you are definitely a 10

a very lovely dragon, nice and detailed like most apple emojis without being too much. 9/10

the color seems a bit off but other than that, very nice, minimalistic. 8/10

the thick outline seems a bit much, but other than that, a very nice dragon. i really dig the geometric design, 7/10

oh. my gosh. im fuckin. dude im almost crying tears of joy just looking at this. this is one of the best dragons ive ever had the absolute privilege of setting eyes on. his cute eyes! his cute nose! his cute little horns!! the way he holds that little pearl!!! unratable/10, i dont even know any numbers high enough to do him justice. i would buy a samsung phone just for this emoji.

the shading seems a bit off, but other than that, this is one solid dragon. 8/10

listen i hate to say it but. really dude. htc did you even try on this one? come on it has no personality! minimalism is good but only to a point! it really pains me to say this, but 4/10. he has potential, but hes just not there yet.

the coloring is a nice step away from the bright green we usually see, and even looking past that shes just a gorgeous dragon in general. even without gradients, shes a very dynamic and interesting dragon. 11/10

this one looks a bit mischievous, very nicely done. he looks like hes about to pull a fun (but harmless) prank on you, hes just waiting for a good opportunity. 9/10, definitely a dragon with a personality.

a bit on the grumpy side, but that wont hold him back from being an interesting dragon. nice and minimalist while still keeping the dragon aesthetic going (looking at you thc) 8/10

wow that is a pretty color! and the tongue! id give it a 10, but the eyes seem a bit blank, could use more personality. 9/10 (at least she has eyes, thc)

somehow seems to stand apart from the other designs, but im not sure how. i really dig the beard though. 10/10, good design all around.

now that’s a dragon! its a very dynamic pose, while still keeping a nice simplistic design. he looks really soft too, id love to hug him. 12/10


Matching mood boards for Ehm/Michael and Ny0/Jeremy for my ask blog, @ask-readyplayergaymers!


Naruto - Gifsets per episode
            Ep 7  The Assassin of the Mist
                    “There was something in my
                     book, about the man who
                     had copied over 1000 abilities..
                     Kakashi, the copy ninja”

I don’t believe in the Western definition of “karma”. I bet you can think of 10 people right now who will never get their comeuppance. 

That’s why I curse.

star trek captains ranked according to cooking ability
  • Sisko: grew up working in a restaurant. 11/10. the absolute best. makes non-replicated meals for his family and senior staff in the tradition passed down by his father. delicious. blessed. an emissary of flavor.
  • Kirk: can grill anything and has a mean pastry game. 9.5/10. definitely the guy you want on a camping trip, and would win any episode of chopped based on how he dealt with the gorn. if you take care of the judges with a makeshift cannon then there's no judges to say that you lose.
  • Picard: probably knows some French classics, but is decidedly rusty. 6/10. likes tea and wine more than food. makes a mean cucumber sandwich tho.
  • Archer: spent more time making models than learning how to cook. 3.5/10. his food is edible, but there's a reason they hired a chef to cater diplomatic dinners. has to consciously remind himself not to lick his lips whenever Trip mentions fried catfish.
  • Janeway: burned something with a replicator, which was not malfunctioning at the time. -8472/10. just eat her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. it's safer.
30 day challenge.

30 day thinspo challenge

Day 1: Your stats

Day 2: How tall are you, do you like your height?

Day 3: A picture of your thinspiration. What features do you like about this person?

Day 4: Your Greatest fears about weight loss

Day 5: Why do you really want to lose weight? Are you doing it for you?

Day 6: Do you binge? If so, explain why you think you do.

Day 7: Do your parents know you are trying to lose weight? Do they care?

Day 8: Your workout routine.

Day 9: Did people ever make comments about your weight in a negative way?

Day 10: What was the hardest thing you gave up during this weight loss?

Day 11: Your favourite thinspo blog and why.

Day 12: What do you normally eat?

13: Are you losing weight in a healthy or unhealthy way?

14: What’s your UGW? When do you expect to reach it?

15: Are you vegan or vegetarian? If so, has this helped you lose weight? If not, would you ever consider turning vegan or vegetarian?

16: When did you first decide to lose weight?

17: Do you have an eating disorder?

Day 18: What food is your weakness?

Day 19: When is the last time you ate fast food?

Day 20: Favourite diet?

21: What are your clothing sizes?

Day 22: What was your lowest weight? How and why did you gain?

Day 23: Did the media play a role in your wanting to lose weight?

Day 24: How do you feel about the terms pro-ana/pro-mia.

25: Have you ever purged? If you have, describe your first experience.

