I was happy we’d made up and I was going to get help before the wedding, I didn’t want to enter married life with the threat of hurting y/n again.

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Can I request the gom kagami and hanamiya embarrassing themselves in front of their crushes? I mean they're beautiful creatures but they're all dorks deep down inside.

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi had befriended you during gym class, finding that you were pretty decent at certain sports and making sure you ended up on his team each time. One night after a long study session he had, he appears in gym class and ignores the snicker of those around him, only noticing what’s wrong when you approach him and point out that his uniform was not only on backwards, but inside out as well.

Aomine Daiki: Around you Aomine tries to act more proper, wanting to set good impressions on you in case you do end up dating him. He couldn’t stop his love of his dirty magazines or Mai-chan, though, and continues to read them behind books that he thinks you’d like. When you’re chatting with him one day a kid walking by his desk accidentally pushes the book off, causing it to fall open to the page he was on, and a full nude picture to be displayed to you and the entire class.

Kise Ryouta: Kise wants to look cool in front of you, and when he sees that you’ve stepped into the same area, he’s prepared to introduce himself and flirt a bit. He takes a sip of water from the bottle but when you unexpectedly begin to walk towards him, he gets a little too hyped up and ends up having water go down the wrong hole, choking and looking rather unattractive with is red, teary eyes and purple face as you rush over to help him (probably one of his worst first impressions).

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko chose to come to school whether he was sick or not, as he didn’t like to miss homework nor did he like days where you didn’t get to talk to each other. One winter he’s suffering from a  terrible cold and won’t stop sneezing, trying to hide his face behind his hands while he talks to you; he can’t stop the sneeze that comes, snot covering his face (and luckily not you) as you worriedly ask if he’s alright, with him pulling his hands away (forgetting the snot was there) and saying he was, which causes a snot bubble to form and pop.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima freezes as he sees you walk in the room, wondering if he should pull something selfish (to be taken out of his 3 selfish wishes a day) or if he should practice as he always did, but doesn’t properly convey this to Takao, who ends up running directly into him. As he falls Takao grabs anything he can to stop his fall, which happens to be Midorima’s shorts. Midorima feels him grip his shorts but isn’t quick enough to stop them from falling as his froggy boxers are revealed to you and the entire Shutoku team.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara had gained a crush on you through classes, where you sat next to him and had helped him on subjects that were a bit tougher on him. He can’t help but admire you, and as he comes to terms with his feelings, he finds himself watching you for longer periods of time. When he stands up one morning to go sharpen his pencil he ends up catching his foot on his own desk, falling forward and causing the room to shake with a loud thump as he belly-flopped the hard ground.


Hanamiya Makoto: Hanamiya was the king of being smooth and suave, winking at you from the sidelines during practice when you had come to watch the team with a group of friends. Seto, who hadn’t been focusing as he had hardly gotten enough sleep the night before, lazily passes the ball without thinking, and Hanamiya doesn’t have the time to adjust to the ball’s path change; he feels the pain in his nose instantly before it all goes numb, Seto shivering as he knows his very life may be in danger.

Kagami Taiga: Kagami had been talking to you for days and was happy with the development of your relationship, feeling as though being friends with you at first could lead into something, and even if it didn’t, he felt good being around you. During lunch one day he’s eating when you tell him a joke, one that he finds incredibly funny; his laughter stops only once he realizes a piece of food flies onto your face and seriously considers never eating again.

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I feel very tired and unable to concentrate on work. It’s been like this since August. The professors who I’m close too are confused and disappointed by me and I haven’t impressed my new ones. I’m not sure what to do? Do you have suggestions on ways for me to feel refreshed and energized?

Hey! Have you been to a doctor yet? maybe it’s caused by a lack of nutrients or there’s something “wrong” with your body. I’d definitely recommend seeing a doctor just to make sure! I’d also recommend you to do some sports (in the morning) you can go for a run or a walk (just whatever feels right). When I go for a run in the morning, I have lots of energy throughout the day and sleep better at night. You could also try Yoga, maybe? Try to find some balance in your life (a balance between work/uni life and relaxing/taking care of yourself). It’s important to listen to your body now and to take really good care of yourself ♥

Don’t Listen To What People Say.

