you are completely correct

I don’t know what I thought was wrong with me before I found out I was dyslexic… like honestly I cannot imagine the unaware bubble I was living in… it just makes so much sense now! every “typo”, every misread word, every mixed up list, every spoonerism, every phone number I got wrong, how slowly I read… I’m so hyper aware of it now, I realize more quickly when I make mistakes. but I also get more embarrassed when people correct them… it’s strange to think about. it’s strange to think that this is something that has always affected me but I’ve only been able to put a name to it for about two years. it’s just strange.

“So this is how the real Sara Nørstelien is like” “Oh my god” “It’s saying things about you sana. Are you alright???”


You are going to the right direction Vilde. 

remember that time where the interviewer thought that Ksoo’s ideal type was Amanda Seyfried but when they asked him he straight up said “No, I never said she was my ideal type, I said I like a pretty smile.”

you will have 15 minutes to
complete this portion of the exam.
each correct response is worth 20 points.
begin at the first sight of clouds.

does it make it any easier to know
that the light that blinds you
is made of
fragments of color? 
how about now?

predict, based on the actions of the
expired narrator, how she will respond.
[can this really be the same story? are you

refer to the diagram on the left.
knowing that the equation of the
parent function is f(x)= sin(θ), 
why do you stray?

how do you sleep at night?
do you sleep at night? 
can you sleep at night?

for 50 points, recall the rules.
then, recite them. 
if your voice shakes, you will be penalized.
there is no place for you here. 
[when i blink, can you bring her back?]

this is the final portion of the exam.
[don’t look so
unsettled. don’t break.]
calculators are not permitted from this point onward.

what do you lack? [what have you lost?]:
a) serendipity; you are not better than
the monotonous. than the miracles.
b) voice
c) skin / armor / cells / atoms. [what of
the traces of iron? what of form?]
d) the strings of promise

[yes, this is real.
you can trust me.]

[stop. there is nothing 
poetic about trembling.]

how do you feel?

how do you feel?

—  two-way looking glass, s.z.h. (insp)
The GQ Aftermath (Tom Holland smut)

post GQ photo release, you can’t keep your hands off him but if he’s not willing to be good, then he’s got to work for it. 

this is smut. it’s also my first smut so please be gentle with me lol. hope you enjoy

pairing: tom x (fem) reader

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anonymous asked:

I just started a double degree (engineering and business) and holy shit I regret everything. THIS IS ME SCREAMING INTO THE ABYSS. I DONT KNOW HOW I'LL EVER MAKE IT TO MY FINAL YEAR


Here’s a few things I wish I’d known before I started my double degree (+ a few things which have kept me sane since then!) 

1. Coffee. 

  • I started my degree as a ‘social’ coffee drinker. 

2. Student Discounts 

  • Reap the benefits of student discounts. Seriously. 
  • Know where the cheapest coffee is, transport subsidies, printing subsidies, student sales, student flights! 

3. Shit happens, things change. 

  • Just because you hate something now, doesn’t mean you can’t love it later. The upshot being - just because you love something now, doesn’t mean you won’t hate it with the feverish passion of a thousand burning suns later. 
  • Your interests will change. Your goals, both academic and personal will change. That’s ok.
  • Find something that motivates you to complete each degree. You may enjoy both your degrees equally. You may prefer one over the other - particularly if you’re still completing tedious core units for one degree whilst you get to do much more interesting advanced units for the other. Remind yourself why you’re doing this degree. Why are you doing double the workload, why is it worth the late nights, caffeine overdoses and the concurrent deadlines? Assess each degree independently of the other and find something which motivates you to study in that field. 
  • In my case, I was very demotivated halfway through my degree. Honestly speaking, in my 3/4th year, I was ready to drop my other degree and graduate with a single. I only continued my other degree after going on exchange (read: more holiday than study) and when I could finally do advanced units which were interesting to me. 
  • For others, changing degree (yes, even in 6th year) was the best choice for them. They’re much happier now, and much more driven - and it was their experience throughout their double degree that helped them realise their passion in another field. Sometimes, finding out what you hate is just as important as finding out what you love.  

