you are actually too amazing for words

Headcanon: Welcome to Night Vale characters on karaoke night


  • Song: Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
  • Unironically enjoys it
  • Stumbles a few times, but Carlos gives him a thumbs-up and he keeps going
  • Maybe a little too confident in his musical abilities; Carlos’s constant praise doesn’t help
  • Song: The Calculation by Regina Spektor
  • Throws loving glances to Cecil every five seconds
  • Extremely flattered when Cecil praises his singing (“Aw, I’m not *that* good, Ceec…”)
  • Never realizes he actually has an amazing singing voice
Mayor Cardinal
  • Song: Radio Waves by The Crystalline Effect
  • Reminds her of the desert otherworld, so she has mixed feelings about it
  • Still knows every word, so she sings it anyway
  • City Council nods approvingly in unison for the entire song and a good two minutes after it ends; the next person dares not start until they’re done
Old Woman Josie
  • Song: Girls & Boys by Good Charlotte
  • Prefaces her performance with “My voice isn’t what it used to be, so pardon any mistakes”
  • Proceeds to bellow the lyrics almost to the point of drowning out the music
  • It’s possible the Erikas provide amplification, but nobody knows for sure because everyone looks pointedly away from them for the entire song
Hooded Figures
  • Song: Revolution 9 by The Beatles
  • The whole production is rather awkward because the entire group falls silent and stares deliberately at anything other than the hooded figures
  • Nobody’s sure how they made the sounds needed, and nobody wants to know
  • After the song ends, the group sits there in silence for another five minutes before someone looks up to find a charred circle on the stage and no trace of the figures
  • Intern Kareem excuses himself, citing a need to lie down
Steve Carlsberg
  • Song: Chandelier by Sia
  • Manages to ignore Cecil’s constant muttered criticisms
  • Everyone is extremely impressed by his range- no octave dropping for this man
  • Cecil actually rather enjoyed it but would rather die than tell him
More Than Enough

Summary: Wasn’t she enough for him anymore? 

Part of Finding You Universe

Word Count: 2096 

Warnings: Cussing (not too much but still)

Lin x Reader

Author’s Note: I hope you all enjoy my first story. I have had this idea bouncing around in my head for ages, but as very wary to actually write it. This is inspired by the many amazing writers in this fandom. I could not have finished this if it wasn’t for @secretschuylersister ‘s amazing encouragement and to bounce ideas off of! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!


The tears fell down her face in quick succession. She truly doesn’t know what brought the fight on. Things between her and Lin had been great since day one. Her old roommate was always teasing Y/N that her relationship was too perfect. That nothing could shake them.

As she wanders down the rows and rows of her favorite bookstore, she ignores the incessant tune of Maia’s ringtone. Her friend and former roommate always knows when to call her and when to leave her along. She wonders if her co-worker called after hearing the yelling coming from the office. Or maybe it was her best friend back home that asked her to call. Honestly as the books continued to become more obscure, she felt increasingly more at home. She wonders what drew her here. Maybe it was the idea that she would find a treasure among the leather-bound books. But then again it could have been that she met him in this very store. And the thought of him brings more tears to her eyes.  

Y/N feels her phone vibrate again, thinking, maybe, praying that is Maia again. However, she sees his name flash incessantly across her screen, almost taunting her. It takes every fiber of her being, her self-control to not answer. She knows he is worrying about her, but right now, Lin doesn’t get to have the luxury of worrying about her, not after what was said to her. She knows it was not what he had been thinking. They talked about it all the time. And that he had just blurted it out, not even thinking about how she would take it or how it would affect her. She is almost tempted to leave her phone at the bookstore and walk out the door. Let Lin hurt the way his words hurt her. But at the same time, Y/N loved him too much to cause him such pain. At this very moment though it was the pain that won out over logical thought.

They had been through so much in the five years they had been together. This could test them, but at that moment in time, Y/N didn’t care.

“Excuse me sir, but I found this phone,” lying to the salesperson, who thankfully was new. Jacob, the owner would have protested and known different. The owner would have insisted on calling Lin. She needed to think and the continuous buzzing of her phone from Maia, numerous co-workers, and friends (let’s be honest his co-workers had become her friends as well), and from Lin didn’t give her the chance. “Maybe call the number that says home to aid in finding the owner.”

