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Got7 React to: You trying to insult them


Anon requested: Got7 reacting to you trying to insult them but they find it cute and funny rather than offensive please. i love your blog so much lol much love

Here is your G7 reaction, I hope it’s just as amazing as you hoped for! I’m back from my short hiatus, my older brother recently left for the army, so we were in the midst of preparing to say goodbye and such. I’ve added Monsta X and Got7 to the mix, as you already know. A lot of these requests are old as this was for all kpop groups before I changed my rules. However, I’m now taking new requests as well, it just may be a while before I get to yours. I love you and I hope you aren’t disappointed in me or these reactions. I do really try my best. Feel free to request again. Thank you for your love and support, I appreciate it so much! All of my love goes back to you ~  A 

Jinyoung: He would stare at you for a few minutes, trying to contain his laughter as your ‘insult’ was hilarious and he didn’t know if you were being serious or trying to make him laugh.

“I love you babo.” 

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Jaebum: Giggles at you and gives you a quick kiss before noticing the annoyed look on your face.

“Sorry, am I supposed to be hurt? Oh jagiyah! How dare you say such mean words to me?!” Tries not to laugh as he pretends to be hurt. 

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Yugyeom: “Aww, I love you too.” 

Would just giggle at you trying to be mean to him then would kiss your pouty lips.

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Youngjae: “Excuse me a moment.” 

He would walk into a different room before dying of laughter and sharing with the other guys that you’d tried to insult him but you just looked like an angry teddy bear. 

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Bambam: “Baby, tell me one I haven’t heard yet. I know I look like a flamingo.” 

Would totally mess up the pronunciation of ‘flamingo’ but would just giggle at your attempt to hurt his feelings by making fun of his legs. Would then apologize because he realized he’d hurt your feelings and you were just trying to get payback. 

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Those godt damn contacts 

Mark: “Yah! That would only hurt my feelings if you were intimidating. But you aren’t so it didn’t!” 

He would tickle you until you apologized for trying to be mean to him. 

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He would be trying to figure out what the hell you were even trying to say because you’re really not that great at speaking Chinese so your insult kinda backfired. 

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Same J, SAME. 

Submissive (M)

Words:  967

Warning: Smut, handcuffing, teasing

Yoongi X Reader

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“You what?” He asked, obviously amused by your request.

 You and Yoongi weren’t dating exactly; you were best friends who always fucked.  That was working. The big deal was that he was the dominant. He was the one who decided everything, and you loved it, but that night, you wanted to be the one saying the rules.

“You heard me, babo. Just one night, let’s try. I’m so open to trying new things, so do it for me” you asked. He looked at you, thinking about your request. You both were sitting onto the couch.

“Ok. Let’s try it” he said. Did he really accept that? You didn’t expect him to say yes so easily. But who cares.

 He started leaning in to kiss you, and you kissed him back happily, but when his hand started pushing you down to lay, you pulled away.

“No, baby boy. I’m the dom here” you said teasingly. He chuckled a little and nodded, his lips curved in a slight smile. Those lips… Fuck. Once he was laid, you straddled him, leaning in to attack the exposed skin of his neck, sucking at it harshly.

“No marks, I’ve to perform tomorrow” he groaned. You started playing with the edge of his shirt, soon it was completely off. His belly was so cute and sexy. Argh!

You started moving your hips against him, your clothed pussy making contact with his clothed and semi hardened dick. The friction was turning you on quickly, but you managed to control it. Your lips were working on his collarbone, then his stomach, and then you managed to take off his pants. Once it was off, you started teasing him, kissing his dick over his underwear as your hands massaged his thighs.

“Fuck, Y/N” he groaned. You finally took off his underwear, leaving completely naked while you were still dressed.

 You took his length in your hand, pumping it till there were pre-cum dropping down, which you used to lub his dick. You ran your hand up and down his shaft, earning groans from him.

“Please, Y/N” he begged. Is he begging? Yoongi? No way.

You leaned in to lick his tip, looking into his eyes in an intimate stare.

“Is that what you want babe?” you asked, your tongue playing with his tip.

“Fuck yeah”

“I’ll suck you. But if you touch me, I’ll stop” you said and he nodded. You took him into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down really slowly, testing him. One of your hands cupped his balls while the other pumped what you couldn’t fit, and he couldn’t contain himself anymore. He grabbed your hair and forced your head down, making you gag as his tip hit tour throat.

 You pulled away from him, glancing at him.

“What did I say?” You asked, faking angriness.

“I-I just wanted to-” he started saying.

“Don’t. I’m not sucking you anymore” you said and he raised his eyebrows at you. For sure he was surprised by your actions because he was not used to that. So did you. You didn’t even know how you were doing that.

  You stood up and took off your clothes, getting naked in front of him. He sat up and leaned against the headboard, licking his lips at the sight.

 You did lay in front of you and did spread your legs, giving him a great view of your dripping pussy.

“Watch me” you whispered and let your hands grab your boobs. You played with your nipples, closing your eyes, imagining it was his hands. He whispered as he realized what you were doing.

 You felt him move and stopped touching your boobs immediately.

“Don’t touch me. Just watch me” you hissed as one of your hands traveled down your pussy and rubbed circles on your clit.

“Hmm” you moaned and pushed one finger in, pumping it in and out fast.

“Y/N please let me touch you” Yoongi whimpered. That was so hot for you both.

 You felt you were close and stopped. You needed to feel him already.

 You reached your desk and took a handcuff. Yes.

Yoongi eyes widened.

“I’m not sure If I want to-” he started saying but couldn’t finish; you leaned in and pecked his lips.

“I’m gonna make you feel good, baby. The way you always do with me” You said sensually.

 You handcuffed him on the headboard. Shit… What Am I supposed to do now? You had never done that before, and despite the fact you had proposed, you had never thought you would go so far.

 You sat on top of him, your genitals marking contact. You kissed him, sucking his bottom lip and felt him pulling against the headboard.

“Daddy wants to touch me, doesn’t he?” you teased and kissed his jawline, then his neck and collarbones. You grabbed his dick under you and placed it on your entrance, lowering yourself onto him slowly, you both groaning. Once he was fully into you, you started moving up and down his length, groans and moans filling the room.

“Fuck I really would like to touch you right now” Yoongi hissed. So did you. Shit why have I cuffed him?

 You supported yourself on his chest, fastening your pace, your skin slapping against his harshly. You leaned in, kissing him, biting. It didn’t take long for your walls to clench around his dick, and once you stayed rubbing your clit, you couldn’t hold back anymore. You screamed in pleasure, feeling him following you, cumming inside you. You collapsed against him, both your breaths heavy.

 You let his wrists go, and once you did, he grabbed you roughly, spinning you around so he was now on top of you.

“My turn” he said, grabbing the handcuffs and locking you against the headboard.

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Accidental Confessions

Requested by @nvevr Heyy can I request? Id love to have a Got7 scenario where y/n is Jackson’s bff and hes the only one that knows about y/n’s crush on Bambam but y/n and Jackson gets into a argument and he acidentally shouts it in front of everyone (even Bambam) plz?

Thanks for requesting babes! Hope you like it. And sorry it’s so short :)

-Admin Katie

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“Jackson Wang!” You yelled, not happy with your best friend for taking your book out of your hands.

“If you didn’t have your nose stuck in a book twenty-four seven, then we wouldn’t be having this issue now would we?” He retorted, and you stared at him, raising a brow.

“Alright. If I don’t have my book back, I will unleash hell upon you. 3….” You began to count, holding your hand out for the stolen book. He laughed, “2….” he wasn’t laughing as hard as a second ago, and seemed to be sobering up, hearing you not give up. “1….” He quickly put the book in your open palm, as soon as you took a step closer to him. “That’s what I thought.” You sat back down on the couch, and heard the guys laughing, which stopped when you both glared at them.

“Yah, why are you two like this? It’s almost scary how alike you can be.” You heard BamBam complaining, and grinned. What you didn’t realize, was Jackson was grinning as well, which made them all freaked out. “You’re doing it again!” He covered his eyes from the sight of you and Jackson, smiling like the weirdos you were.

Later in the day

“If you’d stop beating around the bush, you would be able to tell the girl about your feelings you babo.” You scolded, hitting Jackson on his arm lightly.

“Yeah, well you’re one to talk. ‘Oh, BamBam. He’s so cute, and sexy, if only I didn’t have a crush on him, I wouldn’t be so weird and awkward.’ ” He imitated badly, and froze suddenly. You glared at him before hearing a cough from behind. Turning around, you saw all the guys standing in the doorway of the kitchen. Feeling your face flush dark, you muttered a ‘Thanks for that’ to Jackson before taking off. You could not believe he said that, in front of all the guys, including BamBam. That was so embarrassing. You were stopped on your way out of the house by a hand on your arm. Stopping and turning, you found BamBam. It wasn’t a second later that his hands were on each side of your face and he pulled you in for a short and sweet kiss. When he pulled away, he was smiling shyly.

“I like you.” He declared, and then it was your turn to smile.

“I like you too.” You replied, before giving him another kiss.

