you are beautiful like a rainbow

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do you have any tips for dressing more femme & less “straight girl chic”

i’ve actually been thinking about this lately because i always Know when a girl is femme versus just being straight but i don’t know How i know, you know? i think it’s less about specific articles of clothing or w/e and more about how you carry yourself/interact with other women. i mean a lot of femmes also do stuff like not shaving or wearing makeup or otherwise not conforming to patriarchal beauty standards but even the most stereotypically feminine femme will still read gay to me. also i’ll give you the same advice i gave someone the other day: little accessories can tip off other gay people but fly under the radar around straights, like a double-venus necklace or a little rainbow pin or something

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actually wtf was i talking about? plumette is 100% the badass who slays a dragon to save her useless boyfriend

this was like part 2 of the ask i already responded to but hey, since you sat through that, have a freebie:

  • plumette is completely the princess who was pushed away to the woods in hiding, but lumiere is completely the princess who gets locked in the tower and has to be rescued
  • lumiere is the charming prince who picks up the love of his life in the woods by singing A Sexy Tenor Song™. plumette is the dazzling prince who breaks through the evil palace with RAINBOWS™ (honestly i love sleeping beauty so much its so fucking gay.)
  • cogsworth and adam are the two kings who get frickety-fuckety-wrecked the night before the most important occasion of their lives
  • maurice, chapeau, and cuisinier are the Dad Squad™ who live in the woods with briar rose/plumette, hiding their magic and totally failing at normalcy
  • ta-fucking-da

aries: i know that you are special because you have been saved, protected, or made to move in the final fatal second, something benevolent and protective is watching over you, you’ve had too many close calls to write yourself off as lucky or indestructible. a child born with a war inside would also be supplied with an extra set of eyes in heaven and protection from combat. it doesn’t matter how old an aries grows, you can always see that mischievous child looking back at you, and that kind of youthful energy is what allows angelic and spiritual forces to be. you are the person that everyone is secretly cheering for, revelling in your infectious triumphs 

taurus: i know that you are special because i know that you were the empress of inheritance, and that the gods and goddesses left the natural kingdom all to you. i know you are special because i have watched flowers bloom just for you as you walk on past, nature bows to you as if it prepares for your arrival and hears the unique sound of your footprints in the ground, the flowers, the sea, the stars, and creatures of the world see you and recognise their mother - mother earth. you are the value in which we measure the value of every gold, silver, and crystal 

gemini: i know you are special because i have literally seen you ask a question out of thin air and receive an answer shortly after. i’ve watched you change the most stubborn and convicted mind clever charisma and loquacious flirtation. i know you are special because i have seen teachers watching you from the corner of their eyes, hoping that you take advantage of your brilliant mind. seeing the light in you, because learning is your ceremonial prayer. i’ve seen the gods whisper words into your mind to help you finish sentences and find the right term, i’ve seen you bring down your enemy with nothing more than a flick of the tongue 

cancer: i know that you are special because i have seen you face the moon and her face change as she looks back at you with eyes of love. i know you are special because i have watched you soothe a screaming baby with a mild touch and stop someone’s tears with the softness in your voice. i’ve seen animals respond to you as if they were your own. i know you are special because i have felt old houses welcome you inside like you have always belonged there. you fill the room with your energy, and when you leaves part of you remains like a sweet and mysterious haunting 

leo: i know that you are special because i have seen black auras dissolve before your light, crushed by the blessing that is the beat of your heart. i have seen you walk outside in a mood of joy and delight and raise the sun on a rainy day. i know you are special because when you are happy the whole world is cheerful too, and when you are sad the whole world is miserable too. i have known many who believe in you and support you and would go to the end of the earth to help you shine like the sun they know you are 

virgo: i know you are special because god has trusted your mind and your hands with so much cosmic weight, and you could so easily fracture everything but you can see crystals and cracks that nobody else can. your hands were crafted with divine oversight, gold was poured in slain perfection and heavenly mineral i know you are special because you signed such a heavy contract and donated many of your blessings as a pre-act of service, you were focused so intently toward doing good 

