you are competing with past you

You chose.
You chose.
You chose.

You chose to give away your love.
You chose to have a broken heart.
You chose to give up.
You chose to hang on.

You chose to react.
You chose to feel insecure.
You chose to feel anger.
You chose to fight back.
You chose to have hope.

You chose to be naïve.
You chose to ignore your intuition.
You chose to ignore advice.
You chose to look the other way.
You chose to not listen.
You chose to be stuck in the past.

You chose your perspective.
You chose to blame.
You chose to be right.
You chose your pride.
You chose your games.
You chose your ego.
You chose your paranoia.
You chose to compete.
You chose your enemies.
You chose your consequences.

You chose.
You chose.
You chose.
You chose.

However, you are not alone. Generations of women in your family have chosen. Women around the world have chosen. We all have chosen at one time in our lives. We stand behind you now screaming:

Choose to let go.
Choose dignity.
Choose to forgive yourself.
Choose to forgive others.
Choose to see your value.
Choose to show the world you’re not a victim.
Choose to make us proud.

—  Shannon L. Alder
My Top 5 Video Games of 2015

#5: Splatoon

What can I say about Splatoon that hasn’t already been said? Constantly unstable internet connections, released missing major content, terrible incompetent teammates, the entire game is just full of unbridled rage wrapped up in a kid friendly package. It’s definitely the best multiplayer game of the year.

#4: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (Xbox 360 version)

My grandmother picked this up for $15 at her local thrift store and gave it to me as a birthday present. I had to dig in my closet to find my 7 year old Xbox 360 to play it, but it was so encrusted in thick dorito paste that the console itself wouldn’t turn on. Now, I haven’t personally played this yet, but I bet it’s a competent enough video game, and just for that it deserves to be on this list.

#3: Undertale

Unlike so many other games on this list, Undertale isn’t about killing. Typically when you play games like Bejeweled you’re killing things. Let’s be fucking real here, you’re killing the gems in Bejweled. All those points you rack up in Bejeweled might as well be a body count. There are no points in Undertale; no high score, so to speak. I think that makes it a wholesome entry onto this list.

#2: Halo 5

There was a reason why Halo got his own xbox: he was the most badass guy ever! The fifth entry into the Halo saga turns the dial back to when Halo was just a little baby in 18th century London. We get to see the origins of his Halo suit and even the birth of the first Warthog. Also, don’t think that just because Halo is a baby in this one that he kicks any less ass! After you’re done playing Undertale, you might wanna pop this baby into your console so you can remember what a real video game is like. They don’t call Halo 5 the Dark Souls of Halo games for nothing.

#1: Fallout: Equestria

Did anyone not see this one coming? The Fallout series has consistently been one of the most massively epic open world experiences ever. I think we all splooged in our collective gamer jorts at E3 when Bethesda announced this bad boy. I was so excited for it that I had put it at the top of my best games of 2015 list as soon as the game’s trailer began. Let me tell you, Fallout: Equestria is everything that you could wish for a video game, and even more. It’s the greatest video game ever. That’s not to say that the game is completely perfect however as it was launched with a bug that makes the game uninstall itself when it starts. However, once someone gets around to patching that out, it will undoubtedly be the best video game ever. That’s why I’m giving Fallout: Equestria the Citizen Kane Award for Being the Best Dark Souls Game of 2015 Ever Award.

For clauxx, Happy Valentines Day! I present you with art and this little ficlet <3<3

This Is Not The Best Day Ever

“It’s raining,” Derek says, voice low and disappointed and almost apologetic because he’s ridiculous. Ridiculous.

“I know, isn’t it great?” Stiles says with a happy sigh.

They walk up over the gentle arch of the bridge over the little creek, arm-in-arm. The rain patters against the umbrella Derek’s holding over their heads and makes round, musical sounds as it splashes into the water below them.

“You hate when it rains like this,” Derek replies, frowning over at him. “I thought you’d be disappointed.”

Stiles leans on his arm he has looped through Derek’s, brushing his lips past a smooth-shaven cheek. It makes him smile, because Derek had insisted. For the photos, he’d said. Just like how he’d insisted on bespoke suits, and spending way too much money on champagne.

Champagne that’s now competing with happiness for most bubbly substance inside Stiles.

“Yeah, but you love this weather. You love the way all the plants brighten up, the way everything quiets down, the way the little animals huddle and cuddle in their little bitty houses. So yeah, it’s great. You’re great. Everything is great.”  

