you are beautiful~~~

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.
—  Anna Quindlen

Holy fuck guys please support monsta x’s comeback. If you don’t know about them i??? Please just try them out?? This albumn is so fucking good?? I mean I knew it was going to be but each successive song in beautiful will give you butterflies.

Please support Monsta X’s comeback. They deserve this so bad.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaa OMG this is so amazing
@pammspamm eres la mejor!!! El color te quedo hermoso… I’m crying this is so beautiful!!!

I made the lineart and @pammspamm the colours and is so amazing… Pammm darling UsUk fandom is really blessed to have you. I feel so happy to met you because this fandom.

Love you girl. You deserve lot of happiness you are a wonderful artist.

And… You have to teach me how to make the colours like you 😘


These two are so beautiful. This song is so beautiful. This whole episode was so beautiful. Their mini breakup was so worth it because it gave us this beautiful proposal ❤️ They deserve to be happy. Let them remain happy pls 💕

自分の携帯で写メ全然とってなかった…!!もらいものお姉さんズ〜!川島のレッスン着はアニメのだよ〜  峰‏ @mine_seventeen

Does she even understand how much I love her? How empty I feel when she’s not with me? I can sit for hours at night just thinking about how beautiful she is, how beautiful she looked when we were dancing in the moonlight.
I see stars in her eyes when she is dancing to her favorite song. I crave for her small touches and her kisses and miss her voice when I lay in my cold bed and can’t go to sleep. I think about her cuddling me and kissing my neck and think about how sometimes you can find all the secrets of the universe in someone’s arms