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Look familiar? If you thought it was a certain highly coveted throne from a certain hit HBO series returning to TV tonight, you thought wrong. It’s actually a mineral called stibnite. This sample was likely formed some 130 million years ago, when water heated by volcanic activity dissolved the elements antimony and sulfur from surrounding rocks. The dissolved elements then flowed between layers of limestone, creating a dense band of stibnite complete with long, elegant crystals.

The remarkable piece you see in this photo was spared from destruction by alert miners in the Wuling antimony mine in Jiangxi Province of southeastern China. It was discovered along with an even larger piece that is currently on display in the Museum’s 77th Street Grand Gallery. Both specimens are uniquely large and feature hundreds of sword-like, metallic blue-gray crystals sprouting from a rocky base. Examples this sizable and intricate are exceedingly rare, due to their extreme fragility and the industrial nature of modern antimony mining.

The Museum’s stibnite specimen is the largest on public display in the world. Learn more:

Photo: Rob Lavinsky


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“You promise?” - Ashton worries about he’ll end up just like his father in terms of being a father so you assure him he’s not.

Eighth Month - how Ashton reacts, especially when you’re on your eighth month of pregnancy.

“Sorry.” -  Ashton’s slowly getting irritated since his girlfriend Y/N has already developed a habit of saying sorry way too much.

Ours - “How long would you keep doing this? Never letting go of our daughter?” You playfully asked.

Park Dates - Daddy Ashton forgets to take his daughter in a park date for the second time in a row.

Facade - behind Ashton’s facade of portraying to be a really happy person, is a dull life that only you, as his psychiatrist and the boys would know about. *slight trigger warning*

Long Way Home - Ashton takes the long way home in hopes of fixing his relationshi with you before he drops you off to your old flat, one last time.

Art Student!Ashton - he’s falling apart and it’s his fault.


Cool, right? - Calum’s idea of a family day which kinda turns out as a flop.

Eighth Month - how Calum reacts, especially when you’re on your eighth month of pregnancy.

Insomnia - you have insomnia and forgot to pack your medicine, causing the boys to have a competition on who can make you go to sleep first.

Baby Bump - Calum just really loves perching his hands up your baby bump.

nicotine - based from P!ATD’S song, ‘Nicotine’.

Talk to Me - Calum forgets to go on the date you were really looking forward to since he was drinking beers at Luke’s apartment.

Art Major!Calum - you helped Calum on boosting up his calligraphy skills since he sucks at it and one thing leads to another.

Not Now, Not Ever - Calum suddenly sobers up from his drunken state at the mention of you stating that you’re officially done with his antics.

Late - different writing style I was experimenting with.

“I have no energy to even talk to you.” - Calum cheats.

Good Luck Charm - you’re Calum’s good luck charm.

Masterpiece - Calum does something for your birthday which involves you being the masterpiece.

Weakling - both you and Michael decided to annoy Calum and Ashton at thr gym because why not?

Sweater Paws - he does this thing.

Cooties - he’s really shy around you that it’s like you have them.

Pregnant - slight trigger warning!

Monster - trigger warning!

Broken - he takes his wife which is you, for granted.

Flowers - he stops on giving them, which leads to something else.

History  - he was a complete idiot.

Petty - Calum’s petty.

Body Language - “Just know that I do love you.”

Buzzcut - Calum would get a portion of his hair shaved until it ends up as a buzzcut for every insecurity you would point out. *trigger warning*

Missing - “Hey PA.”

“I’m okay.” -  Calum and Y/N hate each other and Calum takes it too far by blaming Y/N for everything bad in the world during a fight.

Here - *trigger warning*

Here - Calum hates timezones.

No Reason -  plus-sized piece of writing that lives up to its label and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Night! - an upgrade of Period, the request I got for Luke.

Holiday - he’s nervous as fuck.

Late - he left, without a doubt nor an explanation.

Continue - his original plan.

Long Night - song pref.

“Suits you well.” - literally.

“That smells like me.” - stolen shirts.

“No.” - less talk, more sleeping.


Eighth Month - how Luke reacts, especially when you’re on your eighth month of pregnancy.

Okay Then - trigger warning!

Daddy’s Little Princess - Luke lashes out onto his daughter, causing her to cry and make him feel like a shit father.

Twins - You and Luke are twins, and you’re disappointed that he won’t be able to attend to your graduation, but then, he still goes to it nonetheless.

Princess - Luke lashes out and starts a fight with you since you forgot to wash his plaid shirt since you have a fever.

Sneeze - You and your family visits the Hemmings household for the tradition of having dinners in each others’ houses. Luke puts something in a dish that triggers your allergy, and one thing leads to another.

Disneyland - slight smut!

Pregnancy Duties - Luke is sure as hell prepared to be a father.

“I sure as hell won’t.” - Luke refuses to say goodbye and let go of you.

Silent Treatments - Luke hates silent treatments.

“This time, I mean it.” - “By that, you’re hurt.”

“Are these enough?” - “Take care of you, of course. No question ‘bout that love.”

Outcast - you’re the outcast of the school but that was bound to change with Luke striking up a conversation with you.

Crazy - slight smut!

Family - “Welcome to the family.”

Period - you get it unexpectedly while you sleep over at Luke’s, leading into something a little awkward but unforgettable.

Jealous - Luke’s jealous because you’re management team decides on making you fake-date a guy, which is not him.

So Damn Cute - slight smut!