Derek flashes him one of his rare, full-breadth smiles, and Stiles knows, he just knows how stupidly happy he must look in return but he doesn’t care. He gets so caught up in staring at Derek’s face that when the bridge ends and the smooth path begins again, he catches the edge of his dress-shoe and stumbles. If it weren’t for the fact that his arm is looped solidly through Derek’s, he’d have gone flying. As it is, he just ends up twisting around and stumbling into Derek’s side.

Derek sighs heavily, casting his eyes skyward theatrically in a move that facetiously expresses exasperation. It ends up looking more like fondness.

“Shut up, you love me,” Stiles grumbles.

“Yep,” Derek says, looking stupid and smug and perfect.

Stiles looks down to where Derek’s hand is wrapped around the umbrella handle. It somehow has him smiling even wider. He wraps his hand around Derek’s, slotting his fingers into the grooves between Derek’s knuckles as they resume walking along the path through the serene and elegant beauty of the Japanese gardens, stealing just a few minutes for themselves while the others deal with… things. Scott’s frantic explanation hadn’t made any sense, and Lydia had shoved them in the direction of the Japanese gardens with orders not to return till notified and Stiles couldn’t care less about whatever’s wrong because he already has everything he needs.

“This is not the best day ever,” he announces decisively.

“No?” Derek asks, brows furrowed.

“It’s the best day yet,” Stiles explains quickly, easing the lines starting to form on Derek’s face. “I can’t say ever, though it feels like nothing’s going to top this for a while, but the best part, the whole point of today is knowing someday, something will. Maybe it’ll be something big, like when we christen our first house. Maybe it’ll be just the most boring day ever and I’ll just be watching you fall asleep while reading in front of our fireplace. Maybe it’ll be every week. I don’t know. But I know it’s going to happen. So no, I’m not going to say today is the best day of my life-”

“But it’s the best day yet,” Derek finishes for him with the softest smile, the one that makes Stiles’s heart ache it’s so precious to him. “Better than anything I was able to imagine for a long time. Till recently, anyway. Till you. And it’s just the beginning.”

“Yeah,” Stiles agrees, holding up his left hand so that the light catches the smooth band around his fourth finger on his left hand. He leans his head on his husband’s shoulder as they gaze at it together. “Yeah.”

My Thoughts On The Show And Yuuri Katsuki’s Free Skate Program: “Yuri!!! On Ice”

This is a series that will certainly go down in history for breaking all the barriers and regulations set before it. We all know of the censorship laws in Japan, so it is no small feat that we were able to receive such a gift from the creators, who I’m sure worked tirelessly to produce Yuri!!! On Ice. Before I continue, I would like to sincerely thank the team that brought us what we’ve all been crying over for the past several weeks. You are amazing people, and you have more courage than anyone else could imagine.

The scenes depicted above were taken from Episode 005, where Yuuri Katsuki (23, Japanese) competed in the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championships. He faced a few younger, up-and-coming figure-skaters (one of them being Kenjirou, Minami), but he ultimately won, and may now advance further. He is getting steadily closer to the Grand Prix Final, as well. What I would like to discuss is the program itself, how very important it was, and what it meant to me.

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Living with Damon Salvatore would include:

  • having sex in almost every room of the Salvatore Boarding House
  • waking up to the smell of Damon cooking you breakfast
  • having the pleasure of a naked Damon walking around the house almost all the time
  • “put a shirt on” - “you love it”
  • spooning
  • having bubble baths together 
  • giving him massages 
  • drunk dancing 
  • telling you stories about his past and how it the world was decades ago
  • finding old baby photos of him and stefan
  • forehead kisses 
  • road trips
  • “5 more minutes, babe”
  • pranking him with stefan
  • wearing his shirts around the house and him loving it
  • sleeping in his shirts 
  • amazing sex
  • “you’re so beautiful, Y/N”
  • competing with his sarcasm
  • him making you breakfast


I can’t tell you what a relief it was to escape Washington for all of two days and return home. Thank you for stepping in when the arrangements were botched. Finding a competent assistant is going to be even more trying on a government salary, it would seem.

