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Pearl and Mystery Girl Headcannon

First time MG sees Pearl about to throw down with evilness or monsters and she’s just like “ExCuSe ME YOU WANT TO FIGHT MY TINY PERFECT GIRLFRIEND?! I WILL RUN YOUR ASS OVER WITH MY NICE SHINY MOTORCYCLE”

Pearl Hi-key loves it. MG knows. 

Greg is stunned by how much she looks like Rose, he tries a little flirting, nothing serious, for old times sake. 

Pearl is trying to be polite cuz they danced and sang and bonded and shit but she’s interally freaking the ever loving fuck out because not again. NOT. AGAIN. But its so important to Steven that she and Greg get along….fuckfuckfuck she’s blushing and stammering and she wants to flip but she’s resisting and Steven just looks HORRIFIED 

MG just kinda looks him up and down, real chill, and goes “Thanks but I prefer conscious configurations of light”

Pearl blushes

Greg is confused. 

MG clarifies. “I like putting my mouth on Pearl’s mouth. Alot.”

Greg is no longer confused. There are no more flirting attempts. 

Garnet ships it so.fucking.hard. 

MG and Lapis chill at the mall in sunglasses popping bubblegum. Everyone thinks they are badass hoodlums until Pearl and Steven rush over to show off a cute dress. And Pearl’s talking loud and fast about how she knows she doesn’t technically need to buy clothes, she can form them with her gem, and it probably would be too silly to get it, and MG just leans down and plants a little kiss right on Pearl’s pearl before leaning back and nodding. “It looks cute. You could wear it to my parents’ on Sunday.”

Amethyst dislikes her alot first. She’s the punk rock rock, who is this poser? But they like alot of the same music, so they chill with Greg and jam, and go to concerts. They get on good terms, till one day there’s this argument between Pearl and Amethyst and Amethyst just turns to MG and is like “Pearl only likes you because you look like Rose! Beautiful Rose that never gave her the time of day! You are a substitution!”

Amethyst immediately wishes she hadn’t said that, would do anything to take it back, cuz Pearl just crumples like a paper ball, crumples on the floor tears pooling in her eyes as she sobs “that’s not true, it’s not true, I swear…”

MG was really chill, leaning back on the wall scrolling through blogs. She didn’t really care that much about the fight or the comment. But Pearl is crying. Pearl is hurt. Her happy little ball of cheerful sunshine and outer space logic is sad. Heads will roll. 

MG scoops up Pearl whose desperately trying to deny it, to say how she cares for MG because she’s MG, not for anything else. MG knows, she just pets her head and shushes her. Then she glares at Amethyst. And Rose never glared like that. 

“Tiny purple punk rock. Not cool. Don’t involve third parties in your fights, and she was right, you’ve been really reckless lately and that’s dangerous. Do not make my small alien bird baby cry again or I will curb stomp you. I like her because she’s Pearl. Pearl likes me because I’m me.”

Pearl laughs a little because she is NOT a bird thank you very much

MG dyes her hair green the next day. Pearl sees it and spends the rest of the day reciting lyrical poetry about it

Finally MG is like “Dude just say its sexy” but she’s laughing because it’s sweet and genuine and Pearl. 

Pearl sighs. “It certainly is. But more than that. I believe….I believe the word would be ‘beautiful’.”

MG blushes hard core and hides her face in Pearl’s shoulder, hugging her. She’s been called badass, punk, sexy, but beautiful…that’s a first. 

Pearl makes MG a stud earring using scraps from the war and the volcanic heart of the temple’s core. MG loves it. 

Pearl tries to learn slang. She does not suceed, and will turn to MG after winning Mario Kart, or stabbing a monster with her spear and say “Was that ‘punk rock’?!?” 

MG just smiles and says “Very punk.”

MG gets shit for dating an alien. Pearl’s response is along the lines of “I saved this planet, and technically have lived here for 5,000 years. So I’ve been here alot longer than you.”

The shit talking stops.

MG loves to watch Pearl train Connie and Steven and Stevonnie. Mostly because her girlfriend is a goddamn boss. 