First Love -5- Suga AU

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First love - Suga AU

Parts; Masterlist, One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, angst, 

Word count; 3.543

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

You stumbled out of the room, completely out of breath, this was a new feeling, you were definitely not used to this and as you looked back you couldn’t help but touch your lips, what did this mean? Did this mean you were now in a relationship? Or was he just playing you? Did you really want to be in a relationship with him? Who were you kidding, of course, you wanted him to be your boyfriend.

The next day you decided not to go to the hospital because you were afraid he would act like nothing happened and on top of that you would feel awkward, which you really didn’t want, so you just stayed at school and practiced your piano skills a bit more when Jimin suddenly sat down next to you. “Are you almost done here?”


“I want to practice our routine.”

“Really? But we practiced this morning.”

“I know but I just can’t get it out of my mind, I feel we need to practice some more before the next showcase.”

“Okay, let’s go.” you out the cover over the keys a bit harsher than intended but you were a bit annoyed with Jimin because he was really clinging to you lately and with your emotions all over the place thanks to a certain person, it wasn’t easy to focus on Jimin especially when you were dancing together, as the dance was really sensual. He wanted to practice a lot and you usually didn’t mind dancing but now that your emotions were all over the place it was no fun, whenever he touched you because it set off feelings you didn’t think you had, at least not for Jimin, as you only saw him as a best friend but thanks to this intimate dance you sometimes thought about things you shouldn’t be thinking and the absence of Yoongi wasn’t helping as well.

He put on the music and you started to dance when he joined you. He threw you around in lifts when he suddenly let you slip down against his body, this was a new move, which you only discussed about but now that he was doing it for real, you held your breath because you felt everything and as a dancer this shouldn’t be a problem but you couldn’t help but gasp a little. This grabbed Jimin’s attention and he stopped moving you and came closer, you, on the other hand, didn’t move a muscle, you were actually staring intensely at each other and without realizing it your head moved closer. “YAH Y/N!” this broke the moment and jimin also realized what almost had happened and put you down quickly. You turned around to look at the person who had disturbed you and was shocked to see Yoongi standing in the doorway and boy did he look angry, which you understood because you almost kissed Jimin.


“I’m back and I see that I came just in time.:” he walked into the dance room and shoved Jimin away from you but Jimin was holding your arm and pulled you along and pushed you behind him. “What are you talking about?”

“You were about to kiss her!”

“I wasn’t, we were just in the moment of our dance.”

“Yeah right, I saw it all, the way you let her slide down and stopped when she gasped, are you telling that was part of the dance?!”

“Yes, we have to show emotions, whilst dancing but I don’t expect you to understand this.”

“Emotions my ass.”

“I’m not sure what’s it to you but we are just friends.”

“That didn’t look as if you were just friends.”

“Then the routine is a success.” Jimin sounded smug because he was right, we did a routine that should make people think you were lovers but you were shocked as well when he did that move. Yoongi reached behind Jimin and grabbed your arm and tried to pull you away from Jimin, which wasn’t working as Jimin had more power in his hands and they just ended up pulling you, which hurt, to be honest, and you could feel the anger growing inside of you. They were just acting ridiculous and as you were still shocked to see Yoongi back at college it was safe to say that you didn’t respond well to all of this.

“YAH, AREN’T YOU TWO LETTING GO!” you screamed at them as they pulled again, you never thought you had to forcefully pull your arms away from guys but here you were losing your patience. They looked both in shock as you pulled your arms free and stomped away, you were so done and to think that all you wanted was for Yoongi to get out of that damn place but now you wished he was still there and why didn’t he let you know that he was being released today, he could’ve just said so, then you would’ve waited for him in the music room, this was also a reason why you didn’t want to visit him anymore because he wasn’t clear on his feelings for you and he was highly confusing you but him acting like this didn’t help. You didn’t stop at the music room and just kept walking to the bus stop, you were going to go home and not think about those damn guys.

During the day they kept calling you, it was really bothersome, it even made you shut off your phone just so you couldn’t see them calling but it made you anxious as you kept looking at your phone, it was really unnerving. “Why don’t you play some piano for me?” your mother asked and how could you say no, the minute you started playing someone rang the doorbell but you weren’t planning on opening that door because you had a feeling so you just started playing “Why aren’t you picking up your phone?!” Yoongi sat down next to you after your mother had excused herself from making something to eat but you decided to still ignore him and you just kept playing and eventually he just sighed and started to play with you and you never thought you were so in tune with each other but the way you were playing together, it was just as intimate as the dancing with Jimin but now you did see the difference because with Jimin it was a dream like state, which was created by the dancing but this with Yoongi felt real and it made you tense but relaxed at the same time.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were getting discharged?” You decided to ignore his question about your phone because that really wasn’t important right now. “I wanted to but things just went a different direction and I completely forgot to tell you.” you know you were blushing because you were the reason for his distraction and you knew it.

“I see, well welcome back.” you focussed on playing again and he sighed deeply next to you “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For not telling you.”

“That’s the only thing you’re sorry about?”

“Yes because that’s all I did wrong.”

“What about earlier today?”

“You mean when I interrupted Jimin and You?” You nodded but didn’t look at him because you already heard the anger in his voice. “You’re kidding me right?” he put his hand on mine to stop me from playing and as he turned he made you look at him and the anger that you saw was a bit unsettling because you didn’t like it when men were angry, as they often used violence. “I’m not kidding.”

“You were almost kissing Jimin.” You shrugged and that’s when he got really close and you couldn’t contain yourself from flinching, which he saw, this made him sit back slightly, which made it clear that he really didn’t want to hurt you. “We did not almost kiss, it was just the emotions of the dance.”

“So if I did that with another girl and you would see it, you wouldn’t mind?” He had a point because your heart was already betraying you as you would be so jealous but did you had to say that out loud. “Just admit that you would be just as jealous.”

“Why are you jealous?” you know it was a stupid question but as long as he didn’t confirm it you technically weren’t a real couple, which made you just kiss buddies, which sounded weird but that was what your head was saying and you really didn’t want to lose your heart to someone who might not even really like you. “You’re such a babo, how can you ask me this? I’m jealous because you are mine.”

“What are you talking about, why am I your, I’m no one’s.” he chuckled because he knew you had just used a line from a tv show. The fact that he knew this made you blush even harder, your head really must look like a tomato right now. “You have been mine from the first time I laid eyes on you.” you were shocked to hear this because the first time you saw each other, he was a real asshole. “You hated me.” He shook his head and you saw the guilt on his face because he knew he had treated you badly, especially when he performed at the showcase.

“I never hated you, Well okay I disliked you, at least that’s what I thought but in reality I actually liked you.” This made no sense at all and you could feel a headache coming. “You know that doesn’t make any sense right?”

“I know but to my defense when you walked into the room, you looked like you thought you were better than everyone else and your body well, I’m still not sure why I talked bad about it because you’ve got a great and strong body. I was just being pathetic and I was in a bad place?” he was actually using his depression to sweet talk you but when you looked him in the eyes, you knew he had already won you over even though it still didn’t make sense and someday you would find out the truth behind his behaviour but that day was not today.

“So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that it’s time for you to call me Oppa.” you couldn’t help but chuckle at this because him telling you to call him Oppa wasn’t something you expected even though he was older, you never really had called him Oppa, this mainly because you were annoyed with him most days, this did chance though as you got to know him a bit better and you actually saw he had a warm personality when no one was watching.

“Does this mean you want me to be your girlfriend?”

“That’s exactly what it means, so please call me Oppa from now on, okay.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Well don’t you want to?”

“I’m not sure, why would you like me so much? I mean.” he put his hand over your mouth to stop you from talking and he came just a bit closer and somewhere in your mind you were wondering where you mother had gone off to because there was no way she would allow this right?

“You are perfect for me, just because you are who you are and you never backed down once even when I treated you like dirt.”


“Wait are you saying okay? As in you want to be my girlfriend?:”

I will be your girlfriend Oppa.” you smiled sweetly at him and that’s when your mother finally returned with food, you could immediately tell she heard everything and there was even a small smile on her face. She was definitely approving of this and that made you feel a bit better and the good thing was, she knew about his depression, so you didn’t have to cover that one up. We ate together and after dinner, you walked Yoongi to the door because he really needed to go home.

“When is Jin Soo coming home?”

“Ah according to the doctor he can come home in two days, he has been making progress, so that’s good.” you weren’t looking at him as he still remembered the showdown between Jin soo’s father and you. The only thing he did was pull you into a hug, which felt nice and warm and for a second you forgot about your worries. 

“I will see you tomorrow at school, don’t forget that you are my girlfriend now, so don’t do those intimate dances with Jimin and stay away from that Taehyung.” this was actually really cute but you weren’t going to listen because you were Jimin’s dance partner and best friend and Taehyung was like a little brother, so you were definitely not staying away from them.

“Y/N? Can you come here for a second?” you mother was sitting on the couch and you knew she was going to give you the talk, which you really didn’t want to listen to. “Mom, I know and I will be careful.”

“Is he your boyfriend?:”

“Apparently he is.” you smiled because it was still weird that he asked you to be his, who would have thought you would say yes, if someone had asked you when you just started school you would be dating him you would laugh in their faces but now you realized that you had fallen for him the minute he acted all bad boy like. You weren’t sure what this said about you but you were just slightly embracing it and hopefully, he wouldn’t treat you like you were nothing again.