I’ve walked past that building downtown for years. Well, been driven past it anyway. I think it was even on the list when I scouted buildings for CatCo, but no private elevator…

Supergirl makes a better superhero than tour guide. Although I can consider myself fully briefed now that I’ve seen the least disgusting locker room, the weirdest thing in a specimen tank, and the Director’s secret drawer filled with Choco packets. X-ray vision really is an unfair advantage, and you should be careful of what you might find using it.

A personal highlight was seeing the ship that brought you here. It’s strange to think that something smaller than my bathtub could travel through so much time and space. That’s a full story I’d like someday, but thank you for sharing it with me. 

Is it utterly self-involved to tell you I tried to imagine putting Carter or Adam in that battered little pod? I suppose it is. It almost broke my heart to imagine. Your mother must have been a considerable woman. 

As for my new security detail, you’ve chosen well. Susan isn’t one for small talk, but she’s already thwarted the first attempt on my life. Well, it was actually just an over eager intern with a stapler, but he won’t be rushing into my office again anytime soon. 

Write soon, I find myself getting impatient when I have to wait for updates. Yes, I appreciate this delay was on my end, but you should be used to my double standards by now. 

With ever increasing fondness, and just a splash of impatience,

PS: now that we’re conversing so openly, no more laminating. Burn after reading, Kara. Embrace your inner spy.

radfem study tips

- don’t compete or turn against other girls in your school or college. start study groups, work together, become a tutor. collectively succeed.
- pay close attention to women in your field of study who may have been ignored in the past. there are tons of awesome ladies in almost every subject matter whose accomplishments have been overlooked.
- tell a female teacher or lecturer that you appreciate her or that she inspires you.
- when buying stationery, prioritize companies run by women.
- consider learning languages spoken by marginalized people in order to spread ideas.
- don’t be afraid to insert radfem theory into your essays if relevant.
- make an effort to read up on women’s history; make sure our struggles are not forgotten.
-women have always been associated with nature. grow your own tea for sleep and concentration, press flowers to decorate your notes with, write on both sides of the paper.
- combat the statistics and speak up in class. be heard.
- attend and apply for girls’ schools and women’s colleges if possible. otherwise create female-only clubs and societies.
- it’s exhausting but remember that you are loved within our movement. do what you can to relax, but keep working for those goals and making us proud.


Couple new paintings gonna be popping up in the store. Mostly little 4″x6″ gouache experiments. 

Also, big apologies to anyone waiting on a reply to a message or email. I’ve kind of been lurching from minor crisis to minor crisis for the past several months – nothing a competent adult shouldn’t be able to handle, but you’d be amazed how old you can get without ever coming close to being a competent adult, haha.

victuuri week | day two - competition

“V-Victor, what are you doing?”

“Did you not realize that I was serious when I told you that I wanted to kiss your gold medal, Yuuri?“

“I mean, I wouldn’t put it past you, but I thought you just wanted to motivate me? This isn’t really a good place for this—all the cameras around—”

“I’m kissing it, right now. And then, we’ll go get married.”


Just Victor being extra as usual, and Yuuri being a bit done with his shit (even though he minds less than he lets on). I imagine this is some competition shortly after the GPF, where both Victor and Yuuri are competing. Victor is wearing silver, of course, though I imagine he’s perfectly happy to settle for second place if Yuuri is the winner. Especially if he gets to marry Yuuri right afterwards.

Being Elijah Mikaelson’s human girlfriend would include:

  • him always being faithful to you
  • spoiling the hell out of you
  • cuddling 
  • him giving you massages when you’re tense and vice versa 
  • helping his family and Hayley raise Hope 
  • competing with his wittiness 
  • wearing his shirts 
  • all kinds of amazing sex 
  • being best friend’s with his family and him loving it
  • him telling you stories of his past and you hanging on to his every word 
  • putting on his shirts to amuse him as they’re like a dress on you
  • him showing you the world
  • having the most wonderful time with him travelling across the world
  • just wearing one of his ties and nothing else which results in him being sexually frustrated
  • which then leads into heated sex 
  • helping out with the drama’s of New Orleans 
  • “let me run you a bath" 
  • him showing you his fine cooking skills his picked up over the years 
  • when the time is right, him asking you to marry him in the most romantic way possible
  • having a small but beautiful wedding with friends and family
  • him eventually turning you so you can spend eternity with him

Girl Crush


Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: The song “girl crush” is by little big town. i love your blog btw!!!

I gotta girl crush, hate to admit it but. I gotta heart rush, ain’t slowin down. I got it real bad, want everything she has. That smile and the midnight laugh she’s giving you now.