26: What excites you most about reaching your UGW?

27: How do you deal with being around food?

Day 28: Do you want that gap between your legs? Why?

29: Your definition of beauty.

Day 30: 10 facts about you! And now, what are your stats?

Indie Game Reviews

Hello, everyone!
After I posted about the games I’ve platinumed I received a few asks about the Indie games I’ve played, so I figured: “Why not review my favourites?” Below is a list of Indie games I’ve played that I consider above average. Hopefully this list will help people decide if they’re worth playing or not. Keep in mind, though, that these are my opinions. If anyone would like to discuss the games further, please feel free to message me or send me another ask specifying the game you’re interested in. I’m always happy to discuss games. XD

Whispering Willows

Whispering Willows is like a throwback to the 90s computer games that we all loved and played when we were kids. With a spooky atmosphere and almost game board-ish feel, the story takes place on an old mansion property where a young girl named Elena Elkhorn must depend on her Native American roots to find her missing father. Switch between human and soul to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and attack enemies. Though a bit slow-paced, the story and gameplay are solid and definitely worth a try.


CounterSpy is a fun little platformer that’s almost comedic in nature. You play as a (possibly) British spy during the Cold War, who spies on the Russian and American forces to prevent nuclear detonation on both sides. The missions are pretty straight forward, with you shooting or sneaking your way through enemy territory to discover their plans of attack. If you fail to thwart them … it’s the end of the world! While it isn’t really anything too special, its in-your-face 1970s James Bond style music and gameplay are entertaining as hell, and if you set it to the hardest difficulty, it is a fun challenge. I’d recommend it as a good time-waster.


Assemblance is a psychological first person thriller, where you play as a man who is forced to repeat a time paradox over and over until you figure out a way to move on. The story is subpar at best, but it’s not terrible. The graphics are beautiful and very relaxing, as is the music. I’ve heard this game be described as a “mind fuck” too, but I’m not sure if I’d give it quite that much credit. Either way, it is a good game if you’re looking for something to pass the time, and if you’re looking for a light challenge.


Velocibox is a pure challenge game where you control a tiny square that zooms through various obstacle courses. It doesn’t sound like much, but the levels can be extremely frustrating and the trophies are so hard to attain that they’ve only been awarded to a ridiculously small percentage of players– we’re talking hardcore gamers with no life (like me). If you’re looking for a fun challenge, this is the game for you.

The Park

The Park is a first person, mostly cinematic horror game, where you play as a schizophrenic mother who chases her son through a theme park that she used to visit when she was a child. As you play, you begin to ask yourself if what you’re seeing is real or if it’s just the result of the mother’s mental illness. There are a few jump scares and puzzles to solve, but all and all it’s basically a horror movie, with a child so un-likable he makes you miss the boy from Babadook. The story is worth exploring, however, and the graphics and voice work are topnotch. I’d give it a chance, unless you scare easily.

Race the Sun

Race the Sun is a meticulous challenger game where you steer a tiny plane through an endless field of obstacles. The objective of the game, aside from collecting trophies, is to simply beat your own record before you crash or run down. You collect extra points by hitting rings, which eventually allows you to upgrade your plane for future levels. While I will admit that at first the game is fairly addictive, it can get a little boring. You can’t memorize the fields because they change and randomize every 24 hours, which is a neat idea, but it still does little to keep players interested. But if you’re looking for a decent challenge, then I highly recommend this game. Personally, I’ve come to use it as a fun time-waster while I download other games.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a story-based video game where you divulge the disappearance of an entire town. I wouldn’t suggest this game to people who prefer action-packed shooters or tricky platformers, because aside from walking around and watching a beautiful cinematic story unfold, there isn’t much else to do. Don’t get me wrong, though; the game is still highly enjoyable. You play from a first person point of view and collect clues that give you insight to the missing townspeople. Each clue reveals a short story that helps you arrive at the conclusion, in the form of several astral projections. Aside from the creative story and stunning graphics, the voice acting is also incomparable. Definitely worth a play through if you’re into cinematic game play.

The Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan is a first person puzzle game where you play as a young orphaned boy named Monroe. The game is relaxing and wacky, as paint your way through various levels to help Monroe finish his recently deceased mother’s favourite painting. As you play, a world of imagination unfolds, and the air of innocence reminds you what it was like to be a child. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something light-hearted.

