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And maybe fluff #12 and smut #14?

Fluff 12: “You have something in your hair…um-do you want me to get it out?” & Smut 14: “Do you know how bad I want you?”

Warnings: NSFW (18+) Implied smut. More fluff than anything. 

Bucky x Reader Drabbles Celebration

Your first day off in weeks was the happiest day, in your opinion. It coincided with the first day of fall, your favorite season. That crisp chill in the morning breeze. The changing colors of the leaves. Getting the extra blanket for your bed. Pumpkin spice. And you’d decided that the day wouldn’t go to waste. 

Grabbing the first book of your TBR shelf, you put on your favorite thin sweater and headed out your room. Your confident bravado melted when you saw two familiar super soldiers in the kitchen. They had just come back from their morning run, and while you had no problem with Steve, anytime you were around Bucky Barnes, you turned into a real awkward and shy moron. 

Your crush on the former Winter Soldier was evident to everyone in the tower but Bucky apparently. 

You saw Steve grab the milk carton out of the fridge and drink straight from it, fortunately breaking you from your hypnotized reverie, leading to you snort in disgust. 

“I know you’re practically a 100 year old man but I know your mother didn’t raise you in a barn Rogers,” you remarked. 

You were met with an appreciate laugh from Bucky, and instantly your cheeks reddened about three shades of crimson. You looked away, averting his gaze. 

“Morning Y/N,” you heard him say. 

You awkwardly nodded and muttered, “James.” You cleared your throat and excused yourself, heading out of the compound with your book in tow. You walked until you reached the outskirts of the compound’s property line just before it turned into forest terrain. You sat down and leaned against the bark of one of the trees, relaxing into a comfortable position before settling into reading your book, completely unaware that Bucky had been watching you from the kitchen window. 

You read until you felt your eyes get tired. Closing your book, you let out a long stretch, groaning when you heard the bones in your back crack, earning a much needed reprieve from sitting in the same place for so long. Making your way back toward the compound, you didn’t realize how hungry you were until you heard your stomach grumble. 

“How was your book?” you heard a voice call out. You turned and saw Bucky sitting on the couch, a closed journal in one hand and a pen in the other. 

“It was fine,” you replied, setting off for the kitchen. You could suddenly feel your heart pounding in your ears, spurred on further when Bucky got up and followed you into the kitchen. 

“You have something in your hair…um-do you want me to get it out?” He asked, a warm smile on his lips. 

“Oh!” you cried out, embarrassed as your hand flew up to one side of your hair, trying to seek out the unwanted accessory. 

Just when you thought you couldn’t unravel any further, you heard Bucky chuckle. “Here, let me,” he said, stepping closer to you. He outstretched his hand toward your hair, and you couldn’t help the fresh crop of gooseflesh that peppered your skin when his fingertips made contact with the back of your hair. When he pulled his hand back, he showed you the culprit. A stray leaf that had fallen from the tree during your morning read.

“Thanks Bucky,” you say, not quite meeting his eye level. 

“Y/N,” Bucky called out, his voice softened. “Have I done something to upset you?” 

“What?” you gasped, shocked. “No!”

“Are you sure?” he asked. “You talk to everyone on the team but me. Whenever I’m in the room, you get all quiet. And then you leave. Like you couldn’t be in more of a hurry to get away from me. If there’s something I’ve done, please tell me so I can make it right.” 

You shook your head and expelled it with a shaky breath. “No Bucky, I promise you haven’t done anything to upset me.” 

“Then what is it? I mean, if…” he said, his eyes going wide in realization. “Oh, I see.” 

“Yeah,” you tensely laughed, protectively folding your arms across your chest. “Look Bucky, it’s just a crush. I promise things will get normal between us soon and I won’t act like some socially inept moron. You just have to let me get over it.” 

As soon as you tried to brush past him, you felt his soft touch on your hand, effectively holding you back. Gently, he pulled you back, turning you around to face him, his eyes a feral mix of predatory lust and genuine adoration. 

“What if I don’t want you to get over it Y/N?” 

“What…why wouldn’t you?” 

Bucky smiled and brought a single finger up to your cheek, caressing the length of your blushed cheekbone until it reached an errant strand of your tresses, tucking it gently behind your ear. “I thought it was pretty obvious doll.” You finally allowed yourself to begin to relax in his arms, even going so far as to smile at him, playfully biting your bottom lip. Searching each other’s eyes, you both tried hard to emote love, acceptance, but most of all, permission. As though you were both finally on the same page, you stretched your neck while Bucky lowered his head, your lips tenderly touching each other. Quickly you felt your kiss quicken in its pace, every nerve under your skin lit on fire at each new exploration of his hands on your body. 

Leaning against the island to gain momentum, you grabbed Bucky by the sides of his shirt and pulled him toward you, using your tongue to push against his lips. He granted you his permission as his lips parted, your nerves renewed once more at the sensation of his warm tongue dancing with yours. You groaned when you felt his hardening length press itself against your thigh. 

Pulling away, you nervously chuckled and half covered your face. “I’m sorry,” you sheepishly grinned. 

“Don’t be sorry doll,” Bucky smirked. “Do you have any idea how bad I want you?” he asked. 

Before you could reply, Sam cleared his throat and brushed past the both of you to get orange juice out of the fridge. “Well whatever you guys do, do it in your room. We eat here.” 

You buried your face in Bucky’s chest, trying to muffle your embarrassed laughter. Bucky pulled your chin up and arched a single eyebrow at you. As though you knew what he was asking, you nodded and let him lead you out of the kitchen toward his room, leaving the sound of both your laughs in a trail behind you. 

Steve came into the living room, smiling. “Y/N and Bucky?” he asked. 

“It’s about damn time,” Sam replied. 


I Can’t Help But Stare

Thanks to the amazing anon! I managed to write something! 
After finishing it, I realised that it is a very  cheesy, fluffy fic that involves you and Mark. I have no shame! 

(Y/E/C)- your eye colour

Originally posted by notsosepticeye

“Ok, so I lost to (Y/N) and Ethan lost to Mark,” Tyler summarized. “Meaning the finale is against Mark and (Y/N)!” 
You grinned, taking a seat opposite Mark. “I still think this is the stupidest video that will plague the internet.” You said. “And that’s saying a lot since it’s competing with Mark’s channel.” 
The boys laughed, while Mark took on an expression of mock hurt. “I thought you loved me, (Y/N)” He whimpered. “I thought you believed in my work.” 
You sighed and crossed your legs on the seat. Reclining against the chair and staring at your boyfriend. 
“Your pushing my belief into doubt with this “staring competition challenge”. Can you three not think of anything better?” 
The boys shrugged, not giving you much hope or reassurance. 

“Now remember, the first to look away or blink, loses.” Ethan said. Your eyes were already glued to Mark’s, and it took all of your strength not to look at Ethan as he started making funny faces at the brunet man-child. 
“Starting in, 3…2…1…GO!” Tyler yelled and silence quickly swallowed the room. Seconds ticked by, and you were already giggling. 
Amazing content right here,” You said, “So riveting to watch two grown adults stare at each other.” 
“Well, I’m certainly enjoying the view.” Mark replied. You poked your tongue at him, ignoring the heat that wormed across your cheeks. 
“Flattery won’t give you this victory, Markimoo.” You sneered. 
“We’ll see, babe.” 
More seconds ticked by. Tyler and Ethan danced around the two of you. In the corner of your eye, you could make out Tyler pulling strange faces while wearing a ridiculously orange wig. While Ethan had Chica by the front paws and was doing some sort of waltz. 

“You know you have really beautiful eyes,” Mark said and you focused back on the man. “That shade of (Y/E/C) is mesmerizing. Especially when the afternoon sun reflects off of them. Absolute perfection.” 
Your instinct was to look away. Avoid his adoring stare as the blush brightened your skin. But you held firm. Pressing your lips in a thin line to keep from giggling like an idiot.
“Those delicate cheekbones. Your smooth and soft lips. Everything about your face is so dazzling, I can do nothing but stare.” 
“You shouldn’t have a problem with this challenge then,” You said, unable to keep a wide smile from your face. 
Mark’s grin was almost mocking. A little smug.
He knew how you felt about flattery. It was basically your kryptonite. Turning you to puddy at even the smallest compliment. 

Mark leaned forward a bit. Resting his elbow on his knee and holding his chin in his hand. His eyes gazed into yours, his expression gentle. 
Why did he have to look at you like that?
“Every morning, when I roll over to look at you, I feel so happy to have you by my side. To wake up and see your hair all messy, your face untouched by that cake you put on. And when you open your eyes, all tired and puffy, I feel blessed to see your true beauty.”
You bit your lip. Your whole body was flush with embarrassment and giddiness. “Everything about you is so angelic. Even when you look away in embarrassment. Or laugh so hard you’re on the ground. It’s all so bewitching to watch.” 
“Stop it,” You said with a laugh. “This is so not fair!” 
“But the worst thing about it is that you don’t see it. You’re an amazing person. So full of life, so full of laughter, that when you walk into a room, it’s brightened by your smile.” His gaze burned into you. You were frozen in place. “Even on your bad days  I see so much light radiating from you, it almost blinding. You can do anything and everything! I believe in you. And I hope one day, everything you wish for, will find it’s way to you. And I hope that, when that day comes, I’ll be there to see you bask in your own brilliance. And come to the realization that you are something incredible.” 
Your eyes were almost teary. You glanced down, blinking and smiling, then you snapped your head up and gasped. 
“Wait! No, that’s cheating!” You shrieked. But it was already too late. Mark whooped with victory, grinning profusely and laughing. 
“Sorry, babe, I win! Markimoo flattered his way to victory!” He hollered excitedly.
You groaned and slid off your chair. Pretending to storm off angrily and disappearing off screen. 

You stopped when you saw Tyler and Ethan sitting on the floor. Their eyes fixated on Mark with awe and open mouths.
“Tell us more,” Ethan begged.
“How much do we mean to you Mark?” Tyler asked. And Mark ended the video with you collapsing on the ground in fits of laughter and Ethan wrapping himself around his left leg, yelling “Senpai!”  

Ficlet: Purple

@klangst-week Day 3 – Hurt/Comfort

Summary: After Keith’s heritage is revealed to the team, Lance helps Keith comes to grips with his past – and his present.

It didn’t take a tech genius, a warrior princess, a fearless leader, a mechanical gourmand, a headstrong royal advisor, or a daring fighter pilot to find Keith in the Castle of Lions. As soon as the team meeting broke, Keith and Allura both fled the room, and to Lance’s shock, Shiro went after Allura, not Keith. Hunk and Pidge gathered to talk about the upcoming battle strategy, so with a heavy sigh, Lance went after Keith.

He found Keith on the training deck, already slicing his way through the gladiators with an intensity he saved for Shiro, Zarkon himself, and Lance every so often when he pushed the right buttons.

And Lance always pushed the right buttons.

The Blue Paladin crossed the deck and stood next to the bench, waiting for Keith to notice him. It didn’t take long – only seven gladiators or so – before Keith got his ass kicked enough to growl, “What do you want?”

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how would fukuzawa, yosano, dazai, atsushi, chuuya, akutagawa, and koyou react if they are suddenly 'attacked' by their s/o, who jumps at them and starts peppering them with kisses?

Fukuzawa Yukichi

  • Never in a million years can you sneak up on Fukuzawa, no matter how hard you try. From the moment he comes within fifteen feet of you, he’ll notice you tucked away in your hiding spot, waiting for him. He’s puzzled, and doesn’t quite know if he should call you out or not, so he simply stares at you quizzically until you decide to strike.
  • When you spring at him, Fukuzawa’s even more confused. A single eyebrow rises as you mount your attack, and he watches you, unsure if he should even as what you’re up to. When you reach him, though, and begin assaulting him with kisses he immediately catches on to your purpose. A satisfied smile stretches across his face as you speckle his skin, lips trailing every inch of his face. After a few moments he lets out a laugh.
  • Without warning, Fukuzawa suddenly flips the tables and sweeps you up into his arms, squishing you in a gigantic, tight hug. He chuckles as you squirm in his grip, but holds firm. Fukuzawa plants a few kisses of his own across your cheeks before setting you down, satisfied. He would never say something so dreadfully cliche out loud, but he’s thankful that he managed to find someone as energetic as you. You spirit helps him feel as though he doesn’t have quite so many years hanging heavy on his shoulders (he may not be all that old yet, but some days, he definitely feels like it).
  • After you’re safely on the ground again, Fukuzawa captures your chin between his thumb and forefinger and tugs you into a deep kiss. Slowly, he massages your lips with his own, pulling you into pure bliss with his teeth and tongue. Where kissing’s involved, Fukuzawa’s hard to beat, and it’s going to take a lot more than a simple surprise attack to one-up him.

Yosano Akiko

  • If there’s anyone that gets wrapped up in their work, it’s Yosano Akiko. Sneaking up on her is no big task, especially if she’s engrossed in paperwork, or perhaps a novel she’s been reading lately. All you need to do is lie in wait until she’s focused on something, and you’re practically guaranteed a successful surprise attack.
  • After you’ve pounced on her, Yosano simply laughs, setting aside whatever was occupying her to fully concentrate on you. Once you’ve pulled her away from something, there’s no escaping her notice; she’s 100%, completely focused on you now. You can’t slip away from Yosano even if you want to.
  • Yosano wraps her arms around you, looping them underneath yours so that your hands still have free range as she holds you. She plants one chaste peck on your lips before pulling back in a silent command to proceed. Yosano remains in your grips, basking in the affection you’re showering her with. No kisses will ever be enough to satiate her voracious appetite for your love, but as long as your lips keep ghosting across her skin, she’s temporarily satisfied. Giggles bubble out of her chest as she threads her hands through your hair, tugging you closer to her skin if she thinks you’re not keeping a fast enough fast.
  • When you’re through, pulling back in an attempt to halt the kiss attack, Yosano immediate grabs for you, tugging your face to be about a breath from hers. “I didn’t say you could stop,” she points out, voice somewhere between a purr and a whine. Be prepared to be showering Yosano with kissses for hours, if you ambush her; she won’t let you go free until she’s satisfied, and that may take a long time.

