you are all of my best friends

All “One Direction are liars who made me broke and ruined my life” jokes aside, I’ve geniunely met some of my best friends through this fandom, people who I would likely never have crossed paths with, had it not been for our mutual love of a bunch of highly talented, charismatic, world-famous, hyena-children and their music.

So thank you, One Direction, for lying, making me broke, ruining my life, and inadvertently introducing me to some amazing friends.

Blame It On The Alcohol

Pairing/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader
angst, jealous!Bucky (lmao bitch u know what’s comin next), SMUT, unprotected sexy time (donut be silly, wrap that willy u kno)
Bucky gives into his jealousy and confesses his love for you
Word Count:  
Part 2 of Tequila Works Wonders!!!!! I’d like to thank the Steve to my Bucky, @sickplanets for giving me the idea for the smut! Thanks you homo, all the homoeroticas for you from me :*


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Holic | Im Jae Bum | One-Shot

jb (got7) + you (reader)
word count: 2,896
warnings: yeah a curse word here and there, it’s a smut but there’s no intercourse just some good ole dry humping it’s hot when done right okay enjoy and don’t judge
a/n: this is some shit i wrote it in like two hours don’t hate me for putting a fic out that is such low quality haha sometimes i just gotta write some random crap in between all the other crap to make myself feel good lol

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consequences [m]

summary: you just got together with the love of your life, oh sehun. however, his best friend - and rather attractive - kim jongin, doesn’t care. and would do anything to be with you.

main character(s): reader, kim jongin, oh sehun. 

minor character(s): byun baekhyun.

pairings: kai & reader insert. slight sehun & reader || AU

includes: smut (cheating “ntr”, public foreplay, finger riding)

wc: 2.5k

note: this is my first story on here, so i hope you all enjoy it! 

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43! Please! <3 <3

43. falling in love with their best friend’s partner au

From the moment Benny walks in with his boyfriend, Dean knows he is screwed. Benny has been bragging about how handsome his new partner is and how he’d hit the jackpot for a while now- but Dean would never believe him. Until he sees him standing right there, Benny’s arm around the broad shoulders covered with a dark blue shirt and leather jacket. Dean almost drops his beer.

The guy’s hair is a deep, dark brown, almost black in this light and his body is a good example of perfect.

Dean never fights over people with Benny, they always had a good feeling about who was into which person and Dean has always been easy with letting it go and giving Benny what he wants. But he already feels the jealousy rising as he stands and watches. When Benny catches his glance, he waves and gestures to come over. Dean puts his empty beer away and approaches Benny and the guy, curling his shaking hands in a fist to calm them down.

“Hey brother,” Benny says and his hand slips from the guy’s shoulders. He pulls Dean into a hug and he hugs back, strong and short. When he pulls away, the other guy holds out his hand.

“I’m Castiel.” He says with a deep voice. Dean takes his hand a bit too fast and a bit too long as he says his name, but the guy doesn’t seem to mind. He shares a quick look with Benny and gestures. “Benny’s boyfriend.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard,” Dean admits and can’t help his eyes from wandering. “He told me a lot about you.”

“He did?” Castiel frowns and tilts his head to Benny, who shrugs and smiles.

“Only good things, Cas. I’ll get you a beer. Dean?”

Dean nods and suddenly he’s alone with Castiel.

“So, Dean,” Castiel says as he stands closer to let a few people pass. “This party is yours?”

“My brother’s, actually,” Dean says as he gets a hint of Castiel’s aftershave- sandalwood and something flowery, sweet but not too thick, a perfect balance, and he feels the blue eyes burn on his skin. “He’s turning eighteen, so he wanted something a little bigger.”

“Congratulations,” Castiel says politely. Dean smiles, dazzled by the way Cas loosely ruffles his hair as he looks for Benny. He appears a few moments later with three beer. They talk for a while, but Dean has a hard time keeping his eyes off Castiel. It gets to the point where he becomes agitated by himself, knowing that what he’s feeling is wrong and he walks away from them at last- too tense to act normal.

He doesn’t know if he should feel upset or thankful when Benny and Cas leave, but Castiel’s eyes stay with him until late that night.

Dean hoped that it would get less painful over time, seeing Benny and Castiel together. But the more they meet up or hang out together, the more it bothers Dean. Whenever he’s around Castiel he feels warmer, more comfortable despite it being awkward as well. It doesn’t help that Castiel shows interest in him as well- at least, they talk a lot, Cas laughs at his jokes, he started hugging him the third time they met and Cas doesn’t seem to be bothered by personal space.

