you are all my petri dishes

Little maggots with wings

Eww. I could start and end my commentary about today’s GMM right there. Eww. But there was a lot more going on today, so I’ll keep going.

I love it when Rhett and Link get scientific, even when it doesn’t turn into a rhinky thing. They look very convincing in white lab jackets, and pretty good too. This episode reminded me of my short lived science studies, when I took a lab course in microbiology. It involved growing stuff on petri dishes, and some of the stuff we dealt with included mildew and bacteria. I was scarred for life by the stinky things…

I’m always shocked when I see just how well a food item is preserved, when you’d expect it to rot. The hamburger was very concerning - just how many preservatives do they put on our food? And where was all the mildew I was expecting to see - if I leave stuff out for two months where I live, it’ll be green and fuzzy all over. In fact, it’ll only take a couple of weeks to get bread or fruit turn into a cloud of spores. I wonder if the food here is less preserved than what they have in the US? Or is it just that our climate is more humid…?

When Link found the living maggots in the burrito, Rhett turned all philosophical - “Little maggots with wings - isn’t that what we all are?” Another t-shirt worthy quote. It was interesting how Rhett was clearly more grossed out by the smell of the foods when Link freaked out when he saw the creepy crawlies, but didn’t even wear his mask for most of the time. I hope they caught all the critters before their entire studio got infected with bugs.

Mmm, so good, I wish there was a way describe monosodiumglutamate in as perfectly describing and funny way in Finnish. I love Chinese food, and a lot of that love is directed to the delisciousness that is MSG - even when I know it’s far from healthy. That fresh chow mein looked so good…only I want mine with tofu.

But, the announcements they made. I made a little mental happy dance when I heard there will be no summer break, and that there will be a Buddy System season 2. Good Mythical Summer sounds awesome, and the guest hosts sound amazing. GameGrumbs, VSauce, vlogbrothers, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig, Nerdy Nummies. That sounds really good, these are some pretty awesome hosts! And I’m not even saying this just because Rhett asked us to be nice, I really mean it. I am just very happy to be a Mythical beast right now.

After all the announcements and being semiserious for a moment, the GMMore ended in a hilarious way. For a moment I was positive Rhett would convince Link to eat some of those noodles. And what the heck did Link mean when he said he would eat it for love? There was a slightly rhinky moment there, and just like Link, I was very sorry that Rhett had his mask on - I so wanted to see his face there…

I couldn’t really see the maggots Link saw on the burrito, so I emphasized one of them a bit for this screen cap. That would freak me out, too.

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hi hi could i request the rfa members seeing mc a little sad/pretending that everything is okay and they refuse to open up but then one day they find mc crying/a sobbing mess and finally confess that they no longer can reach their dream career please

thank for request anon-nim

this is a bit too relatable for me…haha…ha


  • you were on your way to becoming a principal dancer 
  • but you hurt yourself during warm up and you were desperate to hide it from Yoosung
  • but he’s not an idiot
  • he is extremely receptive towards even the tiniest change in your attitude
  • when he asks if you’re okay and you say you’re ‘perfectly fine’ with a smile that’s a bit too stiff
  • he knows you’re not fine at all
  • he makes more of an effort to observe any changes in your behaviour
  • so when he sees that you’re clutching your lower back more often, he confronts you right away
  • you want to stay strong
  • but you fail
  • and you flop to the ground, not caring about how bruised your knees were going to be
  • “I’m just gonna say it. I hurt my back while I was warming up last week and I got an x-ray…and the doctor said I have a huge crack on my tailbone…and I was told that if I try to dance on it again…the crack would grow…so he told me…”
  • you couldn’t continue the sentence
  • he held your hands, silently reassuring you that it was okay
  • “I have to quit.”
  • he swallowed the spit that had built up in his throat
  • “MC…I…I’m so sorry that you can’t achieve your dream anymore. I will do everything in my power to make sure I can help you. I’m not exactly sure how, I will damn well try to help you.”
  • he hugged you tightly. it hurt a little, but this pain was miniscule in comparison to the fact that you wouldn’t be able to dance anymore
  • “I will find the best surgeon out there to see if they can fix your back. I don’t care about how expensive it is…let me help you.”
  • you flat out refused. there was no way in hell you would let him use his money on you. you couldn’t…
  • he retorted that you helped him with his eye surgery. this was no different
  • you finally agreed, but there wasn’t a guarantee that you would bounce back to the level you were before your injury. the future was terrifying, but as long as Yoosung radiated with positivity, you had hope


