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BTS Scenario: I Need U

Jung Hoseok X Reader

“But you’re my everything. I’m sorry. I love you. Forgive me.”

Summary: You and Hoseok broke up, and you’d made it clear that it was over. However, he deeply regrets it to the point where it begins to eat him away and he won’t leave you be until he has the chance to prove to you that he needs you back.

Word Count: ~3.4k

I got super into writing this one, it’s a bit longer than I intended, but I hope you guys like it! 

Thank you to @stacey4673 for the request!

***I do not own the gif**

“Are you kidding me?” You quietly cursed yourself for not packing an umbrella before you’d left the house. You hurriedly made your way back to your apartment as the rain began to fall in steady, heavy droplets.

When you finally reached your apartment, you quickly unlocked the door while kicking off your damp shoes and attempting to avoid dripping water all over the floor. You reached into your back pocket to pull out your phone, breathing a sigh of relief upon seeing that it wasn’t completely drenched like the rest of you. The screen lit up at once to indicate a new voicemail from none other than – your recent ex-boyfriend. 

Were you even surprised to yet another voicemail from Hoseok? He’d begun to fill your inbox not even two weeks after you broke up. You’d told him you wanted nothing to do with him anymore. However, you couldn’t help but be the slightest bit curious as to what he had to say to you after all the nasty things that were said in your final argument leading up to the split. For all you knew, the messages could be filled with things he’d forgotten to insult you on during the fight, but still, you found yourself pressing the playback button to listen to what he’d left.

“Hello? Jagi, it’s me…I know you won’t pick up the phone and you probably haven’t listened to the other voicemails, but I just wanted to feel like you were still there. I know I’ve said it every message but…I miss you. I just called to say…well, uh…did you see the rain?” he paused for a moment to let out an awkward laugh, “Hey, do you remember when we got caught in the rain without an umbrella because you had told me to bring one, but I was too forgetful? And do you remember how we ran through the rain together hand in hand, and then we laughed at how silly we looked running into that shop with our clothes dripping wet? You scolded me later for it because I ended up getting sick. Although I felt shameful then, I’d do anything to experience that day again.”

The phone beeped, indicating that the message had ended. Hoseok had sounded so upset in his message, but you felt anger bubbling up inside you. He didn’t seem so sorry when you’d broken up, so what was with the sympathy now? Was he trying to make you feel guilty about dumping him? 

You were filled with absolute irritation for your ex-boyfriend, but for some reason, you felt compelled to listen to the other voicemails. You scrolled further down to the first of nearly thirty voicemails that Hoseok had flooded your phone with and pressed play.

“Jagi, I know you told me to never call you again, but I wanted to say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I said, I regret making you cry like that. I miss you so much jagi. It’s only been a week and I feel like I’m dying without you. Please, call me back.”

“Y/N…it’s 3 am. I can’t stop thinking about you. Do you remember when I’d call you in the middle of the night sometimes because I couldn’t sleep and you’d get annoyed with me at first, but then you’d talk to me with your soothing voice until the early hours of the morning? I miss your voice…I can’t sleep without hearing it. Jagi…jagi please call me. Just grant me your sweet voice.”

“Jagi, it’s me. Well, you probably already know that…I couldn’t sleep again, so I went to the studio to write. I remember those nights when you’d insist on staying with me at the studio even though you were exhausted from working all day. You were always so supportive of me, even if it meant you’d have to sacrifice your sleep. I would sit at the desk, scribbling down songs until way after midnight and you’d fall asleep on my shoulder. I really loved that. Did you ever get a chance to read those lyrics I was always writing? They were all about you. You know-”

Hoseok was cut off mid-sentence by the voicemail beeping, indicating that he’d exceeded the amount of space to record the message. 

“Ah, the voicemail cut off…Anyways, I still write about you. If I could see you again, I’d sit with you in the studio and read you every song I wrote you. I want to pour my heart out to you and tell you all the things I couldn’t say before because I was too shy. Please…” Hoseok paused for a moment and you could hear a faint sniffling on the other end before the phone clicked, ending the voicemail.

The messages began to become repetitive as Hoseok stated how much he missed you in each one along with another now aching memory of your relationship. You’d be lying if you said you were completely over Hoseok, and these voicemails were just causing you more pain. Yet you couldn’t stop listening to them because maybe he’d finally tell you he was over it, that he hated you because you never called back, and then you’d be able to get over him.

You skipped ahead to the most recent one that he’d left just yesterday.

“Y/N,” Hoseok spoke raspily over the phone, he sounded awful.

“I’m so tired. I just want to see you, to feel your arms around me and to take in your sweet scent. I don’t eat anymore. Not that I’m trying to make you feel guilty, I just don’t feel hungry because every single thing reminds me of you and it’s all too painful. Do you remember that time I texted you after practice that I was so tired and so hungry that I thought I might die?” He paused to let out a sad chuckle. “I was exaggerating of course, but you got so concerned that you showed up with an absurd amount of food and I felt like I’d never move again after eating everything you cooked for me. I miss that…I don’t think I’ll ever feel as happy as I did that day when my sweet jagi came to take care of me.”

You couldn’t bear to listen to anymore and turned your phone off, tossing it across the room. You held your head in your hands as hot, angry tears spilled from your eyes and rolled down your cheeks. You couldn’t handle listening to Hoseok reminding you of all the memories you’d made together; they made your heart ache. The way his voice had sounded so exhausted and detached. It wasn’t the bubbly Hoseok you knew, the one who always had a smile stretched across his face and would never fail to make you smile the same way.

No. You couldn’t think like this, not after the things he said to you when you broke up. He told you he didn’t care and now here he was, flooding your phone with apologies. You’d ignore him, he’d stop eventually and you’d be able to forget him. 