Despite not being able to get enough of it, Dean feels wrong. Cas is Benny’s boyfriend, and though they aren’t a sappy couple, Dean can’t just flirt with Castiel like he wants to.  

So he goes home every night feeling empty and alone as he tries to ignore the image of Benny’s arm around Castiel’s waist and focus on Castiel’s hand on Dean’s shoulder before, but all it makes him feel is treacherous and an ass.

It’s one of those nights that he leaves alone again, feeling torn. Castiel had talked with him all night and Benny had mainly focused on Meg and Charlie. Dean and Cas had sat aside a little as Cas talked about the names of stars and Dean listened, quickly distracted by Castiel’s glistening eyes and the curve of his lips. Castiel had hugged him gently when they left, longer than normal.

“It was good to see you again, Dean.” He’d said, face close to Dean’s. “Until next time.”

Dean had stuttered something back and now he walks his way home, alone and miserable.

It feels like he’s cheating while he isn’t. Castiel isn’t cheating, he’s done nothing with Dean. Dean isn’t betraying Benny, but his feelings are. The problem is that it won’t stop, he knows that much.

Once home, he lets himself fall down on the couch and turns on the TV. His mind keeps drifting. He doesn’t know how long he sits there and stares at the TV with no clue of what’s on. He hugs his knees close to his chest. His bare feet are cold and he rubs them warm, just as the doorbell rings. It’s almost midnight. The only person he can think of to come by at this hour is Sam when there’s something wrong, so he hurries to the door.

Dean has a moment to realize that it’s, in fact, Castiel standing in front of him, then his thoughts are shut off as Cas steps inside and kisses him full on his lips. It’s only for a few moments before Dean pulls away, the butterflies in his stomach pushed away by his confusion.

“What- what the- what about Benny?” He manages to stutter.

Castiel looks at him with those irresistible blue eyes and closes the door with his foot.

“We broke up. I… I couldn’t ignore what was happening between you and me and Benny felt like he was drifting away from me. We didn’t work out.” Cas looks down, embarrassed suddenly. “I should’ve… I’m sorry I kissed you, I just-” He takes a deep breath. “Benny is okay. He wanted me to find what I was looking for and I already knew that you-” He gives Dean a quick look. “You’re very special to me, Dean, and I want you to know that. I’ve never met someone like you, you make me feel things no one else ever made me feel and I couldn’t ignore that any longer.”

Cas is panting softly and Dean doesn’t know what he should say.

Benny is okay, he’s sure Castiel isn’t lying, and Castiel just confessed to him how he feels. The butterflies start fluttering again.

“Are you sure?” Dean whispers softly. “About Benny, about… us?”


Dean looks at Cas in silence as his mind tries to settle all the information. In a sudden movement, he grabs the collar of Castiel’s jacket and pushes him against the wall, kissing him for a second time. Cas leans in, eagerly, and runs his fingers through Dean’s hair with a soft, satisfied hum.

“I felt wrong for wanting this,” Cas mutters against his lips. “But it doesn’t feel wrong at all.”

Dean chuckles against Castiel’s lips, softly nudging him over to the living room.

“Me too,” he admits, trying to slip off Cas’ jacket and kissing him at the same time. “But if you’re sure and Benny is alright…”

“He is,” Castiel pulls away for a moment to focus his eyes on him. “I promise.”

Dean’s mind settles on the promise and he lets Cas’ lips trail kisses down his neck.

“Good,” he whispers.

Later, when they’re both lying comfortably under the sheets of Dean’s bed, legs tangled together and Cas’ steady breathing tickling his neck, Dean smiles and closes his eyes. As he drifts off, he squeezes Cas’ hand wrapped securely around his waist and can feel Castiel’s lips pressing a soft, tired kiss against his shoulder. 

Everything finally feels right.

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17 and 13 peter parker pleaseEEEE

You’re waiting for your boyfriend on the steps of Midtown, chatting up a storm with your friends about the upcoming homecoming dance. You’re laughing when you hear the doors open, and as you look up, you see him walk out, an angry expression overshadowing his usually happy ones. His best friend is running after him, but he manages to lose him. Ned spots you, and waves you over to him.

“Ned? What’s wrong with Peter?” The boy holds a hand up, slightly struggling to catch his breath from all the running he did.

“No-no idea, man. Oh my god, I never knew he could run that fast, holy hell. He’s heading home, if you wanna catch up to him. Let him know he owes me for making me run, oh my god.” Ned leans against the concrete siding, dropping his book bag to the ground.