The Fall

The Fall is a puzzle platformer where you play as an advanced robotic spacesuit AI named Arid. The game begins with you crash-landing on a seemingly abandoned planet, with your pilot injured and unresponsive inside you. In order to save him, you search the planet for medical supplies, but soon find that the robotic inhabitants are dangerously malfunctioning. To save your pilot, you must succumb to several tests, forced on you by the head AI, and defeat an army of homicidal robots. The puzzles are fun and challenging, the story is wholly original, and the twist ending makes you think you’re watching The Sixth Sense. If you’re looking for an intelligent Sci-Fi Indie game, you’re looking for The Fall.

White Night

White Night is a horror survival game where you play as an unnamed man who crashes outside of a haunted estate. Injured and in need of help, he hobbles to the mansion and breaks in, desperate when no one answers the door. Once inside the house, certain events transpire and horror ensues. I won’t spoil the plot, but there is a twist ending and a story worth experiencing. The game has a very noir-type feel to it on top of the horror genre, which I thought was very unique. To beat the game, you must outwit the ghosts that hunt you, solve puzzles, and discover clues that eventually prompt the ending. The game also does an excellent job at making you feel helpless and vulnerable, as your only defences are running, hiding, and depending on matches for light. I personally didn’t have this problem, but I have heard people complain about their eyes hurting after a few hours of gameplay– so as a warning, the game is almost entirely black and white. If you’re not sure if you can handle that, then I’d highly suggest watching a spoiler-free video on YouTube before buying, just to see how well you adjust. Overall, it’s a great game that I highly recommend.


Contrast is a platformer clearly meant for the PC, but it is playable on consol. If I had to describe the setting, I’d say it’s almost Tim Burton-y in nature. You play as a voiceless woman named Dawn, who watches over and guards a little girl named Didi. Didi lives with her poverty-stricken mother in a tiny house in a town filled with corruption and debauchery. With no friends and nowhere to go during the day, Didi sneaks out at night to play; therefore, it is your job to make sure she stays safe. When her father starts meddling with some dangerous loan sharks, however, events transpire and you must help her save her family. Aside from some irritating controls on consol, the game is great and the story, obstacles, and puzzles are magnificent. The voice acting is also highly commendable, which was a pleasant surprise. Didi is actually voiced by a little girl, not an adult playing a child, and she did such an excellent job I thought Disney hired the cast. I definitely recommend this game, especially if you play on PC.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is another story-based game in which you play as a first person detective searching for a missing boy named Ethan Carter. Much like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the game is almost entirely cinematic with a gripping story and stunning graphics. While exploring various locations, you will find clues and solve intricate puzzles in order to piece together what happened to Ethan. Without spoiling the plot, I can only say that the mystery turns very dark and engaging. Definitely worth a penny or two.


SOMA has repeatedly been praised by fans for its “mind-blowing” original story and designs, but I personally took issue with some aspects of the game. I will agree first and foremost that the story is fresh beyond belief: it begins with you, Ethan, booking an appointment with a famous neurologist after viewing a flashback of a car crash. It becomes apparent that Ethan suffered a brain contusion during the accident, which could, at any given moment, kill him. The next day you visit the doctor and agree to an experiment that could help Ethan and others like him. After a long conversation, you get strapped into a machine, then wake up in an underwater, apocalyptic hell. SOMA has also been described as a “mind fuck”, and you might agree, especially when it comes to certain choices you’re forced to make. I personally found the game to be a bit buggy, which is apparently common, slightly slow, and somewhat boring at times. The bulk of the game consists of you exploring a huge map and evading “monsters”, which can be rather irritating when they get too close. There are some horror elements to the game, but nothing spectacular. All and all, it’s worth a quick run through, if not for the story alone.


Type:Rider is an educational platformer where you play as a colon (two dots) and work your way through several levels to learn about the origins of various forms of print. If you’d rather just play the game you can easily skip the information– but I promise you, it’s fascinating. You can learn about Script, Gothic, Times New Roman, etc. The game itself is a blast, but the history lessons work as an added bonus.


Oxenfree is an intriguing supernatural mystery graphic adventure where you play as a teenager trapped on a costal island. What at first seems like a harmless trip with friends, it quickly turns into a living nightmare when strange events begin to occur. The story itself is distinctive and gripping, where certain decisions you make help determine the outcome. The game has several endings and multiple puzzles that require independent success or teamwork with the other NPCs. The gameplay is smooth and soothing, the visuals are clean, and the story is outstanding. Highly recommend.


Feist is an adorable platformer with some of the most intelligent enemies I’ve ever seen. If you’re up for a challenge, they’ll make sure you’re not disappointed. Though a mostly dark game, with the main character, the enemies, and much of the levels being a black silhouette, the game is fun and endearing. You play as a cute, unidentifiable creature that fights through obstacles to save his abducted partner. The game has a very primordial feel to it, with a sort of “survival of the fittest” connotation. Without the strength or biological advantages that your enemies have, you must rely on your superior intellect. The trophies are also incredibly difficult to achieve, half of them being speed runs, with almost no players having platinumed it. Aside from a few glitches that occur every now and then, the game is definitely worth buying.

