you are completely correct

I don’t know what I thought was wrong with me before I found out I was dyslexic… like honestly I cannot imagine the unaware bubble I was living in… it just makes so much sense now! every “typo”, every misread word, every mixed up list, every spoonerism, every phone number I got wrong, how slowly I read… I’m so hyper aware of it now, I realize more quickly when I make mistakes. but I also get more embarrassed when people correct them… it’s strange to think about. it’s strange to think that this is something that has always affected me but I’ve only been able to put a name to it for about two years. it’s just strange.

When you’re completely obnoxious & order the $50 “billionaire” martini with real gold.

Correction … When HE orders it for you because it’s fitting 😌

Also during this date we saw another sugar couple & he proposed to her! WTF because she was in complete shock & we both gave each other that look. The Rock was FAT AS HELL! congrats to whomever she was, lucky girl!

John 6: A Summary

Jesus: “Wow, there sure is a big crowd of hungry people here! Where could we POSSIBLY get enough bread for all of them?”

Philip: “I guess we could buy it–but even two hundred denarii won’t buy enough bread for all of them!”

Andrew: “Well that kid has some bread and fish, but that’s nowhere near enough.”


If the OT4 becomes a superhero team
  • Adrien: So what do you say, Marinette? Are we your X-Men?
  • Marinette: No. The X-Men were named after the X in Charles Xavier. My name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. So, you will be my D-Men.
  • Alya: Oh, that's not a good name.
  • Marinette: Fine. Then you will be my C-Men.
  • Nino: And that's so much worse.

To add onto the caption discourse currently going on:

In my case, it took me an hour - hour and a half, to caption 3 minutes of a video. Yes, that isn’t an exaggeration. I’m sure other people who caption videos will only confirm this - sometimes it’d probably take even longer if there is a lot of talking to be captioned. 

So, while a 15 minute long video doesn’t seem ‘that’ long, captioning it would take about 5 hours. So please take that into consideration before you decide to completely edit and change someone’s (correct and appropriate) captions.


He went from this:

To this:

Mofftiss congratulations, you are completely correct! Sherlock has become more human. Haters will not understand, but we Sherlollians do.

Thank you for such a brilliant season 4.

We love you. Now and forever! <3

anonymous asked:

As long as the prompts for your appreciation week are not the same as any of the other weeks? (which I don't see you guys doing at all) You do not need to talk to anyone or get anyone's permission. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. No one owns the premise of appreciation weeks or the characters they are about (other than MJ) People need to lighten up and stop causing unnecessary BS nonsense.

anonymous asked:

I'm very interested in true crime myself and love your blog but sometimes you make a mistake on the facts of a crime and I politely try and tell you how you could correct it and you ignore me completely. Which I find very rude as I'm only trying to help you put out the real facts for your readers and I don't know but it just gives me a feeling of disappointment. I wouldn't mind if you responded to me and chose to keep the facts that way but you just ignore me completely.

If anything I post is ever incorrect or misspelled or anything like that, I always fix it. Sometimes I don’t respond to those asks (unless they’re un-anonymous) because I get 100+ messages a day and don’t want loads clogging up my blog or others dashboards - I just cannot reply to every single message I receive.

Furthermore, sometimes people also message me saying something is incorrect when it really isn’t or tell me a post I reblogged is incorrect as if I was the one who wrote it. When receiving these messages, I tend to just research further and edit the post if needed.


Welcome to the second edition of Victim Christmas Card Exchange! The Killers are still on hiatus but we can have fun anyway, right? RIGHT! So, here are the rules:

Wanna send a Christmas Card to one of the Tumblr Victims? The idea is very simple: submit or send me an ask/message with your full name and address and I will pair you up randomly with another Victim! The only thing is you must be comfortable giving out your address to this person and me (trust me, I will not give your address to anyone except your Santa!). And please make sure that you’re sending me the correct and complete address!

You don’t have to follow me to join the exchange, the only condition is that you’re a Victim with an active blog.

The card should be Killers’ related but if you have a cool idea for a non-Killers card (while still being festive) – go ahead! Also, if you don’t wanna send the card worldwide, just tell me! I will try to pair you up with somebody within your country.

I also thought it would be great to put a postcard from your country/city into the envelope (no pressure though! It’s just an idea 😊).

You have time ‘till November 19th to send me your address! I want everyone to get their card before Christmas, so try to send your card as soon as possible, especially if you’re shipping worldwide. 

If you have any questions – feel free to shoot me an ask! 

Do your best and have fun ♥


Dear Walt,

You fucking left this planet on Monday, March 20th, 2017 . You were the brother I never had.  You were supposed to be here this Saturday for my next art opening.  We were going to do more art projects.  I was going to paint more murals on the walls in your apartment.  There were more backdrops to be constructed, more painted clothes for you to style and photograph.  We were going to do shows in different cities.  We were going to distract each other visually 4-ever. Anger and complete sadness fill me up because you peaced out.  I guess your heart could not take it any more.  For over 10 years you came into my life in one way or another.  Reincarnate and come back to NYC completely as correct as you were. Please come back and fill up this huge empty place inside my heart.  How many dollar slices did we eat together?  My continuing  to paint that backpack with the monkey you always carried around. I will miss seeing you with that ball chain necklace from the 90′s you always wore.  I will miss your Michael Economy tattoos. I will miss you wearing the Adam Levine clothes from Kmart. I can not go on facebook with out seeing photos of you and your work, which I know you would have loved.  I am your number one fan.  Your camera needs to be cremated with you so you can take photos where ever you are.

Love Peace and Blessings


Walt Cessna 1964-2017