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  • Please Know That I’m Yours to Keep by pressurerin
    Summary: Hogwarts!au; “Remember how I was making amortentia for my final potions project? Well, Isak ate some. And now…” Even gestured towards the way Isak was currently trying to lick his neck. OR; Even accidentally gives Isak a love potion.

  • I Guess I’m Floating by overestless
    Summary: Living with Isak causes Even to discover some of his habits.

  • all things soft and beautiful and bright by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: Isak should’ve known it was a bad idea from the second he saw the Pinterest recipe, but - Well. He’s never claimed to be any good at saying no to Even.


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The Montreal Problem

Chapter 9

Summary: The reader has big plans to spend a month in Montreal with her boyfriend. The problem? He breaks up with her just as her flight is leaving. Now she’s going to be stuck in an unfamiliar city for a month with no place to stay. That is, until an unexpected hero offers her a solution.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8

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La brume dans mes Lunettes

Location:  378 Rue Saint-Zotique E

Metro station: Beaubien

Hello friends ♡ It’s certainly been a while since I’ve written on this blog… I apologize for that - I’ve been caught up with school and midterms, but I tried my best to update my Instagram at least (IG: legendoftamar). 

I come back to talk about one of my all time favorite coffee shops in Montreal. I’ve been saving this one because it’s not only one of the best I’ve gone to, but it also holds a special place in my heart. 

Let’s take ourselves back about a few months ago. On a cold November morning. Fall had just given in to an overwhelming snow storm, introducing winter to Montreal. When the first snowfall hits Montreal, a lot changes in the city. People get angrier, drivers forget how to drive, students arrive to school an hour into their lecture, the bus system gets suspended; basically, everyone loses their mind. Including me. 

I woke up that morning in a bad mood. I was in a bad mood not because of the snow. I was in a bad mood every morning. To understand why, we have to take ourselves back to many other moments of my life and frankly we don’t have time to relive so much of the past. Long story short, I have anxiety. And at that point of my life, it was taking over. I couldn’t deal with it and I didn’t want to deal with it and instead I woke up every morning in a miserable mood. I put on my makeup and put on my smile and went on with my day. But this morning, something in me changed. Maybe it was the snow that made me go insane. 

I was determined to go to a cafe before school. To leave the stress behind for a few hours. To runaway to a place I felt comfortable and at ease. I decided to take an earlier bus to the metro and make it to a cafe I had been wanting to go for so long. And where does the insanity come into play? The coffee shop was a good 10 minute walk away from the metro station. A 10 minute walk in a snow storm. In Montreal. Not Vancouver - where their snowstorm is basically 3 snowflakes per hour. It was pouring and the wind was insane but I still did it. The snow made me lose my rational thinking, but sometimes it’s good to be illogical and just go for it. I was the only one walking on the streets. My motivation impressed me. However, I should mention that I also forgot to save the route to the shop since I didn’t have cellphone data. I walked up and down streets like a lost little pigeon.. in a  middle of a snowstorm… but I found the place eventually. You couldn’t imagine my happiness when I saw “La Brume” through my snow-covered glasses.

As I was going in, I thought how lucky I was going to be to have the whole place to myself since no one else is as crazy as me to go out on a day like this. But when I opened the door, I realized the cafe was packed. To almost its limit. I could hear laughter, coffee brewing, milk being steamed, keyboard typing. I could smell freshly made pastries and fresh coffee. And the coffee shop scene I was witnessing - of baristas running around, students working and friends talking - was beautiful. Coming in from an almost deserted winter storm, where only the snowflakes dared to dance in the wind, I was greeted with warmth and people. The barista spotted me in the crowd of people and said hello from behind his counter. Sitting down in a little corner on the bar by the window, I looked around and all I could feel was happiness. Coffee lovers’ passion for coffee and company is contagious. I caught myself smiling and it wasn’t part of the make up this time. This was better than having the place to myself. 

This shop really does live up to its name. “La Brume dans mes Lunettes” means “fog in my glasses” in French. All their windows were fogged up, which gave the shop a gorgeous feel and isolated the cafe from the cold scene of the winter storm. My actual glasses did fog up also when I came in, so bonus points for that! I also realized the cafe had a little corner for an individual seating by two windows which was probably their best seat. Maybe I’ll get it next time. The walls were covered with interest art and decorations. Their main aesthetic was wooden. It was an overall beautiful cafe.

I spent an hour pretending to read my Differential Equations notes, but really all I was doing was taking pictures of my latte. But it made me happy. And sometimes, that’s all that matters. Sometimes you have to treat yourself to a beautiful moment - outside of school, outside of routine, or just outside, in a snowstorm.. It’s important to take some time to regenerate. If you’ve been going through a tough time - may it be for a few years or a few days - and you suddenly get the urge to spoil yourself by running away from reality for a little bit, do it. If you’ve been working hard to try to figure out life and doing your best to be your best, then you deserve having moments that make you happy. Getting out of your usual cycle can make you see life in a different way and put a lot in perspective. In my case, it allowed me to stop. Take a breath. Freeze in the cold. Rethink. Regenerate. And decide. Decide that I wanted to be happy. Decide that I wanted to stop being a slave to my anxiety and start learning to deal with it.

Can we pretend to leave and then we’ll meet again when both our cars collide.

Our lady of sorrows and all the angels see that the five of us are dying. My friends and I all are the same.

Mama keeps telling me “someone out there loves you” but I know that the world is ugly. I’m going headfirst for halos if someone doesn’t save me from this cemetery drive.

They used to tell me “the jetset life is gonna kill you” but I never told you what I do for a living so how the fuck would they know. I’m a destroya, there’s blood on my hands. The gun lying on the passenger next to me, the drugs I used over the years… they always warned me for the sharpest lives. I’m not one of the common people, I stayed too long in that house of wolves. “Make room!!!!!” I’m driving to the end. I hope they find me when I’m already dead!

They better bury me in black, it’s not a fashion statement, it’s a fucking deathwish. I’m going to have my own party at the end of the world. Maybe I should just drive into that lake, I never had any drowning lessons.“Fake your death and kill all your friends for a fresh start” I heard a voice inside my head whisper. “Heaven help us!” I screamed while ramming my foot on the brakes. “Mama, I’m not okay” I cried while leaning over the steering wheel.

I always truly believed that I had a bulletproof heart until Emily showed up. Our romance was something special, she was not that kind of girl. I remember the horrified look on her face when the AMBULANCE had to take me to the hospital after overdosing. I told her “my way home is through you, the only hope for me is you” she smiled at me and asked me to sing her to sleep so I asked her if she would like the one about California. “We don’t need another song about California, sing me that desert song you love so much”

I remember Helena sleeping peacefully in her new room, she wasn’t even a teenager yet.

I went upstairs and kissed little Helena on her forehead as I softly sang every snowflake is different just like you. I walked over to my fiancée, peacefully sleeping in our bed. I realized I had to put those danger days behind me. I should behave like the demolition lovers we used to be before she’ll tell me “I don’t love you like I did yesterday”

The next morning I woke her up by kissing her softly; “Look alive, sunshine” I said while stroking my fingers through her hair. “Stay awake, my love” her eyes were trying their best to stay open. “Thank you for the venom” I said as I took a little package out of my pocket. She mumbled something while she struggled to open the package. “Kiss the ring” I told her when I noticed the breathtaking glow on her face. “Are those your famous last words as a bachelor?” her giggle was one of the most beautiful things on earth.

Burn bright darling, never let them take the light behind your eyes

I was under pressure the last couple days, I won’t let the drugs take the best of me again, I will give my wife and daughter all the love they deserve, even more. “Gotta love those early sunsets over monroeville” I said as we sat on our balcony with our daughter sleeping between the two of us. “I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love. How can I ever thank you enough for-” she interrupted me with a passionate kiss.

“Since the day I met you I stopped being so disenchanted with life. You blessed me with a beautiful daughter, Gerard. How could I ask for more? Save yourself, I’ll hold them back, remember?”, a tear streamed down my cheek.

“I love you, I love you so much.” I laid my arm around her and pulled her closer. We watched the stars together until the both of us fell asleep with little Helena in our arms.

Unfortunately my wife died years ago, the cancer spread quickly, the doctors couldn’t help her anymore.

All along I was living with ghosts, Helena got taken away when I relapsed into being an addict again. The ghost of you lived on darling.

All this time it was just a hallucination, I was still in my car with my hands clamped onto the wheel.

I remember her saying “may death never stop you” before she passed away.

I drove backwards, my hand was on the gear lever. 

“We’ll meet again soon my love, I’m coming for you”

The car took off with extreme force, pushing me back into my seat. It fell like I was flying for a few seconds until I crashed into the water. After hitting the water, the car sank in between 50-60 feet of water before coming to rest on the bottom of the reservoir.