A moment later, you heard your phone ding from where it’d landed across the room. You slowly stood up and made your way over to it, turning it over to see the screen lit up with a text message. The phone dinged again, and again, and again. A string up messages popped up one after the other, each one labeled with Hoseok’s name on it.

“Jagi! Your voicemail box was full and I had to tell you something.”

“I saw something at the store that reminded me of you, do you want to see it?” An image of a cute figurine sitting in the window of a store appeared before Hoseok proceeded to send another string of texts.

“I thought it looked as cute as you! Do you remember the aegyo competitions we used to have? You’d always win of course…” You couldn’t take it anymore, you couldn’t handle seeing him dump his thoughts of you into your phone. This had to end now. 

“Jung Hoseok stop calling me and stop messaging me. I don’t want to see you and I don’t miss you. Leave. Me. Alone.” You pressed send, hoping that breaking his heart like this would be enough for him to finally stop. As an extra precaution, you opened his number on your phone and blocked him from contacting you any longer. 


It had been exactly one week since Hoseok stopped trying to contact you after you blocked his number on your phone. You half expected him to show up at your apartment and sit outside the door until you spoke to him, but you were relieved to see he had some sense left to refrain from doing so. 

You were just beginning to get over him and you had started to be happier knowing that you were recovering. However, nothing good lasts forever as you received a call from a quite distressed Namjoon the following day. At first, when you saw the name on your phone screen, you considered not picking up because Namjoon never called you and he certainly couldn’t have a reason now that you and Hoseok were broken up. However, the fact that he had never tried to call you before made you wonder if he could possibly be in trouble. You hesitantly picked up the phone just before it stopped ringing.

“H-hello?” You spoke nervously, wondering what Namjoon could have needed from you.

“Y/N? It’s Namjoon…” He spoke over the receiver before quietly whispering to someone else in the background. 

“I know it’s you, is there any reason you called me?

“Yeah, listen, I need you to come over to our dorm right now.”

“Excuse me, what? Why?” This was all too suspicious; why did he need you at the dorm? 

“I can’t tell you why, please just come over as soon as you can.” 

“Namjoon, I don’t think I’m really comfortable coming over there. I’m sorry, you have to understand that I just don’t think it would be the best idea for me to-” You were cut off by Namjoon who continued to persuade you all while fighting off whoever was bugging him in the background. 

“Y/N please, I’m begging you. I would never ask you for a favor if I could help it, but you need to come here. Now.” With that, he hung up. You didn’t want to go. What if Hoseok was there? You didn’t know if you could handle seeing him after you’d spent the last week trying so hard to forget everything. Nonetheless, it didn’t seem like Namjoon was really giving you a choice here; he wasn’t going to leave you alone until you complied. You reluctantly gathered your things and headed over to the dorm.


When you arrived, Namjoon met you at the door and silently led you inside.

“Are you going to tell me why you needed me here so urgently now?” You asked, finally breaking the silence as the two of you walked down the hall. 

“I didn’t want to tell you over the phone out fear that you’d refuse to come. Besides, I think it’d be better if you saw it rather than heard from someone else.”

“What are you talking abo-” You stopped speaking mid-sentence when you realized where Namjoon was taking you. He looked down at you hopefully as he gestured towards Hoseok’s closed bedroom door. Immediately, you felt anger and anxiety bubbling up inside you and you turned to storm back home, only to for Namjoon to grab you by the wrist and pull you back. 

“You need to talk to him. Please.”



No. I don’t want to talk to him! I’m going home.” You stated while trying to free yourself from Namjoon’s grip. Of course, this was why he brought you here. How could you have not realized this? 

“Y/N I know you want nothing to do with him, in fact, he told me you blocked his number, but you don’t know what he’s become. He won’t eat and he won’t sleep, he won’t do anything really.”

“Trust me, I know.” You said bitterly, thinking back to the endless voicemails you’d listened to. 

“But you haven’t seen the state he’s in. He looks like hell and he’s always too tired to do anything. He won’t come to practice, and if we force him to, he does terribly. He just stays locked up in his room and refuses to speak to any of us. I know you don’t want to see him, but please talk to him, for our sake. I don’t believe that you don’t hold even a little bit of care for his well being. You were together for a really long time after all.” Namjoon rambled on about all the ways Hoseok had let himself go.

“Okay, fine! I’ll do it,” you said grudgingly as a faint smile of relief appeared on Namjoon’s face. He stepped out of the way and gestured towards the door before turning around and disappearing down the hallway, leaving you alone outside the bedroom. 

You turned towards the door, taking in a deep breath before knocking gingerly on the door. When there was no answer, you carefully turned the knob and swung open the door to see the room empty. Upon closer inspection, you noticed a human shaped lump hidden under a pile of blankets on the bed, which you assumed to be Hoseok as you stepped towards him. You looked around the room, clothes scattered the floor and papers littered the desk; it was a complete pigsty. 

You walked through the room, being careful to step around the mess, until you were standing in front of the bed. A low groan emitted from under the lumped covers as the person underneath them shifted.

“Go away Namjoon. I’m not coming to practice today.” Hoseok spoke raspily. The state he was living in made you furious because he wasn’t taking care of himself which was making the other members’ lives harder. 

You grabbed hold of the covers before yanking them back and glaring down at the figure curled up on the bed. Namjoon was right, he did look like hell. His face was sunken and his hair was a knotted mess. He looked as if he could have shattered upon the slightest touch. Upon seeing him like this, you felt a pang of pity for Hoseok.

