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“When ChikaRiko first start going out”
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Listen. This is a terrible outlook on your work-life choices.

Your job and ultimately your career are important choices that should not be dictated by woo-woo bullshit like a “calling”. Should you have an affinity for what you do? Sure, yeah, whatever. At the end the day, though? Your job and career are about providing for yourself and your dependents. Your “personal values” are not lesser just because you took a job that gives you food security and lets you live in a nicer part of town. 

The system is designed to take advantage of people who buy into this having a “calling” bullshit. They’ll eat you alive if you think like that. They’ll pay you $36k/year to work 50 hours a week and still expect more from you. They won’t give you any professional development or training and then they’ll force you to retire early because you can’t keep up with the new, even cheaper hires. And at the end the day, they’ll make sure you’re still saying that old line, “Oh yeah, the pay is terrible, but it’s so rewarding.”

And don’t forget that it’s almost always women who are encouraged into these rewarding jobs for shit pay. Pink-collar jobs are full of professions that have been re-packaged to sell as “callings” instead of bona fide careers: teachers, librarians, nurses, etc. Highly educated women talked into taking bad jobs with worse pay because it’s their calling

I could go on. 

What I really want to do though is encourage you to always think of your career as your career. It is quite literally the thing that keeps you clothed, fed and housed. Career is not a dirty word!  👀 You career should not be dictated by what job gives you the moral high ground or the fuzziest feelings; it should be dictated by the what job gives you the best compensation* for your skills. (*Compensation here does not always equal pure salary, of course.)


Draw you/your oc here! We will ride into the sunset or possibly just fall over trying to balance like this.

Someone posted about an Animal Crossing like game about Solid Snake where Master Miller shows up and tries to trade you shitty furniture sometimes

And I’m just imagining him being like
“C'mon Dave this credenza would really tie your front room together, it would definitely balance out that armoire”
Dave, on the verge of tears,
“You’re just making up words now.”

Update on Four States Status

Omg, I went to bed feeling like crap and woke up this morning to so much love, positivity, and encouragement! Thank you all so much for your kind words and thoughts. They’ve helped me put things into perspective.

I guess this is a good lesson for me in terms of not posting when I’m in an emotional state. I don’t do a whole lot with social media, so I’ve never really dealt with anon hate/cyber-bullying/anything of that sort. It threw me off a lot, but now that I’ve had some time to think/sleep and got such a nice reminder from all of you of how kind and encouraging the vast majority of the fandom is, I can see more clearly that it was likely just a couple angry anon asshole with nothing better to do and maybe a couple other users (or those same anons using their real names) who chimed in to be rude. The users have been blocked, I deleted the messages I hadn’t responded to, and I’ve disabled anon asks.

I no longer plan to discontinue Four States, because no point in letting a few jerks ruin a good thing, right? Sorry for the dramatic false alarm. So I’ll get back to writing as soon as I can!

I wish I could’ve kept anon asks open since shy people sometimes appreciate it (and I may open it back up in the future, who knows), but if you ever want to ask anything don’t hesitate! I love chatting with fellow Tumblr users, as long as you aren’t calling my dog ugly lol.

On that note: I do have to admit that there’s a certain beauty in the phrase “btw your dog is ugly, nasty dog is nasty,” and I definitely plan on stealing that for a future chapter of Four States :P

This little long dog says, “I’m not ugly; I’m sweet.” :)

follow spree.

Ya boi don’t do these a lot, in fact, to be honest, I’m certain that I have done it once before. After cleaning my follow list and discovering that a lot of blogs I followed are inactive with a lot of old content, I’ve realised how empty my dash could be with them gone, so I’m only seeing minimal content that I actually want to see. ♥

Just like or reblog if you post any of the following, and I’ll totally check out your blog!

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  • Beyblade (any series but heart eyes if it’s the original)
  • Animal Crossing
  • Aesthetics
  • Animals


There was a guy running on the trail today where I was hiking with Sill and he stopped and kept saying how beautiful she was. I didn’t like how he kept saying it either. He drew it out and kept staring at her, “she’s beeeeautiful.” I was like………..thaaaaanks. 

And he just kept slowly petting her and it was for an awkwardly long amount of time and kept saying, “wow. she’s just beeeeautiful. just sooo sooooft. just beeeeautiful.”