you are being brainwashed


Liam: Represented the band at the Brits ‘16 & ‘17.

Niall: Is basically the official 1D spokesperson.

Louis: Buried in stunts and still does the most fan service known to man.

Y’all: Harry needs to distance himself from the band and the fans it’s good and normal!!!! All the other boys did this!!!! IT’S GOOD FOR THE BAND.

Megatron: You’re a Predacon because we brainwashed you.
Blackarachnia: I will control my own destiny.

Megatron: You’re a Predacon because we brainwashed you.
Inferno: That’s ok, turns out being an ant brainwashes you more.

Megatron: You’re a Predacon because I’ll torture your soul otherwise.
Rampage: You’ll slip up sometime, then you’ll be sorry.

Megatron: You’re a Predacon because we built you out of spare parts.
Dinobot II: The hunt begins.

Megatron: You’re a Predacon because… I said so.
Quickstrike: YEEHAW

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I don't know if you get that before, but i will write this again if you don't mind, MC is being brainwashed after meeting all the people

Ok,sorry for taking so long to do that, i ignore some facts just like you said, in Saeran’s and Seven’s part, Saeran is good.

This have a lot of “spoilers”

Sorry again, and i hope you like it, thank you for your patience and your request!


  • He just couldn’t believe when he saw you like that…So…
  • He doesn’t even recognize the woman he loves…
  • Everything was falling apart…Seven found his brother, and maybe he’s worse than him because of that.
  • Rika, the woman he always said that was good, an inspiration, is the one to blame.
  • He can’t even think right now, he can’t even see how destruction that woman caused…He just can look at you.
  • He tried to hug you, but you almost punched him…He knows that you’re going to get treated.
  • Jumin called some people that could drag you and Saeran, and all those mint eye followers to the nearest hospital.
  • When he was seeing you going, tears were falling from his eyes, and then he saw Rika.
  • She was looking at him, Yoosung eyes were filled with anger, Seven’s hold him back and said with a broken voice “….She’s not worth it…”.
  • Yoosung will not mess this up…But this woman pay for what she did with you.
  • On your treatment, Yoosung’s always here…He knows that you’re not in this state for a long time…So this will be easier than with Seven’s brother…
  • He’ll cry, cry so much, every night, wishing so much that you’ll be alright.
  • He’ll wait, a long time, until you’re ok.
  • And when you’re finally beginning to be good again, he’s going to cry again, this time those tears are tears of joy.
  • He’ll be there, by your side, for all the time you need him to be.
  • He’ll see that beautiful smile of yours again.
  • He’s sure of that.


  • He’s looking for you, he’s so worried!
  • He’s reluctant to ask for some people help like always he always thinks he can solve things by himself.
  • But this is different, you’re missing!
  • After a lot of days passed, a week or so, he can’t even count anymore, he’s smoking a lot, so he doesn’t lose his control.
  • When they finally found you, Zen’s so angry when he sees you in that state.
  • He’s even angrier when he sees Seven’s brother in that state too.
  • And he’s even angrier when he knows who did that with you.
  • He would punch Rika if he wasn’t a gentleman.
  • His anger is so strong…But after he saw how crazy you’re right now…He’s just sad.
  • He tried to get closer to you…But you almost hurt him.
  • When some people take you and all those other people to some hospital, Zen knows that Jumin was the one responsible to pay for your treatment.
  • Of course, he may not like the idea, but he knows being a stubborn and refuse Jumin’s help is not worth it.
  • He needs to think about you.
  • “Thank you Jumin…” Jumin look at him and sigh “She’s an RFA member, of course, i would help” And after that, he walks away
  • “…Trustfund kid…” He sigh.
  • Zen’ll be in the hospital every day, even if the doctors say that you might hurt him.
  • He doesn’t care about his appearance at all.
  • Every day he’ll bring flowers and tell you a love story…That was about you two.
  • He’s your knight, this means he’ll be forever here with you!
  • And he’ll save you!