Good Enough - “If I’m not good enough for my own fucking dad Luke, if I cna’t be enough for the one man that was supposed to protect me no matter what, then I will never be enough for you, or enough to make you stay. *somehow triggering*

Mornings - you hate waking up in the mornings without Luke by your side so you throw a little tantrum about it while you’re in the process of convincing him  to stay at home.


Waste The Night - An unplanned trip a year ago was basically what made you and Luke a couple, and for fucks sake, Luke prayed that it won’t end here too.”

Tired - He smirked, “Husband material, don’t mention it. I already know.”

Powder Power - “Just so you know, Lexie told me that I have the powder power.”

Permanent - “You got a tattoo for me?”

Hold On - you start losing people that are very dear to you, loved one after loved one, and you’re afraid that Luke might be too.

Famous Last Words - Luke’s struggling to fulfill his part in his relationship with you while you pretend to not notice until a misunderstanding happens, which may mend what the of you are now.

“Please tell me this isn’t goodbye.” - “I almost thought I actually lost you.”

Surprise - it’s your birthday.

End Of It - fluff in where your husband of more than thirty years, which is Luke, finds your old wedding dress.

The Nice Guy - Luke has a massive crush on you so he constantly goes to the restaurant you’re working in while you deny your feelings for him, but you jealousy prevails when he brings his ‘girlfriend’ for a PR stunt.

Good - Luke makes a way.


Eighth Month - how Michael reacts, especially when you’re on your eighth month of pregnancy.

Get Scared - Michael thought you were the shy and girly girlfriend which he was then proved wrong later on. 

Snorlax - Michael uses Pokemon GO as a valid and a legit reason to barge into your house and confess his feelings for you.

Sex Tape - The boys accidentally find the sex tape you and Michael recorded.

Target - Michael bribes his and your daughter, Elle, with ice cream to not tell you that his daddy lost her in Target, which she adorably failed doing so.

Four A.M. - the first chapter of this fanfic that I originally posted in wattpad.

Mr. Toddles - Your fish that’s very dear to you dies, causing you to cry and Michael misunderstands it as something else.

Lego Blocks - Ex-boyfriend!Michael

Ex-boyfriend!Michael -  Ex-boyfriend!Mikey is in L.A and forgets his keys to his flat in another country, he goes to Y/N, his ex-girlfriend in hopes since she has spare keys.

Enthusiasm -  Michael lacks the enthusiasm Y/N deserves every time he’s with her.

Sexually Frustrated - smut!

Bracelets - one of my favorites. Trigger warning!

“I don’t want her to grow up just yet.” - he really doesn’t want his and yours baby girl too.

His First Fucking Word - “This is a fucking weird family.”

Anytime - you need comfort, Michael supplies.

Brother - “You are so dead. I’m gonna tell mom.”

Together - you’re falling for the person you hate.

“You’re making me love you more.” - Michael adores you.

Pause - inspired by Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother.

“That’s today?” - he forgets your birthday.

“Commitment, bitch.” - Michael carries around his and yours baby girl, carrying her diaper bag and grinning with you. He then completely shuts off someone who made a rude remark about it.

Stellar - Michael adores kids.

Viridian Green - unknown to the public’s eye is how Michael truly is once he’s inside these four walls that he considers as home.

Own You - Michael proves to you that your dyslexia doesn’t own you.

“They reminded me of you.” - tour is finally over.

Maybe - you and Michael are exes, warming up to each other slowly but surely to cope up with the fact that you’re his P.A. And maybe,it was bound to change just because of what he said.

I’m open to the possibility.” - that you don’t love me anymore.

Meant To Be - literally hours before your wedded to Michael.



Baby Names

Bed Love




michael as a dad would include

michael giving hugs

whatever you do, don’t try to imagine michael…

giving michael the silent treatment

dating ashton

yeah but

luke annoying you

fights with michael


imagine Michael groaning out

“It was supposed to be cool.”

Ashton as a dad

ok but imagine this concept

a couple of seconds

after having a fight with calum


yeah but

“Don’t you even dare.”

daddy ashton in the sidelines

calum as a dad

hugging a tired calum

drunk of his ass calum

nights with luke

michael as a dad

stuttering wedding vows


different calum faces

Happy Birthday, Luke! ¾

Happy Birthday, Luke! 2/4

Happy Birthday, Luke! ¼

really happy michael


pouty calum

as per requested

malum lives on forever

hey sunshine

idk why

fluff, i like that shit

really happy luke makes me really happy

this makes me so happy

happy birthday michael

happy birthday michael 2/3

happy birthday michael 3/3

when you know you’ve been right all along

Number Stuff

1. “You don’t know how long I waited for you to burst in those doors and tell that you love me again.” c a l m

2. “She’s beautiful.” c a l m

3. “Fuck you.” c a l m

4. “I wrote a song. And it’s for you.” c a l m

5. “Just please. Just this once. Let me in again in those walls of yours.” c a l m

6. Love Me or Leave Me  c a l m

7. “I’ve grown used to it.” c a l m

8. “It got stuck.” c a l m

9. “Fuck, that’s hot.” c a l m

10. “I can’t help it.” c a l m

11. Always  c a l m

12. “I don’t know what would happen to me if you leave. But I can assure you that I’m not going be the same once you do it.” c a l m

13. “Hey. Wake up.” c a l m

14. “Don’t make me say it.” c a l m

15. The End  c a l m

16. “You made me a promise, daddy. And you broke it.” c a l m

17. “I’m afraid I can’t do that baby girl.” c a l m

18. “Shut up.” c a l m

19. “Sing me to sleep?” c a l m

20. “I’m tired.” c a l m

21. “No matter how much you shut me out, I still love you. And I can’t deny it.” c a l m

