you are against the womens vote

This woman…. “some of the most socially liberal people I know are voting for trump, maybe it’s possible you don’t understand their perspectives, or perhaps just don’t want to, neither of which I blame anyone for. But just brushing Trump voters off as "ignorant racist homophobes - us vs them” is the easy route and an act of willful ignorance, and is a huge reason our country is so divided right now.“

Like I don’t! Care! If they think gays are good and they don’t mind poc and they have socially liberal opinions! They’re! Still! Voting! For! Someone! Who! Wants! To! Register! Muslims! And! Encourages! Violence! Against! Black! People! And! Brags! About! Molesting! Women! And! His! Platform! Includes! Discrimination! Against! People! Based! On! Sexuality!

If you vote for trump you can hold every ‘socially liberal’ opinion you like, you’re STILL AIDING IN AN ATTACK ON MARGINALIZED GROUPS.

UK folks - remember what you are voting for if you vote UKIP.

You’ll be voting for a party that wants to privatise the NHS

You’ll be voting for a party whose members want to make abortions compulsory for women carrying babies with Down’s Syndrome.

You’ll be voting for a party that believes that gay marriage is an abomination against god, that believes the slaughter of seal pups is humane because “they are guilty of eating too much fish,” that believes that sex with under 16s isn’t wrong if they consent to it, that believes homosexuality will lead to incest, that believes wives cannot be raped or sexually assaulted by their husbands….

Need I go on?

Please, UK folks, don’t vote for twats like Mr Farrage above.

more pacific northwest gothic:

  • kids spend recess indoors, playing card games of their own invention with mismatched decks and scavenged objects, paying the playground no attention as the swingset swings by itself in the endless, grey curtain of rain outside.
  • the arm of the man in the checkout line beside you ends in a rough, abrupt scar just above the wrist. he catches you looking and smiles through his somewhat unkempt moustache and beard, and as he turns to go, you see the back of his jacket advertising the name of a local lumber mill. 
  • middle aged women at a party laugh easily amongst their glasses of mid-range merlot, discussing all the horrors they are absolved from blame in, because, after all, they voted against them.
  • whales are sounding off the coast, and for a while, you gaze out at the them, off in the distant ocean, in wonder. yet as their bodies slip beneath the surface and do not reemerge, you find your mind following them under the water, your wonder fading, a sense of foreboding moving to fill the vacancy. your eyes are fixed, unblinking, on the horizon. below, the sea sinks to unknowable depths, and above, the sky rises to an even more eternal blackness. you flex the fingers of your left hand. the flipper of one humpback whale could cover your entire body with room to spare. you feel powerless, and very, very small.
  • there are shanghai tunnels below the streets of portland, their bricks stained with blood and memory. though once used to move goods between the docks and their delivery-points, they lay now abandoned save to vagrants, vermin, and the occasional visiting tour. some may say there is no proof this portland underground was ever used for such nefarious purpose as its more common name suggests, but the ghosts who live there tell other tales.
  • on windy days, the elevators of the space needle slow to half speed. two women share coffee at a booth in the restaurant that spins slowly at the top, talking little, seemingly preoccupied with the softly shifting world just outside and far below the windows. one woman writes something on her napkin, and slides it across the table. 
  • you hear the wail of the air horns, the chiming of traffic signals, and the rush of the tracks, tell-tale signs as the coast starlight approaches station, exchanges passengers, and departs once more. on board, countryside and cities alike rush past, a blur of green and brown and grey. staccato flashes of light outside mark the miles as they grow between whatever you’re running from, and wherever you’re running to.
  • the distant peak of mount rainier is illuminated with a striking pink glow as the sun sets behind the hills across the dock. all around you, the surface of puget sound ripples gently. somewhere farther out, beyond your safe, shallow inlet, under cover of that gathering darkness, an unfamiliar vessel lets go its weighted cargo into the deep, black waters. 
  • there are days and discoveries in the diaries of lewis and clark that have never been read. your teachers always told you they were simply too busy to write every day, but children always know better, and you still wonder what was on the pages that have always been left out.
  • two men are seated at the table next to you, complaining about their recent gambling losses at what they feel had directly been hands of the native tribe who ran the casino at which they had so voluntarily booked their weekend’s stay. you hear one tell the other that he felt it wasn’t right - they’d been cheated, robbed, taken for granted. ‘those damn rich indians’, he spits, ‘took everything from us’. as they carry on, you finish your meal in disbelief, but not in surprise. 
  • your eyes sting and the cloudcover seems to glow. you can taste a forest fire in the air from several hundred miles away. 
  • sometimes you wonder what it’s like to live in whatever fantasy world it is that people live in who can see all of that science, and still refuse to believe that the climate is changing. you wonder what it’s like to look out a window in strange weather, or to see the river, higher or lower than it usually is this time of year, and not swear you can hear our planet’s death rattle. of course, you still drive to work when you could bike most days, but at least you know you’re an agent of your own demise. 
  • somewhere, a child lays awake all night, convinced that they can feel the juan de fuca plate subducting with every breath they take, their small body braced for the earth to crack, the sea to rise, and every peak of the cascades to let loose all that fire they now know lurks all too close to the surface. 

