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[171004 ilhoonday event] Q&A with ilhoon 💙
  • Q: how does it feel when you hear other members rap in the waiting room
  • A: ummm... (they sound) quite like cicadidae crying
  • Q: does it hurt when you fall from heaven
  • A: i fell too hard i cant recall
  • Q: why you always tell people "be wealthy" or "please become a rich person" during broadcasts
  • A: because being wealthy is a very good thing!
  • Q: oppa what do you think are your charms
  • A: me as a person
  • Q: handsome vs cute vs sexy vs sexy cute handsome, which do you think best describe you?
  • A: (all of that) and intelligent and daredevil and a pure angel
  • Q: the second full length album is coming out on october 16th!! what are the charms and class ilhoon oppa will be showing us?
  • A: you will know it if you keep up with us
  • Q: in what circumstance do you take pride in being a part of btob
  • A: btob are all very good at singing, so we can often finish our recording quickly.... i feel very proud
  • Q: during feel'em era, you said you are to give out phytoncide; what kind of chemical will you be spreading?
  • A: depending on the interviews, it will varies
  • Q: oppa, if you are to give melody a nickname, what would it be?
  • A: my victims! because you all fall victim to my charms
  • Q: please say a few words for melodies that are studying hard, something that gives you power like phytoncide!
  • A: I need to study harder.... if i keep on being like this, i will regret it!!!!

170416 <Flight Log: Arrival> Ilsan Fansign

F: Which Pokemon do you like? 
JY: People usually like Pikachu, Squirtle and Charmander but I like Bulbasaur. You feel bad for it because it always carries something on its back. 
F: Oppa you carry around charm! 
JY: You haven’t left yet? (laughs) =^^= she hasn’t left yet. what should we do? 
F: Jinyoung oppa you dropped something! 
JY: ?? (looks around) 
F: Your good looks! 
JY: This person says she’s leaving. Please escort her. =^^= 

source: baby sseul
translation: Clara Cheong

Taecyeon: You Don’t Call Me “Oppa”

You see Taecyeon staring at you from your peripheral while you’re doing some work on your laptop, and you try to ignore him, but he seems to be persistent in getting your attention. You finish typing a sentence before looking at him. “What?”

He’s quick to answer. “You never call me oppa.”

You blink. “You’re right, I don’t. What brought this up?”

He shuts your laptop and sets it on the coffee table in front of you, then lays down on the couch with his head on your lap. “One of our rookies called me oppa today and I realized that you never do.”

You reach over to ruffle his hair. “And you’re just realizing this? How long have you been dating me?”

“Long enough to know that you should call me oppa.” He follows this up by batting his eyelashes at you and smiling innocently. You know that he’s anything but.

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SEVENTEEN REACTION - When you calling them oppa for the first time

Thanks for your request :) 

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S.COUPS: *Completely charmed for you calling him oppa*

JEONGHAN: *Completely happy* “oww yes my jagi”

JOSHUA: *Shocked by the emotion* “you called me oppa?”

JUN: *Super happy Jun* “Yes my baobei”

HOSHI: *fangirling* “Omg you called me oppa is so cute~”

WONWOO: “Yes baby, I’m your oppa” *sexy wonwoo mode on*

WOOZI: “It hear so cute when you say it my sweetie”

External image

DK: *Grinning like an idiot* 

MINGYU: *looking at you* “You want to kill me, right?”

THE8: *Starts acting shyly and cutely*


VERNON: “Oh hey, that’s me right? Love you my princess”

DINO: “Did I hear you right? you just call me oppa?”  (Joshua *-*)

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Can I request jealous MC when they are on a date with zen because they were bombarded with fans and just just ignore MC :/

Yes! Here you go dear heart! Sorry this took me awhile!

Going to keep this SFW since it wasn’t specified >.<

You stood impatiently under a light post, where was Zen? You pulled at the hem of your dress, straightening it out again. Your dress was a dark navy blue, a white patch of fabric stitched on top of your chest with a small bow made from black ribbon sitting in the center at the top of the fabric. Zen promised to take you to a festival today, and though you had to come at night because of his schedule, you were still very excited to go!

