you are all gullible

Reminder: your ask box is not google

Hi team, over the coming couple of years I’m predicting that we’re going to see qn upswing in malicious online trolling from racists, xenophobes, misogynists and assorted creeps, and the prime tactic they are going to resort to is exhausting us.

They know we don’t have infinite energy and they know that we believe in explaining ourselves to a fault. They will ask dumb questions, they will try to trick you into educating them again and again and they will not listen because that is not the game they are playing.

Some tips for the upcoming bullshit we’re going to have to deal with:

1. Do not feed them - their goal is to exhaust you and make you repeat yourself, do not reply to their messages, do not publish their asks, if you are even a little suspicious delete their message immediately.

2. Google exists - if a person really wants to be educated on a topic they can do so themselves. Even if a person is genuinely curious they should not ask you to perform the labour they will not and make it easy for them.

3. Educate for yourself - if you want to make a post or write an article about a topic, do so, but never do so in response to a troll, this just gives them more openings to question you and others in the future. When you shout from your rooftop the word will get out, but if you answer questions at your door the only people listening will be the door-to-door misogyny salesman.

4. Education is a job - and if someone wants you to educate them on trans issues 101 they should be prepared to pay you for the privilege. You are not their textbook.

5. The third law of robotics comes first - protect yourself above all else. You have limited time and you have limited energy. Even the most good hearted person in the world with the most genuine curiousity does not have a right to that time or that energy. Protect yourself before you serve your community.

6. Work smarter, not harder - ask yourself before each post whether this will do what you want it to. You cannot educate everyone on everything so be conscious of your audience and be conscious of your message. Stay on topic, keep it short and keep it sweet.


I believe in all of you, the next few years are going to be tough and we are going to give them hell. Save your strength, fight when it counts and we are going to kick these nazi homophobe chauvanistic nightmares right in their goddamn teeth.

A vivid memory: October, early morning, age 13. I am camping with my godsister. The grass frosted over in the night and crunches under my feet. Everything glitters faintly with ice crystals. I build a fire with some difficulty - my godsister balances a cast-iron skillet on the logs. I wrap myself in a wool blanket and watch her deftly crack eggs into the pan one by one, tossing the eggshells into the flames.

“If you burn eggshells, they explode!” says a notoriously crass older relative, whose only form of affection is teasing. I maintain eye contact with him and purposefully shove an eggshell further into the flames.

He laughs. “Not so gullible now that you’re all grown up. You like to tempt fate, don’t you?”

I ignore him, entranced by the way my godsister is cooking eggs. I am envious of her skill and the ease and confidence with which she does such a simple task. Did she grow up without telling me? Someone has recently told her that she has a “strong feminine energy”, and she glows with pride and strength. I do not feel as though I have any sort of mysterious energy - just a thousand things to worry about and a growing sense that the world is full of chaos. I have a constant, gnawing suspicion that I am the butt of some great cosmic joke, and that the punchline will catch me off guard any moment now.

My godsister fries eggs. I chew my lip, bracing myself for failure, for rejection, for nuclear warfare, for the world to come crashing down. It doesn’t come, but the eggs finish cooking, and I eat them with gratitude and a fair bit of envy.

Dear Juliet Simms

You really are a piece of work aren’t you? It’s only been a few months since the plane incident and you’re now saying it never happened? Don’t assume that just because you were not charged legally with assault that we’re all gullible idiots. There is video proof of what you did. Witnesses. Regardless of what you say, or how you try to twist it, you did hit Andy, and you were escorted off that plane in handcuffs. 

The fandom is not constantly bringing up the plane incident because we hate you, though some of us do legitimately hate you at this point. We bring it up because what you did classifies as domestic abuse and you’re not holding yourself accountable. A lot of Andy’s fans are worried sick for his safety now because of you, and you trying to erase the incident from existence instead of owning up to your crappy 'mistakes’ makes us all very anxious.

Tell me why we should forget when you’re proving yourself continuously to be untrustworthy? You’re showing the characteristics of a domestic abuser who got exposed and is now trying to cover her tracks. All you’ve done whenever someone brings up the incident is make excuses for yourself. You’ve blamed your elevated blood alcohol level for you punching Andy, and you’ve said that Marie Carey is an unreliable source, even though she has no reason to lie about what happened.

You have a reason to lie, though. So excuse me for not taking you at face value. I find it hard to believe feeble sob stories from a woman who assaults her husband on a plane in public and than lies about it.

You’re not the victim in all of this, Juliet. Andy is. Andy had a loved one punch him in the face - a couple of times apparently - during what was stated to be a very distressing time for both of you. You selfishly blamed him for the situation he’d found himself in, and than proceeded to call domestic abuse on him for allegedly breaking your ribs, remember? If you can’t, you can watch the video on TMZ.