Dazai Osamu

  • If you think you can surprise Dazai, you’ve got another thing coming. From the moment the idea entered your head to attack the man, he’s had an inkling that a plot’s spinning around in your head. While Dazai’s curiosity prods him to confront you, he also wants the surprise to be genuine. Thus, even though he expects some kind of trick from you, Dazai still lets your sneaking around carry on uninterrupted. 
  • Dazai’s nothing if not an actor; even though he knew something was up, he acts completely surprised when you pounce on him. Flailing wildly, Dazai yelps, pretending like he’s stuck in a life-or-death battle. “Kunikida, Atsushi, someone!” He cries out, grin spread wide across his face as he lets you blanket his skin in kisses. “Help me! I’ve been trapped by a wily vixen!” Dazai falls to the ground, laughter bubbling out as you sprinkle kisses all over his cheeks. 
  • “I won’t go down without a fight!” Dazai proclaims. Suddenly, his fingers dive into your sides, tickling furiously. It’s not the first time he’s used such dirty tactics, and it probably won’t be the last! Dazai tickles you mercilessly until you’re both rolling on the floor, tears leaking out from all the laughter.
  • Whether you win this battle or not all depends on if you keep kissing Dazai. If you dodge his wiggling fingers enough to keep peppering his face, or if you start tickling him back, he’ll cave within five minutes. “I’ve been vanquished…” Dazai laments, sitting up to plant a kiss of his own on your nose. “I’m truly no match for you, my darling __________.”

Nakajima Atsushi

  • If Atsushi’s wrapped in what he’s doing, slipping into your hiding place and springing out on him is nearly effortless. He’s completely oblivious to your presence until your arms suddenly twist around him, mischief in your eyes and a grin spread across your face. He’s nearly thrown off balance and almost topples to the ground, but Atsushi doesn’t care. He’s already smiling (albeit a bit nervously) before you even plant your lips on him.
  • The moment you start spreading kisses here-there-and-everywhere all over Atsushi’s face, a crayon-pink blush explodes across his cheeks under your lips. He explodes into a fit of adorable giggles, throwing his arms out before wrapping them around you in a tight hug. Atsushi squirms under the volley of smooches; he’s ridiculously ticklish, and the fact that you’re simply not letting up isn’t helping anything!
  • As long as nobody else is watching you, Atsushi inevitably catches your kissing bug and soon returns a few pecks of his own.  His arms playfully tighten around you so that you’re trapped, and then he starts lightly peppering kisses along your cheekbones in between the little smooches from you. Soon a competition’s raging between you; who can kiss the other the most without being interrupted by a kiss?  
  • If anyone else is around, Atsushi soon grows too embarrassed by your little shower of affection and buries his face in your neck, laughing. He giggles out a breathless “Stop! Truce, truce, I submit!”. Honestly, though, Atsushi doesn’t really want you to knock it off. He’s perfectly content if you ignore his pleas, and go on splattering kisses across his skin.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • Catching Chuuya unawares is a truly difficult task, but if you’re truly commited, you can sneak up on him if he’s on the middle of some important paperwork or something of that nature. He sees you coming before you reach him, naturally, but he stays still, letting you pounce on him without a fuss, even if he’s a bit confused.
  • As soon as your lips start hitting his skin in light little kisses, Chuuya’s face breaks out in a grin as his arms wrap around you. You’re just so cute, he can’t handle it! A laugh rumbles out of Chuuya’s chest as he stands still for a few beats, just appreciating this sudden burst of affection.
  • Chuuya, though, is never one to be outdone, even by you. He doesn’t let you smother his skin for long before his arms shift and he’s suddenly sweeping you off your feet, his strong arms capturing you so that you can’t resist. As soon as you’re pinned in his grasp, comfortably encircled in his arms, Chuuya turns the tables.
  • Chuuya peppers you with kisses instead, a grin plastered against his face as his lips travel all over your skin, attacking here and there until you’re a blushing, giggling mess. He does relish affection, to be sure; but with things like this, why receive when you can give? Chuuya loves to get your face flushed and laughter bubbling from your chest, and he’ll do anything to make you smile.

Ryunosuke Akutagawa

  • For how guarded Akutagawa is, pouncing on him from the shadows in a sneak attack is surprisingly easy. Dealing with him afterward is the tricky part. When your arms clasp around him, intending to pull him into sweet little kisses, he immediately tenses. Akutagawa’s attack mode flips on instantly, and it’s a good thing you’re planting your lips on the back of his neck, because otherwise Rashomon might’ve skewered you. The only thing that saves you from a self-defending smack is the fact that Akutagawa recognizes you’re the only person that would dare kiss him.
  • Sighing, Akutagawa turns to face you, the tiniest of carnation pink blushes blooming across his face as you lean to splatter kisses across his cheeks. After you’ve thoroughly covered his face, he sends you a glare (there’s no real heat in it, of course; Akutagawa’s just upset that you could’ve been hurt by catching him off guard). “You know I don’t appreciate surprises,” he grumps, though he doesn’t push you away. He immediately panics when he notices your face fall, obviously hurt by his words. “I suppose, though, this one’s fine…” Akutagawa trails off before deciding he can’t just leave you crestfallen and without kisses.
  • Tipping your face to his, Akutagawa sweeps his lips over yours, settling once you’re firmly comfortable in his arms. He lavishes affection across your mouth, teeth and tongue slowly working against yours as you melt into his grip. Akutagawa cuts it off when you’re both out of breath and have entirely forgotten his less-than-thrilling reaction to your surprise kiss attack. “Next time,” he requests, planting a tiny kiss on your nose for good measure, “warn me, and I promise I’ll enjoy every kiss you give.” With that, Akutagawa’s back to his business like nothing ever happened.

Ozaki Kouyou

  • Nobody sneaks up on Kouyou; no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to spring a surprise attack on this woman. From the moment you get positioned, Kouyou’s entirely aware where you are. She knows you’re up to something, even if she’s not sure what. Kouyou won’t call you out; your antics intruige her too much for her to ask you just what you’re up to. She simply waits, side-eyeing you, until you make your move. 
  • “My, you’re excitable today,” Kouyou chuckles as you spring your attack, peppering kisses up and down her skin. Usually, she’s not one for bubbly displays of affection, but when you’re wound up, she can’t help but catch a bit of your vivacity. 
  • Kouyou lets you smother her in light kisses for awhile, leaning into you. Gently wrapping her arms around your waist, she simply basks in your presence, a tiny smile flirting with the edges of her lips.
  • Eventually, Kouyou grows restless with your sweet display. Catching your chin between her thumb and forefinger, she halts you mid-kiss. “Now, my dear, you know you shouldn’t be so teasing for such a long time,” she purrs, tugging you flush against her. Pulling your face to hers, Kouyou plants her soft lips gently against yours, slowing shifting against your skin. Slowly but surely, she takes control of the kiss, letting her tongue slip out to taunt your mouth. Kouyou doesn’t mind sweetness, and she’ll accept any affection from you; just don’t be surprised when she pulls you down into something deeper, shifting the mood from lighthearted to sensual in a few expert moves.
Don’t Do Anything

◦ pairing: reader x hyungsik

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 1.7k

◦ request: @damned-fangirl: GIRL I JUST FOUND YOUR BLOG BC THE THIRST FOR HYUNGSIK IS REAL so I was wondering if I can request a fluffy scenario with him? Like tons of Kissen and all that stuff maybe cuddling and a little sexy smth? Lmao if not its fine too LOVE YOU WRITING THO ❤

@nct-127am: hyungsik scenario where they come back from a date and have a makeout session (your writing is really good btw!!)


◦ a/n: I don’t know why but I’m honestly always surprised at the amount of Hyungsik requests I’m getting <3 the poor boy don’t get love wherever he goes (@AhRo look what you missed out on ya loser) BUT ITS OKAY CAUSE I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE TO LOVE HIM

R E Q U E S T || M A S T E R L I S T

You stumbled in backwards as the door pushed open, your chest lurching with panic at the falling sensation. Your boyfriend jumped forward, his strong arms cushioning your drunken hysteria with an amused chuckle. The fabric of his shirt was so soft, bunched under your tensed fingers at his shoulders. “You’re so strong…” you purred, hungrily dragging him in by the neckline of his shirt. The alcohol hummed through your veins and you could feel its grip on you as everything seemed to blur in your vision. The churning heat at the base of your stomach continued to burn strong as you felt your boyfriend’s strong arms firm around your back. Alcohol made you horny every time, without fail. Hyungsik pulled you up gently, keeping your body pressed against his to steady you. You let your lips drag along his neck sloppily as you soaked in the feeling of his heartbeat against yours. His skin was soft and warm to the touch, so familiar under your lips.

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Seventeen - Hip Hop Unit Reacting to Finding Out You Have Freckles

Request: Hey, Can u do a Seventeen’s hip hop unit when they discovered that their girlfriend has freckles because she always hide them with make up?

I tried my best with this! (I think I got a little carried away with Wonwoo’s reaction oops) Thank you so much for sending me this request, I enjoyed writing it!


Originally posted by imbangnzelo

It was your first inside date with Seungcheol since it was raining outside (you always hung outside because of the sunny weather), so you decided that you weren’t going to try to ‘casually’ dress up and left your face bare with make up. You lounged around on the couch and waited for him to enter your home. Considering you had already given him a spare key to your house once you two started dating for three and a half months, you weren’t worried about who was entering the door right this second.

You put your phone on the coffee table and sat up with a beaming grin on your face, looking at the door to see Seungcheol with his hand on the wall, slipping his shoes off and neatly pushing them to the side. You stand up from the couch to walk towards him while holding your arms out, the grin widening on your face when you feel his strong arms wrap around your waist to bring you in for a warm hug.

Brushing the tip of his nose along your cheek, he then picked you up, causing you to squeal involuntarily when you felt that your feet weren’t touching the floor anymore.

He carried you back to the middle of the living room, laughing mockingly as he then threw the both of you onto the couch with his hand bracing the back of your head so you don’t hurt yourself. You shift around a bit to get comfortable before Seungcheol frames your cheeks with his large, warm palms, leaning down to sponge a bundle of noisy kisses on your face. He continues to kiss your bare face when you giggle for him to stop before he presses a loud smooch to your nose.

“I missed you, sweetheart.” he cooed, pulling away slightly to brush his fingers through your hair with a fond smile. His eyes sweep over your face to admire every one of your features before pausing, his breath catching. He gently squishes your cheeks with one hand and grins, kissing your chin and forehead. “Why didn’t you tell me you had freckles, cutie? They’re so adorable.” he claims, firmly squeezing you to his chest.


Originally posted by jeonu

Wonwoo decided to stay over at your house because he found it very warm and comfy. He liked how you used scented candles to make the rooms smell nice instead of air freshener and your place just had a soft ambience to it.

You both were currently laying on the sofa with him underneath you. Your back was pressed against his firm chest, your head tilted to the side so it rest on the front of his shoulder.

You were reading a book while (half asleep) Wonwoo was watching something on his phone with his cheek resting against your temple, earphones snug in his ears. You snuggle against him comfortably to gain more warm from his body, turning a page in your book as his arm curls around your waist, twisting his fingers around with the hem of your shirt. Carefully, you put your bookmark at the beginning of another chapter before closing your book, putting it down on the coffee table with a faint ‘thud’.

Wonwoo yawned quietly and pulled you closer to his chest while brushing his thumb back and forth along your hip, his lips printing a featherlight kiss against your forehead. Tilting your head up, you carefully take his glasses away from his face, slipping them on yourself. You readjusted them so the pair of spectacles rested on the bridge of your nose.

He looked down at you curiously with a blank and sleepy gaze, moving his hand from your hip to the curve of your jaw so he could lean your head back to get a better look at your face. He hummed in appreciation at how pretty you looked with his glasses on you and framed your cheek with his palm, noticing how there were freckles spread across your face. He brushed a few of the little spots with his thumb and smiled fondly, his eyelids fluttering just the slightest as he leans in to kiss your freckled nose.

His lips then brush along your cheekbone which causes you to shiver a little, “Your freckles are so adorable, baby.” he murmurs, running his fingers through your hair, “I wish you can wear makeup less often so I can see your freckles much more.”


Originally posted by echlomusic

Vernon dramatically flops onto your couch with a groan, rolling around to get himself comfy before he starts to stretch his arms above his head with a yawn. “That movie was really good,” he comments and you hum in agreement, patting his cheek with a pleased smile as you take off your coat and rub your arms to warm your skin up.

“I’m just gonna go change, okay?” you tell him and he responds with a quiet yes, turning the television on with the remote as you went up the stairs to your home.

You stretch your arms above your head, tilting your head side to side to stretch your neck. You walk into your bedroom and shuffle towards your closet to change into a t-shirt and a pair of sweats, moving towards your dresser where you pick up the bag of makeup remover.

Sitting down on the stool, you remove your fake lashes while delicately wiping away all of the makeup you had put on your face.

Vernon walked in on you thoroughly wiping away at your eyelids and watches in interest, making a face while walking towards you with a smile on his face.

He hugs you from behind and looks down at you before watching you through the mirror, “You’re taking too lo-” he doesn’t get to finish his sentence when you glance at him through the mirror and he sees the freckles that adorn your face.

He gazes at you in awe, his lips parted as he runs his fingers through your hair. “You have freckles?” he mumbles shyly, bending down a little so he was leveled with your sitting form, taking a closer look at your soft skin with a look of amazement, “they’re so pretty, babe.”


Originally posted by meatgyu

Mingyu was fiddling with his empty cup as he pouted his lips. He was waiting for you at the cafe, but it seemed that you were running a bit late. He kept his scarf wrapped around his neck so he could stay warm and cozy inside, bouncing his knee up and down while looking down at his watch.

Ten minutes late.

That’s okay, he thinks to himself and changes his position on his chair, feeling like his left leg was gonna become numb if he didn’t move. Exactly three minutes later, Mingyu, who was looking at the cafe door, saw you run into it.

