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Things I adore about the Lego Batman Movie

- Batman talking during the opening logos. What other comedy movie had done that??? Please tell me.

- Michael Jackson

- Batman and The Joker holy FRiCKk

- Boss female characters (more specifically Barbara)

- Cute lil baby Robin

- Father and son bonding

- Awesome music

- Superman and his crew

- The “two dads” thing


- Alfred!? (“you just got union jacked”)

- The beat boxing

- All the references to other movies especially the villains

- Impeccable humor (clever as hell)

  • Kara: What does Maggie like?
  • Alex: Guns.
  • Kara: Anything... else?
  • Alex: Scotch.
  • Kara: Go on.
  • Alex: Tiramsu.
  • Kara: Same, ok, now you're on to something.
  • Alex: Bonsai trees (adorable).
  • Kara: Okay, they might be hard to work into a Valentine but --
  • Alex: And my nerdy poems! And low lights and soft music and candles!
  • Kara: Awww, that's so sweet, Alex --
  • Alex: And me! Me in nothing but a slip and silk robe!
  • Kara: Well you seem to have this all figured out I'm gonna fly away now you two enjoy!
  • Alex: And lap dances!
  • Kara: Superhearing!!!!

I just re-watched TFA and I forgot how much I love Rey and Finn. Like holy shit, aren’t they just the most adorable things? And Poe is a snarky lil’shit I love it! And can I just have Finn and Rey together now, can they kiss, something! (Honestly, I wouldn’t mind Rey getting it on with Poe either, or Finn with Poe, the blessings of being a multishipper!)

I just love my babies. Keep them safe, please and thank you.

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henry tilney is the most underrated austen hero ever i mean look at this sassy lil shit

and can we talk about the fact that he’s actually kind and considerate to catherine

i mean, i love darcy and knightley but you have to admit they can be preachy af

tilney is just a big sassy adorable ball of regency fluff


( or that emily is actually doing something ??? )

okay i am literally so shook that paloma hit a lil over 100 followers like iḿ garbage!! i hardly have time to be on anymore and so many of you still send me messages and follows like wowowowow

anyways thank you so much youŕe all so amazing and thank you for bearing with me even though i hardly show up anymore!! I LOVE YOU ALL HELLA !!!

@culebral : buCK MY FAVORITE THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AMAZING FROM YOUR WRITING TO JUST YOU AS A MUTUAL! You´re honestly so bomb and funny ( besides that one fedora comment ) BUT ALAS ! Thank you for putting up with me and my baby we love you and richie lots ok!!

@bloodsilked : ITS BEEN YEARS BEA R WITH ME HERE. paloma and i adore eleanor and i hope when i get my shit back together for good that we can continue their lil girl gang okay!! 


all my other lovelies that should hmu sometime!!

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Okay but Simon has the biggest smile that makes his eyes crinkle and his eyes shine and he looks so fucking gorgeous like he even makes vampire fangs look absolutely adorable when he smiles. I bet you raphael loves that smile. shit he lives to see that smile paint its self on Simons face everyday and on the days when everything catches up to simon and he feels extra sad or unhappy raphael would watch those stupid mundane films with him and let him ramble and talk all day long just to get him to smile again. Basically Raphael is just as whipped for Simon as we all are

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Ah I love Australia, even tho I've never been there but I wish i could go there one day. Do you like living there? :) (here we go again with the great question - but i'm honestly interested haha) Yes and its not that bad, but it is still not your bed, so you never really sleep as good as you would at home. Also the kids can be annoying shits and keep you awake the whole night :DD haha

Lmao I think kids secretly want to piss people who are older than them and they know they’re being annoying lol (but I love lil kids omg, they’re adorable). I’ve lived in Australia pretty much my entire life so I’m kinda destined to like it? I think so anyway haha, it’s pretty cool. Ah, it’d be really cool if you came here though! If you do decide coming one day, do yourself a favour and come during winter lmfao. Summer will burn you into a puddle honestly.

Okay, hold up. 

It has recently come to my attention, (and idk if this has been mentioned before,) that in this picture: 

Baby Makoto and Baby Haru are wearing the same clothes as in this picture: 

Exact same clothes. Makoto’s got the same t-shirt and everything. 

Now, I’m really not one who usually pays attention to this sort of thing, but holy shit somebody please confirm to me that these two adorable lil children went to the pool to swim majestically with each other, and then CAME BACK HOME to immediately start making a shit ton of food. Like, a shit ton. Look at all that food. 

Who you feedin, boys. A fuckin army?

Or WHO KNOWS, maybe Makoto just stayed the night over at Haru’s after the pool scene. Maybe this is their breakfast, after a night of Makoto holding the sleeve of Haru’s shirt like he did when they were little, maybe cuddling up like a couple of snug lil bugs in a rug. 

