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Un Nouveau Voyage (2015) // Amour Eternal (2016)
Shiotsuki Shuu & Fujioka Sayaka in Sera Myu Uranep promo

a brief, helpful primer for kpop fans for the upcoming P48 show:

AKB48 is a Japanese cult comprised of roughly 500 members. They are split into teams of roughly 16 members, or sometimes only like 3 because everyone graduated or is actually a member of a sister group in another city and isn’t there and management stopped paying attention ages ago so no one has been promoted.

Team A is the best team because they were first and also A is the first letter of that alphabet. If you are good, you get to be on team A. if you are bad you are sent to a boat or worse, Hakata.

Team K is the cool team. You get a motorcycle and a belly button ring when you join. Sayaka is god.

Team B is the cute team. Eternally haunted by the ghost of Mayuyu’s graduated, so be wary of having any ambitions.

Team 4 has some people on it probably but I have literally no idea who. Used to have a concept but who the fuck even knows anymore.

Team 8 is a collection of 47 sentient toyota vehicles. You may find a crying octopus nearby.

Teams perform at the theater in Akihabara which at this point is basically the cantina from star wars because they’ve been forced to do the same music for 84 years now. 

Every year, fans give Aki-P all their money to try to get their favorite girl to sit in a big fancy chair. Everyone is always mad about Chair Day. Namba is too poor to participate in Chair Day. 

Once a year Heavy Rotation and KFC are sacrificed to the Relevancy Gods in a nation wide archaic boys vs girls sing off to remind everyone that AKB still exists.


Okay so I’ll be using the Soulmate AU where everyone is born with a clock on their wrist ticking down till the moment you meet your soulmate. 

•Imagine everyone is so nervous on their first day at Peek’s Academy looking at their clocks indicating the moment is minutes away from happening
•Imagine them the day they wake up at highschool of despair after the feeling of blacking away, first thing they do is checking their clocks but they’re already on zeros???
•"I haven’t met my soulmate yet?? Wth???“
•So the memory erasing thing would be a lot more easy to figure out in this AU but think of it
•Everyone comes to conclusions that their soulmates are one of the people at the school BUT WHO IS IT?! NO ONE KNOWS
•On this AU your clock breaks the moment your soulmate dies
•Imagine the games start, we all know who the first killed student was
•Imagine Leon having a horrid feeling on his wrist the second he stabbed Maizono, only to looking at his broken clock
•Imagine Togami couldn’t care less who his soulmate is, he never did, but when everything over and for the first time he realizes his clock never broke through the games, he feels a strange sort of both relief and disgust because “my soulmate is one of these peasants good grief”
•Kirigiri recovering small fragments of the memory of meeting her soulmate, although she can’t remember specific details such as faces or places she remembers wide eyes and one hell of a nervous stuttering voice rambling about not believing his soulmate would be such an interesting pretty girl… And something about feeling lucky.
•Imagine the students who were having a relatively normal day and they just suddenly FEEL their clock and they KNOW it just broke, seconds before the voice of Monokuma fills their ears “Upupupuuu… A body has been found!” 

~ Anonymous

DR Artbook Translation: Evaluation of Chihiro's Character

NaegiIshimaruTogamiMondoLeonYamadaHagakureSayakaKirigiriAsahinaFukawaSyoSakuraCeles, Junko, Chihiro.

Text in upper corner:  Faint-hearted and humble, Fujisaki wants to become someone who could protect others. Mustering up all their courage in a small body, no sooner than the condition of their inevitable death will they do things like giving up?!

  • Togami: Like a rock by the side of the road.
  • Ishimaru: You must be more firm!
  • Naegi: She’s so little and cute….
  • Sayaka: I’m so jealous of that petite figure.
  • Kirigiri: It’s a complete transformation, isn’t it.
  • Aoi: Come swim with me!
  • Syo: Agh, I’m developing some crush!
  • Sakura: Even one step on a long road is motion.
  • Celes: She is someone who battles on in difficult circumstances.
  • Junko: Let me lend you some clothes sometime~ [I… want to see this, so bad]
  • Monokuma: A classic little loli!
  • Hagakure: She has a surprisingly low voice, huh.
  • Yamada: Ah, it’s the bokukko! [anime term for a girl who uses the more masculine pronoun “boku”; usually they’re tomboys. ruispatonki fixed this one for me, many thanks!!!]
  • Leon: Could you bring me some tea? I’m kidding!
  • Mondo: It’s a man’s promise!