“Will do. Thanks, Ned.”

You made your way up the steps to Peter’s floor, toying with your rings as you finally made it to his door. You knocked twice, afraid he wouldn’t hear you if he was cooped up in his room. The door opened, and to your surprise, it was May. “Hi sweetie. He’s locked himself in his room, again. Maybe you’ll be able to pull him out of this.” She smiled at you, her sad eyes betraying her words.

You walked over to Peter’s room, the door closed. You were about to knock, when you heard his voice.

“I’m not alright! Okay? Are you satisfied? I’m not alright. Oh my god, I’m going to lose my mind. I’m not okay. I don’t know what to do.” Your heart broke at his words, and without a second thought, you barged into his room. Peter looked at you in surprise, his eyes slightly red. “Baby-baby, what are you doing here?”

“Pete, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” You walked up to him as he looked away, embarrassed you had caught him. You cupped his face with both hands, trailing your thumb across his bottom lip as he finally looked at you. “Peter, baby, please. What happened?”

“You want to know what happened to me? You. You happened to me. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened in my life, but I don’t deserve you. No one does, really. You’re perfect. An angel. God, I’m so stupid.” He chuckled quietly, wrapping his arms around your waist as you wrapped yours around his neck, pulling him into you. He rested his head on your shoulder, nuzzling into the crook of your neck as he sighed. You rubbed his back, pressing small kisses on the top of his head.

“You’re a stupid genius, Peter. Don’t you dare doubt my love for you, ever. Nothing could ever make me stop. Not even you.”

Toxic Enviroment

Requested by Anon: „Could you do an imagine where the readers parents always fight and she kinda lives in a toxic household and then one day she goes to her best friend Betty’s house in tears and the whole gang is there and they all comfort the reader?? Thanks so much and btw I LOVE your imagines!!!“

A/N: Hey, loves! This is a bit shorter, but enjoy it anyway. Also, please note that English isn’t my mother tongue so there might be some mistakes. Feedback is always appreciated. xx


Pairing: Betty Cooper x Reader (platonic) ; Archie Andrews x Reader (platonic) ; Veronica Lodge x Reader (platonic) ; Jughead Jones x Reader (platonic) ; Kevin Keller x Reader (platonic)
Warnings: some cursing I guess
Words: 906

I pressed my eyes shut, trying to think of anything but the scenario that happened downstairs. My parents thought it’d be great to fight about yet another stupid reason. For a few months now they were constantly on each others throats. It was nerve-wracking to say the least. Their nonstop bickering drove me slowly but surely crazy. It seemed like they forgot that this whole situation was effecting me, too. They were like in their own little hell-like world.

As I realized that nothing would work to shut their loud voices out, I decided to text Betty, saying I was coming over. I quickly packed my bag, so I could crash at Betty’s. When I walked down the stairs I didn’t even try to be quiet, knowing my parents wouldn’t notice my absence, anyway.

The entire walk to Betty I played the previous months over and over in my head. I tried to keep those thoughts away, but it didn’t work. “Crap,” I muttered under my breath as tears began to fill my eyes. “Shit, Betty can’t see me like this.” I tried to push them away. She didn’t know about what was going on at home, nobody did. I was afraid I’d bother them, especially with everything that was going on right now.

As I reached my destination, I was able to control my breathing and my eyes were dry, again. I pressed the bell, signaling the blonde girl I was there. The door opened not even a minute later. “Hey, come on in,” Betty smiled. I did as told and entered the house. “Hey, I thought we could do a girls night. Didn’t have on in ages,” I said, gesturing to the bad in my hand.

A small frown formed on her face. “The others are here actually.” She nodded her head in the direction of the living room. “I can go if you want,” I muttered shyly. “No need to leave, you can stay, of course.”

When we entered the living room, everyone was greeting me. “Hi,” I waved awkwardly and sat down a bit farther away from them. I wasn’t really in the mood for that many people. Everyone continued to chat happily. I, on the other hand, just stared at nothing particularly, letting the thoughts I had earlier, in.

“Y/N,” Archie pulled me back to reality. I shook my head, trying to focus on him. “Yeah?” I asked. “Is everything alright?” All eyes were on me now, giving me worried looks. “Why shouldn’t it be?” I replied, an obvious fake smile on my face. They shared a look full of concern with each other. “Are you sure? You can tell us everything,” Veronica said, putting her hand on mine. This seemed to be enough for me to finally break down. Tears were escaping my eyes nonstop now. I pressed my hands on my face, trying to hide myself. Sobs were leaving my mouths one after one. Suddenly I felt arms wrapping themselves around me.