Of course…if Zen actually showed up. He was supposed to meet you here 45 minutes ago, and you prayed silently that he didn’t get caught up in work.

“Ah, Babe~” You heard his voice call out, and you looked up a large smile on your face.

That smile regrettably, fell when you discovered the large swarm of fans (mostly girl fans of course) that trailed behind him.

Zen kissed your hands as he neared, “Sorry I’m late! You wouldn’t believe it! I got out of work early and was almost here, but I got caught up talking with the fans. Am I really that much of a star? Haha, let’s hurry and go now.”

Zen pulled you along, holding your hand as you both walked to the festival. You were slightly annoyed at the fact that he had made you wait, but you knew how much Zen loved talking with his fans, and so you ignored it, trying to enjoy the rest of the date. The night was still young after all.

As you neared the festival your eyes sparkled, reflecting the lights of the red lanterns that decorated the booths. You were instantly attracted to the game booths and the smell of all the delicious snacks around you. They were mouth watering!

Zen watched your expressions filter on and off your face, chuckling as he pulled you closer to him,

“Honey~ You’re so cute.” 

Of course that, along with how close his face was to yours and his arm around you, made you flush. Zen laughed harder and kissed the side of your head adoringly. 

“Let’s go play some games, I win whatever you want.”

For the first half hour things were going amazingly well. However as Zen played more and more games at more and more booths he began to draw a crowd of fans.

“Oppa! Win me something please!” They would shout.

Of course Zen would make sure that you were okay with whatever he gave to them before handing the prize over. There wasn’t anything you really wanted anyway.

As the two of you walked, crowd of fans behind you and all, you spotted a game vendor with a small showcase by him. Inside the showcase were beautiful phone charms, and a particular pair of them caught your eye. The charms were a beautiful small glass heart, one a bright white and the other a metallic silver. 

“Ah Zen! Let’s play this one!” You explained, before pulling his hand and dragging him over forcefully.

The game was simple, pop 5 balloons in a row with the darts and you got to claim a prize.

You stood to the side, eyes practically gleaming with anticipation as you watched Zen pick up the darts. The charms were so cute!

“Oppa! Fighting~” You heard his fans call out. Ah…they were still here.

Zen turned to look at you before he threw the darts, a mischievous grin on his face.

“Babe, come here” He said, indicating to a spot in front of him.

With a frown of confusion you did so, and nearly fell over in surprise when his arms wrapped around you from behind, your back pressed up on his chest.

“Ready~?” Zen asked placing a dart in your hand, not even bothering to keep his laughter out of his voice. 

Controlling your movements, Zen gently pulled you hand up, guiding your position as he prepared you to throw the dart.

“Z-Zen! I’m…not good at things like this.” You exclaimed, resisting his pull as you turned your head in embarrassment. 

Zen lowered his mouth to your ear, “Trust me”

A few minutes later, you were shocked to find all 5 balloons popped and a huge smile bloomed across your face.

“Hyun~” You called out gleefully, throwing your hands around his neck.

Zen flushed instantly, averting his gaze from your wide smile. He cleared his throat abruptly, reminding himself that kissing you passionately in front of an audience would not be okay.

In your happiness, you didn’t notice the fan that crept up behind you and Zen.

“Oppa, since you won, can I choose a prize?” 

Zen, too preoccupied with having you in his arms, agreed absent-mindlessly, much to your protest. 

“Thank you! Ah! Then I talk this pair!”

Much to your dismay, she had taken the heart charms. And as quickly as she had come, she departed back into the sea of fans. They’re just charms. Just charms. You tried desperately to mask your disappointment. Were you…were you really even on a date with Zen?

Lost in your thoughts you flinched when you felt Zen’s hand on your shoulder, “MC?” 

His eyes were shining with concern, and his hand on your shoulder was so comforting.