Envy, that was what you felt every.single.time Lydia Martin spoke to or was seen with Stiles Stilinski. The shy girl in the corner never got the guy she wanted, it sounds cliche but it holds truth.

Maybe you weren’t so invisible, you had wonderful past conversations with Stiles. He knew your name and offered to be paired up with you during class activities at times. The only thing you couldn’t compete with was Lydia Martin, she had Stiles heart and no other girl was ever going to compare.

Out of everyone is Scott’s inner circle, Kira was the one who made an effort to really get to know you. It was pretty soon discovered just how much the two of you have in common. With a bounce in her step, Kira looked fairly cheerful and you knew why. She was already going out with the guy she fancied, Scott McCall. And you couldn’t deny those two suited each other.

Being so infatuated with the current conversation Lydia and Stiles were having, you completely missed what Kira was saying. “Earth to Y/N”, she waved her hand in your face, breaking you away from the trance you were in.


She gave that “I know what you’re thinking” look, one that you knew all to well due to having been receiving it numerous of times before. “Would you just ask Stiles out on a date already? I’m sure he’ll happily say yes”. It was Kira’s way of making you feel better and also to give some encouragement. But you weren’t planning on looking like a fool in front of Stiles any time soon.

“I’m not his type”, you responded

“How do you know that? You could very well be the girl Stiles has been looking for”, Kira challenged.

Your eyes drifted to Stiles and Lydia once more, she casually engaged with him in a conversation. Touching him on the arm, making it look so easy. And watching as she made Stiles laugh for what seemed like the hundredth time, forced you to look away. Kira followed your gaze,“Y/N I-”.

Putting on a brave face you turned to Kira. “It’s fine, I know that I’ll never be able to be the girl for Stiles. Because Lydia Martin has and will always be that girl. And look at her, she is beautiful, smart, sophisticated and I can see why Stiles has a crush on her”.

Kira’s eyes showed sympathy, “You and Lydia are two different people. Y/N you can’t compare yourself to her”.

“And why not? Lydia is everything I wish I could be. Not for popularity reasons or anything like that, but because if I at least had some similar qualities as her, Stiles would actually notice me more. I don’t hate Lydia, Kira. It’s just she has everything that I want and I envy her for that”.

Sadly glancing over, they were now gone. Kira watched as you walked down the hallways and opening the double doors, you wondered if there was even a slight chance that you would ever find your own Stiles Stilinski.

Personal Disagreements with The Death of Satine Kryze

-cracks knuckles- 

Okay, @asaj-ventress, this is for you and all you other Satine fans out there.

What did our Duchess of Mandalore do for the series upon her introduction?

She was many things. A connection to Obi Wan’s past. A woman ruling over a war ravaged planet keeping neutral in the war. A competent woman who was self sufficient and calm despite the responsibilities and pressure.

There is much difficulty in staying neutral during a time where wars are all about *pick a side, any side, all the sides!~* and if you don’t  play the game, it’s very very difficult to live out your life by yourself. 

Yet, Satine is all about that uphill battle. She sticks by her morals and never compromises them. She has people she loves dearly and holds close, but is still capable of seeing their faults and calling them out on it.

As the series progressed and we revisited Satine numerous times, we got to see more of what she had to work and deal with on a regular basis. Things she had to deal with almost entirely by herself.

Rare moments, she would have help, but for the most part, Satine takes the phrase, “If you need something done right, do it yourself” and embodies it strongly.

All the while, you see things crumbling around her. Corruption seeding itself deeper than she could have realized. One after another, people she had considered trusted friends turn on her. 

She is a woman who, by no fault of her own, holds a planet of people that are at best stagnating, and at worst, deteriorating. 

A downfall was likely what we sensed being led to. We expected that, but was her death in that nature truly fitting for a character like Satine?

Especially when the main reason for her death is because of her connection to Obi Wan? 

No. I think that’s incredibly unfair. It plays into a constant trope that has been played up repeatedly. 

– Admin CG

Step out of the mindset of being who your parents want you to be.
Step out of the mindset of needing to fit in.
Step out of the mindset of guilt.
Step out of the mindset of judging yourself.
Step out of the mindset of competing with the person next to you.
Step out of the mindset of the past.
Step out of the mindset of feeling like a failure.
Step out of the mindset of doubt.
Step out of the mindset of self-hate.
Step out of the mindset of malice.
Step out of the mindset of emptiness.
Step out of the mindset of fear. 
Step out of the mindset of worry.
Step out of the mindset of defeat.
Step out of the mindset of a narrow mind. 
Step out of the mindset of being defined.
Step out of the mindset of shame.