“I’m sorry,” I sniffled. Archie, who embraced me tightened their grip. I let all my emotions out for a few minutes before finally collecting myself. My eyes were glued on my hands as I tried to find the right words to explain what caused my emotional outburst.

“My parents, they started to fight a couple of months ago,” I began. “And they won’t stop, no matter what I do. Every second of the day they throw words at each other. It’s like they can’t even be in the same building, what am I talking, in the same universe without them being on each others throat. Once they even began to fight because my mom wanted something else for dinner. It escalates more and more. I don’t know what to do, guys.”

I paused for a second, rubbing my eyes to get rid of the tears. “It feels like they forgot that I’m there, like their constant bickering doesn’t take a toll on me. It’s just too much,” I mumbled, my hand rubbing my face. “Do you think they’re getting divorced?” Kevin asked quietly. “Dunno,” I shrugged. “All I know is that I don’t want to lose either of them. But I can feel it happening.” Tears began to pool in my eyes again, making them burn.

“You won’t lose them, I promise you. They love you, they won’t let it happen,” Jughead said. “But why does it feel like I’m losing them? Neither of them even notice when I’m in the same room, too busy throwing angry words on the others head. I just want everything to be like before,” I admitted quietly.

“Why didn’t you say anything before?” Archie asked, sounding a bit hurt. I shrugged again, not looking at his face. “So much is going on lately, didn’t think it was important enough to bring it up, I guess,” I mumbled. “Y/N, listen, of course, it’s important. We care about your well-being,” Betty smiled sadly. I just nodded, not really knowing what to say.

“What do you say, we go grab some food and then we all do a sleep over?” Veronica suggested. “Only if I can choose the movie,” I laughed lightly. “Deal,” she smiled. “No romantic shit, please,” Jughead groaned. “We’ll see,” I said with a small smile on my lips. Jughead groaned one more time, making all of us laugh. “Thanks, guys. You’re the best,” I said, giving them a grateful smile.

dear ex-bestfriend

people say you never forget you first love, well I think you never forget you first bestfriend. I know we haven’t talked in days, actually months which is so ironical because there was a time, we couldn’t go even an hour without talking to each other. I saw your pictures the other day on some social media, you looked happy in them. I think that is all I ever wanted for you, to be happy and content with yourself, to be less judgemental and way more accepting of your flaws. and i am so glad you got that. some part of me wishes i was there to see it happen, not just in pictures but in real life. I don’t know what really happened that day, the day we stopped talking, we didn’t even fight with each other. I guess we just gave up on our friendship when we stopped getting each other and the problems we were facing. I know they save when your first love leaves you it hurts like a bitch, i think I fell in love with you, not in a romantic way but in a way friends fall for each other. I fell in love with your hugs, and the smiles we exchanged in the hallways and the brownies we shared in the lunch breaks and the way you would pick up my phone even at 3 am and cheered me up. I miss you but you taught me the most important lesson even while leaving me, to let go. You taught me how to let it be and accept some things, even if they leave you high and dry, accept the things you can’t change. you taught me how to smile when shit got hard. and I hope someday when we’re older we meet in some small bakery with perfect oreo brownies and smile at each other like nothing ever changed all those years back.

bts react ෴ they have to break up with their idol gf

anon asked: Hi! pls can you do a BTS reaction to having to break up with their idol gf because of her entertainment rules (she can’t date)? Sorry for my bad english.

don’t worry about your english, buddy! you’re better than most of my friends so your english skills aren’t bad at all! thank you for requesting <3

⁂ seokjin:

jin was absolutely crushed when you told him that your contract took away your freedom to speak to males; which basically meant you couldn’t continue dating seokjin unless you both were able to hide your relationship extremely well. since you were a fresh idol, it would’ve been terrible if you both were put in a scandal together – it wouldn’t put you both in the best of positions. with a bleary smile and a hug that felt like it was going to last forever, seokjin finally stopped crying and kissed your face as much as he could before letting you go with a loving look on his face. “someday we’ll be together again. you can count on that.”

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⁂ namjoon:

“i was really hoping you’d be lucky and not have that ‘no dating’ policy in your contract.” namjoon sighed exasperatedly and moved his hands to rub his face in despair before continuing on to rest his hands on his neck. his eyes were sad as he gazed at you and you shamefully hung your head; not able to bear the feeling of his stare on you. “i’m sorry, i really am,” you whispered, your fingers wringing each other as you willed yourself not to cry, “i thought i was going to be lucky too.” your lips started to tremble once namjoon pulled you into a hug, and he tried to hold his tears in too. “i’ll wait for you. i’ll wait until that policy is invalid and you’ll be in my arms again, okay?”