The Swapper

The Swapper is a platformer where you must solve various puzzles by making and erasing copies of your own character. There is a story to follow, set in space, where you begin to experience weird occurrences. Each new area offers harder and harder puzzles, but nothing unmanageable. For me, the true wonders of this game are the graphics and music. The soundtrack is so beautiful and ambient that I found myself downloading the whole score halfway through the game. The map is relatively confusing when you get a bit further in, so you might find yourself lost every now and then. You do have to backtrack to some levels, so I suggest learning the layout early on. All and all, it’s a fun challenge well worth your time.


Wick isn’t a game I would recommend to anyone who frightens easily. The game is riddled with jump scares and portrays a haunting story about five dead children and their psychotic killer. Despite being a survival horror, there is a story to explore through certain clues that you can collect while playing. The game has several challenges, including a DLC that answers a lingering question that looms over you throughout the original levels. In order to beat the DLC, though, great memorization of the map and clue locations is required. Wick also holds some of the hardest trophies I’ve ever achieved for an Indie. The game itself takes place in a very small campground at night, where you are pursued by the five dead children. Your only source of light is a candle, which burns out if you don’t locate more. Each level runs longer and longer and introduces a new child every time, each with their own unique form of hunting you. If you decide to brave this game, prepare for a long night.
(Game is not as slow as the gif suggest)

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Before I get into this game, I must be sure to tell everyone that it is likely a game for children, so I’ll be judging it from a child’s perspective. While I don’t see it winning a ton of awards, even as an adult I’ll admit it’s fun as hell. You play as an octopus with a wife and two children, so already the theme is ridiculous. To make matters worse, your family doesn’t know that you’re an octopus, so you have to do your best to keep it a secret. Throughout the game you must perform various mundane tasks, but as an octopus the controls are intentionally wonky, which makes for some hilarious accidents. There is also a story to follow with a rather adorable ending. The game is colourful, cartoonish, original, and warm-hearted. Perfect for anyone who’s looking for something soft and enjoyable.

She Wants Me Dead

She Wants Me Dead is a noir-type platformer, possibly set in New York City, where you play as a man trying to outsmart his homicidal cat. The cat, after being neglected by her owner, forces you to work your way through various traps and obstacles. The levels naturally get more and more challenging as you progress, but the game itself is incredibly fun. Additionally, only one song is played throughout every level, but it’s one of the most kickin’ songs I’ve ever heard in a platformer– “She Wants Me Dead” by CAZZETTE vs. AronChupa ft. The High. The beat of the music actually helps you determine when it’s safe to jump, which I thought was really cool. If you’re looking for a decent challenge, I’d highly recommend this game.

Layers of Fear

Much like Wick, Layers of Fear is a first person horror game filled with jump scares and a recurring theme of helplessness. Nothing scares me, but when I had my sister play this game she got a headache and threw me the controller– it scared her that badly. The game does a stellar job at recounting the story of a painter gone mad as you explore his house and piece together his past. Aside from the spooky atmosphere and wonderful graphics, Layers of Fear also includes one of the most hauntingly beautiful soundtracks I’ve ever heard. If you’re looking for a good mystery/horror game, Layers of Fear would be my first recommendation.


ABZÛ is an adventure art video game where you play as a female diver who silently uncovers the ruins of an ancient civilization. The entire game takes place in the ocean, where the eco system seems to be terribly damaged and unbalanced. As you swim through each beautifully crafted level, you discover the reason for the imbalance and work to revitalize the ocean. The graphics are spectacular, the story is new, and, if desired, the game is also educational with nods to marine biology. The overall control of the character takes some getting used to, but I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for something uplifting and peaceful.


Typoman is an adorable little platformer where you play as an all-black typographical character made up of the letters H E R O. The game itself is particularly unique, with every enemy and almost every level being made primarily of letters. The story sports a creative battle of good versus evil in the form of words, with “good” words having positive effects and “bad” words having negative effects. As the hero, you must solve puzzles and traverse through a post-apocalyptic wasteland to defeat the evil running rampant through the streets. The graphics are gorgeous, the story is amazing, and if not for the game’s unfortunate tendency to crash during the mini games and mild glitches, I would have given it a perfect ten.