“Actually Zen, I-”

You were cut off as a loud voice erupted from the crowd.

“Opp!!! I brought you some shaved ice!” 

The same girl that had run off with your precious charms, had reappeared with a large bowl of shaved ice. Well…more like syrup chilled with ice. You could nearly drink out of it! 

“Oppa, I hope you like cherry flavor, here you-Ah!”

The girl stumbled, well seemingly stumbled. The bowel of syrup came crashing down, but it never hit the floor. Oh no, it definitely hadn’t hit the floor. Your navy dress that you had spent so long choosing for this day, was inked in a large dark red stain. It almost looked as if you were bleeding out.

Your dress was ruined, the tips of your hair caked together, and the precious charms you and Zen had worked for were gone. Perhaps now would be alright for you to lose your patience? Surely Zen didn’t think this was oka-

Loud sobs took you out of your shook.

“O-Oppa! I didn’t mean to! Are you mad? i’m so sorry!” The fan turned her head to look you up and down, and the smile that sprayed across her face showed you that she definitely wasn’t sorry.

“Ahhh, don’t worry about it. I’m not mad. It’s okay, isn’t it MC?” Zen asked, rubbing his hand behind his neck. 

Okay? Did he even care that the night was ruined? Didn’t he see that your time together-

Your heart wrenched at your suddenly realization. Zen would have had fun regardless if you were spending it with him or not. He had his fans after all. And here you stood, in a puddle of syrup thinking that Zen was yours. No. Zen belonged to everyone, perhaps even more to his fans than to you. Tears prickled at your eyes, and you sniffled, mortified that you would add to your humiliation by crying.

“Babe? Are you okay?” Zen asked grabbed your head as he attempted to crouch and took a look at your face, his expression morphing into a look of pure confusion when you slapped his hand away,

“MC? What’s wrong?” He asked again, worry forming across his handsome face. 

You cradled yourself in your arms, tears starting to drip from your eyes.

“I’m going home…” You whispered quietly, turning and beginning to walk away.

Zen’s hand touched your shoulder, griping you back around, finally allowing him to see your face properly.

“Home? Why? Why’re you so upset? She didn’t mean anything by it MC. Don’t you think you’re being a little childish?” 

Fury and hurt stabbed at you and you pulled your shoulder out of his grip.

“Yes. I’m being childish I suppose.” Sarcasm and anger dripped from your every word.

Instantly Zen back peddled, “Ah, no. That came out wrong. I meant-”

Your eyes went flat as all the night’s irritation came bubbling to the surface. “You were 45 minutes late. We haven’t been alone together all night. I’m here covered in cherry syrup! So forgive me if I’m being childish for just wanting to spend some time with you!” 

And with that, you marched out of the festival.

You had gone home to your and Zen’s apartment. After taking a shower you were crouching in the laundry room eyeing your ruined dress pitifully. Zen had called and texted your phone all evening, and you just didn’t have the heart to talk to him.

Of course…that was 2 and a half hours ago. He still hadn’t returned home, and he had stopped calling you. Maybe…he was enjoying the rest of the festival with that girl?

Time alone with your thoughts made you realize how childish you really had been. Zen was an actor, his job depended on his fans! And here you were ruining the night when you both finally got to be together, just because you got a little jealous. You wanted to disappear into a hole.

You heard the front door bang open, and you flinched from your spot on the laundry room floor. Zen was home….

“MC! Are you in here?!”

Home…and angry. Ahhh you didn’t have the courage to face him yet, and you kept your head curled into your knees, never rising from your spot on the floor. Not even when you felt his presence in the door way. Maybe, if I don’t say anything, he’ll leave….

“Ahh!” You cried out in surprise when you body was jolted to it’s feet. Zen had a tight grip on your hand, and he glowered down at you, his red eyes bright and alive. 

You shut your eyes, preparing to be yelled at, you knew you had messed up, you knew just how angry you had probably made him.

