you are being brainwashed

I like that she’s a free spirit and she’s just her own woman, her own self, and when it comes down to the love of her life, she still has this instinct where she wants to protect Matthew, and this is where it comes out. So no pressure for me to be, you know, the baddie, the villain. I never see my characters or stories from that angle. I just thought she’s a woman who forgot who she was and then it kicks in and she remembers and instinct comes back and she has to find Matthew. That’s it, that’s her quest.


*based on the song from Beauty and the Beast

There’s something sweet, and almost kind
But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined
And now he’s dear, and so unsure
I wonder why I didn’t see it there before

Bucky Barnes was the most annoying person on the planet. Was being the operative word.

When he arrived at the Avengers Tower, he had been cold and mean and just plain rude. In the beginning, you let it slide without saying anything. He had been through way more than anyone you had known. Being brainwashed and used as a weapon could do the worst to even the best people.

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“According to US Weekly we’re married.”

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 780

It was an average Saturday morning. You had been walking back to the Tower after grabbing your usual morning coffee from your favorite shop when you saw it. Displayed in front of everyone that walked by on the street.

Your face was on the cover of US Weekly.

Stopping in your tracks, you grabbed the magazine from the stand and read what it said on the cover.

You couldn’t believe it.

The magazine was claiming that you and your teammate, Bucky Barnes, was married. The picture that they had on the cover was of you and Barnes walking through Central Park. He had his arm around you and the both of you looked pretty happy.

You gave the man who ran the stand a few dollars for the magazine before you kept walking towards the Tower.

The whole situation was kind of comical actually. There wasn’t anything remotely romantic about your relationship with Bucky. The two of you were strictly teammates. Sure you hung out with him more than anyone else on the squad. There might be a midnight weekly stroll that the two of you had religiously. A movie night or two might even be thrown into the mix, but Bucky wasn’t your boyfriend.

No matter how much you wanted him to be.

Being in the same room as him made you go weak in the knees. There was just something about him that drove you wild. He was so damn charming that sometimes you wondered if he could possibly be flirting with you.

You were far too nervous to admit that you had feelings for him. Instead of doing something about the way you felt, you bottled it all up.

When you made it to the Tower, Bucky was sitting in the kitchen with Sam and Steve having breakfast. You placed the magazine in front of them on the table.

“What’s that?” Bucky asked.

“Well, according to US Weekly we’re married.”

Bucky dropped the spoon that he had in one of his hands. “What?”

Sam laughed, grabbing the magazine to get a better look for himself. “Wow, I’m hurt that you guys didn’t invite me to the wedding. Aren’t you, Steve?”

“Definitely. I at least thought that I would be your best man, Buck.” Steve went along with Sam’s teasing to your dismay.

“How was the honeymoon, lovebirds?”

Bucky grabbed the magazine from Sam’s grasp and hit him with it, “That’s enough.”

You rolled your eyes at them, “Very funny. I can’t believe that magazines just publish bullshit like this and can get away with it.”

“I’ve had some terrible things written about me in magazines,” Bucky said as he flipped through the pages, “If the things they said about me was more like this, I wouldn’t mind it. I’m a lucky man. Who wouldn’t want to be married to (Y/n)?”

There he was being all charming again. You looked away from him and grabbed your purse to leave the kitchen.

“(Y/n)!” Bucky called after you once you were halfway to the elevators. You hadn’t realized that you were walking so fast.

You stopped so that he could catch up. Bucky stepped in front of you, blocking your path so that you couldn’t go anywhere. “Did I say something wrong back there?”

“I guess I just don’t– nevermind.”

Bucky reached down, grabbing your hand, “Please finish. I want to know if I upset you.”

“You didn’t upset me, Bucky. I just don’t know if you’re kidding when you say stuff like that. Or when you act really flirty. I guess I’ve gotten a little confused about what we are or what we aren’t.” You felt a weight lifted off your shoulders. You finally told Bucky what had been plaguing you for so long.

Bucky smiled a little, “I guess I haven’t been too subtle about how I feel about you.”

“So, all of the flirting and stuff, it’s real?”

He nodded sheepishly, “I really like you. I didn’t think that I was capable of feeling the way that I do after years of being brainwashed. When I met you, I knew that I could. You make me feel alive again.”


You turned and saw that Sam and Steve had been eavesdropping for the entire conversation.

“Get the hell out of here!” Bucky told them.

They ran off and you looked back at Bucky. He was waiting patiently for you to say something.

“You want to go for a walk in the park?”

“You aren’t worried about getting photographed there like before?”

You squeezed his hand a little and smiled, “Not really. At least now if they run a story about us romantically, it’ll be true.”

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Face the Music - Part 3

It’s been six years since your mother took you into the League of Assassins. Here you are not ignored, you are treated with the respect the Heiress of the Demon Head deserves.


You glance up, straightening from your fighting stance, “Mother?”

Talia turns to your instructor, “Lessons will end early today. I have matters that I must discuss with the Heiress”

He bows low, “Of course, Mistress”

Quickly making your way up to your mother, the two of you begin the slow walk to the weapons hall, “Is there something wrong, mother?”

Your mother gently runs her fingers through your hair, “Your father has contacted me again. He wishes to see you”

“I told him that I never wanted to see him again”

“I know, however I need you to go to Gotham. I need the information that your father has on Slade Wilson, and he has agreed to give it to me, as long as I send you to retrieve it.” She presses her forehead to yours in an unusually public display of affection, “This is your mission, child”

“Very well, mother. Only because you have asked me to do this”

Talia pulls back, a small smile gracing her lips, “I have one more request … check on your brother. It has been many years since I have seen him”

“Come with me then”

“Alas, I cannot. I must stay here. My generals are coming in three days time to report on the other League outposts”

“Of course, when do I leave?”


It’s a long trip from the League to Gotham, but you finally arrive by boat two days later. Stepping out you glance around the Gotham skyline, watching the sun set through the city smog.

“It looks exactly the same as when I left”

There’s a soft thud behind you, “You, on the other hand, do not look the same, little sister”

“Red Hood, you weren’t who I expected to see tonight”

“Batman thought you would set a trap. He wants me to bring you to him”

You raise an eyebrow, “You’re his errand-boy now? More’s changed in six years than I thought”

“I’m not…!”