Pairing: Yamamoto Sayaka x Miyuki Watanabe (SayaMilky)

Prompt: Miyuki and Sayaka are having a day off

Rating : PG-13

Sayaka wasn’t surprised when she saw Miyuki lounging around her kitchen that morning. What surprised her was seeing how Miyuki dressed herself: a pair of black bra, a denim shorts, and combined with apron for the sake of modesty. Sayaka breathed slowly through her mouth. Her eyes were lazily raking their way along Miyuki’s skin.

“Good morning, Sayaka. Enjoying the view?”

Miyuki wasn’t a stranger to have people gaping at her. In fact, she was enjoying it a bit too much. Miyuki was a pretty girl. Charmingly pretty, and this girl knew exactly how to use it.

Sayaka gave a curt nod and turned her attention to the coffee pot. She was trying to keep her mind focus on the hot kettle in her hand though she had a hard time to keep her eyes off the half naked girl in front of her.

Sayaka almost dropped the kettle when Miyuki’s slender arms found their way around Sayaka’s bare waist, and Miyuki noticed how stiff Sayaka’s figure had become. 

“You’re tossing and turning last night. Can’t sleep?” she asked, now began planting soft kisses on Sayaka’s shoulder. 

“It was hot last night,” Sayaka answered before taking a long swig from the coffee mug, forgetting that the liquid was boiling enough to burn her throat.

She closed her eyes when Miyuki started biting her skin lightly. Putting the mug down, Sayaka glanced over her shoulder to glare at the younger girl. “What are you doing?”

“Making you relax. You see…” Sayaka involuntarily let out a gasp when Miyuki pressed the area between her shoulder blades. “You’re very tense right here. Not having enough sex lately?”

“It’s still too early to talk about sex, don’t you think?”

Miyuki easily pulled Sayaka and pressed her entire front to the latter’s back. Miyuki’s body was comfortably warm. The kind of warm you’d love to feel every night after spending hours of hot, wet sex…

Sayaka mentally slapped herself at the thought. She couldn’t get distracted now, could she?

But then when Miyuki stole a kiss from her mouth, Sayaka knew she was lost.

“I want to hear you sing.”

Sayaka hummed a tune.

“No. Sing like you do on stage. Sing like you’re going to make love to it,” Miyuki mumbled, lips bruising Sayaka’s lean neck.

Sayaka complied, noticing how shaky her voice sound.

“Again,” Miyuki demanded against Sayaka’s lips.

Sayaka followed the order. This time with a higher pitch than before.

Miyuki rewarded Sayaka with a hard, breathless kiss. “God, what I’d do to hear you sing everyday. Your voice is a poison, you know that?”

Sayaka chuckled. “So that’s why you often appear uninvited? Just to hear me sing?”

Miyuki moaned as she peppered kisses down Sayaka’s throat. Her nimble fingers were already down there, itching to pull that offending pajama pants off Sayaka. “I do what I want.”

Sayaka didn’t even resist when Miyuki pushed her down the table. She let out a low groan when Miyuki captured her mouth and gave a not so gentle bite on her lower lip before licking the pain away. “You don’t know what you do to me, Sayaka.” Miyuki inched her tongue closer to Sayaka’s gaping mouth, teasing her like mad. 

This was a torture and Sayaka didn’t like this one bit. “You’re… rid—” she got interrupted when Miyuki kissed her again. It lasted for more than thirty seconds and both of them were breathing heavily when they pulled away. Special mention to Sayaka whose face turned beet red.

“You’re ridiculous, you know that?”

Miyuki grinned and and pulled at Sayaka’s sport bra. “Only for you.”


“Where do you want to go today?” Miyuki asked as she lay on her stomach on Sayaka’s couch. It was Sunday and both of them didn’t have any schedules, which was a rare occasion. “Let’s take a walk. The weather looks nice.”

She looked over to Sayaka, who was in the middle of redressing herself. Miyuki smiled at the sight. A tousled, grumpy Yamamoto Sayaka was indeed very attractive.

“I need a massage,” Sayaka blandly replied while rubbing her shoulder.

“Want me to do it? I’ve learned some back in Nagoya, you know?”

“No thank you and I think I want to take a bath right now.“ 

And Sayaka realized that Miyuki was obviously not going to let her go that easy.

"Well then,” came the smooth reply. Miyuki playfully grabbed Sayaka’s butt as she made her way to the bathroom. “I’ll get the shower ready.”

Sometimes Sayaka hated herself especially in a time like this but who could deny a possible prospect of having sex in a shower?

Sayaka didn’t want to look desperate but one look at her almost tripping on her own pajama pants was a solid proof that she wanted this.