Idk, man. Maybe. 

Got7 Reaction Of You Blushing Easily


This cute lil shit will tease you about it. He would sometimes shower you with complements until you turn bright red. “Ah, look at you~! You turned red so fast this time.”


Finds you super cute. If you watch a movie and a steamy part comes on he immediately looks at you to watch how you change color. While you look like a tomato he sits there and laughs. “Ah~! There you go again!”


Can’t take the fact of how cute you look. Finds it adorable when you start to turn red, and he expresses his feelings with the weirdest quotes.

Him :“I want to take you away and keep you.”

You: “….”


You: *starts to blush*

Him: *gif*

but he would most likely look like this if he saw you.


Being with him your nickname would be baby because of how cute you look when you blush (Then BamBam bursts in lookng offended). Treats you like a kid which would make you blush even more. He will love it so much he wouldn’t be able to contain it. “Ooh~! Look at my baby blushing~!”


Does embarassing things just to see you blush. Doesn’t matter if he’s in public or not, because it will become his mission to make you red. and if you’re not felling it he’ll make you blush a diffrent way.

*Wink Wink*


He found a girl that could act cuter than himself, so any cute action can explode his world. Everytime you blush at him he would be flooded in feels. “You’re making my life harder than it was before.”

*Tries to contain his urge to attack you*

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May I ask where you shop for clothes? I absolutely adore your style, especially those Victorian/Edwardian dresses with rhe ruffle collars. I can't find them anywhere even in the local thrifts 😢

ahhh i’ll probably be of no help because i literally only shop at vintage/thrift/antique shops for clothing!! aside from like, my “normal” wear. mostly etsy, if you type in “gunne sax dress” you’ll more than likely get results that you’re looking for! also, ESTATE SALE! so many lil old ladies hoard the coolest shit, keep a look-out for them in your newspaper! 

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Since I saw that anon being a lil shit, can you tell me what your favorite quirk is about your gf? What makes you smile and laugh about her? <3

oh god my favorite? theres so many things i love about my gf, but probably my favorite is when I say something mushy on call and she gets super flustered, it’s adorable and it always makes me smile and laugh and realize how much i love her

“Holy shit it’s the reader’s birthday!” headcanons

((Cheesy title, I know, don’t judge me. It’s just that it’s my birthday today and I got a little overwhelmed but I hope you enjoy?

> Definitely one of the first (if not THE first) to remember about your birthday, you’d most probably find him at your door singing “happy birthday to you” in his little beeps and boops and my god isn’t that the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.
> He’d give you lots of cute lil’ flowers as a gift and he’d even let you pet his little bird friend, who’s very much likely gonna spend the entire day on your shoulder chirping cutely. > All his birthday wishes for you are a sequence of cute adorable beeping sounds, of course you don’t understand completely what he wants to say but it’s still the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

> I don’t think you understand, she’s been waiting all year for your birthday and now she’s more excited than ever!
> She’ll eagerly take you around or she’ll play videogames with you all day, depending on what you like the most. She wants this to be the most awesome day you’ve ever had!
> You bet your ass she got you your favorite videogame as a gift.

> Calm on the outside, FREAKING IMPATIENT ON THE INSIDE. And he will be like that until he finds you and gets his chance to wish you a happy birthday.
> He knows and you also know that Zenyatta would definitely scold him for hiding his true emotion and not being at peace, but he just can’t help it. Ninja cyborg low key loves birthdays. And he’s acting adorably flustered, too.
> His gift? Probably a beautiful katana. He’d be more than happy to teach you how to fight with it and the two of you would practice together before any mission.

> Much like his brother he’d seem calm and collected on the outside, but on the inside he’s a MESS. Problem is that some of his eagerness shows, unlike what happens for Genji.
> However he is still very solemn and manages to wish you a happy birthday and give you his gift without getting as overexcited as Junkrat. But maybe blushes a little.
> He gave you a pretty and well decorated bowl full of water with a beautiful koi fish inside. No he totally didn’t decorate the bowl himself what are you talking about

> did someone say birthday??? Oh, it’s YOUR birthday??? THIS CALLS FOR A FIREWORK SHOW!!
> Whatcha mean no fireworks inside the house?
> Okay we’ll just wait for tonight! (He’ll spend the rest of your day eagerly hanging out with you, talking non stop about how tonight he’ll make sure to give you the best fireworks you’ve ever seen. He’s an overexcited lil’ psycho, but that’s why we love him.)

> It’s your birthday?? Oh shit whaddup, what are we waiting for??
> Will throw the best party you’ve ever been in, playing his latest songs exclusively for the occasion, and giving you your favorite band’s best album as a gift.