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⁂ yoongi:

“that’s bullshit,” yoongi spat, throwing his pen across the table with his eyebrows furrowed in anger, “you’re kidding right? i thought they said they weren’t going to put that in your contract!” his hands had clenched into fists as they stared at you in disbelief, but all you could do was give him a weak smile and a helpless squeak, “i don’t want us to end either, but if you’re really against it, then i’ll leave the industry.” you vowed. yoongi couldn’t help but scoff as he processed your words and shook his head; defeated. “i’m not letting you abandon your dreams for me,” he said sincerely. his eyes were glossy as he tapped his knuckles against the table, “please don’t forget about me.”

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⁂ hoseok:

“wow.” was all he could say. when you showed him the photo you took of your contract with the ‘no dating’ policy circled, hoseok was in complete shock. he didn’t know what to say. he cleared his throat with a pained chuckle and ran his fingers through his hair; still trying to process what he just read. “that’s really.. wow.” leaning back against his chair, he looked at you with a frown, his fingers anxiously gripping onto the ends of his sleeves. his laugh was quiet as he kept his gaze on you, your actions mirroring his. you apologized with a deep bow and smiled shakily, reaching out for hoseok as his eyes began to well up with tears. he pulled you in for a tight hug and you both began to cry on each other’s shoulders, both your tears making the other’s clothes wet. “i’ll be rooting for you no matter what.”

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⁂ jimin:

“so.. you’re breaking up with me?” jimin looked up at you after a few minutes of watching his thumbs twiddle over the other and tilted his head to the side, his eyes soft, but his gaze sharp on you. “it’s not because i want to, jimin..” you answered, a pathetic laugh falling from your lips as you realized how ridiculous and unreasonable you sounded just then. “my contract says i’m not allowed to date anyone and i guess you’re no exception.” you rubbed the back of your neck with a cringing smile as jimin sighed deeply, his eyes still glaring as he scooted closer to you. you apologized as you tried not to choke on your tears and jimin couldn’t help but pull you in for a loving hug, his eyes beginning to well up with you. “i wish i was that exception.”

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⁂ taehyung:

taehyung couldn’t believe his ears. you had to breakup because of your contract? that’s shitty. “i really don’t approve of this.” taehyung spoke; aggravated. you watched as he slowly paced back and forth in front of you, his arms crossed over his chest. “i know you don’t,” a humorous laugh left your mouth as his words hit you and you nodded in agreement, smiling sadly at your lap, “i don’t either, tae.” with a calm look in his eyes, he crouched in front of you where you were sitting on the sofa. he rest his arms on either side of your lap and smiled his kindest all the while leaning in to give you a little kiss on your nose. “do you think we can still text at least?” his smile turned sheepish as he gave you a hopeful look, “just change my contact name into something feminine. maybe that’ll work?”

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⁂ jungkook:

he really wasn’t expecting this at all. he didn’t expect you to break up with him – you two were doing so well together and now a contract was there to keep you two apart from each other. on the outside, he was calm and collected about it, but internally, he was livid, and he was screaming in despair. “when will that policy be invalid?” he rest his palms on the table with his tongue poking the inside of his cheek while he watched you with wide eyes, his smile shaky as he tilted his head to the side with a scoff of disbelief escaping him. “i can’t believe they put that in the contract. they were totally fine with me during your trainee days.” his head hung low as you reached out to rub his back and you smiled reassuringly, a quiet sigh later being released by you. suddenly, jungkook went to grab your hands and he stared at you with earnest, “i will wait for you.”

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♡ guidelines


mid summers blues (spoken poem)
mid summers blues (spoken poem)

chipped nails and split ends,
i pick daisies apart and swallow them.
the sun has gone down.
im lonely and i feel like i could shatter 

i try and take my medicine
at least until the bruises heal.
i try and sleep away the dark circles
until i don’t think about drowning myself.
but its nothing other than pointless.

hollow girl. fragile girl. drained girl.
either put your fingers between my thighs
or don’t touch me at all. maybe i’d let you
break me. maybe i’d let you. maybe.
i have trained myself how to breathe
but recently i’ve been so dizzy i cant remember much
(just your fucking name) 

i suffocate and my bones cave in
like i am under a pile of bricks,
like the weight of my blankets i hide under,
i suffocate at the lack of your touch.

i wish i were a bird
so i could be best friends with the sky,
so i could leave when i wanted.
my mother tells me i should brush my hair
and that brushing my teeth will make it better.
i brush my teeth till my gums bleed
and still i am sat with these messy wrists,
i am a shell. i am missing, but not missed.

