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So, bread restaurant girl back again with a fuck customer story. We’d been busy for most of my shift, and this my first time cleaning in a while. I was trying to fix our pastry wall- restocking and consolidating them to make sure it looked nice.

Our doorbell went off, which I just assumed it was someone leaving the restaurant, but after a moment I thought I should look up and check. Now, mind you my manager and I were both busy with tasks, so we weren’t able to check right away. Well, a woman in a wheelchair had come in.

I said hello, and welcome, and immediately she yells at me that I should have opened the door for her, but I hadn’t seen her at all. I was shocked and a little hurt, but I said I’m sorry, I didn’t notice the door. She then said that I should be paying attention and doing my job. My manager finally noticed the woman and came over to relieve me of her, which I then proceeded to hide in the back until I was done. I just… please lady, please don’t yell at us when we aren’t automatically there- I can guarantee that we weren’t being mean on purpose.

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Just recently found your blog and I love it ( especially those imagines damn)😍 but Um may I ask why so many people ask you intense questions about ariana grande and tom holland it's a little weird.. Like do they have a voodoo out for this girl you gotta fill me in I'm lost lmao

First of all, WELCOME!

Okay so the whole ordeal on the Ariana/Tom water (i say water, not tea because there is NOTHING THERE!) is because in Tom’s old interview with Sway he was asked who he would want to sit down and have a dinner date with, he said Ariana. 

I guess they didn’t really pay attention to it before because after I brought it up they went NUTS! Like come on now that was over a year ago, his tastes could’ve changed and tbh it sounded like he picked the first celebrity that came to mind, like he couldn’t think of anyone else.

Here you go love. The question starts @8:12

But besides that WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I’m pretty nuts and dramatic as you can see. If you ever want to talk just hit me up. I don’t bite😘✌🏾

Heathers: The Musical → Starters (pt 1)

❛ This ain’t no high school: this is the Thunderdome. ❜
❛ College will be paradise If I’m not dead by June! ❜
❛ Fight the urge to strike a match and send this dump ablaze! ❜
❛ What did you say to me skank? ❜
❛ What can I say? I’m a sucker for a happy ending. ❜
❛ You’re a high school has-been waiting to happen. A future gas station attendant. ❜
❛ She is a mythic bitch. ❜
❛ And a symmetrical face. If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull,
I’d have matching halves. ❜
❛ You’ve come so far, why now are you pulling on my dick? ❜
❛ Welcome to my candy store ❜
❛ Why when you see boys fight does it look so horrible, yet feel so right ❜
❛ I would fight for you if you would fight for me ❜
❛ No point in planting your roots, 'cause you’re gone in a hurry. ❜
❛ Does your mommy know you eat all this crap? ❜
❛ I learned to cook pasta, I learned to pay rent; learned the world doesn’t
owe you a cent. ❜
❛ You’re planning your future, ___, you’ll go to some college, and marry a lawyer. ❜
❛ Dad says ‘Act your age.’ You heard it man, it’s time to rage! ❜
❛ So wait, it’s lime, then salt, then shot? ❜
❛ A hot guy smiled at me, without a trace of mockery! ❜
❛ Quit it jackass, get off of me! ❜
❛ Sorry, but I really had to wake you; see, I decided I must ride you till I break you. ❜
❛ No one thinks a pretty girl has feelings. ❜
❛ Call me when the shuttle lands. ❜
❛ You got a left hand? Use it. ❜
❛ Our love is God. ❜
❛ We’re what killed the dinosaurs. We’re the asteroid that’s overdue. ❜
❛ The dinosaurs choked on the dust, they died because God said they must. ❜
❛ Dear Diary, my teen angst bullshit has a body count. ❜
❛ I love my dead gay son! ❜

PSA for vacation goers this summer

As someone who has worked as a hotel housekeeper, I’d just like to remind you all that HOTEL MAIDS AND CLEANING STAFF ARE ALWAYS MORE THAN LIKELY PAID MINIMUM WAGE.

Housekeepers don’t get paid much to clean somewhere between 12-20 hotel rooms A DAY.

With that being said, much like working as a waiter/waitress/restaurant staff, TIPS ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED IN THIS LINE OF WORK.

Now it doesn’t have to be big, mind you. Anywhere between 2-5 dollars is a good enough tip to leave the housekeeper when you check out (ESPECIALLY IF YOU LEFT THE ROOM A MESS)

And trust me, CASH IS ALWAYS MORE WELCOME THAN LEFTOVER FOOD OR DRINKS. If you leave food that has been opened, it’s too risky to take because it could be tampered with. There’s also the chances of allergies or simply leaving things the housekeeper can’t eat/drink. As someone who legally cannot drink alcohol and has been “tipped” a can of beer more than a few times, I can guarantee you I’d much rather have 2 dollars.



- i do NOT offer sketch commissions since my sketches are a mess.
- i ONLY offer white, transparent or simple backgrounds (for now)
- to draw a hand drawn portrait i NEED a good reference image
- a digital copy of the portrait will not cost extra, but getting the actual
 physical version will require you to pay the additional shipping cost.