He quietly laughed to himself because it seemed like you thought it was a push and not a pull. Moments after struggling to get the door open, Mingyu was restless in his chair for laughing so much because you took so long to get inside. He wiped under his eyes to catch the tears that were forming at the corners and he grins when he sees you rush towards him.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” you pout and pull your mitts off so that you can slip off your scarf. “I know I don’t look that good - I didn’t put on any makeup because I was rushing to get here.” you tried to make an excuse and rubbed your hands together while your cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

“I took a longer nap than expected.” you smiled pathetically and sat down across from Mingyu as he listened to you rambling, a fond expression on his face.

“It’s okay, cutie.” he hums and reaches out to you, tapping your freckled nose, “even though I waited a while, the situation blessed me with the image of your freckles.” he cooes, lightly pinching your cheek with an awestruck grin.

[Oneshot] Jungkook - First Love

Word Count : 1,160

Genre : slight fluff, kind of angsty

A/N: I was about to make it as a drabble, but I didn’t realize the word count reached 1k c:


One skip of heartbeat for his brown eyes.

Two skips of heartbeat for his figure.

Three skips of heartbeat for his smile.

The internal organ inside your chest just seemed to recall its old routine all over again, one that could only be done when you looked at him. You never expected this encounter, but he was right in front of you, alive, breathing, not just a pixelated image on your phone screen.

“Jeon Jungkook.”

His name still rolled on your tongue smoothly, with no crack of voice and such.

“(Y/N).” He looked equally in disbelief. The passers-by’s voices suddenly diminished around the both of you, followed by their restless shadows.

Jeon Jungkook was your first boyfriend, and it was safe to say that he wa your first love, too. He accepted your almost eccentric self just the way you were, and you accepted every nook and cranny of his timid personality. Just like two puzzles that didn’t look alike, you both somehow managed to click yourselves somewhere in each of your sides.

But his family decided to move out of the small city you both met in, aiming for a better future and a safe place from all the debt collectors, so you had to say your goodbye. You both were too young, and no one — not even yourself — could assure the both of you that long distance relationship would work. So you both broke the tie, together with the communication that you knew would just make you beg to be together with him again.

While you’d finally manage to suppress the deadly horror of longing, he suddenly showed up again in your life, just as if he was mocking your hard work with his sweet presence.

“You still look the same.” He approached your frozen limbs, as your mind still couldn’t digest the reality that Jungkook really was right in front of you.

“Thank you.” Your mind was in a jumble, it processed his words earlier as a compliment. Once he raised his fingers, you instantly grabbed them, trying to feel the warm skin against yours. He was real. This wasn’t a dream.

Jungkook chuckled at your still-blank face, before his arms circled around your shoulders tightly, just like how he always did it when he walked you home after school.

“I miss you so much.”

Steam was waltzing above your cup of coffee, and you secretly took a glance at the person behind it.

Jungkook tapped his finger onto his own cup, unaware of your staring eyes. You still couldn’t believe how he still looked flawless after all these years — his skin still looked so smooth, his nose was still as tall and slender as you remembered it, and the only difference was the missing two buns of cheeks that you adored so much. They were replaced by the sharp edges of jawlines, and tall cheekbones that transformed his image from a small guy to a mature man.

He cleared his throat, and the thundering voice from his throat startled you from your trance. “How have you been, (Y/N)?”

You shrugged your shoulders with a smile. “As good as I’ve ever been.” You chuckled. “What about you?”

“I’m good, too. My family is officially debt-free.” He showed off his signature bunny grin, and that made you realize that so many girls could’ve fallen in love with him when he left.

“That’s really great to hear. I’m so happy for you,” you responded with a smile equally bright. He sighed contentedly, before leaning in from across the table. “How’s your college? Did you get in to the major that you want?”

“Yeah, apparently. My father gave up convincing me to take Law after my attempts of running away.” You laughed the dark memories off like it didn’t affect your familial relationship at all, but Jungkook frowned with evident worry. “You never give up on rebelling, do you?”

You nodded with a sheepish expression. “But it’s all good now.”

Silence seeped in. You glanced at his hands, and now you were dying to hold them again, but there wasn’t any special excuse for you to do that like you did in the past.

“How about guys, hm?” His brave question brought your sight back to his face. He never liked talking about romance nor dating — it took you about two weeks after you two got together to make him say “I love you” while looking straight to your eyes. Yet he could ask you that oh-so-easily.

You swirled a strand of your hair with your finger. “No one special.” You avoided his captivating orbs. “To be honest, no one has been special ever since we… broke up.”

Just then, his hands that were radiating cosiness traveled across the wooden table, grabbing your free ones in his.

Your eyes widened in surprise, and though he was chuckling deeply, you could see through his reddened cheeks and nervous voice. “To be honest, the same goes for me.”

A relieved smile washed over your face. You were worried when he appeared at your vision; did he have a new girlfriend already? It’d been a couple of years, that’s a long enough time to find a new person, right?

Instead, you pulled his chin forward, clashing his plump lips to your peachy ones. They still felt the same, only a bit frostbitten in the midst of winter, but they never failed to make you crave more.

A thousand of memories flooded your mind, from the first time your view darted at his lost face in the school, all the secret basecamps you two created just for the comfort of the both of you, all the shared laughters and spilled tears only you and him knew, until the moment he waved his goodbye in the train station.

But the sudden rush of thoughts was interrupted with a sonorous sound of clashing glass plates the waiter was struggling with, and that brought you back to the idle, brown-painted cafe, where you two reunited this day.

You pulled back from the kiss, huffing from the cold and the overwhelming softness of his lips. He stared at you, giving a full look of his ethereal brown irises.

You replied his smile with a small grin. You never believed you managed to get someone as perfect as him to be by your side for a fairly long time, and maybe — just maybe — fate could’ve decided to bring you back to him for any reason it has.

“There’s something I didn’t tell you the day I left for Seoul,” he started. You were too focused on his face, engulfing every bit that you missed from years back.

“What is it?”

He took a deep breath, before saying,

“you are the best first love I could ever ask for.”

Your grin grew bigger.

“The same goes for me.”

You both laughed, and he hummed in thoughts.

“Say, what about we try again?”

Mr. and Mrs.- Joshua Fluff

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Request: Hello! Hopefully you’re not too busy for a little scenario request for teh smol bean, Joshua Hong (17). Could it please be about the ‘morning after ;)’ your wedding? Mostly fluffy, but I don’t mind a little 'heated action’ … gosh I sound creepy when i say it like that XD. Anyway, thank you very very much ^^

Word Count: 1182

Warnings: Mentions of adult scenarios (but zero actual smut, I ain’t ready for that yet since I am still a young bean.)

Genre: Fluffy (yet scruffy XD)

Member/Group: Joshua of SEVENTEEN

A/N: Clearly you guys like Joshua scenarios because I literally have 2 different ones from anons right now. I don’t mind at all, but please send in requests like the one I am posting this scenario for as they include more detail and I have an easier time writing them. Just telling me you want a fluff isn’t enough, and I may need to start combining requests too if this keeps happening.

 The first thing that entered your mind when you woke up was a very simple question; why the heck does my back hurt so much? Ah, that’s right, I am not alone in this bed… (wink wink)

 You turned onto your other side and the angelic face of your now-husband greeted you. It was extremely tempting to shake him awake, but you frankly did not have that type of strength right now and it was much more appealing to look at his god-like features. His adorably rounded nose, his cheekbones that were higher than your hopes had ever been, and his pouted lips that had been the cause lots of disheveled looks in the 5 years you had been together. All these things made up the man that you loved so dearly, and they only made you fall deeper in love with him.

 Joshua had been introduced to you by a mutual friend in high school. Neither of you had many friends in the small Los Angeles school where students mostly just went to school to sleep. It was a breath of fresh air to meet someone who wasn’t asking you for chemistry notes, though you both did teach each other some things about chemistry. (once again, wink wink) Clearly, your bond was strong enough to maintain a healthy long distance relationship as he had popped the question only one year ago.

 “Take a photo, it lasts longer.”Joshua’s throaty morning voice startled you, and his eyes peeked open. He let out a large yawn as his hand stroked your cheek, and you smiled at his goofy bed hair.

 “Well, Mr. Hong, I could say the same thing after what happened last night.”

 “Says you. ‘Oh, Joshua! Touch me more! Fast-” His voice was cut off by you pecking his lips and pinching his side.

 “If you ever wanna get laid again, I suggest you stop.” He gulped, and sat up in the pool of white sheets. Once again, he caught himself staring at you and thinking about how different things were now. You both had experienced new things last night, as each of you had promised that no matter how tempting things got, you promised to wait to have sex until your wedding night. Though most saw this as prudish, it only made your relationship stronger. You both had been looking forward to last nights events, and the anticipation that had built up since the promise was made only made it that much more special.

 “(Y/N), do you wanna order room service?” Thinking only for a second, you began nodding wildly. After all, a person can only handle a loud, growling stomach for so long.

 “I’ll get up to call, you just stay here.” You slowly got up and gasped when pain shot through your thighs. Joshua let out a small laugh, but the death glare you gave him caused the humor of the situation to be thrown out the window. By the time you actually managed to stand up, you were able to handle the short wobble to pick up your husbands shirt, which had been carelessly thrown across the room in a fit of lust, and put it on along with your abandoned pair of lace panties. It took a few minutes of searching to find the landline the hotel had so graciously offered, which had been hiding in the far corner of the large room.

 Quickly, you put in an order for breakfast and turned back towards your husband that had apparently dozed off in your absence. Carefully peeling back the covers was a pain, but it was worth it to keep Joshua asleep.You nestled yourself into his warm, bare chest and recollected your thoughts from the past few days.

 The ceremony was beautiful, and per Joshua’s request you had flown back to LA to get married at the church next to your old neighborhood. All of the family members that had been invited to the wedding had shown up, and the venue was breathtaking. Your dress was quite expensive, but Joshua’s Mother had insisted on taking you dress shopping and would not settle for anything but the most gorgeous gown they had. Sadly, the other boys of SEVENTEEN had to stay behind in Korea, but they had all dressed up in tuxes and participated in the ceremony over Skype. At one point, the screen had become disconnected and there had to be a quick break in the wedding so that someone could find a way for Joshua’s best friends to be a part of his big day. Now, after all that you went through for that day to arrive, you were able to lay down with your soulmate and just rest.

 You had been fighting to keep your eyes open when a sudden rapid knocking began on the thin wooden door.

 “Room service, for Mr. and Mrs. Hong!” You scurried up and went to grab real pajama pants so you could answer the door, waking up a dazed Joshua in the process. By the time you had opened the door, a small group of people were standing there with platters of breakfast foods in their hands. As they entered the room to set your order on the table, you said a quick thank you to God that there was a door separating the dining room and living room from the bedroom.

 On their way out, Joshua finally appeared from the bedroom, still shirtless but this time with thick gray sweatpants on his muscular legs. He gave you a quick peck and sat down at one of the chairs.

 “Oh (Y/N), you even remembered to get bacon! You sure do know how to make a dude happy!” His goofy smile appeared on his face and you both let out a few snorts of laughter before settling down to eat. There were waffles, bacon, fruit, coffee, the whole nine yards. Each delicious morsel made its way into your stomachs, and then you just sat there for a bit enjoying each others company.

 “Joshua? I know its kinda early to be talking about this, but I was wondering if you ever thought about having kids.” He let out a breath and sat back in his chair, delicately scooting closer to you.

 “Yeobo, I really do wanna have kids with you. I just really look forward to the idea of little mini-me’s and you’s running around. But, I don’t want to pressure you into anything like that so early. After all, we have a whole life to try for kids together now.”

 “I know, I just wanted to tell you… I trust you and I’m ready. I don’t care if we start today or a few years from now, I just wanted to say that I love you and am prepared to become a family.” His gaze softened, and he laced your fingers with yours as he pushed the now empty plate of food away from you.

 “Well then, Yeobo… wanna start now?”

*** Gotta leave that little cliffhanger just to be an asshole, lol. I hope you guys enjoyed my writing, as I did try very hard to make sure this was of the best quality for you guys. Thanks for reading, and I love y’all!xx

This and all my love

Summary: you are deeply in love with bucky but some persons are jealous and don’t want you to be happy

Pairing: bucky x reader

Warnings: angst, fluff, fluff, fluff, asshole Natasha

Word count: 3838 !!!!!

Requested by : @melconnor2007

You woke up to sunshine filling your room and soft snores next to you.

You tried to fully wake up and glanced around the room. The windows were open, he must have opened them when he came into bed to you. You didn’t mind though, knowing he could sleep better with open windows.

You turned your head to his side of the bed and there he was your boyfriend, bucky. His arm was lazily wrapped around your waist and his face hidden in your neck. The whole picture, let alone the thought of him sleeping next to you made you smile.

Its been all new and totally great. Only a few people knew about the two of you, the others were on a mission with no chance to communicate. It made you a little sad that you couldn’t tell them ,when all you wanted to do was scream it on top of your lungs while walking through the streets.

You still couldn’t believe how it happened. You closed your eyes thinking back to the day, two month ago, on which Bucky made the first step into a better future for both of you.

It was completely startling and you were concerned when he stalked into the room, with a clear aim. He looked confident, even though he told you, a few days later, his heart dropped to his stomach.

He approached you with fast steps and without any warning he brought his metal hand to your neck waiting for any sign of fear, but there wasn’t any. And then he dipped down to your small form and pulled you closer and up to him.

He just kissed you.

His lips melted into yours in a deep passionate kiss his left hand still resting on your neck as he put his knee up on the couch, which brought him closer to you and made you lean back onto the cushion on your elbows.

He brought his other hand to your waist massaging small circles into it as his mouth worked in perfect sync with yours. The kiss was deep and passionate but became softer and softer till he slowly pulled back with his eyes still closed, he brought the hand that was on your waist up to your cheek and finally looked at you with those beautiful eyes.

The two of you shared a moment just staring at each other before he picked you up bridal style and whispered into your neck “this is what I got (y/n), this and all my love” he stated softly.

You wrapped your arms around him “this and all my love” you answered as you gave him another deep kiss. 

You smiled to yourself, the thought always making the butterflies in your stomach go crazy, just as every other thing bucky did.

You suddenly felt soft fingers stroking your cheek like feathers and in that moment you realized the warm breath that used to tickle your neck only moments ago was gone.

Bucky was awake.