Buy it. Just buy it. I shouldn’t have to say anything else, but I will.
Unravel is a beautiful Swedish platformer where you play as a little red character named Yarny. As you may have already guessed, Yarny is made of yarn, and as you control him you embark on a journey to find multiple missing ornaments for a photo album. Each ornament produces a page of pictures that “unravels” the story of Yarny’s family (humans who don’t know that he can move). Each level presents a menagerie of fun obstacles and atmospheres. Aside from the flawless controls and beautiful story line, Unravel impresses players with gorgeous graphics and a soundtrack that could put Mozart to shame. Highly, highly recommend.


Inside is a puzzle-platformer adventure game that really tugs at your imagination. The story is multi-layered and brilliantly crafted without a single word of dialogue. Without knowing or understanding where the story is headed, you play as a nameless boy who traverses through many psychological puzzles, with danger lurking around every corner. Since the game’s release, no one has been able to decipher what the story is truly about, but if I had to guess, I’d say it presents an Orwellian dystopia that forces mind control on the masses and foreshadows our eventual future. I believe the entire game is a controlled experiment, wrought by the facility that you’re trying to escape– but really, who’s to say for sure? The controls, story, and graphics are crisp, seasoned, and endearing, and they convey a uniqueness of the highest calibre. Highly recommend.


Limbo is a two-dimensional puzzle-platformer designed by the same company that produced Inside. Much like Inside, you play as a nameless boy who awakens in the middle of a forest on "the edge of hell”. How the boy died or if he’s even truly dead is a mystery. While searching for your sister, you encounter other hostile children, mechanical traps, murderous creatures, and all around unfriendly environments. As you play, you begin to wonder if anyone is trustworthy and if there’s a way out of the forest at all. The game does not hold your hand, so it is up to you to depend on your wits to succeed. Besides being pleasantly enigmatic, the gameplay is also awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys peaceful but challenging platformers.


Journey is an interactive adventure game where you assume the role of a figure clad in robes. While able to play alone, online gameplay allows other players to connect with you, which enables you to share the adventure. The story is silently narrated through cut scenes that you unlock as you venture through the desert, eventually ending up at a snowy mountain. This game is definitely meant as a “feel good” type of platformer, with music and graphics that put some mainstream games to shame. The story consists of you, the character, realizing the fall of an ancient civilization while avoiding the giant automatons left over from the war that destroyed it. I would also argue that the journey you embark on is a quest to find your ancestors, who later guide you to paradise. While I couldn’t confirm this and it might not be true, I personally believe that this game was also heavily inspired by the Hinduism. For anyone looking for a relaxing, family-friendly adventure, this is the game I would recommend.

Little Nightmares

I’m sure that by now most of you have heard of Little Nightmares. Personally, my sister and I were looking forward to this game long before it hit the mainstream, and I’m happy to say we were not disappointed. Ironically enough, Little Nightmares ended up being one of the best Indie games I’ve ever played. With a Spirited Away meets Tim Burton feel, Little Nightmares gives us a puzzle-platformer horror adventure game superior to all others. No one knows the true plot of the story, which has sprung theory after theory after theory from fans, as you work your way through the mysterious Maw and avoid being eaten. I also have my own theories, but if I went into that we’d be here forever. I’ll simply say this: Little Nightmares triggers your imagination and keeps you on the edge of your seat. While some people have complained about the slow load times, the only complaint I have is that it’s relatively short. I could have played this game for days without getting bored. The horror element is almost kid-friendly, the graphics are stupendous, and the character designs are out of this world. I might even start collecting the comics.

Saw this on my facebook feed and immediately thought of you guys. This is definitely on the top 10 list of the most annoying shit retail employees hear customers joke about. -Abby


How romantic!

True blood son...and daughter - Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

Summary : Your first meeting with your half-brother didn’t really went well, both of you being quite hot headed…Slowly but surely however, you guys warm up to each other. 

It’s meh, I’m so dissatisfied with my writing lately…hope you’ll still enjoy it :

(My masterlist blog here :


-Don’t forget I’m the true blood son ! 

-Oh yeah ? That’s funny because you know what ? I’m the true blood daughter ! So your argument is invalid. Do you think before you speak ?

Your father looked between you and Damian, not knowing what to do…This wasn’t going how he wanted it to go at all. 


Your first encounter with your half-brother Damian was…tense, to say the least. One day your dad came home with the boy, and boom, I guess you had a new brother. You were super excited. At least at first. You quickly realized that he wasn’t really…the nicest. 

Even before your father explained where he came from and all, you knew he was definitely your brother. He looked almost exactly like your dad when he was a kid. Almost exactly, because his eyes weren’t blue but green, and his skin was way darker than your father’s pale complexion. Other than that…it was like seeing a mini-Bruce. You hoped he wasn’t like your dad mentally too, because that was gonna be a nightmare…And he wasn’t. He was worst. Oh my god so much worst. 