libra: i know you are special because your earthly vessel was designed with curves and angles that allow every spec of light in the cosmos to shine right through it. i know you are special because colours were created just because they looked good on you, and you seemed so gifted at bringing these together and painting people’s souls in this rainbow. you have a way of making people feel loved and important without trying, your spirit plays a melody tuned into a hidden vibration and it blows the tune of beauty and harmony 

scorpio: i know you are special because the divine had no other way of trying to describe you but to create heaven, hell, magic, astral travel, and orgasm. i have seen the way every force good and evil in the universe bows to your presence, like they see and revel an ancient master who has been crossing the borderlands for centuries. i know you are special because you know how to crack the physical shell of skin and thinking, immerse your whole spirit so it flows the veins of your lover like ink that leaves a sacred stain for eternity 

sagittarius: i know you are special because you are the pot of gold that every rainbow pours into and the gods love to make bets on how much you will see and do. i know you are special because they don’t honour your memory by a eulogy, they wrote your whole existence into the ancient books of mythology, theology, and fairytales. you have a lamp inside from where the giant jupiter genie resides. the wheel of cosmic fortune is spun directly in your favour, and the cosmic jackpot is always blowing up

capricorn: i know you are special because i watch the whole world celebrate your birth every year. i’ve watched your spirit be held up as the example, at the height of each divine archetype, as the model of natal chart designs. i know you are special because you seem like you completed this all before and you are just perfecting what you have already done. your heart ticks like the cosmic clock that orbits every planet and in between responsibilities here you seem to maintain the whole universe 

aquarius: i know you are special because you are not of this earth and you find comfort in a place that is above and beyond here. i have seen the whole universe and every colour come alive in the crystal of your eyes, solar glitter and glassy ocean sparkling beneath golden light. i know you are special because the whole celestial space pours into your mind, your thoughts are electricity that illuminate the night 

pisces: i know you are special because you carried the breadth of spiritual substance that contained every divine archetypal design in this lifetime. you surrendered your body and mind as an instrument for the heavens, and the gods and goddesses play their holiest and most exquisite tunes straight through you. i know you are special because your essence and energy is the ultimate muse that inspires every painter, musician, writer, and artist 



Prayingwas written about that moment when the sun starts peeking through the darkest storm clouds, creating the most beautiful rainbow. Once you realize that you will in fact be OK, you want to spread love and healing. If you feel like someone has wronged you, get rid of that hate, because it will just create more negativity.  - Kesha

Most cannot endure a love like hers.
She holds a certain power that most do not possess.
She is the fire that burns as the rain pours, And the rainbow that radiates after the storm has passed.
She is the seed that flourishes in your heart after she is long gone.
The love she plants in you can never be forgotten.
She has fought many battles and has walked away without a scratch,
Never broken but forever evolving.
Her resilience knows no limit,
And her strength has no boundaries.
No one could ever prepare for the beauty inside her chaos.
Roses blossom on the scars in her soul.
She cannot be restrained nor kept caged
She demands to be felt
And in all of her flaws and imperfections she will be felt.
She is every bit of worthy
She is as raw as is it gets.
—  jadore06


I’ve only just been able to tear myself away from these beautiful cards in order to make this post. They arrived this morning and ever since, I’ve just been handling them and taking endless photos. I swear, it’s impossible to take a bad picture of this deck! 

Some thoughts and first impressions bellow the cut! 

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The signs

Rising: Is a fuchsia pink, they give off the feel of marshmallow roasting and crowd surfing.
Sun: Is a neon red, they remind you of the best high school parties ever and black black coffee.
Moon: Is a charred black, they feel like melted butterscotch and a burning hand.

Rising: Is tree trunk brown, they give off the feel of falling leaves and cherries.
Sun: Is a rich dark green, they remind you of roller coasters and pastels.
Moon: Is mint green. they feel like silk and wet crumpled paper. 


Is neon orange, they give of the feel of mystery novels and blow pops.
Sun: Is wild purple, they remind you of bubblegum blue and race cars.
Moon: Is pitch black, they feel like fulls moons and crystals.

