you are amazon just the way you are

i honestly hate the kamen rider wiki because you cna just tell from the way this is written some edgelord wrote it up, like there are a million ways to say it’s more explicitly violent and deals with darker themes than absolutely having to shove in ‘ITS NOT FOR KIDS ANYMORE’ bc you’re only half right since teens and not grown ass neet men are also a target demographic

also the amazon driver is literally…like it literally fits a child i just hate how DARK EDGY! ADULT is the rallying call for shitty rider fans with no perspective who lurk on chan or reddit and shit tbh 

the number 1 thing i think amazon needs to work on is making their “price: low to high” search setting more accurate/curated. It’s literally unusable, whatever you’re trying to find, if you sort the price in that way, you gotta go to page 10 (and you can only click forward 2 pages at a time so get ready to wait for like 5 pages to load) because the first 9 pages are like “part number 129577521 for HAND CART” and its like 2 screws and a wheel for 2 dollars when i just want to see if there’s like a hand cart for 20 dollars instead of 50 dollars 


-10pm EST on USA every Sunday-

Viewership increased last week even with the AMAs running at the same time so there’s a very good chance we can still keep this show!!

Everyone get atleast one new person to watch and we can hit 1 million viewers easy!

If you’re in the US and you really aren’t interested in watching, please atleast consider playing the show on your TV or DVR-ing to help us!! 

If you’re an international fan, you can help by borrowing a friend’s information and tuning in on the USA website or you can buy the episode/the whole season on iTunes and Amazon! There’s ways to access the US store to purchase, just let me know if you need help!

If y’all need any more information or have any questions just let me know!



THIS is bake-a-bone! It’s roughly $18 on Amazon!

It’s retailed as a way to make homemade dog treats! BUT it’s pretty much just a waffle iron! So, you could use it to make treats for puppy space! You could use pancake batter or waffle batter or CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE BATTER, and make super cute, super realistic pup treats!

This has been a PSA~

♥ Do not interact if you think little space or pet space is inherently a kink! ♥

GUYS! There’s a way for international fans to support Eywitness!

Here’s a link to a twitter post about how you, as a international fan, can buy season 1 of Eyewitness on Amazon!! I just tried it and it totally works so please, if you can, please support the show by following the steps!

I’ll just copy all the steps to here so you don’t have to click the link:

* Go on (the USA website)
* Create an account and register your credit card to your account (it can be a credit card from anywhere in the world)
* Go to the gift card section ‘Gift Cards & Registry’
* Click to send an eGift Card
* Buy yourself (send it to your own email address) a gift card of whatever amount of money you’re gonna need to purchase an episode or the whole season of Eyewitness
* It might take a little while, but you’re gonna recieve the gift card by email
* Go on your Amazon account in the section to redeem a gift card
* Enter the claim code of the gift card so that you can use the money on it with your account
* Go in the payment/credit card section of your account and delete your credit card info (IMPORTANT)
* Now you can go and purchase Eyewitness and it’s gonna automatically use the gift card money to pay for it
* Watch and enjoy!
* With this method, you will only be able to watch the show on amazon.comon a computer

“What do you want for Christmas?”

Anonymous said to realsocialskills:
What with Christmas coming and being autistic, I’ve been specifically asked what I want for Christmas by a relative and I’ve no idea how to say ‘I would like X please’ without sounding rude or demanding!

realsocialskills said:

One option might be to create an Amazon wishlist. (Or a wishlist on some other platform). Then you can say “I actually have a wishlist, would you like the link?” or just email them the link if the initial ask was in an email.

That way it doesn’t seem like you’re demanding a particular thing:

  • It’s important to some people to pick the gift themselves.
  • Some people like to buy some kinds of things but not other kinds of things. 
  • (eg: Some people might not want to buy political books they disagree with, or might have an aversion to pink things, or whatever).
  • Or might have ideas about what Good Gifts are.
  • (Eg: Some people might think that stuff you need and would buy anyway isn’t a good gift.). 
  • A wish list lets them decide which kind of thing they want to buy.
  • It also gives them information about your tastes and what kinds of things you like…
  • …which lets them pick a thing that’s not on your list, based on what they think you’d like.
  • (For whatever reason, some people are more comfortable giving gifts that are their own idea).
  • Giving people options makes it more likely that one will be comfortable for them.

It also would be good to put things on the list that cost different amounts of money because:

  • People usually have an amount in mind that they want to spend.
  • But for whatever reason, it’s considered rude to talk about how much gifts cost.
  • So, unfortunately, “How much were you thinking of spending?” is a rude question.
  • But if you put things on your list that cost different amounts of money, then you don’t have to talk about that.
  • They can just look at the list and spend the amount of money they want to spend.

tl;dr Sometimes people ask what kind of present you want, and it can be awkward to answer directly. Wish lists can help, especially if you put things on the list that cost different amounts of money. Amazon wish lists work pretty well for this.

Guys, this is important! Please do NOT use illegal streams or downloads to watch Eyewitness. The show desperately needs more legal views or else we will not get a season 2!!! Showrunner Adi Hasak *just* tweeted last night about this!