“He is good looking, does he go to the same school?” Why was she asking this as she knew that he was, you had talked about him right? Jin Soo knew about it though. “We do, he also plays the piano.” you smiled at this because he really played piano as if he was made for it, it was a good thing she didn’t know he could rap because that would make her think lower about him as he didn’t like rappers but if Yoongi oppa became famous because he got signed as a rapper than she would find out anyway. “He also raps, he is really good.”

“He raps? I’m not sure about this.”

“It’s okay mom, he really isn’t a bad guy.”

“I will trust you.” You quickly got up and hugged your mother before going to bed, you turned on your phone and saw all the missed calls and text messages. Jimin and even Taehyung were asking if you were okay, jimin even apologized, it were the text messages from Yoongi though who stood out because instead of apologizing he was actually cursing at you and this was just too funny, this was a good way to tease him.

The next day you were greeted by a worried Jimin and you immediately apologized for not returning any of his messages. “I need to tell you something though and Tae, where is he?”

“Were you looking for me Noona?”

“Yes, let’s go.” you linked your arms with them and together you walked into the dance studio but because you took almost the entire hallway with the way you were walking you bumped into a young looking kid who got slammed against the locker, this made you stop. “Sorry about that, are you okay?” he wasn’t looking at you and got up on his own, he was turning red and you almost felt sorry for this kid because you saw that he was really shy and when you looked over to Jimin and Tae, they actually were studying the kid, when Tae and Jimin suddenly smiled and introduced themselves, this made the kid looks up. Hi I’m y/n and what’s your name?” he didn;t look you in the eyes but he also didn’t run. “I’m Jung Jungkook.” he introduced himself quietly and Jimin immediately put his arm around his shoulders, this startled the kid but he didn’t pull away.

“We were going to the dance studio, do you want to join us?” he nodded and we walked with him to the studio it was really funny to see how caring Jimin and Tae were and you decided to tell them another time.

“Guys I have to go.” you waved at them and walked to the music room but to your surprise, there was no Yoongi, it was quiet in the music room and something felt off, there couldn’t have happened something right? Ah, he was probably just late, with that mindset you started practicing, when one of his friends came rushing in. “sorry but have you seen Yoongi?” You looked up and started at the wide shoulder guy, who was way too handsome “Jin right?” he nodded but you could tell he wasn’t here for small talk. “No, I haven’t seen Yoongi since last night, why?”

“He isn’t picking up his phone and well he still isn’t here and we already checked the hospital but he isn’t there as well.” You got up and tried calling him yourself but he still didn’t pick up, which made you decide something real fast. “Do you know where he lives?” Jin nodded and started to text his friends. “If you’re going to his house can I come?”

“Sure, you’re his girl right?”

“Uhm, yes I am, I think.” how did he know this? Did Yoongi tell them already? Ah whatever for now you just needed to find Yoongi because if it makes his friends this nervous there must be something wrong. “Let’s go, the guys are waiting.” you followed him out and wasn’t surprised to see Namjoon and Hoseok waiting for you two. “Is she coming?”

“She is why?”

“Does she know anything about Yoongi’s place?”

“I don’t think so but is this really the time to discuss this?”

“No it’s not, let’s just go.” this made you worry, even more, you knew he had a family, that is if he hadn’t lied about that because the vibes you were getting were upsetting you. You took the bus and everyone was quiet, which was nerve wrecking “Namjoon what did you mean when you asked if I knew something about Oppa’s place?” Namjoon narrowed his eyes for a second but relaxed quickly as he looked at Jin, who was nodding.

“The neighborhood he lives in, isn’t really good and his family is really poor.” you nodded understandingly and your heart ached for him but knowing Yoongi he didn’t want to have pity from you “I understand but why does it worry you so much that he isn’t picking up his phone?”

“His parents are abusive.”

“Wait, what? I thought they loved him and that’s why.”

“No they aren’t even his real parents, he is a foster kid.” this shocked you because you never thought that he didn’t have parents, not that it mattered but it did explain more things. “If they are abusive why is he still with them?”

“You ask too many questions.” This was Hoseok and you did immediately what he told you because you really didn’t want to get into trouble. In silence you got off the bus and walked into a street and to say this was a bad neighborhood was an understatement, Jin even felt the need to put his arm around your shoulder. “Sorry about this but this is for your own safety.”

“It’s okay, thank you.” you gave him a small smile but in your heart there was only sorrow for Yoongi right now. “We’re here.” you looked up and was again shocked to see that you were standing in front of a shabby looking motel. “What do you mean we’re here, this is a Motel.” Namjoon shook his head “This was a Motel, now people are living in it.”

“How is that possible?”

“It just is, stop asking questions.” you followed them into the Motel and the smell was awful but you just had to endure, knowing fully well that as soon as you came home, you would take a shower. Namjoon and Hoseok stopped in front of a door and when you saw the struggle on their faces you weren’t sure about what to do. “Jin,, what are we doing now?” Jin pulled you along with him and knocked on the door but when nobody answered, they all started to look around, which looked highly suspicious but when you saw it was just in case someone would see where the key was hidden you felt more at ease but that stopped when they opened the door because this room, well is was disgusting. “Yoongi?” Namjoon called and when there was no response you all walked towards the bedroom. Your heart was beating fast and you knew this was just the adrenaline from entering a house that you weren’t even invited to but the silence of the house alarmed you so you kept a straight face and kept holding on to Jin.

“Min Yoongi, are you here?” you all heard a moan coming from the bathroom and there was no way they could stop you as you ran into the room and opened the bathroom door.

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Rain and Soup

Parings: Park Minhyuk/Rocky x Reader
Notes: I’ve fallen into the cute depth of a group called Astro, help.
Warnings: None, just fluff
Word Count: 1005

Originally posted by astro-moonbinrockytrash

“It was a dark and dreary night, a chilling wind blowing gently over— no that doesn’t work.”

You sighed angrily as you ran a hand through your hair, pressing your other finger against the ‘backspace’ key, watching as the words disappeared from the page. It seemed as if the blank page was mocking you the longer you stared at it, the screens light blaring brightly in your eyes, irritating them ever-so-slightly. Rubbing the palm of one hand against your eyes, you pushed yourself off of the couch to walk towards the kitchen.

Dishes were still piled up in one side of your sink, the other filled with soapy water ready to be used. Despite the fact that you actually had washed the dishes earlier that day, it seemed like the pile of plates, cups and utensils were never ending. Walking over to the sink, you rolled up a sleeve to your sweatshirt before plunging your hand into the now cold water, pulling the plug up and watching as the water drained from the sink.

As you turned your back to the sink, you rubbed your eyes again before walking towards the fridge in search of a late night snack. But a series of rapid knocks coming from your front door startled you. You pressed a hand to your chest as the knocks echoed throughout your shared apartment, and you slowly peaked your head into the hallway to stare at the door.

“Come on, y/n! It’s pouring out here!”

Your eyes widened as you recognized the voice, your sock-covered feet almost slipping out from under you as you hurried over to the door. Undoing the three locks on your door, you yanked it open before reaching out and grasping your guests wrist, pulling him into your warm apartment and out of the rain.

“Aish, Minhyuk,” You scolded him with a frown after you had relocked your door. “Babo! You’re probably gonna catch a cold standing out in the rain!”

“Well how was I to know your door was gonna be locked!” Minhyuk exclaimed, running a hand through his drenched hair before shrugging off his jacket. You shook your head in annoyance, taking in his soaked appearance. His hair was now a soaked mess, matted against his forehead, and his clothes were equally as wet as they clung to his shivering body. Despite this state, Minhyuk still gave you a large grin as he stood there.

“What am I going to do with you?” Mumbling under your breath, you grabbed a clean towel from a pile of folded clothes and tossed it in his direction. “Uh, you’re supposed to care and nurture me, duh.” Minhyuk smirked at you as he rubbed the towel against his head.

“When did I ever sign up for that?” You couldn’t help the smile from forming on your lips as you walked back into the kitchen, placing a kettle on to the stove and turning it on. Minhyuk followed behind you into the kitchen, standing close beside you as he stared over your shoulder. “You signed up for it the day you befriended me.”

You spun around to face him, eyebrows raised as you rolled your eyes. “I think you have it confused, Rocko.” Minhyuks smirk fell as he heard the nickname you had given him, making your smile widen even more. “You were the one who befriend me.”

“Come on, y/n!” Minhyuk in annoyance, completely ignoring your correction as his thoughts lingered on that nickname. “It’s Rocky, not Rocko,” He mocked you. “Stop doing that, it’s annoying.”

“Go sit down.” You ignored him with a wave of your hand, turning around once more as the kettle whistled once the water had reached the perfect temperature. “I’ll bring you some Hot Chocolate.” You paid no attention to the playful glare he sent you as you removed the kettle from the stove, setting it on a hot pad as you prepared two mugs filled with the chocolate mix.

Minhyuk trudged his way into the living area, making sure to lay down another towel before sitting down on to your couch. He noticed the opened laptop on the table in front of him, a blank page opened up on one of the tabs. A chuckle erupted from his chest, and he brushed his hair out of his eyes before closing the lid and leaning back against the couch.

