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I’m starting to feel a little more like myself, though, so I hope to be back more fully in the next day or two. But I’m still watching from mobile until then!

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Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.

Carl Gallagher Imagine

Requested by @angelbabymed
Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Warnings: cussing, cuteness, an angry Milkovich
Description: the reader is Mickey’s younger sister and he finds out that she’s dating Carl
A/N: omg I had way too much fun writing this and I think I’m digging Carl fics

“C’mon!” You said happily as you dragged your boyfriend up the stairs to your house. You noticed the hesitation Carl had as you opened the door as he stood still. Looking back at him, you smile, “It’s okay. No one is home.”

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Chapter Two [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary: Your first date with Lin doesn’t go exactly as he planned it.

Word Count: 1,785

Warnings: Slow burn, as always.

Authors notes:  Sab - First dates a fun, right? We’re churning these guys out - it’s so amazing to get to work with Ren, we both hope you enjoy it! (And, as she says, please don’t kill us.) 

Ren - This chapter. Oh god there’s no words for it. I hope you guys like it and please don’t kill us *evil laughter is heard in the distance*

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“Hi, excuse me I-” You looked up for a second to find one of the visitors you had talked to just a few minutes ago. “I believe you handed me the wrong…”

The guy handed you one of the museum brochures, and you noticed the dates were off. Taking a deep breath, you opened the top drawer to find the right folder, handing one to him before apologizing. It was the third time you messed up that afternoon: First, you almost guided the group of students to the wrong exhibition, then a guest’s question went completely over your head, leaving them staring blankly at you as you attempted to collect your wits, and now this. You felt lucky that your boss was drowning in paperwork and not paying much attention to his employees.

The truth was: you were nervous. Ever since you and Lin started texting, things just clicked between you, everything was easy and he made you smile. A lot. With Stephen sitting in the next room during many of those slightly flirtatious conversations, however, you knew it had to come to a halt soon.

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You Got Out

Characters: Sam x oldest Winchester, Dean, John.

Words: 2500

[Light swearing]

A/N: I wrote this in one sitting. Crazy. Anyways, this idea was provided to me by a nonnie, so thanks for that. 

Also, if you want any music to listen to, here’s a song that I like to listen to while I write. It’s pretty much instrumental, but it gets me emotional anyways haha. You - Petit Biscuit.

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Your name: submit What is this?

The relief hit you like a truck. Or a train. Or whatever. It doesn’t matter.

The relief envelopes you like an emotional but warm blanket. It fills you up from inside. Radiates from you. Touches and colors your everything.

You lose your breath. The paper you’re holding onto is slightly trembling because you are.

This is it; the paper you’re holding onto. The sweet escape. Sam’s sweet escape. Sam’s safety reassured in printed words. The ticket to his new life. The ticket out of yours.

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BTS as Flirty Starbucks Guys - Jungkook

Request by@belikelasagna: Annyeonggg Request: Them as flirty Starbucks guyss Hope you don’t mind me requesting reeeally often!! :))


Please remember I’m going to be posting 1 a day for the next 7 days (a member a day) and it’s going to be in the order in which the ideas came to me and I wrote them😋

They all vary in length but I’ll give a word count before each one💁

I’m getting so close to 800 followers and I’m still honestly so amazed at you all! I cannot thank you enough for all the love and support💖

Let me know what you think and, as always, feel free to make requests (HERE)

I will update my Masterlist soon and I promise another update for Heartbreak Girl is coming, but I was busy working on this😅



Member: Jungkook

Length: 1389 words

Jungkook didn’t know what to do.

Not because he was confused or lost or hadn’t been taught, but because you were standing in the queue, next in line to order your coffee (Cafe Mocha, 2 sugars, extra milk) and you had your hair down and your cheeks were flushed from the cold outside and you looked so pretty and… Crap!

“Jungkook-ah, you have to watch what you’re doing! You could have burnt yourself, or someone else for that matter.”

“Sorry Hoseok-hyung,” Jungkook apologised to his elder sincerely after being scolded for almost spilling hot milk on himself and his hyung, “it won’t happen again.”

“It’s okay Kookie, we’ve all made mistakes like that. At least you’re not as bad as Namjoonie.” Yoongi piped up from his spot on the chair behind the pastries and cakes (seriously, it was his spot. If anyone sat there it was immediate war, which is probably why none of the newer employees lasted longer than a week).

Jungkook laughed slightly at that, his oldest hyung in the Starbucks at the moment knowing how to make him feel better, but then it was your turn and you stepped forward and, what was his name again?

“Hi, how are you today Jungkook-ah?” You asked sweetly, dropping the formalities after he had sputtered out that you didn’t need to use them a couple months ago, a week or two after you’d first gone there.