Do not box yourself and your life in, step out of the mindset of limitation. Your abilities are endless, your creativity is forever expanding, your individuality is needed, don’t suppress who you are for anyone!

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Tsuna, Mukuro and Dino falling in love with someone they treated badly before


~My buzzer beater submission because it almost did not make the deadline. Hope you like it somehow, anon. XD~

admin adelheid


He hated you.

He absolutely fucking hated you.

You were a clumsy little fool who utterly had no charm, no confidence and no fashion sense.

In short, you were just like him when he was younger. Before the Vongola. Before Reborn.

And the reminder of his past self that you brought by your very presence sent his blood boiling with unreasonable rage as the shadows of his past came to haunt him. How the innocence he had lost a long time ago baited him silently through your guileless eyes. The worst part was that you were the only personal secretary who has ever lasted by his side for this long with any sense of efficiency or competency.

God he hated you.

He allowed his dates to make fun of you. He had even ordered you to pick up his bread from the floor with your teeth and told you to eat it. And you fucking did. You did everything he told you to do with no questions asked.

He heard Mukuro ask you once why you allowed him to treat you like dirt and your response surprised Tsuna.

You said it was because you had faith in the Decimo. If it was his decision to treat you badly then surely you must have done something to hurt him. You only wish he’d tell you what it was so you could fix what you did wrong.

Instead of calming down it only made Tsuna want to tear you apart even more.

He wanted you to hate him. He wanted you to grow the fuck up and change your fate the way he changed his. He had been half tempted to send you off to Reborn but for some reason the very thought of his former tutor laying his eyes on you made him even angrier.

He made sure to act like a spoiled evil brat around you wanting you to snap. He wanted to see you act like a fucking human being, not a goddamned robot! He had to admit he was acting like a total jerk but damn it, you weren’t acting like you mattered! Like you’re life was dispensable compared to his own! And so he kept on treating you like a doormat.

Until the day you jumped in front of him and took a bullet in his stead.

All Tsuna could do was stare at your paling face as you whispered for him to run against his lips. Trying to keep his survival a secret by being as silent as possible for his sake.

And so here the proud Don was sitting by your side afterwards; clutching at your blankets with white knuckles and gritted teeth wanting nothing more than for you to wake up.

He wasn’t done torturing you yet. He wasn’t done making your life hell.

He wasn’t done trying to get under your goddamned skin and make you feel something other than a dog’s loyalty for him, goddammit. But most of all…

He wanted to feel your lips against his over and over again…


He had thought he had killed every single one of the Estraneo back when he finally acquired enough power to escape from that lab along with Ken and Chikusa. He had thought he would never have to hear the godforsaken name again. But he was proven wrong when the Skylark found out about you.

He may have been at odds with Hibari over a lot of things but he knew how much dealing with the Estraneo meant to him so Mukuro was grateful when the Skylark stepped aside and allowed him to do what he willed to the last remaining descendant of that godforsaken Family.

He found you living a moderate life, alone in the world. Of course you’d been orphaned, he had killed your family! He watched as you struggled to survive every day. Apparently you had a medical condition that made you unable to work and take on heavy physical labor.

He watched and refused to see the fact that you were a good person who lived alone and vulnerable and loved the stray cats you shared your food with. You made him remember what it was like living half-starved and hiding from the Vindice all those years ago.

He swallowed his pity and admiration and replaced it with hate.

He kidnapped you and took you to the abandoned Estraneo’s laboratory.

He fisted his hand over the back of your head and practically slammed your face against the broken glass that had once looked into the laboratories he had remembered all too well from his childhood. As he did so he described his and the other children’s experiences in each room. He told her about the slit necks of children barely even old enough to walk murdered just for the sake of research. About young limbs being severed to be replaced by a tentacle or a robotic contraption only for those same artificial limbs to rot off barely a week later and the child dying along with it from the infection and rotted organs.

You listened to his voice tremble, you felt his whole body vibrate, you heard his breathing choke on every word and said nothing. Blamed nothing. Did nothing.