the canadian federal election is happening this month on october 19th, so just in case you needed a list of reasons why you should vote against the literal shit stain who calls himself stephen harper:

you can check if you’re registered to vote here (if you’re in college or university and you want to vote in your uni town, you have to be registered to vote AT YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS). different options for voting, including advance polls and voting by mail, are listed here.


Republicans Are Killing Women: US Maternal Death Rate Climbs; Female Deaths Rise In GOP Counties

Study: Up to 240,000 Texas Women Tried to Self-Induce Abortions and GOP Lawmakers Are to Blame

The real deal on Planned Parenthood: 

The Arson Attacks on Planned Parenthood You’re Not Hearing About

8 Things The GOP Debate Got Wrong About Abortion And Planned Parenthood

Wing-nut conspiracy theorists have done it again: The truth about the Planned Parenthood hoax revealed

Infographic: A Network of Lies

A Decade-Long Campaign of Illegal Harassment Against Planned Parenthood

Mike Pence’s Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Finds Zero Violations

How to Help:


Females are kind of pinned up against each other, For example, you’ll never see online ‘Vote for who has the better butt: this actor or this actor.’ It’s always this female singer or this female singer. It’s every day [for me]. In order for us to have gender equality, we have to stop making it a girl fight, and we have to stop being so interested in seeing girls try and tear each other down. It has to be more about cheering each other on as women.

Is it any surprise Trump is polling high?

they are polling solely Republican voters. 

It’s not like anyone on this blog was in delusion about a political party that is against abortion even in the case of incest & rape.


He’s pissed off Women, Mexicans, Chinese, African Americans, so far, and we still have over a year of this process.   

He’ll piss of every oppressed group except patriarchy and while they may have power & money; they don’t have the numbers.  

He’s pissing off even the female Patriarchal Puppies in his own party.

The only way he will win is if you throw away your vote!

No one has to buy your stuff.

So, this thing with Vox Day getting a Hugo nomination - if you think he’s a dick and don’t want to vote for him, there are people who are going “Wah wah, you are being anti-art if you hold a creator’s views against him or her. And if you are not 100% consistent about these decisions, you are just an emotional thinker.” Like, people who spend a lot of time droning on social media about how logical all their decisions are are just like Mr Spock.

Except Mr Spock wouldn’t waste his time.

No one has to buy your work, or vote for you, or like you. The consumer makes the final choice, and if that choice includes not buying your stuff because your politics tell them that black people are savages, or that the world would be better off if women don’t get an education, shocker that people decide to put their money in some other artist’s pocket so it doesn’t go to creators with a bank account which feeds organizations that undermine your human rights.

Crazy, I know.

When you buy the work of a creator who actively harms the human rights of others, and your argument is The Work Before All, it says to me that a short story is more important than the rights of marginalized people. That is your right, and it is my right to disagree. I am not sending the big bad government to get you, I am not censoring anybody. I am simply making a choice about what books I want to read, what music I want to hear, and how I want to frame the world with my eyes. I have no obligation to frame it according to the dictates of some dude who thinks me and all people like me should live our lives as voiceless servants.

There are a lot of creators whose work I won’t buy, from Woody Allen on down. There are many creators who are long dead who have nasty personal views whose work I buy since their estates aren’t getting any money. There are some creators who have done and said some boneheaded things, who get a pass from me because I know that the slice of what became public is not the whole person.