  • She’s just praying and praying every night since you disappeared.
  • But after 5 days, they found you.
  • When she gets there, she’s just in shock…
  • Rika was supposed to be a nice person…
  • She saw you in distance “MC!”
  • When you looked at her, she knows that this isn’t you.
  • Jaehee doesn’t even recognize you. Your eyes, you look like a dead person…
  • She’s listening to Seven talking about his brother to Jumin, and she’s listening to you screaming.
  • She knows that’s better to back off.
  • When Jumin called some ambulances, some staff so they can take you, Luciel’s brother, and those other people.
  • Jaehee wants to show Rika why she has a black belt in judo, but she’ll restrain herself.
  • When she saw those people take you to the hospital, she looks down and start to cry, she felt a hand in her shoulder after that.
  • It was Jumin.
  • “I’ll pay for her treatment, you need to be strong for her.”
  • She didn’t expect Jumin sympathy, even at that moment, but she’s grateful for that.
  • Jaehee maintains a distance from you, so you don’t start screaming and things like that.
  • But every day when you’re sleeping, she left a single white rose on your bed, and she prays on that door every single night.
  • She knows it will take some time to you get well again, but she can’t wait to hug you again.


  • You’re his life right now.
  • The reason why he’s with that smile every day.
  • And now you’re gone.
  • So he paid everyone that he could to find you, and the RFA is searching too.
  • He’s too destroyed, he’s drinking too much.
  • But when they found you, he doesn’t even care about all those people there, he doesn’t care about Luciel’s brother.
  • He ran to you, and he already noticed that you’re not his wife.
  • You’re different.
  • He saw Seven’s struggling to talk with his brother…And Jumin knows that you’ll be just distorted…Like that men.
  • He can’t get distracted about that, he’s just in silence.
  • You’re screaming, but he still can see the woman the fell in love with, his eyes are with tears…While he has hope.
  • After some minutes, some people came to pick you, and all those people to treatment.
  • He saw Rika, his face is filled with disgusted, he couldn’t say a word to that woman, the Rika he knew was not there anymore.
  • He’ll just ignore her and he’ll make her pay for what she did to you and to all those people.
  • Every day on the hospital, Jumin ask Seven how his brother are, Seven says he’s fine…But Jumin knows he’s lying.
  • Jumin has hope that you’ll be fine, you were there for only a week.
  • You’re calmer when you’re with Elizabeth, this makes him happy.
  • He likes to watch you sleep..You look so peaceful, just like the MC he married to.
  • He knows you’ll come back, you’re a strong woman.
  • You’re his wife, and he’ll be waiting for you.


  • He thought everything was good…
  • But Rika came back and kidnaps you.
  • This time you aren’t here to help him, but his brother’s.
  • When they found you, and he sees you in that state looks like he’s looking at Saeran.
  • The old Saeran.
  • And this makes him so sad, he’s holding back his tears, while you’re screaming at him, about paradise…Those things.
  • This is a very distorted past.
  • Saeran put his hand on Seven’s shoulder “You saved me…You’ll save her…”
  • Those words made some thoughts go away from his head….“You made this, you made the love of your life be kidnapped.”
  • He’ll save you too…
  • He’ll endure everything, you can hit him, you can insult him, he’ll endure it.
  • Just like he did to his brother.
  • He knows that deep inside, you’re his MC.
  • You’re having the help that you needed.
  • And when you get better, he’ll not take his eyes off you…
  • He knows you’ll be alright, he can save you.
  • And he’ll save you.