Hello to all!!! 😘, I’m happy, because I’m doing this blog, and I had some ideas and plans, the people who did I have inspiration, was @that-wonderful-cat, @askmick, @thebbros , @askcupandmugsy , @ask-toon-star , @ask-felix-the-cat @askkitethebat (and others) for me these are the best PR blogs, and also a lot of creativity and magnificent histories and art, I created my main character….name of her is C.B she’s a rabbit toon but , has many secrets and your past is obsolete, you can ask questions to her and her friends … I hope you all liked her, and see you all later!!


HEY Y’ALL <3 look who’s alive and back it me lentil. the reason i haven’t been posting a whole lot is because it’s summer break (!!!) the last summer before i leave to university (!!!) i haven’t been doing much, i went to china, came back, and have been mostly being a homebody. i’ve hung out with friends a whole lot cause i won’t be seeing them for a long time and i also learned how to code in python bc why not BUT i’m sorry these pictures are of questionable quality…they are definitely not my best–it’s pretty much the only spread i’ve made this summer because i don’t have set daily schedules. there are two “things to pack” lists cause i’m leaving early to my university for summer sessions real soon! anyways, i hope you all are doing well! also random question you know when rapunzel in tangled is like “when will my life beginnnn” at the beginning of the movie do you guys think life “begins” when we leave high school and start university or when we leave university and start looking for jobs and become Fully Functioning Adults? just a random thought have a great week!!

My Lucky Charm

Pairing: baseball player! Seungcheol x fem reader
Genre: fluff
Words count: 661

note from the writer:
scenario requested by @aesthedick-cheol
sorry for taking so long! I have no knowledge about baseball so I couldn’t describe the match but I still tried my best (・∀・) hope you’ll enjoy it!
~ Kay

It’s a sunny April day. You and your friend are sitting on the grass, watching your classmates play baseball. Actually, your sight is stuck at only one person. Well, it’s stuck on his butt, to be exact.
“Are you seriously going to spend all your breaks on watching Seungcheol play baseball and looking at his butt?” your friend whines. You can feel your face turning red.
“I’m watching him play because I like him… It’s normal that you want to look at the person you like, right?” you pout at them. (Y/f/n) rolls their eyes.
“Why won’t you just tell him? You’re best friends.”
“That’s the reason. I’m afraid that if I told him and he didn’t like me back our friendship would be never the same.” you sigh. The school bell rings. You two grab your things and head back to the classroom. You sit at your place and wait for Seungcheol. The lesson starts and he still isn’t there. Finally the door opens and he walks in.
“Sorry for being late.” he apologizes and goes to your desk. As he sits next to you, you carefully observe his profile and red hair covered in sweat. You used to make fun of his hair color choice but now you thought that it’s actually really attractive and fits him a lot.
“Hello again, (Y/n)!” he greats you and gives you a wide smile that makes your heart skip a beat.
“Hi… Late because you were changing clothes too slow again?” you laugh lightly.
“Yep. Did you watch us play?”
“Yeah, I did.”
Well, actually you were watching only him. His butt.
“Tomorrow’s the official match. Are you coming? Pleaseee, I need someone to cheer on me.” he makes puppy eyes. He does it every time he wants something from you.
“Of course, I’ll come. But there’s so many people that will cheer on you, not only me.”
“Yep but… you’re my lucky charm.” he says and turns his face away. His words surprised you, what does it even mean?
You two stay silent through the rest of the lesson.

(Next day)

The evening breeze is so refreshing. Players are getting ready. Only few minutes left until the match starts. Seungcheol approaches you with his usual wide smile. He wraps his arm around your shoulders almost making you paralyze.
“Wish me and our team good luck, (Y/n).”
“Good luck, I will keep my fingers crossed.” you give him a warm smile.
“I have to go now, the match’s starting soon. Bye bye!” you watch him run back on the field. Finally the match starts. For once you’re trying to focus on the game.

