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Kojuro and Wisteria

A spoiler post of Kojuro’s Sequel story

So I finished Kojuro’s second act story in 3 days and have since rereading the screenshots hahhahahahahah. I chose the fate/noble ending because I want to read his point of view …

Boy it was so good! I mean I could be biased (SCRATCH THAT I AM INCREDIBLY BIASED WHEN IT COMES TO THIS MAN) and I do have minor quips about it but I enjoyed it sooooo much!

I’ve squeed about Hideyoshi and how much this story improve his rank in my fave list (lol, lol, lol), you can see them here

Okay, so.

One of the important character is Kojuro story is a plant, lol.

More specifically, Wisteria, which intertwines (ha) closely with the plot.

And I’m gonna tell my journey reading his story by following up this plant, lol.

More squealing after the break and it is full of spoilers, you’ve been warned!

Also, anon hater(s). I do not post summaries or spoilers because I want to spoil the experience for everybody - it’s because I want to share MY journey (yes, the key word is my ME, this blog is mainly about me, surprise surprise) in this game, the same reason I started posting SLBP stuff on this blog ever since I started playing early last year (you know, BEFORE you knew of this game because you didn’t start sending me this kind of hate till recently). Get off your high horse or ride away to the sunset, look for your own happiness!

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