V(He made the surgery on this one)

  • You made his life so happy!
  • So when you were missing, he’s thinking…Thinking a lot.
  • This can be Rika…
  • So he gave this time all the information to Seven, Rika ran away with Saeran, so all this information were not valid at the moment.
  • But now, that V gave all this information, this will be easier to track you down.
  • Seven doesn’t want to talk to V, but he wants to find you.
  • And when he does, V runs to you and hug you, you’re hitting on him, screaming.
  • You scratch his face, it’s bleeding now.
  • This time he wished he didn’t be seeing you, in that state, he’s crying so much.
  • He needs you so much right now.
  • He talks to Jumin and Jumin reassures about your treatment, Saeran treatment, and V keeps saying about that Rika must be punished for all that she has done to you.
  • But he doesn’t want to know about what happened to her.
  • He’ll be all the time with you in the hospital, he doesn’t care if you scream or hit him.
  • He’ll be there if you want it or not.
  • And he’ll be smiling, calm.
  • Even though on the inside he’s dying slowly.
  • But he’ll keep up because he knows you’re going to be fine soon.
  • You’ll be ok.
  • But he misses you.


  • Rika did it again…First, it was him, now it was you.
  • He can accept this fate twice…But now, it was with you!
  • He’s just a man, but he can make something about that!
  • It was not hard to everybody find where Rika was with you, she’s getting sloppy.
  • When he got there and he saw all those syringes, drugs…Tears are coming out of his eyes.
  • When he go to you, you were so crazy…You were not the MC that saved him…
  • He knows what you’re thinking, what’s going on in your head.
  • He already got into that…
  • And now he’s saved! So you have more changes because you’re not into that so much time!
  • When some people finally take you to some place so you can be treated.
  • He saw Rika, some guards were holding her, Saeran pick a syringe and run to her, he then injects that on her, brutally
  • “HOW DOES THAT FEEL?!!” Seven runs to him and holds him “SAERAN STOP”
  • Rika was screaming…That was music to his ears, and Saeran kept looking at the guard gun, while people were holding him.
  • But then he closes his eyes…And starts to think…He’ll not make a mistake…He’ll be by your side, calm and relaxed
  • He’ll never let you go.
  • So he’ll be calm, and he’ll be by your side, holding your hand.
  • He would kiss your hands when you’re sleeping.
  • He’ll wait and wait, but his hopes are there.
  • If he sees the bright on your eyes like before, he’ll cry and hug you.
  • Don’t leave him, please.
  • He wants his MC back.

You know what normal healthy people do when they are eating a meal and start to feel full up?


Let’s repeat that; when you start to get full, you PUT THE FORK DOWN.

THAT is the only guaranteed way to lose weight, reduce your calorie intake.

Gluttony is not a disability, and as a physically disabled person myself I resent the implication that having a medical issue is an excuse to give up trying to improve yourself. No matter what problems you may have, you can always do something to lose weight. The first and most important step is REDUCE your Calorie intake; you can still eat what you like, just eat less of it. Moderation is the key.

Oh, but that would mean taking responsibility for yourself and making an effort….it’s so much easier to pretend that it is “genetics” or “conditions” that keep you obese, right fat people?

Or that the only reason people are repulsed by you is they are being brainwashed by “the media”, not the fact that a vast majority of the human beings on this planet find wobbly, cellulite-ridden, stretch-marked flesh hanging out for all to see absolutely revolting. (That’s without mentioning what it says about your character and personality too). If you do not have the will-power to stop gorging yourself YOU are the only person to blame when you are viewed in a negative way.

I have no respect for anyone that has no respect for themselves and THAT is why I will continue to fight fat acceptance.

So, hate me, accuse me of “oppressing the obese”, of being a bigot, of being “ableist” whatever, I could not give a flying fuck. I will not stand idly by while impressionable youngsters are manipulated into committing slow suicide via the use of blatant lies and misinformation, all under the pretense of being encouraged to “love themselves”. I am a parent myself and I will not be silenced. If that hurts some people’s feelings, so be it.

Besides, I would love someone to explain to me how if you really, truly love yourself and your body, why on Earth would you push it to beyond its capabilities by making it cope with extra weight that it is not designed to carry? That doesn’t sound like love, it sounds like abuse…

May I have your attention please?

In these following statements, I don’t mean to offend any regular civilians in those countries (unless they are Islamophobic and/or anti-Turkish).