> “Howdy birthday girl/boy.”
> Bet ya thought he’d give you a rest from his flirt attempts at least for your birthday. Boy, were you wrong. McCree just has to be a huge tease every single day of the year, your b-day is no exception.
> But he’s actually a pleasing company though, showering you in funny puns and sarcasm and he even got you something!
> …a bottle of bourbon?
> “Ah sorry darl’, my mistake, that’s the gift I got for myself.”
> The actual gift is a little banjo, how cute of him. Get him drunk enough tonight and he’ll definitely can-can for you. But Jesse please put your pants back on your boxers are ridiculous and nobody asked for you to show them off.

> This smol cutie would be the most excited out of them all, showing herself just as midnight strikes to hug you gently wishing you a good luck.
> Her gift for you is a handmade scarf with your favorite color palette and an embroidered chinese good luck quote on it and she’s just so sweet and shy while handing it to you.
> She made you and ice cream cake shaped like an igloo and my God is it delicious.

> Mercy would be the best and sweetest one so far, giving you lots of cuddles and affection and so many cute gifts.
> She even baked you a cake! And she wrote “Alles Gute zum Geburtstag” with icing, she’s just too precious.
> 100% Mom Friend material all day long.

> Oh, is it your birthday? Didn’t notice, it’s just a day like the others for the Edge Lord.
> But between me and you, he lied. He would never forget about your birthday and deep inside he gets low key impatient for this day to come.
> When no one’s around would 100% sneak a lil wrapped gift in your hands, not saying anything beside a muttered “happy birthday”.
> Here you go, he bought you an actual Death Note. (I swear to god I have one of those, it’s actually a pretty cool journal the Death Note’s design it’s really cool)

> Would probably stare at you for a long time, not saying a word, and just when you’re feeling the most uncomfortable he’d pull you in for a bear hug.
> Then he’d hand you a cute lil fluffy plushie with a just as cute “happy b-day” card with it.
> He’d also help Junkrat with tonight’s firework because A) the lil psycho is insisting too much it’s getting annoying and he’s giving me a headache, and B) it’s a pretty rad idea it’s been too long since the last fireworks we’ve made.

> I dare you to tell me she wouldn’t be the very damn first to know when your birthday is and to wish you a very goddamn happy one.
> At first she’d try to pull a prank on you, teasing you about “forgetting”, but come on Lena seriously?
> “Don’t look at me like that luv, I was just messing with you!”
> She’d be hyped for the rest of the day, hanging out with you all of the time and giving you a nice lil watch as a gift. What a dork.

> She’ll give you all of the hugs but Zarya please don’t hug so tightly I’m gonna break in half–
> Will make you forgive her with a big polar bear plush (which you’ll put next to the one Roadhog gave you) and traditional russian sweets and eventually vodka.

((I know there are still a few that miss, I promise I’ll add them later. Hope you liked it this far tho!))

Describing My Boyfriend - Yongguk

“my boyfriend is really basic, what about yours?”

definitely not basic. 

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he’s cute.

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he’s a bit shy at times.

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he’s affectionate. 

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adorable lil shit.

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“can I have your boyfriend?”

uhm, no. c:

if you want me to describe a boyfriend just ask me c:
(big bang, exo, bts, got7, infinite, nu’est, seventeen, teen top, blockb) or any other.
click here for more boyfriends.


The season premiere of The 100 has got me like…

OCTAVEN: holy balls… “Try to keep up” omg, can you see that sexual tension. Raven’s smirk? Raven being happy and Octavia the cause of that happiness? I die. But then…
DOCTOR MECHANIC: I thought I wouldn’t but then when Abby helped Raven off the horse, like Dr. Griffin why don’t you just scoop her up and into your bed?
MINTY: Miller, confirmed gay, loves Monty, we saw that chemistry in the truck. And how could Miller not love adorable little Monty?
JASPER I ship with improved mental health, poor kid.
EMORI/MURPHY: they both mess up and can be sarcastic lil shits together
CLARKE/NIYLAH: Clarke, you lil player! I love it, it’s so great! Niylah seems like a cool chick, i just hope she doesn’t turn on Clarke. I wouldn’t mind seeing her character more.
HARPER/MONROE: I ships it, play fighting into something more? I think so.
BELLAMY/NEW CHICK: Bellamy, unofficial group mom, needs an unofficial group dad to watch the kids with… Wait, does that make sense? Don’t care, I dig it. She runs a bar and works on trucks, she’s cool.

Basically, thank you, The 100 and Jason Rothenberg, for giving me more canon/non-canon ships that I could ever ask for.

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NEXT CHARACTER: ALOIS TRANCY (ik you might not know who dis is but hes from an anime called black butler) (hes really chill)


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