The match was so exciting, almost 3 hours felt like a second. The crowd stands triumphally, clapping and cheering. Seungcheol’s team won. You’re filled with proud of him and his team mates. You see him running to you so you open your arms to give him a hug. But then he does something unexpected. He grabs your face with both hands and presses his lips to yours. The kiss is warm, long, passionate and makes your heart almost explode. He slowly pulls back and gives you a smile like nothing happened.
“What was that just now?” you ask shocked.
“Ahh, sorry (Y/n)… I was just really excited and happy…” he looks abashed. “I did it because I have a huge crush on you and you know…”
“Huge crush on me?” you don’t let him finish.
“Yeah… but if you don’t like me back, that’s okay, really…”
You can’t hold yourself. Now you’re the one giving a kiss. He immediately kisses you back and you can feel him smiling.
“Ohh, look who’s all lovey-dovey.” you hear your friend’s melodic voice. You lightly smack their shoulder and laugh.
“I told you. So you two are dating now, right?”
Seungcheol looks at you warmly and hugs you tightly.
“Yep, now she’s my one and only lucky charm.”

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more Cordelia/Charlotte baseball au hcs?

kk (is this controversial if I don’t make them pre-established in this au?? Idk. I feel like in all my fics, I make them already in a relationship, so I kinda want to show how that relationship starts and flourishes).

—Cordelia is Whizzer’s best friend/personal chef (ie Whizzer is her personal guinea pig)/unofficial therapist to his Boy Problems. They grew up in a small town in Nebraska (guess which one?? Lol, you’re right—Kearney), and Cordelia was always Super Supportive of Whizzer’s baseball and Whizzer was always Super Supportive of her cooking. Since their parents were never really supportive of either of them, they relied on each other and even though Cordelia now lives in New York and Whizzer doesn’t, they talk on the phone all the time and visit each other at least three times a month and the media thought they were dating for awhile before Whizzer fixed that shit right then and there bc /gross/.

—Marvin and Charlotte met when Marvin moved next-door after he divorced Trina, and they kept running into each other in the hallway and making awkward small talk until Charlotte lets it slip that she’s going on a date with a girl tonight and Marvin is like “Oh My God, You’re Gay Too? Thank God” bc both of them are a little egotistical and thought the other was flirting with them (hint: neither really was). Anyways, Charlotte and Marvin form like this gay solidarity and their interactions become less awkward and more frequent bc they have the same sense of humor and weird superiority insecurities. And one day, they’re eating Chinese food on Marvin’s shitty sofa and watching MASH and Charlotte looks at him and says, “You know, I think you might be my best friend.” And Marvin thinks a minute before saying, “You know, I think you might be my only friend.” And they are nerdy Friendship Goals.

—Cordelia and Charlotte first meet when Whizzer takes Cordelia to Marvin’s apartment to introduce his boyfriend and his best friend to each other, and Charlotte is already leaving her own apartment and sees them in the hallway and she loses ability to function for a second because that blonde girl is so /pretty/ (God, look at those cheekbones) and why the hell is she standing in front of /Marvin’s/ door???

—Charlotte just automatically smiles at her as soon as she and Cordelia make eye contact and that’s all Cordelia can think about the entire day—even though she had promised herself she was going to grill Marvin as is her duty of being Whizzer’s Best Friend. When she finds out that Marvin knows Charlotte and that she’s gay, Cordelia makes him tell her Everything^tm.

—Charlotte had to rush out bc she had a shift at the hospital but when she gets back, Marvin tells her bemusedly that Whizzer’s friend wanted to make sure that she got her phone number and that he is Pissed^tm that Charlotte just has to /smile/ at someone to make them fall in love with her.

—They start texting. Cordelia uses way too many emojis and drops the f bomb every other text. Charlotte is SMITTEN. They text until like 2am that first night.

—Charlotte has a very hectic, random schedule at the hospital, so it seems like she keeps blowing Cordelia off when she tries to set up a date. Charlotte realizes this and demands to know her address at 1am and when Cordelia bemusedly sends her it, Charlotte is standing in front of her apartment building fifteen minutes later, her make-up smudged from a long day at work and she’s still wearing her scrubs and lab coat. Cordelia invites her in and they eat old Hot Pockets that Cordelia found in her freezer and eventually pass out on her kitchen floor.

—Charlotte kisses her that night, when Cordelia starts explaining how she’s actually going to quit her job as a chef at Olive Garden and start her own catering business and she’s really nervous but it’s her passion and she wants to be happy with herself fully. And Cordelia is so passionate about this—Charlotte sees the flush on those cheekbones and the fire in her eyes and she just has to kiss her.