“F-fine, I’m… hello… I’m okay and you Y/N-ssi?” He stuttered out and rejoiced at the small victory of not forgetting how to speak (no really, it happened last week when you had walked in late in the afternoon one day. Legs clad in leggings and fuzzy boots, giant a sweater hanging off your upper body, the longer than normal sleeves giving you sweater paws which you happily waved as you greeted him just as nicely as always, and Jungkook forgot how to speak. All the words he’d ever learnt left his brain, so he did what any man would do and pretended he was sick and had lost his voice, which – of course ­– was not his best idea to date. That only made you coo and worry over him, telling him he should be home resting and – Hoseok swore – if Jungkook had gone any redder, he could’ve blended in with a fire truck).

“Jungkook-ah, if you say I mustn’t call you Jungkook-ssi then you don’t have to call me Y/N-ssi. I’m in here often enough that I consider us friends, don’t you?” You huffed playfully, remembering that you had actually spoken about being friends when he told you to drop the formalities, and realised then that you actually really hoped he at least thought of you as a friend.

Jungkook just nodded once shyly and shot you a small smile, his big doe eyes not really meeting yours, as he motioned for you to order by pointing at the menu (smooth… not).

Instead of ordering straight away however, you leaned forward and rested your hip against the counter, arms crossed loosely in front of you. This of course made Jungkook’s eyes widen slightly at your proximity and you could see his Adam’s apple bob when he swallowed gulped.

“Say Hobi,” you started, leaving out the honorifics after he too told you that you didn’t have to use them, “hypothetically speaking,” you glanced away from Jungkook to Hoseok, smiling sweetly. “How would one ask out the person they have a crush on?”

You risked a glance at Jungkook and saw that his eyes were wider than when you had rested against the counter, and heard rather than saw Yoongi choke on a laugh.

Hoseok chuckled more openly, his cheeks tinging red as he rubbed the back of his neck with one hand and face palmed with the other before sighing and looking back at you.

“I don’t think he’s the best person to be asking Y/N.” Yoongi’s laughter had broken through and he choked out the statement, raising his hands in a ‘sorry’ gesture when Hoseok glared at him but not looking sorry at all.

“Hyung, can you please just drop it already?” Hoseok groaned, shaking his head in frustration and Yoongi shot him a gummy smile, shaking his own head in an obvious ‘no’.

“What am I missing here?” You asked, looking back and forth between the older two boys as Jungkook did the same, looking slightly less bewildered.

“Oh nothing, nothing at all. Just that our one and only Jung Hoseok, caught his girl with some of the most God awful pun/pick up line monstrosities.” Yoongi was basically cackling now and Hoseok looked like he either wanted to murder him or for the ground to open up and swallow him whole, he wasn’t picky, whichever would be easiest.

“You’re joking?” You raised an eyebrow incredulously and looked to Jungkook who just nodded his head and shrugged, his cheeks flushing slightly when you started giggling.

“Why do you ask though?” Hoseok asked, turning your attention back to him, to which you smiled and then quickly winked when Yoongi and Jungkook weren’t looking.

“My friend and I were just talking about it the other day so I was curious about a guy’s opinion, that and I knew you had been crushing on someone.” You grinned and turned back to Jungkook, straightening up from the counter. “I think I’ll switch it up for a change, I have a long day ahead of me. Can I please have a Vanilla Bean Latte with a shot of espresso? Oh and a brownie please Yoongi-ah?”

Jungkook nodded, a small, shy smile on his face as he keyed in your order and started making it, while Yoongi grabbed you your brownie and placed it in a small takeaway packet.

“Can I have a name for your order?” Jungkook asked out of habit, the marker paused in his hand, already done with your name.

“Can I give you my number instead?” You cheekily retorted and 3 things happened simultaneously.

Yoongi groaned and face palmed, mumbling, “Not another one.”

Hoseok burst into laughter, his body folding in half as he clapped and hooted, stumbling towards you for a high five.

And Jungkook… Jungkook knocked over the small glass milk pourer he’d put out for you to add to your Latte, eyes as wide as saucers with his mouth hanging open in a gasp as he flushed from the tips of his ears, all the way down his neck.

Giggling softly to yourself (because where the heck had that confidence come from?), you grabbed a spare drink sleeve and one of the pens on the counter, writing down your number. Then, capping the pen and putting it back, you picked up your drink, put on a lid and blew slightly before taking a sip and grinning.

You could feel your own cheeks starting to heat up when you slid the other drink sleeve over to Jungkook, and the longer he stared at you the warmer they got.

After a minute or two you ducked your head, letting your hair fall forward to partially hide your face and took the few steps over to Yoongi to grab your brownie, offering him a small smile to which he just wiggled his eyebrows.

That – doing the opposite of helping – made you duck your head even more and you took a sip of your Latte, hoping the caffeine would help.

“You’re a cu-tea, you know that Y/N?”

You choked on your coffee, your eyes widening for a change as you whipped your head to look at Jungkook who had suddenly spoken.