  • there wasn’t much that changed with your attitude for Zen to notice that you were slowly losing your positivity towards life
  • you had worked your ass off in that lab, studying diseases and finding ways to eradicate them
  • it wasn’t until one morning, Zen woke up a loud sound erupting from the kitchen
  • he ran to the source of the noise and he saw you staring at the coffee mug that had shattered on the ground
  • and then you started slamming your hand on the kitchen counter
  • Zen went into protective mode
  • holding your hand as if it were a feather, he slowly turned it around to see a bruise slowly starting to form
  • “jagiya, it was just a coffee mug. there’s no need to get so upset…”
  • you looked up at him as if he’d set your body on fire
  • he steps back, not sure how to quell your mounting rage
  • “you wanna talk about it…?” he can see that this isn’t just petty anger towards a broken cup
  • where to start though?
  • “my research is in shambles. my hand has been twitching non stop and because of it, I messed up some of the samples in the petri dishes. I got fired Zen…I’m such a failure.”
  • he’s in tears by the time you finish saying what you have to say
  • Zen tries to be sympathetic, imagining how he would feel if his body refused to cooperate with him and he had to quit performing…
  • he stops short of actually letting those thoughts materialize. it doesn’t matter how he would feel hypothetically, right now it was all about you and your tangible pain
  • it’s time for pragmatic Zen to step up
  • “MC…I feel terrible for you…I mean- I can’t even imagine how it would feel to have to give up on your dream. But that doesn’t mean that you should wallow in self-pity. How about this? Why don’t you become my manager? Sure, it’s not as rewarding as your research, and you’ll have to spend ALL day with me…”
  • you ponder, “would such a drastic career change be good for me?”
  • you weigh it up for a few minutes and Zen is starting to regret ever making such a stupid suggestion. “she won’t just drop everything for you, you piece of-”
  • “I’ll do it!”
  • he’s glad to see that you’ve still got some positivity in your mind


  • it was your ambition to serve your country
  • so being told that you had failed the health exam crushed you
  • how were you going to explain to this to her?
  • she didn’t need this. the café was going so well for her
  • your mind was going a hundred miles an hour, so you didn’t even hear the front door opening
  • it was unusually dark inside the apartment
  • and when she turned the light on for the living room, her heart broke at the sight in front of her
  • you were sitting cross-legged on the floor, staring at the letter you’d received from the doctor
  • the instant you felt Jaehee’s presence, you swept the letter under the couch
  • but Jaehee’s reflexes were faster, grabbing the piece of paper before it could disappear
  • you were ready to run away
  • but she spoke up before you could react
  • “MC…I’m so sorry that this is happening to you.”
  • she was hesitant in holding about holding you in the fear that you would break out of her embrace
  • but you reciprocated and molded yourself to her body
  • Jaehee took this as a sign to wrap her arms around you and rock you from side to side, the way her mum used to comfort when she felt hopeless
  • an idea popped into Jaehee’s head
  • so she straightened you back up and held your shoulders
  • there was a passionate fire burning in her eyes
  • “MC, I know you’d planned to join me with operating the café after you’d gotten back from training, but if you don’t mind, how about you just start now?”
  • well when she put it that way
  • “thank you for always being so positive Jaehee.”
  • you fell back into her embrace and stayed there for a few minutes more


  • you were ready to be crushed by the universe
  • rejection letter after rejection piled up on your desk
  • your skills as an actuary were deteriorating before your eyes
  • not a single company was willing to hire you
  • a single hollow chuckle fell out of you as you sat at your desk
  • at that exact moment Jumin came through the front door
  • you hastily wiped your tears and went to greet him, helping him out of his coat
  • he was exhausted after dealing with clients all day
  • but the moment he made eye contact with you, he knew
  • you were crying again. and you were doing a horrendous job of hiding that fact from him
  • “MC, can we talk?”
  • oh shit. he’s mad. HIDE!
  • “w-we c-ca-ca-can, b-but are-aren’t yo-you tired? d-dinner’s ready…”
  • he was having none of this
  • your ass was dragged to the bedroom and you were flung onto the bed
  • you wanted to run away so bad
  • but you couldn’t. Jumin wrapped his arm around your waist and started cuddling you
  • this simple act of being close to you was just too much for you. you know he knew, but it felt so embarrassing to tell the man who was always successful
  • you just felt like another adversity: the wash-up of the relationship. the partner whose contributions were lacking
  • the pillow eventually became soaked with tears
  • “my dreams were never meant to be…” you wheezed out
  • Jumin turned you over, clearly distressed.
  • “what’s going on MC? you look so…broken…”
  • there was no way to avoid this. you explained between sobs about how companies kept rejecting you and that you felt hopeless because you worked so hard, only to get told that you weren’t good enough to work with them
  • as Jumin listened, he thought about what she could do
  • and then
  • he rushed out of the bedroom and into the office, locking the door
  • you started pacing outside the door
  • an hour later, he came out of the door with a piece of paper in his hand  
  • you looked down at it
  • it was an acceptance letter
  • “welcome to C & R, MC. I look forward to your work.”
  • you burst into tears and couldn’t stop yourself from enveloping him a hug