I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of the saying “Europe is the cradle of civilization”. Why? Because it is believe that Western countries are democratic, they value human right, they respect everyone’s beliefs, they don’t make discrimination, they believe in freedom of speech etc. But is it the truth or were we being brainwashed?

You know how we all hate Trump because he is full of hate. He hates everyone who doesn’t fit in his “perfect American” profile. But he neglects the fact that there are so many different type of people in this whole world. But seems to me that there are many Trumps out there, one example is above. 

You of course wouldn’t know about it but there will be a referendum in Turkey in April. It’s about whether we want the presidential system in our country. Of course there is a huge debate going on between those who want the system and those who don’t. But this is about TURKEY, this is about OUR PEOPLE. So no one else shouldn’t have a say in this unless they are a citizen of Republic of Turkey.

However, it’ not the case, as you might see. Ever since it was decided that there will be a referendum, countless politicians from Western countries released such videos, made statements, spoke on tv channels about how they don’t want it to happen. Only because they hate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the president of Turkey.

There are people who love him and there are people who hate him. I won’t go into detail about that issue because it would take a long time but honestly the actual reason is, it’s none of anyone’s business unless they are a citizen of this country. I’ve been seeing way too many hateful posts about him on this website and it just doesn’t make sense for those people to talk like that because they don’t know sh*t about him or us or this country! His party has been in power NON-STOP since 2002! But those people don’t even know anything about Turkey solely hate him because he is a conservative Muslim.

The man in the video is  Geert Wilders. A Dutch politician who is the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom. So it’s not only these random people on tumblr but those who are in charge who are running campaigns so that Turkey won’t change its system to Presidential and put Erdoğan on top. But I don’t know how they find the right to meddle in Turkey’s politics.

I’m way more than upset because we are fighting with terrorist groups such as pkk, isis and many more inside and outside of our borders, we are helping the refugees and those who are in need of help all around the world and like it isn’t enough, we have to deal with such insolent politicians!

I also remembered Buddy Willard saying in a sinister, knowing way that after I had children I would feel differently, I wouldn’t want to write poems anymore. So I began to think maybe it was true that when you were married and had children it was like being brainwashed, and afterwards you went about numb as a slave in some private, totalitarian state.
—  Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Okay but you cannot convince me for one second that Clint doesn’t talk to Bucky about his own experiences being brainwashed. 

“They’re going to tell you it’s not your fault,” he says one day, maybe in the training room, maybe over a cup of coffee. Bucky looks up, half-listening because he still doesn’t sleep very well and he and Barton haven’t exactly had reason to chat. “What you did when you were brainwashed. And it’s not, it’s not your fault, but somehow, people saying that doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. They weren’t there, they don’t know what it means to get ripped out of your head and see your body used to kill.”

Now he has Bucky’s attention, but Bucky just lifts his coffee cup to his lips and doesn’t make eye contact. “And you do?”

“You were under when Thor’s psycho little brother tried the whole ‘take over the world’ bit, but he used me to do it.” Clint’s voice shakes a little, even after all this time. “I know it wasn’t my fault, and so do you, but that doesn’t make it any easier to wash the blood off.” He swallows a sip of his coffee uncomfortably and stands. He’s said his piece. 

“What does?” Bucky says before Clint can go two steps. “What helps?”

“You’ve got to find some kind of redemption,” Clint replies. “And someone to talk to.”

As the archer walks away, Bucky thinks that he may already have the latter. 