Jungkook, who was slowly freaking out inside because that is NOT what he had wanted to say, was still flushed and looked concerned about making you choke, like he wanted to come to you but you just waved him off.

Coughing a few times, you finally met his gaze again and neither one of you looked away, shy smiles curving both of your lips.

“I swear to God if I hear one more line I’m quitting.”

Jungkook would want to hit his hyung for ruining the moment, if you weren’t laughing so hard at the seriousness in Yoongi’s tone and the fake disgusted look on his face, so he left it instead to conclude that he was already well and truly whipped.

No pun intended…

I love Kobayashi-san-Chi-no-Maid-Dragon.

It’s ironic that an anime about dragon ‘maids’ would feel like a more accurate representation of non-heternormative relationships than Yuri on Ice.

But…as a gay/ace person, it does to me?

It normalizes and address everything in a really realistic way. Cohabitation, raising children, sharing interests, scheduling life and time together around work, dealing with all the little day-to-day life problems that come your way - which can be amplified when it’s not just you facing ‘life’ head on. ( And then some )

It even normalizes relationships that aren’t sexual or necessarily ‘romantic’ between people that genuinely treasure and respect and care about one another. To be honest as an aro-spec ace I think this anime really represents this.

It obliterates the idea that caring about someone, loving them as a person and wanting them in your life –must– be romantic/sexual. Which is….fucking amazing if you’re like me and want to see happy, healthy, supportive aro/ace representation in relationships.

It’s never really about sexual chemistry to begin with, despite the fan-service likely aimed at straight men to gain their audience.

( The closest thing to that is with Kanna and her friend. Which was…odd and not my thing because of their age, but the rest of the series is worth over-looking it. )

Yes there’s tons of fanservice that’s blatantly meant to make you laugh ( or reel you in if you’re a straight man ) but it’s….actually a really heartfelt and genuinely good anime with a message that’s got a heart of gold.

So, yes. If you want to see cute girlfriends and maybe-boyfriends just being happy together, like we’ve always wanted out of every anime series ( that have instead given us tragic deaths, star-crossed lovers, enforced the toxic trope of ‘hyper-sexualized gays’, or straight up queer-baiting ), you should watch it.

I’m so happy I did.

Impressed? || c.h

aha ty bb xx

I M A G I N E 

“Y/N, this way!”

“Over here,Y/N!”

“Smile for me, baby!”

Shouts from the paparazzi came from every which way as you posed for the cameras. Flashes of bright lights practically blinded you as you held your hip with one hand and had the other dropped to your side. Those money-thirsty cameramen were yearning for your best angles as you kept walked the carpet alongside other celebrities. 

Your body was hugged with expense garments from designers with unpronounceable names. Jewelry of high gold  carats hung loosely on your body as they made sound every motion you took. Your hair and makeup was done within 4 hours to show you off to perfection. 

Being famous was very interesting for a few reasons. One being that you’ve never had so much attention before. Invasion of space was never a thing for an introvert like yourself. Because of this led to the other reason of your friends actually wanting you more. Being all rich and famous made you appealing, which made your friends want you around all the time. Especially for their Snapchat and Instagram stories. 

Another reason was being famous with people you used to go to school with. 

“Y/N?” You heard an Australian voice as you entered into the large theater. There were less paparazzi inside, but your guards were still at your tail. You turn a bit to see Calum Hood in your presence. Your old high school crush. 

“C-Calum?” You said quietly, watching as he detached himself from the rest of his lads to speak with you. He looked much more handsome than you recalled when the both of you attended school. He was wearing a lovely grey suit that made him look way too sexy for his own good. His dress shirt was a much lighter grey, complimented with a navy blue tie. Your eyes dropped down a little to see his fancy brown and Italian shoes protecting his feet nicely. 

“Like (your high school) Y/N?” Calum asked, his almond eyes wide and full of surprise. You nodded, feeling blood rush up to your cheeks as Calum dug his hands into his pockets. “Holy shit, it’s been so long!” 

“Uh yeah, it has,” you say shyly, holding onto your Prada purse tightly. The last time you saw the boy was in the middle of your last year in high school. He and his mates apparently were in a band and actually got noticed by Louis Tomlinson. That very last day, you pulled Calum aside when he was finally alone and confessed your feelings 

It was the most heartbreaking rejection you’ve ever felt. 

“You look… wow,” Calum breathed, eyeing you blatantly as you blushed even more. You admit that you developed pretty well since your high school years. Being the shy girl that nobody knew was easy, as you barely did a thing to impress. Glasses complimented by braces and shaggy clothing was your daily lifestyle. Nobody expected you to be a gifted singer. “S-sorry,” Calum realized, locking eyes with you once more as you blushed. 