The first words he uttered to you were full of disdain : 

-You look weak. 

Your father stiffened, ready to intervene. He knew that with you, this could go only two ways : you’d loose all control and fight Damian, or ignore him completely, much like your mother would. Your mother, Catwoman, champion in ignoring people that annoy her since the day she was born. You took the second option, and with a little smile that made Damian fumed, you turned away from him, going back to the work you were doing on the bat mobile before your dad emerged with your brother. Hum. Half-brother. 

But Damian wouldn’t have it. He already met the other batboys, and he made sure they knew that Batman’s TRUE son was home. He went too you, under your father’s gaze. Your dad was still ready to lunge forward between you two. 

-Did you hear me ? 


Damian was confused. Even Dick, who seemed like the most collected one, reacted to his provocations. And here you were, kinda ignoring him, a smug look on your face. He had to assure his superiority on you, and you had to react for it to work !! 

-You look very weak. 

-You already said that. Redundant. 

-You look like you…

-Hey, listen, I know what you did to Dick, Jay and Tim ok ? Won’t work with me, I don’t care about your little need to feel better than us. So here we go, I’m gonna tell you know : hey, you’re better than me. Cool right ? I bet you feel great now. 

-Well at least you know your place. 

Oh damn. You were doing such a good job. You were being so calm and collected, like your father taught you. You should have kept ignoring him, just like your mom did to people she didn’t like…You knew he was eventually going to say something that’d make you mad. And here. “Know your place” ? “KNOW YOUR PLACE” ? How dare he ?!  

You stood up to face him. He was almost as tall as you, even though he was definitely years younger, no more than 10, and you were already (your age). You were kinda short. Like your mom. In the corner of your eyes, you could see your father coming towards you, but you made him understand with your eyes that he shouldn’t intervene. You needed to do this. And so he stopped, and looked at you two. 

-Do you want me to teach you your place ? 

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andreil happy fics! ♥

basically, I’ve spent the previous week going through the AFTG tag (yes, I went through all the 1250 works) on ao3, because I needed more content, official or not. and since it was so freaking hard to find some quality happy content™ (bc apparently y'all like to suffer that much —which, to be fair, I should have expected and I can #relate), I thought I could make it easier for anyone else seeking it and share it here! 🎉

so this is a recommendation list with my favorites ones so far; they’re all from ao3, and if you find any of your works there and want me to remove them from this list, just message me and I’ll remove it. if you have any recommendations for me to add here, message me too! ♥ I haven’t read anything from or tumblr just yet, but I plan on doing that later this week.

they’re not all entirely happy and they’re not that happy either, but then again that’d be hard considering the amount of trauma and tragedy the authors have to work with (thanks nora). but!!! they’re happy enough to make it to this post, so yeah! you’ll probably gonna enjoy them.

right now there are more oneshots, canon-ish, mostly set right after TKM or a few years in the future. I might add an AU and multi-chapter category later, so keep checking for updates! and don’t forget to show appreciation for the authors by leaving comments and kudos! ♥

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A-Z NSFW: Wonho

Originally posted by wonho-be-mine


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A = Aftercare 
Wonho’s aftercare is extremely tender and mildly extensive. Sex itself usually isn’t too wild, so aftercare isn’t really a huge deal. But to Wonho, aftercare is a very necessary part of sex and he’s not going to let you skip out on it. He usually favors an intimate washing up in the shower, a once over to make sure nothing hurts and you’re okay(seriously, you’ve never even pinched some skin during sex with him, he worries for nothing), and returning to bed for a small lotion/massage session and ending it with cuddles/a nap. 

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

Honestly, his favorite body part probably stems from what you coo over the most, his favorite is your favorite at the end of the day. Wonho’s is likely his thigh or fingers, either or both, seeing as they both will play a huge part in foreplay. Wonho would probably be one of those cheesy s/o’s that doesn’t actually pick a specific thing because he ‘loves all of you equally’. But, he would probably secretly adore your hips/waist, he’d probably be insanely obsessed with watching your hips roll against his, or seeing the indents in the soft skin from his fingers gripping you as he rocks in you. 