There are plenty of ways you can watch the show legally. You can stream the episodes for free on the USA Network website or app. Or you can buy episodes on iTunes and Amazon (you can get the season’s pass for as little as 15 dollars which is super cheap). Even if you live outside the US you can still buy on US iTunes and Amazon. Need info on how to do that? Click here and here. Got any more questions? Feel free to ask me - I’ll be happy to help!

PLEASE PEOPLE — watch legally and support the show so that we can still have a chance at getting that second season! THANK YOU!!!

This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I started at Pratt as a graphic designer and I’ll leave as…everything? That’s the best way to put it. Please remember that you’re not just one thing. Become fascinated by everything and shake things up a lil bit if you have to. People will tell you there’s a certain way of doing things. Fuck that. I’m making art with sequins and cardboard from beer/cider packaging and old amazon boxes. And I’m just tapping into something! I’ve only just begun. It’s hard to explain but I feel really fucking powerful at this point in my life. I’m tired of feeling defeated because of school. I’m just so tired of so many things and I can feel myself slowly waking up. I can’t explain my mood other than this: I want to dance and shout from the top of a rooftop and never get down


Hello, I’m Ollie, a young trans boy. I’m currently living with my grandparents, long story short my father was living with us but he got kicked out (he was unsupportive anyway but now I sorta have to find a way to buy all my toiletries and other things like that). I haven’t been making enough money selling my art to be able to provide for myself like that though. I made an amazon wishlist with stuff I need on it (it’s mostly just lotion/baby powder stuff of that nature besides two fun things i put on the list). If anyone does buy anything off the list let me know so i can send you a thank you letter with some art and stuff in it! Thank you

Here is the full Wonder Woman illustration I debuted at WonderCon 2015 this past weekend. I’ve been wanting to illustrate her for a while now, and while part of me wanted to do it in a more elegant and ‘pinup’ friendly pose because I knew that would probably be more popular, I just had to go with my gut and paint her the way I wanted. As a fighter who can take her licks but who you know is going to get back up and return them tenfold. I hope you like “My Turn.”

SaveWoY Trending 27th - Merch


The WoY merch that I want the most is, honestly, just a dvd! I mean, Gravity Falls got two! Phineas and Ferb got like seven! WoY should have at least one! Having the complete series on dvd would be ideal, but even just a random episodes dvd would be nice!

You may be saying “Why would you want a WoY dvd the most? You can just buy the episodes on iTunes or Amazon!” This is true - in fact, I’ve already bought every episode off iTunes - but honestly, even in this modern streaming age, dvds are still convenient in a way. If we want to convince someone to watch the show, what’s going to be more effective? Telling them to spend money buying an episode of a show they may not even like, or letting them borrow our dvd in order to watch a bit of the show and hopefully encourage them to buy the dvd or some iTunes episodes themselves? Plus, not everyone is able to buy episodes through an iTunes or Amazon account, but pretty much everyone has a dvd player!

As for the more personal reasons: I just really love having my favorite shows on dvd. I get to watch them on a big tv and not just my tablet, plus they’re easier to marathon. And again, it’s easier to take a dvd to a friend’s house to try and share the show with them than trying to gather everyone around a tablet or laptop that has limited volume and a smaller screen.

So yeah, PLEASE put out some sort of WoY dvd, Disney. Either a set of random episodes (the show’s so good that any combination of episodes would still guarantee a set that’s worth buying) or the whole series. I can promise that at least 39,000 people would want to buy it.

Just had surgery & missing work.

This is an updated version of my previous post as, due to my phone having been cut off, I can’t access my WePay account to receive donations through YouCaring.  Here’s an FAQ about this. If your question isn’t answered there or in this post I’m more than happy to answer it through an ask.

Please, PLEASE donate / share this if you can. I’m really sorry to have to do this but neither of us have any financial support from family currently and we’re at a loss of what to do in this situation. I have a donations button on my blog and I’m willing to give out an email for anyone more trusting of transfers. My Amazon Wishlist also has some cat food on it if you feel like donating that way! If you find a cheaper listing for any of these cat foods please let me know so I can add it to the list.

Hey everyone,

So as many of you know I just had top surgery (FTM) on the 24th of this month (11/24/2016), and while this was something I needed, I’m now extremely anxious about the financial situation of my roommate and I (as well as our two cats). Right now we’re worrying about how we’ll come up with our rent and transit money for the month of January, as well as how we’ll find money for food for ourselves as well as our cats.

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idont want to sound greedy and annoying unable to work right now (commissions are my only way to earn money) and my mental health is getting worse and worse. im in a bad place rn and having a nice christmas would be lovely, so! i set up an amazon wishlist! -> here

some things are more important than others (the tablet pen nibs) and some are just things ive wanted for so long and never had the money for.. i actually havent set up my address there yet because im living unstable atm, just msg me if you want to buy something for me and we’ll talk about it! (thank you in advance!)

i would happily draw anything for anyone who bought me something from this list! OR you can just directly commission me as a gift! commission info is here

i might rb this a few times if thats ok!

Hey kids, sad about Sherlock ending for the season and want to read a YA novel about teenage girls, Joanna and Sherlock solving mysteries and generally being awesome? This is the book for you. 