Zen’s heart tightened at the sight of you, eyes closed, bracing yourself. How could he ever be upset with you? When you had been nothing but understanding and supportive? He had crossed the line tonight. When you had bolted from the festival, he had been angry. But fans in the crowd, the ones who genuinely cared for him, pointed out to Zen about how much he had disregarded your feels, bringing up the matter of the phone charms to him. After 10 minutes of considering everything from your perspective and imagining if he was you, Zen had run around desperately to find you. 

Of course he wanted to check home first, but he couldn’t risk going there only to discover that you were still wondering around at the festival.

So he had searched for you, abandoning his fans and calling your name as he searched high and low. On his way home, he felt so much anxiety in his chest, fearing what he would do if you weren’t at home either.

And now you were in his arms, so hurt, so frustrated, and probably blaming yourself. Zen’s heart clenched again at the thought of that.

Your eyes flew open when you felt Zen’s soft lips press against your own, and you stood there, numb. Why…was he kissing you? Wasn’t he angry? You began to pull back, confused and concerned. But then Zen’s hands tangled into your hair, and you felt his hand push against you with such strength, forcing you to return his kiss.

“….nnph!” You mumbled in surprise as you felt his tongue lick across your lower lip. You refused to part your lips, and Zen nipped you in aggression. 

When he had finally pulled away, you panted for air and met his eyes.

“You! What?! Y-you aren’t mad?” You asked in disbelief, forgetting about how pressed up against him you were.

Zen ran his thumb across your lip as he answered, “Of course not Princess. I’m sorry…I hadn’t meant to ruin the night so badly. I was so oblivious to you….please forgive me. I’m sorry.”

You rushed to explain to him that he wasn’t at fault, that you were the one who didn’t communicate, that he had no reason to apologize. But when you opened your mouth Zen’s finger pressed on your lips, shushing you. 

“No Babe, this is on me. I know it doesn’t make everything better…but I hope you’ll at least remember the date as a good one.”

From his pocket Zen pulled out two heart phone charms, small and delicate.

“I’m sorry they aren’t the color you wanted…but that’s all he had left.” Zen whispered, offering them in his palm. 

Happiness brimmed in your chest at the sight of the man you loved, Zen had tried so hard to make things up to you. You placed your hand slowly over his out stretched palm, covering the charms with your own as you held his hand.

“All I wanted was to be with you.” You smiled happily, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Thank you…for understanding me.” You said simply, the same smile that had made flush so hard from the festival appearing on your face once more.

Zen’s ears turned bright red as he placed his forehead over yours, but his expression was dangerously sexy and ruthless.

“Then maybe, you’d like to join me in the bedroom? I’m all yours there.”  

Falling for Dane Kim AGAIN

when i saw this, i was srsly looking for him.. O_O

and all of a sudden.. when i was not paying attention.. he.. he appeared..

he did try to hide again this time.. LMAO


even with a curly (i don’t know how to describe) hair, he looks adorable ^_^

just like a kid in front of my eyes..

i am falling for him.. AGAIN OTL

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How would the hyung line react to finding out you have been hospitalized and can't be released for maybe 2 months? (You and them are really close)

Mark: Would visit you every few days to make sure you’re okay. Bring you your favorite food so that you’re not just eating crappy hospital food and that you have something to keep you occupied during your stay. On the days you’re feeling the most crummy, he’d unleash his aegyo, knowing it brought you joy.

JB: Would be upset that you have to be there for so long, but if its for your health, he’ll deal with it. He’ll visit you as much as he can, call you on the days he can’t, and make sure you’re eating enough every day. During his visits, he’d just sit around in the room with you while you got tests done and relaxed. He’d sing whatever slow, r&b songs you had to request because he knows you just loved those songs so much.

Jackson: Would be mad that you had stay for so long, even though he knows there’s nothing he can do about it lol. Would come visit you and stay for hours on end, just to entertain you and keep your mind off the situation. He’d be around so often, I can see the nurses being charmed by him.