I cant think of anything in particular that i will not draw:
- i might add something to this list if feel the need to but otherwise hit me, im not particularly sensitive

- please contact me on :
- you are also welcome to write me on tumblr (but we all know how reliable the message system is so if i dont respond shoot me a mail..)

For more examples of my art, check out my art tag:

I recently lost my job, so i would REALLY appriciate it if you would reblog this even if you do not intend to buy anything, just to help spread the word :)


Haikyuu!! Doujinshi Sale

While I was moving into my new room, I realized that I own way over 100 Haikyuu!! doujinshi now… so it’s time for me to part with some of them in hopes that they can find new homes!

Prices are under the cut!

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Do you want to lose/gain weight or just learn how to live healthier?

As many of you know, last year I became a Certified Personal Trainer after achieving a personal weight loss of 100 lbs. This year I took it a step further and I am now officially a Certified Health Coach. 

As I work on starting my new coaching business and the website attached to it, I am looking for 3-5 people to coach over the next few months (for free) that would allow me to use their stories and pictures. All genders welcome, I just ask that you are at least 16 years old. 

I will coach you just like any paying client. We will meet on skype or facetime or email or text or however you prefer and go from there. 

If you are interested, please message me and tell me a little bit about yourself and your background and why you are interested and I will be in touch soon.

Thank you!
- Yasmeen 

P.s. please re-blog this if you are a fitblr/health type blog so others can see it even if you’re not interested please and thank you:)

You had never imagined you’d be able to go to college, but here you were. You were only the second generation of your family born in America, and you’d be the first in your family to go to college. Your family had come from Nigeria, but you had never been out of Nevada your whole life, until now. Now, you found yourself in New York, specifically The Juliard School. As you were mindlessly walking around the campus, you were astounded by the beautiful buildings and the cool air.

“Hey!” A guy said from in front of you, right before you ran into him. Dropping all his papers, you saw his cheeks go bright red on his pale skin.

“Oh my god I am so sorry I wasn’t paying attention I just moved here please don’t give me the ‘New York Welcome’,” you managed to stutter out as you squatted and scrambled to grab the boy’s papers before they flew away.

“Pardon?” he asked in a small voice, seemingly shocked by what you said.

“You know, how New Yorkers generally are much meaner…” you said as your cheeks flushed-even though he couldn’t see the pink undertones under your dark skin-you were still undeniably embarrassed.

“Oh! Well, I’m new to the area so I wouldn’t know. The name’s Luke.” he said with an accent you hadn’t noticed until now.

“Well then Luke, what are you here for?” You asked him, “What brings you to New York instead of whichever country you’re from, considering your accent?”

“Australia,” he said, perking up, “And I’m majoring in music, what about you?”

Finally standing up, you handed him his papers and smiled, “Theatre, Musical Theatre to be exact.”

“Ah, you’re one of the thespians” he said with a laugh. “What’s your name?”

“It’s Y/N,” you said with a little dryness in your voice, “Yeah, I’m 'one of the thespians’. Is there a problem with that?”

“Oh, absolutely not! It’s just a big thing in Australia, I’m sure you’re great though.”

“I am, actually, I was invited to three other schools, and I was invited to be part of one of the most prestigious traveling theatres,” you opened up to him.

“Well, I’ll see you around campus then, Luke. Congratulations on getting in,” you said, starting to walk away.

“Wait! W-Would you like to go out sometime, get to know each other better?” him now being the one to stutter.

“You want to go out with a black girl? You, an Australian white boy?” you teased.

“I-I. No, I mean, yes I do but it’s not because you’re black,” he defended himself, “I mean, I understand if you don’t want to but I mean, would you consider it?”

“Of course, Luke, meet me at my dorm tomorrow night,” you smiled as you gave him your number and your dorm.

“Oh okay, um, thanks. I’ll text you later I guess, it was Y/N, right?” he grinned, in awe that you were willing to give it a shot.

“The one and only, I’ll see you around Luke,” you said, walking off with a smirk and a soon to be buzzing phone.

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[Uta’s Shop]

Sasaki brings the Quinx to the shop.

Uta: Welcome.
Sasaki: Good day, Uta-san.
Uta: So these are your subordinates? How young.

Shirazu looks at Uta’s eyes and talks to Mutsuki.

Shirazu: …He’s a ghoul right? He IS a ghoul right?
Mutsuki: ssssshhhhhh
Sasaki: In order to get masks done, everyone’s sizes will be taken.
Shirazu: Why a mask? We’re not ghouls.
Sasaki: We will become ghouls.

The Quinx have a worried expression upon hearing that tho Saiko doesn’t seem to be paying attention.

Shirazu: First girls and now ghouls…?

Sasaki: You all and me have eyes (kakugan). We also have strength like them. We can pretend to be ghouls.

So basically, Sasaki wants to blend in the ghoul society to get more information on Roze since there’s surely a limit if you’re going with the human society route.

Shirazu: That… really sounds dangerous tho…