I make my purchase decisions as I go. If some dork wants to dismiss that as “emotional”, I don’t give a shit. Because among my more unemotional decisions is not letting people whose opinion I don’t respect in the first place dictate what I do with what’s in my wallet.

My money, my choice. Your choice, too.

A honking huge list of articles with comments by Vox Day about how white men don’t rape, acid attacks keep women in their place, and lots more. Thanks to Dr Nerdlove for the link.

Here is a discussion thread in favor of Vox Day.

And another against.

Agent Carter has made it to the final five of shows we want to see renewed, but the odds are stacked against her. Voting closes on Sunday, March 29, 8 pm PT. You can vote as many times as you want, so get out there, soldier!

What would Cap say if we left his best girl behind?

Screenplay Reading Festival

I was in LA for a screenplay reading festival where my script had just won fourth place.

A rep came to listen to some of the readings and asked me what my screenplay was about. As soon as I mentioned that it was “set against the backdrop of California’s women winning the vote,” he stopped me and said, “HBO already did that.”  I was too flummoxed to say what I wanted to say which was, “How many movies have been made about WWII? A conflict that lasted, what, less than seven years? The battle for suffrage lasted more than 80 years and you think there’s only ONE story?!”


In which Kerry Washington KILLS it while accepting the Vanguard Award at GLAAD’s Media Awards in Los Angeles. 

“There are people in this world who have the full rights of citizenship in our communities, our countries and around the world, and then there are those of us who, to varying degrees, do not. We don’t have equal access to education, to health care, and some other basic liberties – like marriage, a fair voting process, fair hiring practices. Now you would think that those of us who are kept from our full rights of citizenship would ban together and fight the good fight. But history tells us that, no, often we don’t. Women, poor people, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, trans people, intersex people, we have been pitted against each other and made to feel that there are limited seats at the table for those of us who fall into the category of ‘other.’”

Incredible. (via the Advocate)

  • Woman:I believe and advocate for the law to treat every person equally, regardless of sex and/or gender.
  • Feminist:Then you must be a feminist!
  • Woman:No, I believe modern feminism has lost its roots, that it is no longer about reaching equality and is instead about women dominating over men. Because of these reasons I am an anti-feminist.
  • Feminist:Then you can just give up your rights to vote, education, and all the other things feminism has gained for you!
  • Woman:I didn't say I was against the equal rights gained by feminists in the past, I said I was against the modern form of fem-
  • Feminist:You must just have internalized misogyny! You are clearly brainwashed by the patriarchy into thinking that somehow feminism isn't good!

ACTION ALERT: Our friends at Planned Parenthood are facing a vicious targeted attack from anti-choice extremists determined to deny women the right and ability to make their own medical decisions. Now, the Senate is set to vote on defunding Planned Parenthood—which would mean taking away access to contraception, cancer screenings, STD and HIV screenings, and other essential services for many women. Speak out against anti-abortion extremism. Tell Congress you stand strong with Planned Parenthood!

Stop what you’re doing and go see what’s happening in Jefferson City, Missouri right now: Activists are staging a 72-hour “citizen’s filibuster” against the state legislature’s dangerous and relentless efforts to restrict Missourians’ access to safe and legal abortion.

Despite a dead-of-night vote to pass the bill out of the senate, the Women’s Filibuster is still going strong — because when it comes to protecting reproductive health, Missourians won’t back down. 

To women who say they "don't need feminism"...

Honestly you are being fucking ridiculous. You may not know a lot about feminism or not feel very passionate about it, maybe you had a bad experience with some radfems/feminazis so you choose not to associate so much with that group. BUT SAYING YOU ARE AGAINST FEMINISM OR THAT YOU DON’T NEED IT THE STUPIDEST FUCKING THING. If it wasn’t for feminism you wouldn’t be allowed to vote, to get a job, to state your opinion, you wouldn’t even be able to wear pants, fucking pants. Not to mention you would literally be considered property. So yeah, you do need feminism. You may not really care about what present day feminists are fighting for, but you DEFINITELY NEED feminism.

so I’m reading up on the history of MRAs and guys


help me through this I can’t stop laughing I can’t stop crying apparently men started bitching about their tragic victimization sixty-four years before women could fucking vote

“Leagues for Men’s Rights” were created in the 1920s to “protect the endangered existence of men” and “protect men against Austrian feminism, which has grown rapidly since the war”.

in the 70s

there was

a Men’s Liberation Movement

I just

are men even real