  • it was mocking you
  • the grand piano taking up so much space in the living room
  • if your hands were still working, you would smash it to bits
  • I mean, why would your own immune system attack you to the point of paralyzing them?
  • the universe just loooooved to fuck with you
  • Seven could do nothing but gaze at you as you stared at the piano whenever you passed by it
  • he tried to get you tell him about all the pain you were holding in your heart
  • but he recognised that you were acting the same way he did when he was struggling with his emotional issues
  • and the fact that your emotional trauma was linked to horrific physical trauma made him feel worse
  • and seeing your hands in the braces
  • he wanted to grab god by the collar and punch them in the face
  • but he knows that won’t help
  • he realises that you’re still standing there
  • and when he turns you around to face him
  • holy fuck
  • your face is blank, save for the tears that just won’t stop spilling from your eyes
  • he reckons you’ve been standing for at least an hour now
  • so he escorts you to bed and makes you lie under the thickest blanket he owns
  • while you’re resting, he calls Saeran to help him with some manual labour
  • Saeran, clearly disgruntled, complains about having to do anything
  • until he finds out the reason
  • together, they move the piano out of the house and into an warehouse Seven just happens to have
  • he returns to throw himself into research to get a hold of all the doctors who can help his 606 get their happiness back


  • ‘money makes the world go round’
  • yeah
  • and it made your brain roll around in your skull
  • why did it cost so fucking much to be in animation school?
  • there was so much debt your family was dealing with and the last thing you wanted to do was burden them even more
  • and to ask V…
  • nope. out of the question
  • if you were going to do this, then you’d figure it out somehow
  • but you couldn’t
  • and V could slowly see your façade falling apart
  • every time he’d try to bring it up, you’d shoot him down with a half-hearted giggle, and just continue with whatever task was in front of you
  • however, V was persistent
  • and now he regrets being persistent
  • you’ve locked yourself in the bathroom
  • he’s banging on the door, yelling for you to open the door
  • you ignore his request, so he tries again
  • “MC please say something, anything! You don’t have to open the door!”
  • he hears your body weight shift against the door, yet you refuse to still say anything to him.
  • “MC, I’m sorry…I’m sorry for confronting you. I know you want to have your independence, but I’d be more than willing to help you with the tuition fee.”
  • whoop there it is
  • you open the door, but the action is so sudden that V falls over
  • he stands back up and gathers you in his arms
  • he rubs circles on your back as he waits for your response
  • “Jihyun…I-I don’t want to be another person who just takes from you simply because you offer. Please, for my sake, don’t worry about me. I can handle this…somehow…” your voice trailing off broke V’s heart again
  • but he had an idea!
  • “MC, this is a crazy proposal, but hear me out. Why don’t we collab? Your characters coming to life inside my photos! And if you want to learn something, just search up a tutorial on Naver. It may not seem as prestigious as having the tutelage of all those artists, but hey, at least you’re not worrying about paying ludicrous amounts of money to learn how to draw.”
  • you just stare at him
  • he gets scared
  • “M-MC? Ah! I’m sorry for even suggesting that…”
  • but you kiss him on the lips before he can ramble out any more apologies
  • “it’s a great idea!”
  • he smiles in relief
  • “glad to see my little cactus flower flourishing again!”


  • when Saeran first learned about your dream career, he couldn’t understand why you would pursue such a career
  • no matter how many times you explained to him
  • “so you’re telling me that your dream is to stand around all day and have someone take photos of you in different clothes? I can do that for you right now!”
  • when he saw your expression drop, it took him a bit of brainpower to understand it wasn’t right for him to judge what you wanted out of life
  • you had asked him to accompany you to the interview that would determine the way the rest of your life panned out
  • he sat outside, visibly tensed
  • and that tenseness only grew when he saw you walk out of the room, a ghost of a smile sitting on your face
  • “MC, how did it go?”
  • you turn to him, keeping up appearances so that he doesn’t suspect that you’re falling apart
  • however, he’s painfully aware that you’re struggling to keep your composure
  • so the moment the two of you enter through the front door, he corners you
  • you try to wriggle away, but he holds you against the wall by your shoulders
  • “MC you can’t hide things from me.”
  • you feel increasingly uncomfortable
  • your resolve falling apart
  • bursting into tears, you nearly collapse
  • but his reflexes kick in and he grabs you before you can make contact with the floor
  • “the-they told me I was too fat to join…that my presence would ruin the company…”
  • Saeran is riled up by your confession. he’s ready to hurt everyone
  • but he manages to reel himself back to reality, back to you
  • he leads you to the kitchen and feeds you ice cream
  • you feel so empty after all that crying
  • and all you can register is Saeran’s firm grip around your waist
  • for now, he’ll just stand by your side

When I look at you laying there
across the way from me
behind the curtains of a Friday
afternoon, I wonder how it is that you,
you are just a handful of a billion cells.

Something I can pick apart and put back together.
You, a human with one heart
and two hands
and ten fingers
that I’ve fallen in love with
all at separate times.