“It’s alright, I don’t believe it either,” you admit, giggling nervously as you patted down your outfit. “I assume you’re performing, yeah?” You asked, watching as he nods his head. He quickly gave you a cheeky smile, making your heart stop in a snap. 

“How about you, Y/N? Are you someone’s guest?” Calum asked, feeling a little hurt. “You certainly don’t look like anybody’s guest in that outfit.”

“I’m actually performing, too,” you say quietly, having Calum look surprised once more. You smile shyly at him as you tucked a bit of your hair behind your ear. “I’m a solo artist.”

“Y-you are?” Calum asked, still shocked about it. 

“I actually won 2 Grammy’s,” you giggle, thinking fondly about your achievements. 

“What?” Calum was still astonished, staring at your wistfully as you smiled awkwardly at the ground. 

“Impressed?” You mumbled, feeling a bit of confidence strike you from speaking about your achievements. Calum nodded vigorously as he shrugged a bit. 

“Hey, uh,” Calum began, clearing his throat a bit before continuing. “You really do look fantastic tonight. You’re so beautiful, Y/N.”

“Thank you,” you took the compliment quietly, still blushing from Calum’s kindness. “You don’t look too bad yourself. Though this isn’t very ‘punkrock’ of you.” 

“Watch my performance and you’ll see how punkrock I am!” Calum exclaimed, making you giggle. Calum looked at you with awe, feeling a sense of comfort from your shear laughter. This was a much different stare from the day you confessed to him. He held a gaze of pure horror until it turned into sorrow when he rejected you. Which was fair, considering he was going on tour and all. 

You never expected to see him again, so you confessed right then and there. 

“I’m excited for it,” you assured him, giving him a more confident smile. The two of you stared at each other for a bit before the workers of the award show insisting that you guys kept moving down the carpet. “Where are you sitting by the way?”

“Like the center-middle of the place,” Calum said. “How about you?” 

“Center-front,” you hummed, seeing Calum frown a bit. He then took out his phone and unlocked it. 

“Give me your number,” Calum said, taking you a bit by shock. You took out your phone while telling him your digits. You watched as he tapped in the number and put your name as the contact. “Just so we can text during the show. Because I know I’m gonna get bored.” 

“Aha, ditto,” you agree with a smile. Calum smiled at you until one of your guards informed you that you were parting ways. 

“Your queue?” Calum asked. 

“Mhm,” you nod disappointingly. Suddenly, Calum went up and gave you a light squeeze. Being in his arms felt so unfamiliar, but so comforting and safe. You never thought you’d ever hug him. But now, in his arms, anything really can happen. 

“See you around,” Calum said as he detached and gave you a wink. 

“B-bye,” you said quietly, waving him goodbye as you watched his disappearing silhouette. As you walked where you were guided, you immediately recieved a call from an anonymous number. 

“Hello?” You answered, holding the phone to your ear. 

“Hey beautiful,” Calum’s voice rang through the phone, making you blush once more without being in the flesh. 


i was tagged by the lovely @megabadbunny for the challenge: pick 5 (ish) of your favourite drawings and tag 5 other artists. thanks honey!

i literally couldn’t pick five. and i’m not even sure they’re the right choices

  1. sanctuary – i just sort of really like this sketch. it’s tiny in real life, a little doodle in the corner of a sketchbook. but i like it and i like the soft colouring i achieved the second time… it’s one of my favourite ten/rose bits.
  2. postcard from the past – now i would gladly change like a billion little things about this one, including the actual style and lineart, but it’s one of the most ‘crowded’ and dynamic drawings i’ve done, it took a lot of time and i sort of love its message
  3. and what were roses – i don’t know if it’s not my very favourite of all! simply because i think it’s one of those rare pieces where i managed to convey emotion? like it seems quite expressive to me, i think there’s this visible intimacy and ambience, and i like both the dim colouring and the proportions. plus, it goes with a good bittersweet song in my head and with a fic that i loved writing <3
  4. scruffy mcscruff – this one because not only does it reflect my daily mood throughout this hellish year but also i think i captured alec quite well? i like drawing him a lot but he’s tricky as heck 
  5. i have loved the stars too fondly – now, i really really like how this one turned out! it was meant to be sort of different and more conceptual than most of my stuff, and it’s a direction i actually want to explore in the future! i strived for eerie and space-y and i think it works well?
  6. hedgehog & cone – i have no idea why i picked this because it’s like … hurried and sort of bad? but in a way, i just love how trashy and messy it is ‘cos it shows how messy and rumpled by life the characters are so it’s a fine example of ellie and alec as i see them
  7. and i feel fine – this one because i like the soft colours and i like the sketch and it’s so massively nostalgic! i have some doubts about the lighting but overall i was immensely happy drawing jily and ‘all my loving’ and ‘i feel fine’ kept playing in my head all the way! also i particularly like how james turned out here.

i’m tagging @blvnk-art @pacifistpadme @fadewithfury and @licieoic

@youre-on-a-starship - “I’ve got to get my two cents in for this request event: Can you write a Bones fic in which he and the reader finally meet over a communal meal (a holiday perhaps?) and end up bonding because she’s got a rare medical condition that he’s interested in? I love your writing so much; I am unabashedly jealous of the realism you cultivate in your discussion of medical situations. It’s absolutely mind boggling and your writing is exceptional. Lots of love ❤️ ” I will also need to do a little research on this one, but the thoughts are flying fast already.