And with that Y/N walked out the door, the ringing of the door signaling her leave.

**Lin’s P.O.V**

As soon as the words left his mouth he could tell that they were like a penknife to her heart. He always hated seeing Y/N hurt in any way possible, but knowing he was the cause of her pain, killed him. Before he could even think of an apology he heard a slam of the front door.

“Fuck…” he muttered. He wanted to give Y/N the air and the time to think. He had learned from experience that she need time to cool down. Five years of dating (marriage? Possibly) taught him that much. She caught his eye the very moment she had walked into his favorite bookstore. Y/N was the most independent, intelligent, opinionated, beautiful women he had talked to in a long time. And now he had hurt her.

He spent the next eight hours calling Maia, Chris, Pippa, anyone, and everyone he could think of. The first hour he called Y/N’s number over and over, but it was always sent to voicemail. He knew that he should leave her alone but he wanted to hear her voice the affirmation that she was all right. Every phone call that was cut off, led him to create more possibilities of what happened to her. He decided to make three more calls before he went out looking for her.

Number one was to her roommate, maybe, just maybe she had gone back to her old apartment. Y/N always said that it was one of her favorite places in the city. The call only rings once before Maia is yelling at him over the phone.

“I swear to go Lin…if you hurt – “

“Maia, please, have you heard from Y/N at all? She has been gone for hours and I have no clue where she – “Lin begins but is cut off by Maia, again.

“Y/N has been gone for hours and you didn’t think to call me before now? I swear if Y/N didn’t love you so much I’d hurt you right now!” The former roommate exclaimed. “I honestly haven’t heard from her for a while. She sent me a text to stop calling, that you two had a fight. But nothing since. Lin, I’m scared that something might have happened…” ended in tears.

“Maia, I royally fucked up. Y/N and I had a bad fight and I said somethings I shouldn’t have. I’ve tried calling numerous times but nothing,” Lin started. He knew that if Y/N wanted to talk to anyone it would have been Maia. Y/N and Maia had been attached at the hip even after Y/N had moved in with him. With prior fights Y/N always ran to Maia for comfort if she left the apartment. He’d hoped that this was the same for this as well. But after listening to the former roommate break down, he knew this wasn’t the case. Well, shit. He could feel the tears prick at his eyes. Yep, that’s what I am right now a fucking prick. “I was hoping she was with you…Listen, stay at the apartment, I’m going to try to call a few other people and try her phone again, then I am going to go look for her. I just hope that she is okay.” Y/N must be all right, if she isn’t I don’t know what I’ll do.

The thought plays over and over in his head as he calls Chris, Karen, Pippa, Daveed, Jasmine, Oak and anyone else he can think of. Them all saying the same thing, that they hadn’t seen or heard from Y/N but will help trying to find her. They all knew that their relationship was solid, they knew that they had their fights but their fights were never as bad as this last one.

All because they could not agree on whether they wanted to have kids. She never shut down like she had today. He wasn’t even sure what set her off. Lin just needed to know that his wife was safe. With that thought he dialed one of the only numbers he had memorized. Y/N’s.


“Why can’t you just be happy with us? Am I not enough for you anymore?” Y/N yelled at her husband.

God, she was more than enough, so much more than enough. In the many years that they had been together (whether it be dating or married), she had supported him through both shows and the writing of Hamilton. Through the craziness of everything she was there. If he loved her so much why were they fighting? However, in all the years that they had been together, they only disagreed with one thing. Children. For some reason, Y/N never spoke in favor or against having kids.

“I can’t help but wonder why you just don’t want to have kids! Do you really hate me that much?!? Because that’s the feeling I have towards you right now!” Lin yelled at his wife. He had never screamed at his wife before nor had he said anything so vehemently before to her. As soon as the words left his mouth he could see the hurt and devastation on Y/N’s face. He immediately regretted it and moved to her, however she was one step ahead.

“No! You don’t get to say things like that to me right now and then try to comfort me. That’s not how this works!” Y/N cried and ran out the door.

*End Flashback*

Lin knows that his wife could be anywhere right now and that something could have happened. He had tried all their friends and knew he had to try her phone, one last time.

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

At least it was ringing this time. He just hoped she would answer.