Rising: Is pure white, they give the feel coloring books and black sharpies.
Sun: Is baby pink, they remind you of German chocolate cake and photo albums.
Moon: Is navy blue, they feel like ice water and melted wax.

Rising: Is blood red, they give the feel of best friends and crazy parties.
Sun: Is electric yellow, they remind you of karaoke and freshly baked snickerdoodles.
Moon: Is gold, they feel like paper cuts and high speed running.

Rising: Is cream, they give the feel of new shoes and fresh perfume.
Sun: Is violet, they remind you of slow dancing and really important conversations.
Moon: Is rich purple, they feel like zig zag lines and fairy wings.


Rising: Is sunkissed yellow, they give the feel of ocean breeze and heart shaped chocolate.
Sun: Is hot pink, they remind you of black and white movies and fashion statement scarfs.
Moon: Is ice blue, they feel like rare gemstones and rough wood.

Rising: Is pastel pink, they give the feel of baggy sweaters and hidden secerts.
Sun: Is ruby red, they remind you of rule breaking fun and winter storms.
Moon: Is midnight blue, they feel like sharp glass and broken hearts.


Rising: Is ocean blue, they give the feel of giggle fits and knuckle cracking.
Sun: Is pumpkin orange, they remind you of pebble tossing and competitions.
Moon: Is red orange, they feel like angry tears and rageful door slamming.

Rising: Is heather gray, they give the feel of building furniture and hand holding.
Sun: Is chocolate brown, they remind you of floral couches and beautiful red velvet cakes.
Is forest green, they feel like slip an slides and Christmas wreaths.


Rising: Is velvet purple, they give the feel of rainbow clothes and tv shows.
Sun: Is cobalt blue, they remind you of dancing in the rain and out of your comfort zone fun.
Moon: Is stone gray, they feel like blades of grass and poetry.

Rising: Is opalescent white, they give the feel of sun after rain and creative thinking.
Sun: Is dandelion yellow, they remind you of childish giggles and neon paint.
Moon: is rose pink, they feel like bubbles and yearning stares.



★heart eyes at you p.1

★his dom mode would dissolves seconds after you’ve both come down from your highs

★he’d feel so happy and warm and fuzzy and like he could explode into rainbows

★he’d help you to the bathroom to clean and prepare yourself for bed

★then he’d bust out the matching pink pyjamas so you can sleep in style

★he’ll offer to make you food

★but you always say no

★because you’d rather cuddle with him rather than have him in the kitchen cooking

★sings you to sleep in that beautiful voice of his

★his plump lips will press kisses all over your face as you began to drift off

★loves to trace shapes on your skin

★when you wake up, he’ll have a huge breakfast made

★'jin, you didn’t have to’

★'you need your energy back!’

★'maybe some toast, then’



★aftercare varies with yoongi
★if he’s tired, he’ll just pull you close and shower you with kisses and ‘i love yous’ as you both fell asleep
★but if he’s not ooooh boy
★he’s gonna cuddle you close to him
★and whisper nothings in your ear
★maybe he’ll get you turned on again
★and you two can go another round
★maybe not
★he’ll be so gentle with you
★he’ll gently wrap you in blankets
★kiss all over you
★'you made me so proud, kitten’
★'you took all of me so well’
★'tomorrow, i’m going to treat you like a king/queen all day’
★he’ll let you rest for a while before taking you into the shower
★will let you pick something from his wardrobe to wear to sleep in
★you’ll do so much talking when you’re like this
★he’ll tell you about song ideas
★you’ll tell him how school/work is going
★it’ll just be lovely


★this precious angel thrives on feedback from you
★sometimes he worries that he didn’t do a good enough job
★if you tell him how good he made you feel
★shit son you’re in for a nice of none stop kissing and nuzzles
★seeing you post-sex is his favourite time to see you
★so he probably takes 342309832 photos to look back on when he’s on tour
★you ask anything from him, he’ll do it
★want a bath? sure
★order pizza? no problem
★want a penguin from the local zoo to join in the cuddles? yeah, give him 20 minutes
★loves staying naked to cuddle
★'more intimate’
★he has a speical playlist for times like these
★full of smooth jaz
★and some ye old love songs
★which sometimes he’ll sing along to
★when you fall asleep, he’ll tuck you in and give you plenty of kisses