C = Cum 

Sex is 90% really intimate and affectionate, so Wonho is usually nutting inside you #WrapItBeforeYouTapIt hips pressed as close to you as possible, his lil face is probably tucked against your neck and painting heavily in your ear. Fml.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
Do not ask me to elaborate on this because I can’t, but I feel like he’d be one of those s/o’s that’d secretly jip something of yours when they can’t be around you 24/7, and by something, I mean your panties. Weird boy has 100% stolen your panties at some point. Doesn’t do anything with them, just has them. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Wonho’s experience is pretty limited. He’s got a hand on it and obviously knows what to do. But as for having a wide range of experience, it’s nearly nonexistent. 

F = Favorite position
Sex is wildly intimate with Wonho, so he leans towards more full contact positions like missionary or spooning or you riding him. Pretty much any position that doesn’t require you to have been a gymnast for 10 years, and he can have full body contact, and easy access to your lips.   

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

I don’t know about goofy, but I can totally see Wonho just being super giggly during sex? Like it’s so intense and intimate that it’s actually laughable and he does laugh lmao. It’s definitely not serious at all, I can 100% see random fits of giggles at random points during sex and it’s completely normal with him. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
I can’t imagine him being super groomed, I can see Wonho picking up more manscaping if you suggest it. But on his own free will, he trims occasionally, and it’s just a lil trim at that. Nothing really drastic or noticeable. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

The king of intimacy. Sex with Wonho could rival the romance and love of every romance movie every made combined. Wonho’s a super sweet talker in the bedroom, he’s a big talker, and whispers sweet nothings a lot. I don’t see him prepping the room, making it ‘mood’-ish, or anything. But his affection during sex really slaps you with intimacy. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Wonho’s pretty innocent in the relationship, while he’s really intimate, he’s still rather reserved with other things. I can’t see him being one of the guys that has nudes or does phone sex when he’s turned on and his s/o isn’t there to help out. So he just locks himself away in the bathroom and fixes the issue as fast as possible and moves on with the day. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Wonho’s kinks are fairly tamed, nothing really big that you could really call a kink, to be honest. It’s mostly body worship and praise. It’s masked under just all the suffocating fluff and intimacy, but he’s huge on body worship, both for you and for Wonho. Praise is more his style, rather than begging, he likes hearing you pant your approval for him and his touch.   

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Something about being all wet and slippery, Wonho favors the bathroom shower over the bed most times. He can mask it as killing two birds with one stone. But rather than the two birds being you both showering, it’s more along the lines of ‘I’m horny, we’re gonna fuck, and then it’s easier to clean up’ kind of two birds. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Sex usually happens after practice or a show, and he’s hyped up, and you’re waiting for him. Praising him for his performance or how well he’s improved lights a fire in Wonho. Honestly, just praising him is enough to get him going. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Most kink things aren’t his style, to be honest. Titles like Daddy or Master or Sir aren’t something he likes hearing in the bedroom. Wonho’s a gentle guy at heart, he’s a sweetheart, I really can’t see him being one to spank you, anything that’s ‘punishing’ or anything bdsm-ish. He’s a lover, anything hurtful or degrading is usually off his list. 

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Wonho’s pretty big on pleasing you both to the absolute fullest. If he can help it, neither of you will leave unsatisfied, so oral is semi of a huge part of sex. He’s more than happy to spend the rest of his life between your legs, so he’s not one to refuse on giving or receiving oral. It’s one of his many skills, to turn you into a pile of mush, grasping his hair for dear life. 

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
While he leans more towards slow and sensual, Wonho’s thrusts are sharp and precise. He holds a steady, firm pace that build pleasure easily. It’s nothing that’s going to cause you to have to grid the covers to not be knocked off the bed, but it’ll definitely knock you off the cliff of pleasure. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
It’s almost laughable how much of a hate he has for them. It;s like quickies are a kid that stole Wonho’s cookie in kindergarten and he hasn’t forgiven the kid despite being an adult. He really likes to avoid quickies at all costs, he’s got the excuse down pat too. “Wouldn’t you rather wait until later when I can really work your body in to next week? Just wait for me baby.” Quickies are insanely rare with Wonho. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Risky things are generally avoided at all costs with Wonho. He’s not really excited by the idea of possibly being caught with his pants down and his cock in you so…risks are at a very minimum. And the minimum is ‘is the door locked? you sure no one has a key? okay. okay fine, let’s do it.’ kind of thing. Wonho isn’t going to jump at the chance to do something risky, but if you can reassure him literally no one but you and him will know about it, he’s more likely to play. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