I sat on the couch, Mats with his head laying on my lap while my fingers mindlessly ran throughout his lengthy hair he had begun to grow out. I liked it as I always found myself playing between his locks more than I brushed through my own.

But the softness of his hair and the angelic features he displayed as he was half-asleep in my lap wasn’t my focus. I had been scrolling through Instagram for at least the past fifteen minutes. It was terrible that I had stumbled upon all of these pictures, accounts and comments as they now had me sucked in like I was reading a good book.

Too bad the comments and pictures didn’t give me such a warm feeling as a Nicholas Sparks novel.


Even near sleep, Mats responded with a barely audible “Hm?”

“Did you notice that I didn’t wear your jersey during the World Cup final?”

I looked from my phone for a moment to instead look down at him as he lazily dragged his hands against his droopy eyes, trying to wake himself up enough to carry on a decent conversation with me. “No. Why? Should I have noticed?”

“No. Just asking.” It seemed that what Mats didn’t notice, his fans did. I had posted a Throwback Thursday picture of the two of us after the World Cup final and my followers, which was mainly comprised of his fans, filled the comments. Some were pleasant but there were others that were…not so pleasant.

Many pointed out the fact I wasn’t wearing any sort of attire to show support for my boyfriend but instead wearing a regular shirt and jeans. I had thought nothing of it that day but now that it was being thrown in my face that I looked to be a terrible girlfriend who was unsupportive of her boyfriend, I couldn’t help but begin to rethink my decision even if it was nearly a year ago now.

I had expected things like this to happen when I got in a serious relationship with Mats. I knew how being in relationships with those in the spotlight worked so I tried my best to avoid any sort of outlets that would work to make me feel less than.

I kept my Twitter private and for the most part only accepted friends into viewing the page. I didn’t visit gossip blogs or pick up any papers that were designed strictly for tearing down those in the football world. I had even had my Instagram private until I got the guts to change that. I was somewhat beginning to regret it.

I had more questions to blurt out to Mats who was beginning to fall asleep again. “Are you sure you like my new haircut? Is it too short?” I began to finger the blunt bob cut I sported, my brunette locks now highlighted by a shimmery red tint I had gotten especially for the summer. It was a spur of the moment decision and Mats seemed to adore it when he saw it for the first time.

He adored it so much he ended up ruining it amidst a long night of sex.

But now with comments being made that people preferred me with my longer, curly traditional locks I was starting to question my haircut choice. Mats opened his eyes fully for the first time. “Okay. What is wrong with you? What did I do?”

“Nothing. You didn’t do anything. I just…I don’t know. I was just reading some things online and they made me think. That’s all.”

“Reading things like…?”

“Well on this Germany WAGs Instagram account, people voted me one of the least favorites. Anna got first.”

Mats broke into laughter. “A WAGs Instagram account? You’re serious? People actually dedicate those things to you all?”

“Yes! They don’t just care about you guys, you know.”

“Look. You’re smart and you’re beautiful and you’re perfect and everything else. Those people don’t really know you. Hell, just last week Robert was telling me how Anna burned the pie for dinner. You would never do that,” he joked.

“You’re right. I would have budgeted enough time to make a second one before you found out.”

“It’s because people don’t even know you. You’re away from the public eye and I like that. I prefer it that way.”

“You don’t want people to know me?”

“I just don’t want you to be spending your time reading unnecessary criticism like you’re doing now.” Mats raised his hand and slapped the phone playfully out of my hand and it fell between us. I began to reach down to grab for it but he grabbed my hand before I could. “Uh uh. Let it go. You’re not reading anymore of those things.”

“You can’t say you don’t read some of the comments about you sometimes.”

“I do but only the ones that call me sexy and are about how spectacular of an athlete I am,” he smirked.

I just rolled my eyes, removing my hand from his hair and the other from his grip as I playfully hit him. “Oh please. You’re so full of yourself.”

He turned his head, beginning to rub the little bit of my thigh that was exposed and not under his head before placing a kiss to the spot. “One of us has to be. Just don’t bother yourself with the comments anymore. I love you and I think you are the most amazing woman in the world. That’s really all that matters and soon enough, the world will realize that too.”

gif credit to dailydortmund