Waving away his excuses, you start to walk up the pier, “Well, come on, I don’t have all night to chat”

Jason jogs up to you, “Did the League turn you into a bitch or something? You sure as hell weren’t this rude when you lived with B”

“I’m not a being a bitch, I’m trying to get my job done. Mother expects me back by the end of the week. I don’t want to fight with anyone, I’m here on a peaceful assignment.” The two of you continue walking, eventually coming to stop in front of an old, decrepit warehouse, “This would be the kind of place he would choose to meet. The man hasn’t seen me in six years, and doesn’t even invite me to the Manor”

“Well, kid, you aren’t exactly the same girl that left Gotham, are you?”

Turning your head slightly, you smirk at Jason, “No, I’m not”


“Hello, father.” Tilting your head up, you direct your question to the ceiling where you know Bruce tends to lurk, “Why don’t you come down from the rafters? Allow us to talk like civilized humans”

Bruce lands in front of you, still as dramatic as ever, “I see you’re doing well”

“Mother has been good to me, she has made me the Heiress”

“What?!?!?” Damian lands and quickly has you pinned to the wall, “You do not deserve that title!!! If you were a true heir I would not have been able to touch you!! You are …”

“Damian” Your voice makes him stop, “If I didn’t want you to touch me, you wouldn’t have. Right now, I have a knife against one of the few weak spots in your armor, and if you don’t let me go, I won’t hesitate to stab you. Understand?”

You’re quickly dropped, and Damian steps back to your father’s side. “It is … good … to see you, Y/N. You’re mother wouldn’t let any of us see you …”

“Not that I’m not enjoying this little family gathering, but you have something that mother needs. Your condition was met, you can see that I am uninjured, and sane. Now, if you would please hand over the information, I have a boat to catch”

Damian’s lips curls back in a sneer and he steps forward, obviously about to attack you again. “Why you insolent, inferior harlot! How dare you speak to father that way?!?”

Quick as a striking cobra, your least favorite knife lands in Damian’s shoulder. “I won’t be spoken to like that anymore, brother. I will be shown the respect that I have earned” You lock eyes with Bruce, “I’m no longer someone you can ignore, I’ve made sure of that. Now” raising an eyebrow you hold out your hand, “the flash drive, please”

“Why don’t you come back, Y/N? The League is doing nothing but corrupting you”

Pulling your lips back in a sneer, you let out a snarl, “You think that the League is corrupting me?! The League is giving me things that YOU never did!! The League doesn’t ignore me!! They took me in! Gave me a purpose! THEY made me strong when all you ever did was make me WEAK!!!”

Bruce’s fists clench, “We never meant to …”

You hold up a hand, stopping him, “I really don’t want to hear your excuses, father. For the longest time you made me wish that mother really had killed me. You made me think I was worthless, that I was nothing but gum on the bottom of your shoe. I know better now” Straightening up, you hold out your hand again, “I will only ask one more time. May I please have the information I came for? Or are you going to make me take it from you?”

“Talia said …”

“Mother said that I would have to see you, show you that I’m still alive, and in exchange you would give us the information we requested”

Bruce growls, obviously not used to being constantly interrupted, but reaches into his utility belt and pulls out the encrypted flash drive, “Very well, a deal’s a deal.”

“Thank you” Turning you come face to face with Dick and Tim, both of them blocking your exit. “Move, brothers, I’d like to leave”

“We can’t let you leave, Y/N” Dick places his hands on your shoulders, giving you gentle shake, “The League, Talia, they’ve brainwashed you! They’ve tricked you into being loyal to them! We can help you!”

“I don’t need your help, Dick!! I’m perfectly fine where I am!! Just let me leave, and I’ll …” Something moves behind you, and manage to sidestep the needle that was aimed at your neck. “What did you intend to do, Bruce? Drug me? Convince me that I was brainwashed? Try to turn me into another Damian, another sidekick?!”

Tim’s voice is soft, trying to pacify you, but you can see his hand tighten on his staff, Dick is slowly reaching for one of his batons, and Jason’s hand never moved from his gun. “We don’t want to hurt you, Y/N. We know what the League does to people. We just want our sister back”

Trying desperately to remain calm, you slowly pull out a long curved dagger, ready to fight your way out of the warehouse, “I’m still the same person I was before, the only thing that has changed is that I don’t need any of you anymore. I really don’t want to hurt …”

Before you can say another word, there’s a rush of wind, and a needle in your neck. As soon as the plunger is depressed and the drug hits your blood stream you can feel it taking affect. Just as your legs begin to buckle, strong familiar arms gently lift you up.

Sad blue eyes stare back at you, cradling you to his chest like your something precious. Like you didn’t abandon him when you left for the League. The one person who truly ever saw you before you left with your mother, the person you left your heart with.

His face is the last thing you see before everything goes dark, “… Kon …”

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Not Him~ Prologue


Not Him~Chapter One

Pairings: Bucky x Stark!Reader

Summary: Tony’s 18 year old daughter is sent to find Bucky by Steve. What happens when Bucky is accused of bombing the UN and Tony finds out that his daughter is dating the Winter Soldier?

Warnings: Age gap, eventual smut, Canon divergence (duh it’s fanfic), Eventual pregnancy, Protective!Bucky, Protective!Tony, canon like violence, swearing

A/N: My goal is to update every Sunday by 18:00 Central Time. Not for sure on how long this will be probably somewhere around ten chapters. There will be scenes from Civil War but they will be altered to fit the story. It isn’t going to end or be exactly like the movie this is fanfic. Happy Reading!!!!! Love you all!


“Steve I don’t know yet. I’ve just arrived how should I know if he’s actually here. Look I would maybe be able to find him if you quit calling me every five minutes and gave me a chance to look for him.” Steve, your dad Tony’s friend and teammate, had asked you to try and find his best friend Bucky, your first solo mission. You had been helping the Avengers since you were thirteen, not seeing the field until just two years ago when you turned sixteen however. You had turned eighteen a few months ago around the time Steve asked you to help him on his secret search to find his lost friend.

“I’m sorry Y/n, I just want him back. I have to find a way to help him.” Steve replied, his voice filled with sorrow.

“I know Steve and as soon as I know ANYTHING I promise I will call you. I gotta go follow this lead I got I’ll call you either tonight or tomorrow with more info.” You promised before the two of you said a quick goodbye and you started towards the address in London where Bucky was last seen.

