you are amazing little creatures

“You’re going to be good at this.” A Derek Hale Imagine.

Hi! Can you do a Derek hale one shot where he is married to the reader and they are expecting a baby and he and Cora and the other wolves love to put their heads on the stomach because the baby’s heartbeat calms them down and comforts them? And the other members who can’t hear it like to rub it and just make it fluffy? Thank you! I love your writing! :)

You smiled as Cora once again laid her head against your stomach, smiling as the heartbeat of your unborn child calmed her down. It didn’t take long for Cora to be pushed away by Scott and Liam who both wanted to hear the beat of the little creature inside of you. Everyone looked so amazed by it all and you couldn’t help but smile at their faces. Derek looked from across the room, a slightly hidden smile on his face at his closest friends enthusiasm for the both of you. Lydia walked towards you slightly, holding up a little present. 

“I got you this, I hope it fits.” She said while you unwrapped the box, smiling widely at the small dress inside. It was beautiful. 

“Oh my! It’s beautiful Lydia! She’s going to love it!” You exclaimed making her smile proudly. You held up the dress in front you, your other hand softly rubbing your belly. 

“Look what auntie Lydia got you, you’re going to look so beautiful in this princess.” You said as everyone was aw’ing around you. Lydia sat down next to you smiling as she placed her hand on your stomach, slowly rubbing it. 

“I can’t take all the credit, uncle Stiles helped me a little bit. We are all so excited to see you.” She said as you felt your baby kicking towards her hand softly. 

“Ow, little one, easy now.” You giggled as Lydia looked at you with nothing but love in her eyes. 

“Yeah, who would’ve known that Y/N here could actually tame Derek? I mean I was surprised when they became a couple, even more surprised when she said yes to marry him, I mean really Y/N? Even with his constant sour wolf face? Oh well. At least it gave us this precious little baby.” Stiles said, a hit of joking in his voice, as he placed his hand next to Lydia’s. 

Hours passed but in the end, both you and the baby had to get some rest. Everyone said their goodbye’s and left you and Derek to smile at the memories made that day. Derek tucked you in as he laid down facing you, rubbing your side softly as he smiled widely. 

“What?” You questioned stroking his cheek softly. 

“You’re going to be good at this.” He said, kissing your forehead softly. You smiled as you looked into his dark brown eyes. 

“You’re going to be great dad too. She’s going to be most spoiled little girl in all of Beacon Hills.” You giggled as Derek nodded. 

“Get some sleep babe, I’ll be right here when you wake up.” He said kissing you softly. You nodded as you cuddled deeper into the covers. You smiled when you felt Derek plant a kiss on your stomach. 

“Now let mommy sleep little one. Goodnight Thalia.” He whispered softly. 

It sucks when people that have never had a ferret say “they’re such gross little things, they just stink up the house” … NO 🙅 .. My ferret is my little baby, they are the most amazing, adorable little creatures and when you love your little furbaby so much, you can look past that little musty smell that they have. If you don’t want a ferret that’s fine, but the are the best pets. Dont go by what you hear.