Word Count: 1892
Author’s Note: I found researching OI pretty interesting, and I definitely have a better idea about it now. I hope I did your request justice :) (And thanks for answering all my questions!)

“Y/N, were you in medbay today?” Your roommate, a nurse who would have known if you’d been hurt, asked as she came into your shared quarters.

“Obviously not,” you replied. “Why?”

“Bones was reading your chart. I thought maybe you’d gotten hurt,” she offered.

“Uhura to Y/L/N, are you free?” You dug your communicator from your hip and flipped it open.

“I’m kind of precariously balanced on the wire rungs of the J-tube, but sure, Nyota, what can I do for you?” You knew she would catch the sarcastic tone.

“I was just checking on you. Medical accessed your personnel file this morning, and I was worried that you’d had an accident,” she responded. “Back to work, before Scotty finds you goofing off!”

“Y/N, join me in my office,” Scotty gestured to a storage closet. It was the running gag, that he’d converted his actual office into a workshop of sorts. When he needed to have official conversations with any of the crew under his command, he’d pull you aside into a secluded corner, a closet or take you down to water reclamation, where it was so noisy, you were guaranteed privacy. You stepped in ahead of him and waited as he found the lights and shut the door behind himself. It was close quarters, and you arched your eyebrow when he started fidgeting with his hands. It was a lot closer than you were used to.

“Scotty, what’s up? Is it the repair on the -”

“No, no, nothing about your performance,” he cut you off. “Are you quite healthy right now?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you assured him.

“Your zero grav sessions are helping?” He pressed. Part of the reason you’d been assigned to a ship instead of grounded was because it was easier to access the therapy your body required to maintain health. As a toddler you’d been diagnosed with a mild form of Osteogenesis Imperfecta. There was a genetic treatment available, and your parents had taken advantage of that, which had strengthened your ability to create the collagen that was absent in OI patients, but you still needed regular physiotherapy to ensure adequate bone density. Space was a crapshoot because the artificial atmosphere meant there was constant real pressure on you and your bones, which was both emotionally and physically draining. But the opportunity to spend a half hour every evening weightless, floating in the safety of an empty cargo bay was one that you were unable to pass up. For a half hour, you were free, with no cares, no worries, no risk. And each session, somehow, for reasons you didn’t understand, strengthened what little collagen you did produce, making your bone density improve enough that you weren’t terrified of scampering up Jefferies tubes when necessary.

“Yeah, Scotty, life is good,” you confirmed. “What’s this about?”

“Doctor McCoy was down here asking questions. I know M’Benga did your intake physical. It made me wonder if you were declining and afraid of telling me,” Scotty explained. “You know you’re too valuable to let go, Y/N. Even if you need to be on light duties for a while, I will be keeping you here in engineering.”

“Really, I’m fine, Scotty,” you asserted. “I trust you. You’re the first person I’d tell if anything were up.”

“I’m not pulling your leg, lass,” he asserted. “If you need extra time away from shift for physiotherapy, or would like reduced duties -”

“Scotty, I’m fine,” you interrupted. “Really. I appreciate all your support. But there’s nothing any worse than usual happening.”

“I’m relieved to hear it,” he nodded, and suddenly realized how cramped the closet was. “Let’s be out of here before people assume the worst.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, and you winked as you walked out ahead of him, deliberately adjusting your skirt just to give him a hard time. He sucked in his breath to protest, and then coughed, drawing even more attention to you both. It was a good thing that everyone in engineering was used to Scotty’s unorthodox use of whatever space he could find. No one even blinked. “Are you headed to the Federation Day celebrations this afternoon?”

“If you think I’m going to pass up real food, you’re out of your mind,” you replied. “I saw the quartermaster’s delivery while I was fixing that malfunctioning door in the cargo bay. There were bananas. Real, perfect, honest-to-god yellow bananas. And I heard a rumour about steak.”

“We’ll see you later on then, Y/N. Save some bananas for me,” Scotty laughed.

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Chapter X | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

Main Story page is here.

Song for the Playlist - Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

Instagrams are here - (none for this chapter, again, because the app is still being a dick)

Word Count - 5500…ish

“Course it wasn’t real, you goose,” he laughed. “Unless you want it to be real? I’m sure we can arrange that in Vegas…”

“Harry, don’t,” she warned him. Harry enjoyed doing this thing where he would sit with a smirk on his face as if he was planning something but would never tell Eden what it was.