4. Save a first year unit for the end of your degree 

  • Ok, I shit you not. 
  • If your degree structure allows you to save an elective first year unit for your penultimate or final year, do it. 
  • Sure, its strange to walk into a class of freshers. When you inevitably have an ‘ice breaker’ exercise, watch in sick fascination as the majority of the class whips their head around incredulously as you introduce yourself as a “fifth year student” 
  • BUT BOY THE REWARDS ARE SWEET. For example, having a reduced workload so you can focus on your advanced units. Easy marks because you already know half the shit, and if not, you know where to find it. 
  • You already have half the transferrable skills (report writing, referencing, critical analysis, knowledge of HOW THE FUCK TO SUBMIT AN ASSIGNMENT THROUGH YOUR UNI SERVER) to do well. You could probably skip all the intro/ getting to know your way around the library resources classes. 
  • A relaxed class and a healthy boost to my GPA? Sign me up. 

5. Use time to your advantage

  • One of the things I’m grateful for is time. 
  • Its a long degree. Instinctively I knew this when I signed up - 5 to 7 years is a long time. But I only truly felt how long a period that time was when my friends with shorter degrees graduated and entered the workforce. And whilst I enjoy what I study, the mechanics and routine of going to uni and sitting exams etc remains tedious. 
  • But heck, I am grateful for the time and opportunity I’ve had to figure shit out in the safety of university. 
  • Professionally, I know the ins and outs of graduate job hunting. I have had the opportunity to ‘test run’ interviews etc, and learn about more opportunities with each passing cycle - the fairs, the assistance you can get at uni, the whole recruiting circus. I have a well established study system that works for me, featuring keyboard shortcuts, shitonnes of sticky notes and my weight in coffee. I know where to ask for help and I know which areas of campus are the best study spots and which places to avoid during mid-sem hell. I know what events my student society runs, and I know when there’s free breakfast during semester. I’m confident. I’m certainly not ready to face the workplace, but I’m more prepared that I would have been 3 years ago.  
  • Personally, I’m more confident in my identity and what direction I want to take in the future. I know what I like, what I dislike, and what I’m willing to sacrifice/invest for what ends. I’ve learnt a lot about how I handle stress, friendship and 8am non recorded classes (read: not well). 
  • Also, FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR HIGHER DEGREE GRADUATE REQUIREMENTS ARE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TIME TO FIX THINGS. Do you need practical experience to graduate? Do you need to complete an internship unit? How many units of each degree do you need to complete? Have you completed the correct number of majors for each degree? Find out early, so you can amend your study plan. 

6. Old habits die hard. 

  • In saying that, use the length of your degree to develop good habits. Figure out what study method works for you, find out whether you’re more engaged in morning or evening classes. Where’s a decent study spot on campus? 
  • Don’t be afraid to apply the skills you’ve learnt from one degree to the other. Whether it be research skills, note taking habits or otherwise. Keep in mind the differences between each discipline. 
  • Work smart. By the time you’ve reached 3rd year, you’ll be at the halfway point. You know what lectures are like. You know what tutorials are like. You know which textbooks are worth the buy and what assessment structure suits you. Don’t be afraid to exploit that knowledge to forge a better semester for yourself. 

Its a long journey. There’s going to be good days, shit days and then “fuck the world, what the hell is this” days. There’s going to be coinciding deadlines and  insane exam timetables. And that’s not even counting the late night existential crises in between. 

But you’re going to learn so much - both in an academic and personal sense. You’ll find out what you enjoy, what lecturers to avoid, what subjects bore you to death. You’ll meet so many people - inspirational people, motivational people, and some assholes. You’ll realise that fuck yes I can complete a 3000 word assignment the night before, and yes I can survive a 90% exam. 