“Still writing, huh?” He questioned as he heard your footsteps draw closer. You hummed out in reply as you set a tray on to the table, moving your laptop and setting it on to another table before you sat down next to him. “Yeah,” You handed him a mug of Hot Chocolate before nestling back into your blankets. “It’s for a project that I’m doing, but it’s not going so well.”

Minhyuk nodded slowly as he took a sip of the sweet liquid, holding the warm cup in one hand as he threw an arm around your shoulder. “I saw.” He teased, pulling you closer to his wet chest. Your lips curled up in disgust, and you wriggled around in his hold in order to escape his grasp. “Let go, Minhyuk! You’re making me wet!”

“That’s what she said.” He snickered at his joke, keeping a tight grip on your shoulders the more you struggled to escape. “Ugh, you’re such a jerk!” You hissed as you tilted your head back to glare at him. “I hate you so much.”

“I’m your best friend.” Minhyuk smiled at you widely before pressing a wet kiss to your cheek. “You love me.”

“Let me go right now, Park Minhyuk.” You threatened as you pressed a hand against his side, hoping to loosen the grip he had on you. “Or else.”

“Or else.. what, exactly?”

“You know that one soup you like? The one with the potatoes, beans and noodles?” Minhyuk nodded enthusiastically, almost drooling at the mention of your famous potato soup. “None of that for a month.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Oh, I definitely would.”

Don’t Miss Me Too Much // Kim Yugyeom

Requested: “Can you write a really fluffy Valentines Day imagine with Yugyeom?? Thanks!!”

Pairing: Kim Yugyeom X Reader

Genre: Fluff (?) I’m not really good at this so let’s see how it goes lol

Word count: 1.5k

Description: Valentines Day. The day you absolutely despise, for many reasons. The cheesy social media posts, girls gushing over how thoughtful their boyfriends are, and not to mention the fact that your ex boyfriend broke up with you on Valentines Day two years ago. Yeah, you really hated Valentines Day.

Originally posted by magiccastles

“Yugyeom-ah,” you groaned, lifting heavy arms up to rub your eyes. You were greeted by silence, only the faint chirping of birds audible in the distance, but you didn’t mind. Your boyfriend had the tendency to sleep in anyway.

“Guess what day it is,” you purred, turning on your side and forcing your eyes open. “It’s…” You suddenly trailed off when you were greeted with a cold, empty space beside you. Suddenly, the feel-good buzz you had experienced with waking up slowly drained from your body.

“Yugyeom?” You questioned, heart sinking as you peered around your room through sleepy eyes. A small white note perched innocently on your dresser stuck out like a sore thumb; the sun snuck in through the curtains and bounced off the note, seemingly taunting you in the worst way possible.

Mumbling loudly, you dragged yourself over to the dresser, curses finding their way from your mouth. Picking up the note, you quickly scanned over it. ‘Jagiya~ I’m sorry I can’t be home today – work. Don’t miss me too much ❤ ’
“But it’s Valentines Day, Yugyeom.”

It was noon, and you’d only just managed to pull yourself out of bed an hour ago. Out of desperation you’d tried calling your boyfriend only to reach voicemail, fuelling your growing frustration. Yugyeom had been trying to get you into the Valentines Day spirit for the past month. He’d tried to get you to change your negative opinion about the day, saying he was ‘attempting to melt your cold heart’. However, he knew your reasons for despising the day and was sympathetic towards you because of it – you figured that’s why it hurt so much that he wasn’t here with you now.

You lazily scrolled through Instagram, only to be met with post upon post reminding you it was Valentines Day and yet you were completely alone. To make matters worse, your friends had made it their mission to share the cutest selfies they had with their significant others, only adding to your misery.

Valentines Day always made you anxious; the thought of it usually made your stomach churn and tears prick in your eyes. You could blame your previous boyfriend for that one – to this day you still can’t believe he chose Valentines Day out of all the days to break up with you on. To say you hadn’t gotten over him would be a lie. You had an amazing boyfriend now who loved and cared for you so deeply, but you figured you would always hate Valentines Day because of your ex.

It was utterly unfair. Dating a famous kpop idol was hard as it is – barely seeing Yugyeom because of tours was already putting a strain on your relationship – and to add to that, today was your first Valentines Day together and his work wanted to take that away from you too?

You could almost hear the day slip away from you, the ticking of the clock in your living room was obnoxiously loud. Staring blankly at your third rom-com of the day, you were debating whether to just crawl back unto bed and sleep away the rest of the day when a loud ‘ping’ came from your phone. You eagerly snatched at it, although you figured it would be one of your friends teasing you for sitting at home alone in your pyjamas on Valentines Day.

But alas, it wasn’t your friend trying to stir you up, it was the devil himself – the reason you hadn’t bothered applying makeup or even pulling on clothes, the reason you felt so utterly dejected: Kim Yugyeom.

You unlocked your phone at the speed of light, clicking messages and reading the latest text. ‘Hello, Y/N. Miss me? I bet you do 😉’ it read. You huffed loudly, throwing your phone back down on the sofa. Who did he think he was? Of course you missed his sassy ass. What was he playing at?

There was another loud ‘ping’ from your phone, and this time directions to Hangang Park popped up. ‘Make sure you’re not wearing you pyjamas when you come out. I’ll see you soon 😊’

You scowled at your phone for a second, annoyed that Yugyeom was being so tight-lipped about his plans, before you tapped his contact and called him. After the fourth ring, you knew he wasn’t going to pick up. “Curse you, Kim Yugyeom!” You cried, stomping to your room, not caring whether your heavy footsteps were disturbing anyone.

You glanced down at your phone, quickly texting Yugyeom to tell him you were here. You pulled your large fluffy coat closed, trying to trap in your body heat as you sat down on a bench near the road in Hangang Park.

You found it so ironic – you’d been wanting to see Yugyeom all day and now that you were going to, you wanted nothing more than to go back to the warmth and comfort of your home. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to see Yugyeom anymore; you loved him to bits and wanted to spend Valentines Day with him, but you could stop uncertain thoughts creeping in. Had Yugyeom been deliberately avoiding you? What if he’s brought you here so he could break up with you?

Shaking your head, you quickly fought back the memory of how your ex-boyfriend had so cruelly broken up with you this time two years ago. Someone cleared their throat loudly, pulling you from your stupor. Your ears perked when the stranger spoke, the familiar voice catching you off guard.

“There she is, the woman of the hour,” Mark whistled, not so subtly letting his eyes trail down your outfit. You looked up, surprised but pleased to say the least, to see two of your boyfriend’s best friends smiling at you – Mark and Jaebum.

“If you’d kindly follow us, Y/N,” the brunette said, not giving you a chance to reply before he turned on his heel and walked briskly further into the park. Mark followed suit while you quickly grabbed your phone and ran to catch up with them. “Where are we going?” You asked, your question falling on deaf ears.

A confused look overtook your features when you passed a group of boys who shot Mark and Jaebum thumbs up and whom looked a lot like Yugyeom’s other members. “Was that…Bambam and Youngjae?” You mumbled, knowing you wouldn’t get an answer.

“Here we are!” Mark exclaimed loudly, stopping so swiftly you nearly walked straight into his back. “I guess we will leave you to it then,” Jaebum added, throwing a cheeky wink your way before both boys retreated back in the direction they came.

Your mouth hung open foolishly; first at how willingly Mark and Jaebum had ditched you and then at the cute picnic blanket set up under a large tree in front of you. You let out a loud yelp when strong arms wrapped around your waist and a voice whispered seductively in your ear, “happy Valentines Day, baby.”

You swung around quickly, breaking free of the man’s grip and staring at your grinning boyfriend. “Yah, Yugyeom, don’t do that!” You cried, smacking your hand down on his chest lightly. You tried to stay mad at Yugyeom for ditching you on Valentines Day, you really did, but you eventually wrapped your arms around him and pulled him close, engulfing yourself in the musky scent of his cologne.

“I thought you were avoiding me,” you murmured into Yugyeom’s jacket. “Babo!” He laughed, running a hand through your hair, patting it down softly. “I’ve spent the whole day making this for you.” Yugyeom pulled away, leading you to the chequered blanket. You sat down as he eagerly pulled food from the picnic basket beside him. “Well, actually, I did have a bit of help from the hyungs,” Yugyeom sheepishly admitted. “I thought I saw them,” you laughed. “I hope you like it.”

You scanned the picnic blanket that was now covered in your favourite dishes: chicken kimbap, dumplings, japgwapyon, jang jorim, and barley tea, just to name a few. “Of course I do, Yugyeom!” You said, grabbing a piece of beef and popping it into your mouth enthusiastically. “I didn’t really think it would take as long to prepare this as it actually did, I hope you didn’t miss me too much,” your boyfriend said with a smirk.

Pulling out your phone, you edged closer to Yugyeom, stating, “it’s my turn to make my friends jealous.” The pair of you posed for a photo and then somehow managed to finish the picnic food (you blame your giant boyfriend’s humungous appetite), save for a couple of rogue pieces of kimbap. You groaned at the feeling of how stuffed your stomach was and leaned on Yugyeom lazily. He peered down at you with infatuated eyes before pulling you into a kiss. His lips were soft and warm on your own, and you felt your whole body swell with adoration.