When Mukuro took you to the room where he had killed the scientists he told you he would kill you there as well and when he turned you around to face him you saw his face drenched with tears and his eyes dilating with remembered fear and pain and your heart caved in.

You bowed your head and accepted your fate. Silently. Like a lamb to slaughter.

But when Mukuro delved into your mind to make you relive your worst nightmares he discovered that you had gone through the same torments he had. Only they weren’t done in a lab. Your parents experimented on you and your little brother at home. You held your brother as he died in your arms when he failed the experiments and his now half metal heart stopped beating. He had relived your heartbreak when the last question your brother left you was if you had any sugar drops left. It was the last time you had ever shed tears…

Mukuro drew back in shock. As though trying to see if he were awake and not dreaming he tore your shirt open and saw there- tattooed on your left breast- the same bar code Chikusa had on his left cheek.

He cried out and sat on the floor clutching at his head. Trying to deal with the anger, the pain, the madness. He was surprised when he felt you put your arms around him. He looked up and saw you crying for him and your shared sadness.

You understood. You knew. You forgive him.

And all Mukuro could do was hold on to you for all he was worth because at that moment you were the calm in the middle of his storm.

He had become your friend and he later on discovered the medical condition you were suffering from was caused by the experiments done on you. Unlike himself the twisted trials did not give you any powers. You were just another failed experiment. The only difference you had from the others was that you had survived.

He wanted to take care of you and became a guardian to you of sorts. He had expected his feelings for you to be similar to the feelings he had for his small collection of strays. But he was wrong.

Over time he had noticed you eyeing Sawada Tsunayoshi with admiration and interest. Of course the young Decimo had accepted you with open arms the moment Mukuro showed up with you on the mansion’s doorstep. However the thought of you developing any sort of feelings for the Vongola don was… unacceptable.

Mukuro then proceeded to make you realize what a playboy Sawada was. He practically shoved his flings in your face to make sure you saw the don’s faults. The illusionist wasn’t sure how it happened but he had learned that having you look at anybody else with the tenderness you have afforded him made the madness strain against the confines of his mind.

It just wasn’t fair. He was not letting anyone else have you.

You were his.


His intention when your father gave you to him as a bargaining chip was to use you like a whore and humiliate your Family.

Your father had the temerity to kill some of his precious subordinates in an attempt to seize some territory. In return Dino had run your father’s Famiglia to the ground until they were all left on their hands and knees begging for his mercy. He killed everyone else except your father who had sold you to Dino in exchange for his life. Dino agreed only because he was so enraged by the loss of his comrades that he had wanted your father to live through more horror and shame.

The first night he found you in his bedroom- bathed, perfumed and wearing a sheer silk nightgown- he had expected you to seduce him and gain some tenderness out of the act; but you didn’t. Even after he ripped your dress open and took you roughly on the bed with only the intention of pleasuring himself you merely bit your lip against the pain and shed a few tears but you said nothing.

When Dino woke up the next morning and found you gone from the bed he had thought you had tried to escape. However he immediately found you on the balcony with your face turned towards the sunlight, a linen blanket wrapped around your bruised nakedness and your eyes closed. Dino felt his breath catch at the sight. You looked like a battered goddess from a painting reaching for the sun in a silent bid for freedom.

When you heard his approach the softness on your face disappeared and Dino felt something stab him in the gut at the sight of the wariness and fear on your face. He couldn’t stand seeing you shy away from him so he harshly ordered you to clean yourself up and left you alone. He had not touched you since but he remained within reach at all times watching you… Always watching you. Privately it shamed him to have acted so atrociously towards a woman.

He could see even without you speaking to him that you had an obviously gentle nature. He never once saw you stare at anyone in his household with hate. There was only resignation and the hope lingering in your eyes that he would get tired of you soon and let you go. All of a sudden, that thought did not sit well with Dino.

He gritted his teeth against Romario telling him that you had nothing to do with this and that your father was a barbaric heathen for selling his own child out. That he should stop treating poor you like a slut when you were clearly no such thing.

Dino was inclined to follow his right hand man’s suggestion and treat you with more tenderness. Unfortunately the sight of you smiling at his young gardener when he handed you a small flower made all his feelings of guilt crumble in jealousy. Because never- never- have you directed such an expression on him before.

