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the incredible @thefloatingstone gave me so much free reign with her commission, and here’s the result-! this one was a lot of fun to do, i’m so delighted that she gave me a shot with this <3

i figure even the hot dog master had to practice to get those ‘dogs to stack right - frankly, it’s inspirational ;D


I live ! (kind of.)

Weeks after it’s relevant (but I do what I want) : Inktober ! well… The best of it. For the Okami part. And in not crappy pictures.

Enjoy <3

sasybanana  asked:

Neko shance(?) HC: Lance is an obsessive groomer, sometimes he does it out of anxiety sometimes its just boredom but of course he always likes to look his best. Shiro likes grooming other people hes close to as a way to show affection and comfort. Not long after meeting Lance, Shiro noticed how much lance pays attention to his grooming habits and has made it a point to help him when he can. Lance doesnt realize just how much he loves it until Shiro gets [sick/injured?] one day and cant help him.

Shiro is definitely this big male cat that’s like the head of the pack or something in the neighborhood.. but not in an aggressive way, it’s just that he’s got the muscle to hold back troublemakers and so the other cats sorta stick close to him.
..and Lance is the kind of beta male cat that’s a companion to the alpha and has the wits to find food and trick humans for treats with his charming attitude.
They’re definitely grooming each other all the time and sleep scooched together for warmth

uh-oh.. vet. You know what that means; there’s no going back after that medical kink *smacks herself in the face*

grief is a very hard thing to deal with, it does not matter if it was a person who you only talked to once or twice, a family pet, a famous figure, or even something you lost and know you may not get back again.

It will always be hard to deal with. You can get through this, and you can heal. I know it is hard now but we can move on in time

so for now, allow yourself to grieve and feel, repressing these feelings will not help. I promise things will start to look up soon.

Please stay safe and know you are loved