By the way, I know Andy wrote that post on Instagram writing off your behaviour. I’m just going to point this out to you: if Andy had gotten drunk on that plane and smacked you around, the internet would still be bending over backwards in sympathy for you. Andy’s career would have been over faster than the story broke, and if you tried to make the same excuses for him that he has for you, you’d have been seen as a battered woman.

And another thing, you saying you couldn’t possibly have hurt Andy because he’s over six foot and well built… Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? First of all, Andy is tall, yes, but he’s built like a twig. A fucking stiff breeze would do that man in.

Secondly, your claim devalues men who have survived domestic abuse situations. Women are biologically smaller than men but that doesn’t mean they can’t cause serious damage when they want to. Abuse is not just physical, and a small woman can cause physical harm to a larger man. They use weapons (or pick fights in places where the man can’t respond). It seems to me like you’re making excuses again.

Finally, Andy appearing to react in any kind of physical manner would’ve appeared to be an act of domestic abuse on his part. Neither of you are stupid so I know you both knew there wasn’t anything he could have done, other than sit there and try to wait it out, that wouldn’t have made his situation worse.

You’re responsible for your own actions. Everything you’ve done that’s gotten us to this point is your own damn fault.

Clean up your act, Juliet. You’re a disgrace.


Submission: I hope Juliet reads this, because that’s some strong tea. 

EXO reaction to their S/O being super gullible

Thanks for the request; we hope you like it <3 


He’d find it so hard to believe that you were so gullible.

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He’d probably laugh at how gullible you are tbh

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He’d look at you just like ‘really?

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He would smile at the fact that he doesn’t understand how you are like that

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He’d relate 100%

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He’d probably just laugh at how cute you were. 

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He’d make fun of you to the max.

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He would be like Baekhyun and laugh at your gullible-ness, but he would put a stop to someone taking it too far

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He’d be so done with your ‘stupidity’ he.d probably have a mental breakdown. 

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He would think you were childish when in fact he is the childish one for telling you all these fake facts because he knew you were super gullible.

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He’d judge you so hard.

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He would make fun of you a lot when he first found out and still teases you about it

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Okay but Gilan trying to be Will’s older brother because he thinks Will is “perfect little brother material.”
Gilan giving Will terrible dating advice.
Gilan trying to prank Will, and prank Halt with Will.
Gilan telling Will stories that are “100% not exaggerated at all what do you mean.”
Gilan trying to see how gullible Will is.
Gilan looking after Will when Will has nightmares.
Gilan being encouraging and protective of Will.



BH6 TV series coming on the way. You know what it means?

We’ll get to see Hiro “terrible liar” Hamada again.

Seriously Hiro you’re lucky Aunt Cass is so gullible; we ALL know you’re lying ( ♪cuz your lips are moviiiiiing♫ )

Undertale uses psychology to make you love the characters at the end so much.
It’s the same thing as hearing horrible things about a movie, going to it, and being surprised that it’s not that bad, and end up appreciating it more than if you had high expectations or no expectations at all.
Almost every major character you meet makes you fear or hate them the instant you see them, then quickly reveals something and makes you feel relief and like them more.

The only exception is Flowey, who does the opposite, and is the very first “monster” you meet. They act all kind and cheery and loving like some kind of saccharine tutorial, then suddenly trick you and give the kill or be killed speech, calling you an idiot for being so gullible, making you distrustful of all monsters onward. It’s only at the very end of the game do you start to feel for Flowey.

Toriel comes next, the fireball she shoots shocks most players, and the way she acts so kind and the lesson they just learned leaves them feeling wary. She has dialogue that makes the player think she is about to turn on them, like before she runs away and hides behind a pillar the music stops and she faces you and says she has a difficult request and wants you to walk to the end of the room yourself and ends with “forgive me for this” and runs off. The multiple kids shoes, pie, and fire magic oven makes people think she takes kids home and eats them, and the refusal to talk about how to leave and stopping you from going downstairs makes her seem even more suspicious. In the end, she turns out to just be overprotective after watching so many children be slaughtered.

Then we meet Sans. The game makes not effort to hide that this is supposed to scare you, the silhouette walking behind you and teleporting behind the shadows of the trees, the branch snapping, the music, the reaching the bridge and being stopped and having the first creature you see upon leaving the safety of the ruins is that shadowy figure trudge towards you and say “Human…” The whole thing is supposed to scare the crap out of you, until he pulls the old whoopee cushion handshake gag and is revealed to be a cartoony big boned skeleton in a jacket, shorts, and sneakers.