Would I die for you? Well here’s your answer in spades.

haveyouunoticed  asked:

tHE TIME HAS COME !!! anyways, scenario with viktor, yuri p and yuuri k and their s/o as it starts to v heavily snow??

This is such a cute prompt ;-; I love it! Thank you for the request! :) ((I’ve changed the rules to only one character for scenario, but this was submitted before the change, so I’ll accept it.))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

You hold on to Viktor’s hand as you exit the cinema, resting your head on his shoulder. It’s a wonderful night; you enjoyed a nice meal with you boyfriend followed by a movie, and now Viktor is taking you to a Christmas market to shop. You can’t stop the giggly smile that’s plastered on your face.

“Did you like that, solnyshko?” Viktor asks as he squeezes your hand tighter. Nothing pleases him more than seeing you so happy. Your smile rubs off on him with ease.

You give an eager nod as you step outside into the bitter cold night, stepping closer to Viktor’s side by instinct. You shiver racks your spine, and Viktor abandons your hand in favor of putting an arm around you.

“Oh, look at that; it’s snowing, love,” Viktor murmurs into your ear. He guides you onto the sidewalk and escorts you to the Christmas market. “Isn’t it beautiful, (Y/N)?”

“Not as beautiful as you,” you mumble, hugging your boyfriend around his ribcage and squeezing yourself against him. His laugh rattles you in the most pleasurable way possible. Viktor stops you by a snow-covered park near the market and holds your face in his hands.

“Want to do something fun?” he asks eagerly. “Like, really, really fun?” Before you can answer, he turns away from you and falls backward onto the snow-covered grass. He lays on his back in the snow, a dumb smile plastered on his face.

You laugh once the initial shock of your boyfriend just falling to the ground wears off. It’s amusing to see Viktor laying on the ground and moving his arms and legs around.

“Snow angels, (Y/N)! Come on!” Viktor urges.

You push away any thoughts of people giving you strange looks and flop down in the snow next to Viktor, flailing your limbs about with joyous laughter ringing from you. It’s not a trip to the Christmas market, but making snow angels with your boyfriend is so much more memorable.

[Yuri Katsuki]

You rest against the barrier of the rink and allow yourself to be completed immersed in Yuri’s skating. He glides on the ice with vigor, yet he is so gentle with his movements. It’s passion, you decide.

You are waiting for Yuri to wrap up his practice so you could walk home with him and spend a little time together. He was supposed to finish almost a half hour ago, but you don’t care at all. Seeing your boyfriend skate is always a treat.

“(Y/N), look.” Yuri’s voice startles you, and you realize he’s stopped skating. He’s skating towards you, pointing at the large windows on the wall behind you. “It’s snowing.”

You turn to look outside, and Yuri hugs you from behind with the wall separating you. Indeed, it is snowing. It’s been snowing on and off the last few days, and it has begun piling up outside. Nevertheless, the sight of fresh snow falling never fails to bring a sense of wonder and magic to Yuri.

“Practice is over now. Let’s go home,” he says into your ear softly, leaving a kiss on your cheek that is just as sweet as his voice.

It isn’t long before Yuri is changed and holding your hand to escort you out of the rink. The walk home is pleasant and comfortable, you and your boyfriend sharing small talk and admiring the falling snowflakes. When you reach home in a disappointingly short amount of time, you feel a mutual sadness between the two of you.

“What’s the matter, (Y/N)? Are you okay?” Yuri asks, apparently noticing the slight melancholy, also.

“I don’t want to go inside yet,” you reply, smiling at the way Yuri lights up in agreement. “I like the snow.”

Yuri drops his backpack onto the ground and runs straight for the snow, a smile adorning his face. He makes a small ball of snow and begins rolling it on the ground to pick up more snow. It becomes clear what he’s up to, and you join in by starting a snowball of your own.

About an hour of crafting and playing later, the sun is setting while you and Yuri embrace each other as you admire the snowman you have built together. Yuri squeezes your waist, and you rest your head on his chest.

“Thanks for this. It was really fun, (Y/N),” he mumbles into your hair, placing a kiss there. “I love you.”

[Yuri Plisetsky]

A harsh light meets your eyes and disturbs your light sleep. You crack open your eyes only to be blinded by the light coming in from your bedroom window. With a soft groan, you squeeze your eyes shut and roll over to press your face into your pillow. You instinctively press into the warmth of your boyfriend who’s been sleeping beside you.

“(Y/N), get off of me,” Yuri mutters before pushing you back over to your side of the bed. “You’re too warm.”

You grunt is dissatisfaction before opening your eyes once more. It takes a moment for your pupils to adjust to the harsh light, but you can see snowflakes fluttering to the ground just outside of the window.

“Yuri! Look!” You bolt upright and shake Yuri. You ignore his groaning and Russian cursing while your eyes are glued to the winter scene unfolding before you.

“Who cares?” he mutters into his pillow, turning away from you. “I’m still sleeping.”

You hum in understanding, but a devious smirk is making its way onto your face. You crawl out of bed and make your way to the front door, not being able to stop yourself from laughing.

Yuri is nearly back to sleep when a rush of cold wetness is slapped against his face and neck. He gets up so fast he sees stars, trying to get away from the cold that is now soaking into this clothes and the bedding on top of him. He looks up to see you standing with a bucket and a pile of snow splayed across the bed.

“You’re gonna get it,” he threatens, scrambling out from under the covers; you’re already running out of the room screaming and laughing. He chases you around while he shivers from the lingering cold.

You’re reunited outside, participating in the greatest snowball fight in history.

supah-novah-betch  asked:

I have finally decided! Lee on a date with his s/o at the new year's festival & while they're playing games he blushes cause holy crap theyre so damn cute?? And then they watch fireworks & Lee goes in for a kiss but they bump heads 😂

The idea was so adorable. The cutest thing ever A+ for the fluff. This took like four months but finally, the scenario is here…

As a kind of important side note: after a probably poorly done investigation about Japanese festivals, I decided to make a mash-up for the scenario. Visiting a temple is usually made in New Year, while catching fishes and fireworks are summer festival activities.

~Admin Night.

A New Year’s Date with Rock Lee

Originally posted by anima-posts

If I don’t make three hundred push-ups before they come, then I’ll have to make four hundred sit-ups after our date. Lee was nervous. Time was passing, and they haven’t appeared. They weren’t to blame: it was him who had gotten to their meeting place in Konoha’s commercial street half hour before. Still, it was hard following Tenten’s advice and not running to their encounter.

One hundred one, one hundred two. He liked them so much, and he was so happy. He and (Y/N) had been dating for two months already: Gai-sensei had been the one to give him the final push, patting his back as Lee yelled his feelings in the middle of the street. Those seconds before they answered were filled with tensed muscles and a pain in the chest. But they returned his feelings! One hundred fifty, one hundred fifty-one. Now, butterflies fluttered in his stomach, barely bothered by the raising and lowering of his body. They hadn’t had many official dates, as in the last two months both were busy with different missions. But now they were finally going out! And in New Year’s Eve!

Stalls and lights stretched behind him, filling the village’s commercial street. The day was very cold, it was snowing, and the ground already had the characteristic white carpet of winter months. Nevertheless, everything made the ambient more romantic. Two hundred, Two hundred one, two hundred two. And he was ready to start the New Year with them. Lee was going to show them all his abilities in every game in the festival, he was going to win all the prizes, they would eat all their favorite foods and then they would run to the temple, tying wishes to the shrine.

And Lee knew what he was going to ask for. He wanted the youthful fire of their romance to never fade.

Two hundred ninety-nine, three hundred. Lee incorporated himself and concentrated again in his impatience. He wondered what they would wear, they looked amazingly beautiful in their green coat. Some snowflakes melted against his forehead. How much should he wait? He was ready to run in the direction of their house when he caught a glimpse of their form walking towards him. Now he had waited enough. No more. Lee wanted to hug them so much!


He ran so fast that they only managed to see a green blur before Lee trapped them in his arms.  Lee was always like that. They loved it. (Y/N) returned the hug, with little less passion than him, while throwing a giggle. His energy always seemed to permeate them.

“Lee, did you wait too long?”

They were warm, they felt so nice against him, and they were so cute and they were so soft. Lee’s cheeks suddenly became hot. The butterflies in his stomach suddenly became excited, and he left the embrace in the same speed he started it.

There was so much to be done! If Rock Lee could wish something, it was this night to be larger and larger to spend eternal minutes at their side.

“It doesn’t matter now, let’s go! We have to enjoy our ardent spring!” Lee shouted, taking their hand and running to the commercial street.

He wanted to bring them to so many places. First, they were going to eat some mochi, and then they had to attend to most of the festival’s games, so he could win all the prizes and give them many stuffed animals. Ah! their hand felt so nice; his fingers interlaced with theirs… They also had to visit the shrine, and ring the bells and write little notes and wish each other a youthful New Year.