Once the covers were pulled off of him, Hoseok turned over to grumble at who he thought was Namjoon, but choked on his words upon seeing you standing there instead. He stared in disbelief for a moment before sitting up at once.

“Shit…is it really you? Or have I begun hallucinating?” Hoseok mumbled to himself as he reached out a hand to touch your arm, checking if you were truly standing before him. You stared at him silently before he continued to speak.

“Y/N…what are you doing here? Shit, I didn’t think you’d have to see me like this. If I knew you were coming I would have attempted to clean up a bit, although I’d have no way of knowing seeing as you blocked my number…” He said sadly staring at the floor while wringing his hands nervously. 

Suddenly you felt tears welling up in your eyes, and the next thing you knew, they were spilling down your cheeks in a steady stream. Hoseok looked up at once when he heard you sniffle and his expression fell even further when he saw the tears staining your skin. 

“Oh no, you’re crying, don’t cry! Please, don’t cry! Jagi…jagi I’m so sorry for what I did, for all that I said. You don’t know how awful I felt that day we fought when you left after telling me it was over…my world was shattered. I didn’t know how to function anymore; all I could think of was you and it ate me away. I didn’t want to do anything anymore if I didn’t have you. I need you. Please…listen to me, give me another chance.” 

All at once, every emotion you had been repressing about this breakup came flooding back and you couldn’t help but break down in front of Hoseok. You sank to the floor, sniffling in between sobs and a moment later you felt a pair of arms wrap themselves tightly around you. You no longer could find the strength to yell at Hoseok for how he’d been treating himself nor could you push him away after he’d begun stroking your hair soothingly. It was him who needed comforting after you saw what he’d become, but here he was, comforting you instead. 

He knew exactly how to make you feel better as he had done many times before; one arm around you, pulling you close to him until you leaned against him. The other was stroking your hair while humming. After a few minutes, Hoseok finally spoke up, keeping his voice low as he whispered calmly into your ear. 

“It breaks my heart to know that I was the cause of this. I never want to see you unhappy and If you will allow me, I want to be the one to make sure you always have a smile on your face.” Every promise you had made yourself during the past two weeks, that you’d never forgive him and that you’d never give him a second chance, came tumbling down. You wanted him back as much as he did because truly, you’d been falling apart too, just not as noticeably as he was. 

You nodded slightly and pulled away to look at him where he sat on the floor in front of you. Just as he couldn’t bear to see you cry, you couldn’t bear to see him as the sickly person he’d allowed himself to turn into; you wanted to be the one to help him recover. You nodded again to show that you’d accepted him. He breathed a sigh of relief before reaching to place his hands on either sides of your face, his thumbs wiping away the last of the tears on your cheeks.

Without another word, he immediately leaned forward to crash his lips to yours while tangling his fingers in your hair and pulling you closer. He smiled into the kiss as he moved to wrap his arms around your waist and then rested his head in the crook of your neck. 

“Thank you, jagi.” He finally spoke up, a huge smile stretching across his face. After a moment, you realized that you couldn’t let Hoseok off the hook so easily – you were still upset at him for how he’d been treating himself during the past few weeks.

“Hey, just because I forgave you, doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get an earful about not taking care of yourself. Have you looked in the mirror lately? You look like death himself and look at the state of your room! There are papers and clothes everywhere; how can you live like this?” You had just begun scolding Hoseok when he let out a giggle. “Why are you laughing? I’m yelling at you right now!”

“Ah, I’m just happy! If it means I have you back, you can scold me all you want about not eating properly or making a mess. I just want to be with you.” He said lovingly, taking his your hands in his while placing soft kisses on them.

“Oh right, that’s another thing. What were you thinking, skipping all your meals? Did you really think I was going to let you get away with doing that? Your punishment is being fed so much food that you’ll never move again. Now, get up.” You tried to be stern with him, but after seeing the color rush back into his face as he returned to his lively nature, you couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Hoseok let out another laugh before pressing his lips to yours once more and standing up. He grabbed your hands to help you up before pulling you onto his back piggy-back style and running out into the hallway towards the kitchen. The dorm was once more filled with his energetic voice and this was appreciated by you as well as the other members. 

After all, the world could never go around if the sun wasn’t shining. 

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[DISPATCH] SBS-TV Inkigayo MCs: Jin-Ji-Do

JinYoung (GOT7), JiSoo (BLACKPINK) and DoYoung (NCT) in the behind-the-scenes taken on March 12.

‘The friendship of “Jin-Ji-Do” is unusual! They even have a group chat. They were full of affection just like real siblings.

“What can you say for each other?”

“Actually, my first impression for you was chic and cold. But thank you for smiling all the time. You’re the important member of ‘Jin-Ji-Do’.”

"DoYoung, you’re such a lovely maknae with lots of aegyo. You seem to be my real brother. Thank you for listening to me.” (JinYoung→DoYoung)

"You gave me a book as a gift last time and I was so touched with it. Thank you for taking care of me.” (DoYoung→JinYoung)

"You are always full of bright energy. Thank you for accepting all my rude jokes. I’ll be a good kid from now on.”  (DoYoung→JiSoo)

"Stop the jokes” (JiSoo→JinYoung)

"Start reading books” (JiSoo→DoYoung)’

[ENG] Fan: Show some aegyo.
Jay Park: No.
Staff: Do a Sexy aegyo then.
J: There’s no Sexy aegyo…Ah there is!
“You’re too much! You’re too much! TT”
*does Twice’s TT lol* 

Lol looks like he’s becoming a true ahjusshi with all these fanboying over girl groups hahaha….

Jay Park wants to be the President of the World next! Haha i’d definitely vote for him….that’s for sure. xD

In which Jay actually doesn’t drive much lol cos he’s da boss and he’s used to being driven around! Tho thumbs up for the reasons why he prefers to be driven around.. ;)

So he listens to Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller alot while making Everything You Wanted…. 