“Hello?” a voice answered that was not his wife.

“Mr. Miranda?” the voice asked, who Lin now recognized as Josh, the owner’s son. The entire family knew Lin and Y/N because most of their courtship took place at the store and numerous presents were purchased for each other there.

“Um…Yes. Josh, why are you answering my wife’s phone?” Lin questioned. He had been calling it for hours and this was the first time it rang.

“The trainee gave it to me when I came on shift. Said that someone turned it in as lost. I just turned it on so that I could call and have someone come down to pick it up. Before I could see whose, it was, you called,” Josh explained. “Would you and Y/N like to come down and get her phone?”

“Um. Yeah I’ll be right down…”

And with that Lin walked to the bookstore. Wondering why her phone was there and knowing that he had no way to contact Y/N. I can’t lose her, please let her be all right.

**Y/N’s POV**

She had no idea she had been walking. It was starting to get a tad bit cold and the sky was noticeably darker. She didn’t have phone to check the time or any way to contact anyone.


Why did she think that leaving her phone at the bookstore would be a great idea?

She thought back to the fight. She wanted to so bad to tell him, but when Lin had said that he wasn’t happy in their life, she wanted to cry.

Y/N was always told she could never have children. She had told Lin this when they had started to get serious. She was content in the life she had with her amazingly talented husband. She would follow him to Antarctica if he asked. She wondered where it had gone wrong.

When did she stop being enough for husband? She knew it was the natural progression of their relationship and life together. Would he leave her? She knew she couldn’t something as important as this from him. She just wondered if he was ready to hear it? Y/N knew she needed to head home now.

Y/N didn’t realize how long she had been walking until she started to head home. She was glad it was a late summer evening, but there was still a bit of chill settling in the air. She made her way home and wrapped her light sweater a bit closer to her. Y/N was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t realize that she was outside her building. Their building.

She wasn’t sure what to expect, for all she knows all his belongings were gone.

Y/N get a handle on yourself, there is no way he would leave after one bad fight.

The door was opened before she could reach for her keys. And looking back at her was her husband, hair a mess, tears in his eyes, biting at his bottom lip nervously. It was almost as if he heard her coming.

“Y/N? Are…where….my….” Lin fumbled his words softly. Thank god!

And took in his wife’s appearance, she had tear tracks on her cheek, sweater pulled tightly around her. God, he had really hurt her. He would never hate her. He could never hate her, he loved her too damn much. “I’m so sorry baby. God I am so fucking sorry for everything I said- “

“You’re going to be a dad,” Y/N whispered softly.


“Lin, you’re going to be a dad.”

“But I…. I thought that you…. I thought you were told you could never have kids…Are you sure?” Lin whispered hopefully.

“Pretty sure, all the tests are positive and even the doctor said it was a miracle. They aren’t sure what change or what happened, but yes, we are going to be parents,” Y/N grinned tearfully.

Lin couldn’t grin any bigger and he wouldn’t love his wife anymore. “Trust me, you are enough, both of you are more than enough. God, I fucking love you.”

And with that they embarked on a miracle together.

(eep thank you! *hiding in corner*)

In This Moment - Part One

Request: Hi. Can you write were y/n and shawn meet on a vacation? thank yu!

Word Count: 1,959

A/N: This has to part, because it otherwise, became too long. Part two will be up tomorrow. 

In This Moment – Part One

The sharp sun – that non-stop had burning into my skin – headed up my entire body, I took a sip of my water to cool me down. It had been ages since I’d last been on vacation, and this time it was really needed. I had been exhausted for weeks.

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What I loved about stranger things

- The plot is just amazing. You really don’t know what’s gonna happen next
- The kids are actually y'know KIDS.
- Eleven is just too amazing for words
- mileven
- perfect love triangle where I really don’t know who I want to root for
- Steve and character development
- lucas and his oh fuck no attitude
- Dustin: who doesn’t know how a compass works? Bunch of dumb asses
- Mike who is just adorable

Secret Santa

Merry Christmas, @madfatty! Happy Chanukah, @slitherouter! This fic is my gift to you! (Or at least the part of my gift that you’ll actually get this year, since I am seriously the world’s worst post-office-procrastinator.) The two of you are such an enormous gift, and I am so incredibly thankful for the hilarity and encouragement and hours of talking about anything and everything. I love you guys. Merry Christmas!