Jr.: Would be like the oppa you never had. Would come every day, bring you food, books to read, movies to watch, chocolate to binge on, the works. He would stick around just to keep you company, just chatting about what’s going on lately and would even inquire to check the status of your hospitalization. He would make it a point in his routine to visit you when he has free time or even if it’s just on his way.

When I Grow Up

Member: Jeonghan x Reader 

Type: Fluff 

Song: When I Grow Up

You stared blankly at all the girls. They were talking animatedly with a certain long-haired boy, whose angelic face graced them with an equally charming smile. His lips moved gracefully in response to a question, but you couldn’t hear him over their squeals and giggles.

You couldn’t blame them for their actions. You were equally smitten by him, probably even more, because you /knew/ him. He had spent nights over at your house and you over at his. He took you places and accompanied you on most days, doing anything under the sun. He knew you better than anyone, and the same probably went for you to him. Why? He babysat you.

It was the saddest thing about your relationship. He was a good three years older than your fifteen, but he was mature for his age. It was probably why your parents trusted their precious daughter to him. They must’ve fallen for his charms as well, but these girls - and you - fell even harder.

Oppa?” Your shy voice came out in a whisper.

Their attention suddenly turned to you, and you blushed in embarrassment. The girls started shooting glares at you, but /oppa/ couldn’t see them. The girls wouldn’t allow him to, anyway. They had to look good in front of him, and looking down on you was not a smart move.

Jeonghan immediately understood and bid the girls goodbye. Their glares intensified, if it was even possible, which was very much undeserved, you thought. You had only meant it was almost dinner time and you had to be home by then. Jeonghan, whom you fondly referred to as Jeo-oppa, took your hand and led you home. You both had a silent dinner, until you had popped a question.

“Oppa? Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” It was a fact that bothered you for all the right reasons. He was attractive, kind, and everything you could ever look for in a man, but he’s never had a girlfriend. Sure, he’s liked a lot of female idols, but it’s not like he’s dated any of them. He has yet to audition for Pledis and start on his dream.

Jeonghan was startled but quickly hid it with a smile, just as he always did. His silence meant that he was choosing the right words, and it was probably for your sheltered, naive mind to digest easily. Jeonghan understood you, and always took note of it. “She’s not yet ready,” he said, “but I’ll wait for her. She probably likes me as well, but I don’t think it’s right to date her now.”

His answer confused you. “Why?”

“You’ll understand when you’re older,” he smiled.

That was three years ago. Months later after that night, Jeonghan had moved to Gangnam-gu to pursue his dream. You haven’t seen him since. He didn’t get to see you blossom into a beautiful person or witness your first heart break. It was foolish of you, really, to dive into a relationship with the first person to like you. He was selfish and young, unlike Jeo-oppa. Yes, you still love him, even more now that you realized how much he had been the right man for you. He was an angel sent from the heavens, and he had blinded you from seeing other people. Just the thought of him made you smile as you sat on the bench both of you frequented in the park. It made you calm and reminiscent, and it pleased you that he had given you something to remember him by.

Suddenly, you felt a presence beside you. Trembles made their way down your spine, and your heart picked up its pace. They were familiar sensations, and it terrified you to know why.

“My, my (Y/N) has grown well.”

Your eyes refused to meet his and stared forward. “You recognize me, oppa?” The words came out in a whisper, afraid to be heard. It had been so long, and yet nothing had changed. Memories had clouded your vision, that you didn’t see him crouch before you to meet your gaze.

He looked good, so much handsomer than before he had left. His hair was longer now, reaching past his shoulders, and was a different color. He had also lost weight, and it worried you that he had worked too hard in the time that had passed, but his eyes and smile were still the same. They were still the warmest and kindest. That much hadn’t changed.

“Of course. I could recognize you anywhere, (Y/N). I’m glad I waited. Are you?” His words took you by surprise, and it was hard for you to imagine what he meant.

Your gaze met his and searched for answers. “Oppa, are you saying…?”