People resembled colored fuzzy spots. The mochi stall was at the end of the commercial street: Lee loved visiting it in winter, and he hoped they did, too. It was the perfect start:  they will eat daifuku and their mouths would get sticky, the bean paste would be marvelous. More and more fuzzy spots engulfed them, most of Konoha went to the festival to celebrate the New Year. And then, Lee saw it: there was an enormous line in the stall. That was nothing! The line would disappear in seconds.

(Y/N), who had happily obliged to Lee’s plans, stopped him before he formed in the line.

“Lee, maybe we should go to the games first?”

“But sweets are the best way to start our youthful night!”

He punched the air, raising their hand with his. Nothing could stop the power of youth! The sticky mouths and sweet beans would make the stars shine brighter!

“But Lee…”

He was so stubborn, once an idea had crossed his mind, it was almost impossible to change it.

“Let’s do it,” he shouted.

However, the more he looked at them, the more his conviction trembled.  They cheeks were flushed as the cold pricked their skin, a timid smile lifted their cheeks as they tried to persuade him. They were so cute, so beautiful, and he was taking their hand. Why was he so lucky? His face felt hot and a smile, glued to his cheeks, refused to leave his face.

“Then let’s bathe ourselves in the youth of festival games!”

Lee didn’t hear them giggling, too busy running again with their hand in his. He was going to get (Y/N) a beautiful goldfish, the fastest of them all. And then, they would remember him every time they looked at the fish!

The tank’s fluorescent white light seemed to harshen the cold weather. Little orange forms moved steadily around the water. A pair of shinobi in front of them were trying to catch a fish with the paper scoop. (Y/N) stayed still, simply admiring the colors. Lee’s cheeks continued red. And although he tried, his eyes always returned to their beautiful smile and the gleam in their eyes as they concentrated. They were so beautiful. Did he really deserve such an amazing person?

“Do you think it is too cold for the fish?”

From time to time his grip on their hand tightened. How much time did he have to wait? He wanted to show his abilities! Their hand still carried that electrifying feeling. He wanted to make them happy, he wanted it so much.

“Look at that one, Lee, isn’t it beautiful.  Their stomach looks like a heart.”

They signaled a slightly smaller goldfish with a black mark: the scales shone with every movement. It did look like a heart. If they wanted it, Rock Lee had to comply. He had to show them the fire in his heart. And although it wasn’t the fastest or biggest fish, Lee resolved to catch it.

“Alright (Y/N), I’ll get it for you.”

Lee felt a new electricity running through his veins. Finally, he had a chance. He was going to get the fish! He was going to get it! Maybe they could name it after him. Would that be too much? He would be so happy if they did. Were there green jumpsuits to decorate fish bowls?

When the two ninjas left the stall, he immediately grabbed the poi, giving the seller enough ryo to buy one scoop. With one it should be enough! He had to get the fish on the first try! Lee concentrated in the black heart, and then, he threw his hand into the water. The animal was almost there, the instrument under his body, trapping the fish against it and the surface. But then, the paper tore up.

Lee only managed to yelp. Then, there were more ryo in the hand of the salesman and another scoop in his.

“Look at me (Y/N)! This time I’ll make it!”

Lee almost lost all his concentration when they leaned next to him, their clothes grazing his hand. They were so cute and so warm and so perfect! But he had to get the fish! It will be the testament of his love, and they would have it in a crystal bowl full of colored rocks.

He localized his target and took a deep breath.

He’ll catch it, he’ll catch it, he’ll catch it, he’ll catch it, he caught it.

The fish fell in the transparent bag with a splash.

“Lee! That was amazing!” They squealed, making little jumps.

“Gaahh, (Y/N)! Did you see that! I caught your fish.”

He yelled, making the other fish in the tank swim more frantically. Lee was also jumping. He had caught it! He had your fish! It was the power of love! When you leaned near to him, you had helped him!

“Of course you caught it! You are the best!”

He blushed. The best. They thought he was the best!

The owner of the stall handed them the plastic bag after tying a green ribbon on top. Some instructions about the care of the animal were given, but he wasn’t paying attention. His hands were trembling, his stomach was full of butterflies, and he had enough energy to run twenty times around Konoha. Next stop: Kunai-throwing stall!

“Lee, let me get you something this time!”

“But (Y/N), I’m supposed to be the one the get you things, don’t you want that big bear?”

Lee pointed to the plush animal. It was the biggest and the most difficult to get. However, Lee was ready to show them his aim.

“Don’t be stubborn, come on! Let me get you the bear.”

And Lee couldn’t replicate because they were looking so breathtakingly perfect, and their hand was still interlaced with his —by now, he was sure that hand had always been warming his.

“Then, let’s get each other the perfect gift!

They laughed and nodded. One point, two points, three points, one point. For a second, he thought it was a competition, but he didn’t care, Lee would be happy to lose against them. And he did.

They handed him a big brown bear; against it, the pink dolphin he had won seemed tiny. A cold breeze ran through his feet. People had slowly left all the stalls and headed to the temple. What time was it? But they were so many games they hadn’t visited yet! Lee glanced at them. With the pink plush in their hands, they were looking at the sky. Following their gaze, Lee discovered a clean patch and stars gleaming against the night.

“Aren’t they beautiful, Lee?” They asked, their voice merely mist in the cold air.

Something happened in his throat. While he tried to free the air locked in it, his voice formed in his vocal chords. A shout fast and strangled.

“You are more beautiful, (Y/N)!”

No! Had she heard him? Was it too desperate? But she looked so cute when she blushed… Maybe he should run twenty times around Konoha, he had that energy right now, it was lurching in his stomach.

They shook their head and took his hand. There wasn’t time for stupors.

“Let’s go, the fireworks are about to start!”

Now, it was them who dragged him while running. Rock Lee let them lead him while loving the warmth of their hand. They walked up a hill, the center of Konoha becoming smaller and smaller every second. Now, he didn’t feel the cold wind. His cheeks burnt the air around him. Tomorrow he was going to climb Konoha’s biggest mountain, with just one hand. Yes. He was going to become better and stronger for (Y/N), they were just too perfect for him.

“A race to the top of the hill!” He yelled, already quickening up his pace. Lee almost lamented the loss of their warmth. But he was so happy… Electricity was filling his veins and he didn’t do something, if he didn’t run, he was going to explode. His cheeks hurt from keeping a smile.

He won. They followed while complaining about how he was so tricky. Some pants and his hand was again united with theirs. His blood felt hot, running fast in his arteries. Lee looked up, the stars were now closer to them. The fireworks would start at midnight.

“So… are we going to sit?” They asked, a certain mischievousness to their tone.

Lee felt a tug whilst they sat on the grass. It should be cold. He sat. It was cold.

He unbuttoned his jacket and offered it. (Y/N) shouldn’t be cold, they could get sick, and Lee didn’t want them to get sick. What was he going to do then? He’ll have to travel to strange lands in the search of a cure.

“No! Lee you are going to get cold!”

“Don’t worry for me (Y/N)-san, the burning fire of youth is always keeping me warm!”

“Lee, please?”

The jacket was passed from one side to the other. They were sighing and saying something under their breath.

“No, (Y/N)-san, you have to stay warm!”

They were going to retort when an explosion stopped their voice. Small lights of different colors fell in the firmament. The jacket fell to the floor. When the last particle of color disappeared, another explosion threw new lights into the sky. Unknowingly, they and Lee were holding hands. Colors were born and fell from the sky and made strange structures against the stars.

“Thank you for today, Lee. I loved it so much…” They said, turning their head to stare at him.

They looked beautiful as the colors of the fireworks reflected on their face. Lee wasn’t smiling anymore. He felt adoration, like he was in front of something sacred. And he couldn’t do anything but lean in. The continuous hammering of the fireworks was engulfed by the pounding of his heart. He leaned in and he leaned in and he leaned in. They could feel his breathing on their cheek. And they leaned in and they leaned in and they leaned in. Vapor formed between their lips. They closed their eyes and then… and then their foreheads crashed.

For a second, two pairs of eyes looked at each other with terror. Then, there was laugh.

The fireworks had ended. Any visit to the temple was forgotten. Laugh tickled their throats, happiness brought tears to their eyes. 

This New Year they were going to be together.

Heartbreak Love

PAIRING: reader x Steve Rogers


WARNINGS: Angst, swearing. 

Request from Anon- Hey love :) I hope I can request an imagine with Captain Rogers where you’re an avenger and fall in love with him but then you see him kiss Sharon and leave the Scene heart broken. What you don’t know, Steve also fell in love with you and the kiss with Sharon didn’t mean something to him. Back at the facility Wanda informs Steve that you left and he immediately tries everything to find you and tell you that he wants to be you to be his one and only? <3 that would be really lovey :) & his POV maybe. 

So this maybe a little it emotional, sorry about that! I haven’t done a an angst in a while, Enjoy (may need tissues idk?) 