When you found the place it was a crappy looking apartment building. You walk up and knock on the old wooden door, the white paint peeling from the front, much like the rest of the building.

“What?!” An almost bald man with a thin comb over and a beer gut asks you.

“Sorry to bother you sir, but I’m looking for a friend of mine the last I heard he was staying here. Have you seen him?” You ask the man showing him a picture of Bucky. You flash your cutest smile at the man.

“Maybe I have maybe I haven’t.” He shrugs.

“Does this help your memory?” You asks slipping him £20.

“Yeah he lives up in 3C. You can head on up if you want pretty lady.” He says flashing you a creepy smirk.

“Is he here?”

“Nah he leaves every morning pretty early. He never comes back until at least 7 in the evening.”

“Could you not tell him I’m here? I want to surprise him after all.” You flashing him a flirty smile, God why did you agree to this again? Oh right you’re a good person who wants to help her friend.

“I don’t know. I’m a pretty bad secret keeper.” You mentally roll your eyes. Good thing your dad is a billionaire, if your gonna have to do this for every lead you get.

“Would this help?” You ask handing him another £20.

“Yeah I think it will sweetheart thanks.” He says motioning you towards the stairs.

“Thank you for your help.” You say before walking up to his apartment.

Unsurprisingly the lock on the door is broken, so you walk in searching for something solid that could prove Bucky was really here. You don’t want to get Steve’s hopes ups only for there to be nothing. The place was pretty barren and was a studio apartment, the bed was neatly made, army style, the sink had a few dirty bowls and utensils in it, there were a couple pots and pans but other than that nothing.

“Who the hell are you?” A low voice growls from behind you. You slowly turn to face the super soldier.

“Bucky, I’m a friend of Steve’s. I won’t hurt you I promise. Steve wants to help you Bucky. My name is Y/n Stark.” You rush out trying to keep him from fleeing.

“Stark?” He asks his voice cracking at the end. His eyes turn cloudy like he’s remembering something awful.

“Yeah, I’m Tony Stark’s daughter. I know I’m young but Steve trusted me to find you and bring you back to him so we can help you. Please Bucky let’s just talk. You can have my weapons if that helps.” You know you shouldn’t be giving up your weapons I mean even if Bucky wasn’t an ex-assassin and super soldier the guy was huge if it came down to a fight you weren’t sure you could beat him.

“Steve sent you? Tony Stark’s daughter?” Bucky questions crossing towards the balcony, carefully, keeping his eyes trained on you.

“Yeah, look I obviously perfectly capable I mean I found you right? So I must be somewhat competent.” You defend.

“I didn’t know Tony had a daughter.” Bucky mutters to himself running his hands through his hair. He has a strange look on his face, if you knew him better you may have said guilt but you weren’t sure.

“What’s wrong?” You ask.

“I don’t do the bad stuff anymore. I never wanted to but HYDRA they,” he takes a deep breathe as both his hands curl into fists. “HYDRA brainwashed me, they tortured me for years until, I couldn’t fight it anymore, I was weak. They created that thing inside me.” He spat.

“Bucky, Steve and I both know it isn’t your fault. You didn’t want or deserve any of this. You were a young man who just wanted to serve his country. No one could have foreseen this.” You murmur placing a hand on his, hoping the action will relax him. You’re surprised when your action actually does manage to relax him a little.

“Look kid I should tell you now. I remember all of them. The people he-I killed.” Bucky explains his voice barely above a whisper.

“Bucky, that was HYDRA. Steve told me everything. It wasn’t you Bucky, it never was.”

“I killed them. I killed Howard and his wife Maria.” You gasp, no wonder he was so freaked when you mentioned you dad. You hadn’t met your grandparents, they hadn’t met you, you weren’t born until almost seven years later.

“Buck that wasn’t you. That was HYDRA. Hell I wasn’t even born yet. I won’t tell my dad he would freak. Steve already told me that he was pretty sure that’s what happened. I made my peace with it and if I want revenge on anyone it’s HYDRA not you. But we need to keep this between us no matter what, ok? My dad, he, well he wouldn’t understand that you were being brainwashed he would take it out on you.” You explain. As much as you love your dad you don’t want to bring that all forward for him. As far as he knows it was a car crash that killed his parents. He made peace with it and telling him wouldn’t change anything.

“You mean you don’t hate me?” He asks confused.

“Of course not. Bucky we just met, I want to get to know you. I don’t judge people based on their histories. You have a shitty past and yeah it’ll stay with you but how you handle it is a million times more important than what happened. Now can we go back to the States?” You huff out.

“What?” He asks pulling his hand out of your hold and stepping away from you.

“Bucky, Steve asked me to find you. We can help, at the Avengers compound we have so many resources, my dad and Uncle Bruce can help find a way to get rid of the Winter Soldier.” You plead raising your hands and taking a hesitant step towards him.

“Don’t say his name,” Bucky growls.

“Okay I won’t but Bucky I’m supposed to help you. Steve’s worried. If you really don’t want to go back to the States then fine. But please let me help, let me stay with you,” You beg. You were not going to fail your first official solo mission. Steve wanted you to help and protect Bucky and somehow you would.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I’m dangerous.”

“You won’t hurt me. I can protect myself Bucky. Watch.” You threw an empty vase towards the sink, it shattered. Bucky looks back at you startled.

“When I was a kid I hung out with my dad a lot in the lab. I was exposed to a chemical that changed me. I can fly and I have telekinesis. I started helping the Avengers a couple years ago when I was sixteen. I’ve been training with Steve for years and other Avengers. Bucky I can hold my own I promise.” You explain carefully.

“Ok,” he agrees reluctantly. “If you’re sure?”

“Of course.” You nod excitedly.

“Alright let’s go.” Bucky mutters, he uses his metal hand to punch through a floor board and grabs a backpack, before he shoves some extra money and journals into it.

“What?” You ask him confused.

“If you found me it’s only a matter of time before someone else does. We gotta move.” He says offering you his flesh hand, you grab it before the two of you leave on the adventure of your life time.


Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: none, really. Some fluff, some dark Steve

Words: 2.4k

All credit goes to Marvel

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Steve flipped the picture in his hands over and over, looking at the picture itself, then the date on the back of it. September 29th, 2016. The date seemed so long ago. He stared at the picture a little longer. He committed every small detail of it to memory; the way her hair flowed with the wind, her radiant smile, her eyes. Oh god, her eyes, he thought. He bit his lip, carefully folding the picture back into his wallet. How was he supposed to live on like this? Without her?

