you are boundless in beauty with fright in your face

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sorry to bother you but I just wanted to share that 'It's Okay' by The Hush Sound I think perfectly encompasses Kaneki's mindset about him wanting to die

Hey dw anon, that’s why the Ask Box is there. Also yes, this is definitely a very good song for Kaneki in general. Switch out the father’s black heart with the mother’s and the brother with his best friend and hey presto, it’s Ken Kaneki. “Boundless in beauty with fright on your face” also fits really well with the Clowns’ (and reader’s) view on Kaneki in that it’s his tragedy that makes him beautiful. “Until someone loves you, I’ll keep you safe” Shironeki speaking to Kuroneki, perhaps? It’s also a good song in any case, so thanks for introducing me to it!