22. “Oh my god.” c a l m

23. “I know just the thing, baby.” c a  l m

24. “You’re killing me when you do that.”  c a  l m

25. “What the hell are you doing here?”  c a  l m

26. “No. No. And another fucking no.”  c a  l m

27. “Hey.”  c a  l m

28. “Please?”  c a  l m

29. “She has your eyes.”  c a  l m

30. “This is so sappy I want to cry and kill you at the same time.”  c a  l m

31. “Rubber gloves are just underrated condoms.”  c a  l m

32. I Miss You   c a  l m

33. “Sup homeboy.”  c a  l m

34. “Is that my shirt that you’re wearing?”  c a  l m

35. “Woah. T-that’s hot.”  c a  l m

36. “You should wear my snapbacks more.”  c a  l m

37. “Stop saying that.”  c a  l m

38. “It’s funny. Seeing you again here. Same time, same place.”  c a  l m

39. “Trust me, I tried my best.”  c a  l m

40. Inside Out  c a  l m

41. “It’s so fluffy. I need to stab someone to be punk rock I guess.”  c a  l m

42. “Boo-hoo little bitch.”  c a  l m

43. “I made a playlist. And all of the songs reminded me of you.”  c a  l m

44. “That’s one hell of a good looking pilot.”  c a  l m
45. “You can never be her.”  c a  l m

46. “I’m glad you don’t wear that shit.”  c a  l m

47. “I don’t want to say goodbye. And I never will.”  c a  l m

48. FOOLS  c a  l m

49. “I notice the little things about you. And they make a shit ton of difference.”  c a  l m

50. “Were you just jerking off?  c a  l m

Angst Alphabet


Quote Stuff

don’t make this a flop

- one

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Tattoo Artist!Michael - masterlist

CEO!Calum - masterlist

Gang Leader!Ashton - masterlist

Divorced!Luke - masterlist

Prince!Luke - masterlist

Stupidly in Love - masterlist

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Reaction to Your EX Telling Them to Break Up With You. . .

@littledevilgilraen-blog said: can you do a got7 reaction to your ex telling them to breack up with you like you did for exo and bts? thank in advance ♡

Reaction to Your EX Telling Them to Break Up With You…

[BTS Reaction Here >click, Exo Reaction Here >click, Monsta X Reaction Here >click]

A/N of course, no problem. thank you all for the kind requests and sweet feedback. honestly i didn’t think this blog would become much, or that my writing is something to read and enjoy. but you guys are here and enjoying, so thank you so much! you guys really make this blog all the more better and have so much more meaning to it than when i first started ♡

Kai Eonni ~


The moment the words “Break up with Y/N.” came out of your ex’s mouth, Jeabum had heard enough. He’d have to really hold himself back and control his temper. He didn’t want to start something and cause trouble for you by getting you involved which he knows would happen if he were to act on his desire to punch the moron in the throat. The phrase repeating in his head to ‘protect Y/N’ would be what’s holding him back. Jaebum would reply with a short and to the point response so he could quickly get out of there before his control over his temper snapped. Later when you guys meet up, Jaebum would still be tense from the run-in with your ex, but he wouldn’t let it out on you. He wouldn’t tell you either, knowing that your ex was in your past and he wouldn’t want to stress you out by making something small into a big deal.


At first when your ex suggests such a thing, Jackson would genuinely ask, “What did you say?” thinking he misheard your ex. However, when your ex replies with a snarky remark like “You heard me.” Jackson’s aura would change completely. Jackson would become really offended with your ex thinking that Jackson would even entertain the idea. You’re so precious to Jackson, and honestly, he’d think your ex is a dick, so there would be no way that Jackson would allow you to go back to your ex. He’d become aggressive, though not physically, and would tell your ex off with absolutely no mercy. He’d be another that wouldn’t tell he had seen your ex, wanting you to have nothing to do with anymore. Though he’d be much more clingy and affectionate with you, and you’d know that something was up. If you ask him what happened and continued to ask until you get the truth, he’d tell you, but you’d have to really beg him to tell you. If you don’t ask, he’d let it go and wouldn’t tell.


This would bring the most extra side of Jinyoung people have yet to see. He’d honestly snicker at idea. The fact that your ex had the audacity to suggest something like this would just be so entertaining to Jinyoung. He’d take this lightly, not finding your ex the least bit threatening. He’d think of it as, if your ex were to do something, then that would just get you pissed at him and not Jinyoung, so either way Jinyoung wins. Jinyoung also knows that, despite not being physically threatening, he has six other members that would not hesitate to fight anyone that tried to mess with him. He’d be one to tell you about what happened. Just because he had found it funny and would want to share the amusing afternoon he had had and not because he wants you to do anything about it. The last thing he would want is you to become stressed over it.


Mark would actually get really pissed off about this. It’s disrespectful to both him and you. He’d see it as, your ex had a chance and blew it and should now leave you alone to move on and live your life. He’d say very little to your ex, mainly because he’d find it a waste of time, believing he shouldn’t waste his words on people like your ex because they don’t listen. He’d be in a bad mood when he meets up with you, but wouldn’t take it out on you, but would need to find comfort from you, becoming clingy and affectionate.