Papyrus is met shortly after, Sans warns us about them trying to capture humans, and when we are hiding we see Papyrus act all arrogant and vow to capture a human and yell at Sans for being lazy, and we think Papyrus will be a proper strict tryhard human hunter with a huge obnoxious ego and that he will be a monster to look out for. Then we learn he is silly and horrible at it and isn’t actually that intelligent, so he stops being a threat and becomes comic relief and sort of endearing and lovable.

Then later we finally face Undyne. We constantly hear about how she is the head of the Royal Guard and dedicated to killing the human, we hear about what a famous great ferocious warrior she is, we see that creepy Knight standing with the dramatic lighting and vowing to fight the human, and she notices us and aims her magic spear at us, the game is filled with sections of us running from her, hiding, almost being grabbed by her, and finally her long monologue. She chases and attacks us for all of Waterfall, in the end you only start to like her when she gives up monologuing and shows her real personality, and you have to try to befriend her to see what a good friend she can be.

Next we have Alphys. We have heard “Dr. Alphys” several times in the storyline and unless you befriend Undyne right away, you don’t really get any idea of who Alphys is, most people expect a mad scientist, with tons of traps and puzzles. When you step into the lab and see the monitor with a video feed of you, and realize all the video cameras hidden in the world were them watching you, it’s very creepy. Then you find out Alphys is a female fat lizard nerd otaku.

Mettaton is the penultimate, when Alphys describes how she made a robot with human killing functions that she can’t control, and we hear metal clangs, we expect a giant mech like Metal Gear to burst in. Instead we get what looks like the robotic coin operated cooker on the moon in Wallace and Gromit, except this one wants to be a TV star and not a skier. Mettaton seems pretty arrogant and evil, with his business actions seeming to ruin everything, until the whole act Alphys had set up becomes more and more obvious and we see Mettaton isn’t actually putting us in real danger, and as we get less trusting of Alphys we end up caring less about Mettaton. Of course once we start to love them more and more as we find out about them and see them in their Ex form.

The final main character we meet is Asgore. The entire game, since the conversation at the exit of the Ruins with Toriel, to the talk about this King, to being told that we would have to face them, to being told we must kill them to pass the barrier, to seeing the coffins of the souls with what you think is your name on an empty one. The story of Asriel and Chara being revealed makes you feel bad for Asgore, and when you meet him you feel less and less like fighting him. The imposing appearance and lack of a spare or flee option scares you, but when you talk to him after defeating him you get feelings for Asgore, making his sudden death even worse and making you hate Flowey even more.

Minibosses act the same way, Napstablook can be read as “Nap, Stab, look” and they block the path, not wanting to move them with force results in the player trying to find an alternate option but having no choice but to fight. They may seem a little annoying but once you see dapperblook they become a friend. Muffet and her reputation for looking at people like food is scary, as is entering the spider parlor, but after the fight she is a lot nicer and people like her. In the True pacifist ending you can go around and learn many of the misc enemies are actually nice or have a reason for why the acted that way.

The whole time you wouldn’t have connected and appreciated the characters as much if it wasn’t for the initial bad first impressions. That’s the power of psychology.


“Now you do it, Y/N.”

“D-do what?” you stuttered, cheeks flaming when Dean frowned at your inattention. Well not inattention… you just weren’t looking where you were supposed to be. “Sorry, can you do it again?”

“I guess. Y’know, we can’t start shooting until you get this stuff down,” Dean chastised, but there was still a playfulness in his voice as he unloaded and reloaded the gun for what must have been the fourth time now, the movements of his hands effortless and sure. You couldn’t help but be transfixed by them, but this time around you somehow managed to pick up how to do it, repeating the process on your own gun, although a little bit slower.

“Voilà,” you said with a proud smile, holding it up for Dean to see, and he chuckled at your excitement and enthusiasm. “Can we go shoot stuff now?”

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Omg, I can't with Margarita. Know she's trying to be like Sebastian writing notes to her fans on IG. She's so fake. What about the bioknfans made you months and months ago which she hasn't bothered to pick up because she states she dose t have time. Wtf and Sebastian is eating it all up. How fking gullible is this man.

You know, it’s for stuff like that damn book that I can’t just let these things go, actions speak more than words.

Can I just remind you all that Zero put a stop to her mission to track down Three because Cent gave her critical information: there’s an amazing fruit on a frozen mountain called a mendesian fruit. 

Do any of you fucking see the problem here?


I just wanted to remind you all what a fucking gullible dumbass she can be sometimes, because as often as she surprises you with how smart she can be, she can be just as fucking stupid.

ps. can I add that Dito, in the very beginning said: “I can’t believe we’re trusting this idiot.”

You and me both, Dito.