P.S. It was very hard to to keep this a secret and write without the hand-holding and amazing encouragement of Lil, beta extraordinaire. So please forgive typos and insane word repetitions.

Originally posted by slothilda

Secret Santa

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justasimplewizardsecretary  asked:

Do you believe their are any snobbish pureblood Gryffindors out their? If so could you do some head canons for them pleaseeeeesss. ~much much much love for this blog it is truly awesome, your doing such an amazing job. Keep up the great work~

Oh, most certainly. As we’ve seen, Gryffindors can be proud and sometimes nasty too. While it might not be uplifting, it’s important to look at some negative aspects of the house too. Thank you for your kind words, here’s some headcanons for you:

  • Pureblood Gryffindors bragging about the great deeds of their ancestors
  • Gryffindors obsessing over Godric Gryffindor’s family tree, the purity of it, and where his ancestors are now
  • Pureblood Gryffindors claiming to not have any bias, but still saying snide little things about blood without realizing it
  • There are almost no pureblood Gryffindors in Muggle Studies because it’s boring and they think it really is useless
  • Pureblood Gryffindors feeling especially snoobish about technology, claiming that really good wizards could solve their problems without using stuff like that
  • In reality it just confuses them and they are too prideful to admit it
  • Gryffindor house being extremely arrogant about getting Sirius Black; saying they stole the best Black from Slytherin house
  • Gryffindors being complacent about societal norms in general, distracting themselves with other worries most of the time
  • Pureblood Gryffindors not always doing something when a muggleborn is being bullied, too worried about seeming uncool 
  • Pureblood Gryffindors not bothering to explain things to their muggleborn friends because they aren’t paying attention when their friend looks confused
  • But in general, pureblood Gryffindors trying to figure it out and be fair like:
  • Pureblood Gryffindors getting angry at themselves when they say something or act in a snoobish way, ending in them beating themselves up for the rest of the day
  • Purebloods really trying to care about things like football and that one muggle band their friend is obsessed with, but not totally getting it
  • Purebloods bringing their muggleborn friend home for the Christmas holiday and forcing their parents to see that they are the same
  • Muggleborn Gryffindors dragging their pureblood friends on adventures over the summer holidays, opening the pureblood’s eyes and making them more accepting
  • Pureblood Gryffindors asking Ravenclaws (known as the most accepting and educated house on this sort of stuff) to help them understand muggle technology better
  • Remembering that no house is without flaws, and it takes the teamwork of a community to make people more tolerant and understanding. It’s a process, but Gryffindor house continues to try its best.

-Shannon <3

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: nate ruess is a really under appreciated artist seeing as a mjority of people who do recognize his name know him as the guy from fun.' but hes honestly one of my most talented lyricists of our time and hes also a precious cinnamon roll too good to pure for this world his songs are so good and theyre also so sad like yea 'we are young' sounds so fun and and 'some nights' has a sick beat but the words are so sad and even further than that, people who know fun.'s first album usually know All The Pretty Girls or The Gambler and those are AMAZING songs but have you heard Be Calm or Barlights like those are real emotional-ass songs and the pain in Nate's voice in some of his songs actually kills me and dont get me started on the forMAT and then here he comes with his Grand Romantic album and everything is just so beautiful and I really just L Ove nATE RUeSS Hes sO SMOL he is MY TIny hUSBAND NATER TATER TOT

anonymous asked:

Oh awesome, he got a ton of recognition in wings so let's toss him out. Bagging on JHope for getting so many lines in wings is not a valid argument against not getting anything at all this time. I remember everyone getting all down because namjoon only had that one part in bst and Jin too, remember that feeling? That's the exact thing Hobi stans are going through. Stop putting them down over this. He can do vocals. his voice would have fit. Stop using the behind the scenes reasoning.