He wouldn’t know what to say. He wouldn’t want to cause a fight, knowing that would just trouble you and therefore, he’d just politely nod in acknowledgement – not in agreement. This would be really uncomfortable for him, and he’d want to get out of this situation as soon as possible. He’d first rant to his members about what happened before speaking to you, needing to find comfort in his members first. Later, when he sees you, he’d cautiously bring it up, not wanting to upset you, but not wanting to keep things from you either. He’d quickly tell you that he’s okay and he knows it’s not your fault, not wanting you to mistake his honesty for blaming you.

Originally posted by choiyoungjaeappreciation


This would be your ex’s worst mistake. BamBam talks a lot and has quick wit, so once your ex says what he wants, BamBam is unleashing all holly-hell on your ex – holding nothing back. To be getting insults from someone as cute and good looking would put anyone’s self-esteem down, like really down, like down low to the point of no return. BamBam wouldn’t feel threatened by your ex though. BamBam just really dislikes people like this, and so, he’d want to put your ex in his place so he doesn’t make the same mistake and bother someone else in the future. Later, BamBam would not be able to wait to tell you the events and would call you about a minute later. He’d go on and on about what happened, starting from the very beginning before he ran into your ex right up to the point when he made the phone call to tell you. He’d feel really proud that he was able to defend himself and ‘protect’ you, asking for your thoughts, “You have to admit, those were some pretty good insults huh? I’m such a good boyfriend defending my girlfriend.” He wouldn’t let you hang up until you confirm that yes, yes he is a good boyfriend.


Again, he would be polite about it, even though he was offended and  more than just a little pissed at your ex suggesting such a thing. Yugyeom would first want to try and deal with this like civilized people, talking it through. Though if your ex was getting more aggressive, then he’d try and get out of there immediately, not wanting to cause a problem, thinking of all the trouble it would bring you. If his members were there, he’d call Jaebum and Jinyoung over to help him diffuse the situation. When he sees you, he’d rely on you and talk it out with you, needing to reflect and get all his confusion and frustration out with your help. He’d want physical contact afterwards too, to help him calm down, the soothing feeling of you against him being something that comforts him immediately.

Stop You Myself

Request: Can you do a reggie imagine based off of these please 😊 22 23 24 26

Prompts: #22 “You had one job!” #23 “How is it that you’re a complete flop at everything you do?” #24 “You need to stop.” #26  “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.

a/n; I love Reggie, and I’m really annoyed by how bad this turned out

Word Count: 508

Pairing: Reggie Mantle X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Reggie.” I muttered under my breath as I searched through his bag, he had left it with me well he went to do something, I can’t really remember, right now I’m more concerned about the fact that my River Vixens uniform top isn’t in here, it’s a long story and it’s nothing like it sounds since I’m saying my boyfriend should have my shirt. “You’re in trouble.” I heard faintly, making me look up to see Moose looking between Reggie and I. I crossed my arms, patiently waiting for Reggie to come over here, “you had one job!” I sighed, as he sheepishly looked at me. 

“You couldn’t have just put the top in there when I texted you?” I asked, pouting up at him, his friends found it quite amusing how easy it was for him to listen to me. “Sorry.” He laughed under his breath, picking his bag up off the chair, searching around in it. He glanced up at me and raised an eyebrow, “how is it that you’re a complete flop at everything you do?” He remarked, pulling the top out of the dark back pack.

I tore it from his grip, “how?” I mumbled, narrowing my eyes at him. “You’re pushing your luck, Mantle.” I warned, he rolled his eyes, “sure I am.”


“You need to stop.” Reggie stated, and I froze, pizza slice half way into my mouth. “What?” My voice was muffled by the food, “this.” He motioned to me sitting peacefully on his bed, eating a piece of pizza I stole from him. “What?” I asked again, this time not having any food in my mouth. I raised an eyebrow, “stealing your food?” I asked for confirmation, he nodded, continuing his pointless workout, he can skip one night, to hang out with me. 

“Babe.” I whined, watching as he did push ups, laughing at my child-like tendencies, “if you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.” I stated, being completely serious, he only laughed again. “Sure you will, Y/N.” He rolled his eyes. I raised my eyebrow, putting the food down and standing up, trudging over to him. 

My feet were directly in his sight line as he continued his actions. I sighed, lowering myself to be on the floor, sliding under him like I’ve done many times before. He always falls for it, he just doesn’t realize it. Every time he lowered himself down he would peck my lips, not that I was complaining. 

He kept doing this until I placed my hand on the back  of his slightly damp neck, keeping him from going back up again. I smirked against his lips as I felt him stop trying to pull back, “damn it.” He mumbled as he moved back so we could breathe, “you fall for it every time.” I smirked up at him, he rolled his eyes. 

“Yeah, yeah.” He sighed, lowering himself down once again, now this is a better way to spend our time.

My Tall Boyfriend // Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by choijaes

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: smalliemichelle99 said: Hi admin!! I love you scenarios, so can I request for a Yugyeom scenario where he introduce his girlfriend to the members and they tease him for the height difference cause she is so short?? THANKS IN ADVANCE ADMIN.

“Are you sure I look okay? I don’t look too stupid right? Are they all going to be there when we go in?” you asked Yugyeom nervously as you struggled to keep up with his pace while you were both en route to GOT7 dorms.

“Stop worrying jagiya, you never look stupid! You know that I think you always look cute” he cooed into your face as he tugged on your hand, pulling you closer into him. His loving affections were beautiful, but it didn’t stop the lump from forming in your throat.