Remember you always have the freedom to choose. You don’t have to do it all at once - go on exchange, take a semester off, find something to break up the tedium of study. Sometimes, the bravest thing you can do is to figure out what’s best for you and pursuing it. 

Good luck dear anon. You’re the first double degree anon to scream into the abyss - THIS IS ME SCREAMING ALONGSIDE YOU OH MY GOD YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

All the best,


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I know you're fielding a ton of "how do I become game" questions, I have some that are very specific. I code for work in C#, PHP and web stuff. I know my way around C++ but I'm not prepared enough to start applying for game gigs. My questions are: 1. Is there a good self service way to indicate what my current skill level is, comparatively against current industry standards? What is "ready"? 2. The best resources and ways to expand my C++/programming knowledge in a constructive way

I always appreciate specific questions. It’s a lot easier to give more specific and useful answers than hand-waving generalizations that are read and forgotten.

1. Is there a good self service way to check my current skill level?

Yes. I suggest trying programming challenge websites like [], [] and []. Make sure that you’re using C++ as the language of choice. Many of these sites also have lessons geared towards teaching you the concepts you’ll need to know. Do as many challenges as you can, and try to improve in the ways the automated code checkers suggest. There’s a large variety of tasks at each site that you can try tackling, with varying levels of difficulty. I suggest starting with the fundamentals as a refresher and working your way up.

2. Best resources and ways to expand your C++/Programming knowledge

In addition to practicing with coding challenges, I would suggest picking up [Unreal Engine] (which primarily runs with C++ instead of Unity’s C#) and using it to put together smaller projects with a clear set of requirements that you can accomplish. Once you have a clear goal within a scope you’re sure you can reach, you can actually do the tasks and make sure that you can complete them. Once you’ve gotten the correctness part down, you can try submitting your solutions to sites like [Stack Exchange’s code review section] and asking for feedback on the stuff you’ve written.

Remember, the general rules of completing a code task are:

  1. Make it work (It should do what you want)
  2. Make it right (It should handle edge cases gracefully)
  3. Make it fast (It should do what you want quickly)
  4. Make it pretty (Other engineers should not have any trouble understanding your code if you hand it off to them)

Start small and work your way up to bigger tasks as you go.

Got a burning question you want answered?

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Hi rafiki (that's Swahili for friend), I just want to ask if you could do a reaction from the members when they meet an international fan that tries their hardest to accurately speak Korean to them Love you \(^o^)/

Yoongi: He could tell instantly that Korean wasn’t something you were fluent in, but the fact that you were trying really hard to communicate with him through his first language was all that really mattered to him. If you said something wrong to where it made a huge difference in the conversation, he would correct you but make sure you didn’t feel discouraged.

You’re doing really good so far, don’t be upset. Continue-”

Originally posted by beui

Hoseok: He would find it adorable that you were trying to talk to him in his native tongue. Whenever you slipped up, he would just smile and politely correct you. He would insist you continue talking to him in Korean if you could, not wanting you to give up.

You almost had it! It’s Mannasuh bangapseumnida.” “Repeat after me- Man-na-suh. ban-gap-seum-nida.” “There you go! You’ll get the hang of it in no time!”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Jin: The fact that you were trying was all that mattered to him. Sure, you slipped but here and then, but that was perfectly okay. You were trying so hard to have a conversation with him in his native language and he appreciated that. Unless you said something that changed the conversation too much or he just couldn’t understand what you were trying to, I don’t think he’d correct you. He knew that it was learning process but he figured you should figure out the mistakes on your own.

It’s okay, I understood what you were trying to say. Don’t be upset, you’re trying your best and that’s more than enough.”

Originally posted by xingorjin

Taehyung: He would be in awe as he listened to you try your best to speak with him in Korean. When you told him that you started to learn Korean and wanted to learn more about the culture because of them, he would smile brightly as he would feel a bit of pride.