 And as always, dude can’t seem to remember lyrics to other people’s songs lol. unless it’s girl groups choruses haha

Watch full interview below where he talks about his album, working with Bora, on possibly touring Russia and Europe next year, aegyo talk and more!

Drabble Challenge #3

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Leo x Reader


Word count: 1,405


“Would you do it for me?”

You asked as you looked at Taekwoon blush heavily, among the curious stares of his members. They waited patiently for his answer. Three of them were 100% he’d say no, and the other two were looking at each other without knowing what to expect. 

It took him a few seconds and a continuous blushing to say: 

“I’ll think about it.” 

What you had asked for wasn’t much. He asked you out and you were only willing to do it if he proved that he was serious about you. Your last relationship was a complete flop. The guy you were with was intensively ignorant; he seemed to care the least about you while only paying attention to anything related directly to him. After breaking up with him, you had promised yourself to only be with someone who truly deserved you. 

“Take your time. I’m not in a hurry.” 

You couldn’t deny that you were slightly hurt. Even though what you asked him for is not much, to him it was more difficult than jumping off a bridge. But you really needed to know if he’s willing to do such a challenging thing to prove that he likes you. If he can’t do this, then I won’t go out with him, you thought to yourself as you picked up your purse and said: 

“I’ll see you tomorrow then.”


“Come on, Jia. We’re leaving.” 

Your assistant had already collected her tools and was waiting for you to end your conversation with Taekwoon so you could go to your next appointment. Working with Jellyfish during comebacks meant that you had to work with VIXX every couple of months. It was always a joy to work with them, but it was equally painful to work around Taekwoon while your crush on him kept getting worse. He was beyond handsome, with that angelic voice of his and those puffy cheeks. Jung Taekwoon. The name itself could make you smile no matter how terrible your mood was. 

Even when he teased you, hid your tools around the room or put your mobile phone on silent and tucked it in his pocket, you didn’t mind any of that. You could remember getting mad the first time he hid your phone. You were mad but you immediately calmed down when you realized it was him. How can I ever get mad at him? 

This lasted for a couple of months until he finally decided to stop teasing you and get serious for once. 

“Would you like to have coffee with me when promotions are over?”

Your tummy was a mess; butterflies fluttering around and…grumbling. Ah, grumbling! I haven’t eaten yet. Now is not the time for this! Your hands were sweating and your mouth was dry. You really liked him, more than words could describe. Asking you out was something you had wished for every time you saw him. 

He was blushing too as he waited for your answer. It seemed to take you forever to say:

“I… I need to think about it.”

“Sure. Take your time.” 

You took more than necessary to think of something that could prove how serious he was about you.

“Throw me a heart at the camera in any of your interviews.” 

His jaw dropped and he stared at Hyuk, suspecting that he was the source of this mischievous idea.  

“You’re kidding, right?”

He asked, and you pursued your lips and shook your head ‘no.’ 

“Why would I do that?”

He asked again, as his members looked at him and struggled not to laugh. 

“It’s my only condition.” 

You thought he’d call it quits, give up before even trying. Why would he bother? He fiddled with his fingers and exchanged looks with Hakyeon before turning to look at you. 

“One heart?”

You stared at him in disbelief. Is he actually considering it?

“One heart.” 

He was silent for a couple of seconds, and you were dying to know what he was thinking. When he took too long, you asked: 

“Would you do it for me?”

His answer was: “I’ll think about it,” and you were pretty sure he’ll just give up and figure out a way to avoid the inevitable awkwardness that would prevail after your rejection. 

“They’re live.” 

Jia nudged your shoulder and clicked on the VAPP icon when she received a notification of VIXX’s live performance on Boom Up Show. This was going to be their last interview, and so far Taekwoon had seemed to forget about your request. It was funny watching him get shy and awkward whenever he was asked to do aegyo or throw a heart at the camera, unlike Jaehwan who was always full of hearts. 

As you watched their interview with Jia at the waiting room of Boom’s show, you were wondering if Taekwoon really cared about you. You liked him, a lot, but if he had no feelings for you then you’ll simply get rid of all your feelings for him. I don’t have to live with this amount of unrequited love, at all.

Toward the end of the interview, you struggled to hide your disappointment when Jia looked at you apologetically. 

“It’s okay.”

You faked a smile and turned to look at the screen of your tablet. The MC was now asking the members if they want to deliver a message to their fans. Hakyeon was the first to speak, thanking their fans and company for their endless support. He’s always sweet. You thought to yourself as you watched him pass the mic to Taekwoon. 

The beating of your heart echoed in your ear. Will he do it? What happened next drove you mad. 

“Unable to connect. Please restart app.” 


You almost threw the tablet on the floor. Jia held her giggle and restarted the app as quick as she could but Taekwoon’s turn was over. 

“I’m done.” 

You got off your seat and paced the room, trying to hold your frustration. 

“He probably did it.” 

“He probably didn’t.” 

You corrected her. You knew him well enough to know that this was beyond his abilities. 

You collected your stuff and glanced at Jia who switched the tablet off and grabbed her purse. 

“Maybe he did.” 

“I don’t think so.”

You were struggling to prevent yourself from tearing up. It’s not worth it, you thought to yourself. 

“Wonsik says he really likes you.”

Looking up at her, you took a deep breath and said: 

“I don’t know.” 

The boys walked into the waiting room a few seconds later to find you getting ready to leave. They seemed exceptionally excited as they sat down and looked at you with weird smiles on their faces. Taekwoon walked into the room with a blush on his cheeks. He stole a quick glance in your direction and smiled as he asked: 

“Did you watch the interview?”

