you are being nice and cute and i'm being a derp

Lets meet EXO

Suho - The leader

he’s all nice and shit with an empty wallet but a full credit card that he swipes and is his power, ppl gon love him, swagmyeon is his new name. He is perfect and shit he sings and is a beautiful creature that teaches his apprentices Chen and Chanyeol how to dance. He needs to protect his children. Suho-umma.

Kris - The other leader

This fucker speaks 4 languanges, well depends on how perverted you are. He also is filled with cash, showing his fancy ass clothes in airport catwalk, sometimes I wish I could steal his clothes. He is the hottest cargo in here, cuz lets stay classy. Either the most perfect human being or the weirdest angry bird. Caring fater for his Ace, raps, likes to fly.

Chanyeol - The rapper

The tall one, creeps shit out of people sometimes. But is a beautiful babe, all the time. Funny, cute and can’t stop laughing. Raps rly nice, with his deep voice and ajsgkdjf. Together with Baekhyun and Kyungsoo derps all day long. 

Tao - Wushu panda

Where do I even start, Has two sides, one is hot, fierce and can beat the shit out of anyone, while the second one is cute, sweet and easily scared. Can scream really good. Does aegyo to get pleased, Kris buys him gucci and shit. Showers with many ppl coz lets face it it’s scary to shower alone.

Sehun - The brat maknae

The youngest, tall af. Raps and dances so you can drool easily. Hot piece of shit, also rly cute. Loves bubble tea, and if you didn’t know /handflip/ Luhan is his property, and possibly the other way around. Yes ship ship motherfuckers.

Baekhyun - Eyeliner oppa

The most perverted one, Just look at him dancing, hands to die for. /dies/ Sings beautiful as fuck, high notes and shit, perfect bacon. Sassy little bitch that loves to mock ppl. But he’s great. Eyeliner.

Luhan - Cute deer

This. This, well I don’t even know anymore. One time it’s cute and you think it’s the youngest and shit and then you see this completely different side that is hot as fuck and make you drool and his body and like who the fuck are you now. Sings damn fine, voice like an angel dammit. Sehuns his bitch.

Chen - Dansheen Mansheen

Chensing machine, can hit high notes if you know what I mean, perfect little fuck, so perfect you can fly. High, high. HIs singing can make you get enchanted like you know that shit with mermaids and sailors yeah, Chen’s our mermaid and we are the sailors. 

Kyungsoo - Squishie devil

SQUISHIEEEEEE, cute, perfect, overly cute thing cuteeee. But evil as fuck and the devil himself, sometimes makes faces like demon shit has gotten into him and we’re all screwed. Sings flawlessly, also when you judge him, look from the waist down not the waist up. 

Lay - Fluffy unicorn 

Lay, this utterly perfect being, sings, plays a piano, talks, eats, sleeps. Dances so well you can only wish you can dance like him. I will not use swear words here since Lay is the nicest lad in here. Plays a guitar, and is so perfect, how many times will I write perfect? PERFECT. OKAY.

Kai - The real dancing machine

If we talked that Lay can dance the this one is the God of hip thrusting and all that sexy shit. A+ ass, We have Kai and Jongin. Also he is the most innocent one in here. I know right. Kai is all that sexy sass he has and Jongin is the cute thing we all wanna hug, Plays with dogs is soo cuteeee. 

Xiumin - Baozi

Xiumin, the oldest one, The best ass in here if we are going to get honest now. Cute as fuck. Should have more freaking lines sings so divine. The strongest like hed probably beat the shit out of anyone that touches his gull, man.