Pearl doesn’t like to talk about the war. But alone in Pearl’s room, floating on the water and listening to smooth jazz on shared headphones, she’ll admit little things. It’s easy for people to forget prim and proper Pearl is a rebel, a renegade, and a wanted criminal. (MG finds it kinda hot really)

Amethyst introduces MG to Vidalia and they hit it off big time. Vidalia paints MG and Pearl and gives it to MG, small enough that she can carry it around. It makes her smile like a sap all the time.

MG likes tattooes, but never knew what to get. So she gets a swan, pearly white and made of water, with a rising crescent moon behind her. Peaceful, strong, beautiful. Just like her Pearl.

Pearl doesn’t sleep, but she’ll stay with MG and play with her hair, clean her clothes, straighten up the house, and leave post it notes hidden for MG to find later. 

Pearl has to regenerate, MG flips out and is an angry crying mess for days. When Pearl comes back she nearly sends her back with a bone crushing hug. Later she realizes Pearl’s made a little alteration of her own. It’s her own kind of tattoo, blending in with her skin perfectly. It’s just a few words and some scribbly lines. The words say “My Mystery Girl” in perfect cursive. 

When she asks about the lines, she explains its Gem writing. She blushes and says she’ll translate later. 

Pearl considered ended things with MG incase the Diamonds come and she gets hurt. MG sees this coming and threatens to kick Pearl off the motorcycle for being stupid. She’s with her till the stars fall down. 

Pearl is adorable in MG’s flannels. It nearly stops MG’s heart. 

Pearl checks that MG got enough sleep, has eaten three meals, has hydrated, and wears a helmet and thick pants on the motor cycle. Steven teases Pearl is more like a Mom than a girlfriend, but MG’s never felt so loved.

Yellow Diamond kidnaps MG to lure in Pearl and shatter her. Pearl comes in, dancing with swords, bruised and beaten but looking fucking TERRIFYING. When she saves MG she has a soft smiling and kisses her hand like a knight to their lord. 

“We had an agreement. Together till the stars fall down.”

MG cries. It’s okay, Pearl’s crying too.

MG thinks its hilarious that Pearl can lift her with one hand. 

Pearl finally admits the words in Gem are “I pledge my life to the brightness of my life” with the human “My Mystery Girl” underneath. 

Garnet has grasped more slang and whispers “OTP” quietly with a big grin whenever they are around. 

Peridot uses MG as a human ladder to get to high shelves. MG is amused. Lapis is jealous. That’s HER little green space dorito. 

MG loves it and starts calling Peridot “little green space dorito”

For Christmas, Steven gives Period a T Shirt with it. 

MG loves Steven and lets him braid her hair and do her lipstick and ask about her piercings. They dance to music videos together on the couch. Pearl thinks its too cute to tell them to stop. 

They manage to fuse. And its nothing like Rainbow Quartz. She’s pale, big, and beautiful with short wild hair that changes colors in the light. She’s got three eyes, all of them are pink, and piercings in her lips, ears, eyebrows and tongue. Four arms, two legs, and a wicked smile. Her weapon of choice is throwing knives made like minispears. Meet Mystery Pearl. 

Anon prompts: a very clingy Harry (Thank you for the prompt!)

The light whoosh of the television is all that matters to Harry in this moment. Not the sirens nor the desperate whine of Cooper. Those things can wait whilst Harry’s heart slowly shatters and the burden of living and mourning all those days starts killing him alive. He stands up slowly when the reporter exclaims a bomb had gone off in the vicinity and walks over to the stash of liquor, fingers lacing around a new bottle of archaic whisky. A bomb, of course. Wasn’t that just the most satisfying drug for adrenaline nerds? Peter must be hollering at right about now. Either that, or dead. And it’s that thought that causes him to take a swig, enticed by the muddy liquid with its promise of pure fulfilment.

It is a hidden fact that Harry is a light-weight and it is that premature mastery that has him burning in his seat. He soaks in the new portrayal of insanity and fucking loses it. It’s a masterpiece of the mind, insanity, sensually satisfying and without an ounce of sin attached. It is the perfect state of mind for an overzealous prodigy such as Harry and it is during this instant that he questions himself; I don’t do complicated, yet it’s false jurisdiction for I do because of Peter. He’s the one anomaly In Harry’s disastrous life and he knows he’s going to lose him. If not tonight then one day. Things are never going to be not complicated when you’re dating spider-man or Peter Parker.