★he’d laugh as you both settled from your highs
★'i think that’s the best sex we’ve ever had’
★he’d say it after every single time
★and it was true
★sex with namjoon got better and better
★he’d push hair from your forehead
★and gently pepper your lips in kisses
★when he’d made sure you were alright he’d go run you a bubble bath
★he’d sit behind you in the tub and let you rest against him
★would quote some poems he’s revised
★or softly sing your favourite song
★tbh the aftercare part with nams is better than the sex
★sue me
★when you’re done in the bath he’ll dry you and put you in your pyjamas
★then honey get ready
★because this guy ain’t letting you move from the bed


★he’ll clean you up
★then help you put on your pyjamas
★when you’re both settled in bed, he’ll just go full teasing mode
★'you should’ve seen your face!’ he laughed as he mimicked you
★'oh jimin~~~’

★'look how red your cheeks are!’

★just let him tease you and giggle then he’ll get to the cuddling
★he has to be the big spoon
★don’t fight him on this
★you’ll end up being death gripped by his thighs
★he likes sniffing your hair
★bc your shampoo is one of his favorite smells
★but he won’t admit that
★he’ll probably wake before you
★and make plans to take you out for breakfast


★heart eyes at you p.2
★like holy shit this guy will just turn into a big ball of mush
★you’re his
★you’re his jagi
★and he loves you so much????
★you make him feel so warm and fuzzy
★he’s just stare at you and give you praise
★'you’re beautiful when you’ve been fucked good by Daddy’
★'you’re such a good girl/boy’
★don’t you even dare try moving after sex
★will play with your hair until you fall asleep
★won’t fall asleep until he knows you are


★'who made you feel that good?’
★'who made you scream so loud?’
★after that he’ll be back to his normal self
★he’ll flop next to you and play with your hands
★after a while he’ll grab his phone and order take out
★will probably feed you if you’re too sore to move
★if you’re both not exhausted, he’ll put on the tv


The Witch Kitchen Thank You!! Giveaway

I said i’d do a giveaway like 2k followers ago and I got busy but I’m glad I did cause i have even more love to offer. Like i once said, this blog started as a way to help my mental health, whenever i was going through something and needed to get my mind off things i’d come here and transcribe one of my favorite recipes that always makes me feel better. I’m so glad to be able to share that. And I’m even happier to be able to share what I do. Thank you for all your support :)


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A rough piece of Black Tourmaline, Rainbow Fluorite
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An Amethyst Sphere, a Garnet Sphere, and a Rainbow Aura Quartz Cluster


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**officially over**

twerkyvulture  asked:

i love the squirmy boys...... please tell me more about your time with them

I am so glad you asked! So these South American giants belong to the genus Rhinodrilus. They’re found in rainforests, which is so perplexing since one of the most outstanding features of rainforests is the utter lack of topsoil. I was astonished to see such gigantic earthworms in such a seemingly hostile ecosystem. Rainforests tend to have a thin layer of decaying leaf matter (just a few centimetres deep) sitting on top of solid, nutrient poor clay. 

Part of the reason why the soil is so… nonexistent is that incredible organisms like Rhinodrilus and many other detritivores eat up all of the forest’s biomass into their bodies as opposed to leaving much of it in topsoil. Worms in the Amazon are so powerful that nearly all the biotically useful chemicals in the forest are in some living thing. It’s the starkest line between biotic and abiotic I’ve ever seen!


So about hanging out with them! Rhinodriles are gorgeous worms! Their skin is a lovely light lavender and has this beautiful rainbow iridescent sheen to it, which you can sort of see in the above photo. In sunlight, their whole body glitters with many rainbows. I could thankfully tell they were vomiting and not pooping all over me (like every other animal) since they do have clitella, those bulges you see around small earthworms, which are located close to the head. If you’ve ever wondered what those bulges are, they’re the primordia of ring-shaped egg cocoons that the worm will shed once its fertilized eggs are mature. 