“Stop that…you’re doing that thing?”

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anonymous asked:

you seem to love minghao al o t pls give hc on cumslt minghao and how he got to that stage PLS

Listen up everyone I will show you the light

  • It’s all thanks to that piece of kinky shit,,, wen junhui
  • Highkey he wanted to just simply praise hao on doing a good job of swallowing, taking him deep and doing what he’s told
  • Lowkey wanted a broken slut for his use
  • Hao only used to do very very very light bdsm because he was unsure about it 
  • But when Jun started praising him with added pet names something… snapped
  • ((This was Juns way of getting Hao into it))
  • He loved the praise, and with that he became cocky and egotistical and just wanted more and more he had everyone fuck him to get it
  • Honestly Hao started off really timid and blushy even with Jun
  • Minghao found that slowly, the only praise significant to him was the cum at the end of it all
  • Let’s be real, like Minghao wanted dick all the time by this stage so would send filthy pictures, wear nothing but pretty lingerie around the dorm, be ready and waiting on the bed when the members got in…And no-one could take it 
  • This is where Hao being a total kinky bottom comes in :^)
  • Hao first played this little ‘game’ with Jun and boy did he feel the consequence
  • (((Queue that look Junhui gives as a way of asking consent to destroy ass)))
  • All Hao was doing was just minding his own business… in red panties… with a leaking dick… on Junhuis bed
  • All whilst the other members were watching a movie in the lounge :)
  • You could basically HEAR Junnie’s eye fucking twitch at the sight, and Junhui fucking KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING AND HE DIED A BIT INSIDE
  • 'Do you really think it’s a good idea to tease Daddy like this, huh? Are you really that much of a slut?’
  • Hao almost cummed tbh 
  • Ho ho ho did Junhui not let him get away with that
  • Before he knew it, Hao was handcuffed and choking on Daddy’s cock
  • BUT
  • Junhui didn’t cum :)
  • BUT
  • Hao did :)
  • AND
  • He came again when Junhui was spanking his ass and biting him until he was black and blue
  • Hao got thrown on the bed after challenging Junhui: ‘Is that all you’ve got? I expected more from you, daddy’ 
  • You bet Junhui rubbed his leaking sensitive dick ALL over Minghao whilst choking him
  • ‘Do you really want to know what I’ve got?’
  • Wait for it
  • Junhui dragged Hao into the lounge, dead center for everyone to see
  • ‘Look, we have our own personal slut, he’s been such a whore for me’
  • With only a few scissoring motions and the lube of a condom, Hao was being fucked doggy style, head pulled back due to Junhui tugging on his blonde locks, by his true Daddy™ 
  • Everyone was gobsmacked to know this information and couldn’t react 
  • (((Although Cheol and Wonwoo went and jerked themselves off over him)))
  • And seriously everyone gasped when they saw the sight of Hao SCREAMING pleads and moaning until his voice went hoarse and when handprints were being imprinted on his round little ass
  • Of course, Junhui made it clear to everyone that Hao can fuck who he likes, but he belonged to Jun
  • ‘Who makes you feel this good? Hmmm? Who do you belong to?’ ‘YOU, DADDY!’
  • Honestly, it all ends with Junhui cumming in Haos mouth 
  • (((with Cheol and Wonwoo cumming vaguely in Hao’s direction, too scared of Jun lmao)))
  • Minghao was breathless, but with a content grin on his face
  • That’s it.
  • Hao is broken
  • He loves cum and sex and it consumes him so much and he can’t go back to vanilla sex anymore even when he’s feeling soft, the cumslut mindset embodies him 24/7
  • (Junhui is also broken, he loves having a cumslut like Minghao)

Pairing: ReaderXReid

Inspiration: a photo I found that says “I was atheist until I realized I am God.” and the picture just inspired me completely.

Prompt: You have been taken by an unsub who believes he is God. Reid and the rest of the team burst into the unsub’s apartment just in time to stop him from killing you and turning you into one of his ‘angels’

Warnings: a little bit of religious talk (I identify myself as an agnostic so I really am not good at writing about religion so I’m very sorry if in some way I offend you if you are a religious person, I do not mean to and apologize if you do take offense to anything), violence, swearing

You gasped for air as your eyes shot back open, only to see the same dim lit room they had seen before you had passed out from the intense pain in your ribs and wrist. You knew at least two ribs had to be cracked from when the unsub kicked you during your first escape attempt, and you knew your wrist was most likely damaged too from when the unsub had twisted it violently during your second escape attempt. 

You glanced down at your wrist, the skin around the bone swollen to almost double its size, your flesh taking on a deep purple tone. Definitely broken.