That night he surprised you by bedding you again. However this time he used all the knowledge he possessed to pleasure you beyond speech. This time you tried fighting him off and actually pleaded for him to stop. Dino then understood that you had prepared yourself to feel nothing. Getting aroused by him and receiving pleasure from him would have thrown your plans to leave with your soul intact into disorder. You were planning on feeling nothing for him. Just like a man preparing himself to get tortured and say nothing.

The possessive demon sleeping inside Dino’s soul leaped at the chance and relished in your moans and gasps as he sucked on your nipples teasingly while he thrust inside you in a way that made your hips writhe against him involuntarily.

He surely did not know where this madness was leading him but he did know one thing.

He was not going to let you leave and forget who you belonged to.

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Hellooo! How would Taehyung react to you having abs when he doesn't? I imagine him being all pouty~


“I mean, I’m used to you be exponentially hotter than me-”

He says this that so casually, just walking down the street, his voice loud throughout the walkway. You gently hit his shoulder, a silent plead for him to stop.

You were in public!

“But I mean- this,” he gestures to the whole of your body, looking you up and down without even the slightest shame, “is just too much for me. You have abs, like really. Could you get any cooler?”

He continues on anyway, being sarcastic about how he couldn’t compete with you. The best part was when he turned to Namjoon, who had been third-wheeling for the past ten minutes and loudly proclaimed “see, isn’t she just so hot? followed by a quick “don’t agree with that I’ll kill you.”

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25 Things I Wished I Knew Before Starting Vet School

1) As overwhelmed as you will feel, you are NOT alone.  Your classmates, aka your war buddies, are right there with you. Don’t go into this group fight by yourself. 

2) Sacrificing mental health to get that elusive A is NOT worth it.  Please, don’t let your perfectionist past ruin your life. I promise you that you can be an awesome and competent vet without killing yourself to get all A’s.  

3) Food and sleep are a necessary part of life. You will NOT get a better grade in the long run by sacrificing these things to study. Trust me on this. 

4) Vet school will sometimes feel like you are walking on a tightrope 100 feet up in the air. But something that is easy to forget is that you’ll have a harness strapped on. This is your support system. Your friends, professors, family, classmates, will all be your harness. So if you fall, and you probably will, don’t be afraid. Your harness will catch you every time. 

5) When your in anatomy, bleach will be your best friend, as will citrus shampoo. Wash your lab coat/scrubs frequently, I promise your family/friends will appreciate it. 

6) Letting yourself destress every will do more for your study habits than brute force studying ever will. Put your mental health first, and your grades will follow.

7) If something is important to you, make that a priority and stick to it. You will need that slice of stability in your life.  

8) Invest in a lunchbox, chocolate, and a coffee mug. You’ll need it. 

9) Not knowing something does NOT make you stupid. You just haven’t learned that fact yet, and whoever tells you otherwise is not worth your time. 

10) You might feel, at times, like you don’t belong or you aren’t good enough. DO NOT let this impostor feeling win. You WERE accepted, which means you DO belong here. Don’t let that feeling tell you otherwise. 

11) If you can, invest in a crockpot and test out some freezer recipes before school starts. Because when you have 3 exams in one week and don’t even have time to shower, it’s nice to not have to rely on frozen pizza all the time. 

12) You may change your interest 5 times before graduating. And that’s okay! Keep an open mind because you might fall in love with a specialty you didn’t even consider before.  

13) The summer before you matriculate into school, do NOT feel the need to pre-study. Whatever you study will be covered in a lecture or two, and your time is better spent relaxing, enjoying time with friends, or working on good habits that will help you ease into school (like learning how to cook, finding yummy cookie recipes, getting into a workout routine, etc). 

14) It is impossible to learn it all. Impossible. So don’t beat yourself up for not knowing every factoid the day after you learned it. 

15) You might have to try completely new study habits to keep up. It’s okay to experiment, take the time to find what works best for you.

16)  You may dislike school at times. Know that this is OKAY because at the end of the day you won’t be a vet student- you will be a veterinarian. 

17) If you are struggling, REACH OUT to someone. There will be someone to guide you in academics, finances, or mental health. Don’t EVER be afraid to ask for help. 

18) Find a study spot that you love, because you will be there a lot. And I mean a lot. 

19)  Make time to call your family/friends. They are invested in your well-being and want to make sure you are okay.

20) You may get into school and not know what exactly you want to be when you graduate. And that’s okay! 