Jia nudged your side when she noticed the pout on your lips. 

“We did but we lost the connection half way through.” 

She answered and Taekwoon’s smile faded slowly. He looked at his members, asking for help. Hakyeon could finally figure that you missed the most important part of the interview, so he decided to interfere:

“Taekwoon’s aegyo was the highlight of the show.” 

You darted your gaze in his direction and then turned to look at Taekwoon who sat down next to you. 

“Did you…” 

“Four! He threw four hearts and I knew my aegyo days are over.” 

Jaehwan whined. You swallowed hard as you stared at Taekwoon and then asked: 

“You did?”

He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment before answering: 

“Well, they weren’t all for you, since you asked for one.” 

You rolled your eyes at him, he’s back to teasing me again.

“One is enough.”

His smile grew wider as he put his hand up for you and asked: 

“So, coffee?”

You nodded and the boys cheered when you placed your hand on Taekwoon’s. He held it tightly and then placed his other hand in his pocket. You looked at him in confusion as he seemed to be looking for something. He then took his hand out of his pocket and threw you a heart. You bit your lower lip when he lowered his head and giggled. How adorable!


Jaehwan whined again and you giggled before taking Taekwoon’s tiny heart in your hands. 

“This heart is mine.”  

Boyfriend!Sanghyuk (VIXX’s Hyuk)

Ok so…. Hyuk is my ultimate bias… I feel like I’m boutta die tbh

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Boyfriend!Hakyeon (1)  Boyfriend!Hakyeon (2)   Boyfriend!Taekwoon
Boyfriend!Jaehwan (1)  Boyfriend!Jaehwan (2)  Boyfriend!Wonshik 
Boyfriend!Hongbin (1)   Boyfriend!Hongbin (2)

  • honestly han sanghyuk is the biggest nerd on this planet
  • he’d always find something to tease you about as long as you’re not a very insecure person ofc
  • so much physical contact omfg!!!!
  • he loves kissing, hugging, just lifting you up and throwing you around and play fighting!!!!
  • he’d always be touching you in some kind of way
  • he’d also annoy you so much but like on purpose
  • when ur cooking: “is it done soon?” x 10000000 times
  • when ur driving: “are we there soon?” x 128947364 times
  • when ur doing homework/work: “are you done soon?” x 12934744653 times
  • and then when he knows you’re really annoyed he pulls you into a hug and kisses you<333 until you’re begging him to stop
  • would go on any kind of date with you
  • even if it sounded boring he’d make it fun
  • like this boy could make throwing out the trash fun
  • would like pda but he’d still be a bit embarrassed
  • wouldn’t care at all if his hyungs teased him though
  • he’d be so proud of you tbh
  • he’d also talk about you so much that ppl would tell him to stfu
  • would always try his best to go on dates at least once every week but can’t always do as he wants to
  • would at least text you every day and video chat with you if you wanted!
  • he’d be soooo cheesy at all times
  • like if you video chatted then he’d constantly make hearts, kissy faces and tell you that he loved you
  • if you didn’t say “i love you too” he’d force you to with aegyo, even if you were in a room full of other people
  • would do half-assed aegyo all the time to make you laugh
  • honestly his goal in life is to make you laugh as much as possible
  • this boy just wants to have fun
  • would 1000% want to watch anime with you
  • just imagine watching some shounen anime with him and him impersonating all the main characters and their attacks in public aiihfeoh
  • and if you’d watch some cheesy shoujo anime then you can bet your ass he’s gonna impersonate the main guy who’s flirting with the main character to make you laugh
  • he’d highkey do stuff like kabedon, yukadon, matadon and ago-kui to make you flustered lmao
  • would love to go to an anime convention with you
  • and he’d try to cosplay but then you’d bring up the subject of his old sasuke cosplay and he’d die (follow my extra account @hyuks-sasuke-cosplay lmao)
  • would sing and dance in the middle of a grocery store just to embarrass you
  • would constantly talk about you on sns and on fanmeets!!
  • would love to take you to his family in daejeon!!!!!
  • he’d be so happy when you got along well with his sister bc she means a lot to him <33 (and she seems like such a nice person tbh)
  • i have so much love for this boy that i don’t even know what to write anymore tbh
  • but hyuk would be such a happy, fun and cheesy kid to date!!!
living with astro would include
  • cooking dinner for them because they’re so exhausted from practice
  • a lot of hugs from sanha and jinjin
  • movie nights
  • but you’d watch child movies
  • because they’re children
  • “can we get a dog”
  • “no i already have to take care of six”
  • mj would help you with chores
  • but only mj no one else
  • rocky would use the entire living area as his dance room
  • he’d probably start dancing while watching tv
  • sanha would constantly do aegyo to get what he wants
  • aka the house would be full of useless junk
  • and moonbin would be a cute puppy, always yawning and wearing big sweaters
  • eunwoo would be pretty quiet most of the time
  • like you’d forget he’s even there
BTS Reaction - When You Do Aegyo

Requests are open! ^-^ Feel free to send in your requests <3


J-Hope - *He wouldn’t hesitate to have an aegyo competition to see who has more aegyo but had to let you win because he couldn’t handle your cuteness*

Rap Monster - *He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you as your doing aegyo and he finds it so fascinating*

Suga - *He’d be amazed of how much aegyo you actually had in you*

Jimin - *Gif*

Jin - *He wouldn’t be able to concentrate on his lines when you just came out with a random outburst of aegyo and would laugh at how adorable you are*

Jungkook - *He can’t handle so much cuteness at once and would laugh, kiss you on the forehead and cuddle you because you were that cute and so irresistible*