“Dad, I don’t know if this is a good idea. At least not yet.” You pleaded with your father. Nick Fury sat at the table across from you, elbows up on the table.

“You are the only option right now, Y/N. Everyone on the team is down and we need you.” Nick said affirmatively. You knew that tone of voice. That tone of voice meant you weren’t getting out of this. “All you have to do is make sure that James Buchanan Barnes is stable and true to the Avengers Initiative. We don’t need any more HYDRA in this world and he has some pretty strong ties to them.” You looked at your dad, Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“It’ll take two weeks tops. Maybe one depending on what you see. I promise you won’t be in there for longer than you have to.” He put his hand over yours reassuringly and you took a deep breath. Fury slid over the steel briefcase and you opened it, surveying the photostatic veil in front of you. “Wearing this at all times is necessary. The Avengers already know you as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. If they suspect that one of us is spying on one of them, the mission is compromised and there’s no telling what will happen. As we all know, Steve Rogers is a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to Bucky Barnes. We can’t risk him hurting you if he finds out what you’re up to.”

“Right, so who am I, again?” You asked. Your nerves were on fire with anxiety, whether it was good anxiety or bad anxiety, you weren’t sure. You squeezed your dad’s hand a little tighter.

“You’re Marie Laveau, Stark’s new assistant. He knows why you’re there, but he doesn’t know who you really are. He doesn’t trust Barnes either. He’ll show you everything and give you the inside briefing. You’re from San Antonio, moved here when you were nine years old to live with your aunt after your parents were killed in a deadly gambling ring. You won’t be there long, so you don’t need much more information, and if they ask, I trust you won’t blow your cover. Now come on, I’ll bring you to the tower. You can put your face on in the car.” Nick stood up, gesturing for you to follow. You and your dad stood up, too. You gave him a hug and grabbed the briefcase before following Fury.

“Tell May I bought more celery for her breakfast shakes!” You called. Your dad smiled and nodded as you sat down in the passenger seat of Nick’s car.

“You know, you didn’t have to cut and dye your hair.” He said, pulling out of the restaurant parking lot.

“Oh, I didn’t,” you pulled off your jet black wig, exposing your natural hair underneath it. “You’re not the only one who thought disguise.” You saw him crack a (rare) smile.

“So I guess spending the entirety of your life training you to be a spy didn’t go to waste, huh?”

“Well, I had some pretty good teachers.”

“You’re doing this at the right time,” Tony began. “Barnes is just starting to warm up to everyone, but he’s still slightly reserved. I feel like he’s keeping something from us, something from Steve. Oh, here’s Diana’s room. You’ll be staying here.” He gestured to the room you would be staying and you felt instantly relaxed by looking around.

“Thanks, Tony.” you said sincerely. You gave him a grateful smile and he nodded, putting your luggage on the queen-sized bed.

“No, thank you. I need to keep my team together. But I need to trust Barnes before I do that,” You nodded understandingly. “Dinner’s at five, so you have time to wash up or get situated or whatever you needed to do.” With that, he gave you a tight smile before leaving, shutting your door behind him. You pressed your hands against your mattress, welcoming the familiar softness of it, and you hung your head. It’s gonna be a long two weeks, you thought.

When you came down for dinner that night, you sat at the long bar table with a piece of pizza in front of you and a knife and fork in hand. “You’re the only person I know, besides Diana, that eats pizza like that.” Nat remarked. Steve’s head popped up to look at you and then your hands, still holding the silverware. He looked at you skeptically in a way that made your skin crawl.

“I don’t like getting pizza grease on my fingers.” You shrugged and crinkled your nose. Nat nodded and went back to eating her slice, but Steve’s eyes lingered on you for just a bit longer and you averted your gaze back to your pizza, busying yourself with cutting into it and taking a bite.

Bucky came over and plopped down next to Steve, grabbing himself a slice of buffalo chicken pizza and nearly shoving the entire thing in his mouth. Steve whispered something in Bucky’s ears and you saw Bucky glance at you in the corner of your eyes. You picked at your lip and felt your cheeks heat up, and you were thankful that the photo-static veil wouldn’t show it. Steve stood up, throwing his now-empty plate away before excusing himself. You watched as he stalked out of the room. Bucky came over and sat down by you.

“Don’t take it personal, you just remind him a lot about Diana. Everybody here’s still upset that she’s gone and they don’t like to talk about it, but I know a lot about her from her file and what Steve’s told me. Walk with me, I’ll tell you everything you need to know.” Bucky looked into your eyes and you could tell he was serious. You finished your piece and threw your plate away, instantly going to follow the brunet who was already halfway out the door.

“Diana was great. She was sweet, but wouldn’t hesitate to bring one of us to the floor if she didn’t like what someone was doing. She was incredibly intelligent, easily beating out Clint and Natasha in almost any subject. She was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, but they called her an ‘Honorary Avenger’ because she went on a lot of missions with them. That’s how her and Steve got close and how they started dating. They were never public about their relationship though, they thought people would use them against each other, making them vulnerable. They loved each other too much that they’d pick each other’s lives to save over their own.”

“Sounds dangerous, to say the least. What happened to her?” You kicked at a rock as you and Bucky walked back to the tower, now with two cups of hot chocolate.

“She was presumed dead after an Extremis blew up in a bar. She was trying to save this kid, Harley, I think. He was real special to Tony, but Tony was down for the count when Harley ran into the bar, trying to save some file. Tony begged and yelled after Harley not to go in, but it was too late. The building burst into flames and Diana ran in, diving under beams and structures that had fallen over. She pushed Harley out, but one of the rafters fell on top of her, and they couldn’t get to her in time. They never found her, all the bodies were too charred to be recognizable. Not even dental records could help.”

“Steve hasn’t been the same since?”

“No, but can you blame him? Captain America losing the love of his life? He was almost mad when Pepper was the one to kill Aldrich Killian, the guy who created it. Steve wanted to do it himself.” You guys stopped walking when you reached the steps to the common room. “I guess I credit her with being why I joined the Avengers. The punk’s lost so much in life that he needs someone who understands. I just want him to be happy, that’s what we all want. So it makes more sense for me to be on his side instead of an enemy, doing the right thing for once instead of being some brainwashed psychopath killer.”