“I like you, my (Y/N).” The words finally left his mouth. You didn’t know how much you wanted to hear them, but it qas definitely worth the wait. It felt so good, too. “Don’t you like me too?”

Dumbfounded, you nodded your head with the silliest smile on your face.

Xiumin Imagine when a 5 year old says she’ll marry him

He would feel a little embarrassed or overwhelmed, his round cheek would blush and he would try to cover his face with his hands. Give that cute wide smile and giggle a little before taking the little girl’s hand and kissing her palm. “You are a prince charming oppa! I want to marry you” She would say, getting in return a charming wink. “And I’ll wait for you to grow older my princess so we can be together and run through our palace’s halls”
Shortly after that he would take a picture with the sweet creature and probably have it as his wallpaper for months, smiling and blushing every time he sees it and remembers the day he met one of his beautiful and enchanting fans.

Admin A~


Summary: Jaebum and a kid arguing over you

Category: Fluff

“Y/N-ah!”, a tall handsome figure called out to you while waving his hand, the blazing sun made his hair appear crimson red. As he started walking towards you, he adjusted his cap to hide his face to avoid any encounter with paparazzi. You could feel your face heating as he neared you, when he was only meters away from you, he took off his earphones and placed them inside his clutch bag, “I’ve missed you.”, he said as he trapped you in a warm embrace.

“I miss you too Jaebum-ah.”, you replied by hugging him tighter. Since he was an idol, it was nearly impossible to meet up regularly because of his schedule and also because of the demands of your job as a kindergarten teacher. He was busy with dance practice and tours while you were busy taking care of kids and teaching them lots of stuff. As you drowned into the hug, you could feel that Jaebum has lost weight, “Have you been eating well?”

He released you and nodded, “Yeah, but I need to lose some weight on my thighs.”

“No, you don’t. You already look so damn fine.”, you praised him making his face draw a proud grin, “Whoever told you to lose weight definitely needs to get their eyes checked.”

“Alright jagi, I won’t lose anymore weight.”, he said giving you another hug, “You changed your hairstyle?”, he asked trying to change the subject of the discussion.

You squirmed out of the hug and you took his hand in yours, “Would you mind waiting a bit? Some of the kids parents’ haven’t fetched them yet.”, he gave a quick nod, you two walked hand-in-hand into the kindergarten classroom. As soon as you entered the doors, children rushed towards your direction.

“Teacher! Teacher! Minho-goon pulled my hair!”

“Teacher! I want to go to the bathroom!”

“Teacher! Teacher! Look I drew an elephant!”

“I want a lollipop! Lollipop! Lollipop!”

You could see a knot starting to form on Jaebum’s forehead, he relatively likes kids, but he does not like it when they make too much noise. You felt sorry that he gave up his day off to be with you and relax, but here he was in a room full of rowdy children, “Okay, children. Please behave we have a visitor today, his name is Jaebummie.”, he nudged you on the side with the funny introduction you gave him, “You should call him ‘Oppa’ or ‘Hyung’.”

“Is he the prince charming you were talking about?”, one of your students asked making your face flush a bright red color.

“Prince charming?”, Jaebum asked flashing you one of his charismatic smiles.

Embarrassed, you asked the children to play with some toys while waiting for their parents. With your back turned, you could feel Jaebum stare and you prepared yourself for the teasing he was about to give, “Okay…”

“So, i’m your prince charming?”, he teased with a big smile that made his eyes appear like lines, “So, what else do you call me in front of your students?”

“I..i’m going to get my stuff! Please watch over the children!”, you stumble your way to the back room feeling embarrassed with Jaebum’s teasing.

As he watched your figure walk away, he didn’t notice that some of the kids were by his feet staring at him, “What is it?”

“Why are you wearing earrings? Are you a girl?”

“No, i’m not a girl.”, he said making the most innocent face possible, with his eyes wide-open and a soft smile, “Uhh..Y/N-ah gave them as a present and I don’t her to cry, that’s why I wear them.”

