you are amazing and i love what you do

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The fact that people are sending in their HC about your mafia AU, creating fanart, writing fanfictions based on it, and heck, even willing to cosplay it shows how amazing it is. I believe it's safe to say that you have created a fandom.

Like, what the hell, why do people like this so much????

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henlo love your jams, Lapfox was one of the main reasons I am who I am today, and hearing your jams brings tears of joy to my eyes. keep doing what you do, bork bork i love you, you're an amazing person. <3 <3 <3

So it’s @octoking ‘s birthday! Prince, you’re an amazing artist and friend ^^ I love talking to you, our talks about cute girls are A+ x,D You deserve the sun *pun activated*

So I did a small thingy! I know this isn’t much but I wanted to do something nice for you;; So I made your wife with pixels~ eheh
I hope you like it! And I hope you’re enjoying your day, you deserve great things <:

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For real, can you imagine a LESBIAN as skam main? Can you imagine. I would be spending my days rewatching the season and sending post cards and flowers to the Evak stans to say "sorry I thought you were annoying" cause I finally understand what they feel everything the rewatch season 3. can you imagine two soft girls portrayed by actual teen girls being all sneaky and squishy and unsure around eachother cause they're crushing so hard and dear god girls are so pretty

My heart got filled with rainbows 🌈 and love just reading this. I can’t even imagine it, seeing a non-American, teenage, ordinary lesbian in her ordinary life. Imagine how amazing it would be seeing her deal with heteronormativity and her meeting a girl and that incredibly weird feeling of “am I in love? Do I want to be her? Or is she my bff?” (Usually the answer is all three)

And I know exactly what she would go through with russetiden and vestkant boys. If we had that season I would refresh the Skam site every single day, I’m not kidding I would watch it every single day and rewatch it and analyze every interaction between the main and her love interest. Imagine what it would mean for thousands of young sapphics watching and seeing themselves in the story.

Contributor’s spotlight: Sylfiden  (Site) (My art) (commissions info) (Youtube Channel)

How did you become a Fannibal? 

Difficult question! I watched Hannibal for the first time when I knew it was cancelled. People told me this TV show was amazing, so I wanted to verify it by myself. They were right. Since the first chapter I fell in love and I think that was the moment I became a Fannibal.

What do you love about the Hannibal fandom? 

I am not very well up on this because I pass the most of my time out of the social network. I am not social at all, so what I can see from my side is a small part of what the fandom really is. In any case, I have noticed people are so kind and respectful (I adore that!) and they always think of others. The most impressive thing is their writing/drawing skills, wow! All this people are so talented.

How would you like to spend a day with Will Graham? 

Due to the fact that we are not very talkative, I think we would spend the day fishing or taking care of his dogs. I don’t really know! Or maybe we wouldn’t want to spend the day with the other because we prefer being alone and doing other things, haha!

Loved Not Tormented- SURPRISE- Part 1

Tormented & Loved Readers… Surprise? You probably knew this was coming. I don’t know how long it will be. But ta-da. I hope you’ll love this just as much. 

Masterlist for Tormented & Loved

Loved Not Tormented

Five Years Later

Part 1

Dean’s POV

“It’s $307.” I said to the man standing in front of me.

“Thank you.” He replied as he handed me a card. I nodded and waved to him after a quick swipe to the machine. He left and held the door open for a woman… my woman.

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Since I’ve been doing pride flags since the 21st and today is either Queer Day or Intergender Day, I decided to make both of the flags I found.

Side note, shout out to all you intergender people out there. Even if you have orientations that are shouted out to a lot, or even if you have micro-lables. You people are amazing and deserve so much more credit, and no matter what anyone else says, you’re valid.

Have a good day, you lovely people.

~Mod Nova

P.S. I’m sorry if any if these flags are wrong or offensive, please let me know if they are.

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Shino with a S/O from a family of beekeepers, maybe they were friends growing up, too, since I imagine their families would likely work together a lot. I read how much you love Shino, so do scenario or headcanons as you please.

ah man, i just

love shino so much :’)))) thank friend

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Shino with a S/O From A Family of Beekeepers 

- When he first meets them, he’s intrigued to say the least. Eventually, that intrigue turns to deep admiration. He gets into deep conversations with them about the connections between themselves and their bees. How can you harvest the honey? What’s the safest way? Do you get hurt a lot?

- He’s worked with them a time or two, since their two clans/families are close, but he’s still in amazement that they can work around bees. they sting and i’m allergic as fuck of them Shino’s eyes, whenever they come home, scour their body for bee stings, making sure that they haven’t gotten stung. He trusts them not to get hurt, but he can’t help but secretly worry. He doesn’t express this, however.

- Growing up, the both of them were teased because they hung out with bugs more often than they did other people. They stuck up for each other, hardly separating from the other. 

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Hey. So um I'm just really confused on my sexuality. I was closeted for a VERY long time and I recently came out to only one friend as gay. I mainly identify with that label but I can help but feel some how that I can find men attractive and be "normal" again. Sure I can look at a man and think oh yea he's handsome or check out the guys with my strait friend but does that mean I'm bi? Sorry to bother. I'm just really new to this whole sexuality deal-io

Love, Why do you feel like you have to label yourself as anything? Just love who you love… it doesn’t matter if you are bi, gay or anything else. If you fall in love with a guy that’s Ok, If you fall in love with a girl that’ Ok.
It would be amazing If people were falling in love with What’s in other people’s brain, heart… rather then What’s in their pants.