You threw your empty hot chocolate cup into the trashcan and shoved your hands in your pockets. “I appreciate you telling me all of this now so I don’t make an ignorant remark later. I don’t want to upset him.” You said. Bucky nodded, pressing his lips together. He opened the door for you and you stepped inside. Your eyes instantly landed on Steve, sitting on the couch and reading the newspaper.

He glanced up at you before focusing back on his paper. You frowned a little at how distant he was with you, but you couldn’t blame him. He probably felt bothered that you were staying in Diana’s old room. You shrugged it off and went to your new room anyways. You had to text your dad and Fury, and then take a hot shower to make up for the cold night air.

Me: Had some one-on-one time with Barnes. His intentions look good, but I’ll stay the full week to be sure.

Dad: Remember your cover, stay safe.

Fury: Dig up any dirt you can. I want a thorough report of him.

You turned your phone’s screen off and placed it on the counter of the bathroom, making sure to lock the door before pulling your wig off as well and stepping into the hot, inviting water of your shower.

“Hey, Steve, Tony wants to know when you’re ready to try out the new suit.” You popped your head through his door. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, staring intently at a picture. He coughed and folded it back into his pocket before nodding and standing up to follow you to the lab. When he reached the door where you were standing, he did a once-over of you. Not in a ‘checking you out’ sort of way, but another skeptical glance. You froze momentarily, fearing that Steve was way too smart and could probably see right past your cover.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“Okay, Laveau, I want you to take a shot at Steve. Anywhere you want. Preferably not in the nether regions. Or the chest. The legs and stomach are fair game though.” Tony said. He tossed you a gun and you caught the trigger on your ring finger. They braced for the bullet that they assumed would be shot, but it never came. Instead, the gun balanced delicately off your finger.

“What?” You asked. Tony and Steve stood up from their crouched positions and stared at you in shock.

“Uh, nothing. Diana just used to do that a lot, kinda her thing, I guess.” Tony said. You frowned.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Must’ve just been a lucky catch.” You shrugged the comment off. “Steve, are you ready?” He nodded, and braced his body. Tony had been working on the new 100% vibranium suit for weeks now, he told you, and he was excited to test it out. Steve, however, was a bit nervous to be shot at for experimental purposes.

You fired off one shot, one at his thigh. Then you fired another at his stomach. One at his shoulder, and one at his arm. Tony watched as the bullets bounced off Steve’s uniform. Steve’s face was contorted in pain, but nothing went past his armor. When he opened his eyes and stared down at himself, he grinned at his bullet-less body and looked at Tony, who was beaming. You used this moment to excuse yourself. “Well, if that’s all you need, sir, Bucky asked me to dinner and I should get going.” Tony waved you off, too excited by his success to pay much attention. You slipped out of the room.

You walked back into your bedroom after dinner with Bucky, whom you had a surprisingly good time with. You had decided that further investigation to him wasn’t needed. In fact, he spent nearly the entire time raving over the Avengers and his missions with them. He told you about growing up with Steve and how happy he was when he was pulled out of cryostasis and found out Steve Rogers was still alive. He was even happier when he found out that Steve was still around his age, non-biologically. You dropped your keys onto the table by your door and looked into the little mirror above it, taking out your earrings. You jumped out of your shoes when you heard Steve’s voice. “Diana Locke was a great spy, amazing even. She was an expert marksman. But she also had her ticks. She picked at her lip when she was nervous. She ate her pizza with a knife and fork,” you froze, still turned away from him. “In fact, she’s even your exact height.”

“Steve, I’m sorry. Bucky told me about Diana, but she’s dead, and I-“, he cut you off.

“Oh, yeah. Diana’s dead. Diana was a cover though. Everybody believes that she died in that Extremis fire, but only I know that she used that fire and belief that she was dead to run off and find a new alias, a new cover, because she had blown hers while saving Harley.” He stalked up behind you, but you still didn’t move aside from letting him shove a picture into your hand. You brought it up in front of you and studied it. It was a photo of him and Diana. They smiled brightly at the camera with Diana lifted high onto his shoulders. She held up an American flag as her hair blew in the wind behind her. “I was the only one lucky enough to know her real name. Her true self. I know her better than herself sometimes. I’m the only one who can keep up with her.” You turned to face him and he hovered his hand over your photo-static veil, pulling it off of your face. You helped him by reaching behind you and sliding off the wig, letting your natural hair fall back onto your shoulders, framing your face. He stared at you, a smile taking over his features.

“So, what was her name, Steve?” You breathed out.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

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I don't know if you get that before, but i will write this again if you don't mind, MC is being brainwashed after meeting all the people

Ok,sorry for taking so long to do that, i ignore some facts just like you said, in Saeran’s and Seven’s part, Saeran is good.

This have a lot of “spoilers”

Sorry again, and i hope you like it, thank you for your patience and your request!


  • He just couldn’t believe when he saw you like that…So…
  • He doesn’t even recognize the woman he loves…
  • Everything was falling apart…Seven found his brother, and maybe he’s worse than him because of that.
  • Rika, the woman he always said that was good, an inspiration, is the one to blame.
  • He can’t even think right now, he can’t even see how destruction that woman caused…He just can look at you.
  • He tried to hug you, but you almost punched him…He knows that you’re going to get treated.
  • Jumin called some people that could drag you and Saeran, and all those mint eye followers to the nearest hospital.
  • When he was seeing you going, tears were falling from his eyes, and then he saw Rika.
  • She was looking at him, Yoosung eyes were filled with anger, Seven’s hold him back and said with a broken voice “….She’s not worth it…”.
  • Yoosung will not mess this up…But this woman pay for what she did with you.
  • On your treatment, Yoosung’s always here…He knows that you’re not in this state for a long time…So this will be easier than with Seven’s brother…
  • He’ll cry, cry so much, every night, wishing so much that you’ll be alright.
  • He’ll wait, a long time, until you’re ok.
  • And when you’re finally beginning to be good again, he’s going to cry again, this time those tears are tears of joy.
  • He’ll be there, by your side, for all the time you need him to be.
  • He’ll see that beautiful smile of yours again.
  • He’s sure of that.