You met Yugyeom around 8 months ago by chance in the convenience store that you worked part time in. He was buying ridiculous amounts of ice-cream and snacks, trying to juggle them all in his arms as he waddled towards you at the cash register. Of course, you knew who he was the moment you seen him – you would have been living under a rock if you didn’t, but you couldn’t believe that he was in your store. You played it cool, not acting like a typical fan girl as he set all of his things down on the counter for you to scan them. When you told him the total, you saw him rummaging around in his backpack and pockets, obviously looking for his wallet before donning a face that you seen very frequently. The look of “Oh shit, I forgot my wallet”.

“Uh…I’m really sorry but I forgot my wallet to pay for all of this. I’ll just go and put it back” he said, red faced and embarrassed as the people behind him in the queue began to get impatient. You sighed, feeling totally sorry for him and knowing that he was very obviously telling the truth.

“It’s okay, I can spot you this time. Just come by later and pay it, okay?” you smiled sweetly as you pulled out some money from your own purse which was under the counter. Yugyeom looked at you wide eyed, thankful but still mortified. When he returned a few hours later to pay you, the rest of GOT7 had persuaded him to ask you for your number – to which he bravely chanced his luck, and of course, you gave it to him willingly. Now, 8 months later, you were proud to call him your boyfriend; and today he wanted to finally introduce you to his older brothers. You were extremely apprehensive. Would they like you? Would they see you for who you are, rather than just another girl who was a fan?

You arrived at the dorms, going through the back entrance with Yugyeom. As he punched in the security code to open the door, you heart started thumping so loudly that you were sure the whole world could hear it. Before opening the door, Yugyeom turned round to you, towering over your frame before pulling you in close and hugging you tightly.

“Don’t worry (Y/N), I promise you that everything will be fine. They will love you, okay?” he whispered as he placed a small, chaste kiss on top of your forehead, making you smile a little before looking up at him and blinking cutely, giving him a pout that you knew he never could resist. He ruffled your hair a little, before opening the door and stepping in before you, pulling you behind him and closing the door behind the both of you.

“We’re here!” Yugyeom called out as both of you took your shoes off and placed them on the rack. You wanted to keep your eyes on the floor as you heard footsteps coming towards the two of you.

“The maknae is back!” Jackson shouted as he ran up and gave Yugyeom a massive bear-like hug, not even noticing you as you stood back and let them have their moment together.

“So? Where is she man? Didn’t you say you were bringing her back with you?” Jackson questioned Yugyeom as he pulled away from the hug. Yugyeom turned around and looked down at you, motioning for you to come forward.

“She’s here! Jackson this is (Y/N), (Y/N) meet Jackson~” Yugyeom said, his voice sounding a little nervous now that he was actually introducing you. Jackson looked behind him, before looking down at your face and widening his eyes as he looked at both of you standing together.

“Is that Yugyeom with his girl?” you heard a voice call out from the kitchen, before watching  the rest of the boys walking in one after the other, seeing you, Yugyeom and Jackson standing and staring at each other. For a brief moment, everyone stood staring at the both of you, one very obvious thing on everyone’s minds.

“It’s nice to meet you (Y/N), I’m Jaebum” Jaebum spoke first, stepping forward and nearly bending down to shake your hand. You smiled and shook his hand back politely, trying to not move any further away from Yugyeom as the rest of the boys introduced themselves to you and shook your hand.

“It’s great to finally meet Gyeomies girl! Aigooooo, look at you both. But isn’t it awkward?” BamBam asked innocently, the rest of the boys snapping their heads around at his backhanded remark as you stood there, feeling completely confused.

“What do you mean?” Yugyeom asked, a little defensive and feeling much like you. Jackson and Youngjae giggled a little before Jinyoung stepped closer to him, patting him and you on the head and moving back, keeping his hands at the same height away from your heads.

“I think what BamBam meant was…she’s so small compared to you! We didn’t know that short girls were your type, she’s so cute!” Jinyoung giggled along with Jackson and Youngjae – Mark looking at your reaction as you went completely red in the face and wanted the world to swallow you up. It was true, you looked like a child compared to Yugyeom as he was a complete foot taller than you. But you never really thought about it until now.

“Hey guys, don’t be so mean! Yeah, she’s short but Yugyeom is also freakishly tall for his age.” Mark tried to take the attention off you a little, making you look up at Yugyeom as he took you hand in his, smiling sheepishly.

“No, no, no! Don’t get me wrong at all! It’s not a bad thing; you’re both unbelievably cute together! It’s just so adorable seeing our giant maknae beside you! Please don’t take offence…you don’t feel bad, right? I didn’t mean to…” Jackson began apologising in fear of upsetting both you and Yugyeom, coming closer and leaning down, placing his hand on the side of your arm.

“Don’t worry! It must seem strange…I am really tiny after all. But actually, once you get to know me I’m super loud and energetic, so I guess it makes up for my lack of…tall-ness?” you said, not intending for it to sound as funny as it came out as all 7 boys roared with laughter, making you laugh in turn as Yugyeom pulled you closer in to him, his ears turning pink at the tips from this hyung’s comments about how cute you both looked together.

“Alright, alright! Let’s welcome (Y/N) to the family, GOT7 style! (Y/N), we’ve prepared some snacks and some movies – and since you’re our guest, you can have the honour of choosing! We’re all so glad to meet the girl that’s been making our maknae so happy…along with missing some practices but…I can see why he’s been missing them now” Jaebum motioned everyone towards the living room, giving Yugyeom a sly smile as he walked past. You thanked him politely, not quite sure how to reply to his statement as you joined the rest of the boys in the room, before sitting down in between your boyfriend’s long legs with your back pressed against his chest, to watch a movie with your new ‘family’ – and you couldn’t have been more happy in this moment than you had been in your entire life.

anonymous asked:

Ok consider soulmate au(any you want). Blackwatch! Genji refuses to be with his soulmate, because of his self loathing. So soulmate is trying to slowly get him out of his shell? Sorry if my idea is too weird, I love your blog!