—When they’re in that phase of “We’ve been on a couple dates so when can we make a verbal agreement to only kiss each other and I can start calling you my girlfriend?” Cordelia calls Charlotte her doctor instead bc she’s a sap and she wants Charlotte to know that she means a lot to her. Even when they make things official, “my doctor” becomes a pet name.

—Charlotte and Cordelia are Big fans of baseball. They bicker all the time about whether a player was safe or out and like which player is objectively the best ever (“‘Delia, DiMaggio had a 56-game hitting streak.” “Whizzer probably has like a 56 MILLION-game hitting streak!” “Not to interrupt, but that isn't—” “Shut up, Brown. I’m stanning for you.”), and it is /very/ fun to watch.

—They support each other in their ambitions and are very affectionate and love-dovey and Charlotte never thought that someone could love her (given her dedication to her work and the weird hours at the hospital and the fact that she can be a bitch sometimes when she’s stressed and frustrated) and Cordelia never thought that someone could love her (given her temper and over-protectiveness and the fact that she wants to be a caterer and not like some gourmet chef and she sometimes feels worthless and uninspired and like she’s throwing her life away), but they found that someone and it was each other.

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hi Amanda :) I just saw you reblog a post and in the tags saying your boyfriend was first your best friend. I think that is just so sweet. Currently I've began seeing my best guy friend as more than a friend, when I thought of him and how he shows signs of maybe liking me... it makes me nervous and happy to think about... I was curious as to how you both starting dating?! if you don't mind my asking of course...

I don’t mind at all ☺️ We’ve been together for almost 3 years now (October 1st is our anniversary!) and we met in high school during my senior year through a mutual friend.

I’m the kind of person who likes a very small tight-knit friend group, and he fit in with us and matched our personalities so well that he just kind of naturally became a part of the group over time. As a result, we all ended up hanging out together on a regular basis and he grew to be just as much of a close friend to me as everyone else in the group was.

Every single one of us struggles with a mental illness, so we helped each other out whenever someone was having a rough time. He had a bad home life, and did pretty much anything he could to avoid having to go back home at the end of the day. So I offered my house up as a place to stay and hang out whenever he needed to get away. He would come over to my house and play video games with me, we’d go outside for a walk or an adventure through the woods, or go out a little later at night to lay down in the grass and watch the stars, anything to pass the time.

Nights were really rough for me, so he’d stay at my house and spend the night whenever he was able to just so I didn’t have to be alone. He had really become my best friend at this point. We’d sit on the floor eating popcorn and watching movies while we shared secrets and vented to each other. I could tell he had grown a little infatuated with me, I’m always able to pick up on those things easily, and I noticed myself starting to share the same feelings. Of course, neither one of us was brave enough to let it be known. Until one night, I got drunk off my ass and unintentionally spilled the beans with a drunk text at 2am…

I woke up the next morning and checked my messages, absolutely mortified. I walked out to my living room to find him sitting on the couch watching T.V. He looks over and goes, “hey drunkie, how you feeling this morning? I figured I’d come over and take care of your clearly hung-over ass”. He didn’t even mention the text, just got up and started making me some breakfast in the kitchen while I went and showered.

After showering and eating, we decided to sit down in my bed to watch a movie. After a while of me suffering in silence from the unbearable amount of sexual tension I had accidentally created, he turned and goes, “hey Amanda”. Before I could even fully turn in his direction to respond, his lips had met mine. Let’s just say that sexual tension was promptly relieved.

Afterwards, we were cuddling in bed and finishing the movie we had failed to maintain our attention towards, and he stopped to say, “You know I really love you”. There was a sudden pause with a panicked expression on his face. He had meant to say “like” instead of “love”, but it just slipped out. “Did I really just say that?” he said looking a bit irritated with himself and embarrassed. I go, “Yup ya sure did. But it’s alright, because I love you too”. The most beautiful smile I have ever seen washed away his former worried expression, and from that point forward he became my best friend, and my boyfriend. 💕

So I am making it a rule now that you must pay half up front for commissions. I’ve had problems with payment in the past, so I am now making part of my commissions that you must do this or I will say no.

It doesn’t matter if we are best freaking friends or siblings or anything. If you ask for a service and I accept, you must pay for that service. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Note: if you have already paid for a commission, you are off the hook! No problem at all. I just expect people that have not paid yet to pay half or full before I complete the commission, which I try to get them done soon :) 

made a few simple icon for my main OCs ^^, they’re like a quadruple best friend stuffs like that haha. and here’s the link to their reference sheet and bio if you interested to know about them more :)

and here’s the tag to trace their related art, doodle, story and stuffs XD.