GIF NOT MINE:- imagine without the blood mainly for the expression! 

Originally posted by harrleyquinzel

Being in love was one of the most beautiful and once in a lifetime feeling. Nothing compared to it, it was euphoric the feeling was indescribable, to know that another loved you just as fiercely and passionately as you did. To know that they would do anything for you, risk their life you even. Well that’s what you had been told love was like. No one ever told you the feeling of unrequited love, the love that pierced your heart each time you looked at them. The devastating feeling knowing that they would never love you as much as you ever loved them. It was soul destroying, but addictive. 

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Gruvia Family - Ice Princess

At the Fullbuster residence, a little girl was crying silently in her bedroom as she stared out into the yard through a large window. She always loved being able to see the little pond that was in the back of her house, but now it was frozen… And the worst? She was to blame for that.

It was summer and the heat was unbearable outside, but her family was forced to wear coats all the time (except her father) indoors. Guilty again.

‘No… The problem is this idiot ice magic.’ She thought as she sniffled, and more tears streamed down her face.


“Is Umi-chan still up there?” Juvia asked Gray and the couple’s eldest son, Silver, concerned. “It’s already lunch time.”

“She’s upset because she froze the lake by accident when we were training.” Gray spoke and let out a long sigh.

“Did she?” The bluenette asked in surprise.

“It was amazing, mom! Mayumi slipped on the rocks and suddenly .. Wow! Everything turned to ice!” Their son said excitedly.

“Did Gray-sama try to talk to her?”

“Wait for her to calm down a bit.” He spoke with serious countenance.

The water mage watched her husband closely for a few seconds before looking at Silver with a sweet smile.

“Silver, honey, are you very hungry?”

“I don’t think so.” The little boy with black hair shrugged. His blue eyes were confused.

“So mom’s going to have a little chat with daddy, okay? Go play in your room.” Juvia kissed her son’s cheek before he left the kitchen.

Alone with her husband, the bluenette went to the dark haired man and took his hand gently, pulling him into a hug.

“What do you want?” He teased when he felt lingering kisses on his neck.

“Gray-sama is worried about something.”

“It’s nothing…”

She pulled away to stare at him with her eyes half closed.

“Do not lie to Juvia.”

“I always hated your ability to read me so easily, did you know that?” Gray snorted, making his wife laugh softly. “How can you do it?”

“Love Power.”

“Of course.” The ice wizard smiled and then captured the bluenette’s lips in a slow, passionate kiss.

“Gray-sama is distracting Juvia so he will not have to talk about his concerns.” She spoke as the two parted for air and the brunette just shrugged. “Is it about Umi-chan?”

Gray’s features became serious again.

“It’s no big deal…”

“Even so Juvia wants to know.”

“She reminds me of Ultear.” He whispered after a few seconds, making Juvia’s eyes widen.


“She always got sick when she was younger, and Wendy said it was because there was so much magical power inside her, just like Ultear, and today…” Gray paused. “Today she started a winter storm out there, Juvia. Out of nowhere. At her age, I could barely make an ice cube.”

“She’s going to be powerful, that’s all.”

“You don’t understand.. What if someone tries to take her away from us?”

“If anyone is insane enough to try, we’re going to fight with everything we have to stop them.” Juvia hugged her husband to calm him down. “Gray-sama will go crazy if he keeps thinking like that. Nothing’s going to happen to her.”

The couple lost track of time while they were in each other’s arms, but that was more than enough for the ice wizard. When he pulled away a little - feeling much better only with the warmth of her body - his body was relaxed and his face showed a calmer expression.

“Thank you.” He was about to kiss her when Silver suddenly appeared at the door.

“Mother, now I’m very hungry!”

“We can continue later.” Juvia laughed and gave the brunette a quick kiss. “Go talk to Umi-chan while I feed your son.”

“I’ll be down here with her soon.”


Mayumi was lying on the bed, her face buried in the pillow as Gray opened the door to her bedroom.

“Umi.” He called her with the hope that she would lift her head and look up at him with her big blue eyes shining with joy and a beautiful smile, as she always did when she saw him. She was daddy’s little girl.

“Hi, daddy…” The little girl spoke in a choked, muffled voice.

“Hi, princess.” The brunette sat on the edge of her bed. “Let’s talk about what happened today.”

“I messed up, didn’t I?” The child sat down to look at her father. Her eyes were red and swollen.

“It was an accident, princess. You’re still learning to control your magic. Accidents are very common.” Gray tried to comfort her.

“But I can hurt someone… It’s very dangerous.”

“Baby girl, the more you fear, the harder it will be for you to control your power.” The brunette began to stroke his daughter’s dark hair. “Your mother make it rain sometimes; I make the room colder. See? Even the two of us do not control our magic perfectly.” Mayumi listened intently to her father. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. What you did was amazing! Silver spent half an hour chattering in my ear about how strong you are.”

“He is silly.” The little wizard smiled a little, feeling better.

“Yeah, he is. But he is also right.” Gray pulled her into a tight hug. “I know you’re upset right now, but when you learn to master your magical power, you will not loathe the ice magic so much. Believe me. And if you still hate it, you can learn another magic.”

“Really?! Thank you, daddy. I love you.”

“I love you too, snowflake.”




AN: ‘Umi’ in Japanese means 'sea’ or 'ocean’, I think. I thought it was cute for Gray’s little ice princess :3

Take My Heart -- Yoongi

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Drabbles)

Let me wake up next to you…

You love sleeping – getting 8 hours or more is absolutely mandatory – but sometimes you wake up early just to watch Yoongi.  His face is a lot softer in sleep, his mouth slack and his dark eyelashes fanning across his pale cheeks.  The black ears on top of his head twitch occasionally, and you never touch them even though you’re dying to.  It’s normally hard to wake Yoongi up but his ears are extra sensitive and he’ll wake up in a second if you go near them.  So you settle for running your fingers through his auburn hair, smiling when his nose scrunches and he involuntarily moves closer, seeking out your touch.

Yoongi is quite aloof and isn’t great at expressing his emotions.  To be honest, when you were looking for a hybrid to adopt, you originally wanted one that was cuddly and would curl up in your lap while you watch movies together on the couch.  But there was something about Yoongi that drew you in.  Even after learning about his brusque nature you still wanted to adopt him; wanted to teach him that it’s okay to show and ask for affection when or if he wants it.

He’s still learning and it’s a slow process, but when his tail comes up to curl around your waist and he shuffles even closer to you in his sleep, you’re proud of the progress he’s made so far.

Even if he’s not entirely conscious of it.

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❄ Something Just like This; 01

Originally posted by bobhwa

in which you can see red strings that connect each person with their soulmate and fate decides to play a little game with you.

one of your typical moyo fanfics, soulmate au, coffee shop, angst n fluff, be prepared 

w/c: 1400

a/n: hey. it’s been a while. thanks for reading. ily. 

- moyo ❤️

Bobby. His arms were wrapped around a slim waist while his face was drawing closer to a girl with long black hair that were almost reaching her hips. You had only seen the back of her head and known that she must have been gorgeous. He was kissing her so passionately as If they were the only people on this entire planet. Their bodies were connected by a thin red string.  

You shook your head in hope the picture that had already burned into your head so terribly; would just disappear. You were walking down the street, the ground was smacking with each foot that leaved a mark on the white earth, ruining the beauty of hundreds and hundreds of snowflakes that made the world look like a better place. Tender and cozy when in reality it was just cold and fragile.

It had been months since the incident with Bobby and you still didn’t seem to snap out of it. If loving someone could be so painful then why even trying in the first place? His pretty smile flashed up in your head this time and your heart was aching a bit, not because you were hurt about his actions, rather the feeling of missing him, missing the way he smiled at you like that.

Honestly, you had no right to be mad at him. It was you who had been lying to him. A red string of fate that not even you could see; one that didn’t even exist in the first place. Too bad that he had believed you when you had entrusted him that there definitely would be one. Maybe this once… there was an error. At least that was what you had thought back then just to realize that there was already someone else who belonged to him. And that someone wasn’t you.

You sighed deeply. It was really time to move on.

You entered the shop where you best friend Yunhyeong worked at and the smell of freshly brewed coffee already welcomed you. It left a warm feeling in your guts which made you feel safe. It was just how Yunhyeong always smelled like and that instantly made you feel better. One of the reasons you seemed to spend a lot of time in here lately.

“I was already wondering where you were,” Yunhyeong chuckled before shuffling through the cupboards and preparing the usual drink he’d always mix. You never really liked coffee that much unless Yunhyeong made it. You had no idea how or what he did but his hands really worked wonders.

“I had to work overtime again,” You lied hoping that he wouldn’t ask any further.

“Here you go,” Yunhyeong placed a big mug in front of you, the hot steam dancing on top. He took a seat right in front of you and you were thankful that there weren’t any costumers at the moment. “Tell me about your day.” He said softly with eager eyes.