He never realized until now just how unstable their relationship was, with Peter out being the selfless vigilante that he is and Harry’s disease slowly decaying his body. They’ve never even said the three small words and now, maybe Harry will never get the chance. It’s a horrifying revelation that soon has him seeing white.

Before he fully blacks out, he hears the door opening.

It’s been two weeks and Peter is more than amused at Harry’s new behaviour around him. I’ve left him before, Peter thinks, but never had the results been this bad. It had literally gotten to the point where Harry would call his phone when he didn’t immediately get back from college. Followed by a full on Osborn-esque interrogation.  For all the frowning he does, Harry was a remarkable sweetheart when he needed to be. Peter snorts.

(But the blond baby had never said those three words. Despite how hard he tries.)

“For the last time Harry, I’m on my way home. Yea- no I got it, no funny business. No saving people, just let them die. Uh huh. Yea okay, I got it! (You sure you-) Yes oh my god!”

He hangs up quickly and chuckles quietly when he sees people staring. All this fawning was getting the best out of him but Harry was a real worry wart and Peter may just be the happiest man alive.

The first thing Harry does is hug him and give him a chaste kiss, rising on his toes to do so, and giving him his signature smirk.

“What took you so long? I’ve missed you”

“I’ve missed you too Har, but I’ve been gone for 5 hours” Peter replies, which earns him a goddamn pout that has him itching to get his camera so the moment could be captured forever.

I could get used to this new Harry.

In the weeks to come, Peter has noticed some more subtle hints from Harry. Standing too close to Peter when others are around or holding hands whenever Harry knows he can get away with it or just genuinely clingy behaviour. It was especially evident the day when they met up with Peter’s high school friend, Flash and Harry had practically hung off his shoulder and refused to have Peter out of his sight.

Peter questions him after but Harry just shrugs and pretends he knows nothing about anything.

It wasn’t until two nights later, when Peter had once again charged at a group of flaming mobsters and came home with a limp does he finally get the reaction from Harry.

“I can’t leave you for a fucking second without you getting in to some stupid, fucking disaster!”

When Peter tries to explain that “H-hey! I got everything under control. They were amateurs, you know, nothing I couldn’t handle”, Harry breaks down and cries. Peter, perplexed and frankly guilty as a child caught eating out-of-bound cookies, cradles him gently and strokes his blown dry hair, whispering sorries after sorries.

“I didn’t know this is how you felt. I-I’m s-so sorry Harry…I-”

“It’s not that.” The blond boy whispers and looks away, biting his bottom lip.

“It’s selfish really, but I just really can’t forgive myself if you’ve gone and died and I haven’t even told you I loved you yet”.


“Oh, well then you’d better tell me right now. You know, in case I die from this major leg wound”.

“…I love you, you idiot".

A/N I don’t even know where all that angst came from. And sorry if this is most definitely not what you expected, because me neither.

Also, Anon: You are the sweetest thing <3

blakesdoitnastier  asked:

kay so i'm OBVI gonna ask you to do bellarke for the otp meme if you haven't already gotten 57 and a half messages asking for the same thing ;) ;) ;)

+ anon asked: Bellarke for the otp ask meme :)

Which one sexts like a straight white boy? C L A R K E

Clarke [2:03AM]: hey
Clarke [2:03AM]: what are u doing
Clarke [2:04AM]: bellamy
Clarke [2:04AM]: bELLAMY
Clarke [2:05AM]: i’m not wearing any underwear

Bellamy [7:17AM]: did you try to booty call me at two in the morning

Clarke [10:31AM]: um pay attention blake
Clarke [10:32AM]: i tried to booty sext u at two in the morning
Clarke [10:32AM]: if u weren’t such an old man it would have been super hot
Clarke [10:33AM]: what 26 year old goes to sleep at 9:30

Bellamy [11:56AM]: the kind who has to be at work across town by 7:45???
Bellamy [11:58AM]: we can’t all be self-employed and make our own hours

Clarke [11:59AM]: don’t try to tell me u don’t love it
Clarke [11:59AM]: ur a huge nerd
Clarke [12:00PM]: and ur teaching poor impressionable teenagers how to be baby nerds
Clarke [12:02PM]: ur like the nerd whisperer