In addition to projectile vomiting, they are quite fast on land. They’re abundant, and surface during rain, so you’ll see their tracks in just about any patch of dry mud you find. They normally walk forward in straight lines, but can really get the hell out of dodge quick with serpentine maneuvers if some dipshit ape tries to catch one. You do sort of have to handle them like snakes if you pick them up, not because they’ll bite, but because they’ll climb and slither out of your grasp. I could actually feel their setae (these spines used to grip dirt while inching forward) gripping my hands like so many tiny claws! The big squigglies seemed to have rows of setae all around their bodies, since if pet in one direction they are silky smooth, and in the other feel like a cat’s tongue.

All in all, really good animal, 11/10 reason to support rainforest conservation.

Source This is a normal sized earthwodm with a really good image of setae.

Angry Astrology

*use Mars, Sun, and Moon 

Aries: If you have made this sign mad, you probably did not have to try very hard (probably just made one mad by saying that). This sign will do one or both of these two things when angry, yell or punch. Aries is a fire sign, so their anger is very quick with a tiny fuse. Being a Cardinal sign, their expression of anger is often a want for change. Combine these two together, and you have the very expression of red-faced anger.

Taurus: Another sign that is not very difficult to get mad. Taurus, however, will not act as directly as Aries will. Taurus is the epitome of stubbornness, so they will hold a grudge and form bitterness. You will miss out on the love that Taurus is capable of giving, so you will eventually feel worthless over time because you know that you have wronged them in some way. If Taurus is the one who messed up, they will eventually apologize, just give them about six months and twenty-seven gifts. Just kidding, but really. 

Gemini: Oh, shit. You fucked over a Gemini. First of all, they will try to laugh it off. If that is not their first reaction, run like Hell. A Gemini may not fight (but who the hell knows with this fuckers), but they will certainly use their connection with Mercury to berate and belittle you. They will likely bring you to tears and feel no remorse. This sign is also likely to blackmail you. Even if you straighten things out, they will never forget about how you hurt them.

Cancer: I would say their first reaction would be to cry, but it really depends on what kind of relationship you have with them. If you do not have a close relationship, they will be the most cold-hearted bitch you have ever met. Like Aries, they will likely want to get physical. They are ruled by the moon, so their expression of anger can be purely from how they feel, and if they are mad, you’re pretty fucked, I’d say. If you are close to them, they will try to keep off their anger, but once you have crossed that threshold, they will victimize to a point where you are nothing but the bad guy in the whole situation.

Leo: Oh, boo-hoo, you hurt their ego. They will get over it, but their anger will stem from their very weak self-expression. They will see you as a personal attacker, and they will defend themselves in any way possible. This sign can often become vindictive and is known to fight dirty. I have known some Leos to use their “Mr(s). Popularity” to turn people against the person who harmed the Leo. Being a fixed sign, it may take them a bit, but they will get over it.

Virgo: PETTYYYY BITCH. Virgo is the zodiac’s very own perfectionist. Nobody can do it better than them. A Virgo will not stoop down and fight dirty; no, they will do much worse. They will maintain their perfect status and bitch you out in every possible way. Every argument against them is flawed, and they will poke holes in those flaws. Virgo will develop the best argument against you, and when all is said and done, you will admit that you are wrong because you stand in the presence of sheer perfection.

Libra: Oh my dear Jesus have mercy God, you done fucked up, haven’t you? We all know that Libra is the sign of love, beauty, balance, harmony, sugar, rainbows, etc. However, if you have made a Libra mad, you have truly fucked up, and you deserve it. Libra serves justice, being the scales of law. The Libra will begin with the cold shoulder, then, when you least expect it, the exalting Saturn nature of Libra will serve justice. Every bad thing you have done, Libra will remind you about. Being an air sign, Libra’s anger is very powerful and forceful, but not explosive like fire. Libra will take and take and take, and when they finally lose balance, all hell will break loose. Libra is not one to hold a grudge, but if you have pissed them off enough, you may as well kiss every good thing goodbye. 