There was a red string.

One that went from you to Yunhyeong.

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I Do (Ramsay Bolton x Reader) (Request)

Originally posted by iredknight

Anonymous:  Can you write something with Ramsay Bolton?! Like you have to marry him because Roose and your father are close friends but you don’t like him and he doesen’t like you either but at the end both of you fall in love. And happy wedding

Word Count:1453

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A quick (and very belated) birthday present for @paintedrecs

Just a little bit of Jack being an emotional wreck, er, “passionate,” during the summer after graduation. Hope you enjoy <3

Jack likes how much the snow can still scare him.

He remembers clearly the first time it ever did. A quick drive home from a New Year’s party as a kid, falling asleep in the backseat, with his father at the wheel and his mother softly murmuring to him in French. The wind picked up without warning, and the snowflakes got larger, and Jack remembers sitting up fast to stare between his parents’ shoulders out through the windshield at the darkness that was suddenly even darker.

Visibility extended for all of an inch beyond the hood of the car, and Jack remained on high alert the entire rest of the drive. Even if there was nothing he could really do. Even if, years later, he wonders if that lack of visibility wasn’t exaggerated by his young mind.

But any true native of the north knows to be wary of the ice as much as they enjoy it. Which is, honestly, the most balanced relationship Jack has ever had with… Well. Anything.

It keeps him grounded. It reminds him that the most beautiful and natural things are also the most dangerous.

Bitty is the most dangerous thing that Jack has ever allowed himself to face.

Bitty is also the most beautiful and natural thing that Jack has ever let himself succumb to.

“…Jack? Where are you, Sweetheart? Where did you go?”

Jack blinks and focuses back in on Bitty’s face on his laptop screen. “Oh. Uh, nowhere. Sorry. I’m fine.” He swallows. “Sorry.”


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New Traditions

Requested by Anonymous: The reader and Barry are dating and live together, so they decorate their place for Christmas.

Requested by Anonymous: “Is that a mistletoe?”.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 893

A/N: Hey all! This is the first story for Christmas! I thought these two requests could work well together so I paired them :) I hope you all like it, let me know if you do!


You can send me requests in here, I’m open for them. Thank you so much x

● ● ●

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Twenty Facts about Blake Belladonna (Compiled by Yang Xiao Long) (Bumbleby)

Blake bites into ice cream instead of licking it. When I tell her she’ll get brain freeze that way, she says if that happens, she’ll just have an afterimage get the brain freeze for her. (I was gonna tell her that wasn’t how it works, but then I realized that I have no clue if that’s how her Semblance actually works or not … but either way, I guess this means my girlfriend is one cool cat, huh?)

If you ask Blake, she’ll say that she’s a bit of a morning person. If you ask Blake in the morning, she’ll say something like, “Urrgggrrrrraaaaghhhh.” (The trick is to have a cup of green tea for her in your hand before you ask!)

Blake likes doing poetry challenges. We come up with a title, she comes up with – usually -something pretty impressive. (I once asked her for a poem about “How to Kill Yang Xiao Long” and she just smirked and said “With kindness.” What a great gal.)

Blake is really into the idea of planting a private garden. She says she wants a row of flowers for every color in the rainbow. (And I think she might just be sunny enough to make it work.)

One of Blake’s favorite things to do is slow-dance to songs with a really fast beat. Something about finding peace in the middle of chaos, she says. (Me, I just like dancing with her, that’s all.)

There’s a cemetery past the edge of Beacon, the kind with too little space for all the graves. Whenever we pass by it, Blake insists on a moment of silence. (Sometimes I wonder about who died – and sometimes I wonder about who didn’t.)

Blake says that when she was little, a snowflake landed perfectly on the tip of her index finger when it was lightly snowing, and she memorized how it looked before it melted. She’s spent every winter since trying to catch a matching one. (Personally, I think she’s already the special snowflake she’s looking for.)

Blake uses her arm-ribbons as makeshift seat belts when she’s riding Bumblebee with me. “If I die, I want you to be holding on to me, not the other way around.” (And if I die, I wanna do it smiling, soooo maybe we can work something out?)

Blake is really good at jump rope. Her current record is, get this, 228 skips. (I don’t know about you, but that sounds to me like a target to aim for!)

Blake never folds her clothes, ever, and yet somehow still manages to keep them 100 percent wrinkle-free. I asked her how, and she said, “Ninja tricks.” (Had that smirk on her face, too, the one where she’s barely smiling at all …)

Give her a canvas, a brush, and some peace and quiet. and Blake will paint you some of the best pictures you’ve ever seen – but only the outlines; only black and white. She says she’ll fill in the colors when other people give them to her. (Yellow, Blake, you’ve already got some!)

When Blake blows the seeds off of dandelions, she lays down on the ground to do it instead of plucking them like everyone else. “It’s not necessary to kill it, so why should I?” (And now she’s got me doing the same thing – dandy, huh?)

Blake’s … sense of attention? … is kind of reversed. She’s never bumped into anybody while walking down a crowded hallway while she’s reading one of her books, but while walking and not reading … (The record currently stands at 12 different people, one corridor, and I’m taking bets on when she breaks it!)

Blake can pick up any wind instrument you might care to name and – without ever having touched it before – play it basically perfectly after a few minutes figuring out where the notes go. She can also pick up any wind instrument you might care to name and look really silly making “phhhhhbt” noises and turning bright red. (Like I’m not gonna give her a standing ovation either way.)

Whenever we go to the beach, Blake picks up as many seashells as she can and passes them out to people she knows, saying “this shell represents some of your best qualities.” And then, when people ask her what that’s supposed to mean, she always refuses to explain. (Uh, as a quick side note, if anyone could help me figure out exactly how a purple and white conch shell and I are supposed to be alike, that’d be awesome.)

For the first three months we knew her, whenever we sent Blake a text with an emoticon in it, she always acted incredibly confused about what the heck “those little symbols” were supposed to be. Then one day I actually asked if she was being serious, and she texted me back, and I quote, “Of course I’m always serious. ;3” (And let me tell you, I haven’t told a soul.)

When she listens to music, Blake moves her ears – the kitty ones – to the beat. You’d think she was doing it on accident, except she never does so when people who aren’t in on the fact can see her. (The worst part is? I’m pretty sure I do the same thing with my eyebrows.)

Blake buys scented candles – basically every kind you can imagine. But whether pumpkin spice, lavender, chocolate, or whatever the heck “Cashmere Forest” is, she never actually lights them up until she’s taken the time to whittle them into the most detailed little sculptures I’ve ever seen. (And here I am, with just enough artistic ability to trace my hand and turn it into a turkey …)

Blake keeps a book of compliments she thinks up about different people, but doesn’t usually tell anyone about any of them. She says that she likes to save them for when people really need them. (My personal favorite so far is “You have the kind of eyes diamonds would sell their souls to be more like.”)

And, to top everything off, Blake Belladonna is the most passionate, most beautiful, most gorgeous, most talented, patient, artistic, kind, extraordinary person on the face of Remnant. (She’s also – and don’t tell her I blew her cover - a huge dork.)

MC becomes an Ayakashi Part 2 - Boys POV - EITM Request!

So I had two requests for a sequel to the MC becoming an Ayakashi - One from the lovely icedragonsprincess (also the first place winner of my giveaway) and one from vampirequeen1993

This request was moved to the top of the list as per the winners request of my giveaway and was a request from the boys POV of the MC as she gets used to her new powers as an ayakashi.

Because he wasn’t featured in Part 1, (that was before I had played his route) Samon won’t be making an appearance in Part 2.

Part 1 link is here!

Okay, here we go!