His hand cupped your cheek softly and his thumb ran over your cheekbone before you felt a loving yet passionate kiss on your lips and immediately kissed him back.

He pulled away and as you opened your eyes his shiny blue ones were already gazing at you. You smiled at him softly, resting one hand on his chest which hovered slightly above you since he was propped up on an elbow and his other hand was still on your cheek, making him lean over you.

“What were you smiling about love?” He asked softly his thumb beginning to stroke your cheekbone again.

“You and all your love” you replied and closed your eyes again.

He knew exactly what you meant, he thought back to that day too every so often. He smiled to himself and them captured your lips in another warm kiss.

He felt like now was the right time to tell you the three words. He told you he admired you and he adored you.

He knew very well that he was deeply and hopelessly absolutely head over heals in love with you and you knew it too, because you felt the same for him.

He wanted to say the words so he opened his mouth “I… Think we are going to be late if we keep this up.”

You chuckled and excused yourself to the bathroom closing the door after blowing him a kiss.

He fell down onto his back and his hands covered his face. He was such a stupid idiot. His damn mind. He wanted to say the words, he meant them he was sure but then. His brain filled his thoughts with so many worst case scenarios of him scaring you of, or you not feeling the same way that he just couldn’t do it. He loved you too much to loose you.

He scolded himself for being so insecure, for just letting all the doubts take over and not being able to control himself. He was so happy when he gathered all the strengths and braveness to kiss you for the first time and now he was to shy to say three words. He couldn’t believe it.

He pushed the thought into the back of his mind, wanting the day to be a good one, he made his way into the bathroom to join your shower. 

Both of you sat at the kitchen table surrounded by Steve, tony, Wanda and t'challa. Everyone else was still on their mission but everyone was used to not having all people and friends around.

You sat on Bucky’s lap, since he refused to let you sit so far away from him on the last available chair, four spots away from him. But it was of course only an excuse to have you near him, because the two of you did this every morning no matter how many chairs were available.

You talked to Steve as you absently shoved a spoon full of cereal into Bucky’s mouth every now and then. You could feel him peppering kisses all over you neck but you didn’t mind at all. So did the others. At the beginning they didn’t like it at all finding it annoying and not acceptable while they were eating but they eventually got used to it and even found it really adorable to see the both of you so deeply in love.

You finished breakfast and then your paths parted sadly both of you having different plans of the day. Bucky didn’t want to go and leave you alone but you told him to go and introduce the new agents since everything you would have to do was go over some files.

You said your goodbyes with several kisses. “And you text me whenever you need anything or something isn’t alright and I’ll be up here in three seconds.” He said and kissed you.

You laughed at him knowing very well that he was serious, he’d probably bring thirty different sorts of ice cream, a million plush teddys and five hundred roses along. But you loved him for being like that. A romantic.

You finally got him to leave as you pushed him into the elevator with a laugh. And there he wanted to say the words again, but he couldn’t, disappointed in himself he rode down all the way to the entrance. 

You made your way to the common room just as you saw the jet landing. You were excited and ran out to the others hugging them tight. You immediately dragged Natasha inside and onto the couch telling her about your new boyfriend.

She smiled at you, however the smile faded as you told her who it was, and so did yours at the sight of her. “What?” You asked in fear.

“You can’t be together with bucky.”

“Why not?!” You started to become angry at her, she didn’t have any right to rule over your life.

“Do you not know who he is ?”

“Natasha, He is not the winter soldier, he is bucky. He is a sweet lovely and caring guy and you don’t know anything.” You snapped at her angrily.

“He is a monster” she replied and that’s when she stepped over the line, you were about to explode you shot up from your spot on the couch about to hit her in the face “how dare you talk about him like that.”

She grabbed your hand  mid-air as it was only inches from your face and talked to you again “listen up (y/n) you keep the relationship with him up you are gonna pay for it. You’ll be sorry” she stated coldly and you looked at her with wide eyes and in shock, yanking your hand out of her grip and rushed down the hall and into your room.

You locked the door and slid down at it, only now progressing what happened. You started to cry with your palms pressed to your forehead in distraught. Your crying was quiet, no one knew what was happening on your side of the door and you were thankful for that.

You didn’t know what to do.

This whole situation overwhelmed you and you pushed yourself from the ground walking over to your closet. You packed your bag, took everything you could get in there with you and whipped your tears away. You made your decision. You were leaving.

Mostly to get a clear head but also because you wanted to protect bucky, you knew what Natasha was capable of and you just knew bucky would have a better life without you here. 

Bucky stepped out of the elevator three hours later, his muscles already feeling sore from his exhausting day. He walked into the common room and frowned as he saw your files laying on the glass table in exact the same position they laid in when he left you.

No one was there except for Steve who was reading a magazine “Steve have you seen (y/n)” he asked with a frown making Steve look up to him.

“Oh hey buck, its nice to see you too, yeah my day was good pretty relaxed how was yours ?” He answered with a sigh.

“Steve” bucky warned.

Steve shot him a glare “no I haven’t” he looked back down onto his magazine and in that moment bucky knew something was wrong.

“Thanks” he muttered as he pulled his phone out of his pocked hoping you left him a text or something but there was nothing. He headed of to your bedroom.

As soon as he opened the door his heart stopped. All your drawers and the doors of your closet were left open and all your clothes were gone. He supported himself at the chair next to your table as he looked around the room for any sign of hint to where you went but he found nothing.

His breathing hitched and he had a hard time with getting air into his lungs as he saw his whole life shattering apart into tiny little pieces that no one else except you could bring together again. He sat down on the chair feeling dizzy and a wave of sickness hit him. He started to cry into his palms. The tears streaming down his face softly.

“Friday would you tell Steve to come over immediately.” He asked the devise with a hiccup in between and only seconds later Steve came rushing into your room seeing bucky crying.

He rushed over to him and rested a comforting hand on his  shoulder.

“I lost her Steve, I lost the only good thing in my life.” He sobbed softly. “She left and that’s all my fault. I wanted to tell her I love her but I didn’t and now she’s gone.”

Steve ran his his hand up and down Bucky’s arm. It broke his heart to see his best friend like this, so far away from himself, only a shadow of him. In that moment he knew you weren’t  a part of his life, you didn’t have a special place in his life. No you were his whole life. And he knew bucky couldn’t live without you anymore and that thought ripped his heart even more. And in that second Steve swore himself he would find her. 

You called peter shortly after you left the tower. You were glad no one noticed you leaving and decided to stay with a friend for a while. Peter was your first option he was like your little brother, one of the few best friends you had and of course he immediately said yes.

The place he lived at was an advance too they wouldn’t bother to look for you in queens that fast and you knew they definitely would look.

Peter opened the door for you after you knocked. He hugged you tightly , may coming after him and surrounding you in an embrace as well. Peter brought your bags to the guest room they had. It was little but everything you needed and you thanked them, walking of to go to sleep hoping they didn’t hear your sobs, as you tried but failed to doze off. 

Steve walked down to the gym sadly in search for Sam, he spotted him at a punching bag in surprise that he still had so much power after such a long mission, but he didn’t question him. 

“Hey Sam” he started and Sam turned with an exhausted expression

“what’s up cap”

“I need your help” Sam frowned and removed his boxing gloves as he moved to sit besides Steve “what’s wrong”

“remember when we searched Bucky ?”

“Well of course, that were some interesting two years” Sam chuckled

“I need you to help me find (y/n)” Steve still looked to the ground with a frown

“what’s with her ?”

“She just left and no one knows where she is” he uttered.

“I think you should look up the places of all her friend first meanwhile I check up on security cams” he stood up and made his way to he door, not even thinking twice about helping Steve , and of course also bucky.

Steve smiled and went into the jet only to receive a text message shortly after , it was Sam telling him that you were seen in Queens, a security camera filmed you.

Steve sighed in relief, glad it wouldn’t take them too long to find you and made his way to the one boy he knew wouldn’t expect him , but he had no other choice. He wanted to get to you as fast as possible and bring you to bucky who didn’t even know what Steve was doing right now.

He cursed himself for not telling him, he was probably already on the other end of the world in search for you. Steve just hoped everything could get back to normal. 

There was a knock on the door some whispers and then you heard Steve talking to you through the door. Of course. Who else ? “(Y/n) ?“ 

You debated if you should just stay quiet and hope  he’d go away. He wouldn’t though since he knew you were in there. 

You stood up from the bed in the middle of the room and unlocked the door sitting back down with your head hanging low.

As soon as he heard the click Steve opened the door cautiously and stepped in, seeing you all shattered, a shadow of yourself just like bucky.

And that’s when he saw what true love meant. He saw what it meant to have a soulmate. He saw that whatever happened neither of you could live without the other one. It was in that moment when he understood the true meaning of love and the magic behind it. All its ups and downs, pros and cons, everything.

And he felt his own heart giving out at the sight of you, you were like a flower which could only life when it was with bucky, and so was he, and right now both of you were dying. 

Steve sat down next to you the side of your thighs and knees in touch. A moment of silence followed and Steve watched your hands fiddling with one another. He took one hand into both of  his and squeezed it softly. “What’s wrong peanut”

Usually you’d giggle at the nickname but you didn’t, you just shrugged your shoulders and kept staring down to the ground a tear slipping from your eye.

You tried to hold it back but it was to strong and now, now you gave up. You let the tears role down your checks in silence, sniffles echoing through the room.

Steve tugged at your shoulders and brought you into a tight hug. You appreciated it wrapping your arms around his waist tightly and crying into his shoulder. He stroked your hair as he spoke in a soft whisper. “Why did you leave sweety?” He asked, his words low but you heard them clear.

You sniffled one last time and hugged him tighter before completely pulling back and looking at him with your read puffy eyes. You used your palm to whipe away the tears and told him what happened between you and Natasha “she threatened me, Steve, she told me I’ll pay for it if I keep the relationship up” you said while you were crying.

was shocked. Surprised. Angry. All at once. He couldn’t believe a word of what you were saying but your tears told him that you spoke the truth. He held back his anger and surrounded you in a tight hug again. “Wanna come back home with me?”

You nodded against his chest and he pulled you up with him still in the hug as he picked up your bag and walked out of the room with your arms wrapped around his torso and your head on his shoulder. You sayd your goodbye to may and Peter and made your way to the jet as Steve flew you back home.

You thought about everything that happened in the last few hours and you just couldn’t help but think about bucky. “How has Bucky been.”

Steve looked over his shoulder to you sadly only speaking moments later. “Not good” he stated “he needs you (y/n) I’ve never seen him like this. You are his everything and it broke his heart when he  saw you left. ”

the tears started falling once again and you felt so bad for him “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-“ 

“Its okay (y/n) everything will turn out good” he reassured.

And for the first time since hours you were finally able to smile again, it was only a small smile but Steve saw it and he knew everything would be good.

The jet landed and Steve lead you into the elevator his hand on the small of your back as a sign that he was there whenever you needed him. The elevator rode down and you couldn’t help but feel nervous and once again bad. You hoped bucky would forgive you for what happened.

The doors opened and both, you and Steve, stepped out of the elevator. The first thing you saw was Bucky sitting on the large couch next to the table with your files with his head in his hands. He sat in front of his phone waiting for a call, a text , any sign of you completely distraught. 

You stood right next to the elevator, not sure what you should do. “Buck” Steve called out his hand still on your back.

His head snapped up and he saw you, his eyes looking directly into yours. He had tears in his eyes just as you did. You were afraid. He just sat there doing nothing but staring at you.

Then all of a sudden he jumped up from his seat and ran over to you, everything went too fast for you to react. He scooped you up and twirled you around his lips on yours in a soft kiss that told you how much he missed you.

Your hands rested on his shoulders but wandered up to the sides of his face as he stopped twirling and you wrapped your legs around his middle deepening the kiss. You kissed each other in passion it felt like hours went by until he finally pulled away and rested his forehead on yours a tear threatened to fall from his eye.

“I’m so sorry” you whispered. He only held you closer to him, your legs still wrapped around his torso.

Steve stood there, it wasn’t awkward. It wasn’t embarrassing. It was a wonderful moment the two of you shared. He stood there with a smile as he saw both of your worlds coming together to one.

Bucky signaled Steve to give him the  bag and took it walking down the hall, not making any effort of putting you down. Steve stepped into the elevator in search for Natasha, she was in for a real treat. Your arms were wrapped around his neck as you hugged him tightly with tears falling. Only this time they were happy tears.

“We’ve got some unpacking to do doll” he whispered into your ear as he entered your bedroom. But he didn’t put you down. He didn’t go to your closet. Instead he walked to your bed and put you down onto it softly, making it dip down only a little bit. He sat next to you on the edge of the bed as he gazed down to your laying form, your hands on your stomach until  one of them reached up to brush a strand of hair behind Bucky’s ear.

You smiled at him softly when he whipped your tears away. He leaned down to you slowly and brought his left hand up to your cheek as he captured your lips in another sweet kiss. Both of your lips melted together and you enjoyed the moment, not caring about any of Natasha’s words as you finally understood that Bucky was the only person you needed and no matter what happened or who tried to stop you from loving him, you would never.

He was everything you needed and even more and nothing and no one would ever tear you apart again, not now, not in the future , never.

He pulled away slowly, not wanting the kiss to end, in fear you could disappear, in fear this was just a dream. But it wasn’t. You stayed there with him and you would never leave again. Your eyes opened up and you looked into his blue ones as he smiled down at you.

“I love you (y/n)” he finally confessed before bringing your lips into another short kiss, he pulled away and rested his forehead on yours “I love you so goddamn much” your hands running through his hair as you smiled at him sweetly and he continued. “please, don’t ever leave me again.”

“I won’t” you kissed him again. “I love you too, so much" 

“This and  all of my love”

“This and all of my love”

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Papyrus: Faris, are you available at the moment?

Faris: Uh, sure.. What is it?

Papyrus: There is someone here I’d like you to meet!

Faris: And who might that be exactly..?

Papyrus: A good friend of mine! *glances back* You can come out now~!

*After a moment or two, a short reptilian creature peeks out from behind Trisha*

???: O-Oh. I guess that’s my cue.