Only that.
A handful of cells.

are a textbook of our 

Let me put your laugh in a petri dish
so that I can see if what we have
has a heartbeat,
if the cells between us
like we did that evening
when you slid your arm
around the small of my waist
and kissed me
with your eyes closed.

Let me see
the way you love me
without loving me
with words.

I’ve Got My Ion You - Mingyu

In which reader is a science major and Mingyu decides to try impress her with science pick up lines. WARNING: THIS CONTAINS SO MANY PUNS I HATE MYSELF FOR WRITING THIS LMAO

“Are you busy?” Mingyu’s head stuck around the door of your lab, empty with the exception of you due to it being lunch, making you look up from the microscope you were looking through with a small smile. 

“Not really. Why, what’s up?” You turned on your chair, still smiling as he came closer to you. He pulled up a chair and sat opposite you.

“It took me so long to think of all these, so listen.” he smirked, scooting his chair closer and leaning forward. “ Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Because you are Cu-Te~” He said with an over-exaggerated wink, making you groan.

“Mingyu, please-”

“I have more!”

“I’m a biology major.” You pointed out with a light laugh.You gestured to the equipment before you - your microscope, a few petri dishes, random cell specimens you were examining for fun - how, after two years of being close friends, he didn’t yet know your field you didn’t know. However he seemed unfazed, continuing with his cheesy grin growing with every line he came out with.

“ Your’e so hot your making my emzymes denature.”

“Well then you’re gonna die soon, aren’t you?” you chuckled, making him frown. You were trying to hide the blush that was creeping up your neck, finding him incredibly endearing and the amount of effort he was putting in adorable.

“Please stop blocking all of these. They’re great.”

“Are you trying to say that you like me, Mingyu?” you asked, closing the gap in between you by standing up and moving to stand between his spread legs. He nodded, crazily charismatic smile showing itself as he took your hands in his.

“If I had to choose between DNA and RNA, I’d choose RNA because it has U in it.”

“I doubt you even understand that one.”  You rolled your eyes, trying to act indifferent despite his hilarious flirting. How you hadn’t already kissed him you didn’t know.

“Protein synthesis!” he shouted, excited. You jumped at his suddenly raised voice, raising an eyebrow as you looked down at him. 

“Okay, so maybe you do!”

“Of course. I take interest in what you take interest in. Besides, I decided that would impress you more,” He said, smile growing as he squeezed your hands gently and stood up to match your height (kinda).

“Mingyu, stop making me cringe and kiss me already?” you giggled. “You’re cute, but I want to curl up in that corner right now…” He stopped you continuing by giving you what you wanted, leaning down to connect your lips. 

“You loved it. You can’t hide the pink on your cheeks. You’re welcome. We’re dating now. I’ll come by after classes and we’ll walk home together, okay?”

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Ok so my friend and I were seeing who could be the punniest in geography today, going through math and science puns alike, then this happened! I’m sorry XD

-Admin Belle

Worst Kept Secret

Because it’s Sam’s @ticklishblaine birthday and she’s my best friend and thus pretty much the only person that could talk me into revisiting this verse. Part of the Morphine as Truth Serum verse. Darren’s first day back on set. 2K [AO3]

“Are you sure you don’t want to just sleep over tonight?” Darren asks coyly as Chris begins gathering his things to leave. Given that they’ve spent the better part of their weekend at Darren’s condo, that turns out to be quite a lot of things to gather.

“Don’t give me the puppy dog eyes, Mister. I’m already immune,” Chris grumbles, still searching for his missing shoe. He finds it has disappeared to underneath Darren’s couch. If Chris didn’t know better, he’d think Darren maybe hid it there on purpose. Darren’s place is a bottomless pit of junk to be honest, sparsely furnished but with musical instruments, hoodies, and video games covering every available surface, meaning he can’t be positive the disappearing act was intentional. Chris had naively thought after five days of recuperating at his house, maybe Darren would want to sleep in his own bed. He’s been regretting that suggestion ever since the moment they entered Darren’s place. Frat boy chic is really not Chris’s thing, even if Darren doesn’t seem to mind the clutter.

“Yeah right, if I so much as got a twinge in my side, I bet you’d move in,” Darren shoots back cockily.

“Wait, does your side hurt?” Chris blurts out before he can stop himself.

“Ahaha,” Darren laughs, long and hard. “Nailed it.”