The book is available from Amazon and other retailers, but if you want a signed copy, talk to me, your friendly neighborhood author! For $18 I will ship to anywhere in the US, and for an additional fee, anywhere else in the world. 

Why get a signed copy from the author? Well, it’s signed. Also, it helps me out. I’m currently unemployed, and my unemployment won’t start for two more weeks. So I just need to survive that long! 

My paypal is if you want to order the book, or just kick a few bucks my way. 

Please pass this along–I lost all of my 2k followers when I accidentally deleted my account. I worked hard, and I want to share teenage autistic Sherlock and bi Watson with the world! 

Indie Cat vs Roomie - 1/0

My cat is a troublemaker and likes to sneak into places where he shouldn’t be, especially my roommates bedroom where she always keeps the door closed, making it an especially tempting challenge for said cat. He’s also learned ways to break into her room but the squeaky door gives him away….and go!

Me: *sits peacefully alone in den*
Roomie: “……I think your cat is in my room! I just saw his tail disappear under my bed!” *6 ft tall Amazon woman runs down hall*
Me: *waits for it…..*
*multiple crashes*
*whimper from down the hall*
Cat: runs into den, meowing in protest, and jumps in my lap, wide-eyed
Me: “WTF did you do, Roomie?”
Roomie: “……I think I broke my bed. And my toe……ow.”
Me: *high-fives the cat*

Score: Indie 1/ Roomie 0

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was just wondering if you could give me a list of movies about, or similar to columbine and possibly where I could find them? If it's not to much to ask.

There’s quite a lot of movies and documentaries out there- I personally love ‘Bowling for Columbine’ (A Michael Moore documentary which includes Marilyn Manson 😍) and ‘Zero Hour’ is also fantastic.

In terms of movies There is:
Zero Day
Heart of America
The Dirties

('We need to talk about Kevin’ is quite good too, it’s based on one troubled boy growing up and his relationship with his mother- it’s also a school shooting movie but quite unique in a way)

Your best shot at finding these would probably be Amazon, Ebay or just watch them online if you can.

This is only naming a few, I think it’s best to stick with the documentaries (just type Columbine into YouTube and you’ll get a lot of interesting videos). In addition to that, if you’re interested in books, I highly recommend:
'A mothers Reckoning’ by Sue Klebold and
'No Easy Answers’ by Brooks Brown.
Further information about Columbine can be found on a great website called: 'A Columbine Site’. It gives a lot of detail on the shooters, the victims and the school itself and lots more videos/pictures and other references.

I hope this helps and if there is anything else you need just let me know :)

Being a spirit worker with an Amazon Echo is a constant experience in finding out just how many ways spirits can fuck with Alexa.

Including these gems:

  • The Echo listening for a question when nobody spoke
  • Alexa refusing to understand the playlist name you asked for because your spirits want to listen to something else
  • Alexa being unable to understand what you say because spirits thought that’d be funny
I hope the cast finds this

Dear girl meets world. I saw some other people do this so I thought I would write you my appreciation. I was around nine years old when gmw came out. I looked forward almost every week to watch the adventures of riley and maya and all their friends. MJs main goal was to teach kids something in every single character.
Maya Penelope Hart taught me that being broken cant stop you. You can dream and do what you love even if sometimes you don’t want to get out of bed. That no matter what happens I can still be a fierce Amazon warrior and no one can break me. And that being small is not something to be ashamed about. Don’t just live in this world thrive in it.
Zay Earl/Frank babexnogh (I can’t spell his last name to save a life) taught me that laughter is always the best medicine. If I am ever sad I will always remember Zay and his comedic ways. But most of all I will remember to never let anyone steel my cookies. And if they do thanks to Zay I will no how to complain about it.
Farkle Minkus taught me thag being weird is amazing. Originality is something wonderful. i have learned from him that friends are one of the most important things a person could have. I will always have Farkle Time in my heart forever.
Lucas taught me that my past doesn’t control me. And having good looks doesn’t automatically say who you are. Stay kind stay smart and no matter what always wear a blue shirt. Lucas Friar we never learned your middle name. A secret I wish I knew.
Riley taught me to be optimistic. She showed me that as long as I hope for things there is always a possibility that things will turn our right. As long as I keep dreaming Pluto will always be a planet. At least to me. Thank you Riley. I hope you know that you made a difference.
Mr. Matthews taught me that every lesson has something that we can learn from. Something that can change our lives. That history is not just names and dates. Thank you Cory I will forever be grateful.
Ava and Auggie taught me that being a child is an amazing thing. And no matter what keep that child like wonder inside me forever. And no matter how many you are. That little child should always run inside you looking for CHEESE.
Thank you everyone for making GMW. I hope you stumble across this actors and actresses. I hope you read this. I hope you know how thankful I am. I can’t wait. Its my world now. I’m not ready. You should see my face when I walk by my parents. But either way. Thank You. You can send me my subway card in the mail

I really want the cast to read this so please try to get this to them
@lucayafever23 @kacie-ville @rowanblanchardxx @theowldetective @thenightxisntxalwaysxaxmystery