Mmmmm I love soulmate AUs. This is not weird at all! Here’s the one I’ll go with: When your soulmate gets an injury, the scar shows up on your body. However, the scars on your body can go away if your soulmate kisses them.

It wasn’t hard to find out that Genji was your soulmate. You both had matching scars completely littering your body. You were absolutely shocked. You remember being scar free for a majority of your life so far, then one night you watched in horror as mark after mark began to appear all in one instance. You screamed and you cried and you prayed that your soulmate was alright. You were relieved to see that he was still alive, but your heart broke at the sight of him. He was unlike anything you had ever seen before. Part man, part machine. You could only wonder what happened to put him in this state. Not that you could find out. As soon as he saw you, he gasped in shock before turning away and becoming very cold and distant. 

He couldn’t stand the sight of you. It only reminded him of his situation and it sent him spiraling back into intense self hatred. But, you’ve come to wear your scars with pride. You made no effort to cover them up, trying to show Genji that his appearance has no bearing on your love for him. 

Still, Genji felt terrible. It was his fault that such a wonderful person had to bear his burdens like that. He didn’t want you getting any closer to him, but every time he saw you he would kiss a different scar, breathing a soft sigh of relief as each one vanished. This went on for awhile until you were completely free of any marks. The change was remarkable, but you couldn’t help but feel a little sad. With the marks gone, Genji was left to deal with his injuries alone. 

Genji demanded that you leave. He knew that being a member of Blackwatch would inflict more wounds upon him and he did not want to witness his mistakes make an effect on you anymore. But you were firm with your decision to stay by his side. 

So this process continued. Genji would avoid you, only coming by to kiss your scars away, then leaving again. You admit, you enjoyed his kisses. He was always so soft and gentle with you, treating you like fine China. It was clear that you meant the world to him. You just wish that Genji would stop blaming himself for everything

The process is very slow. It takes several months of patience before Genji finally breaks down and accepts to have you as his partner. You hold him tight, assuring him that things will get better for the both of you. He agrees with some apprehension, admitting that he is glad you came when you did. He needs you now more than ever. 

Beauty and the Beast AU (3)

Summary: Y/N has always been in love with fairy-tales. They give her an escape from the dark and blood world she lives in. With the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out soon she’s excited as could be. Her boyfriend Dean however has a few issues with it. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Castiel, Jody Mills, Kevin Tran, Gabriel, Donna Hanscum, Crowley, Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 3,902

Part One Part Two

A/N: Thanks @impala-dreamer​ for beta reading this for me! I hope y’all enjoy this part!

Originally posted by leondraiisaitl

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Where's the Sugar? - Yuta (M)


•Could you possibly write a yuta smut too? Thank you in advance! :) 

•A yuta smut please! Make it anything you like 

 A/N: I made a fluffier smut where Yuta is being very playful and teasing, hope ya like it 👍🏻 

-Admin Kay 

 Pairing: Yuta x reader 

 Genre: Fluffy Smut - Sexual Content 

 Word Count: 1,154 

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Lights Out, Let’s Talk

Bucky Barnes/ Reader

Originally posted by lowkibarnes

Words: 1,671

Summary: The electricity would go down right in the middle of your time sensitive research paper. At least your neighbor is great company.

Prompt: “Bucky X reader where reader has a low key crush on Bucky but reader and Bucky haven’t known each other for a long time.They don’t speak one on one as much as she would like so she thinks it’s too soon to make a move but she’s way too shy to make a move yet she’s constantly dreaming about cuddling into his side or holding his hand”

Tagging: @kwaiky

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: shout out to dreammoods for being there for me! this is my second rewrite of this fic bc my previous idea was ://. this is like :/ with the addition of fluff. idk im always critical of my stuff lmao srry yall. This is my first Bucky Barnes fic?? WOW Y’ALL I LUV BUCKY W/ ALL MY HEART YET I NEVER …PUBLISHED A FIC ABOUT HIM?

It seemed like a typical romance movie or book where you find yourself having a crush on your neighbor. You dream about a life that could be but are far too shy to even suggest a hint of romance. You call yourself a hopeless romantic and, boy, are you!

Sometimes you take a peep through the peephole when you hear a noise from outside your door to see your neighbor, Bucky, walk into his apartment. You know it’s stupid, your friends tell you all the time, but you can’t bring yourself to go beyond what you’ve already said to him. Your friends are practically waiting for your wedding registry to go live on Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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The CEO (M) - Part 1

Pairing - Chanyeol x reader 
Genre - Smut later on 
word count - 889
Warning - sexual content, mainly smut later in the next chapters.
dedicated to - @chanyoel 

I was sitting comfortably in an armchair at the local café with a latte in my hand trying to take a break from the world as I have been under a lot of stress recently, so I’ve been trying a few techniques to calm myself down by breathing. Honestly, I would have laughed in your face a week ago if you told me to breathe but it really does work. Finally, my career goals is complete as of last week I signed up for my dream job in one of the best prospering law companies in Korea. I can’t believe this is happening to me, I’ve been so determined to achieve this goal and I’ve finally made it happen. I was going to become the first and youngest woman to become a CEO in the company.