V - *He’s naturally full of aegyo and he knew you knew but still reminded of no matter how adorable you look(ed), he is always the one with more aegyo but he’d still die over your aegyo* 


Mobile masterlists -





• always woke up on the wrong side of the bed
• rebellious
• but a sweetheart at the same time
• always sleeps in boring classes
• instead of writing notes, he writes rap lyrics instead
• kills you using his deep voice i have died a million of times thank you very much
• you sometimes make him do aegyo if he’s asking for something
• total aegyo hater 101
• he sometimes go to you when he needs inspiration for rap
• when he’s feeling down, the problem is mostly about his past
• he always go to you when he remembers it again, or something reminded him of it, or someone is abusing him because of the past
• always copies your homework (either to check it or… really copy it)
• you tutor him at times
• he talks about how annoying donghyuck is, sometimes doyoung, too
• teases you with his jawline
• is manly inside-out
• always protects you 24/7
• is a cute grumpy cinnamon roll


Being in a relationship with Jackson:

⦁ You’d be the luckiest person in the world lets just get that out of the way now
⦁ He’d treat you with so much love and affection it’s unreal
⦁ Actual relationship goals
⦁ He’d spend as much time with you as possible - he’d just want to be with you all of the time
⦁ He’d probably get so clingy it’d be almost annoying
⦁ And become jealous over the tiniest thing
⦁ Like if you looked at JB for just a few seconds too long he’d do everything in his power to get your attention back onto him and to stay on him
⦁ Becoming super close to his parents because family is everything to Jackson
⦁ His mum showing you all of his cute/embarrassing baby photos
⦁ Him helping you learn a tonne of new languages
⦁ Be prepared to be embarressed every time you go out cause Jackson’s the type to try and make friends with every shop assistant, taxi driver, waiter, barista ect. that you come across
⦁ So much mutual respect that fights would be non-existant  
⦁ The closest you’d get to a fight would be a bit of harmless bickering
⦁ He’d be a huge fan of ships names - as soon as fans made up one for you he’d use it all the time
⦁ “Hey (Y/N), I want you to start referring to us as (Y/S/N). Okay?”
⦁ “(Y/S/N) or never!!!”
⦁ Even if you don’t like green tea he’s gonna try and get you to drink his organic green tea
⦁ And probably be very offended if you hated it
⦁ Then start lecturing you on how JYP told him about it and how good it is for you and that you should drink it everyday
⦁ If you miss one of his calls he’ll probably try and reach you on one of the other members phones just to make sure you’re not ignoring him
⦁ No such thing as personal space when it comes to dating Jackson
⦁ Don’t expect to be spoilt cause that boy is stingy af when it comes to money
⦁ But expect to be broke if you offer to buy him something cause he’ll jump at the chance to spend someone elses money, even if it is his partner’s
⦁ And he’d use his dumb aegyo everytime you got your wallet/purse out
⦁ He’d be just as extra as he is with his members when he’s with you
⦁ But you’d also get to see his serious/calm side when he gets home after a long day
⦁ After a full day of schedual he’d probably love to settle down in bed and fall asleep cuddling or holding hands
⦁ He’d always want some form of contact, even when you’re sleeping

Send me requests!

anonymous asked:

Hi there~ can you do a Brian, Jae, and Wonpil, reaction about their cuddling habits? How often they would like to (if they would like to at all) and how they would cuddle with you? Sorry if this has been requested before! Thank you!

Brian/Young K: This guy here loooves cuddling, it’s like a part of his soul. It doesn’t matter what mood he’s in,he will always cuddle you!(unless he’s upset/angry at you) When cuddling, he’s full of aegyo so be prepared for him doing things like resting his chin on your shoulder with a cute face or him just kissing you all over your face because he just can’t seem to get enough of you. Some days, he would wait til your guard is down before he attacks you in a cuddle war. YoungK would have a habit of pulling you on his lap and wrapping his arms around your waist or just having his hands resting on your hips and drawing random patterns.

Wonpil: This lil cutie also likes to cuddle, but not to that extent. He loves the way how your bodies just fit together while cuddling but at times, he also just wants his space. Wonpil would love putting you in between his legs so that he can either cuddle the shit outta you, or he could wrap his legs around you and just do his own thing. A habit that Wonpil would have is playing with your fingers. He wouldn’t know why but whenever he plays with your fingers he feels like a kid again.

Jaehyung: So, Jaehyunggie here doesn’t cuddle a lot. Its not that he doesn’t like cuddling, he just never initiates it. Obviously he wouldn’t mind if you came up to him and cuddled him, he’d just never be the one so start it(unless he’s in like a really happy mood or he’s been away from you for too long and missed you) when Jaehyung cuddles with you, he gives it his whole attention, so he’d just be savoring the feeling of you. Jaehyung would lay down with you on top of him and he’d just hug you, it would either be silent or he wants to talk to you.

Who’s Your Fairy?

If you’re seeking for comfort and laugh, Im Nayeon is your fairy. She will not hiding her caring side and will always cherish you as if you’re the one that matter the most. She’s also playful and a bit goofy, she will make you smile 24/7 because of her dorky and childish acts. 

If you’re seeking for fun and nurture, Yoo Jeongyeon is your fairy. She will take care of you and make sure you’re safe from harm (this can make her a bit strict) she only want to protect you. She’s a total dork, she isn’t afraid to make weird face and silly act just to make your day full of laughter. 

If you’re seeking for admiration and fluffy things in life, Hirai Momo is your fairy. Her eyes sparkling with excitement and will always succeed in making you melt with her cute facial expression. She will look at you as if you’re the most precious thing she has, she will cheer you up with her aegyo voice and bubbly personality.  

