you are amazing little creatures

Porcupines are common animals throughout the national forest lands in Alaska.  It has been recently reported the porcupines are Alaska’s number one road kill victims and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game says vehicles are the biggest threat to porcupines.  This is sad (but not surprising) news and so I thought it was time to give these amazing little creatures some well-deserved attention.

You can read a couple of really nice news stories about porcupines in the Alaska Dispatch News at:

Keep Summer BBQs Buzz and Bite Free!

Keep Summer BBQs Buzz and Bite Free! first appeared on the Backyard Bug Patrol blog.

Do you want to keep mosquitoes at bay in your yard this season? Then why not try influencing some natural predators of these pesky, disease spreading bugs into your yards. A birdhouse can not only add a nice feature to your outdoor area, it can also attract the likes of Purple Martin birds, who like to feast on not just mosquitoes but many other bugs.

Tips to help keep mosquitoes off your property

They’re unwelcome guests that take the fun out of backyard parties and with steady showers this summer, you might notice them more this year. Mosquitoes are a big problem…

Natural predators are welcome in our back yards if they help us to lower the risk of mosquitoes breeding and causing more misery. Here’s a video with some ‘amazing’ mosquito eating creatures.

Of course, sometimes you need a little professional help to keep your family and pets safe from bugs. Many people invest in a barrier spray to provide peace of mind that mosquitoes attempting to get into their yard will be eradicated.

Invite the natural predators into your yard and combine it with some professional prevention, then you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your summer BBQ’s will be buzz and bite free.

Image used under creative commons with thanks to Henry T McLin

Ahhhh yes. Children. Those amazing little creatures you are supposed to love unconditionally. Even when they keep you awake from 1.30am.

I’m so mofo tired. I gave up the fight of sleep with Cooper. I’m less angry now I have had a coffee… even if it is 5am. My choices were try to force Cooper back to sleep, most likely waking Riley back up, or get up turn on the TV and have a hot coffee while Cooper leaves me alone and I can try to calm down.

Looks like a long day for this mumma. Om the plus side we find out if we get a house today, it was looking good on Friday we just need confirmation today. Fingers crossed for us! I could finally have an art room! It would be amazing.