I’m glad! Though, you did say that last part wrong- but that’s okay! You just to keep working on it and you’ll be a pro in no time!”

Originally posted by zutterv

Jimin: He knew how nerve racking it was to speak someone else’s language and not be the very best at it, so he’d be patient as he listened to you doing your best to talk to him in Korean. If you couldn’t say the word you were trying to look for, he would help you out and if he saw you get embarrassed, he would simply smile and reassure you that you had nothing to be upset about.

“If you practice everyday I’m sure you’ll have it all down sooner than you think- Just take it from Joonie-hyung! He didn’t become fluent in English over night, it takes some time.”

Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou

Namjoon: He would be extremely patient with you, knowing the struggle of learning a new language. If you said a word incorrectly, he would tell you right way to say it and answer any questions you had for learning Korean.

You were close- it’s goma woyo. The ‘g’ in ‘goma’ should sound more like a ‘k’.”Never give up! You’re doing really great, I’m proud!”

Originally posted by namjoonsgurl

Jeongguk: He would find it cute that you had actually taken the time to learn how to have a conversation with him in his language, even if you messed up a few times. He wouldn’t correct you unless what you said had completely altered the conversation.

I mean, you did just say I look like a garage, but that’s okay- I knew what you meant.” “Don’t worry, you’ll get better over time!”

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

hello again! thank you so much for requesting and I hope you enjoy this reaction! (ily2💘) Korean is not my first language though I am trying to learn it, so I have a folder full of Korean learning apps that I have been practicing with, so I just used examples out of a couple of the apps I have, Memrise and Learn Korean. I really hope I explained how to say the phrases correctly and if not, please correct me and I will fix it!

That Ti moment...

Instructor: You will now get 30 minutes to write an essay over which is more important: Adhering to societal norms or doing what is right.

Me: *writes about how in most cases, societal norms and doing what you think is right could be the same thing due to growing up in that certain environment and how different environments affect each person’s moral compass. Also who even gets to dictate what’s right? The ‘right thing’ is merely what YOU view as correct. Another person could think that completely wrong. So wouldn’t it be better if you phrased it: “doing what you think is right”? The question also assumes that societal norms are always wrong, when that is not necessarily the case–*

Instructor: Time’s up! Hand in your paper!

Me: Shit, I didn’t even answer the question asked…

you are 100% RIGHT if you believe i am faking and lying about having a Disorder because i use every bit of strength inside my body and soul to bury the toxic disgusting symptoms deep inside my head so nobody thinks i’m a nasty person and i can be liked and validated!! you are completely correct, if i don’t show the symptoms and hide the thoughts then i don’t have the Disorder at all! fantastic, i am Free.

Here he isss, the poor guyyyy, he’s kinda like a lost soul. He’s got nowhere to go and no where he belongs.He’s corrupted in a why.

I forgot to put this on there but he's a bit over 8 ft, taLL-


REMINDER: There’s no attack on fundamental human rights and the rule of law that won’t have loud, committed, enthusiastic cheerleaders.

Love Triangle pt3

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pt1  pt2

REQUESTED: a love triangle scenario with Jaebum and Jinyoung

Jinyoung x Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1391

Warnings: none :)

note: you voted for the winner and here are the results! 66.7% of you guys voted for the winner of this scenario and you can do the math on how many percent voted for the other member haha~ also the one who requested this scenario voted for the winner as well. thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this one! - admin

Jinyoung’s body was on top of yours, his eyes looking at you in a loving way. You were frozen for a moment, not knowing what to do. Jinyoung’s fingers brushed your hair away from your face as you stared up at him, looking at his handsome face. You wanted to stop his actions but a part of you wanted him to keep going. But you bit your lips and continued to be indecisive. And Jinyoung noticed that something was bothering your mind.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” Jinyoung asked concerningly as he grabbed your waist and pulled you back up onto his lap. You looked away from his face, avoiding his eye contact as you let out a long sigh. Should you tell him what you’re thinking? Or better yet, ask him why he was like this?

