you are beloved of god

I imagine how weird it must be for the citizens of Earth C to know about their gods and live among them, like “ Oh you know our beloved godness Terezi Pyrope? I saw her last week, she was licking the logo of a CrockerCorp building”





So have the Four “Power Couples” in aesthetic form because I got an Aesthetic app and I’m so happy might just make a sideblog 

Diamonds: Ace of Diamonds Antonio Fernandez Carriedo x Duchess (10) of Diamonds Romano Vargas

Hearts: King of Hearts Ludwig x Jack of Hearts Feliciano Vargas

Spades: King of Diamonds Alfred F. Jones x Queen of Spades Arthur Kirkland

Clubs: Queen of Clubs Elizaveta Hérdérvary x Jack of Clubs Roderich Edelstien 

I am having so much fun making this au you have no idea it’s wonderful

Baby Bump Tag

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Avengers,

summary: Tony is very pregnant and the baby is very active lately

length: 1 336 words

warning: mpreg!Tony

a/n: this prompt! hope you like it! the beginning is based on a scene from Friends (love that show!)


Baby Bump Tag

“I love you so very much.”

Clint made a face, trying to mute out his surroundings. Just focus on the game.

“I will play with you all the time.”

Focus on the game, Barton. The Earth won’t save itself from aliens, you know.

“You will be papa’s beloved little person in the whole world.”

“God!” okay, he couldn’t last any longer. The annoying cooing was beyond creepy. He turned his face to glare at the couple on the couch. “How can you allow him to talk to your dick like that?!”

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In case you haven’t read/heard these yet, let me remind you that

  1. You are loved. You’re not the only one who cares about you in this life, beloved.
  2. God is not yet done with you. He’s still working in your heart, your mind, and your life, and He will finish what He started.
  3. Stuff in life can get very scary and very uncertain, but you have to keep on going. Be strong and courageous because– believe it, beloved– God will see you through.
  4. It’s not true that the “best times of your life are behind you.” You can look forward to going on more adventures, to meeting new people, and to learning new things. If you think you need to pause and breathe, do it but don’t forget that after, you can keep on going.

- iwillshipwhateveriwish request

“Oh my god!” you giggled drunkenly, swooping your beloved cousin in a tight hug. “I can’t believe little Amelia Pond is married!”

The red head giggled back and swung off her husband’s arm. “I know!” she exclaimed. “And to this guy!”

Rory took a minute to process her words before giving a half-hearted, “Hey!” To which you just laughed at with Amy and left them alone to chat about grown-up things like honeymoons and how much the caterer was.

Taking a deep breath, you slumped into a chair and sipped your drink, watching people dance.

One guy, in particular, attracted your attention.

Your narrowed your eyes at him and cocked your head in amused interest. He was dancing enthusiastically among everyone, waving his arms haphazardly. It made you laugh out loud. The guy had dark hair that flung this way and that as he spun around giddily; he was attractive and definitely kept hold of your interest as you watched him.

As the night went on, you lost sight of him and resumed your chatting with old friends and relatives until you were just passing by the bar to order a stronger drink.

Leaning against the frame of the door- was him.

An inadvertent smile crept onto your lips and you flickered your gaze away from him quickly, accepting your drink and turning back to watch Rory and Amy act like sweethearts.

“You’re Y/N, right?” A voice popped up at your shoulder.

Nearly choking on your drink, you looked towards the speaker and realised that it was the same guy.

“Oh, umm, yeah,” you replied, already feeling the blood rush to your cheeks. “I- err, didn’t catch your name?”

“Me? Oh, I’m the Doctor,” he told you with a confident smile, leaning back against the bar to watch Amy and Rory as well.

The Doctor?” you asked with a quirked eyebrow.

He turned to face you and gave you another blinding smile. “Yes.”

You couldn’t stifle a small snort at that. “What? Like, just the Doctor?”

A nod.

With a shrug, you replied, “Well, fair enough, nice to meet you, Doctor.” You offered a hand which he accepted briskly.

“You, too.”

The night continued on with the two of you sharing a deep conversation until the bar had closed and people had all drifted off to various hotels if not home.

“Geez,” you exclaimed, checking your watch and noticing the time. “I’m supposed to be going into work tomorrow- well, this morning.”