If you’re looking for affection and love being spoiled, Minatozaki Sana is your fairy. She’ll pour you with lot of love and make sure you’ll never left alone since she’ll clingy on to you 24/7. She will stare at you sweetly and be jealous if you forget her for even just a second.

If you’re looking for guidance and acceptance, Park Jihyo is your fairy. She will lead you and make you achieve your dream but she will also accept whatever flaws you have. She will make sure you’ll get your time to shine and be happy for you 

If you’re looking for determination and peace, Myoui Mina is your fairy. She will help your to do your best but also be that comfy quiet place you’re looking for when you need to escape from your routine. She’ll calm you and make sure you to brighten up your day by saying supportive comments and pats on the back. She’ll make you confident to conquer all of your hardship and be the winner   

if you’re into joy and creative thinker, Kim Dahyun is your fairy. She is the happy virus, so you’ll never get sad whenever she’s around. She will make you think outside the box and goes all out whether it’s partying or working. 

If you’re into art and music appreciation, Son Chaeyoung is your fairy. Her love for art and music will make you feel like everything has it’s beauty and melody. She will make you feel the beauty in everything (a softie) but still make you stand proudly with your own self. She probably will turn you into a hopeless romantic yet tough outside. 

If you’re into beauty and honesty, Chou Tzuyu is your fairy. She will tell you the truth about anything so be prepared (she can be brutally honest, for your own sake). She will praise you 24/7 if you have low self esteem, for her you will always be the no 1. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if I could have a Vixx written ship please? I'm really shy and quiet and I'm only talking a lot when I'm at home or with my friends. I'm actually quite weird and crazy. I also laugh at basically anything. It's hard for me to make friends because I always look like I'm not interested in anyone and when I'm shy I tend to be sarcastic or I nervously laugh all the time. Beside that, I love to watch movies (mostly horror), to draw and to learn languages. Thank you~

Hello lovely flower! May I first say that I’m ECSTATIC to see your request, because as fun as writing BTS ships are, I really want to do VIXX ships too!

It may seem odd, but I wholeheartedly ship you with…

Originally posted by excelsis-prince


Now we know that Jaehwan always says he’d go for someone full of aegyo, and he would, but he also seems like he’d be so intrigued by someone eccentric and difficult to pin down. Like you! You’d be such a delightful, multi-layered puzzle to him, and whenever he thinks he’s got you all figured out, you’ll do something else out-of-the-box and… basically, he’s hooked. You’d be challenging to him, but in a good way. Don’t even worry about finding it hard to make friends–he has already decided you were friends the moment he met you and you just had to go along with it, which is easy, given his bright personality. And as for romance…

🌸 “ottokaji???” is basically his feelings about you, in the best way possible
🌸 you start out as friends and it would honestly take such a looooong time for him to realize that he likes you, likes you
🌸 and you’re lot more aware of your feelings, so there’s some angst
🌸 but when you start seeing someone else to get over your feelings, he gets all upset and sad and mad (smad), until someone points out that he’s jealous
🌸 at first he’s like: “nooooooo, we’re just friends,” but though he never considered it a possibility before, he’ll realize soon enough that yes, he has fallen for his buddy
🌸 he’ll crash your date in the most obnoxious way possible–you’ll get a bit miffed, but he’ll win you back with the most adorably earnest declaration of love
🌸 and you two will be back to your close friendship except he can kiss and romance you now so “it’s 10000x better” (according to him, and you agree)
🌸 when you two announce that you’re dating, everyone’s like: “finally!” but Hyuk is like: “wait–you weren’t dating before??” *confuzzled bby*
🌸 he surprise kisses you all the time just to see how you’ll react
🌸 he loves that you laugh at all his jokes and cute antics
🌸 and that your sarcasm is a perfect complement to his cute and joking nature
🌸 he’s fascinated with your language skills (and will be especially happy if you can help him out with Japanese)
🌸 the two of you watching movies with your head on his shoulder and his arms around you
🌸 if it’s a horror movie though, you’ll basically be on his lap with him wrapped around you because he’s “scared”
🌸 even if your relationship isn’t public, traces of you will be all over his Instagram
🌸 it’s absolutely on purpose, since he wants you to know that he’s always thinking of you
🌸 and it kinda thrills him too

There’ll never be a dull moment between you and the cutie main vocal. 😘

I hope you like your ship!

BTS ships are closed. VIXX ships are open. Other requests are open.

“Prove It” (Jooheon Smut)

Title: Prove It

Featuring: Jooheon (Monsta X) and you

POV: Third person

Rated: Mature

Summary: Jooheon is out to prove he isn’t as cute and innocent as everyone thinks. 


He tried his best to narrow his eyes, straighten his mouth, and look angry. His mock anger was more adorable than anything, but she wasn’t going to tell him that. Instead, she was going to bite back her smile and let him try.  

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(TRANS) Oricon Style Vol. 19 - BTS Interview

-Regarding the ‘Danger’ title, is there anything that you think the members are too good at?
RM: My existence itself is already horrifying to the members (laughs). My body, my feelings… I’m a dangerous man (laughs).
All: …. (ignores)
JK: Suga hyung’s passion lately to music is amazing! We received a new studio recently and once Suga hyung goes in, he doesn’t come out for a long time.
JH: It’s really amazing
JK: Perhaps later when we release a Bangtan album, all of the songs will be composed by Suga hyung

-So that means there are songs that you might record into an album.
Suga: Yes!

-I’m really looking forward to it.
Jin: There’s another thing. I know a threatening side of Suga!

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What kind of boyfriends will Winner be?