“Yeah, I just need to think.” You said, ignoring the questions that went through your head.

“Sorry.” Jinyoung mumbled as he pursed his lips and let go of your waist, letting you get up from him and leave his sight. You  knew Jinyoung didn’t want to force you into anything nor did he mean to intend those kinds of things. He was a gentleman and he highly respected you and your limits which was what you always wanted from a guy. It wasn’t his fault that he was attracted to you because you were attracted to him as well but, was too afraid to admit it with Jaebum in mind.

“Don’t say sorry.” You chuckled, lighting up the mood a bit. “Things happen.”

You shrugged your shoulders as you got off of Jinyong and flashed him a kind smile. You could see the glint of emotion passed by his eyes but he hide it quickly with a wink and a smirk. He was trying to act cool after it was obvious that he liked you. But being a man, he didn’t want to hurt his pride and let his ego take over him. Just like a playboy.

“Let’s eat shall we?” You asked him, trying to get rid of the awkward tension in the air. Jinyoung nodded his head as he grabbed his shirt on the couch and followed right behind you to the kitchen.

For awhile, you two ate in silence. You hated the silence between you and Jinyoung since you always enjoyed talking to Jinyoung. He knew how to carry a conversation and always made you feel comfortable, except now of course. With the tension in the air, it was hard for you to communicate to Jinyoung. It was until you heard your phone vibrate from a new notification. You got up from your chair and walked over to the kitchen counter to look at your phone.

Jaebum: meet me at Alloy’s tonight at 7:30 pm. Wear something nice as well.

You smiled at your phone and bit your lips. It was the restaurant he first took your out on as a date and it was the date that you fell in love with him. It warmed your heart to think that Jaebum would take you out where you first started to like him. Maybe it was a sign that he wanted to start over again.

“What are smiling about?” Jinyoung finally spoke up from the table as he observed you’re happy expression.

“An old friend just invited me to go out for dinner tonight.” You lied to Jinyoung. You couldn’t tell him that it was Jaebum who you were going to see otherwise you were going to get a talk from him. He knew that Jaebum didn’t treat you right before and he always wanted the best for you. He made you happy for all those times Jaebum didn’t and you were always grateful about that. Lying to him was something you knew you shouldn’t do and you did feel guilty about it.

“Do you want me to take you there?” Jinyoung offered.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll just take the taxi.” You smiled at him. You looked back down at your phone and sighed to yourself. It was hard knowing that you had to hide this information from Jinyoung. You wanted to tell him about Jaebum and how he basically bribed you into going out with him. And you knew that Jinyoung would figure out either way.

For the next few hours, Jinyoung and you laid on the couch watching TV. You two made small talks once in awhile since the silence in the air was too hard to manage. But soon, you stood up from the couch and started to get ready for the evening. After showering and pampering your hair, you decided to put on a nice black dress with a simple makeup on. Calling up a taxi, you decided to wait in the living room for the driver to arrive.

Once you walked into the living room, Jinyoung looked at you and widen his eyes. His expression changed as he stood up from the couch and walked over to you, admiring your looks.

“Are you sure this is an old friend you’re meeting? Because isn’t this a bit too much for an old friend to see?” Jinyoung asked with a hint of jealously through his tone. You knew he was going to figure out sooner or later so you decided to tell him about your small little date with Jaebum.

“Well and old friend is Jaebum.” You sighed, fixing your hair.

“Wait, are you two a thing now?” Jinyoung raised his eyebrows. You could tell he was getting jealous and his was rising up slowly. But you grabbed his face and took a good look at the handsome man in front of you.

“No,” You reassured him, “It’s just a dinner. That’s it.”

Jinyoung let out a heavy sigh, “I know this may sound selfish but, could you just stay with me tonight?”