LMAO this is too much omg 

you’re actually joking wow this is hilarious ahaha amazing, I my friend am not using any excuse and just a little fun fact for you, everyone was trying to validate jin stans about his 3 WORDS in BST by saying the whole video revolved around him 

and as for namjoon, no one says a single fuck about namjoon. all they did when it came to namjoon was discredit his 6 FUCKING LINES because people decided to turn them sexual instead of their actual meaning 

so guess what? I know how it feels to not see you bias in 90% of stages, having your bias retreat to behind the scenes stuff just to make the fandom happy so don’t tell me that because it’s just sad. 

you have more than a reason to be upset I’ve always said that but fucking look at the fucking possitives of the whole fucking album like I have to do 

I always have to reassure myself of things like it’s namjoon he comes up with concepts a lot of the time, it’s namjoon who writes and composes most of the songs, it’s namjooon, it’s namjoon, it’s namjoon or else it would eat me alive to see how shitty this fandom treats him to the point that the fucking LEADER and LEAD rapper is not even a main vocal in their music anymore. you know how that feels? to see your bias having some of the most lines and most amazing parts to?? 6? lines????? please don’t even do this because it’s just sad

no one said to toss hobi away jfc read what I wrote until you understand the intent of it before you decide to send me shit like this

Girls like girls.

Pairing: Charlie x Fem!Reader

Summary: after her house burns down the reader moves in with the Winchesters. Both brothers have a crush on her and make a bet to see who can get her first. What they don’t know is that Charlie’s already won.

Warning: none. Fluff, & Cursing. (Saving the good stuff for later chapters)

Word count: 2,059

A/N: I got tired of always writing about M/F so I wanted to do something that actually pertained to me too! So I hope you like it.

Author: jadangelofthelord

Your eyes widened and your breath hitched. This place, your new home apparently, was fucking amazing.

The men of letters bunker as the Winchesters called it was something extraordinary. You walked through the map room and into the library taking it all in. You ran your hands over the spines of the books letting your eyes rake over them.

A deep voice behind you stopped you in your tracks “so I uh, we hope you like it.” You turned to Dean who was smiling at you. You looked at Sam who had an almost identical smirk and nodded.

“It’s amazing really, thank you.”

After a whole year of knowing the boys you’d, not purposely, moved in. You’d met each other on a hunt gone wrong. Sam and you were tied together as a witch prepared to sacrifice the both of you to bring back her dead husband. Luckily big hero Dean swooped in just in time to save the day.

Ever since then you’d met up on various hunts and had actually become sort of buddies. That is until your house burned down because of a demon and the boys took it upon themselves to seek vengeance for you. After they saved the day, again, they invited you to live with them. Which you hesitantly, but none the less, agreed to.

While yes they were your best friends there were things that they still had yet to know about you. Like your middle name, your blood type, and that you were a lesbian.

Nothing big right? Not that you didn’t want to tell them you just, didn’t know how to. Or how they’d react. Which scared you more than any monster. You didn’t want to lose your friends so you simply hid in your closet until the right time.

“No problem Y/N, I’ll show you to your room.” Sam said earning a glare from Dean. You nodded and followed him down the hallway before he stopped in front of a door. He opened it for you and you stepped in and looked around.

It was pretty big and had a nice size bed. It had a desk, two dressers, a large closet and a bathroom. You turned to Sam and gave him a small smile “thanks, again.”

He shrugged “what are friends for?” An awkward silence erupted and you both looked around.

“So.” He suddenly said scarring you a little “my room is right down the hall there so if you need anything.” He smirked “I’m always open.”

You nodded and excused yourself to take a shower and closed your door. Gosh they were such good friends.

Throwing your only bag on the bed you grabbed everything you needed and headed into the shower. Maybe this was a good way to start over. Maybe you meet someone.


“Dude!” Dean exclaimed as Sam walked back into the library. Sam looked around confused “what?”

“What?” Dean scoffed “Y/N what.”

“I’m not following?” Sam said pulling out a chair and sitting down. Dean rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair “she just got here and your already trying to call dibs?”

“Dibs? Dean I walked her to her room I didn’t pee on her.” Sam said rolling his eyes but Dean just shook his finger at him.

“It’s just walking her to her room now but next you’ll be sleeping in there too!”

Sam scoffed “Dean so what? If I think she’s pretty which lets face it she is-”

“She’s 3rd degree burns hot.” Dean cut it.

“Yea well let’s face it she’d want me anyway so why not?” He said shrugging. Dean put his hand to his chest “excuse me?”