  • He’s looking for you, he’s so worried!
  • He’s reluctant to ask for some people help like always he always thinks he can solve things by himself.
  • But this is different, you’re missing!
  • After a lot of days passed, a week or so, he can’t even count anymore, he’s smoking a lot, so he doesn’t lose his control.
  • When they finally found you, Zen’s so angry when he sees you in that state.
  • He’s even angrier when he sees Seven’s brother in that state too.
  • And he’s even angrier when he knows who did that with you.
  • He would punch Rika if he wasn’t a gentleman.
  • His anger is so strong…But after he saw how crazy you’re right now…He’s just sad.
  • He tried to get closer to you…But you almost hurt him.
  • When some people take you and all those other people to some hospital, Zen knows that Jumin was the one responsible to pay for your treatment.
  • Of course, he may not like the idea, but he knows being a stubborn and refuse Jumin’s help is not worth it.
  • He needs to think about you.
  • “Thank you Jumin…” Jumin look at him and sigh “She’s an RFA member, of course, i would help” And after that, he walks away
  • “…Trustfund kid…” He sigh.
  • Zen’ll be in the hospital every day, even if the doctors say that you might hurt him.
  • He doesn’t care about his appearance at all.
  • Every day he’ll bring flowers and tell you a love story…That was about you two.
  • He’s your knight, this means he’ll be forever here with you!
  • And he’ll save you!


  • She’s just praying and praying every night since you disappeared.
  • But after 5 days, they found you.
  • When she gets there, she’s just in shock…
  • Rika was supposed to be a nice person…
  • She saw you in distance “MC!”
  • When you looked at her, she knows that this isn’t you.
  • Jaehee doesn’t even recognize you. Your eyes, you look like a dead person…
  • She’s listening to Seven talking about his brother to Jumin, and she’s listening to you screaming.
  • She knows that’s better to back off.
  • When Jumin called some ambulances, some staff so they can take you, Luciel’s brother, and those other people.
  • Jaehee wants to show Rika why she has a black belt in judo, but she’ll restrain herself.
  • When she saw those people take you to the hospital, she looks down and start to cry, she felt a hand in her shoulder after that.
  • It was Jumin.
  • “I’ll pay for her treatment, you need to be strong for her.”
  • She didn’t expect Jumin sympathy, even at that moment, but she’s grateful for that.
  • Jaehee maintains a distance from you, so you don’t start screaming and things like that.
  • But every day when you’re sleeping, she left a single white rose on your bed, and she prays on that door every single night.
  • She knows it will take some time to you get well again, but she can’t wait to hug you again.


  • You’re his life right now.
  • The reason why he’s with that smile every day.
  • And now you’re gone.
  • So he paid everyone that he could to find you, and the RFA is searching too.
  • He’s too destroyed, he’s drinking too much.
  • But when they found you, he doesn’t even care about all those people there, he doesn’t care about Luciel’s brother.
  • He ran to you, and he already noticed that you’re not his wife.
  • You’re different.
  • He saw Seven’s struggling to talk with his brother…And Jumin knows that you’ll be just distorted…Like that men.
  • He can’t get distracted about that, he’s just in silence.
  • You’re screaming, but he still can see the woman the fell in love with, his eyes are with tears…While he has hope.
  • After some minutes, some people came to pick you, and all those people to treatment.
  • He saw Rika, his face is filled with disgusted, he couldn’t say a word to that woman, the Rika he knew was not there anymore.
  • He’ll just ignore her and he’ll make her pay for what she did to you and to all those people.
  • Every day on the hospital, Jumin ask Seven how his brother are, Seven says he’s fine…But Jumin knows he’s lying.
  • Jumin has hope that you’ll be fine, you were there for only a week.
  • You’re calmer when you’re with Elizabeth, this makes him happy.
  • He likes to watch you sleep..You look so peaceful, just like the MC he married to.
  • He knows you’ll come back, you’re a strong woman.
  • You’re his wife, and he’ll be waiting for you.


  • He thought everything was good…
  • But Rika came back and kidnaps you.
  • This time you aren’t here to help him, but his brother’s.
  • When they found you, and he sees you in that state looks like he’s looking at Saeran.
  • The old Saeran.
  • And this makes him so sad, he’s holding back his tears, while you’re screaming at him, about paradise…Those things.
  • This is a very distorted past.
  • Saeran put his hand on Seven’s shoulder “You saved me…You’ll save her…”
  • Those words made some thoughts go away from his head….“You made this, you made the love of your life be kidnapped.”
  • He’ll save you too…
  • He’ll endure everything, you can hit him, you can insult him, he’ll endure it.
  • Just like he did to his brother.
  • He knows that deep inside, you’re his MC.
  • You’re having the help that you needed.
  • And when you get better, he’ll not take his eyes off you…
  • He knows you’ll be alright, he can save you.
  • And he’ll save you.

V(He made the surgery on this one)

  • You made his life so happy!
  • So when you were missing, he’s thinking…Thinking a lot.
  • This can be Rika…
  • So he gave this time all the information to Seven, Rika ran away with Saeran, so all this information were not valid at the moment.
  • But now, that V gave all this information, this will be easier to track you down.
  • Seven doesn’t want to talk to V, but he wants to find you.
  • And when he does, V runs to you and hug you, you’re hitting on him, screaming.
  • You scratch his face, it’s bleeding now.
  • This time he wished he didn’t be seeing you, in that state, he’s crying so much.
  • He needs you so much right now.
  • He talks to Jumin and Jumin reassures about your treatment, Saeran treatment, and V keeps saying about that Rika must be punished for all that she has done to you.
  • But he doesn’t want to know about what happened to her.
  • He’ll be all the time with you in the hospital, he doesn’t care if you scream or hit him.
  • He’ll be there if you want it or not.
  • And he’ll be smiling, calm.
  • Even though on the inside he’s dying slowly.
  • But he’ll keep up because he knows you’re going to be fine soon.
  • You’ll be ok.
  • But he misses you.