You looked at Jinyoung in shock. Was he asking not to go out for dinner with Jaebum? Was he jealous over the fact that Jaebum was going to have me for the rest of the night? It was shocking because Jinyoung never stopped you from going out before, especially with Jaebum. But today was different.

“Why?” You asked. You wanted a reason why he wanted to keep you at home. If he could give you a good reason then maybe, you would stay. But Jaebum had your wallet anyways so you had to go either way.

“Because…,” Jinyoung breathed out, suddenly getting nervous, “I’d rather have you stay with me because I want you for myself. And I know that sounds really possessive but I can’t deny my feelings for you. I like you, (Y/N). I’ve turned down girls who were interested me just because I only had my eyes set on you and no one else. And when that bastard, Jaebum, came into your life, I was jealous. But I said nothing because I knew you were happy with him, or at least for a moment. That night when you came crying to me, I wanted to tell you my feelings. I wanted to tell you that I could treat you better than him. And I’m telling you now because I was an idiot back then for not confessing earlier.”

You looked at Jinyoung with complete awe. So you were correct, he did like you all along. And you weren’t complaining since your heart leaned towards Jinyoung more than it did to Jaebum. Jinyoung was always there for you and he understood you the way Jaebum never could. And at that moment, you realized Jinyoung was the only man for you and no one else. Not even Jaebum.

Although you were suppose to go out tonight to retrieve your wallet, you had other plans that changed your mind. We decided to meet up with Jaebum tomorrow to grab your wallet and spend time with Jinyoung instead. Being best friends with someone who understood you completely was a perfect way to start a romantic relationship. And that night, you stayed home with Jinyoung, forgetting about your wallet for a quick moment as you shared the night with Jinyoung. You were beyond happy that you stayed at home because Jinyoung wouldn’t have shown you how much he loved you if you left. And you would’ve missed a hot, steamy night with him as well.

i know i’ll regret opening this can of worms but oh well!  people pay lip service to “body positivity” but it rarely seems like a genuine reflection of their beliefs?  like beauty gurus will spit out “love yourself; everyone’s beautiful; make-up is just self-expression” but then spend the next 20 minutes of their makeup tutorial talking about the parts of their face that “need” to be corrected or changed.  my [facial feature] is wrong for my face so it needs to be made more flattering, these blemishes/spots/red patches need concealer, UGH i’m sorry my brows are such a mess i’m just about to get them waxed.

i don’t think you have to LOVE and perform positivity about every part of your body (i don’t tell my earwax how valid & beautiful it is), but i’m so wary of teaching people that parts of their body can be “wrong”, mismatched, or in need of hiding just because of the way they look ?  if “make-up is just self-expression”, what exactly are you expressing???  that you believe your looks are defective & need to be corrected?

also how completely unsurprising that commodifying self-confidence (buy it in a concealer stick!  lip injections!  acne scar removal!  Empower™ yourself) is more popular than convincing people to build it within themselves.  anyway i’m out

Faking It (G.E) Part 10/10

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 2,457
Warnings: None.
A/N: We have reached the end my lovely friends. I wanna thank you all for supporting me through my first mini series and making it a memorable one. I’ve had so much fun writing this and I hope you liked this series! Let me know what you thought! x

The Dolan cabin was chaotic the next morning. Every person in the cottage was running around like they had caught themselves on fire, as they tried to balance eating breakfast, fighting over who gets to take a shower first and getting dressed. The bride, groom, best men and the brides maids had all made their way to the church hours ago, but you were still a lot of people in the house and it was hilarious to watch how everyone ran around.

You had woken up early to avoid the line to the bathroom and taken a shower, taking your time to wash your hair and body before jumping into some sweats. Right now you were sitting on the kitchen counter beside Cameron, she was eating her cereal while you were nibbling on your granola bar, hair still wrapped up in a towel, legs dangling back and forth.

“Is it weird that I’m actually gonna miss this cabin?” You asked, looking around, feeling weirdly nostalgic. Even though you’d had your fair share of painful memories, the good memories overrode them by far.

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