The Doctor seemed unfazed and just gave you a wide smile. “You know, you don’t have to go to work tomorrow.”

Scoffing, you fixed him with a look and reaffirmed, “Yes, I do. If I want to keep putting food on the table for- well, just me really- then I need to keep my job, which I won’t if I skive tomorrow- today, even.”

With a knowing smile, he just looked at you and told you, “No, you don’t. You could come with me, and you’d never have to come back.”

You raised an eyebrow.

“Let me show you something,” he said suddenly, taking your hand and leading you out to the car park. At first, you couldn’t see anything particularly intriguing, but then you caught sight of an incredibly blue police call box planted rather firmly off to the side.

He nodded to it and told you, “Go on, go inside.”

Shaking your head slightly, you did so, if only to humour him. Sparing him one more glance, you grasped the handle and opened the door.

Wait, what?

You stepped back outside again.

“It-it…” you tried, peering inside and out of the box multiple times before you turned back to him and exclaimed, “They have seriously upgraded Police Boxes since I last saw one.”

Raising a surprised eyebrow, the Doctor stepped over to you and mumbled to himself, “Well that’s a first,” before encouraging you inside and explaining, “It’s a TARDIS, it can go anywhere in time and space, anywhere you want.”

Turning to him, you searched his face for any hint of mockery, but there was none.

Only pure delight and childish excitement.

“Okay, Doctor,” you grinned. “What’re you waiting for? Let’s go.”


Nothing can ‘make’ you happy.
This is the worst news, and yet the very best!

The highest happiness is identical with the natural joy of being alive.
This joy doesn’t come from outside of you.
It’s not dependent on external circumstances.

You can be a beggar on the street and be overflowing with the joy of existence. You can be a world leader, all the riches of man at your disposal, yet profoundly disconnected from this cosmic joy.

You can’t reach joy, but you can remember it. You can breathe and celebrate your breathing. You can feel the morning breeze on your face and feel it as a caress from God. You can notice a surge of fear or sorrow or pain in your body and embrace it like a newborn, love it like a newborn, let it surge like a newborn.

Nothing can make you happy until everything makes you happy, everything reminds you of the Beloved, everything is God - your longing for God, your forgetting of God, your disconnection from God - and even the word 'God’ dissolves into this most ordinary afternoon.

Both the believer and the atheist are of the same blood.

When every single day is the last day, you are happy without cause, joyful even in your sorrow.

And the mind will never understand, and the heart never needs to.

—  Jeff Foster

Framing Christianity as a set of rules and that our purpose is to behave misses the true purpose of Christianity. Ultimately, we are all flawed and we all sin. The thing we have to keep in mind is that the focus shouldn’t just be “don’t sin” but rather “get closer to God.” Jesus died for our sins while we were still sinners. He did not die for only the perfect people. God still loves us, even when we’re a mess. We see Gods word and we do what we are told because it beings us closer to God. It’s not about being a “good Christian” or winning a prize for pleasing God. It’s about a relationship with God. Because you can go through the motions, go to church go to bible study and do all the things a “good Christian” and still be far from God
So today I challenge you beloved. Know that we are called to believe and to love. The goal is not to be perfect or to just be a person that follows the rule. You will mess up and God still will love you. You will try and God still will love you. You will stray and God still will love you.

dear zeus, athena, and themis, 
dike, eirene, and eunomia, 
o blessed columbia,
if i have ever done anything for you, 
if i have ever praised you or thought of you with a warm heart,
if i have ever pleased you, like, ever,
please please please please please 
shower upon us justice and order,
bring us peace and security,
and let this election end as painlessly as possible.

hail to you, beloved gods of law!

Sometimes we ask ourselves why we are in this situation and we wonder why God allows us to be here. It may be going through something tough that we can no longer handle like health issues, financial setbacks, family problems, spiritual battles, and we ask God why? Why does it have to be me? Why do I have to go through this? Will I ever just settle for less? Will there ever be a breakthrough? A miracle perhaps?

Beloved, remember that whatever you’re going through, God is with you. You don’t have to fight these battles alone because His promise is to never forsake you. He is just preparing you for something big, a breakthrough that you could have never imagined only HE knows. He can turn every setback to a breakthrough! Just believe, stand firm in faith!