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The Types as Marina and the Diamonds Lyrics
  • ISTJ: "One track mind like a gold fish, stuck inside my petri dish. I can't breathe and I can't smile. This better be worth my while."
  • ESTJ: "I know exactly what I want and who I want to be. I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine. I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy."
  • INFP: "I live my life inside a dream, only waking when I sleep. I would sell my sorry soul if I could have it all."
  • ENFP: "People like to tell you what you're gonna be. It's not my problem if you don't see what I see and I do not give a damn if you don't believe."
  • ISFJ: "But deep down all you want is love, the pure kind we all dream of. But we cannot escape the past, so you and I will never last."
  • ESFJ: "Sometimes I think I'm not that strong, but there's a force that carries me on. Sick of my small heart made of steel, sick of those wounds that never heal."
  • INTP: "Oh, all the time that I have wasted, chasing rabbits down a hole when I was born to be the tortoise. I was born to walk alone."
  • ENTP: "I am never gonna give you anything you expect. You think I'm like the others, boy, you need to get your eyes checked."
  • ISTP: "Cause it's my problem if I wanna pack up and run away. It's my business if I feel the need to smoke and drink and sway."
  • ESTP: "Don't get on my bad side--I can work a gun. Hop into the backseat, baby, I'll show you some fun."
  • INFJ: "Don't want cash, don't want card. Want it fast, want it hard. Don't need money, don't need fame. I just want to make a change."
  • ENFJ: "I wanna live forever, forever in your heart. And we'll always be together from the end to the start."
  • INTJ: "One track mind, one track heart. If I fail, I'll fall apart. Maybe it is all a test. Cause I feel like I'm the worst so I always act like I'm the best."
  • ENTJ: "High achiever, can't you see, baby, nothing comes for free. They say I'm a control freak driven by a greed to succeed. Nobody can stop me."
  • ISFP: "I wanna mean something to somebody else, feel a significance in the real world. It's not enough to live out a lucky life."
  • ESFP: "You can paint me any color and I can be your clown, but you ain't got my number. Yeah, you can't pin me down."

Because I feel like it, here are some mundane platonic roommates riarkle headcanons:

  • Farkle is a night owl who stays up late working. If left to his own devices he’ll stay up all night, or until he falls asleep over his work. Riley is up early every morning. Farkle is a light sleeper, but she tries to be as quiet as possible
  • Farkle steals Riley’s cereal. He totally judges her for keeping Lucky Charms in the house (for midnight snacks–she’s an eggs and toast for breakfast kind of girl), but he secretly eats them. He thinks she doesn’t know, but she’s totally wise to it.
  • Recurring arguments include:
    • “you’re using all the hot water, Riley!” “My hair is long! It takes forever to wash”
    • “I can’t believe you’re making me do your laundry AGAIN, Farkle” “You don’t have to do anything.” “Your room is a mess and I can’t stand it and we both know it.”
    • “Farkle, what the hell is on the kitchen counter?” “just some petri dishes. little experiment with some mold and agar gel, it’s for class!” Riley just sighs.
  • They always end up coordinating their Halloween costumes because Farkle always forgets until a week before Halloween so at this point Riley just gets his costume together when she’s doing her own
  • Riley accidentally locks herself out pretty regularly and Farkle has to save her
  • Maya has a key and sometimes Farkle walks into his apartment to see and unexpected Maya Hart eating cheese doodles on his couch
  • Sometimes Riley has nightmares and crawls into bed with Farkle for comfort. He’s really good at cuddling the fear away.
  • There’s a Chinese place just down the block that they order from and unhealthy amount. They’re on a first name basis with most of the people who work there.
  • One time Riley walked into the apartment to see Farkle making out with some girl on the couch and it was incredibly awkward for everyone involved (and mildly painful for Riley)
  • On Fridays nights they watch movies together and take turns picking which movies they’ll watch
  • Farkle does most of the grocery shopping because he likes weird things
  • When they can, they cook dinner together, but often they’re too busy and so they just order from the Chinese place
  • One night in the middle of January they get in this horrible fight and Riley storms out of the apartment (being the melodramatic person she is) and Farkle can’t even wait 5 minutes before following her out and apologizing “if you stay out any long you’ll freeze” 
  • They get trapped in a few storms together and it’s not as bad as you’d think

okay but truly, saying dean and crowley had a orgy tells me something so very fundamentally important that it should not and cannot be overlooked and must be mentioned and screamed from the rooftops

there is nothing in dean’s face that in any way makes me think or believe like this was the first time this has happened or some unspeakable thing he has never done before, Crowley, in a non-flirty non-Crowley sort of way used the words “what has bloomed between us” called Dean “mine” responded “whats going on here” when Dean was having sex with Anne Marie, asked about Anne Marie in which Dean replied “Yeah well, not to worry she means nothing” and Crowley had to clarify when he said “we need to talk about our future” that he meant professionally.

Okay just for starters, there is WAY more than a “haha Crowley is always so flirty” connotation to this many not so “haha funny” references to Dean and Crowley’s relationship

My point was that this isn’t the first time Dean has had orgies like that or had sex with men but also jfc Dean and Crowley have a fucked up weird relationship. I’m like 95% sure he just asked Dean to be his queen.

Crowley: Think of it, the King of Hell, Dean Winchester by his side. Together, we rule together, we create the perfect Hell. And all of this, that’s bloomed between us, never ends. 

Also because I wanted to see all the scenes in writing to get a feel for them this is every single Dean x Crowley line from 10x01 under the cut.