Miyabi - Ever since you had made the transition from human to an Ayakashi, Miyabi had noticed a difference in you. You seemed happier in yourself. Perhaps it was because you knew that age could no longer affect your time together. Miyabi was sure that you could now understand things from the perspective of both a human and an ayakashi.
After returning from the mononoke village a couple of weeks after your transformation, you had taken some time off work while adjusting to your new form. Though Miyabi had deeply enjoyed watching your abilities grow and develop under his guidance, he couldn’t help but feel prideful as he observed how well you were taking to your new form.
Waking up one morning, Miyabi had been surprised to find that you were not curled up beside him as you normally were.
Getting out of bed and pulling on his robe, Miyabi stepped out into the hallway, noticing the bathroom door open as he headed towards it.
Finding you observing yourself in the mirror one morning, Miyabi couldn’t help but smile as  you looked at your Kitsune ears and one of them twitched slightly.
Reaching up to touch the soft kitsune appendages, Miyabi watched you curiously, his gaze warm and full of admiration. You had chanced so much for a full life with him. Nothing but your love could have made him happier.
After watching you silently for a moment, Miyabi knew you would likely pick up on his presence with your newly heightened senses as he finally allowed himself to be seen in your field of vision.
‘Admiring yourself, are we?’
‘Just adjusting,’ you admitted, turning around with a warm smile as Miyabi cupped your face in his hands.
‘You look beautiful…I hardly want to share you…’ Miyabi uttered, his voice sensual as his hands began to travel along the curves of your body. How he enjoyed the reaction. You may be a Kitsune, but you were still just the same as you had always been. For that, he was grateful. He had come to the realisation a long time ago, that he would never want you any other way.
‘Miyabi, come on! Samon will yell at us if we miss breakfast again,’ you responded, making Miyabi smile coyly as he decided to tease you a little more, though you were stronger now and able to wriggle from his grasp as you darted out of the room, giving chase, much to Miyabi’s delight.
Running after you, Miyabi was fast and light on his feet, but you were just as quick, if not faster, though he would never admit to that aloud. Finally catching up to you in the yard, Miyabi had pounced on you, leaving you both rolling over in the grass, tangled up in one another and exactly where he wanted you.
As he gazed down at you, seeing your chest rise and fall quickly as your heart raced, he couldn’t help but grin as he intwined his hands with yours and loomed over you.
‘Well, well, looks like I win,’ he smirked, feeling proud of himself. Though your pout was enough to melt his heart. You were so damned cute.
Placing a warm kiss on your lips, you quickly began to fall under his usual spell when you took him by surprise and pushed him over, gaining the upper hand as you climbed on top of your boyfriends body, much to Miyabi’s surprise.
She really is something else…
Looking up at you into your eyes as you found the playful intent in them, you quickly captured Miyabi’s lips, just as you captured his heart, every single day.

Yukinojo - After your transition from human to ayakashi, Yukinojo had felt such a relief in his heart to know that you were no longer bound by the life restrictions that a human held.
But more than that, he delighted in watching you adjust to life as a Yukibito. Your skin was so cool to the touch, yet somehow, it still held a remnant of the warmth from when you were a human.
Returning to the human world, Yukinojo felt such an overwhelming sense of happiness to be able to hold you as he pleased, knowing that he would never make you too cold again.
Though as you adjusted to your powers, naturally the temperature fluctuated a lot in the beginning, much to the others despair and Yukinojo’s amusement.
The difference was, Yukinojo’s powers often increased when he was stressed or angry, but your happiness reflected your abilities it seemed. While you were gaining control well, it still didn’t stop the occasional bout of snow that had befallen the shrine since your return.
‘Jeez it’s cold!’ Shinra remarked, shivering lightly as you blushed, glancing down in embarrassment as you tried to bring the temperature back to normal.
You had just been so happy to see the others who had just returned from the mononoke village themselves.
‘Damn, Yuki, what did we do now?’ Miyabi remarked, holding himself as Yukinojo shook his head.
‘This isn’t my power,’ he responded.
‘It’s mine,’ you admitted, though Yukinojo was quick to squeeze your hand as he sensed your embarrassment.
‘It’s an incredibly feat, you should be proud,’
‘Yeah, you can really tell Yuki is enjoying this,’ Kyoga grinned. It was true, as Yukinojo watched you focus on the temperature to bring it to something more normal to the others, he couldn’t help but feel the love well in his heart as he looked into your eyes.
‘Sorry, apparently when I’m really happy I make it snow,’ you remarked, looking up at the other ayakashi clan heads, who knew better than to say anything of it.
None of them wanted to get on Yukinojo’s bad side, but truth be told, he just didn’t want them to discourage you from using your power.
That evening, Yukinojo had gone out onto the veranda to find you looking at the sky where a fine flurry of snow fell.
Reaching out to touch a flake with your fingertips, you caught it lightly, noting how it didn’t melt as you observed it.
Under the moonlight, your pale skin was so beautiful. You were radiant. Enchanting. Yukinojo didn’t understand how he could have possibly found someone so incredible.
You had thawed his heart and given him the one thing he never believed would be possible again. True love.
Sitting beside you, Yukinojo placed a cool hand on your shoulder as you looked up to him with a shy smile.
‘Sorry, I guess I’m making it cold again for the others, huh?’
Always so considerate.
‘Not at all, I was enjoying watching you. You looked so beautiful,’ Yukinojo breathed softly, brushing your hair behind her ear as you looked up to him with a faint blush on your cheeks.
‘What is it?’ Yukinojo asked, though he was unprepared for your answer.
‘Whenever I think of how much I love you…it snows…’ you responded, taking your boyfriend off guard as he leaned his forehead against yours.
Pulling you into his lap, Yukinojo found that the was unable to resist your innocent charms as he gently kissed you.
Kissing him back with fervour, Yukinojo could feel the welcoming cool breeze that enveloped you. Sitting back, Yukinojo smiled at the snowflakes that had caught in your hair.
‘Breathtaking,’ he whispered, unable to resist you any longer as he captured your lips with a passion like never before.
Needless to say, the four inches of snow the clan heads discovered the next morning left them a little confused…

Chikage - Chikage could hardly tell who was more excited about your transformation. You or Koten.
It made him pleased to see you both so happy, thought you had a lot to learn, you took it in your stride. Chikage had always loved that about you.
Though he wasn’t particularly vocal about his feelings, Chikage felt such pride as he watched you.
You upheld the grace of a tengu, as you practised using your wings, Koten was right there, offering help where he could. It amused Chikage that Koten was using his own teachings to help you now.
He would make a great tengu when he was fully grown.
As you tried to practise using your wings in a defensive manner, Chikage took it upon himself to instruct you personally, knowing you could injure yourself if you weren’t careful.
Though you were able to manage quite well, Chikage could see that you found it physically exhausting to begin with. After your most recent lesson, Chikage caught you as you threatened to fall. He knew you were trying to please him, but he didn’t want you to overexert yourself.
‘It’s okay, just relax,’ Chikage encouraged as he helped lower you to the ground and watched your wings disappear.
You always tried so hard.
As Chikage lost to his own battle and pressed a soft kiss upon your forehead, he couldn’t help but feel so much love for you as he rested his forehead against yours.
‘I love you,’ he remarked, seeing your eyes look to his in surprise.
‘I love you too,’ you whispered, your voice gentle as ever as Chikage helped you to your feet. It was truly a sight to behold.
The mononoke village had been so prideful to be graced with not only the girl with the special blood, but now, the first to be turned into an Ayakashi herself.
Sitting down to dinner one night with the other clan heads, Chikage had kept a watchful eye on you as you conversed with Koten. He was so excitable at having someone to discuss his progress with.
Your happiness was quite simply, infectious.
‘You seem happy,’ Yukinojo remarked quietly to Chikage, seeing the tengu glance to him with a wry smile.
‘She’s doing well,’
‘Have you considered taking her for a flight? You know she’d love it…’
Glancing over to you, Chikage couldn’t deny that the idea had come to mind, though as he placed a hand on your thigh, you quickly glanced to him with a light blush touching your cheeks.
Smiling warmly at your reaction, Chikage pressed a soft kiss to your cheek, before allowing you to resume your conversation with Koten. After all, Chikage wouldn’t want him to see too much.
As dinner was finished, Samon had begun to clear the plates when Chikage decided to put his idea forward.
‘I wondered if you might like to join me this evening for a flight…’
Seeing the other Clan Heads look up in surprise, Chikage ignored them and focused his eyes on you.
‘I wouldn’t ask otherwise,’ Chikage responded, inwardly reprimanding himself for being so matter of fact. Though your reaction proved quite the treat.
As you looked up in pure delight, agreeing wholeheartedly, Chikage was shocked to see your wings spread from her back. As they unfurled, seemingly radiating her happiness, Chikage couldn’t help but smile at his beloved.
As the others jumped up in surprise, Chikage couldn’t help but chuckle as he got to his feet, completely unperturbed as he reached out and took your hand.
‘Let’s go,’ he remarked calmly, seeing your shy smile and feeling his own cheeks heating up as he led you outside. What did you do to him?

