darling, you are my sun, my moon, my stars. you are a whole god damn galaxy.
—  and i’m just a wanderer, travelling through every part of you and admiring the beauty that you are.
Thank You

I just want to say that I know Tumblr is far from perfect and that there is a lot of anger and hate spread around on here, but being here has been such a positive experience for me, and I know it’s because the people I have around me are so positive, supportive, kind, and genuinely care for each other.

Fandom for me is fun and a reprieve from the stress of everyday life, so I like to keep things light and breezy and non-stressful.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart to my lovely mutuals who make me smile about 100 times a day. You know who you are <3

  • Thank you for sending me hugs and love in the form of asks.
  • Thank you for tagging me in fun games. 
  • Thank you for yelling with me over all the cool stuff we see. 
  • Thank you for sending me sweet messages asking how I’m doing and letting me know you are thinking of me.
  • Thank You for sharing your lives with me.
  • Thank you for sharing your writing and artwork with me. 
  • Thank you for asking for my opinion and advice. 
  • Thank you for tagging me in things you think I’ll like.
  • Thank you for encouraging me daily. 
  • Thank you for reading my fics. 
  • Thank you for giving me feedback on my fics.
  • Thank you for being so lovely.

I rarely see any negativity on my dash, and when I do it just fades away because of all of abundance of positivity there. 

People often ask ‘how is life treating you?’ Perhaps the more accurate question is ‘how are you treating yourself?’
—  Sepi Tajima
If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.
—  Ruthie Lindsey (via OptimisticallyAstray)
Speak softly to yourself, for frustration can often only draw you backwards, and does nothing to change the situation itself. You deserve kind words. You deserve respect. So, give it to yourself.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

To the kids who stare blankly at empty screens where text messages and emails should be,

To the kids who hear time and time again that they’re not alone but you’re drowning in the overwhelming feeling that you are, in fact, alone,

To the girls who are called fat and ugly because you’re not a size zero and your face isn’t perfectly symmetrical,

To the boys who have your masculinity questioned constantly because you care about more than just sports and sex,

To the kids who have learned to feel ashamed of the color of your skin or the way your facial structure is laid out,

To the kids who worry constantly about what tomorrow holds because for you it’s more than a math test or facing your crush,

To the kids who are called ugly, faggot, loser, retarded, fat, worthless, unwanted, unloved,

I love you. And that’s just one more reason to keep going.