You looked around for anything you could use as a make-shift cast, knowing the more you let your hand flop around the more damage would be done to that broken bone. You had very little medical training, considering you had only been in med-school for a year before dropping out and joining the Behavioral Analysis Unit, however you knew exactly what to do the moment you saw the wooden ruler on the small desk that sat in the corner of the room that you had been trapped inside for almost a day now. 

You stood up weakly and made your way over to the desk, knowing the unsub was no where in the room from the lack of teasing you heard when you awoke. You had passed out five times since he first captured you, three of the times when you came to he had been sitting in the room, watching you. Once he noticed you were conscious he would chuckle and ask you what it felt like to have God doing this to you or if you wanted to beg him for divine mercy. 

You leaned on the desk with your good hand, letting your body balance itself before you let go and grabbed the ruler, putting it under neath your damaged forearm. You then grabbed a long piece of string that was also laying on the desk, wrapping it up and down your arm tightly until the ruler stayed in place without anything supporting it. That was the best you could do.

“Well, well, well, look whose up and on her feet.” his voice spoke from behind you. You whipped around only to see him standing in the doorway, a sick smile on his face. “Ready to beg for mercy?” he questioned, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him. 

You just stared, not giving him the pleasure of your broken voice answering. You knew if you tried to say anything he would hear the fear in your voice and that was exactly what he wanted.

“Do you believe in God?” he asked, walking slowly towards you, dragging his hand along the top of his dingy dining table. His eyes were glued to you as if simple eye contact alone was feeding his craziness. 

You still didn’t answer his question, only swallowed hard as he took his hand off the table, continuing to walk towards you.

“I was an atheist once.” he spoke in a low voice. He came to a sudden stop, his body now only a foot away from you. “Until I realized I am God.”

As if on queue, you heard the door he had entered through moments before be kicked in causing him to grab you and pull your body in front of his, a knife he had been hiding in his belt now being raised up to your neck. You watched as the room filled with the familiar faces of the BAU as well as a few members of SWAT. 

“Get out!” you heard the unsub bark, his voice almost breaking your ear drum while you felt his breath become faster against your neck.

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“Jackson, put the knife down, you don’t want to do this.” the voice of Spencer filled your ears, causing your eyes to dart to his face the moment you heard them. You almost started sobbing just from seeing his face, the face you never thought you would see again.

“Of course I want to do this, she must become one of my angels.” he spat, the blade now pressing against your neck causing you to squint your eyes shut. “She’ll be my favorite little angel.” he said, his voice lowering slightly as you could tell he moved his head to look at you.

“Jackson, (Y/N) is already an angel.” you heard Reid say, causing you to open your eyes slightly, the tears blurring your vision. “She’s one of the few angels that God sent down to Earth to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.”

“I am God!” he shouted, pressing the blade even harder into your neck. You could feel a small stream of blood begin to trickle down your neck as the blade nicked you ever so slightly. 

“Exactly, which is why you know it’s important that (Y/N) stays here on Earth. You know what she’s done for people, you know how kind hearted and amazing she is.” Reid continued, his voice staying calm in the escalating situation. “She’s helped save so many people Jackson, she’s helped save me.” 

You felt the unsubs pressure on the knife loosen slightly as you remembered all the nights Spencer had spent at your apartment after Prentis’s ‘death’. All the mornings that you would wake up and make breakfast for him and ask him what his plans for the day would be. You and Spencer had always shared a close bond, one that could not be replaced or broken. Little did either of you know that the feelings you had towards one another was love.

“Please, don’t take her away from me.” Spencer pleaded, breaking you away from your train of thought. 

You swallowed hard, glancing down just in time to see the glint of the blade catching the dim light as it was brought away from your neck. You felt Jackson step away from you, then you heard him drop to his knees, then you saw the SWAT team and several members of the BAU move in towards him. 

You brought your none broken hand up to your face, wiping away the warm tears that were finally falling only to suddenly feel arms wrapped around you and your face being pressed against a bullet proof FBI vest.

“You’re safe.” you heard Spencer’s voice whisper while he brought one of his hands up to the back of your head, the other staying around your waist. 

Your head fit perfectly under his chin. You felt him gently kiss the top of your head before squeezing you even tighter, hearing the footsteps of Jackson and the SWAT team walk by. 

“You’re safe.” he repeated once again, his grip on you not loosening until he knew Jackson was half way down the hall.

MY. Omega. - Bucky x Reader (3/?)

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

A/B/O Dynamics

Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Simple Summary - Out of all the new coming Omegas, will he choose you?

Originally posted by kieranwalker

Warnings - Swearing, arguing, awkwardness, ANGST.

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#175 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “a quickie cliche wedding with van? maybe they’re on tour in America and they’re in vegas and get a little drunk and decide to get hitched?”

Note: Van McCann is a lovesick puppy and wouldn’t even need alcohol to agree to marry someone in Vegas.

“Can I lick your tongue?” 

You rolled your head to look at Van. "What?”