“Can I touch them?”, one of the little girls asked reaching out to Jaebum, he immediately obliged and went down on his knees to be on eye-to-eye level with the kid, “They’re pretty.”

“Ah..pretty like teacher?”, he asked and the kid nodded in agreement, “Good girl, i’m going to give you a reward the next time I come over for being a good girl.”

She jumped with joy and bragged about it with her other classmates, “Teacher’s prince charming is going to give me a reward! Yehey!”

Though they were noisy, Jaebum was still smiling because of the love that your students have for you, his good mood was then interrupted by a small boy, “I am Teacher’s prince charming not him! He looks like a grandpa.”

“Grandpa?”, he hissed obviously pissed with the boys’ comment, but he realized how immature it is to lose his temper with a kid.

“She promised me that we’ll get married someday!”, the boy protested making Jaebum more and more irritated, “She told me that I am the most handsome boy in the world, and that she really really loves me.”

All his composure and dignity withered away when something in him snapped, “She can’t marry you because she’s in love with me.”

“She’s not! She’s in love with me.”, they kept going back and forth like little children, well technically Jaebum argued with him like a child would do.

“No, she’s in love with me. She only tells you she loves you because you’re her student.”

“You grandpa! You don’t know what you’re saying.”

The word 'grandpa’ didn’t have a nice ring on Jaebum’s ear, “She’s in love with me and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“IM JAEBUM!”, you exclaimed, your jaw hanged open with the sight of Jaebum arguing with a child. The boy immediately ran up to you and hid behind your back as he started bawling his eyes out.

“Waaaaaaaaaa!!!! Teacher he..he..said..that you don’t…love me!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

“Ahh…Joon-goon there, there. Stop crying now. You know Teacher loves you a lot right?”, you patted his head to soothe him from crying.

“You heard that you grandpa! Teacher loves me and i’m her Prince Charming!”, the kid shouted and then he stuck his tongue out to tease Jaebum even more.

Something in Jaebum snapped and he couldn’t longer control the words coming out of his mouth, “How can you be her Prince Charming when you’re not the one making her scream in pleasure every night? Your name’s not the one she speaks of when she’s begging for more! I am the only who can make love to her all night long 'till she can’t even walk the next day!”

“IM JAEBUM!!!”, you exclaimed once again, louder than the way you called him the first time. You covered your students’ ear and gave him a what-the-hell look making him sit on the corner of the room. You didn’t spare him a glance as you waited for the parents to arrive, you pretended you were angry at him but in reality you thought it was cute. It was a rarity to see Jaebum blow a fuse over a kids’ possessiveness, it was cute when you saw him argue back and forth with the kid.

As soon as you two were alone, he stood up and walked towards you, “Jagi, i’m really sorry.”, you could feel the guilt in his voice. You had your arms crossed and just glared at him for some moments, but you soon broke into laughter, “What’s the matter?”

“I can’t believe you fought with a kid.”, you said still laughing at Jaebum’s cuteness, “And you even said Rated-R things to win your argument.”

“He called me a grandpa.”, he protested, “And he said that the both of you are getting married and stuff.”

Your laughter soon turned into a smile, “You’re so cute Im Jaebum.”

“I am not cute.”

“Yes, you are. Arguing with a kid and all.”, you slowly wrap your arms around his neck, reducing the distance between the two of you, “There’s no use arguing with a kid or anyone else, you know for sure that you’re my one and only Prince Charming.”

He locked eyes with you before going in for a deep kiss, “And you are my Princess.”

Incarnation - DaesungxYou - Oneshot

“Daesungie!” You call excitedly from the couch in the living room, your eyes glued to the TV screen as you await to see your boyfriend appear on screen, “Come here!”

“What’s wrong, jagiya?” Daesung replies from the bedroom, you hear his foot steps coming down the hall, “What is it?”