This young lad is like clueless half the time he’s on earth so have fun being the dominant figure in the relationship. Although being the oldest member, he’s childish actions will also bring much innocence and childlike humour in the relationship. He is a naturally caring and nurturing in nature hence he will always extend to you whenever plausible. I can almost imagine Jinwoo as the overly affectionate aegyo filled boyfriend whom you would want beside you during anytime of the day. He’s undying squishiness can sometimes overshadow his mature and sensible judgement. All in all I see Jinwoo as the person whom will be the most understanding type out of all the other members when considering them as potential boyfriends.

Oh dear lord, this sexy beast is going to be hard to tame once you get him as a boyfriend. I mean have you seen him go from full derp to serious and angry in Winner TV (if you haven’t go check it out).The guy will always find a chance to annoy you out of your mind. This human (God) will always provide a good laugh in the relationship with his undying stupidity and hulk aegyo. However I can almost see him being the possessive and jealous type when it come to other guys staring at you. Once you guys become ‘a thing’ I can see him being the ‘Oppa’ guy whom you can lean on for support. He strikes me to be the type who would be willing to spoil his girl on tons of gifts.

Where do I start? I can tell you for a fact that his lips were a direct gift from God for delivering heavenly kisses. (let me fangirl for a bit here) Although he is the leader of the team, I can see him letting his guard down once in a while for you to take some control. Furthermore since he’s said before that he was raised in a single family dynamic system I can see him really making an effort to make his lady feel loved and treasured. I don’t know but it constantly comes to me that Seungyoon will be the type who will be the naggy and critical one in the relationship. However I can see him taking relationships really seriously, like the type to be more comfortable in a stable long term relationship.

Once this man arrives in your life there is no turning back, days of laughing so hard you feel like peeing your pants is coming. This guy I swear breaths out laughing gas or something, whoever is by his side will enjoy a good laughter wherever and whenever. This jokester however does have a more mature and serious side where he strikes me to be the type to think a lot before making decisions. Seunghoon in my opinion is the overly loyal and true type. It’s like once he’s in a relationship he will do whatever to sustain it. For some odd reason he strikes me to be the family guy type who takes his children to school. Seunghoon this Busan boy will be there for you when no one else is. He will be the one to laugh with you not at you.

WHO SAID THE DIVA IS IN THE HOUSE?! Kidding. Taehyun may be a sarcastic and sassy diva. He is a mature maknae, hence making him one of the most dependable and masculine guys in the team. (although his physique may not live up to it yet) Although he can be masculine, Taehyun is still very much a little kid so don’t get in arguments with him! He seems to be the type who won’t give up during a debate and would be persistent until the very end. Watching this guy on Winner TV and Win: Who’s Next has made me come to a conclusion that this guy is very straight forward and honest. I can almost picture him being the one to abruptly confess. Overall Taehyun is the brutally honest type who has a soft spot for when his lady acts cute for him.

anonymous asked:

Soo...I'm new in the Got7 fandom. And I would like to ask to tell me smth more about them or like what sould I know to get really into this fandom? Thanks~~ ^^

Oh, well once you’re in this fandom, there is no way out. No way. But you probably already knew that.

Okay well I suggest you watch all five episodes of [Real GOT7] on YouTube if you haven’t already, because you can see their true personalities in those videos and you will fall for them soo hard. New episode are out every Wednesday right here.

First of all, they’re all dorks. Complete and utter dorks.

JB is the leader and grandpa of the group because he looks over everyone and is basically the rock. He is so dorky. And his voice is so smooth. And he’s so attractive. And his smile can kill. His smile can freaking kill, I tell ya.

Jr. is the mother of the group. He cares for everyone and makes sure nobody touches his precious babies or else he will attack or else he will just jump on his motherly instincts and probably beat the crap out of you. This kid is also full of aegyo.

Jackson is probably the dorkiest and most hilarious member. There is never a dull moment with him because he can always make people laugh. He was a former fencer in like the Olympic youth fencing team or something like that as well. He speaks fluent English.

Mark is the Californian boy of the group that is literally the definition of swag on stage, but off stage he is so quiet, despite him being the oldest. He’s very agile & specializes in martial arts. He also speaks fluent English. He’s also my soulmate, he just doesn’t know that yet nor will he ever probably but a girl can dream.

BamBam is the cutest member, and although he looks the youngest, he is not. He’s from Thailand and he ships himself with Mark BAMMARK harder than any other person in the world. His famous method of fangirling is screaming out “KEEELLL MEEEEE!!“ and he is Mark’s biggest fanboy on Earth. And he speaks a good amount of English as well.

Yugyeom is the youngest and most innocent member of the group. Also a rapper. Also full of cuteness. He’s also one of the tallest younger members I’ve ever seen in my life because he’s like a giant.

Youngjae is the powerful vocalist of the group and if you listen to his voice, you can tell why. He also likes to think that he can speak English, but in reality he really can’t and it’s funny, but that’s one of the things that makes him so lovable. Oh, and he hates cucumbers.

This came out pretty long, but I hope you got some facts about them from it. Welcome to the fandom again! You’ll surely enjoy your stay, I know it.

~Admin S

Picture of You [Jaejoong]

gif credit: not mine

From DBscenariosSK: this fluffy scenario was inspired by Jaejoong’s hilarious obsession with taking secret photos of his members! Enjoy!  


You open your eyes to find Jaejoong hovering over you with his camera.

“Yah! What are you doing, Kim Jaejoong!” you cry, rolling onto your stomach to avoid being in his shot. You throw a pillow in his direction to further emphasize your annoyance.

“Please, _________ah. Just one more!” Jaejoong begs. He shakes your shoulder as he tries to flip you back over.

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