Bellamy [12:02PM]: are you serious

Clarke [12:05PM]: super srs
Clarke [12:05PM]: it’s kinda hot actually
Clarke [12:06PM]: i could tell u what it does to me if u want
Clarke [12:07PM]: or i could show u ;) ;) ;)
Clarke [12:11PM]: [photo attached]

Bellamy [12:12PM]: fuck
Bellamy [12:12PM]: i’m coming over as soon as school’s out

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Larry Fics: D

 Don’t Tell The Gods (We Left A Mess) by bottomlinsons
After a misunderstanding with Liam’s mother, Louis agrees to accompany his best friend to a family wedding and pretend to be the world’s best boyfriend. But their simple plan goes awry when he learns that Harry, ex-boyfriend/ex-love of Louis’ life, will also be in attendance. (aka: fake!boyfriends with a twist ft. bromance, romance and cake.)
- Words: 71,556. Chapters: 12/12

 The Dead Of July by whimsicule
Being an Avenger means continuing to be Captain America and smiling and being honorable for the public and Harry does his best. But it doesn’t give him time to figure out who he is supposed to be once he takes off his uniform and puts the shield to the side. Just being Harry had always involved Louis, and Harry fears he doesn’t know how to exist without him. or: Harry is Captain America, and Louis’ been dead for 70 years.
- Words: 117,446. Chapters: 10/10

 Dreaming Of You by Velvetoscar
The Begrudging Starbucks AU. The world is winter and steamed milk and creamy espresso shots. The world is a never ending queue. The world is a Starbucks logo and a pink-cheeked smile from Niall and a bored scowl from Zayn and the world is Louis watching his best mate, Liam, fall in love with their newest customer, Harry. Who may or may not be in love with Louis. The world is cruel.
- Words: 68,793. Chapters: 9/9

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High Confession

Sammy Wilk


I was laying in bed right now studying for chemistry, I thought I would atleast get 30 minutes of studying in before the boys got home.

I started too late.

Downstairs, I hear the front door open “Darling? We’re home!” Sammy yelled throughout the house. I sighed and rolled my eyes, I always start too late and school is starting to become an issue. I was taking online classes since I decided to move in with the boys but with no teachers and just friends around school becomes more of a hobby than a priority.

Until Mama Wilk get’s involved, she promised my mom she would keep me in check and stay up with school, and even offered to tutor me sometimes. So over Skype for the past 3 days she’s been teaching me things. But now that she’s busy, for some reason she decided to let the baby Wilk tutor me. “In here” I said putting the science book down on my lap.

“Awwe look at my little baby, being a little nerd” he said, I wasn’t really in the mood so I just smiled and pulled out my handy middle finger. Sam, being the little goofball he is put his hand to his chest and pulled a shocked face, “Sam I have to study, go do whatever with Nate please” I whined. “Nah, I was with him all day, since when don’t you want my love?” He whined right back, “Samuel” I said, Sam put his hands up in surrender and walked out of the room. “We’re getting high without you!” He yelled like a little child. I just smiled and went back to my stupid books.

To my surprise, he actually left me alone for I would say an hour. So I decided to walk out being tired of looking at words, and towards the boys in the living room.

I don’t even have to go into the living room to see Sam laying on the ground with a pillow, “do you have anything you want to say to Y/N? I’m filming right now” Nate said, I didn’t even want to ruin this, I just wanted to see what Sam had to say about me. It’s almost our 2 year anniversary, so I swear to god he better say something sweet as fuck.

“I want to say that she’s the most precious person I’ve ever layed my eyes on, she’s just the like the perfect height for cuddling and hugging and she always smells like goddamn candy, dude I love her and I she can get mad at me for being protective but I think that let’s me know she loves me too” He said.

I was almost crying my eyes out, that was super sweet. “How does her getting mad you, make her love you?” Nate asked, “because she doesn’t want me getting hurt. Duh.” Sam answered.

By now, I wanted to come chill without any suspicion so I tip toe back up the stairs and make sure to make noise when I come down. “Y/N” Sam yelled and got up to me. I was pushed out of the room and lifted up by Sam, he placed a sweet and long kiss on my lips causing me to break out in a smile. “Uh hi?” I asked playing surprised, “I love you so much” he said while grabbing my face. “I love you to Samuel” I said going on my tip toes to kiss his beautiful lips.