  • Rika did it again…First, it was him, now it was you.
  • He can accept this fate twice…But now, it was with you!
  • He’s just a man, but he can make something about that!
  • It was not hard to everybody find where Rika was with you, she’s getting sloppy.
  • When he got there and he saw all those syringes, drugs…Tears are coming out of his eyes.
  • When he go to you, you were so crazy…You were not the MC that saved him…
  • He knows what you’re thinking, what’s going on in your head.
  • He already got into that…
  • And now he’s saved! So you have more changes because you’re not into that so much time!
  • When some people finally take you to some place so you can be treated.
  • He saw Rika, some guards were holding her, Saeran pick a syringe and run to her, he then injects that on her, brutally
  • “HOW DOES THAT FEEL?!!” Seven runs to him and holds him “SAERAN STOP”
  • Rika was screaming…That was music to his ears, and Saeran kept looking at the guard gun, while people were holding him.
  • But then he closes his eyes…And starts to think…He’ll not make a mistake…He’ll be by your side, calm and relaxed
  • He’ll never let you go.
  • So he’ll be calm, and he’ll be by your side, holding your hand.
  • He would kiss your hands when you’re sleeping.
  • He’ll wait and wait, but his hopes are there.
  • If he sees the bright on your eyes like before, he’ll cry and hug you.
  • Don’t leave him, please.
  • He wants his MC back.

Looking at Tumblr and feeling like the only person who’s enjoying Secret Empire. Like half the shit people are complaining about is just people genuinely not paying attention at all to the story. 

1. “It’s fascist propaganda.” 

You do realise that Hydra are the villains of this story right? That the whole situation with a fascist taking over the US is meant to be terrifying. That the story is meant to be making commentary on the kind of extreme right wing nutjobs rising up in politics lately and how wrong they are. 

2. “It’s anti-semitic to make Cap a member of Hydra.”

It’s been pointed out before by many people, though I was @towritecomicsonherarms point it out first on my dash, that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby wrote a story where Red Skull managed to brainwash Cap into being a full blown Nazi. The two original Jewish creators of Cap made that story. All that is being done now is a more universe level brainwash, ie. cosmic cube, and we’re actually letting the story continue for more than an issue.

Also, again, do you not realise that Cap right now is meant to be the antithesis of what he’s supposed to be? I mean they basically beat you over the head with it in Secret Empire with this

or this

The whole fucking point is that the true Steve Rogers would absolutely despise this version.

The story is a ‘What if the villains won?’ In the case of Cap’s villains being fascists it’s terrifying.

3. “It’s anti-semitic because they made Wanda side with Hydra.”

You don’t think Wanda is being brainwashed? They have Odinson on their side too and something tells me that he hasn’t suddenly become a fascist either. They even mention brainwashing multiple times in #1 and SHIELD is scared by how fast they are managing to turn their own people against them with brainwashing in #0.

Finally, you only need read Captain America Sam Wilson to get some idea of what Nick Spencer’s politics are. Something is telling me he isn’t a far-right fascist when he’s writing an anti-fascist storyline and making it the front and centre of the Marvel Universe right now. 

You can not like the story for the writing or what have you but to call Marvel fascist sympathisers or to call for Nick Spencer to lose his job just because you don’t like a story is ridiculous. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple. 

But beyond the outrage it seems no one actually seems to back up their claims of anti-semitism despite it being a serious allegation that can ruin people’s lives. Not that tumblr has been known for its tact when attacking people for disagreeing with them.

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Younger sibling reader (adult but like handful of years younger) head canons with talon members?


  • He does his best to hide his work from you, it’s hard but it works until he’s taken down by Overwatch. You were protected by your family but he thought about you often in prison.
  • When he escapes he checks in but he sees how happy you are. Realising he would ruin that for you, he leaves you alone.


  • When he was Gabriel he was quite close to you, you often visiting Blackwatch to talk with him. After the fall he doesn’t try to contact you but you’re determined, hearing the rumours he’s still alive.
  • After tracking you down he relents, realising it’s safer for you if he keeps you by his side. You join Talon and the two of you fight side by side.


  • The two of you were inseparable, you needed to be. Growing up in the orphanage the two of you stuck together. When she grew up into an infamous Hacker you were still with her, making sure she ate and slept.
  • Even in Talon, you help her, she used her abilities to keep you safe from the others. She would never forgive herself if you were hurt because of her.


  • Before being brainwashed she absolutely adored you, you were a major part of her wedding and she spent whatever time she could with you. That stopped after killing Gerard.
  • As the noose begins to loosen around her identity she seeks you out, seeing the normal life you have.

Hi, so, let’s talk about: whether mocking and mistreating Mick Rory is justified because of what he’s done in the past.

He’s not a good guy. That’s been established, and I have stated that many, many times. However. In Legends, he is not the same man as he is in Flash. It’s not quite as obvious in the first season, as he’s still clinging to the old version of himself, but it changes a lot throughout the show.

Has Mick killed people before? Yes. And he’s enjoyed it. 

Has he tried to kill people on the ship, or otherwise attempted to hurt them outright? No.

I can hear you saying, “but he did!!!” That is true. If you consider him as being himself while brainwashed, or his fights with Leonard. Or I guess letting Ray take that beating in the gulag, and there was the time he hurt Sara.

If you’re someone who says that Rip can’t be held accountable for his actions while brainwashed, then you must also extend that courtesy to Mick. As well you should, because while brainwashed, they cannot really be held accountable for what they are doing, as they are acting in the interests of those who brainwashed them.

Second. His fights with Leonard are something that the two of them have a habit of. Len has punched him more than once, and he has returned that. When they have issues, instead of having heart to hearts, they duke it out. Him hurting Len is not something to use as leverage for “he deserves to be mocked and mistreated”, because the two of them have a very specific, dysfunctional relationship that still works and is what is in general best for them to handle their problems. And it is worth mentioning that the times Mick hurt Len were usually provoked first by Len, or suggested: the fight in the cell was his idea, for example.

Third. The gulag was a prison and Mick knows how prison life works. He knew that trying to help Ray was going to get him nowhere. It would only get them both in trouble. And he DID try to warn Ray not to do what he did; Ray didn’t listen. Mick didn’t just let him fly blind, he did warn him. And in the torture session, there wasn’t much Mick could do. He was chained up.

Fourth. Sara. He hurt her right before he became Chronos. That isn’t quite as cut and dry as the other things, but he wasn’t exactly in his right mind there either. Not because of brainwashing, but because something in him by that point had snapped. Rip attacking him had been the last straw for him and he had just lost all control of his impulses. Again, this leads back to his mental illnesses: he has BPD, most likely, and we know he has pyromania. Depression. A lack of impulse control. All of these together caused him to lose his ability to control himself after what Rip said and the build-up of everything up to that point. That does not make it okay, but he wasn’t quite thiniking straight then either.

The truth of the matter is, beyond wanting to go home and as a whole ignoring the crew for the most part, Mick has never outright tried to hurt them unless he was under the effects of something: brainwashing, or a zombie virus whatchamacallit.