Also spn did the impossible, they literally no homo’d Dean physically having sex with a man. Now THATS impressive.

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“I’m glad you don’t wear that shit.” Ashton snorted beside me, making his intentions clear that he didn’t want her sister which was me to not dress like the girl in front of us.

He motioned to Arzaylea in front, chatting with Luke while trying to keep her shirt pushed down to show a bit more of her cleavage.

“You really should be.”

“Because if you did-…”

“You would’ve killed me. Yes, thanks a lot dude.” I interrupted, laughinng in the process.

“And I swear, if I ever see you in one of those skimpy outfits, I would literally persuade you to be a nun.” He nodded vigorously with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“Not a chance. I’m gonna have a husband and establish a family and you just need to accept that fact, Ash.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“No sex.”

“Then how the hell can I have kids?”

“Uhm, place your cum in a Petri dish?”

“Ashton, why the hell would I choose in-vitro fertilization when I can be pregnant?”

“Because, no sex.” He clearly put emphasis on the words.

“Hey!” Luke shyly smirked towards us, waving at me and walking from Arzaylea.

After all, she is a PR stunt.

“Hi.” I smiled.

“Okay! Too much interaction with boys! Let’s go!” Ashton clapped his hands together, slinging his arms around my shoulders.

“No. Now go hang out with Michael or something.” I sighed.

He groaned in defeat before saying, “I’ll be watching.” Motioning over me and Luke and the little shrub over at the corner.

“So, any plans for tonight?” Luke quirked his eyebrows up, raising his figure up and down by his feet.

“No, actually. You?” I smiled.

“Me too! Uhm well, so I recently learned on how to cook pancakes. And they’re topped with ice cream! So, well if you don’t mind, do you want to like-…”

“That sounds great! I’ll be joining then. When and where?” Ashton enthusiastically pops in our conversation, slinging his arms around me and Luke, smiling which makes his dimples pop out.

“Me and Luke, Ash. Me and Luke.”

Luke stood there, watching us siblings bicker a little.

“Fine! But not later than 9 PM!” Ashton groaned in defeat once again.

“Yes! Thank you Ash!” Luke cheerfully said before pulling my wrist and leading me to the golf cart, but only to be stopped by Ashton.

“It’s Ashton now for you.” He crossed his arms.

“Stop it.” I raised my middle finger up at him.

“Do that again and I swear I’ll subtract another hour from your little hangout session.”

Pick a number and a boy!

“Petey! I saw you left all your petri dishes in the oven for some reason?? So I took them out and drew happy faces on them! All thirty-two. Each and every one.”

“… This was the incubator, Wade. They had just one more day to go.”

for icarusforgotten. stay strong pumpking-pie, until the day the patriarchy would die.

10 Questions with Nobel winner Randy Schekman

The UC Berkeley Nobel laureate who identified how cells transport and secrete proteins answers a few questions.

What is the most exciting field of science at the moment?
Neuroscience. There is so much that we don’t know about the brain.

Do you believe in God?
No, I don’t. But I respect others who do, in particular if they don’t impose their views. I believe strongly in the separation of church and state.

What book about science should everyone read?
People who are interested in the life sciences will enjoy The Double Helix by James Watson; The Eighth Day of Creation by Horace Judson (it covers the history of molecular biology), and The Statue Within, the autobiography of Nobel laureate François Jacob (right), which is beautifully written.

Has Cern been worth the money?
Yes. Just the idea that you can probe the structure of atoms to that degree… Look at all the money we waste on the military, on the prison system.

What words of advice would you give to a teenager who wants a career in science?
I think having a mentor from an early age is very important.

Do you have a fantasy experiment or study that you have been unable to do for logistical/ethical/ cost reasons?
No. I like the simple experiments and my ideas tend to be very practical. Our very first experiments involved petri dishes, incubators, toothpicks and simple chemicals.

What scientific advance would make the most difference to your daily life?
My wife has dementia, so breakthroughs in understanding Parkinson’s disease would change my daily life measurably. With a disease like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, if you had a way of arresting the process – even if you couldn’t prevent it – it would not be a disease at all.

Are you worried about population increase?
Yes. Having effective birth control is crucial. And our agricultural productivity will not keep up unless people lose their irrational fear of GM foods.

Would you like to go on the first one-way journey to Mars?
No. I like it here on Earth, and besides, the trip itself would almost inevitably kill you, because of all the exposure to cosmic radiation.

If I called you a geek would you hold it against me?
No. When I was in high school I got called a nerd. But after I won the Nobel prize they invited me back. I rode up in a limousine and was greeted by a marching band and pompom girls. Kids wanted to take selfies with me. I had replaced Tiger Woods as their most famous graduate… for a day!