“I love you, Y/N,” Yugyeom breathed. “I hope you’ve had a good Valentines Day.” You smiled, placing a small kiss on his cheek.
“It’s been the best one yet.”

wow okay remind me to never try to write fluff again I am not good with all this cute stuff I am so sorry anon I really tried lmao

TEN (NCT), HYUNGWON (MONSTA x), MOONBIN (ASTRO) L (INFINITE), N (VIXX) REACTION: To their girlfriend being too afraid to tell them the difficulties she faced when he was away touring


Hakyeon would have a very great sense of protection and responsibility about you, but as worried as he was, he would understand that you need some time to think before you finally talk with him.

*controlling himself*


Sweetly Myungsoo would  smile to you, saying that everything was fine and that he would help you whenever you needed.



He would notice that you’re strange, not talking so much, so Hyungwon’d take your hands in his and say.

“Okay, start to talk what happened.”


“Yah! Just trust me! We can solve any problem together!”


He’d be very understanding about you hiding something from him considering the context, but at last would want to know about it and help you at last feel better.

“what is the problem baby? Even if I can’t help you, let me know”

Misso was who did all the reaction (I just made Moonbin) but since she’s traveling I’m posting for her.

 ~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

Spring Day

Originally posted by parkjmin

Spring Day

Parts; One

Pairing; Taehyung x Reader

Genre; Fluff

Word Count; 3.090

Synopsis; Confessing whilst being drunk is not the best move especially when you forget about it.

You woke up to someone ringing your doorbell, which was really annoying and especially because it was still dark outside, You quickly glanced on your phone which said it was 5 am in the morning. This person who was ringing your doorbell better be ready to die did that person know what for a crazy week you had, with all those damn deadlines and taking care of your little niece.

You stepped out of bed and put a robe on before walking to the door. “Ya stop ringing that doorbell!” you shouted at the person behind the door through the speaker. You weren’t wearing your glasses so looking at the screen to see who it was, well that was not going to work, so hopefully, it wasn’t some lunatic. You made your way to the door and of course bumped into something hard. “AISH!” you were holding your knee when you were finally at the door. “Who is it?”

“Just open the door!” this sounded like Taehyung, it better not be Taehyung because it would be a shame to have to kill him, as he was the most adorable fool on this planet but then again why would he risk his life when he knows you don’t like to be disturbed whilst sleeping. You opened the door and met the smiling face of Taehyung, he didn’t give you time to yell as he quickly pushed you back inside. “Get dressed you babo.” he turned you around and pushed you to your bedroom and closed the door when you were in it. You could hear him going around in the kitchen and you were hoping he wasn’t trying to make you breakfast because the last time he tried that, your kitchen almost exploded.

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RS #57 Last Kiss (BIGBANG’s TOP)

a/n: Long-ish and haphazardly written for 3 long days. Based on Taylor Swift’s Last Kiss.

Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Oneshot

Warning(s): None (except for the feels)

Present Day

You smiled, standing in front of him, wearing his white shirt repurposed to be yours. A soft wind blew your hair around and you tucked it behind your ear. You looked at the beautiful flowers in front of you before meeting his eyes.

“Hi.” You huddled your knees close to your chest as you sat on the cold marble. “It’s been a long time. I missed you.”

A tear trickled down your face and fell from your jaw. Your heart constricted in your chest at the sight of his face and despite choking on your own tears, you forced yourself to smile.

You have to smile for him.

One month before the incident.

Here you were, back in a hotel room where every hushed whisper and gasp was muffled by the thick walls. Only this time, you were no longer ‘friends’ with TOP. After those long, agonizing months of treating each other as mere sexual relief, you two finally fessed up and confirmed the feelings of each other. It felt like de ja vu, to be lying there and looking at his serene face with only the sheet separating you two, and yet, it was also different.

This time, instead of sleeping on the opposite sides of the bed, your limbs were tangled in an embrace. This time, there were no pretenses, no repressed feelings… only pure adoration and passion. This time and every time from thereon, you no longer just had sex, it would always be real love-making.

His lips twitched and you caught him smiling.

“I know you’re not sleeping.” You whispered, before kissing his neck.

He chuckled and opened his eyes. He looked down at you, his dark hair falling over his eyes. “I know you’re being a creep again.”

“Psh, you wish.” You snorted as you huddled closer to his chest.

He tucked your face in the crook of his neck and you felt his pulse quicken. He saw the bedside clock tick to 1:58 AM and he wrapped his arms around you tighter.

“I love you.” He said in a clear voice.

You pulled away and studied his earnest expression. “What, Oppa?” you almost laughed because this was so unexpected. “What’s gotten into you?”

He rolled over, facing the ceiling and rubbed his eyes. He cursed under his breath, followed with, “I think I need to sit this out.”

Now, he was sitting across from you on the bed with sheets pooled at his waist. You were still laying down. His actions alarmed you, so you pulled the blanket with you as you sat up with him. You touched his knee, watching his expression. “What is it?”

“I need to tell you something and I want you to listen very carefully because I can only say this once.” He let out a huge breath and bit his lip. “I’m gay.”

He immediately earned a slap on his arm as you both laughed.

“I love this,” He raised a hand to your cheek, tracing the end of your smile with his thumb. “…this smile that only I can see and I want to keep it to myself for the rest of my life. I don’t want you to look at anyone else, the way you’re looking at me right now…” he took your hands in his and kissed your knuckles and with his deep voice, he enunciated his next words. “I don’t have a ring, I don’t have anything I can give you right now, but can I ask one thing from you instead?”

While trying your best not to burst into tears, you nodded along.

“Can you say yes to everything that I’m going to ask you from here on?”

You squeezed his fingers as you said, “Yes.”

You both took in a huge breath as he began asking. “Do you love me?”


“Can you see yourself putting up with me for the rest of your life?”


“Can you promise to never get tired of being attached to my life as an idol?”


“If I ask you to marry me, will you say yes?”

You laughed and he felt his nervousness fade away.

“You do realize that you basically asked me, right?” you were still chuckling as tears spilled from the corner of your eyes.

“Just answer!” he scolded you.

“Okay, yes!”

“Y/N,” he bit his lip and inched closer. “…will you—“

“Yes!” you exclaimed.

“I haven’t asked yet!”

“Okay…” you were already hyperventilating as you looked into his eyes, all traces of laughter devoid from both of your faces, only serene smiles.

“Will you marry me?” he breathed out.

“Yes.” You choked out as you launched into his arms, the blanket falling of you. “Yes, Oppa. I will marry you a hundred times if needed be.”

“Yah, we don’t have that much money.” He whispered, pressing his lips against your temple. His hands traveled down and groped you from behind. “Since we’re already engaged, how about some celebratory sex?”

You giggled as he pushed you back against the pillows and kissed you gently, his hands trailing down and the rest was drowned out by your sighs and screams.

5 minutes after the incident.

Your senses were on overdrive. Every sound, every smell, every touch felt so near to you. You moaned as you turned your head towards him, feeling every sound scratch its way out of your throat. The air held the scent of burnt metal and blood, but the most distinct scent you could recognize was the scent of the rain.


The word suddenly manifested itself in your head despite all the overwhelming emotions you were feeling. You heard the rain pour down on the roof of your car and you offered a silent prayer to whoever was sending the rain, preventing the car from completely burning up.

You felt the blood trickle from your forehead as you forced yourself to stay awake.

“Oppa…” you croaked out as your eyes slowly went out of focus. “Wake up…”

“I’m awake.” You heard him reply with a clear voice. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine…” you started seeing clearly for a second and you saw how he was bleeding profusely. “Worry about yourself, babo.”

You heard him choke out a low guffaw. “I guess you’re fine.”

You felt a sensation on your fingers, something hard and cold. Your gaze trailed from his stained shirt to his arms and finally where his hand was trying to hold yours. Your consciousness was slipping by the second and you fought hard to not lose it.

And moments before your weary senses shut down, you heard him say, “I hope we don’t die here, I still want to kiss you one more time.”

Two days after the incident.

You were laying in your hospital bed, your head void of any thought. You were just laying like a corpse when you heard the door slide open. You smiled at the nurse as she hesitantly stepped into the room with a small tray in her hands.

“Nurse Heo,” you greeted her as she stood near your bed. She helped you sit up, setting the tray by your thigh. “…what brings you here? I didn’t request for anything.”

“Here.” She placed the tray on your lap. “These are your belongings. Can you check if everything is there?”

You rummaged through the small pile, all the little items were packaged neatly in zip-lock bags. Your phone, earrings… a ring you cannot recognize. You raised the small plastic bag to your eyes and inspected the ring carefully.

“I don’t think this is mine.” You spoke slowly, unsure of your own words.

“You were wearing it when they brought you in.” She took another look at the ring too to make sure that it was indeed the one. “I know because I was the one who removed it to prepare you for surgery.”

“I… I was wearing it?” you echoed and suddenly recalled TOP holding your hand during the accident. You chuckled, “That bastard… He’s so sly.”

The nurse saw that you were tearing up and she was quick to hand you tissues.

“Nurse Heo, can I go see him?” you pleaded, holding her hands. “I will be very quick and as you can see, I’m doing well.”

“I will ask, but I cannot promise anything.” She squeezed your hands, hoping that it was of any reassurance.