Sayaka was facing the wall the entire time while trying to hard to clean herself. Her gaze was hard against the tile but her body was shaking when Miyuki ran her soapy hands along the expanse of her back. 

“Milky, can you, like, stop teasing me?” Sayaka said as she felt Miyuki began cupping her breasts rather boldly. But no matter how hard Sayaka begged, Miyuki would never listen. And Sayaka would be damned if she didn’t enjoy this too.

“Can you, like, stop being a party pooper?” Miyuki mocked back. Her hand didn’t stop exploring every nook and cranny before stopped to palm Sayaka’s taut stomach. “Please, let me touch you. I need this. I need you.

Sayaka was thankful that she was facing the wall because the last thing she needed now was Miyuki judging how flushed her face. Sayaka balled her hand to fist as mouth began sucking the nape of her neck and curious teeth clamped around her ear.

This would be definitely the death of her.

But it wasn’t enough.

Miyuki was never enough.


"So, where do you want to go?”

Sayaka asked as she stared at Miyuki beside her. The girl was lying on her stomach with thin sheets draped over her hips. Sayaka noticed that Miyuki had this certain glow on her skin. What is she? A vampire tinkerbell?

“What time is it?”

“Uh, three in the afternoon.”

Miyuki let out a faux gasp. “We skipped lunch?”

“And who’s fault is that?”

“You’re so cute. No wonder I love you.”

Sayaka rolled her eyes, although she was painfully aware the hard beating of her heart. “Yeah.”

“So, we’ll go eat or what?”

Sayaka nodded. Her stomach grumbled loudly. “Yeah. That’ll do. And I don’t want any distraction this time!”

Miyuki smirked and placed a kiss on Sayaka’s cheek. “It’s on you right?” she mumbled. 

Sayaka shook her head. There’s no way she could win with this girl. “Yeah.”

“I love you, Sayaka.”

That brought Sayaka’s attention. She planned to brush it off but one look at Miyuki’s expectant face had Sayaka’s well built defense quickly crumbling.

It wasn’t like her to say this out loud, but guess she didn’t have any choice here.

“I love you too.”


[Mobile Mail] Ota Yuuri 2016.05.22 01:11:16

Subject: Look! Look!

Isn’t she cute~?

Doesn’t she soothe you~?

It calls “puffy cheek Sayaka-tan”.

I have a lot of pictures of puffy cheek Sayaka other than that,
but I won’t show them to you~

They are mine only~

Heh ( ̄一 ̄)

The other picture of puffy cheek Sayanee (the 2nd one) came from Sayanee’s mobame

"How to get to touch your idol's butt" manual

Because I know you all love this so I’ll give you a more detailed translation ( ̄∀ ̄)

(Handsome Kitchen 2014.01.16)

Ikoma talked about how Nogizaka46 is called official rival of AKB but they actually still admire AKB members like others.

Shinchan: Do you remember we met before?
Ikoma: Yeah! At SUKAPA Award!
Sayaka: Oh, you still remember?
Ikoma: Actually, at that time us members were all too nervous. Even when we were like “OMG it’s Akimoto Sayaka-san!”, but just by gazing at you was too much to handle :(;゙゚'ω゚’):

When they talk about kissing.

Ikoma: Actually the one who stole my first kiss is Shiraishi Mai. I don’t know what I should feel about that…
Sayaka: Don’t worry, that doesn’t count.
Ikoma: At first I was in denial, like “Stop it! I don’t like this!”, but later I started to want to kiss others to…
Sayaka: I understand though. Because in Nogizaka46 there are a lot of cute girls. They all have great body and pretty face…
Ikoma: No no no no no!
I really wanted to meet Akimoto-san… Sayaka-chan!! You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in AKB48! Actually today I’m really nervous . But you are so cute I can’t help it. What do I do!!!(/ω\)
Sayaka: Want to kiss me?
Ikoma : Yes do want (〃▽〃)♡

They talked about how everybody in Nogizaka46 touching each others butt to spend time and Ikoma’s taste in butt.

Shinchan: Do you want to ask Sayaka-chan’s anything?
Ikoma: (to Sayaka) How do you get that body?
Whenever I see you on TV, you’re always the one who standing out, the most beautiful one.
Sayaka: Eh?! Ehhhh? 川*・`ω´・*) Thank you.
Ikoma: You such a beautiful big sister. I like you so much ♡
Sayaka: OK, I’ll let you touch my butt next time.
Ikoma: I think it must be stylish ♡
Sayaka: A stylish butt?!
*touches touches*
Ikoma: In all the butts I’ve touched so far, yours has the nicest shape ever (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Sayaka: Just call me whenever you want to touch me 川・`ω´・)