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Imagine #42

Guess it’s finally time to get my fancy ass from my dusty chair and write something new!

Guess who got the hang of making GIF and watermarks???!Meee~ I’m back guys! Get dem requests coming!

Michael Gray from Peaky Blinders is hot as fuck! Adding this show to my must keep watching list!

Fandom: Peaky Blinders

Character: Michael Gray

Warning: None.

Prompt: None.

Behind every girl was a strong man.

Or, that’s what your old ma told you back then.

Now at the party, glass full of gin and ice in one hand while the other was placed on your hip, fisting the material of your dress once, twice, thrice until you got bored of it and opted on having it placed on the wooden table in front of you.

Your eyes kept shifting around the room, taking in familiar and new faces, humming at all the smoke from the cigars that rose in the air making the atmosphere look almost foggy.

You’re friends ditched you the second they had gotten here, opting to chose having a heavy dose of Tokyo some Isaiah kid had bought along with his other friend, Finn Shelby and the later’s older cousin, Michael Gray.

That boy intrigued you, he always had that ‘come fuck me’ feeling and unlike his jerks cousins, he was quite sweet.

From the moment he picked up your package, to the sweet smiles he offered and the help, that moment had made you melt under his touch.

Humming, you drummed your nails against the glass, licking your dry lips, taking another sip of the gin and letting it cool your hot body down while you focused your mind on something else, squeaking when a muscular hand wrapped around your waist, a pair of lips brushing against your earlobe.

“Let me steal you for a second.“The voice mumbled, making you shiver letting the male tug you to a private booth, the door closing behind the two of you while you took a seat far away from him at the other end of the table watching Michael like a hawk would watch his pray.

"Why you were alone?I thought you came here with Alice and Camilla?"He asked, his lips pressed against the glass of his own drink, sipping it down and making his Adam apple bob up and down making you wonder how sinful you would be biting and nibbling that spot.

Just the thought made you shift in your chair and shrug, stating simply that your friends ditched you at the slight mention of Tokyo being at this boring party.

"Until you saved me, of course.” You shyly replied, combing your fingers through the perfect curled locks you had made his afternoon, knowing Michael loved to touch your hair and curl it around his fingers, before kissing it when he had to leave.

You’re guys relation was unstable, sick, puppy love, something that was blossoming in it’s own way and you didn’t want to hurry it up.You treasured the moments alone with the Peaky Blinder member.He made you feel complete, even made you smile with his silly stories and remarks about his mother making comments about him not finding the guts to ask for your hand.

Or that time you guys had a picnic under a giant oak tree, before it started to rain heavily, catching you both to stay in his car and from there on, one thing lead to another making your first time with the Blinder be as interesting as he was in general.

“Princess?You kind of blanked out on me. Something bothering you?Do I need to fix someone’s face tomorrow?"Michael’s voice woke you up from your daydream, making you shake your head and whisper he doesn’t have to worry about anything right now only to stand up from your seat, sitting boldly in his lap and whisper you just needed some attention from him.

"I was really bored..You took your fancy time to get your ass to me..You’ll make me die of boredom one of those days."Your breath fanned against his neck, peppering the skin there with kisses, your red lipstick smudging his skin but you barely paid any mind to it, focusing on marking the Blinder while his free hand stroked down your thigh, squeezing the flesh contently while a hum left the back of his throat.

"Pol and the others will soon come searching for me, it will be best to go and find them before we get too..focused on this.” Michael mumbled, his body sinking into the chair behind of him, both hands placed securely on your hips, his drink forgotten on the table while the male kept letting you rock into his lap, grinding so deliciously against his own hips.

“Well, I guess I have to make your time be worthy, don’t I, Mister Gray?”

murcock-niccals  asked:

Firstly I'm loving this blog, you're doing a fantastic job! Secondly, how would Murdoc and/or Russel react if they were having some quiet cuddle time with their SO and SO kinda quietly said that they love them/wanna marry them?

(Thank you so much!!! I’m so glad that you love it :’^))

- The two of you are in his bed, with you snuggled up close to his chest. He’s just about asleep when you tell him that you love him.
- He’s wide awake now, and definitely taken aback. From what he can remember, no one has actually ever told him that they’ve loved him before.
- He stays quiet for a little bit after that, but mutters an “Oh. I love you too, then.” with a much different tone than he usually has.
- You were afraid you had done something wrong after that, but stayed quiet nevertheless and eventually fell asleep with him.
-  All of the worries you had about what you’d said were completely gone when you awoke to him holding you with a remarkably tight grip (Which was extremely unusual for Murdoc to do). You could tell that what you said to him last night made him extremely happy.

- He’s cuddling with you on the couch, and you tell him you want to marry him completely out of the blue.
- He’s pretty surprised about what you had said, he always thought that he’d be the one to ask you that question. He just smiles and murmurs a quiet “Really?” in response.
- When you repeat what you said, he sits upright and agrees to marry you. He’s got a huge smile on his face, and it’s probably the happiest you’ve ever seen Russel look.
- The both of you spend the next couple of hours cuddling even more together and talking about how the wedding will be. It’s definitely not the way he thought it’d turn out, but he’s extremely happy with it.

Shopping Date

When playful Junhoe strikes.

Source of picture: link

Word Count: 880
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Koo Junhoe x Reader

Description: Junhoe with black is the best combination.

“Oh my God.” You huffed, crossing your hand in front of your chest. “How many times are you going to check yourself? Even the mirror is tired already.” You said, rolling your eyes while slightly shaking your head.