“Come watch this with me!” You turn to look at him as he turns the corner and point towards the TV. His eyes move to the screen and recognizes immediately what you were watching. His brows furrow and he frowns.

“Aigu, why do you want to watch that now?” He whines, “It’s been out so long ago… and it’s just embarrassing.”

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Him: ‘Tsk, why would you want to read something like that? The real thing is so much better.’

*you smile at him and lean towards him*
Him: ‘Nuh uh, you lost your chance. Enjoy your silly fanfic!’


Him: *sitting around bored waiting for you to get off the computer* ‘Jagi, what are you even doing?’
You: *says nothing*
Him: *looks over your shoulder* ‘What the heck is this?’

You: *laughs nervously*
Him: ‘Come on, pay attention to me~ I’m more fun.’ -sexy Jongin-


Him: *reads over your shoulder and gets annoyed by what he reads* ‘Please, I’m so much more suave in real life! No way would I confess in such a clumsy way.’

You: *laughs* “You were even worse when you confessed to me! You forgot your own name!’
Him: ‘But…’


Him: *sees what you are reading, starts laughing and making fun of you* HAHAHAHA Meagan IS READING A FANFIC ABOUT ME!

*you get upset and glare at him*

Him: *sees he is in trouble* ‘Heh.. Heh.. Just kidding jagiya, I love youuuu~!’


Him: *walks up behind you* Whatcha doin jagiya~? *sees the screen*

*completely stunned by what your reading* ‘Oh my god, you read stuff like this?!’


Him: ‘What are you reading?’

*you jump in surprise and try to cover the screen*

Him: “What is this? Is it your diary? What? A fanfic…? What? But why?


*sees you reading a smutty Suho/reader fic*

*smirks* ‘All you had to do was ask..’


*pops up out of nowhere and scares you*

*sees you reading a fluff fic* Awe you’re so cute~ Were you lonely?


*comes to see what you are doing after calling your name ten times with no answer, and when he sees you are completely focused on the computer waves a hand in front of your face* ‘Earth to Meagan~’

*sees what you’re doing* Eiiii, why are you reading a fanfic about me? Do you like me by chance? I knew it~


*sits next to you on the couch* What are you reading?

You: A fanfic.. About you. *smiles cheekily*

*you show it to him* Oh my god, so embarrassing *but still can’t help smiling*


*sees what you’re doing* Babe, what on earth are you doing?

Heh, so many girls fantasizing about me, can’t help my charm.


You: Oppa~!

*peeks head in from the other room* Yes baby?

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You: Come and see this cute fanfic I found! It’s very accurate. You’re so cute in it!

*raises eyebrow* Yes but I’m not just cute..


Inseong Mention Party 160629

Fan: I’ll like you today, and tomorrow too, and in one year, and in 10 years time I’ll still like you❤️

Inseong: I’ll protect you for 100 years!

Fan: I want to see you… My heart hurts… Lets meet in Seoul in August? I bought a plane ticket!

Inseong: See you in August he he he

Fan: I love you!!!!!!

Inseong: I love you more

Fan: hi (english)

Inseong: hello !!! (english)

Fan: LOVE FROM POLAND 💞 (english)

Inseong: i love poland (english)

Fan: Whose the person you miss the most…….?

Inseong: Of course it’s Tinkerbells!!!!!

Fan: Do you like Pandas?🐼🐼🐼😊😊😊

Inseong: Yes ㅋㅋ They’re really charming and cute

Fan: Oppa lately KNK’s visuals have been amazing…………👍Thumbs Up

Inseong: Really?? That makes me feel good

Fan: I LOVE YOUUUU (english)

Inseong: i love you !!! (english)

Fan: Even if I don’t tell you, you know my heart right ?

Inseong: yes yes but if you tell me I’ll know even better


Inseong: hi i love you hahahA (english)

Fan: Oppaㅠㅠㅠ Greet me ㅠㅠㅠㅠ My name is Diana he he

Inseong: Diana hello he he it’s nice to meet you

Translated by fy-knk