Someday you will know the reason why you have to go through that. Remember that He is using you for His glory. We experience the fall so that we can be dependent on our God, so that when the time comes when He lifts you up, you would know that it is with His help that you have overcome.



Living Gods

I do not feel my Gods’ presence in every single moment, but They exist.  They do not always speak to me in audible words, but Their messages are real and tangible.  My Gods are sometimes busy with other things and other people, and that’s OK.  They are beautiful and multifaceted, complex.

I don’t need an omnipotent, omnipresent god, because the ones I love and honor enliven my heart just by their existence.  I have found Them, and that’s a blessing.  Not everyone sees these Gods, even though we still learn Their names.  I don’t need words and attention, because my Gods are always there in the forms of Their gifts to the world.  So, I offer freely out of gratitude today for my beloved, very alive Gods.  Thank You for being.

love is not over o1 [hoseok&you]

Summary: it was a mistake. everything was. yelling at you, watching you leave, and never trying to stop you. Hoseok wishes he can take it all back because he never knew you were hurt with such a scarring past.

a/n: like i said, i been thinking about this story from way before. so that prequel ending was a fake. hahahahah that was just the beginning of all angst. wink wonk. also, i highly recommend listening to this song and cry with me. lmao


*triggered warning for minor death and suicide talk

Originally posted by hopieful

The biggest regret we have in life are leaving last words to our loved ones; saying I hate you or I never wish to see you again—especially when we let our beloved walk away without stopping them. God knows what could happen on the other end of the trail they walk on, because what if we never see them again?

It’s been a week since Hoseok had told you to leave - to get out of his face practically, fuck off, because he was in such a drastic state that you rejected his proposal once more. But who can he really blame more than you? It’s partially his fault as well. You were right on your part when telling him that he knew from the beginning of what he was getting into the moment you both dated.

Slumping on the lonesome bed you two shared, Hoseok swigs the beer can he holds in hand. He’s watching TV alone tonight in the room without you again as he drinks the pain away for what is the umpteenth time. Sighing at the quietness of your voice no longer lingering by his side, he grabs his cellphone from the nightstand on his left.

Checking his messages of yours that you’ve sent non-stop since the breakup, Hoseok’s bottom lip comes out to a pout. Your texts were filled with worries and reminders - telling him to eat before work and bed, drink lots of water when exercising, and if he’s afraid to sleep alone in the dark, there’s a secured nightlight placed in a drawer with his boxers. He sighs, running a hand through his hair when replaying the voicemails you left too.

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My Dearest, Months have passed since my last letter As you know, my love, I'm on the other side of the ocean, helping my brothers and taking informations from the enemy, but... I missing you, dearly, I'm missing your warm smile, I'm missing your soft lips, your eyes, your everything... God bless you my Beloved to keep you safe and sound, far for the war and Death. You're the reason I'm standing, I'll win this war for you I'll be home soon. Just you wait. Forever yours, Hercules Mulligan

AHHHHHHHHH IM SCREAMING I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I LOVE YOU!!!! how did you know herc was my fav?? I’m crying this is so beautiful


So, I want to share a theory with you all… Alex Cyprin - our much beloved Non-Binary and Dashing Demi-God - is not like the rest and is amazing.

Well, we knew that already, but the pictures above prove it, because their picture is not like the rest.

I’ve noticed it in all of the routes, but Cyprin is MC’s steadfast protector. And the above CGs prove it. Why?


All of the other Throne CGs - as I call them - have the love interest wearing a toga (or toga-esque outfit), but Alex Cyprin wears armour over theirs.

Which makes sense, because in every route, they do their best to protect MC. They put themselves in between her and danger, almost as much as the love interest for that particular route does, if not more. Because they love her to the point that her happiness and safety is above their own, and the safety of her heart is above their own physical safety. They literally stand in front of the entire pantheon to protect her in at least one route. They are the armour that protects her… They are her steadfast companion, and they will do their best by her and for her…

I just… I think I fell for them more because of this. 😳😚

I NEED their MS2 and MS3, like stat because my Muse is going bonkers with not knowing. 😍 #CyprinsShippingArmy

Pretty please, Voltage~? 💌❤️❣