“Can I-”

“Yeah, no, I heard you, but… what?” you repeated.

You were sitting at the makeshift kitchen table on the tour bus somewhere in Nevada. It was too hot to do much else than laze around.

“I’m so bored,” Van whispered, grinning at you.

“And people think I’m the weird one,” Bondy mumbled, misting himself with a spray bottle of water that had gone warm hours ago.

Van continued to look at you, and you looked back. He was probably serious, so you stuck your tongue out. He leant across and licked it once. It felt weird but warm; intimate and stupid and kind of gross. You laughed and stuck your tongue out to let him do it again.

“Is it wrong if I like this?” you asked after the fourth lick. Bondy stood.

“No, Y/N, but it’s wrong if I stay,” and he was climbing the stairs to go try to sleep through the heat. Van laid his head on his arms on the table and smiled softly.

“I love you,”

“I love you too, but I’m gonna need you to keep doing this because it really does feel kind of good.”

He laughed that crackling pop rock happy laugh, and pulled you in for more disgusting and love-fuelled kisses.

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You will never lose me to the wind
You are the lightning that made me fill my chest with candles
You are the thunder clapping for the poem that nobody else wants to hear
You are an icicle’s tear watering a tulip on the first day of spring
You melt me alive
You kiss me as deep as my roots will reach
And I want nothing more than to be an eyelash fallen on your cheek
Then being collected by your fingers
And held like a wish
I promise
That whatever I do
I will always try my best
To come true
—  Andrea Gibson, How It Ends

2/10/17 [12:49 pm] ; my friday went well! did a freewrite in english about seashells which made me kinda nostalgic. it’s been snowing a lot here and we have almost 2 feet, so i’ll be spending my weekend consuming too much hot cocoa and binge watching parks and rec 🙆🏻

↳ apologies for being super inactive on here as well. i’ll be setting up a queue since school is keeping me busy! thanks as always for the love you guys show me even when i’m gone :’)

anonymous asked:

Can you imagine being as talented, professional and passionate about your client's music as Steve's team obviously is and then have to deal with the shower of cunts that surround Louis?

I am sure managements and PRs are out there queueing to get Louis Tomlinson on their team so I understand there is a reason he’s stuck with the shittiest shitty team ever on the planet but its still so frustrating to watch cause as a fan I only want what he deserves for his career and his persona and what he deserves is the best. For his talent, his skills, his image and the fact that he went through enough in the past six years especially the last one.

Summer Rain [Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader]

Summary: what else are you supposed to do but run in the rain after finding out you’ve been in love with your best friend?

Word count: 2,334 (the longest one yet!)

Warnings: cursing, alcohol… 

A/N: The fluffiest of fluffs for Oak, because he deserves it. Thanks to the hamwriters groupchat, I finally had inspiration to write for Oak and I’m pretty happy with the result. I hope y’all like it!

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You could give a million excuses to why you showed up on his doorstep like this, at that time. You could say the storm caught you by surprise, or maybe you were around and your umbrella broke and you remembered he lived close by.

Blatant lies to cover a moment of courage with no limitations.

It was 1 a.m. when you woke up that night, the storm making the New York you knew your whole life just a gray scenario outside your window. Your forehead covered in sweat, but a smile across your face.

You were in love with your best friend and the dream you had just proved everything you suspected for weeks.

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Riverdale Preferences #4:Show that you watch together


The Big Bang Theory; It always helps you two relax and ease up. It makes you laugh despite everything you’ve been though. It’s better when Archie makes a confused expression whenever Sheldon or another character is explaining something science related.


Friends; Again, it’s a very relaxing show. It comforts you and Betty when things are getting particularly bad. Chandler is your ultimate favorite character, because of his sarcasm and humor. Phoebe was Betty’s favorite character, nice and kind until provoked, just like her.


Supernatural; You and Veronica both love spooky stuff, that’s why Supernatural was the perfect show for you two. Within the first episode, you had both already picked a favorite Winchester. Your’s being Sam, and her’s being Dean. That information came as no surprise to either of you .


The Office; Whenever you’re both feeling stressed because of all the pressure that surrounded you, you sat down and scrolled though Netflix until you found The Office, your’s and Jughead’s favorite show. It always succeeded in cheering you two up and helping you get ready to face the world another day.


Gotham; You were a major DC comics nerd, and you absolutely LOVED Gotham. So did Reggie after a few episodes. It gave a new take on some of your favorite villains and left with a cliffhanger on every episode. It fulfilled your nerd dreams, that and Reggie, was all you needed in life. Also, Chicken Nuggets, you also needed those.


Glee; You love to sing, and you’re actually pretty good at it to. Cheryl loves to sit back and watch you sing along to whatever number was currently being performed. She saw how you just lit up whenever you were singing, you look so happy,so passionate. It’s one of the many things that she loves most about you.