Randy Schekman: first, a breakthrough in cell research. Now for one in publishing

I’m Home - Derek Hale Daugher

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This was requested by anonymous. This is the exact request:  Derek’s your dad (he had you when he was with Kate but she didn’t want you) and you’re the same age as Liam, and when Derek leaves for Mexico you live with the McCalls and one day when the packs fighting the dread doctors you get hurt and Derek is back all of the sudden with Braden and he kills the dread doctors and the three of you all go home together A/N: I’m sorry this is so short

Mexico had taken everything from you. When your father, Derek, had gone to Mexico to face your mother, Kate, who abandoned you when you were a baby, you were left with Melissa McCall. When Scott and the others came back, they told you that Braden and your dad had business to take care of.

You were heartbroken. You almost had a family and it was stolen from you, without any explanation. So you continued to stay with the McCalls. You wiggled your way into the pack too. You were a good fighter, and they needed everyone they could get to fight the Dread Doctors.

During the final battle against them, the pack was losing. Stiles was bleeding out in the corner with Lydia trying to help him, Liam was struggling to get up, Scott was fighting Theo, and the others were fighting the Dread Doctors, including you.

One had you in the air, with his hand around your neck. You clawed at his covered hands, kicking the air as you gasped for some. He turned his head, like he was studying something that belonged in a petri dish. You try to scream, but all that comes out is a gasp.

A blur of fur launches itself at the Dread Doctor that was trying to kill you. You drop to the ground and your skull hits the hard ground with a crack. You cough as you try to breathe in air and your vision is filled with black spots. A blurry, but familiar face appears above yours. You try to sit up but she holds you down.

“Take it easy it, kid.” She soothes.

“Braden? Where’s my dad?”

“Relax, we’ve got it covered. Just stay here and don’t die. Think you can manage that?” she jokes.

“Yeah.” You smile back.

She hands you a gun. “Anything comes too close, just shoot.”

The battle went on for what seemed like hours. You lost consciousness a few times, took down a few chimeras during it. But suddenly the fighting stopped. For a moment, everyone was quiet. But then people took a deep breath and a shaky laugh. They started to rejoice. You were so tired though, your eyelids felt heavy.

Strong arms picked you up. You manage to open your eyes. “Dad.”

“Hey sweetheart. Its all over now. I’m coming home, I’m staying right here.”

“you eat this shit?” & the science of stomaching racism

middle school came and we were making ice cream in class, shaking sandwich bags full of salt and crushed ice. each period passed with another group of bright eyed 12 year olds scooping out cold, pasty white stuff on their finger tips, bragging about eating ice cream in class until there was nothing left to brag about and no one to brag to. 

i liked the shaking more than i like the science. my biology class made it routine to want to eat the things we made, excavated and picked at from shoestring thin teacher budget ingredients. pop rocks and soda, cookies and chocolate chips. 

one year we made agar plates for studying bacteria. and that year i was alone about wanting to eat the things we made. 

i grew up with agar agar powder being a household, staple item. 49 cents a packet from the local super market and my mom could make 2 big phở-sized bowls of rau câu which was really just sweetened clear jello. sometimes she would brew a big batch of cà phê sữa đá and make a layered jello of coffee and coconut milk. a genius, my mom. 

when rau câu settles and cools, the top layer is always a little tougher, it was smooth to the touch and was fun to save for last. 

so when we made agar plates that one year and i said, “this is actually really delicious,” they asked me, “you eat this shit?” and this fun science experience turned into silence; the pouring of hot water, the mixing of powder turned into still, hidden hands as if they could see all of the times i’ve peeked over kitchen counters with my tiny, greedy, chubby fingertips waiting to hold jello in my hands; what was commonplace in my fridge, at parties and after school for snacking became petri dishes only fit for bacteria and mold, distant and microscopic.

they won’t tell you science is racist but they will ask, “you eat this shit?” and make your body and your mother and your people feel primitive, fitting enough to be distant and microscopic; exotic, foreign, alien enough to be poured and mixed, probed and left alone to harbor and harbor nastiness. 

science will make you shrink and i trust no one who’s never been delegitimized by it. 

“you eat this shit?” so i swallow my tongue and say, “maybe i’m mistaking it for something else.” and they all laugh that laugh that they do - when it’s not really funny but a little more discomforting, awkward, questionable. i smile along, move my eyes away from the plate, dust powder off my hands: removing evidence that i knew agar agar to be anything but the filling for petri dishes ready to hold bacteria for science. 

i wonder had it been different if i chose a different word. if i had said, “my mom makes this jello” instead of “my mom makes this agar.” i wonder if that would’ve made them trust me over science, believe me over directions. even now, today, searching for photos of rau câu i tried to find more appetizing ones. 

of all of the ways i have been taught in my science classes to think about my body, my gender, my sex, my race, my heritage: this memory of being silenced by science, being pushed aside for the validity of some discipline dominated by white bodies for the purpose of white bodies sticks with me the strongest - not because of the question those kids ask but because of the disgust and discomfort on their faces that follow my gut everywhere, fighting still to make itself more room than the delight and joy that rau câu and agar agar brings to it. 

science does not sit well in my stomach yet it follows me everywhere. and i have cooled and settled too, my surface a little tougher and i save it for last to be broken.


in most of the world ‘modern architecture’ means, well, modern architecture. clean lines, big windows, homages to marcel breur and mies, structural steel, etc.

but sometimes in the sprawling, baffling, amazing petri dish that is los angeles 'modern architecture’ means fairytale oddball houses most likely populated by one or all of the 7 dwarves and/or mr grimm, the author.

because when it’s 82 degrees and cloudless and sunny you of course want to build a german fairytale house under the palm trees. i didn’t get close enough to see if the walls were edible. which i see as either prudent or cowardly on my part.