Scorpio: This is the scariest sign to see truly angry. Pluto and Mars rule this sign, so we have the abyss of the unknown but the pulsing energy of mars as well. Scorpio will, like Cancer, victimize themselves. Secondly, like Gemini, they will pull out all their receipts on you so they can blackmail you. Their anger is so intense that you can feel it radiating from them. If you happen to earn their trust and forgiveness again, you know that their heart belongs to you.

Sagittarius: Okay, this sign can go a lot of different ways, one way is that they will laugh their ass off at your stupidity. You have pissed them off, so prepare to pay the consequences. Their fiery nature will want to fight you. If you get into an argument with them, you will likely lose, so don’t bother trying unless you’re a Virgo. Once they get over it, they will never bring it up again, and honestly, your fights and arguments may bring you two closer together. Now, when they totally ghost you, you may never see them again.

Capricorn: Oh dear, this is not going to be pretty, so prepare yourself for the absolute heartlessness of an infuriated Capricorn. This is kinda the feeling you get when you were a little kid and your parents were upset with you. First of all, the Capricorn will remind you about how disappointed they are in you. Secondly, they will begin this condescending rant about your childishness. Lastly, like Leo, they will try to turn the masses against you. They will not admit they are wrong, and like Libra, they are a pretty chill sign, so if you have angered them, you have truly fucked up.

Aquarius: This sign will start off by hurting your pride in every way possible. Aquarius is about social balance, so they need to bring down their mighty enemy. It is possible that this sign will go out of their way to find things to be mad at people about, so you shouldn’t get super defensive when they come at you with something. However, this is not to say it won’t hurt like hell when they attack you. They will remind you how dumb you are for attacking them, and how “you will be sorry.’ Just get over it yourself, and they will.

Pisces: Okay, first of all, you bitch. Pisces are some of the sweetest people I have met, and if you pissed them off, you probably deserve what is coming to you. They will cry and victimize themselves, probably rightly so. Now, for the scary part, they will leave you feeling completely alone. Every form of anger of every sign falls deep into the soul of Pisces. Good luck earning their favor back!



Do you like to read?


B. Yes, it’s all I do! All day e'r’ day! :)))))) SMART PERSON HAnerdHAHAHA

C. Only with my friends while eAtInG! RAINBOWS fuCK YEaahh?!!?!

D. ssssssssneeeekkkkkkssss

As requested! the mobile version of our permanent masterlist, maknae line focused.  Here you can find every single scenario we have posted to this date. It will get updated constantly as we publish new works. Thank you for all the support to Bangtan Spells, we hope you enjoy the reading! (Hyung Line Post)
































  • Starlight Pt. 1 / 2

















☆All Members Focused


Important lyrics in Bobby’s ‘LOVE AND FALL’ album
  • The prettiest curve on you is the smile on your lips (’FIREWORK’)
  • Girl, just because Wonder Woman is strong, that doesn’t mean it’s ok to hurt her (’LEAN ON ME’)
  • You don’t believe in God but, I thank God for sending me a treasure like you (’LEAN ON ME’)
  • I ran crazily, not knowing I became an adult, trying to pretend I live without worries so my mom won’t get worried (’RUNAWAY’)
  • Now I’m smiling like you and am happy. Before, I took everything for granted. But you change me, my girl. (’ALIEN’)
  • I’ll hold onto you when you’re about to collapse. I’ll be your shoulder so you can rest, I’ll walk with you when no one’s there. I won’t let go of your hand. (’IN LOVE)
  • Don’t be pressured, I won’t force you girl. (’SECRET’)
  • I lost another friend, jealousy can commit murder. (’UP’)
  • They say I’m like a rainbow, both the ladies and the men. (’UP’)
  • I know there’s no such thing as fair play between a guy and a girl. (’TENDAE’)
  • Would we be different if we understood each other a little more? (’I LOVE YOU’)