*she steps out, adjusting her blouse, then waddles over toward Faris and Papyrus with an awkward smile*

Papyrus: Faris, I’d like you to meet Alphys! She’s a doctor who works at a hospital back in my hometown. My brother and her used to be working partners there.

Alphys: I-I can’t believe I’m actually meeting you in person. This is.. kind of exciting *takes a step closer to Faris, eyes sparkling with interest* I-I’ve heard so much about you. You were qu-quite the troublesome one back then.. but I see that you’re starting to get along with others again *she covered her mouth and giggled. She found the flower crown on Faris’ head rather adorable*

Faris: Mm.. *his cheekbones redden slightly, and he slips the flower crown off his head. He was a little embarrassed*

Alphys: *her brows furrow* But I can’t help but wonder.. H-How is your friend doing? Papyrus told me what happened, and it left me qu-quite stunned that someone would do such a thing. Has she recovered okay?

Faris: *blinks* … *looks away* She’s fine. I healed her up… but she still doesn’t want to interact with others.

Alphys: *bobs her head* And that, I can understand. I’m t-terribly sorry that happened. You have my sympathy.

*Faris doesn’t speak up*

Alphys: *fingers fidgeting, she feels unease from the silence* S-So um… i-if it isn’t too much to ask.. mm.. m-may I take a closer look at your soul?

Faris: *glares at Alphys*

Alphys: *waves her hands anxiously* D-Don’t worry, I won’t do anything rash! I-I promise! I-I’m just curious to see how much has changed since my l-last inspection of the soul, which was.. qu-qu-quite a long time ago.

Faris: … *steps back, hand clutching his chest* I don’t know… The last time I exposed my soul, I got a needle stuck in it.

Alphys: Y-Yes, I know. Papyrus told me about it… I-In fact, he gave me that sample of the soul fragment in hopes that I might be able to recreate the body structure of your original form.

Faris: *eyes widen* What..? *glances at Papyrus*

Papyrus: *smiles warily*

Alphys: U-Unfortunately, the fragment was so small, a-and it had been outside the vessel for so long, that it couldn’t sustain itself and had… degenerated to dust before I could proceed.

Faris: *focuses back on Alphys with a jerk of his head*

Alphys: *raises her hands* I-I’m not implying that it’ll happen to the rest of your fragment! I-It’s still being maintained inside Sans, so you should be fine… I-I just want to be sure that.. that incident involving the hypodermic needle hadn’t caused any serious trauma.

Faris: … *contemplates, then sighs and places his hand over his chest. As he pulls his hand away, the soul hovers above his palm*

*Alphys readjusts her bifocals and leans in to examine the soul. Upon closer inspection, she notices a faint grey ring surrounding the darkened spot inside the soul. Alphys taps under her chin curiously*

Alphys: Hmm… your fragment still seems to be in fair condition. I-I think it might be j-just enough~

Faris: *places his soul back inside his body* Enough..? Enough for what?

Papyrus: *rests his hand on Faris’ shoulder* Remember how much you’ve been wanting to have your own body? Well… while you were away, I wanted to work on a surprise for you. I was hoping, with Alphys’ help, we could maybe recreate your body using the soul fragment we had… *slumps* but you know how that turned out.

Faris: Would it have been really possible? Making a body just by using a piece of my soul?

Alphys: I-It was only in theory. There was no telling whether it’d actually work out or not. It’s never been done before. A-Attempting it again would risk the possibility of more of your soul degenerating.

Faris: I see…

Papyrus: But! We have an alternative!

Faris: To creating a body for me?

Alphys: N-Not exactly… You see, one of my patients at the hospital had overheard of your dilemma, a-a-and he has volunteered to donate his body to you.

Faris: Really? Why..?

Alphys: U-Um… i-it’s best if you discuss the matter with him in person, but we’ll need to be quick. I don’t know h-h-how much time we have left, considering the stage he’s in at this point… L-Let’s hurry now. I’ll take you to him.

Faris: Wait… hold on… *looks behind him* .. There’s something I need to do first.

Alphys: Time is of the essence. We m-mustn’t waste more than what’s been lost already.. *frowns* I-I’m sorry, but can it wait till after the procedure? That is.. i-if you are willing to accept his offer.

Faris: I’m sorry.. but this is something I really need to do first *he gives the flower crown to Papyrus* Hold onto this for me *he then takes off before disappearing from view*

Alphys: *reaches out for Faris* W-Wait! *but is too late. Faris is already out of sight*

REQUESTED: “I have a nsfw Credence imagine request thing,, ok so like he’s v v v comfortable w reader but he feels bad bc most of their sexytimes are focused on him mostly, so he asks if he can eat her out/finger her or w/e and she says okay but he’s surprisingly REALLY good at it???“

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: 1,202

A/N: This is like loosely described smut but mostly Credence just loving you so much.

A year had passed, a happy one spent with Credence. You were really committed to the relationship and everything that came with it and fell more and more in love with Credence each day: his shy smiles, his soft-spoken voice, his intelligence, and even the ways he was learning to deal with his past and the strength he was finding as he learned to move on as best he could. Part of loving him, though, had required great patience from the both of you—his fears and anxieties were totally grounded and really had nothing to do with you specifically, but still, it was something you had had to work through together.

And it had taken months to give Credence the comfortable atmosphere it took to have sex. And honestly, that was fine; you didn’t mind at all because you loved him and were happy to wait for him to be comfortable and ready. You wanted him to be happy with you and to be comfortable enough to reach that place with you. And now, months after that you had reached that level of comfort, you would say you were still very happy with your sex life. You loved being largely the giver and focusing on him and just watching how he responded to your touches. You honestly loved everything about him, including focusing on him during sex to make sure he was comfortable and happy.

What you didn’t know, however, was that this was starting to make Credence feel bad. Well, guilty mostly. He loved you very much, but his confidence had taken a long time to catch up to where he wanted to be. He wanted you to have the best, because it’s what he felt you deserved, and now… He wanted to try to give, wanted to focus on you instead, wanted…to prove that he could be good for you and that he knew how to make you feel good.

So Credence laid patiently in bed, waiting for you to come lie down next to him after your shower. It had been a lazy day, and Credence was anxious, knowing you wouldn’t expect this display of confidence in the bedroom from him—he knew how sudden this would be. But when you emerged, hair wet from the shower and new pajamas on, smiling softly at him as you laid down, he swallowed the nervous lump in his throat and rolled toward you. You looked to him curiously as he brought a shaky hand to your neck, tracing his thumb just under your ear as he kissed along your jaw. Already your breaths were coming in hot pants as you leaned into him, pleasantly surprised in his display of affection and the sloppy kisses he was trailing to your collar bones and back up. You smiled against his mouth when he finally got there but were absolutely bewildered when he gently took your hand away from tugging his pants down. You pulled back to look him in the eyes, taking in the flush creeping up his cheeks and the quick downward flick of his eyes as he moved to speak. “I would… Can I…take care of you tonight?”

You had to swallow thickly but even then couldn’t bring yourself to speak and instead could only manage to give a slow nod before Credence continued. He hadn’t been joking—it was all about you. He trailed a tentative hand down your chest, then your belly, before finally dipping cold fingers under the elastic of your pajama bottoms, taking in the quickening of your breaths and the way your body moved into him all the while. You could feel his fingers trace the lining of your underwear before daring to dip into those as well. When one of his fingers finally pressed firmly to your clit, you couldn’t help the moan that escaped you. You opened your eyes to see Credence looking at you with so much affection that it nearly blinded you before he began to slide his fingers against where you needed him most. You were rolling your hips against his hand and clutching furiously to his forearm with one hand while the other clutched his neck and brought him into a heated kiss. His fingers honestly felt so good, and you hadn’t been prepared for that, honestly, had expected to need to give him some direction, but… He was doing just fine all on his own, and you were a complete mess against him. Credence swallowed every one of your pants and whimpers and moans but quite enjoyed that he could lean back and watch as you came apart underneath him. He never took his eyes off of you and was overcome with awe and love as he watched you cum, shaking and letting out his name in a low groan as you clutched his arm and face furiously in your hands.

Credence continued to watch you as you came back down from your climax, breathing heavily with your eyes shut for a few minutes before opening your eyes to look at him. A lazy, relaxed smile crossed your face as you caressed his cheekbone with the tip of your finger and admired the flutter of his eyelashes. You hummed contentedly as you asked, “Why did you want to do that tonight, Credence?” Your voice was raspy, and Credence had to kiss you because he thought it was so adorable, and because he couldn’t believe still that he was the one who made your voice sound like that.

“Most of the time, you’re focusing on…me. And I wanted it to be…about you.” His voice was quiet and slow, as always, but the emotions behind it were becoming clearer every day. And today, you could hear the love and affection laced in.

You brought your forehead to rest against his on his pillow and rested your arm across his hip. “I don’t mind though. I like taking care of you, Credence. In bed.” You both blushed furiously, not used to actually discussing your sex life—there were some things neither of you were confident enough to say in words (mutual shyness had been one of the things that brought you together).

And one of those things he didn’t know how to say out loud was that he liked taking care of you (in bed) too, now that he knew what it was like. He liked being able to watch you unravel because of him, and he loved being able to observe how he affected you so easily, with just his hands. He just liked that position of power, and he loved…being able to satisfy you so completely, and know that he did so. But he couldn’t say any of that out loud, so he settled on saying, “I can see why.”

You felt the heat rush to your face all over again and couldn’t help but feel dwarfed by the intimacy of the statement. “I love you, Credence.” You weren’t sure why the words came out in a whisper—maybe you just didn’t want to shatter the fragility and beauty of the moment.

Credence understood this—understood everything about you, really—and whispered right back. “I love you too, Y/N.”


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Can I get something hinny? Just anything remotely cute and romantic? I need a pick me up

A/N: I really wanted to answer this when you sent it but I was out of town with no computer :(  Hopefully you found a cute pick me up in the mean time, but I wrote this one for you :)

Side note I need to stop naming fics with “e” words lol

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Wind whips against the windowpane, the chill seeping in through minute cracks and trickling past the tightly woven wool of Harry’s Weasley jumper – this one nearly a year old and once again the deep color of his eyes.  His quill stops scratching as he smirks to himself, knowing Ginny oh so casually hints to her mother each year about how much Harry likes that particular shade.  Personally, he has no strong feelings one way or another, but Ginny certainly did.  And when she was happy, he was happy – Ginny made sure of it.  Frequently.

So Harry would wear emerald green until the day he kicked it.

But today, the jumper is less about enticing a certain fiery red head and more about staving off the increasingly frigid London winter.  With a sigh, he places his quill down carefully to avoid splatter and leans from his desk chair toward the cozy armchair nestled nearby to tug the cozy knit blanket from its arm – momentarily forgetting he is in fact a wizard, despite the picture of his girlfriend that winks at him from the left side of his desk and the wand that rocks back and forth at his right.

Fingers finally catching on the soft nap of the throw, Harry grits his teeth and leans a little further, letting out a surprised yelp with the final shift slides the chair out from beneath him and he ends up with bent glasses and a face full of carpet.

“Alright Potter?” an amused voice asks from behind him.

Scrunching his nose, Harry turns his head to the side, too defeated and cold to move, “No need to sound so smug Weasley.”

He hears her chuckle – full and warm – followed by the quiet sound of her feet padding across the room. “I laugh because I love you.”


She doesn’t answer, but instead strides closer, her dainty feet – complete with adorably freckled toes she likes to wriggle in his face after Quidditch practice – appear before his eyes.

One of his slim hands comes up to stroke across the arch of her foot, just light enough to not tickle, before she squats down and lays herself parallel with him, her face inches away.  “Tired dear?”

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Thank God for Boo Boos

{Reader gets an ouch in the shower and Anakin simply must check on her.       I know the title sounds sort of silly but I promise I took this seriously :’) I hope you enjoy it!! }

Your teeth bared down harshly, a sharp, hissing intake of breath resounding in the large shower. The blade of your razor had sliced a thin, but deceivingly deep well into your first finger; blood immediately pooling to the surface in a perfect sphere of Crimson. “Ow.” Was all you had to say-well-mutter. You held your bloody digit beneath the running water, watching the it turn a pale ruby atop crème colored marble. 

A familiar warm tug, originating from the center of your mind notified you of Anakin’s nearby presence. He was close and growing ever-closer. You simply assumed he was walking past the occupied bathroom, sighing calmly as you dipped your head back into the steaming water. A nearly silent click of the door said otherwise. A moment’s silence and then; “(y/n)?” Anakin’s elegant voice queried into the misted air. 

Your eyes shot open, a smile instantly breaking across your face. “I’m okay Ani, I just cut my fing-” Before your sentence’s end, a nude Anakin padded into the shower, a furrowed brow and slightly agape lips completing his look of true concern. You unabashedly allowed yourself to take in the sight of your stunning lover, eyes settling on his outstretched flesh hand. A small chuckle escaped your lips, but you appeased him, placing your hand in his. Elegant fingers instantly wrapped themselves around your palm, crystalline eyes inspecting the laughably small wound. 

“What happened, love?” Anakin’s eyes trailed upward to your own, his brow now smooth and the look of concern now turned to one of utmost adoration. He must have been comforted by the lack of damage, relaxing considerably. 

The emotion written on Anakin’s features made it that much more difficult to reply. Eyes gazing into your very soul through thick, dark lashes, his careful caress running small circles into the palm of your hand that his still held captive; you smirked. 

“I was shaving, Ani, to be smooth for you.” You stepped forward, reducing the space between your damp bodies and brought the fingertips of your ‘uninjured’ hand to your star struck lover’s mouth. 

You took your time, following the curve of his lower lip with a ghosting touch, trailing the sharp angle of his jaw downward. You stole your other hand away from the man’s grip, placing both sets of fingertips on his neck, tracing a path down his defined chest. In an act of blatant desire, you let your fingers play languid circles around the tender, blushed skin of his nipples, a smirk spreading on your lips at the audible gasp that followed. You had so much time and this was so beautiful. You took in the-now shallow-rise and fall of Anakin’s breaths, admiring the way droplets of water danced about on his tan, heated skin. 