21) Clubs are a great way of getting some awesome clinical experience. But don’t join ALL of them (unless you don’t plan on sleeping…). Pick a few that you will love and stick with those. 

22) Everyone comes in with different experiences of all sorts. DO NOT compare yourself to others, as this will only make you sad and resent your classmates. Instead, know that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately you can use those to help each other out. 

23)  Just because you aren’t caught up with the material, does NOT make you a bad student. There’s SO MUCH in SUCH little time, so it’s okay to always feel like you are lagging behind.

24)  Breaking down in front of your locker or while on the phone to your mom is normal, and is completely acceptable. Because exams are stressful, and gosh darn it crying is cathartic.

25) Vet school is similar to sprinting a marathon. You will cover more ground at a quicker speed than you think is possible. Don’t let this overwhelm you. Take a deep breath and tackle it one lecture, one day, and one exam at a time, and you’ll cross that finish line with the rest of them.

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I feel like rest of the world is missing something really awesome. I see you, Maya etc. talking about San Remo like it is coolest tthing ever.

Sanremo is probably the most important tv-show in Italy. Everybody talks about it, they hate it, they love it, they think it’s trash, they think it’s good, personally, I think it’s Italian television at its finest, it represents a lot of the values and the traditions we grow up with, especially related to music and singing which we are very famous for. There are like good singers that compete, bad singers, old singers that you think they died instead they are attending San Remo so you know they are alive, it’s a big thing for our country regardless how you feel about it. It’s like a cultural thing more than a show. Also, it happens ever year and has been for the past 67 years, your parents grow up with it, you grow up with it, everyone knows Sanremo. It has been the beginning of a career for a lot of famous singers in the past. Usually there are very interesting guests too and people watch it to enjoy the music, the show or just to hate on everything and comment on how bad the songs are (cause usually, apart from big hits from the past, the songs are indeed shit most of the times). Unfortunately, I don’t think you can appreciate it fully when you are not from Italy. Like, it’s a very Italian thing and maybe someone who is not from Italy would find it boring (it really is at some point, believe me, but for us it’s a different somehow)  and meaningless. 

Fifteen Years Away (Pt. 2)

And this is part 2 of the previous piece I wrote. This is much longer than the one before, so there’s a Keep Reading tag. (May not work on mobile)

Summary: Having shown himself to you, Sam wants to learn everything that you’ve been through the past fifteen years, and ends up learning a lot more than he expected.

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

You watched as he took slow steps towards the door. Everything about him was exactly as you remembered, if not a bit aged. You felt your eyes burn as tears blurred your vision, your heartbeats could compete with drums. 

“Sam?” You gasped. “How… I can’t…”

“Hey [Name],” he said softly, his voice almost breaking. “Been a while.”

“Been a while?” you grit your teeth, “You fucking died! Nathan himself told me!”

You walked out and closed the door behind you, taking a few steps forward before you paused, taking in the fact that Sam was standing in front of you. You didn’t know how to feel in that particular moment. It changed absolutely everything for you, and her. 

Keep reading

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If my memory doesn't fail me, you mentioned something about how Tomura could be redeemed. I honestly hope that he get a redemption because the poor guy doesn't know how to be a competent villain anyway.

pffft yeah he kinda sucks at being a villain

but yeah, i did!! i went into detail about his past that we know so far, and how he ended up where he is, and i even wrote about how it might be possible for Bakugou to be a sort of catalyst for his redemption. you can read it here!!!


Pixerys Lavellan x Dorian Pavus

Gifset featuring their best used spells as Knight-Enchanter and Necromancer.  And by that I mean the medieval jedi knight and the spoopy scary skelemage. 

Dorian having the odd Haste spell is hilariously apropos considering the fact that he himself warned against messing with the fabric of time. And yet that his dabbling in time magic hasn’t resulted in any temporal anomalies is enough to imply that he’s a mage ten times more competent than Alexius (or Corypheus) ever was.

Dorian: I need an hour to cast the spell that will bring us back to the present without turning ourselves into paste or causing reality to implode on itself.

Pixerys: You hear that noise, Dorian? That’s the sound of the Elder One renovating our front door and using my comrades as paintWe don’t HAVE a bloody hour!

Dorian: … Alright fine.  I’ll do it in twenty seconds.  Maker’s Breath, you’re so demanding.

On another note, it looks like Pixy is a left-handed swordsman.  But considering what happens at the end of Trespasser …