She left the room silently and you were again left alone on the bed, only this time, your thoughts were occupied by the beautiful ring in your hands. You carefully took it from the bag and slipped it on your ring finger. You sighed, feeling that it found where it truly belonged. Your hands curled into fists and your raised the ring to your lips, somehow finding warmth in the way the small piece of metal hugged your finger.

Nurse Heo returned and you were too absorbed to notice. She gave you a warm smile. “They didn’t want to stress you out, especially that they haven’t taken your MRI and CT Scan yet, but they said they could give you 5 minutes.”

“Really?” you were almost ready to jump out of the bed.

“I’ll go get a wheelchair.”

Two days before the incident.

Daesung was laughing so hard that he was having trouble breathing. The other guys were snorting and cheering him on at the same time as they set down their drinks to clap for TOP.

He was tipsy and loose which is probably the reason why he was dancing his signature babo dance. It was so distinct that you once asked him why he hadn’t applied for a copyright yet.

You laughed with them and drank your cocktail, singing along to the words of the song mixed with the EDM beats. The alcohol have delightfully entered your system and all you could feel was glee as you looked at the people who were surrounding you. They were people who were dear to you and Seunghyun who was there to celebrate the engagement after you announced it.

“That’s enough, oppa!” You called as he continued to grace the space with his ‘insane’ dancing skills. “If you keep that up, I might change my mind about marrying you.”

He playfully pouted at you, but kept dancing.

“Just join him, join him.” Youngbae urged you, practically pushing you off your seat.

Seunghyun must have heard because he started stepping towards you to grab your hands as he continued swaying offbeat. You laughed and allowed him to lead you where everybody could see as he twirled you around.

“I don’t know how you can show off when you can’t even dance.” You accused as the both of you sat down and Daesung took your place.

“Excuse me?” he turned to you, his arm secure around your waist. “Says the person who was as bad as I am.”

“Hey, at least I had a sense of rhythm!” you slapped his knee and he smiled, before burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“Thanks for riding with my random bursts though.” He whispered, too sincere to be joking.

“In sickness and in health, right?”

He pulled away and glared at you. “Are you saying that I’m sick?”

You raised your fingers and made twirling motions next to your temples. “You’re really sick here.”

He scoffed and you laughed heartily, hoping that every night from then on was as happy as this.

Three weeks before the incident.

He refused to hold your hand and stuffed his in his pockets instead. You peeked at his face and giggled, proceeding to link your arm around his instead. You were walking towards the restaurant where your father was waiting. TOP wanted to personally visit your home, but his schedule wouldn’t allow him to. Besides, your father was the one who wanted to meet him immediately the moment you said that you were engaged.

“Are you seriously nervous?” you laughed at him and his face seemed to scrunch up further. “You’re BIGBANG’s TOP, you were okay performing in world tours, but your hands start sweating when you’re going to meet your fiancée’s dad?”

“Maybe if your dad wasn’t from the navy, I would’ve been less nervous.” He whispered, his low voice going a few octaves lower as he gritted the words through his teeth.

“Don’t worry he’s not going to shoot you in the face in a crowded restaurant.” You snorted as you stood in front of the said restaurant where he seem to have been rooted to his spot.

“So he can shoot me if it wasn’t crowded?” he whispered as he opened the door for you.

“Maybe?” You muttered right back, just in time for your father to come into view.

They stood square in front of each other. TOP held himself well, having learned one or two things from the army and discreetly wiped his hand on his pants before shaking your father’s hand. You introduced them, but your eyes watched the firm grip between two of the most important men in your life.

“Nice to meet you, sir.” His low voice was as charismatic as ever, but you knew he was doing his best to appear strong and reliable in front of your father.

“Nice to meet you too.” Your father replied in his gruff, drill sergeant voice. You giggled and they both turned to look at you.

You sighed, proudly looking at them. “I just… I love you both.”

The tension dropped as they both looked at you in the same manner, with pure adoration and love.

Three days after the incident.

“When will the MRI and CT scan results come out?” you asked, trying to sound cheerful and cutesy.

The male nurse who was transporting you back to your room snickered a little. “Nurse Heo already warned me that you would try to use aegyo to convince me to take you to Patient Choi’s room.”

You clicked your tongue as you rounded in the corner, nearing the nurse’s station.

“But let me ask, since you seem to have magic aegyo.” He whispered and you beamed at him.

He spoke with the head nurse who gave him the go signal, reminding him to check with nurses in that wing before you could enter. They gave 5 minutes again and you muttered a silent ‘thank you’ to the nurse as he propped you near the bed.

You pushed yourself off the wheelchair. Aside from the head injury, broken arm and sprained ankle, you were doing pretty well in comparison to your fiancé who still hasn’t woken up. The doctors did say that it was a waiting game at this point; that despite the successful surgery, whether he wakes up within the week or within the year, it was difficult to say.

“Wake up.” You said and you hoped with all your heart that he could hear you. “You still have to go down on one knee and propose. How can you just casually give me the ring when we were on the verge of dying?”

You leaned closer, observing his face more carefully. You erased the bruises and cuts he received from your vision and imagined that he was just laying down beside you in bed, under the covers and caressed by the low light. Such imagination was short-lived because the smell of sterilizers and the cold air-conditioning immediately tortured your senses.

“I’ll tell you on my dad if you die like this.” You scolded him, your breath fanning against his lips as you hovered over him. You looked at the oxygen tube connected to his nose and remembered how uncomfortable it was. “Don’t you wanna marry me? This is not some hidden camera, for our wedding, right? If you wake up, I promise I’ll look good in my wedding gown and wear nothing under—“

Your words were cut off when your lips touched his. You froze for a second, thinking that you just lost control and kissed him yourself, but a smirk painfully started to take over his lips as he slowly fluttered his eyes open.

“You promised.” He croaked out. “You had me at ‘wear nothing’…”

You wanted to say something, but you just started stuttering, so you gave up and settled with kissing him lightly, yet passionately instead.

“You’re awake…” you breathed and looked marvelously at his face. “You’re back.”

“I…” he struggled with his dry lips. “I have to marry you.”

“Thank you for saving my life.” You smiled as you kissed his forehead. “I love you so much and look, we didn’t die and I get to kiss you like this.”

You leaned in and closed your eyes to retrace his lips with yours. You didn’t know which came first and maybe it was because of the sudden lack of oxygen, but when the nurses found you both, you had collapsed on his chest with tears in your eyes, but a smile on your face.

One month after the incident.

TOP was in the studio with Jiyong, finishing up a track which they both have been absentmindedly working on. TOP’s pen was frozen on top of a notebook as he raked his brain for an inspiration.

There was a knock on the door and Seungri peeped in.

“Busy?” he asked, eyeing both of his hyungs and gauging their reactions.

“Very.” Jiyong answered, teasing the maknae.

“I was just on my to the president’s office and the receptionist asked me to drop this off.” He held up a heavy looking package and passed it to Jiyong.

“It’s for you.” He remarked to TOP as he read the label. “It’s from that photographer.”

TOP took the package and ripped it open. Jiyong and Seungri were spectating, the former acting more nonchalant than the latter. The mysterious package held your wedding photo album with TOP.

He remembered shooting it with you and smiled. You had refused to show him your real wedding gown, emphasizing that it was bad luck, so for the duration of the shoot, you wore fake wedding gowns. He flipped through the album, his grin never leaving his mouth as he recalled the various concepts you tried. You had been very bubbly during the shoot, so the pictures came out well and TOP looked genuinely happy in the photos instead of his usual chic façade.

In the last page however, a photo wrapped in wax paper slipped from the album and fell on the floor. TOP bent to pick it up and carefully opened the smaller gift. It was a black and white photo of you wearing your wedding gown in the wedding salon. You weren’t looking and he could see the clips behind your back as you tried on the dress, but you looked absolutely stunning.

“You do look good in a wedding gown.” He smiled and the two members who were there could only nod in affirmation.

Four days after the incident.

The doctor entered his room for the rounds and checked his vitals. He also checked TOP’s stitches, cast and IV drip. Seunghyun played his role well and listened to the doctor as he reminded Seunghyun to focus on getting himself better. The doctor was about to say goodbye, but he traced his steps back to TOP.

“I know that you’re refusing visits, but I think you should really take this one.” He advised and headed towards the door to open it for his visitor.

It was your dad.

He strode wordlessly inside the room and took the seat beside TOP. He looked tired, but his face is solemn.

“Are you feeling better?” your father asked with a clenched jaw. “Can you stand?”

“I could with help, Sir.” He sighed. “How is she? What happened? Why did she collapse?”

“There was some kind of internal bleeding in her brain that the doctors weren’t able to see.” He remarked, avoiding Seunghyun’s eyes. “I honestly cannot understand what they were saying, but she’s in the ICU now and if you can stand, I obtained permission for you to visit her.”

The moment the words dropped from your father’s mouth, he wanted to run to your side, but he couldn’t and during the whole process his mind flew to you. The way you smiled at him the moment he opened his eyes kept replaying in his head.

His breath hitched when he saw you laying on a bed, various wires were connected to your head and chest and yet, he thought you looked as beautiful as ever. A nurse stood behind him to assist him as he approached you.

“Y/N-ah.” He began, his voice cracking from behind his face mask. “Baby, open your eyes, hm? I thought you wanna marry me. I woke up for you, so will you please wake up for me?”