“What?” Sam said.

“Don’t what me.” Dean countered “you know exactly what. So you don’t think she’d want me?”

Sam scoffed “I think that me and her know each other a little better so yea I think she’d rather go for me.”

“Oh you get tied together one time and all of a sudden your best friends.”

“No it’s just we talk a lot more.”

“Yea well we laugh together a lot more, C'mon man me and her got something special.”

“Do not.”

Dean leaned close to the table on his elbows “wanna bet on it?”

Sam smirked knowingly “you wanna bet on who can get Y/N first?”

“What, you chicken?” Dean said reaching out his hand to the younger Winchester.

Sam thought for a second before shaking deans hand. It was so on.


The next morning walked out of your room and regretted it. In only a tank top and a pair of sleeping shorts the coldness of the bunker slapped you.

You shivered and walked to the library. “Dean?” You called out “Sam?”

“In here!” You heard them both say. You made your way to the kitchen and took a deep breath. Waffles, hash browns, bacon, eggs, and coffee filled your senses and you smiled.

“Good morning.” You said taking a seat at the table across from Sam.

“Morning.” They both said before glaring at each other. You pretended not to notice.

“So Y/N any plans for today?” Dean said eyes quickly taking over you as he began to fill everyone’s plates.

You nodded “I was gonna go shopping a bit, buy some new clothes and stuff.”

They both nodded before deans phone went off. He answered it and you turned to Sam.

He was on his laptop and you rolled your eyes before shutting it.

“What was that for?” He asked with big puppy eyes. You laughed “no work at the table.”

“You just got here and you’re already making the rules?” He smiled at you before moving his laptop to the side.

You shrugged “someone has to.”

Dean cleared his throat and you and Sam both looked at him. Though it looked like Sam was upset.

“Charlie’s coming over for a few days.” He said and they both smiled. You looked between the two “who’s Charlie?”


“Sup bitches!” Charlie’s voice carried through the bunker as she made her way down the stairs. Sam and Dean engulfed her in a hug one by one before moving to the library.

“So what’s up?” She said placing her bag on the table and sitting next to it.

“Nothing much.” Sam said “Y/N’s getting ready right now so she’ll be out in a while.”

“Oh yeah Dean mentioned her on the phone.” Charlie nodded. They began to trade stories about their life before you walked in.

They all looked at you but you only noticed her. Her bright red hair framed her face perfectly and her smile seemed to knock the air out of you.

“You must be Y/N.” She said bringing you out of your thoughts “I’m Charlie.”

She walked up to you and held out her hand to which you gladly shook.

“I’m Y/N.”

She chuckled “yeah I just said that.”

‘Get it together!’ You thought ‘she probably doesn’t even like girls.’

“So.” You finally said “unless you want to tag along, I’m gonna go.” You mostly said it to her but the boys spoke up first.

“Sure!” They said at the same time and again glared at one another.

“Okay.” You said furrowing your brows at them before looking at the smiling Charlie and smiling back “let’s go.”


Pulling into the mall parking lot you all quickly got out and made your way inside. You passed by a ridiculously large hunting store and Dean hesitantly excused himself before pulling Sam along with him.

You and Charlie were finally alone so you decided to flirt a little. Opening your mouth to speak you choked on spit.

Coughing and trying to collect yourself you felt a warm hand begin to pat your back.

“Jeez, you okay there?” Charlie said giggling. You finally stopped and gave a shy smile.

“Uh, yea sorry about that.” You nervously laughed “that was unattractive.”

She scoffed “Like you can be unattractive?”

Your eyes widened and she winked at you. You smiled and you both kept walking.


“Okay last stop.” You said walking into the store ignoring the pain in your arms. Both you and Charlie’s arms were overflowing with bags of things you needed and you were almost done.

Shopping with her had actually been the most fun you’d had since your house burned down. She was smart, funny, and incredibly attractive. Plus you were pretty sure she had a thing for you from the amount of flirting going on.

All you needed now was new bed sheets, since last night was not the most comfortable. The covers were itchy and hardly provided warmth.

You both walked through the store judging various sets and laughing at each other before you stopped. A thick white comforter was laid before you with even softer pillows. You put your bags on the ground & belly flopped onto the bed and groaned.

Yep this was the one.