Your hands continued their journey, Anakin letting out a slow, shaky breath, head lolling to one side, eyes fluttering closed as your fingers made their delicate way down his abdomen. The slightest echo of a soft grunt from his throat resounded off the marble shower when you reached his hips, causing your lips to part in awe. The sounds that fell from Anakin’s lips would forever be enough to send your body into a lustful frenzy, but you remained patient. The power lay with you in this moment and it was… exhilarating. 

Eagerness got the best of Anakin, his arms wrapping around your back, pulling your slick body flush with his. You feigned shock. “Oh, Anakin," You lightly rested your lips on the tender skin where neck and shoulder meet, "You must practice patience.” A groan of protest. 

You stifled a giggle, readjusting yourself against his hard body, adoring the way he held you so tightly, despite your 'scolding’. The friction of your hip and thigh against his already hardening member must have been just enough, causing your lover’s jaw to clench and a keen moan to tumble from his full lips. The sight nearly stopped your heart, and for someone who preached patience, you found yourself capturing his lips with your own in a heated kiss. Forgoing your usual tender pecks, you delved your tongue into his warm mouth, but quickly found yourself being dominated. You felt Anakin break into a smug smile and allowed yourself to do the same before licking a slow line across his bottom lip, nipping at the now kiss-reddened skin for good measure. 

You sighed against your lover’s skin, breathing in his scent before untangling yourself from his hold. His brow furrowed once again, fingers following after your form. You chuckled, simply going to shut off the water and returned to him, smoothing his ever so slightly damp hair. “Take me to bed?” The crease between his eyebrows smoothed, a pleased smile forming in its place. 

“Of course, my love.” A quick kiss was pressed to your forehead and you were easily scooped into the man’s arms, an unstoppable laugh of joy escaping you. Your eyes remained trained on your lover’s features as he made his way to your shared quarters, admiring the elegant slope of his nose, his long lashes, the full curves of his lips. Honestly, you’d been so taken with him; it nearly startled you when you felt yourself being set down. But a burning image of Anakin cleared your mind. He laid you down with utmost care, a hand behind your head and one on the small of your back, crawling onto the bed immediately after you were settled onto your silk sheets. It was nearly animalistic; the way he peered up at you through dark lashes, breathing unevenly with want through bared teeth as he braced himself above you. A few strands of hair tickled your cheeks, his nose lightly nudging yours in the closeness. 

Your stomach suddenly fluttered, heart literally aching with adoration. “I love you.” The words came out rasped and whispered against his lips, and you knew you were staring, wide-eyed, at the sight before you. You attempted to continue. “You are so…lovely.” That one came as a weakly exhaled breath. 

Anakin blinked quickly, most likely against his own will. This sort of confession always caught him by surprise, no matter how often you professed them. The simple truth; Anakin was humble. This made each and every revelation of love a striking occurrence for him. It was wonderful, truthfully. 

“Thank you, darling.” A metallic fingertip caressed your cheekbone and you leaned into the touch, smiling warmly. “And you are magnificent…,” A light kiss placed on the tip of your nose, “…stunning…,” another to the corner of your mouth, “… perfect.” The last word was spoken as a prayer, lips coming to melt with yours in a passion-fueled kiss. Then Anakin’s teeth unexpectedly took hold of your bottom lip, leaving light imprints on the skin and you in a state of roiling desire. 

Moments like these were lustful, yes and obviously physical. But, being close to Anakin; feeling his energy entwine with your own, was indescribable. He had a way about him; a power, a natural beauty. It was utterly fascinating to watch, a miracle each time he unfurled before your eyes. Here he was; ever-powerful, but tender now. He was breathtaking; moaning, melding with you in every way. You knew now; this would be a night of equal care. Not only would Anakin display his usual adoration for catering to your every need, finding so much pleasure in pleasing you. He would become utterly vulnerable for you, allowing walls to crumble and guards to be let down. Now was the time to care for him; to once again delight in the ideal that even a warrior, a Jedi, like Anakin revels in the variants of touch at times. Raw, rough and soft, praiseful. And so, to worship. 

You brought your index finger to rest between yours and Anakin’s nearly-connected mouths, attempting to separate long enough to slide out from beneath him. But, a sharp intake of breath sounded from you as the man licked a wet line up your digit, and your quivering lips. Eyelids fluttering closed against your will; you let an unabashed moan slip from your throat, causing an immediate reaction from Anakin. The muscles in his back, where your free hand rested, tensed noticeably. When your eyes slowly opened once again, you were mere inches from your lover, a look of absolute passion gracing his features. Thankfully, you regained your senses and ability to move long enough to refuse another onslaught of acquiescence on your part. 

“Anakin let me-…” You began breathlessly, quickly giving up on speech and simply easing yourself onto your elbows. You moved up on the bed until your back met the soft wall pillows at the head. In a blunt act of sexuality, you spread your legs wide apart and beckoned for the almost panting Anakin. He obeyed readily, coming to kneel between your splayed legs, eyes downcast; head bowed in what was almost reverence. 

You placed two fingers beneath his chin, gingerly lifting his. “Anakin, my love.” A soft smile played at the corners of his lips. His eyes were so blue; lapis lazuli and spring skies. 

Fingers slipped easily downward, following the trail of hard lines and muscle. Anakin’s stomach tensed momentarily with the light touch. “Tickle?” You met his gaze with a kind smile that he returned with a nod and quiet chuckle. He was so breathtaking. You leaned forward, pressing an open mouthed kiss to any of him that you could reach. But you needed more. 

“Lay back, angel”, you whispered against his warm skin. Unhesitatingly, he obliged, lying on his back as you came to straddle his upper body. You, of course, did not miss the immaculate image of his now fully erect member, the already leaking tip resting against his lower abdomen. You were careful not to make contact, not yet. You actually hadn’t noticed how eager you yourself had become until you were settled onto Anakin, the unmistakable sensation of your own wetness spreading onto his skin. 

Anakin took the chance for revenge. A mock groan of pity and then he chided, “Patience, my love." 

You smirked; glad there was enough light for him to see and lifted yourself, moving back enough to hover inches above the head of Anakin’s member. His lips parted at the sight, eyes watching your every move. He ran feather light fingertips up your arms and across your chest, softly caressing your nipples with the pads of his thumbs. You nearly keened at the touch, back arching. 

Wanting to draw the encounter out, you simply settled yourself on top of Anakin, enveloping his length between your heat and his own abdomen. Initially, his expression was that of slight confusion, probably as to why you hadn’t simply taken him inside you, but quickly acquiesced to your wanton act. You smirked, savoring the sensation of his throbbing length between your slick folds, and began slowly rocking your hips, easily gliding from the base to the tip of his member, coating him in your arousal. He immediately gripped your hips in desperation, your hands coming to rest behind, holding his thighs for support. Your clit repeatedly hit the ridge that defined the tip of Anakin’s length, pulling full-body shudders from you. Your eyelids threatened to close, but you refused to miss a solitary second of the scene before you. Anakin, soft and taken under your touch. He was full lips, fluttering eyelashes, and low moans; gold and ivory. The setting sun’s hazy rays spilled through the windows and reflected against the lighter tendrils of his hair, falling across his face to create definite ridges of shadow and light. 

You realized he was closer than you’d thought as you reached out to him, a hint of a spilling-over of things ebbing at the edges of his force signature. You reluctantly halted your ministrations, earning a pleading look from your tensed lover. You smiled warmly, bring your palms to rub up and down Anakin’s chest to sooth the threatening waves of ecstasy. 

Leaning down, you whispered in his ear, "I love you.” You felt the soft reverberation of a laugh resonate from him and pulled away with a grin. 

“I love you too, (y/n).” Cool, metal fingertips brushed across your cheekbone and you instinctively leaned into the touch, your own fingers still drawing indistinct patterns on the supple skin beneath them. 

Without warning, Anakin bucked his hips upward, eliciting a gasp from you. “Ani…” You chided, lightly pressing your nails into his shoulders. “Don’t tease." 

The smirk was plastered on his lips. "Yes, my love.” You rolled your eyes, ready to rebuke before he pressed against you once again. The grip on his shoulders became much more necessary. 

“Oh my god, Anakin…” You managed to profess, not sure yourself if it was a scolding or a plea. 

A warm, flesh hand traveled down your hip, between your thighs and you obeyed what you knew was wanted, lifting yourself away from Anakin’s length. A finger slipped between your damp folds, your breath the only thing disturbing the otherwise silent air that hung about you two. Maddeningly light pressure was applied to your clit and you attempted to push your hips down, silently begging for more. Anakin did not oblige your request, his free hand coming beneath your thigh to hold you still. Your eyes strayed from where they had been focused, the dark patch of curls that surrounded your lover’s length, trailing upward to find him studying you, a look of awe and restraint written on his striking features. 

Anakin, plea-” you began to outright beg, but were cut short by a tut-tut of disapproval and an ever so slightly trembling scold, “Oh (y/n) you must practice patience.” The tone of voice was husky with lust, nearing a growl. 

His finger swiped a particularly hard circle around your clit, stealing more gasps of pleasure and a twitch of your abdomen. Anakin’s breaths became shallow with want and when he could no longer endure, he took his hand from your now dripping sex, rubbing the arousal left on his fingers onto his engorged member. You allowed your eyes to close, heart pounding in your chest; your senses all trained on what was to come next. You were almost positive you could hear your blood rushing in your ears. Anakin aligned the tip of his length, teasing your entrance, still gripping the underside of your thigh to keep you still.

Anticipation wore your patience thin.

“Oh, god. Anakin, please.” You pleaded, uncaring of how desperate it may have sounded at this point. He finally gave in, guiding you slowly onto himself, eyes half-lidded in pleasure. 

Cliché, but true; you always felt incomprehensibly more complete when Anakin was inside you. Of course, it was always a tight fit at first, what with his size. But, after short moment, it felt more natural and comfortable than any other way of existing. The two of you simply stayed in still silence for a second, both evening your breathing, unfalteringly staring into each other’s eyes. You could feel his adoration radiating off of him in waves and knew he could undoubtedly feel the same from you as well.  

You then inched your hips upward, consciously constricting the muscles within yourself as you reached the tip of Anakin’s length. Pride blossomed in your chest as a small, genuine smile overtook his lips, eyes slowly closing, head turning to one side. You brought a hand to his face, brushing a light touch against the sharp angle of his jaw with your knuckles. 

You allowed yourself to slowly settle back down onto Anakin, and up again. An agonizingly slow pace was being set. Your breathless Jedi’s hands came to rest at your hips once more, guiding the rise and fall of your body. Each and every pulse of movement seemed to awaken a new level of need in Anakin, his own hips very deliberately bucking into you. 

“You’re so-,” A groan of pleasure escaped him, interrupting the thought, “good. You're so good, darling." 

The praise tickled your stomach; made your heart nearly ache with love and joy. Of course, even in the throes of making love there are slight inconveniences: your legs grew tired from the repetitive motion. You ceased your ministrations and took a deep breath, admiring the love struck expression on your partner’s face. 

Anakin did not question your pause, simply rubbing your thighs as he queried, "Would you like to lay back darling?” You nodded with a smile and Anakin immediately helped you climb off of him, offering you his hand for balance. You gratefully took the help, and then brought his hand to your lips, pecking it lightly and pulling him along with you as you lay down. The laugh he let out was infectious and you both giggled for a moment, staring, fascinated, at each other. You sighed contentedly and ran your hands down your lover’s back, enjoying the pressure of his weight on top of you. 

The moment’s tone quickly shifted as Anakin brought a hand down to caress you, fingers gliding easily up and down across your heated center, earning a soft moan of appreciation. You were about to kiss him when he sat back, admiring you with half-lidded eyes and a furrowed brow. 

“What is it Ani?” You tilted your head in genuine curiosity. He looked so concentrated.

“You’re absolutely stunning, (y/n).” He stated it so matter-of-factly, and your lips broke into a grin. Before you got a chance to thank him, he moved back on the bed and lowered himself. Your eyes followed his every move, admiring the various muscles that rippled beneath the surface. 

Lips inches from your sex; his hot breath the hypersensitive skin made you shudder with anticipation. A gasp fell from your lips the second he opened his mouth to lick a wide, wet trail up your already damp folds. His hands came to your thighs, spreading your legs further as he eagerly licked into you. His attention became focused on your clit, forcing you to subconsciously squirm away from the nearly overwhelming sensation. He quickly wrapped his arms around your thighs, holding you steady as he continued. The noises you emitted ranged from violent to pathetic; your eyes shut tightly, fingers interlaced with Anakin’s waved hair. 

There it was again, that ever so enticing tug that warned; an impending tidal wave of pleasure. Anakin, unfalteringly acute, pulled away from your center and was immediately on top of you again. His weight a comfort, as was the quick swipe of a kiss across your neck. You felt your own wetness on his lips and smirked in your pride. 

Then came the unmistakable sensation of Anakin’s length teasing your entrance. You brought your legs to his sides, pressing them close, and ran your hands across the expanse of his back, admiring the peaks and valleys of muscle and soft skin. 

“I love you (y/n),” A breathy whisper of love to you before you were filled up, your hips tilting for more. You brought a hand to your lips, biting deep grooves into your first finger as Anakin hit the sweetest spot within you. 

“Oh, Anakin…” You were panting, keening, almost unintelligible.

 "So perfect… You feel so perfect.“ His reply, as he moved, a deep, deliberate motion; into you again and again. 

Legs shaking, fingers gripping, voice worn. You yelped, gasp, and praised your way through the ecstasy. Anakin’s noises only spurred you on further, pushing you closer to the edge. His every moan, every growl of pleasure, every sweet nothing made your heart stutter, made you push against him harder. Soon, you were both breathless, grabbing at each other, lips pressed against salty skin. Sweat-laden and lust-fueled, you were both close to your ends. Anakin’s thrusts became erratic, arrhythmic. 

A deep, trembling phrase was uttered in your ear, ”You’re such a good girl, (y/n).“ That was it, what sent you careening over. 

You cried out your lover’s name, voice slightly hoarse and body taut. Not a moment later, Anakin came undone with a low moan, his seed spilling inside you, the warmth bringing a tired smile to your lips. 

