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Someone gives a pair of crocs as a present.





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(…for real tho crocs would be super comfortable to wear and I think he’d get past the looks)





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(thinks they’re ugly but secretly thinks they’re comfortable)


Iron Bull:




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I thought “serizawa’s crocs” was just a fandom thing until I saw them in the actual webcomic in a VERY serious context and I promptly lost my mind

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You know what I love more about Jin and the pink crocs? He has thingies on them, I can't what kind of additions he put there, I remember my eldest had these cars things on his crocs when he was younger. Oh man.




chato looking out for waylon  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This looks like the cover for either Batman #30 or #31, which takes places during The War of Jokes and Riddles story arc

but all I can focus on is this…

Fear Through Snuggling: Scarecrow’s guide to defeating The Dark Knight

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Hi! I dont understand what you mean when you say that its animal abuse? How can you tell the baby croc is scared? I'm not trying to be like,, rude or anything I'm just curious!

There’s a TON of examples/reasons in the notes- the biggest reason’s the noises. Baby crocodilians only make a noise like that when they’re threatened. It’s actually a huge risk to make that noise- it attracts things that want to eat them, so they only make it when they NEED mom. Crocodilians are one of the only reptiles with post-hatching maternal care; most reptiles ditch their young and don’t look back, but mama crocs carry their wee bairns around and will look out for them. Here’s a juvenile American alligator making the noises!

Also, the whole “he tried to bite the guy” thing, that’s a pretty dead giveaway that he’s stressed out. So one really cool thing about crocodilians is that they play. (Seriously, it’s AMAZING. Like, they actually exhibit behavior that can be considered play- they’ll manipulate balls, blow bubbles in water, have non-mating social contact- but that’s not what we see here. If it was play, he wouldn’t be calling for mom- and he’d likely hold the guy’s hand in his mouth. That’s how some captive crocs play with balls- they’ll catch them and just carry them around. No, what you see there is a defensive snap- he’s saying “Back off!” See how the human immediately starts petting him under the jaw after he’s mouthy? Crocodilians have very weak “open the mouth” muscles. They can close them with a lot of strength and pressure. By stroking him like that, the human is taking away his ability to defend himself- he’s showing the croc that his main lines of defense are useless. It’s basically like holding a puppy’s mouth closed after he nipped at you. Long-term interaction like this leads to something called learned helplessness- basically the animal learns that their defenses don’t work and their best bet is to just be immobile and hope the human stops bothering them. It’s quite stressful. 

  • Floyd: *Trained marksman with sass that just wants to be a good dad*
  • Harley: *Beautiful bat-shit-crazy dating scary bat-shit-crazy*
  • Chato: *Angsty Latino with the ability to burn down a building in a moment*
  • Waylon: *Sad & angry cannibal loner with PTSD and bad hygiene*
  • Digger: *Crazed alcoholic with weird-ass kinks and a tendency to kill*
  • Katana: *Trained assassin, but classy, dark and mysterious*
  • Rick Flag: *All-american-boy that just wants his girlfriend back*
  • June: *The spirit of an ancient and powerful goddess in the body of the worst archeologist ever*
  • Waller: We should trust these guys
  • Government: ...Sure what the hell
some superhero aus

- okay i know i just saved you from a burning building and you look beat but are you wearing crocs


- okay i know you just saved me from a burning building and you look beat but are you wearing crocs

- you come into the starbucks i work at in full costume and everyone is freaking out and yeah you might have just fought God himself but there’s still no way in hell i’m giving you your Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, Sugar-Free Syrup, Extra Shot, Light Ice, No Whip™ for free forget about it

- i turned up to comic con in my superhero costume and people don’t think it’s me and keep saying my costume isn’t very accurate???? do you want me to accidentally break your arm

- no i’m not a superhero that’s my twin the only superpower i have is the ability to attract all this unwanted attention

- i’m just a superhero what i do is save the city i never wanted to be invited to walk the red carpet!!!! designer dresses are hella expensive!! i keep this city safe i don’t deserve this

BONUS: no NO i am not sitting next to chris evans at the oscars he’s captain america!!!!!! yes i know he’s acting but he does the superhero thing better than i do!!!!

- hey buddy everyone in the business meeting is staring at you because you left your mask on maybe you should like,,, take it off

- haha yeah right you’re a superhero bro h - diD YOU JUST SHOOT A LASER BEAM AT MY COLLECTOR’S EDITION LIFE-SIZE SCOOBY DOO

- i came in to get cough syrup not take a photo with you for your shop wall please have mercy i’m ill

The other day @inkstainsandbattythings brought this very interesting IMDb poll to my attention. Who’s the worst Batman villain to share a bunk bed with? Looks like we have a lot of options to choose from.

So,  I checked to see what the results were and

Scarecrow is in second place? I’m so proud of him~ Wait…why did Mr. Freeze get 87 votes? Surely Riddler would be much worse–

Oh, my sweet summer child.

@rosyabomination suggested The Bird and the Worm for Scarecrow and i’M GONNA MARRY THIS IDEA HOLY MOTHER I’M IN LOVE. Now let me explain to you my interpretation of this song and the character:

So one of my favorite videogame sagas is the Arkham ones, and in the first one, Arkham Asylum, Scarecrow his brutally attacked by Killer Croc on the sewers but he survives with his face disfigured and has multiple injuries. The song is one of my favorites of all time and when i thought of the lyrics my mind immediately imagined Jonathan getting out of those sewers all bloody and on pain, crawling away from Croc. 

Thank you so much for this song suggestion! 

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The Signs As Characters From “Suicide Squad”

Aries: The Joker

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Taurus: Deadshot

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Gemini: Rick Flag

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Cancer: Captain Boomerang

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Leo: Harley Quinn

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Virgo: El Diablo

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Libra: Katana

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Scorpio: Enchantress

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Sagittarius: Batman

Capricorn: Amanda Waller

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Aquarius: Slipknot

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Pisces: Killer Croc

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