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Half Bitten: Part 3

Part 1 Part 2

Scenario: A Vampire!Jimin AU

A/N: If anyone is curious, Jimin will be making an appearance in the next chapter. This one is just necessary to get the story going. I hope you all still enjoy it. Much Love, Jenn.

Genre: Jimin x Reader

Words: 3012

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

Warnings: Mild Violence

The fear corroded in your veins until it rotted your tongue with flicks of something sour, and left you stuck in place. At first you thought it was just your vision that trembled, but soon came to realize it was your body. You tried to right yourself and to dissolve the terror that took hold of your limbs. No matter how hard you tried, however, you knew your heart betrayed your bold intentions.

Namjoon didn’t appear to be in any rush: his thumb running across a full bottom lip, as he eyed you from head-to-toe. A shoulder leaning back against the wall that matched the way his ankles crossed. He regarded you with interest. An interest you could’ve cared less about as your heaving chest struggled to stutter past the first syllable of Alice’s name.

“Al-Ali.” Your tongue dived between your lips in a nervous tick. You stuck your hand out to wave for her attention, but in the end decided against things that would only cause his attention to rest on you further. “Alice. We need to leave. Alice.”

It was as if she was ignoring you. Or maybe she couldn’t hear you? The thought seemed ridiculous as you watched her continue to stir the vegetables in the pan. A mindless smile still spreader across her lips and you realized she was softly humming.

“Alice,” you hissed. Your feet betrayed you by taking a step forward. The urgency to find safety beginning to edge you dangerously close to hysteria.

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Percival Graves x Reader - Start of Something New

Start of Something New

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Rating: M

Word Count: 2702

Warnings: Little frisky in places.

Request: anon - Can you write Percival Graves imagine where reader and him starting their relationship? And smut!

Not that much smut because I’m still wiped out from Pound of Flesh to be completely honest. There will be a little bit of handsy stuff though because I’m not a total fraud.

I also really wanted to write some office smut.

Hope you all enjoy!

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The Chosen One (Prologue) 🌙

A/N: I dug this out of the depths of my unfinished fics and when I read through this, it seems so similar to Exo’s ‘Mama’ HAHA, so I decided to share this with all of you! I was planning to continue this, so I’ll just take this as a prologue. Just let me know if it’s good or not, then I’ll decide on whether or not to write a full chapter x

Genre: Action/Supernatural-ish(?)

Summary: Just another typical day of training with Exo AKA a chance to release your metal manipulation skills. ;)

Featuring: Reader x EXO-K

Word Count: 1378

Originally posted by xonyxgirlx

PROLOGUE | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Sweat pours into my eyes as my strong little legs carry me far across the training field, my silver hair flowing out behind me like a glittering flag. From behind me, every animalistic instinct of mine can sense the wrath of Kyungsoo’s powers as he chases after me, hot on my heels.

With one thundering stamp of his foot against the ground of the training field, gigantic cracks start to form, tracing a path after me through the solid concrete. Cursing beneath my breath, I up my pace and dart in and out of the makeshift signboards obstructing my way, fully aware of Kyungsoo’s presence from behind.

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BTOB: miscommunication

Summary: in which they say something *sexual* in Korean, thinking that you don’t understand, but you respond back and they’re ~shook~

Eunkwang: I mean he’d probably stutter as he’s saying it, even if he thinks you won’t understand. Bc he’s such a softie, he’ll blush and turn as red as a tomatoe when you respond back with something funny or something even more provocative. He’ll mumble an apology and hide his face in your neck, wondering why he even bothered.

Minhyuk: the look on his face…is priceless. His eyes would pop open and his jaw would drop. He’ll need to take a minute to recover bc he’s shook af. You understood that??? You actually responded to his sexual remark??? He wonders what else you’ve understood but chose not to respond to. Lmao he won’t even apologize tho, just wink at you even tho he’s a confused mess on the inside.

Changsub: it’ll take him a minute to process that you actually understood it and responded in perfect Korean. “Wahh…you knew what that meant? Aish…” So flustered. Honestly he didn’t mean it as anything bad, he probably just wanted to see your confused face as he said something that would’ve been incomprehensible to you- but the tables have turned and he’s ashamed yikes.

Hyunsik: I feel like he’d only say something of the sort when you’re teasing him or he’s feeling esp risky. Like he’d make sure none of the other members are around, but when you responded to his remark, he’s forgotten all about dragging you back home and he’s just a mess. “Jagiya, I had no idea you could understand” he’d chuckle, despite himself, and probably does it all the time just to tease you.

Peniel: ok so since he not that great at Korean yet, I think he’d say it just bc one of the members told him to- meaning he probably thought it was something completely different. So when you fire back with another sexual remark, he’s just as confused as when he said it. He’d have to ask someone what you said and he’d probably hide from you for a month once he found out (will also murder that other member shhh)

Ilhoon: like Hyunsik, he’d only say it if you’re really pushing his buttons and teasing the crap out of him- I don’t see him ever disrespecting you like that tbh even in private, just bc he thinks you don’t know what he’s saying. But hoooo he’s all nervous chuckles and shy smiles when he realizes you understood every word. He’d kiss you just to hide his embarrassment and change the subject.

Sungjae: ahahaha he’d be saying random stuff all the time, thinking you’d just be confused and you’d usually brush it off, knowing his weird self. But you’d had enough and finally respond to his antics, rendering him speechless. Honestly he won’t even be embarrassed and find it really hot that you knew all along, and that you’d understood everything. Activate smirking evil maknae.

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