Eventually, both of you caught your breath, still pressing your lips to one another’s shoulders and necks. As soon as Anakin pulled out, he had you pulled tightly against his chest, pressing light kisses to your forehead. The previously turbulent pulse of energy surrounding the two of you had now returned to its even, peaceful swells. 

As you lay there, clinging to one another, tracing tender patterns on each other’s skin, you thanked the stars that you cut your finger. 

EXO Demigod AU: [more than friends | jongin]

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genre: oneshot (pg)

summary: in which you finally make a move on your best friend, jongin.

word count: 777

a/n: hi! this was requested by @alovehorsesme-blog i hope you like it!

“Don’t you ever get tired of being a tag-along? I know you don’t care for any of this dance-y shit,” Melody whispered into your ear. You didn’t let her mocking words take any attention away from the ballet show on the stage in front of you.

Really, she was right. You didn’t care much for dance. It was something pretty to lock your eyes on for an hour, but that was it. Dance, especially ballet, meant nothing to you.

It was the dancers — one in particular — that drew you to the shows held every weekend.

Jongin was your best friend, and also one of the most gifted dancers you’d seen in your life. His mother was to thank for that, as she was the muse of dance. Of course she would teach him to have a passion for those things.

You adored the way the stage lights caught the highs of his cheekbones as he spun about the stage. He almost didn’t look real in those moments — the ones where he was so beautifully enchanted by the things he loved doing.

It felt like an honor to get to cheer him on in the crowd, knowing that he was destined to be something big.

So, even though you cared not for ballet, that caused you to be a bit sad when the dancers took their bows and curtains pulled shut.

“Here. Just take them; I’m tired of seeing you two look so pathetic,” Melody sighed with an air faux annoyance about herself. She trusted the bunch of roses that had been intended for her brother into your grasp, “Jake don’t need ‘em anyways, and I know you’re going backstage to see Jongin, you you might as well.”

That nosy girl was by no means a friend, but once again, also not lying.

From a third person standpoint, or even your own, the relationship (or lack thereof) that you upheld with Jongin was pathetic. It was unmoving.

Both of you were always stuck in a standstill of loving each other beyond friendship, but having no idea what to do with those feelings.

“Thanks,” you mumbled in return for the flowers.

Once you were on your feet, you let them take you through the rows of seating and down the hallway that you’d gotten so accustomed to traveling down.

A genuine smile was already plastered across your face, even as you were only just nearing the back of the stage. It was where all the performers got ready and picked up after themselves, as no one was “special” enough for the the privilege of receiving a dressing room — not even the leads.

Usually, non-casted men and women weren’t allowed in that area, but since Jongin was such a large part of their community, they made an exception on his behalf.

“(Y/N)!” He called cheerily, the second he saw you. Secondary to your presence, the flowers you held up were noticed, “You didn’t have to-”

“I wanted to,” you softly interrupted.

A smile spread across his plump lips as he graciously took them from you.

You didn’t feel much guilt for pretending you’d gotten them yourself. Melody, while being overly pushy and in the way, was more than correct when she said she didn’t like watching you both act so pathetic.

A breath was sucked in through your mouth in preparation of going on to blurt out:

“Can I do something?”

It was no secret that you were clueless, but so was he. Neither of you were sure of what to do with your wants, only that you had them.

Jongin nodded slowly as you brought your hands up to cup his cheeks, his beautiful eyes sparkling with the anticipation of your lips on his.

A thin layer of sweat coated his skin still, yet you didn’t find it noticeable over that captivating gaze he had.

When you finally stopped stalling and crashed your lips onto his, it felt like one of those fairytale moments your father swore were fake.

The loud bustling of dancers packing became nonexistent, as did the feeling of thorns lightly pricking your arms due to the close proximity.

Nearly as quickly as you’d initially decided it needed to happen, the kiss ended.

As your hands fell to your side, you wished they hadn’t — that he was in your grasp once again.

“Thank you for the flowers,” he mumbled softly. His head was now tilted downward toward the floor, but you could still see his reddened cheeks and shy smile.

His smile, while small, was contagious. It brought your lips upward on their own.

“Not a problem; beautiful people deserve beautiful things.”

Dreams (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

A/N- I didn’t proofread or edit at all. Don’t hate me :)

Word Count: 865 


Request/Summary: I don’t feel like summarizing.

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader

AU: Hamiltime (I know the gif doesn’t reflect that but it’s so adorable. So deal.)

Warnings: None… probably… maybe?

A/N- Jordan Fisher is probably a demigod.

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You moved your arms up until your fingers grazed his sides, taking another miniscule step toward him. He leaned forward to say something into your ear.

“You’re so beautiful, (Y/N).” He mumbled, his breath hot against your ear. He trailed light kisses down the line of your cheekbone until he finally reached your lips. You fit perfectly together, his hands finding their way into your hair and yours on his neck. It felt like his hands were made to touch you, his lips made to kiss you, his arms made to hold you.

You sat up in bed abruptly and rolled over, groaning frustratedly into your pillow. You tried to gather every detail from your dream; you weren’t going to forget this one if you had any say in it. You swung your legs out of bed and stood up, shuffling down the hall. You squinted at the grandfather clock ticking against the wall, illuminated by only the light of the moon coming through the sheer curtain over the window.

3:30. You sighed, peeking through the curtain to stare at the stars through the window. You thought back to your dream. You could practically see the stars in his eyes in that dream. The way he looked at you. If only you had been awake.

“(Y/N)!” Philip called, running up to you.

“Good morning, Philip.” You greeted as he caught his breath.

“Hi.” He grinned and you felt your heart melt for what must’ve been the seventy thousandth time.

“How’s your family?” You asked politely.

“They’re fine.” He shrugged. There was a silence between you for a few seconds.

“Oh! How’s your family?” He asked, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly as he finally realized what he was supposed to say.

“Umm… they’re fine.” You tried to keep your smile alive but you could feel it fall.

“Did I… say something?” He asked, noticing your change in mood.

“No, no, you’re fine.” You said. “You didn’t say anything.”

“What’s got you all sad then?” He asked, bringing an arm around your shoulders momentarily in a half-hug.

“My father’s overseas, he’s been in France for a while now and we haven’t heard from him in weeks. I mean it’s much more peaceful there now, I know, but- I’m sorry I’m talking too much.” You said.

“It’s okay. You have a lot to say and I’m willing to listen.” He gave you a reassuring smile.

“It’s nothing really.” You shrugged. “I’m just worried about him.”

“And you have every right to be.” Philip said. A silence dragged on between you for a few seconds.

“Hey, do you want to come over for dinner tonight?” He asked. “My mom’s been cooking a lot and I’m almost positive she’ll have extra food.”

“I would love to.” You said. “You’re sure?”

“Yeah.” He confirmed. “You’ll be at my house around six?”

“See you then.” You answered.

“(Y/N)!” Eliza gushed, pulling open the door.

“Hi!” You greeted, hugging her. Philip materialized next to his mother faster than you would’ve thought possible.

“I thought I heard your voice.” He grinned. Your family had been close with the Hamilton’s for several years now, you’d grown up with Philip. Unfortunately that made it even worse when you fell head over heels for him.

“Come in, come in.” Eliza dragged you inside.

“Hey I’m gonna go for a quick walk. (Y/N), you wanna come?” Philip asked after everyone had finished eating.

“Sure.” You stood up and followed him to the door. The moon shone down on the path ahead of you as you held Philip’s arm.

“Thanks for inviting me to dinner.” You broke the silence. He nodded.

“Hey (Y/N)?” He asked.

“Yeah?” You asked turning your head to look at him. “I uh… I… God. It’s so easy for me to hit on a girl I meet walking down the street then you show up and suddenly I’m helpless.” He shook his head, chuckling at himself.

“W-What?” You stuttered. This has to be another dream. You told yourself, he’s got to be talking about something else. He pulled you to a stop and turned to face you.

“I… (Y/N), I…” He tried again. “I really like you.”

“L-like… as a friend?”

“Do you think I’d be acting like this if I meant it that way?” He gave you a sheepish smile.

“I have to be dreaming again.” You mumbled to yourself.

“Look, I get it if you don’t feel like that, but if that’s the case can we just forget about this?”

“Can I kiss you?” You asked.

“What?” His jaw dropped so fast it nearly hit the ground. There was a beat of silence when everything around you seemed to freeze, like the string of time had suddenly been caught and you and Philip were the only ones aware of it. You took simultaneous steps toward one another and you lips met. His hand cupped your cheek and yours rested on his hip. His thumb gravitated to your lips after you pulled away, his index finger curled around your chin and your foreheads rested against each other. It was even better than you’d always imagined.

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Prompt: They both knew this day was coming. Ali has her reservations & Ashlyn is harboring some fears, but her hair has been falling out for months. Ali can't bring herself to watch & Ashlyn understands, but makes her promise to stay off social media until she sees her in person. How does Ali react? Were their reservations & fears in vain or justified? What adjustments does this change bring?

Ashlyn was standing in her bathroom, putting her hair into a ponytail. As she pulled her hair through and wrapped the hair tie around for a final time, she realized how much of her platinum blonde hair had fallen out. This had been happening for years. Ashlyn started dying her hair in high school and loved how it looked so she kept going with it, knowing that it was bad for her hair but not really caring. Ashlyn had been thinking about cutting her hair for a few months now. Her hair was so unhealthy from the years of coloring it. The only thing holding hr back was that she couldn’t seem to find a style that she thought would suit her.

After spending only a few minutes scrolling through Google images, Ashlyn had made up her mind. She needed to cut her hair if she had any hope of salvaging it. Before she did anything, Ashlyn needed to contact Ali. There was no way that she was going to risk being on the receiving end of Ali’s wrath if she didn’t tell her.

Ashlyn finds Ali’s contact and presses her name. It only takes two rings for Ali to pick up.

“Hey, Princess!”

“Ash, Hi! I was just about to call you.”

Ashlyn let out a sigh and paused which let Ali know that she was about to say something important.

“Listen, Al. I think it’s time for me to get my hair cut. I know that I have been talking about it for awhile but my hair has just been so unhealthy lately and it needs to be done.”

“Baby, I’m gonna miss your long blonde hair.”

“I know Ali. I’m really sorry but I just think-” Ali could tell by the tone of Ashlyn’s voice that she took Ali’s comment in a negative way. Of course Ali was going to miss seeing Ashlyn’s long, blonde hair that smelled like the ocean and was filled with tiny beach waves but if she was being honest, Ali was looking forward to see Ashlyn’s new hair style.

“Ash, honey, calm down please. I was just kidding. I would never try to control how you cut your hair. It’s your decision and I support you,” There was a slight pause before Ali continued. “Besides, you are the most beautiful girl in the world and your new hair is just going to make you even more beautiful, if that’s even possible.”

Ali could practically hear the smile spreading across Ashlyn’s face. “Thank you so much, baby. I just wanted to let you know so it was less of a shock when you saw it for real.”

“But, make me one promise, Ash.”

“Don’t shave my entire head?” Ashlyn joked before Ali could make her request.

“Well, yes. Please don’t do that. But, what I was going to say is that, as your girlfriend, I think that I have the right to be the first person to see it. So that means no Twitter or Instagram posts until I get to see you.”

Ashlyn smiled. Deep down he knew that Ali would be supportive but it was nice to have the reassurance anyway. “Of course you will be the first to see it!”

“Good! Baby, I gotta go but I can’t wait to see you and your awesome new hair do soon. I love you.”

“I love you too, Alex. I’ll see you soon.”

As hard as Ali tried to sound happy over the phone, she was incredibly nervous. Ashlyn had had long hair for the entire time that they had known each other and there was no way that she could watch it all hit the floor. She didn’t doubt that Ashlyn would look amazing no matter what she did, but it was going to be a big adjustment for the both of them.

The day after Ashlyn had talked to Ali about cutting her hair, she made an appointment to actually have it done. Ashlyn knew that if she waited any longer, she would keep coming up with excuses for why she couldn’t get it cut, just like she had been for months now.

Ashlyn was sitting in the chair with the black cape covering her body. She took a deep breath and watched as her long, platinum blonde locks hit the ground. It was scary to see how much of her hair was actually getting cut off as she watched in the mirror but she just kept reminding herself that she trusted the hairdresser and knew that this is what would be best for the health of her hair. It had been a little over half an hour when Ashlyn was told that she was done. It had been a long time since she had seen her natural hair color. As shocking as it was, she was pleasantly surprised. The sides of Ashlyn’s incredibly short, brown hair was cut with a close shave so it felt like peach fuzz and the rest of hair that was left a bit longer was combed back with some hairspray to add volume. All of the nerves had faded and the only emotion left in Ashlyn’s mind was pure happiness. She couldn’t be more pleased with her new hair.

The first stop after getting her haircut was Ali’s. Ashlyn sent her a text to let her know that she was on her way to see her.

Send me pictures! Was Ali’s reply. I need to see it NOW!

Ashlyn just laughed and responded to her girlfriends impatient texts.

Sorry, baby. In person first.

ASHLYN MICHELLE! Ali was sure that she could intimidate Ashlyn into sending her pictures if she pulled out the middle name, but she wasn’t so lucky.

When Ashlyn finally pulled up to Ali’s place, she saw Ali sitting on the front steps waiting not so patiently for her to arrive. Ashlyn took a deep breath and hopped out of the car. Ali stood up and when she saw Ashlyn, her mouth fell open and she stood frozen in place.

“Hey, Al.” Ashlyn whispered nervously while giving a shy wave.

Before she knew what hit her, Ashlyn had her arms full of her giggling girlfriend. “Ashlyn!” Ali pulled away to cup the sides of Ashlyn’s face with her hands. “I can’t believe it! You look so gorgeous!” Ashlyn’s smile showed off her dimple as Ali continued to freak out over her new look. “Look at your adorable little ears and your hair is so soft!” This statement was accompanied by Ali’s hand running through her hair. “Oh my god, your cheekbones! You are more beautiful to me now more than ever, Ashlyn.”

“So… You like it?”

Ali laughed and playfully swatted Ashlyn’s chest. “Yes I like it.”

Later that night, Ali and Ashlyn laid on the couch watching Netflix. Ashlyn’s head was pillowed on Ali’s chest as Ali absentmindedly ran her fingers through Ashlyn’s hair

“Mmm.” Ashlyn sighed with a sleepy smile on her face. “I could get used to this.”