No Lain you have always had sympathy/support, true some people don’t like you, but that’s life. You still have my support for being so brainwashed and abused you can’t see it, even after you MOCKED MY SUPPORT in a video. The thing is when you stand beside someone doing wrong you too become guilty by association. You were ok with your husband trying to tie ~your girlfriend~ to a wall for a week (in the house your kids live in) because she broke some bullshit rules that even you had no say in.
You are making it out to be all her fault, and it’s greg with all the power, that’s why you had to tell her not to sleep with him, you couldn’t tell him cause he told you differently, it wasn’t cheating on his side cause he tells you it’s not. She didn’t fuck you over nearly as much as the man that told you he would “cherish” you forever. She IS feeling pain about all this, probably more then you (Mrs. Flirting with other girls same day this shit went down) all her secrets were told, secrets that only she should tell, her name is being dragged for being a druggie for smoking (which is proven to help her mental disorders).
Again I know where your pain is coming from, I’ve been there. My “Billie” was my best friend. I hated her for a long time, but I grew up, I saw how much of a shit life she has compared to the one she could of had and I forgave her for her teen dumbness. I feel sorry for her like I’m sure you will for billie if you ever get out of your toxic environment and get a clear head.
Again I DO sympathize with you, and I’m sure greg only highlights the real “haters” but you know damn well you’ve always had many peoples support to leave since day one. Your pain didn’t start with billie and it won’t end with her either, it’s not billie that’s the toxic one.


When you sat down to write and the word “her” left your tongue,
It felt like it had prematurely tripped and fallen to freedom,
For eternities you had convinced yourself that “her” just fitted the rhyme,
Or the melody better even though you thought “him” inside,
You told those around you that “her” was just easier to write about,
That the poetic injustice fitted the mold of what you were carving out,
When every poem and song became about “her” and not “him”,
Was the time you felt most like giving in,
For the words that you wrote with such pain, awe and emotion,
Felt forced or, worse, fake because they didn’t fit the notion,
That you had bestowed upon yourself without even knowing,
You had brainwashed your own mind into being afraid of showing,
The true meaning and concept behind every “her”,
Who’d have thought so much could come from a three letter word,

Now you sit down to write and the word “her” leaves your tongue,
With a skip and a bound now its story’s begun,
Now “him” doesn’t even cross your mind,
Not even while searching for that perfect rhyme,
For “him” could never be perfect when “him”’s not what you see,
When you close your eyes and think about how life could be,

All the tears that once dampened your ink-scrawled sheets,
Now fuel the desire to write what you mean,
And to be honest and open with those you love most,
No longer hiding in the shadows like a “him”-ridden ghost,
Now every time your hand connects an “h” to an “e”,
And concludes with an “r” you know it’s meant to be.

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Have you seen onision talking about this blog were famous y'all hooray

lol yes. & The only thing that really pissed me off about it was the fact that he claimed if Juliet is actually an abusive person then Andy could save himself because he’s an adult but that’s not entirely true. When you’re being abused, your abuser constantly controls and brainwashes you to think that they aren’t harming you and what they are doing isn’t terrible (this is a known fact, but obviously summed up in my own words). Which we have stated on this blog mutliple times but of course, much like a lot of people he went into our blog extremely biased and only used the posts from our page that made us seem obsessive. -N

Sometimes being so in-love with someone so much really fucking sucks because you give them you’re all to make them so happy and you don’t even have the time to treat yourself for the simple things as you’re so brainwashed into them being your first choice.. when in fact nothing and nobody else should be first choice but yourself.
—  11:42AM and it’s not that i’m unhappy and in-love, it’s just that i don’t love myself as much as i love him
there is NOTHING more beautiful than a grown ass confident ass woman being free within herself, whether she CHOOSES to be clothed or not, it’s completely up to her. Who brainwashed you to believe that a woman being in her most natural nude state equates to her not respecting herself? This is a MAN-made ‘rule’ that society has created in order to keep women meek, timid, 'modest’, and victim-like. It’s sad that most women would rather criticize other women for being free, rather than taking the time out to free themselves. I pray you find yourself one day baby girl.
—  Kioshiyang

         Out of the goodness of his heart, Kuja offers a wonderful gift to @xgolbez in hopes of lifting his spirits.

    It is a portrait of himself.

    “Whenever you feel disappointed in yourself for being brainwashed and causing all that murder and whatnot,” he earnestly tells him, “you may gaze upon my face and be reminded that there is still good left in these worlds. Things worth fighting for. Like bringing souls for me.