What Made The Signs Hate You

Aries: You told them to chill/calm down.
Taurus: You called them boring :l
Gemini: They just do idk they tend to do that
Cancer: You don’t show your emotions
Leo: You told them they werent as great as they say they are / called them concided
Virgo: You called them a bitch / You gossiped about them
Libra: You heard bad gossip about them (sorry babes but you gullible af, and we all know your ass is running that rumor mill like most people are runnin OITNB rn)
Scorpio: You hurt one of their friends
Sagittarius: Not only did you tell them to chill, but you said to shut up. Double no.
Capricorn: You said they seem to never have fun :/ and that you dislike how they act :/ or, you’re unable to chill when needed
Aquarius: You told them they were unoriginal or you singled them out
Pisces: You just gave off the wrong damn vibe bitch

Where’d you go, huh?
They all think I know you.
It’s so hard to motivate
Me to devote a
Single inch of me to
Something I can’t see.
Don’t mean to pry,
But why would you even make the eyes?
I don’t believe my ears,
And I’m scared of my own head.
I will deny you for years,
Then I’ll make you raise me from the dead.
And if I said that I would live for you
For nothing in return,
Well sorry, Mr. Gullible,
But lying’s all I’ve ever learned.
So be concerned.
—  Tyler Joseph (Be Concerned)
Let’s talk about Eonwë

Ok, but seriously, is Eonwë just like, really dumb?  Or is he just super gullible?  I mean honestly, you go through all the trouble of the War of Wrath, and then you put him in charge, and it’s just a series of bad decisions, man.  First of all, Melkor’s been defeated.  Fine, yes, good.  Give the silmarils to Eonwë.  He’s a strong and trustworthy dude.  But Maedhros and Maglor are still out there, right?  So obviously they’re going to come looking for them (thanks for the oath/curse, dad).  And Eonwë’s just like, meh, fine, let them have the stupid things.  We have to let them make their own choices or they’ll never learn.  So off go the remaining sons of Fëanor.  Next up on the Eonwë to-do list?  Take care of Sauron.  Now, War of Wrath-era Valar were 500% done with Melkor’s shit, so they just ended him, but Sauron was still alive and kicking at the end.  He comes up to Eonwë, who is basically like, dude, you know you’re a bad guy, right?  And Sauron’s all like, I know I made some bad decisions and stuff but I came here to try and say sorry and I’m honestly just feeling so attacked right now.  And Eonwë’s like, but you’re totally evil.  And Sauron’s like, but not anymore.  So Eonwë thinks about for .5 seconds and is all, alright fine, but you have to come back to Aman to receive judgement, ok?  And in the meantime, no more evil, right?  And Sauron’s like, I will 100% be there.  And pinkie promise on the no evil thing.  And then Eonwë just fucks off back to Aman.  
In conclusion, I don’t have really have anything to add to Eonwë’s appreciation day except my staggering disbelief that anyone, anywhere ever let him be in charge of anything, ever.  But also my thanks, because without him, we would never have had third-age Sauron, and there would have been no LOTR.

Why do people act like it’s an injustice when we judge people for shipping Bonkai?

Everyone wants to make up shit every single time Bonkai shippers get called out for shipping her with a man that abused her to the point where she almost took her own god damn life.

“Delena fans get to ship incredibly abusive and toxic ships. Why can’t we do the same with Bonnie?” White people don’t season their food, does that mean you should feel justified in doing the same? Hell no. Plus, it’s not like people don’t trash the hell out of Delena and Delena fans 24/7 so now why the fuck are you trying to make it look like it’s the other way around? 

Please drop this fake social justice bullshit. You want Bonnie to be with the most abusive man she has ever fucking met in her god damn life but you want me to believe that everyone else is in the wrong for judging you. We’re not all that stupid nor are we that gullible either. 

I really hate when people make Undertale edits and then claim that they’re hidden things in the game. Just please own up and say you did a thing instead of spreading misinformation for all the gullible people like myself?

I just wanted to say that some of your submissions are bad, and you should feel bad. 

I’m not naming names, and I’m not saying that they’re all awful, because most are delightful, and I’m not saying we’ve never had a hit-and-miss post of our own, but you should feel bad. We’re not backboards for your open mic stand-up brainstorming sessions or outlets for your out of control binge-watching — we’re real people, we have feelings, we have eyeballs, eyeballs that have to see you, being bad. That’s cruel. Take some time to think about where you might be in your lives right now and whether your submissions reflect who you are and who you want to be in the future. Hopefully not comedians. Or moderately successful crossover blog runners. You’d be bad at it. Because you’re bad. 

That’s all. Enjoy.

- Nina 

ok i can’t stress this enough: when you see an infuriating/intriguing/too wild to be true post

fact check it, just like google it or reverse image search just realreal quick

it’s embarrassing when we have access to all this info and we still reblog fake posts