Never Have I Ever (Nate Imagine Ft. Omaha Boys)

This is probably going to be really bad I’m so sorry I just felt like posting! - Bri x 

“Never have I ever…” Nate trailed off, gripping onto your thigh as he spoke with an amused tone, “sucked dick.” You were the only girl playing, there were 5 of you and rest were Nate, Jack and Jack, and Sam. You roll your eyes and take a sip of your alcoholic drink, you weren’t quite sure if it was vodka, tequila, or scotch by now but you were all hitting the tipsy part. 

The Jacks laugh and Sam let’s out a long ‘ooooh’ teasingly, “Whatever, whatever,” you wave them off, “Never have I ever…used a cheesy pickup line!” You lean against Nate’s shoulder as Sam and the Jacks take a sip of their drink, you weren’t surprised that Nate had never used a pickup line, he didn’t need them to get girls. Nate turns his head and puckers his lips, leaning in to kiss you sweetly. 

“Never have I ever…cheated on my girlfriend.” You watch curiously as Nate and Sam take a sip…Johnson was the one who said it and Gilinsky was an all-around good guy. But your boyfriend Nate, and Sam were fuck boys to the max and this was something you were accustomed to before you and Nate got serious. 

“Never have I ever…gotten caught having sex!” Sam chuckles, winking at you and Nate, who again have to take a sip. It was just last week the Jacks walked in on you mid-fuck-session and you were still embarrassed about it. Nate snakes a reassuring arm around your waist and presses a tender kiss to your temple. 

“Wait, wait, I got one!” Gilinsky proclaims, “Never have I ever, faked an orgasm!” You take a sip, and Nate looks at you concerned. 

“Hey, I’ve had a lot of bad hookups!” You argue, leaning up to kiss him, “Never have I ever faked one with you.” 

“Good because never have I ever loved a girl other than you.” He nuzzles nose with you, and you drunkenly giggle as he pulls you to rest in his lap. 

“Nah, do’t get cheesy with us guys!” Sam complains, throwing his head back groaning, “never have I ever…bought tampons.” You, Nate, and Johnson each take a sip and Sam and Jack look at the other two boys in shock. 

Nate shrugs, “Hey…Y/N needs them sometimes and I’m more than happy to help.” He was so cute when he played that adorable boyfriend card.His eyes flicker to meet yours and you grin at him, cupping his cheek you kiss the opposite one and stroke his cheekbone. 

“I give them 10 minutes before they ‘excuse’ themselves to go drunk fuck and cuddle.” Gilinsky states with a labored sigh, “Skate was so much more fun when he didn’t have a girlfriend.” 

“I ship it, I ship it.” Johnson gives you a high-five and you smile at him letting out a light laugh. You were all quite drunk, and everything was downright hilarious at this point. 

“Sometimes,” Sam begins, “I think about Y/N with her clothes off…” Your eyes widen as you and the Jacks laugh all while Nate looks at him with an angry and annoyed expression. 

Nate tightens his jaw, “you’ve got two seconds to say you’re kidding.” He bluntly states, obviously jealous. 

Sam shakes his head, “I wish I was bro!” Nate looked like he wanted to tackle Sam to the floor, but you were currently sitting in his lap stopping from from doing so, so instead, he whispered in your ear asking you to go to bed with him. You quickly agree. Together, you stumble to your bedroom and drunkenly fall on the bed together, a mess of giggles and drunk slurs. 

“Never have I ever wanted you more.” Nate whispers in your ear, nipping at your earlobe. 

You giggle, “I don’t think I can drink to that.” 

Literally the most random imagine I’ve ever done idk if this is funny or smutty or cute wtf thank you guys for all of your support!

Kind Eyes, Kind Smiles, Kind Understanding

Part One || Part Two || Part Three

Summary: You have taken Credence in, and now you two have decided to share your stories as abuse survivors. Bonding ensues. Part 4/?

Warnings: EXPLICIT conversations about abuse, special detail toward Reader’s abuse (conversations/word choice/all specific kinds of abuse are modeled after personal experience and experiences of women i know; it is explicit, proceed with caution)

Word Count: 1,991

You had almost immediately collapsed in the bed and fallen asleep upon returning to your apartment. Credence was still flying high on the idea of getting out—couldn’t believe that a notion he’d once perceived to be impossible was within sight, within grasp and—and—he wouldn’t be alone. He wasn’t the only caged bird in this city. That alone was enough to sustain him.

He laid down next to you on the bed, smiling lightly at the light sounds you made in your sleep, and let himself look at your arms. Silvery lines, jagged and uneven in depth and width, lined them, and he felt heavy at the sight. He wondered if you felt that way when you saw his scars. He remembered what you had said, that tomorrow you could share stories, and felt strangely excited to learn about you, where your kindness stemmed from, and to share his own story, where much of him seemed to start and end. Bravely, he reached out and let his fingers rest lightly over one of the silver lines and felt his eyes widen at the hum and smile you gave in your sleep. Before he really knew it, the comfort had lulled him into a similar happy sleep. For once, there were no nightmares.

You woke first, as the sunlight stretched over your sheets, and gasped at how simply angelic Credence looked in the slant of light that had drawn across his face. His face was devoid of nervous twitches, and his lips curled up slightly, framed in the sunshine coming from your bedroom window, casting shadows under the height of his cheekbones. You briefly wondered if he would taste like sunlight. You cut off that train of thought as his eyelids fluttered open, finding you immediately. He smiled gently before burrowing his face into the mattress, which, you had to admit, was adorable as hell, so you grinned widely at him in response. “Good morning, Credence.”

Now he was the one thinking you were adorable, your sleepy voice touching him almost as lightly as your hands could. He felt brave and good for once, on this morning in the sunlight with you, and reached out to touch the same scar he had last night. Your smile faltered a bit as you reached up to touch his hand that rested on your arm. “I-I want to-to share stories now,” he whispered tentatively, losing some of the bravery he had for those few seconds. Feeling brave and being brave, saying what he wanted out loud, he decided, were two very different things.

You sat up, not moving your arm from under his hand, and looked back at him gently. Your voice was still soaked in sleep when you said, “Okay, Credence. I’ll make us some breakfast, and then we can. We can talk about anything you want.”

He sat in the kitchen while you cooked, like yesterday morning, and had to admit, begrudgingly, that he could feel the weight of the city again, could feel every ugly thing that had happened to him here. He hadn’t really realized that time had been passing while he fell under the familiar weight of fear, but his eyes jerked up when you placed a waffle and some fresh-cut strawberries in front of him. “I assume that you’d—that you’d like to talk about what happened to each of us?”

Credence’s mouth suddenly felt too dry, so all he could manage was a nod. You looked at him and seemed to see right through him but waited for him to speak. It took him a minute, but he finally managed, “C-Can you go first?” He wasn’t sure what he would say, since he had never really been given the freedom to share anything, especially his own feelings, which his Ma had always said were sinful. He felt himself curling in, in, in on himself when you touched his hand.

“Okay, Credence,” you said, voice soft and sweet, so sweet. Credence wondered if mint chocolate were a sound if this would be it. You laced your fingers with his as you tried to think of where to start. “I—I met him when I was seventeen, almost eighteen. His name was A—His name was Adam.” Credence felt his heart hurt at the break in your voice. “He was really nice at first. I met him at school; he was in a band, and I thought that was so cool.” You chuckled to yourself and shot Credence a half-hearted smile. “And he and I stayed together for—for a while. Moved in together after school. He started to—to get worse then. Partying too much, I guess, always jealous, always saying I was cheating on him. He used to come home and just…be so angry, Credence, there was so much violent anger in him. It started with—with slaps. Nothing terrible, nothing that hurt too much, and I—well, my parents loved him and my parents were never too fond of me, and I guess I thought staying with Adam would make them like me more.” Credence wondered how anyone could say they didn’t like you, especially your own parents, and he couldn’t believe that this man—Adam—could touch you harshly at all. “Anyway, that was the beginning. Before long, he was hitting me, closed fist, and not letting me leave the house except for work, and he was throwing beer bottles at me, screaming at me for the mess, cutting me with their broken glass, I—” Credence couldn’t take the tears in your eyes but didn’t know what to do. “He even—He was so possessive, Credence, he even carved his initials here—” You pointed to your hip, the scar Credence had noticed the morning before, “—and—and when I left, I carved it out. Couldn’t stop myself, just…scraped it away, had to go to the hospital to save the skin there because of the hack job I’d done. And now he’s in prison, not for too long, because my friend called the police on him when he had followed me to her house and there was enough evidence and—and now he’s gone, but he’s still everywhere. I still catch whiffs of his shampoo and feel—feel his stare when he’s not here. Still hear him screaming at me, still—still feel guilty all the time for doing nothing wrong. But I’m—I’m okay now.” You still sounded sure, and Credence could only stare at you and wonder how. “I know that—I know that what happened is a part of me and that—that I might always be a little messed up about it, but I’m okay now. Even when I’m not.” Credence didn’t realize how white his knuckles were because of how tightly he gripped your hand. “I’m okay even when I’m not.” You said it almost as an afterthought, and Credence did not think before he crushed himself against you.

You were surprised, to say the least, and the first thing you really noticed was the way your tears felt against the brush of his hair against your face. And then you let yourself cry and hug him, and he was crying because you were letting him hold you and comfort you and for once, he was strong for someone else. He could be strong for someone else, and they wanted him there. He wasn’t sure how long you sat like that, breakfast forgotten, and he would have stayed that way forever if you had needed. But eventually you pulled back, and he was in awe again of the kindness so openly in your eyes, constant and still. “Thank you, for asking, Credence. I don’t know that I’ve ever said all of that out loud to anyone. It’s nice to feel…not so caged by it.” You smiled briefly, and his heart swelled, at your strength and also the trust you had just placed in him. How he really felt your acceptance. “It almost felt like—like the words were flying away. I don’t feel so…isolated in it anymore. Thank you for letting me share, Credence.” He nearly wept. You were thanking him for letting you share, for accepting you into his world. He was overwhelmed with how easily you saw him as worthy of you, worthy of a place in your world, how you saw him as your equal. And how he could feel it, feel how much you meant what you said and how much you cared for him, somehow. “Y-You don’t have to share if you’re not ready, though, Credence.”

He realized then that he had been silent for some time, so he shook his head. “I-I just need to think of where to start, that’s all. I-I want to share with y-you too, Y/N.” You smiled encouragingly at him and gripped his hand firmly, rooting him to where he was sitting, keeping him from flying away. He looked at you, determined, and you were a little taken aback by the courage and strength you saw so clearly in his eyes, though you were not surprised that they were there. A little understanding goes a long way. And he was so strong, underneath everything, and you could see that clear as day. He was so much stronger than even he knew. And then he told you, about his mother, about Mr. Graves, about this life that had taken and taken from him, had hurt him without apologizing, and you hugged him, completely, arms wound so tightly around him he thought they might grow into his ribs. He thought for a moment that he wouldn’t mind that so much, and he knew he was crying but also knew that it was a cleansing kind and he felt the truth of what she had said before him—that you can be okay even when you aren’t okay. He understood that this was part of him, had always understood that, but you had shown him life after. He saw that there could be a balance, that he could find balance. That maybe he wasn’t as lost as he thought he was. Before he could think it through, he said, “M-Maybe we can be okay t-together.”

You weren’t sure how he meant that, but you didn’t overly care because “Of course, Credence.” He leaned into you when he heard you say his name like that again, the way his mother would have hated. He pulled his head away from the crook of your neck, just to look at you, and your eyes were shining, so bright, and he kept looking at them. You let out a shaky breath before you pressed your lips gently to the corner of his mouth, and you felt terrible for not asking first and pulled away to make sure—“Is this—Is this okay, Credence?” And he pressed his mouth against yours, a little more firmly, feeling and acting bravely at the same time, before it was too much and he had to pull away from how much goodness he felt inside. He returned to the crook of your neck and could feel your smile mirroring his against his neck. He knew he wasn’t cured somehow, magically, that no magic could take away his past and what he had been through, but he also knew that he could learn from you and that he could be strong for you too. That together, you could help each other. That healing was constant, but acceptance and understanding could help. And there would be bad days, of course there would be bad days, but maybe the bad days wouldn’t be so bad if someone was there to wait through it with him, to tell him that they understood and cared. And if that person was you…

Broken pieces share, and broken pieces fit. Maybe, he thought, broken pieces don’t have to be so broken if they aren’t alone.


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Blank Canvas

Pairing: Luke & You

Words: 1600+ 

Warning: Mildly nsfw

 I haven’t proof read bc i’m tired so sorry about that and i changed up my writing style let me know if you like this better or if you prefer my original style! Once again feedback is appreciated xx 


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Last night

A Drabble Games fic requested by @tigerslullaby, featuring Thranduil

25: “I dreamt about you last night.”
93: “I like it when you smile.” 


The morning sun poured its pale light through the leafy canopy of the Wood that dappled it with green as it crept through the arched window of the bedroom to kiss your cheeks. A slow smile tugged at your lips even as wakefulness radiated throughout your body with a catlike stretching of your muscles, and your eyes fluttered open to look at your surroundings.

Only yesterday, you had been a stranger in this room, with its glowing amber lamps, rich tapestries, vast four-poster bed and branching canopy, and chairs of glossy wood with their backs carved into the shapes of stags’ horns. Now, it was home. It belonged to you, as did the man with whom you would share it…the man whose piercing, glacier-blue eyes had been watching you keenly, fondly as you emerged from your repose.

Sensing his gaze, you turned toward Thranduil where he lay on his side to face you, his smooth skin warmed by the light’s caress and his silvery-blond hair draped like spun silk over the muscular curve of his shoulder. A smile illuminated his flawless face, and he reached to trail the backs of his fingers lightly over your cheek, down the column of your neck, lazily flicking his wrist to trace the lines of your collarbone with his fingertips.

“Good morning, wife.” His voice was husky with disuse, drawing you irresistibly closer to him, his arm slipping around your waist in welcome as you moved to share his pillow.

“Good morning, husband,” you sighed, pressing a leisurely kiss to his lips.

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