Kyoga - Watching you get used to your new form was a joy to Kyoga. He had always found you cute before now, but as an Okami, you had gotten even more adorable than he ever thought possible.
As Kyoga watched you sleep one morning, your innocent face peaceful and calm, he couldn’t help but run his fingertips over the edge of your wolf ears.
Seeing it twitch as you shifted slightly, Kyoga couldn’t help but chuckle as he continued to watch over you.
For someone who had such great power, you were so easily underestimated by others. As he thought back to your transformation, it seemed silly now to have been so worried. You were so strong. You had overcome this hurdle just like every other and he couldn’t have been more proud of you if he had tried.
Even your scent, it was even stronger than it had been before. Sweeter. He found it so difficult to stay away from you when you were so captivating.
Though as he thought back to the events of the previous day, the clan head had to stifle a laugh as he recalled the scene he had walked in on.
Having gone to help Shinra with an errand in the mononoke village, Kyoga returned to the shrine in the early afternoon, only to discover that you were apparently still in your room.
Leaving Shinra to his usual back and forth with Miyabi, Kyoga had tapped on your door lightly and slid it open, when he realised that you seemed to be focused on something.
Seeing the way your tail twitched, Kyoga soon realised what was going on as you found that you were captivated by the movement..It was hard not to laugh as you were clearly trying to veer away from the temptation that was slowly enveloping you.
Before Kyoga could say anything however, you suddenly leapt to your feet and gave chase, trying to leap for your own fluffy tail when you collapsed in an ungraceful heap upon realising the door was open.
As you sat bolt upright, your face flushed crimson, Kyoga couldn’t help but laugh as you looked away in clear embarrassment and pouted.
‘Aw, don’t be mad,’ Kyoga remarked when he had finally calmed himself enough to try and sit beside you, though you turned away from him, clearly in a bad mood.
Slipping his arms around your waist, Kyoga knew exactly how to soften you up as he reached up and stroked your ears as you had often done for him, knowing just how it would make you feel as you involuntarily nuzzled your head into his hand.
‘H-Hey, no fair,’ you grumbled, still blushing as Kyoga pulled you against his chest. You were just too cute.
‘Sorry, sorry, you know I can’t resist you though,’ Kyoga smiled, breathing in the lovely scent of your hair as you began to inhale his scent as well.
It was incredibly inciting to Kyoga to have you in such a position, though before he could let his inner wolf run wild, Shinra had oh so ungraciously interrupted.
Coming back to the present moment as you began to stir, Kyoga leaned down to kiss your forehead as you snuggled closer into his arms.
Kyoga loved it when you were sleepy. You were so honest when you were tired and never hesitated to lie in his arms.
He could hardly get over the overwhelming adoration he had for you as he nuzzled your neck.
‘That tickles!’ you giggled, opening your eyes a bit more when Kyoga recognised the look in your eyes.
’No fair…’ he murmured, repeating your line from the day before as he captured your lips in a warm kiss.
He knew you could tell how much he wanted you, just as he could tell from your heightened sweet scent. It was intoxicating.
‘You bring out my inner wolf,’ he grinned.
‘Ditto,’ you responded, your voice sensual as Kyoga pounced.  

Shinra - Over the following few weeks, since the attack at the mononoke village, you had come home with the other clan heads and Shinra had felt even more protective of you than ever.
He knew you could handle yourself. But he couldn’t switch off from his natural desire to watch over you. Though your light-hearted smile never failed to make his worries melt away.
Though Samon had been grateful for your newfound strength, he never anticipated the hilarious result of your yet untamed powers.
Looking for you one morning, Shinra had found you appreciating the light warmth that the morning held as you sat on the veranda, enjoying the soft breeze that travelled through the air.
It was truly a sight to behold.
Though before Shinra had a chance to join you, Miyabi sauntered out into the garden, much to Shinra’s despair.
Damned kitsune he thought, a frown upon his features as Miyabi started talking to you.
It was tough not to go right out there and yell at Miyabi to back away, but Shinra tried to maintain some restraint.
He knew that you were his and that you didn’t make any attempt to encourage the likes of Miyabi, but it was still in his nature to want to protect you.
‘I’m impressed!’
Annoyed at the interruption, Shinra regarded Kyoga with an irritated expression before turning back to watch you.
‘By what?’
‘I’d have thought you’d have been out there threatening Miyabi by this point,’ he smirked. ‘Gotta hand it to him, that kitsune doesn’t give up.’
‘Mm,’ Shinra nodded. As a clan head, he respected Miyabi, but the kitsune always knew how to push his luck where women were concerned.
‘Come on, surely you’d want to be with a real Ayakashi…a man. Not a little Oni.’
Hearing those words always got under Shinra’s skin. Was Miyabi aware of Shinra’s presence? Testing him? The thought was irritating, though your reaction had been unexpected.
‘He’s more of a man than you Miyabi,’ you countered smoothly, your voice even as Shinra smirked with pride.
Damn right.
‘You would be quite fun to tame…’ Miyabi murmured, coming closer to you when out of nowhere, a dull roar of thunder sounded and a bolt of lightning struck into the ground, only missing Miyabi by a few inches who flew back in surprise.
‘Stupid Oni!’ Miyabi shouted as Shinra and Kyoga quickly joined them outside. ‘I didn’t touch her!’
‘What are you yelling at me for? I didn’t do that,’ Shinra responded, barely concealing his laughter when he caught a sight of your embarrassed expression.
‘I guess I got a bit carried away,’ you remarked sheepishly, though the three of you soon burst into laughter as Miyabi stalked off, sporting a slightly singed tail behind him.
Hearing the commotion, Yukinojo soon joined you outside, finding your use of power amusing.
‘Now if only the other ayakashi girls were that strong willed with him,’ Yukinojo remarked, winking at you as Shinra put an arm around your shoulders.
‘Only my woman could do something as great as that,’ he remarked, brimming with pride as you blushed.
‘I-It was an accident…I should probably apologise,’ you began, though the argument from the other ayakashi seemed to prove otherwise.
Once you were left alone, Shinra noticed that you were being evasive in looking at him.
‘Hey, everyone let’s their powers run loose once in a while. Why do you think we never piss off Yuki?’ he smirked, making you smile as he rested his forehead against yours.
‘Hey Shinra?’
‘I love you,’ you uttered, making him blush as he pulled you close to his chest.
‘I love you too,’ he returned, pressing a kiss to your forehead. Though as you struggled in his arms, he was surprised as you reached up and put your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss as you smiled against his warm lips.
‘I knew you were watching by the way…’ you muttered, a wry smile on your lips as Shinra offered you a cocky smile.
‘I’m always watching you…’ he responded, trailing kisses along your jawline before reaching up to search out your lips once more. ‘My beautiful woman…’

So there you have it! I was going to finish this last night, but I was unable to due to having to run an errand late last night. 

My next post will be very soon and quite possibly a KBTBB request! I should be posting that at some point tomorrow, though I’ll be started on it tonight :) 

Much love! and as always, thank you to everyone who likes, reblog’s and comments on my work. Plus all of those who send me such lovely messages and requests! I love each and every one of you! 


❅ Final: Falling

cre: @ikonis 

pt. 1 / pt. 2

warning: mature content hinted ! (pg-13) 

The things I couldn’t say, sorry that I’m not enough.

Little cushions of snowflakes were falling from the clouds to add up to the layers of white that had already covered almost half of the city. You held your fingers up to the glass that separated you from the beauty that was playing outside and like a little girl your drew little doodles on the fogged window. 

A smile automatically formed on your lips, the corners of your mouth lifting up a little to make you end up in a soft chuckle. It was stupid and you knew it, however the picture of a little doodled Hanbin holding your stroke like hand just seemed too cute. If only the picture could stay forever. You sighed.

“What are you doing? You’ve been looking out the window all day”, you felt the warmth wrapping around your body along with the air, his air, that prickled on each part of your body now. You leaned into his touch and closed your eyes, inhaling a good amount of air. If moments like these could just last forever. You were melting. He was the sun and you were just a little snowflake. It wasn’t fair.

“I don’t know. I just think the snow looks pretty like this. Watching the snowflakes makes me realize that nothing lasts forever, Hanbin.” Silence expanded itself in the room and for this one moment, it were only your hearts beating in a worried harmony. Somehow it felt like Hanbin knew more than he ever told you and although you really, really trusted him; it felt like you shouldn’t.  

“We can make this last forever, Y/N. No– I want to make this last forever.” You turned around to see the tears shining in his eyes, gorgeous like little diamonds that were reflecting your picture in them. It looked like he wanted to say something, for one moment those eyes were screaming and again, all the anguish and sorrow of this world suddenly gathered in each corner. 

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In celebration of the coming new year, I'd like to COUNT DOWN 10 things I adore about shipping Dramione

10 • To start, when you board a controversial ship, don’t expect smooth sailing. People are always ready to send a can(n)on blast in your direction with endless reasons why your ship isn’t solid. The good news is their opinion on your ship is completely irrelevant! Dramione has it’s share of haters, but the shippers make up for it tenfold. Not to mention defending Dramione is hella stimulating.

9 • Canon shmanon. Books always have been and always will be open to interpretation. Reading between the lines, dreaming up alternate universes and fantasizing about various scenarios. So JK didn’t personally weave Draco & Hermione together, oh well! Shippers have managed to see something beautiful even if it wasn’t intended to be there, and to me, that out of the box type of thinking is awesome!

8 • Angst, angst, and more angst. Some may call them star-crossed, but whether or not the fates are actually working against them, there is no denying that their relationship isn’t an easy one. They have a past together that was neither bright nor shiney. Their friends clash, and their families aren’t likely to be supportive, they literally stood on opposite sides of a war, not to mention internally battling their own demons, but despite the odds they keep fighting for each other. Move on over Romeo & Juliet.