Creepypasta #456: Joshua

I always liked Joshua. He was a nice kid, if a bit slow. He was radically unpopular the way one person always is in a school. Too beefy to be good at any sports, too clumsy even if he slimmed down. Hardly smart enough to even stay with the rest of his class, consistently scraping by with D’s across the board. His writing was particularly chicken-scratch. He spoke well enough, but it seemed like he couldn’t make those same sentences on paper.

But I liked his big, goofy, uncoordinated self.

Some kids might smack his books out of his hands (unnecessary, he likely would have dropped them in a few moments without any help, tripping over his own feet) or slap an “I’m Stupid!” sign on his back (again, unnecessary. According to rumor, he had the lowest scores in every subject, and everyone knew it), and I would always help him gather his stuff back up, or tip him off there was something on his back.

When I woke up this morning, I found a letter taped to the outside of my window. It’s not easy to reach that window from the tree branches hanging nearby…


Don’t come to school today. You’re the only one, the only one, who ever treated me like a human.

I’m sorry to say I’ve been planning this for a long, long time. I knew I was in a group of bad people, but I wanted to see how bad. How they’d treat someone they consider inferior. It was all a ruse.

In this petri dish, you are the only thing worth saving.

·         Love, Joshua


Credits to: Mattpayhan

Trial & Error

Out of high school, I attended the University of Tennessee. They had no film program to speak of, but it was convenient, I knew people there, and I liked it well enough. I just figured I’d work out the movie thing later. Anyway, I lazed around my first year, made friends, dodged lots of classes — and (predictably in retrospect) ended up flunking out. I returned to my hometown with the wind knocked out of me and my tail tucked between my legs. I had never been more painfully aware of the distance between my reality and my hopes for the future.

So I mustered my shit together like I never had before. I went to community college and worked my ass off. I was determined to get out and I had nothing to lose from radical solutions. And among those radical solutions was an application to film school. (Long story short, I got in.) This whole period in my life sucked, but it was a huge huge turning point. Honestly, had I never flunked out of UT, I seriously doubt that I would’ve ever ended up with the career I have today.

Failure can be a transformative experience. It forces you to evolve, to reach, to demonstrate your convictions in a way that success never will. The script that jump-started my career, Killing on Carnival Row, was expanded from a rejected student film pitch that baffled the producing faculty. Pacific Rim was conceived in a miserable time while I was stuck on a job that I hated. Countless stories of triumph begin in places of darkness and defeat. It’s kinda like a Petrie dish for Eureka moments. Shit happens one way or another. You have to decide not to be destroyed by it and to persist. It’s all just trial and error. Like Orson Welles said, “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”

Call Me Mister Fahrenheit

Because Mandy and Sam are dirty, dirty enablers. Blame Robert for the title. 4K [AO3

There were times when I was really sick, and that was so hard. I think I did “Don’t Stop Me Now” with a 103 degree fever. It was murder.” (x)

“Darren?” Chris calls, knocking on the door to his trailer. “You decent?”

He doesn’t get any response aside from what sounds like groaning. Undeterred, Chris opens the door and steps inside. He’s immediately met with a wall of ice-cold air. It’s absolutely freezing in Darren’s trailer. Shivering, he makes his way towards the lump of blankets on the couch that he assumes contains Darren.

“Hey sleepyhead,” he tries again. He sits on the edge of the couch and grips Darren’s shoulder. He tries to pull down the blankets so he can see Darren a little better, but Darren whines and tugs the blanket back over his head like a teenager on the first day of school.

“Maybe if you didn’t keep the temperature in your trailer at twelve degrees, you wouldn’t be so cold,” Chris scolds him fondly.

“What are you talking about?” It’s so hot,” Darren groans, his voice muffled through several layers of fleece.

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Sherlolly prompt: Molly is almost mugged. Sherlock tries to come to her rescue, but it turns out she can fight for herself. Sherlock is rather impressed.

Thanks for your prompt, Nonny! And sorry for taking so horrendously long to fill it. I hope you like this. :)


Sherlock Holmes did not get turned on. He simply did not. It was not who he was, and it would be hard-pressed for anyone to catch him in such a situation. He had learnt to cage all of his desires into a large iron box in his mind, not to be touched. And not to be touched it remained.

Until that very afternoon.

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