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You don't have to reply to this, just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work😊! You are all amazing and i very much appreciate what you're doing here! Hope you're having a lovely day❤❤❤❤

thank you so much, that means everything to us!! we work really hard on our  blogs and there’s a lot to do that isn’t always visible via answering asks :)) <3

- Eliza

somehow I hit 400 followers whilst I was on hiatus which is so amazing and I am so grateful to all of you !! so to say thank you I thought I would do some blogrates!


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how do i come out? 🏳️‍🌈

hello! ✨

🌸 my advice is to tell people you trust. you’re not obligated to tell people who you think will react badly!

🌸 you can be direct about it: “i trust you as a friend so I want to come out”

🌸 I hope with my whole heart that your friends and family will love and accept you because you’re amazing and you deserve the world! and be proud of yourself no matter what. happy pride month 🌈

This is going to be my final post about SKAM on this account.

This show has changed my life forever. Long after we all move on with our lives, (we all know we will) I will never forget what this show as given me.

SKAM has given me the ideals, and lessons, along with some pretty awesome advice and so many more things.

Julie has inspired me to keep creating videos and movies because that is what I love to do and I hope one day I will be able to create something as beautiful as SKAM.

So as this post comes to a close, I just want to say thank you to the fandom for creating so much amazing content and edits and so much more, thank you to the actors for portraying such complex and beautiful characters. And last but not least, thank you to Julie Andem for creating such an amazing show.

I will never forget you SKAM, I may move on. But I will never forget you.

(Made a desktop background for anyone’s use, the tree photo is indeed mine if anyone was wondering)

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I'm sorry that happend to u... u don't deserve that. And i get it that it hurts, even more when it's someone u trusted. But unfortunately it happens and if they can't love and accept u for just being you they aren't worthy of u. I hope they'll come to understand that u and ur girlfriend are adorable and cute and have an amazing relationship, and it doesn't matter who it is u're loving. Btw is it obvious i ship it? Cause i do, well right now just try to relax Mama Beast, i hope u feel better soon

Thank you so much little beast. I don’t know what I’m thinking right now if I’m being honest. Numbness? Apathy? I just wish I could be what people want me to be and at the same time want to say “f*** you” to anyone who makes me feel like I’m not worthy of love. But I know I have this community to lean on. I know I have my girlfriend. That is what I keep in my heart. And as a Christian who is also gay, I know God loves me too. Thank you for this message and being so awesome!

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I feel like Hollywood will cast big muscle guys if you are big and scary enough... I think they'd do whatever you said. Especially if you grew for a decade straight. Plus I'd love to see your writing and getting famous is a lot of luck unfortunately

This is a shotgun anon: throw four ideas in one post.

Actually it’s not about intimidating people usually, it’s about fitting a set idea of what kind of people do what. At least when you’re first starting out.

Growing for a decade straight would be amazing. Pull a Hugh Jackman basically.

You’ll see my writing one day.

Give way fewer fucks about fame than about making a living off of acting and writing only. That’s the true goal and, I believe, more dependent on training, skill and hard work than luck.

Also, I’m sorry but major pet peeve, every actor over 15 knows that it takes “luck.” We have all had parents and mentors want us to have back up plans and 90% of us have given up and are now working in offices and malls because we listened to your off-hand dissuasions and taken them to heart.

Just let me do my work. Comment on my quality not on my goals, please.

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Congrats on all of the followers and fame! I am glad that I was a part of your journey to glory, but I can see that I am no longer needed. Unfortunately, like all stars, I must fade away and disappear. I will be moving on to a smaller mysme hc's account and bringing them suggestions, in the hopes that they grow to a large following, like your account. I hope you do good with your writings and University^^! -Stars Anon<3

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Stars Anon, I love you💛 I’m glad that you were here for me, too! You do what you feel is best, but I forever thank you for leaving me amazing requests and encouraging me^^ Thank you and I hope you do good with everything and that you reach your dreams as well! Remember that you can always stop by and that I love you! And I’m rooting for you( ˘ ³˘)❤

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📣YOURE AMAZING📣 please never change (but always get better!) because your art looks so amazing and your so nice and if I was older I would commission you alllll the time because I love your style and you're personality as well! Just keep it up because a lot of people love what you're doing!

ahh I really needed this today, thank you!

and thanks so much for your continued support!

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Hello, lovely. Please, take your time and do what is best for you. Be as safe as you can, and remember that you can message me any time if you need to talk! I love you 💜💜💜 you're a rare kind of wonderful human being and you deserve all the love and happiness and hugs that the world has to offer. I'm really sorry that you're having such a rough time and I will do everything in my power to help you through it!

Cas you’re an actual gem of a human 💙  

I’m so thankful that there’s lovely people like you in this community that are supportive, I don’t know what I’d do otherwise 😭 You’re just so amazing… Thank you so much for understanding 💙💙

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Do you have any advice about how to feel confident in clothes? I have a hard time because I have really chunky thighs but a very small upper body and I always feel like I look awful. Love your blog!!

Don’t care about the others and if they are looking and stuff. Feeling good about yourself ,about what you are wearing will make you feel and look amazing!! You can rock anything if you feel good about your body looks! Just accept you, just the way you are, you are unique, you only live once and you can do anything!!