Because he’s more of a slow build kind of guy, he draws foreplay out a bit longer than usual, Wonho’s got a reserve of stamina most don’t have. He knows when to slow down when he’s close, knows when to speed up when he’s calmed down a bit, Wonho can read his and your body like a book. He’s got it down pat. So, he last a tiny bit longer than most guys. He can usually pull out 15-20 minutes or more if he’s careful. But, since he stretches it out so long, one round usually knocks him on his ass and that’s all he can do.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Wonho’s not the biggest fan of toys, I can’t imagine him playing around with them much out of his own free will. If anything, you’ll have to be the one to introduce them in the bedroom, but Wonho’s not going to bring them in. He really doesn’t have this huge desire to mess around with toys. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

He’s not the biggest teaser, Wonho’s too affectionate and eager to please the both of you to tease too much. If you want to qualify that, foreplay is the extent of teasing from Wonho. As much as he likes hearing you beg for him, he prefers if being when he’s actually pushing you to cloud 9 rather than teasing. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

Wonho’s relatively quiet in bed but he’s not silent at all. Heavy breathing, and small grunts, and light moaning while whispering praise and curses in your ear. His volume is pretty low, it’s not likely anyone but you will hear him but he’s definitely vocal. 

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

Foreplay was so hot and heavy, it has to be a total surprise that when it came to sex, Wonho turned in to this really tender, gentle lover. From intense make out sessions and dry humping you in to next week, to soft and loving dicking down. Talk about a flip of a coin. 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Wonho’s fairly average in that department, but average isn’t a bad thing, le’s be real. A little more on the thicker side, but as far as length goes he’s pretty normal, 5-5.2″ at the most. But aye, he’s an eager to please guy, it’s a good size to play with. 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
His sex drive is a bit over the line of normal. Wonho’s pretty touchy, 90% of the time he’s ready to jump your bones, respectfully. He holds the reigns well, but Wonho’s always ready for some sweet loving.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Wonho crashes pretty damn fast afterwards. Sex isn’t an insane work at, not by any means, but you’d be surprised how much sensual sex wears you out. You can definitely expect him to be out cold in 5-10 minutes or less, he needs a nice nap after that loving. 

And here we have a Pride decked woodcarving Aquarius with her psychologist Pisces girlfriend ^_^

Rate That Wiccan

When @speedmagick and I were on vacation we (jokingly?) talked about rating our favorite appearances/designs of the twins, and since he made good on it I’m here to do the same . 

Asguardian: too many belts, appropriates Aesir culture? looks great for smth a 15 year old made by hand 6/10

Wiccan (2005) wears all black, hasn’t brushed hair in weeks, cape recycled from Vincent Valentine cosplay, SHORT (check out those wedge heels). Hot Topic Freshman 8/10

Young Avengers Special Nancy from The Craft, meetings with ur birth mom, “I don’t give a Three Fold Fuck” 10/10 the most witchy

Civil War “hit by a car and dumped in the trash, this pigeon isn’t giving up” 6/10 cute face weird anatomy/clothing

Young Avengers Presents lowkey my favorite- he looks young, gangly, and a little unkempt. love the nose & brows lol 9/10 im deadass i love this issue


Dark Reign some characters looked good in this comic but Billy was not one of them 0/10 why is your suit blue???

“The most relatable character in Mean Girls was Janice”  listen Billy is a grunge/emo gay 5/10 please buy a hairbrush

“I got BANGZzzzuhhh!!” this is the same style just updated for the 2010s 6/10 you got a hairbrush

Startorialist definitely got a tumblr. glowy eyes mean business. pastel goth. Strike a pose! 5/10 needs more black and the cape should be tattered !!!

“You’re perfect you’re beautiful you look like Wanda Maximoff you’re a model… Did you stone those tights?” 10/10 Billy your smile is a beauuuutiful

New Avengers (Sandoval) this is the least-ugly Sandoval drawing i could find. Anime hair, weirdly super buf), cape is practically a tent. Details never consistent. 1/10 that’s a pretty good sasuke wig tho

New Avengers (Paco Medina and Marcus To) really small, cute baby face, fluffy hair, starting to wear black again, calls his mom, 8/10 best versions of this design so far

House of M (2015) Wiccan & Speed Team-Up! The same suit but Edgier and more Red 9/10 i actually like this better than the original

Avengers Fairytales dead inside, that mug is full of liquor, big ears better to hear u talking shit, gets rekt regularly by his gigantic boytoy 10/10 bunny baby, this outfit is too fuckign cute and his face iss… killing me


The Foretellers - Pokemon AU
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how about some oofuri? i have no idea what the anime is about but they pop out on my dash quite frequently and seemed cute.

aaaAAAHHH THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING OOFURI!! its an anime about baseball!! you should definitely watch/read it!! 100/10 rec ; v ;

i love all the mihashi ships tbh but abemiha takes the cake!!

i like to think abe has the I’m Gay revelation every time mihashi kisses him