7 • Paula Abdul said it best; opposites attract. As corny as that may sound, a healthy dose of differences can seriously ignite the spark between a duo. Seeing the dynamic between two souls from different walks of life is fascinating. On the other hand, it’s also pretty interesting to think about the ways in which our pair is alike. Intelligent, strong minded, competitive? Check, check and check. Grab the popcorn, because any topic from paper or plastic to aliens is about to be an epic showdown. Hot.

6 • Dramione seems to have it’s own little familiar world amongst the shippers, and I love all the little reoccurring themes and consistencies that pop up. Blaise & Luna, anyone? And the Cassiopia trend? His passionate loathing of Cormac McClaggen, Draco Malfoy the bibliophile? Be still my beating heart.

5 • I adore how completely fan driven this ship is. Honestly, I’m glad it’s not canon. There is so much room to fill with our own ideas of how this pair interacts, and the quirks of their relationship, and the way they fell in love. It was not carved out for us in stone. However, there are thousands of amazing writers who share their own versions of Dramione which brings me to-

4 • Fan fiction. Seriously, where did all these talented creatures come from? Because the Dramione ship is home to some really spectacular writers. I have honestly read published books and thought out loud, “I have read better fan fic.” Again, it is amazing to be able to read about Dramione from so many different points of view. Don’t even get me started on the fan art. To. Die. For.

3 • E.D.E.I.D. Every. Dramione. Experience. Is. Different. It is completely personalized. Do the relationships in your own life reflect your Dramione imagines? Possibly. Do you favor black Hermione, white Hermione, Jewish Hermione, Slytherin Hermione? Awesome! Did Draco and Hermione become friends in school, or did their connection come post war? Infinite possibilities. To quote a classic fanfic, “Draco is like snow”, and Dramione is like a snowflake, no two are exactly alike.

2 • Two words; redemption arc. Do I think being with Hermione is the only thing that could redeem Draco Malfoy? No. Do I think it’s the best thing? *in my Snape voice* Obviously. Yeah, Draco was a twat. Yeah, Sirius Black knew better at that age. So he wasn’t as brave as Harry or Ron, who have also both hurt Hermione’s feelings their fair share of times, because they are human, as is Draco. Not many Dramione shippers go straight from Draco calling Hermione a mudblood to asking her out in the same breath, because for her to accept would be comoletely out of character for both of them. But to see what they both have to go through before they can be together, to see his arc, and her forgiveness, and their journey to a place where we as shippers feel these two characters whom we love deserve each other, is a hell of a ride.

1 • Did I mention my most favorite thing about shipping Dramione is my fellow Dramione shippers? Because that’s totally the best part. Solidarity, for real. I bet you could be about the throw down with someone when at the last second you find out they ship Dramione and you rip off your hulks hand like did we just become best friends? Yep, you did! Stay up all night discussing head canons with someone on the other side of the country. Hug a stranger you overhear defending Gryffindor/Slytherin relationships. Celebrate the glue that bonds us together.

I seriously can’t wait for another year on this ship with you all, because it’s a wonderful place to be.

CHEERS to you, and cheers to Dramione!

Be mine (Dean x reader)

Words: 1043

Warnings: car crash

A/N: Heey guys! Christmas is finally here and I really hope all of you are happy and ok and that you are spending it with a people you love. 

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Snowflakes were falling down, creating a beautiful, peaceful landscape. Christmas music was playing in the Impala while you were driving back home on Christmas eve. This was the first time Dean let you took his car and drive it without him or Sam in it. And even thought you knew you have to be careful with his baby, you enjoyed driving it so damn much.

The road was empty, nothing new on Christmas eve. Everybody has been already at home having dinner with their families or drinking beer in a bar with their friends. You were headed home to Dean, Sam and Castiel. None of them really liked Christmas, but you decorated bunker a bit anyways.  The Little Christmas tree was standing in the corner of the library and in the back of Impala you had a little present for each boy.

Justin Bieber’s song started to play on radio, so you turned to it, to change the station. If there was one thing, you did not want to do, it was listening to him. You are more old fashioned when it comes to music.

When you lifted your head, strong light blinded you. You stepped on a break as hard as you could and tried to avoid hitting the thing in front of you. Happily, you avoided it, but a second later you crashed at something. Your head crashed into the windscreen so hard it broke into pieces. Before passing out you heard a few cracks and then it all went dark.

The radio was playing All I Want For Christmas while paramedics pulled you out of half smashed Impala, making sure you’re still alive.


¨Is she going to be ok? ˝ worried voice woke you up.

Slowly you opened your eyes, blinking into a white light. When your vision cleared, you noticed Dean talking with doctor and Sam and Cas quietly standing in the back listening to every word doctor said. It took you a few seconds to remember what happened.

˝Dean. ˝ you called and all four of them turned to you. Dean was next to you in a second. ˝Impala, I’m so sorry Dean. I think I destroyed it completely. ˝ quiet voice came out of you. Dean is going to be pissed. He is your best friend for a long time, so you know him well. And if there is one thing he loves is his beautiful Impala.

You looked into soft green eyes of Winchester.  He shook his head and took your hand.

˝It’s ok Y/N. I’m just happy you’re alive. ˝

This time you shook your head. Does he understand that Impala is smashed? Oh, and gifts… God knows what happened to them.

˝I’m gonna fix Baby somehow. But right now the most important thing is that you are alive. ˝ he said, looking in your eyes and still holding your hand.

Slowly your cheeks turned red, so you moved your eyes to Sam and Castiel.

˝I’m so sorry you guys have to be in hospital on Christmas eve. ˝ both of them laughed and stepped closer.  Sam reassured you that the only important thing is that you are ok.

Finally, after that  you looked at yourself. Everything except your left leg, that was covered in white cast and throbbing pain in your head seemed to look ok. Looking yourself into a window, you noticed that a huge patch was covering your forehead.

The Doctor explained that you got a few stitches, before wishing you a merry Christmas and letting you leave the hospital.

In a way home, Dean was sitting with you in the back the whole time. You almost fell asleep while he played with your hair. Drive home passed quickly and it felt like it’s snowing harder with every minute. You paid attention on falling snowflakes, trying not to think about the pain in your leg and head.

Sam parked his car and then helped you get out of it. On a doorway Dean took over and carried you bridal style in your room. Gently he put you in your bed. Sam brought water and painkillers and then he left you with Dean.

˝Do you need anything Y/N? Food, movie, anything? ˝ his voice was filled with worry.

˝Could you maybe stay here? ˝ you bit your lip, looking at him waiting for an answer.

Dean chuckled and walked on the other side of your bed, lying down next to you. The warmth of his body made you feel better immediately. His hands wrapped around you, pulling you closer. Instinctively, you hid your face, burying it into Dean’s chest, trying to fall asleep.

After a while you gave up and checked if Dean fell asleep. But he didn’t. And he was watching you, so your faces were only few centimeters away. Your eyes quickly moved from his eyes to his lips and back.

˝So umm.. Yeah… I can’t sleep. ˝ you pulled yourself back, realizing that kissing thing would be a really bad idea.

˝Same me… ˝ he crashed his head on the pillow. You did the same, without thinking that that would be a bad idea.  Pain shot trough your head and you squeezed Dean’s hand really hard. ˝Well you don’t have to break my hand, you know? ˝

˝Sorry. ˝

˝You know it could be worse. That whole car accident thing. You could… die. ˝ his voice broke a bit.

˝But I didn’t. ˝  Your head turned to him and again he was already staring at you.

˝Dean you know that’s a bad idea. ˝ not at all convincing voice came out of you, when Dean lifted himself up, so your noses touched each other.

˝Maybe. But I don’t care. Damn Y/N, I love you and you love me too. It’s so clear and I’m so done hiding it. Knowing that you could die made me realize, that I want you to be mine and I want a whole world to know how much I love you dammit. ˝

He crashed his lips on yours melting them in a passionate, sweet kiss. One of his hands cupped your face and you tangled your fingers into his hair, forgetting everything that has happened today.

I am yours Dean, I’ve always been.


So, I just reached 1k followers here!!! You’re all so special to me and I know I don’t interact so much with you, guys, but I’m trying… then I decided to do a special fic rec list!!!
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graphic by my precious friend clueinglooks 💕

SilentAuror ( silentauroriamthereal ) 

Act IV - 39k words, POV Sherlock Holmes, HLV fix-it

After Sherlock is shot, John moves back into Baker Street. They spend the autumn together as John tries to make sense of his life and make some important decisions about both Mary and Sherlock.

At the Heart of it All - 19k words, POV John Watson, first time, romance, post-Mary

John has been back at Baker Street for four months now and thinks it’s about time they had the Talk to see whether or not they could be more than friends. Sherlock has a lot of uncertainty about this concept for multiple reasons.

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