In fact, he has saved the crew memebers many times. He saved Rip when they were at the Oculus, even though up to date, Rip had given him zero reason to do so. He aided in saving Sara when she was younger. He aided in saving Jax. He refused to leave Ray behind in the gulag, ergo saving him as well. 

He has saved them despite them not giving him a real reason to do so. What he hasn’t done is hurt most of them, and certainly not while in his right mind. Even when he had a chance to. The only ones who knocked Rip around on the crew, for example, are Sara and Kendra. Mick hasn’t, despite having plenty of reasons to.

Yes, he can be a jerk sometimes. He’s blunt, he doesn’t care for beating around the bush, ,and he doesn’t have a good grasp on social skills. But he has never outright physically tried to severely harm another crew member.

So to say that he deserves to be mocked, insulted, and bullied in the midst of his mental illnesses being aggravated and his grief still being present, is a nonsensical thing.

Yes, he’s done bad things. Bullying him for his intelligence is not how you go about trying to resolve those things. 

If you continue to hold that view, despite knowing that Mick has mental health issues, is grieving, and hasn’t actually tried to kill the crew when in stable mental condition - you’re advocating for what is nothing more than lowkey bullying. 

May I have your attention please?

In these following statements, I don’t mean to offend any regular civilians in those countries (unless they are Islamophobic and/or anti-Turkish).

I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of the saying “Europe is the cradle of civilization”. Why? Because it is believe that Western countries are democratic, they value human right, they respect everyone’s beliefs, they don’t make discrimination, they believe in freedom of speech etc. But is it the truth or were we being brainwashed?

You know how we all hate Trump because he is full of hate. He hates everyone who doesn’t fit in his “perfect American” profile. But he neglects the fact that there are so many different type of people in this whole world. But seems to me that there are many Trumps out there, one example is above. 

You of course wouldn’t know about it but there will be a referendum in Turkey in April. It’s about whether we want the presidential system in our country. Of course there is a huge debate going on between those who want the system and those who don’t. But this is about TURKEY, this is about OUR PEOPLE. So no one else shouldn’t have a say in this unless they are a citizen of Republic of Turkey.

However, it’ not the case, as you might see. Ever since it was decided that there will be a referendum, countless politicians from Western countries released such videos, made statements, spoke on tv channels about how they don’t want it to happen. Only because they hate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the president of Turkey.

There are people who love him and there are people who hate him. I won’t go into detail about that issue because it would take a long time but honestly the actual reason is, it’s none of anyone’s business unless they are a citizen of this country. I’ve been seeing way too many hateful posts about him on this website and it just doesn’t make sense for those people to talk like that because they don’t know sh*t about him or us or this country! His party has been in power NON-STOP since 2002! But those people don’t even know anything about Turkey solely hate him because he is a conservative Muslim.

The man in the video is  Geert Wilders. A Dutch politician who is the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom. So it’s not only these random people on tumblr but those who are in charge who are running campaigns so that Turkey won’t change its system to Presidential and put Erdoğan on top. But I don’t know how they find the right to meddle in Turkey’s politics.

I’m way more than upset because we are fighting with terrorist groups such as pkk, isis and many more inside and outside of our borders, we are helping the refugees and those who are in need of help all around the world and like it isn’t enough, we have to deal with such insolent politicians!

Megatron: You’re a Predacon because we brainwashed you.
Blackarachnia: I will control my own destiny.

Megatron: You’re a Predacon because we brainwashed you.
Inferno: That’s ok, turns out being an ant brainwashes you more.

Megatron: You’re a Predacon because I’ll torture your soul otherwise.
Rampage: You’ll slip up sometime, then you’ll be sorry.

Megatron: You’re a Predacon because we built you out of spare parts.
Dinobot II: The hunt begins.

Megatron: You’re a Predacon because… I said so.
Quickstrike: YEEHAW

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💕 flintwood headcanons!

god i love these two wayy too much

  • Oliver always being on the healthiest diets ever and trying to get Marcus to join in but never managing bc Marcus is the fussiest eater ever
  • “Don’t you fucking bring that smoothie near me, Wood, kale doesn’t belong in smoothies.”
  • Marcus being a book nerd bc he’s a rich bastard and always reading random books in french or latin and oliver purposefully mangling the language as he reads over his shoulder
  • Sleepy morning porridge sessions
  • Marcus having to do all the clothes washing bc last time Oliver tried he turned Marcus’s practice gear pink
  • Half asleep Marcus calling Oliver olly
  • Oliver always having cold feet in bed bc he doesn’t like wearing socks so Marcus starts charming the bed to heat them up
  • Oliver babysitting Marcus’s cousin whilst he’s at practice and Marcus coming home to them both wearing puddlemere jersey’s
  • “How could you do this? She’s three, this is brainwashing ??”
  • Marcus not being able to stop looking up to where Oliver sits when he scores a goal
  • Him getting hit in the head with a bludger and Oliver nearly throwing up
  • Taking notes on each others performance and giving it to them
  • Losing track of who’s hoodie is who’s
  • Cabinets full of healing potions, drawers full of bandages
  • Having to get a flat with two baths because their training schedules clash
  • Oliver subtly getting more and more red and gold décor into the flat without Marcus realising
  • Marcus realising and stealing all of Oliver’s broom polish as revenge
  • Lazy days off where they’re too tired to get out of bed

Rejection hurts like a mother fucker

Pairing: Steve x stark!reader

Word count: 1,270

Plot: Steve has a crush on the reader who happens to be Tony’s daughter but she doesn’t give him the time of day because of what happened between him and her dad. Tony ends up stepping in and has a talk with the reader when he noticed Steve’s depressed state because his daughter rejected him.

A/n the reader is a total bitch in this. I still have writers block for my Clint fic so I’m accepting drabble request for the avengers and hemlock grove so if you have a request send it it. You can also choose from this list but you have to add ‘from romanogers drabble list’

When Steve first laid his eyes on you he knew he was in trouble. You were the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen since Peggy. The only problem with him liking you was the fact that you were Tony Starks daughter. Yes him and tony worked out their differences after everything that happened in Siberia, but he knew tony would have a problem with him dating his only child. Steve was ok with keeping his feelings to himself but the team didn’t like it and they kept pressuring him to ask you out.

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