It was difficult with his crutches, but he managed to balance himself on one foot to gently put his hand over yours. “I want to marry you, Y/N-ah. If you wake up now, we can get married here. As long as you become my wife… Please, I want you to stay.”

Your reply came in the manner of the rapid beating of the monitors as the numbers on it fluctuated irregularly. TOP was immediately shoved out of the room as doctors and nurses flooded in.

TOP regained his senses when he was already sitting in his room and the silence filled his ears. It was then that he realized that his whole body was being raked with tremors and that his vision had already been blurred out by tears. Suddenly, the room wasn’t so silent anymore because the void had been filled by the sound of his own sobs.

Five minutes before the incident.

His hand dropped from the gear stick and landed on your knee. You side-glanced at his expression, but he simply kept his eyes on the road. You kept watching him as he opened his mouth to say something, but hesitated and closed it again. You laced your fingers with his and this time, he glanced at you briefly.

“What?” he chuckled and you laughed right back.

“You, what? You’re the one who had something to say.” You accused and he can’t help but grip your hand a little tighter because you were spot-on.

“It’s been so long since we went driving like this and not to mention we’re visiting the wedding hall.” He replied with a smile.

“So?” you prodded on with a raised eyebrow.

“This is crazy, really.” He breathed out. “I was just thinking, do you want to just get married now?”

“So you mean, we’ll drop the ceremony, the suit, the gown and all of our guests and just visit the registration office to get married?” he couldn’t see your face, but your tone became straighter.

“We can still have the ceremony, but I just can’t wait for you to be my wife and I want it to happen as soon as possible.” He stopped at the light and looked at your blank face. You weren’t answering, so he simply let go of your hand and grabbed the wheel again. “No, it’s okay. I understand.”

“That white shirt in the back is yours, right? I’m going to wear it.” You remarked, completely out of context as you looked at his face intently.

He tried to keep his expression even, ignoring the fact that you rejected his sudden proposal. “Why?”

“I should at least wear white to my wedding, right? Also, oppa… do you even have a ring for me?” You faced in front again, feeling his gaze on your face as you playfully pouted. You held in a smile and said haughtily, “Why aren’t you turning around? Don’t you want to get married?”

He looked at you to see if you were joking, but you grinned at him and he leaned over to place a loud smack on your lips. “You can’t take it back!” he leaned back with a satisfied glaze over his eyes as your laughter sang in his ears.

The light turned green and rain started to fall.

The incident.

Choi Seunghyun, the driver, was making a u-turn. He saw the truck speeding towards their direction and its trajectory was going to hit the passenger’s side, where his fiancée was sitting. He spun the car and the truck ended up hitting the rear end of Choi’s car. According to the witnesses, the car spun around a few more times, before it hit the concrete barrier where the responding medical aid found the two. The drunk driver of the beverage truck have already been apprehended and the company have promised to cover all of the hospital expenses. Choi Seunghyun and his companion were rushed to Taesung Hospital and were reported to be recovering from severe injuries.

This was the story in the papers the following day.

Present day.

You continued to smile for him, but he didn’t smile back. He never did. He would just come and talk, leaving beautiful flowers behind. He never saw you, of course. How could he? You two were not living in the same world anymore.

In fact, you were not living at all.

Exactly 5 years before, you died from the internal bleeding in your brain. You were buried in his shirt, as per his request, alluding to your words minutes before the incident.

You recalled these now as he looked at your picture which was sitting on top of the cold grave.

“You must be sulking because I’ve been coming less often.” He began, folding his hands. “I have a reason and that is… I’m getting married.”

You gasped.

“She’s beautiful and kind and smart. She’s different from you, but also the same. You were your own kind, of course.” He chuckled, as if he remembered an amusing episode in your relationship. He stepped closer and placed something below your photo. It was your ring. “I thought for a long time and I realized that I needed to return that to you. It’s yours and it will always be yours, just like that piece of my heart that has loved you for all these time. I still love you.”

You placed a hand over your mouth out of habit. TOP would never hear you.

“I would be lying if I said that I stopped. It’s just that I have learned to accept how things turned out and I think I can finally take a shot at happiness again.” He turned to the sun which was beginning to splash colors into the late afternoon. “It’s a beautiful day. I hope you’re somewhere as beautiful. I hope you watch over me. I hope you’re happy. You have to be happy because if you’re not I don’t know what I would with myself. I do know, maybe not in this life, but somewhere else or in another time, we will meet again. This is not the last part of our story.”

You looked at the sun and for the first time, you felt a sliver of its warmth. You looked at Seunghyun’s face for the last time and hoped, like he did, that you will meet again. The warmth took over and you were slowly swallowed by the light of the setting sun.


Parings: Jeon Jungkook/Jungkook x Reader Notes: “hello love! 💖 i was wondering if you could do a fic with jungkook where you, him, and tae are friends but he’s jealous of your friendship with tae?” Sorry if it’s a little short, but I still hope that you enjoy it! @jeonggukkieee
Warnings: none
Word Count: 519

Originally posted by namujune

A fit of laughter burst from you as you watched Taehyung pulled a face at you. From beside you Jungkook laughed as well, shaking his head in amusement as the three of you sat there on the couch. “How do you even make a face like that?” You questioned Taehyung, trying to copy his face but only making him laugh in the process. “Well you don’t do it that way, you babo.” He told you, giving your shoulder a shove.

You let out a mock gasp, and you reeled back from him as you placed a hand over your heart. “I’m offended.” You told him, falling on to Jungkooks shoulder as you pointed a finger at Taehyung. “Can you believe this guy? Calling me a babo!” Jungkook shook his head in reply, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth before speaking. “The audacity.” He said, his voice laced heavily with sarcasm as he shot Taehyung a large grin.

“I can’t believe you, Taehyung.” You turned back to him, and you flipped your hand around to show him the palm of your hand as if to shun him. “Our friendship is cancel until further notice.”

Taehyung reacted dramatically, letting out a loud gasp as he fell on to his knees in front of you. You laughed at his acting, watching as he folded his hands in front of him in a pleading gesture. “Please, your highness, take me back!” He exclaimed, holding a hand out for you to grab, but you continued with your little game as you gently pushed his hand away. “Nah, I think that I like our little Kookie more.”

You grinned widely at Jungkook as you tilted your head back to look at him, but the smile fell slightly as you noticed the look on his face. Jungkooks lips were curled up slightly in a small scowl, and his eyes were on Taehyung briefly before looking away. “Hey, what’s the matter?” You gently slapped his arm as you turned to face him fully. “What’s got—”

“Hey I’m gonna grab a snack.”

“—yeah, yeah grab me some chips.” You waved Taehyung off as you narrowed your eyes at Jungkook. “Come on, what’s up?” Jungkook moved his face away from your fingers, which were annoyingly poking his cheeks as they puffed out. “Nothing.” He mumbled, gnawing on his bottom lip as he glanced to you. “Oh this is so not ‘nothing’.” You motioned to his moody state, and you crossed your arms as you rose an eyebrow. “Now tell your best friend what’s up?”

“I thought that Taehyung as your best friend?”

“What do you mean— oh, I see.” A small smile played at your lips when you finally realized what the problem was. Once again you laughed, and you reached forward to gently pinch his cheeks. “Is little Jungkookie jealous Taehyung?” You cooed, your laughter becoming louder when he slapped your hand away as a blush formed on his cheeks.

“No, I’m not.”

“Oh you so are! But there’s nothing to worry about, I love you guys equally, my bestest friends in the whole world!”

seventeen inside jokes (or weird things they do)
  • “Soonseok TALK Seoksoon TALK Everybody TALK Kakao TALK”
  • Seventeen’s friend John
  • Minghao’s satoori
  • halbae/halmoni skit
  • “dino, whose baby are you?”
  • “dokyeom, whose babo are you?”
  • “seungkwan, whose cutie are you?”
  • finding what other members can be to Jeonghan BECAUSE HE’S GONNA CLAIM EVERYONE
  • Me COUPStas tu
  • Kwon-Spo (and how scared they are of him)
  • Mingyu’s “Be My Younghee” broadcast
  • “hana, dul, set, net, dasot, Yoseo-do” ♫ 
  • Boo - Seok - Soon
  • Vernon’s bubble
  • Wonwoo’s gag
  • each member calling their number before leaving to be sure no one’s missing
  • cola/chicken love
  • Mafia Game and the usual mafia conductor Jun
  • Complicated handshake
  • Seokmin’s eyebrow
  • “Hoshi Hyung Fighting!!”
  • “MWO-RA-GO ?”
  • “Dicaprioo!”
  • the “let’s make Woozi suffer and make him do aegyo”
  • Boonon
  • Joshu/Shua’s dance
  • Yes of the Yes
  • “Mom, I WON THIS”
  • English aegyo
  • Kwon Fire
  • Mingyu Shop
  • MC Boo
  • Vegetable Garden Fairy
  • SeokHoon awkward relationship
  • the “let’s keep touching Woozi in public because we can only do that there or we’ll die”
  • Three-line-poem
  • Angel Jeonghan
  • Seokmin’s parents name
  • Best english speaking member Seungkwan
  • Jihoon’s inaudible voice in public
  • Jicheol’s repeating each others words
  • “Yooo ladiieees”
  • Joshua singing/listening/recommanding “CRUSH AGAIN??”
  • Seokmin first broadcast accident (leaving in a live broadcast to pee)
Jimin Scenario: Cat S.O.S

Jimin just never hesitates on going to your aide.

Genre: Fluff / Comedy

You knew your love for animals would get you in trouble, your mother have told you many times that you just couldn’t save all the cats in this world, but strong head and determination were your defining traits. Besides, you couldn’t’ help it. You were on your way to Jimin’s dorm when you heard it, the sound was like a lament, a crying for help but at first you didn’t know where the noise came from, and then you looked up.

There, high in the tree, was the most beautiful cat you have ever seen. Its fur was orange and those green eyes screamed at you for help. How could anybody ignore that?

Nobody was close enough to help, so you took action in your own hands. The climbing was surprisingly easy; although you didn’t get to climb a tree since you were like nine you found your way through the branches like it was natural.

You let out a squeal when the furry little animal jumped to your arms. –I guess you are scared you little baby, let’s get down-

And that was when you realized you were screwed. Climbing up have been so easy, but now coming down was like jumping from a hill, it looked difficult and terrifying. Not easy at all. You were now starting to understand the little cat.

-These things only happen to me-

Your phone ran and you saw salvation, Jimin was calling.

-Baby! - You could hear him stretching his voice like a spoiled kid. –Where are you? You are late-

-Jiminie, I need your help-

You didn’t give him any details, just asked for help because you were in a little trouble. So when he got there and saw you up on the tree he only could do one thing: laugh.

-Yah! -

-Baby! How.. How come that you are..- He could barely speak through the laughter. Of course, it was a million year sight seeing you trapped on a tree with a cat on your lap.

-Jimin! -

-Oh sorry Y/N, but this is unexpected-

-Could you help me? -

Jimin puffed up his chest and rearranged the sleeves of his sweater. –Of course babe, your super hero is here-

It took Jimin ten minutes to go up to where you were, he was after all, strong and those muscles weren’t just for show. He positioned himself on a branch near you and you were surprised when he balanced his body on that narrow branch just to give you a kiss.

-I’m here jagiya-

-Thank you Jimin- you said with a radiant smile. Your boyfriend could do anything for you; even giving you kiss at the top of the trees. –Now let’s go down.

And it only took two minutes to Jimin to realize that he actually didn’t know how to go down. You looked at his face and you knew.

-Babe…- he started with an apologetic smile


-Let’s call Jin-hyung-

You sighed but nodded in agreement. –Yeah, let’s do that-

He kept quiet for a second and then glanced at you, still smiling -You still love me right? -

You stared at him and the absurdity of the moment, the only thing you could do was laugh -Babo I love you-

And he kissed you again.

GOT7 REACTION:  To Y/N calling them oppa for the first time

Hey people! What’s up?

This is my first reaction with GOT7 and OMG!!! JB is so… Aish! I love this guy! 


*GIF says everything*


He’d smile a lot, making you blush…

“Ohh my baby, why are you so red now?” 





“Oppa, why are you so babo?”

“Because you are pretty cute, baby!”

*imagine Yugyeom as you*




At the first moment:

And then:


“Oppa…” You would answer, shyly.



“Aigo…” Then he wouldn’t know what to do, but he’d smile for a good time, remembering your words and, making you repeat them.

Did you like it? ^^

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~ADM Misso

GIF Credits to Their Original Owners!


“Choose Me” (ft. BTS’ Suga)

Before Yoongi could ask where you are, his phone started ringing. He immediately swiped to answer it while looking around.

“Where are you?” his voice had enough urgency over the phone that even if he was a few meters away, you could sense the concern that washed over his expression.

You delayed your answer to his question. Somehow, the sight of Yoongi looking for you halted you on your tracks. You realized at that moment… all your life, or at least the part where Yoongi came in, you had always been the one looking for him, reaching for him and never the other way around.

You despised the satisfaction that settled in your heart as you watched him look around at the other side of the bridge. Has he always looked for you with such desperation?

“I’m on the other side, babo.” You said, raising a hand half-heartedly to let him see you a bit clearer.

He made a move to cross, but your commanding tone stopped him. “Wait, stay there.”

“Why?” you could almost hear him thinking about all the possible reasons behind your statement.

“I… have a few questions.”

His face contorted and you could see him openly judging you. “Can’t you ask me when we get to the café? I thought you wanted coffee.”

“I can’t. I think I’ll forget if I see your face up close.” You sighed and forced a smile on your face, exhaling as if to chuckle.

“Okay…? If this is about Dachi, we don’t have that kind of—“

“Why did you kiss me?” you cut him off with a hard look and his eyes widened enough for you to see from such a distance. “That night, you know when we went on that date? Why did you kiss me again?”

If Yoongi had to think about your question, it was not visible on his face. He froze for a second; keeping his lips even, before he turned away slightly. You heard him breathe as he stared into the distance. “I don’t know. I just felt like I wanted to kiss you.”

“And there was no meaning behind it?” your voice cut through the phone so clearly that Yoongi even heard the crack in the end.

“I… I was sincere when I kissed you, Y/N. I just… what do you want to hear?” he took a few steps forward, the phone still pressed against his ear.

Your eyes fluttered close. If it was your resolve diving into this, you weren’t really sure, but you just felt tired. Moments ago, you realized that you had ran after Yoongi for so long without taking his hand. If the conversation with Dachi had taught you anything, it was that you’ve been hopelessly waiting for Yoongi to look your way all these time, when you never gave him the motive to do so.

‘What a hypocrite.’ You scolded yourself, recalling all the words that you told Dachi. ‘If Dachi is willing to do anything, why can’t you?’

“I want to hear something like this…” you took a few more steps forward, far enough for him to only hear your voice through the phone, but close enough for him to see how your eyes darted from side to side, hesitating all the while. “I… like you, Min Yoongi and I’m about to fall in love you, and at this exact point, I feel like I’ve been liking you for a very long time already.” You gulped, trying to swallow the sob climbing up your chest. “I just… can’t keep letting myself get hurt like this, so I just wanted to tell you everything now.”

“W-Wait, Y/N. I—“

“Yoongi, you may not be sure about your feelings, but I am. I like you so much that it hurts sometimes, but I know you don’t feel the same way. Can I just get a clear rejection from you, so that I can move on? Can you do that for me?” Tears fell from your eyes and Yoongi’s fingers fidgeted as he watched them fall.

“Y/N…” The way your name fell from his lips will always haunt you as much as his next words did. “I… won’t bother you anymore. I’m sorry for hurting you and thank you for… for almost loving someone like me.”

You nodded slowly. Your arm felt weak all of a sudden as it fell from your ear. You used your sleeve to wipe away your tears, forgetting whatever make-up you had put on your face that day. “I understand.” You spoke up and the way his lips twitched told you that he heard you clearly. “Thank you.”

You turned on your heels and ran away.

Yoongi bit his lower lip and gripped his phone until his knuckles turned white. As if on cue, his phone rang again. This time, the name Ah Dachi appeared on the phone.

He raised his arm to throw it away when a familiar voice spoke behind him. “Why?” Jimin had never spoken to him with such a tone before. “Why would you hurt her like that or better yet, hyung… why would you hurt yourself like this?”

Yoongi closed his eyes, trying to calm himself down. “Y/N’s strong, but Dachi needs me. Besides, you can be there for her, Jimin-ah.” He forced a smile on his face when his palm landed on Jimin’s shoulder and gave it a light squeeze.

Jimin’s eyes traveled from Yoongi’s face to where his hand was gripping his shoulder. “Are you kidding me?” he shoved the older man away and gripped his collar. “Why, hyung? Didn’t you love her even a little bit?”

“Dachi is dying.” Yoongi’s voice was so plain that Jimin thought he heard it wrong.


“She’s dying. If two people were thrown into violent seas and one started drowning while the other stays afloat, who would you save first?” Yoongi tried to reason out, but his voice was weak.

Jimin, with his clear eyes and unwavering voice, said without batting an eyelash, “I’d save Y/N. I will always choose her any day.”

“Exactly.” He remarked as if he had planned the whole predicament. “…and I’m choosing Dachi.”

“You’re an asshole, hyung. I hope you know that.” Jimin gritted through his teeth before running after you.

“No… You’re just an awfully good person, Jimin-ah.”

Your feet had gained strength that they never had before as you ran through the campus like a mad man. You barely saw in front of you as tears blurred your vision.

You ran until you were forced to stop by colliding with another person. In a state of confusion and despair, you collapsed on the dusty ground, mumbling apologies to the tall figure in front of you.

“Y/N?” his deep voice rang in your ears like a wake-up call. “What’s wrong?”

You raised your eyes to meet his own glasses-clad ones. His hair had been sleeked back and he looked just like he had on his campaign posters. “Vice President!”

He cracked his dimpled smile as he took in your mascara-stained cheeks and smeared lipstick. “I have a name, you know. It’s Kim Namjoon.”

Jimin finally caught up with you only to see Kim Namjoon laughing as he raised a hand to wipe away your tears.

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Pairing: ReaderxYoongi/ReaderxNamjoon

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty Twenty One (Tentative END) Epilogue

a/n: notice anything weird? I’ll keep this short. Merry Christmas!