“Okay Charlie I found one!” you looked around for the redheaded beauty but she was no were to be found.


“BELLY FLOP!” A body landed on top of you and you let out a loud “OOF!”

She rolled next to you laughed and you couldn’t help but laugh too. “You scared the shit out of me Charlie!”

She smiled “I like this one.”

You nodded and snuggled into the bed “I do too.”

You both stayed there like that for a while just looking at each other smiling before she scooted closer to you.

“I really like this one.” She whispered, her nose almost touching yours.

“I’m hoping 'this one’ is a metaphor for me which in that case.” You moved so your noses were touching “I like you too.”

She glanced at your lips as if asking for permission and you nodded slightly.

She moved in and brushed her lips over yours. You quickly kissed her back and kept kissing her. And kept kissing her. And kept kissing her.

Your hands found her waist and you pulled her body towards yours. She laced her fingers though your hair and you both laid there, engulfed in each other.

You reluctantly pulled away for air and looked at her. Her cheeks were a light pink and her eyes looked like stars.

“I didn’t know you could kiss like that.” She mumbled surprised. You shrugged “all you had to do was ask.”

“Do you always kiss girls you first meet?” She asked arching her brow and smirking. You laughed and shook your head “only the gorgeous ones.”

She laughed and after a while a store employee made you get up.

You bought the mattress set and made your way out of the store, running into the boys who had their own bags.

“Did everything go good? Sorry we had to ditch you but Dean couldn’t help himself.” Sam said looking at his brother who shrugged.

“The place was huge! Besides we got a lot more hunting gear.”

You nodded “everything was great actually.”

“Amazing.” Charlie agreed and you both looked at each other before smiling and making your way out of the mall. Leaving the boys behind.

“What do you think happened?” Dean said looking up to Sam who simply shrugged. “Not sure, but I know I’m still gonna win.”

He walked a head of Dean who grumbled “like hell you will.”


You all pulled into the bunker garage laughing. Dean had screamed when a bird flew into the window and almost crashed. While yes you all probably would’ve been seriously injured, it was still funny.

“Alright I say we have a movie night.” Charlie declared gathering bags and getting out of the car. You all grabbed you bags and followed her inside.

“Sounds good to me!” You said walking a head of her to your room. Maybe you and her would have some alone t-

“Yea it’ll be fun.” Dean said “we can hang in Y/N’s new room, I’ll set up the TV and everything.”

You inwardly groaned and looked at Charlie who looked like she felt the same. “Alright.”

You both walked into your room and set your bags down. You began to put clothes away when you felt her press a kiss to your cheek “if we hurry maybe we’ll still have time to hang by ourselves.”

You smiled and began to put clothes away quicker. Hopefully tonight would be fun.

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can you please spread to your followers that i need some positivity (Jewish or nb or queer would be best but animals are gr8 too) after what happened today?

My poor friend here has had a very unfortunate day full of anti-Semitism and queerphobia and could use some support. I have no doubt my amazing followers will provide <3

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I wrote in caps too but it is because i am very happy ;w ;

Hello, dear friends! 

if it’s true this actually ended some days ago, i wanted to make this as an official “end” knowing that everyone received their gifts. Some of you have thanked me for having doing this blurred friend project and i really appreciate all your kind words, but i think i must thank you all for being part of this and make this worked out! it was a wonderful experiencie, especially because i saw that all of you were really excited and committed to your respective blurred friends, so really thank you so much guys! also all of you’re creative and talented artists, i was so happy to see all those beautiful presents!

a big blurred hug to:

@champanova, @tracy-jacks, @mercuryboy, @thebluehairdontcare, @vaguelyemo, @pureiro, @iiiisobel, @thinkismellarat, @almostgone, @blurryminion, @dalekbuddy, @yurke, @swampsong13, @tamomo, @villiejersey, @flamindamon, @ilovedamo, @howling–fantods, @starshaped1993, @glowinginahuddle, @aldiisaweeb, @latoxy, @blowbowie, @inner-space-boy, @graham-coxon, @firejubi, @lxdymcchocxlate

But this is not a goodbye!

i was doubting about do another blurred friend and since there were two friends who couldn’t participate in this and this one was a success, finally i’m going to do another one. The first thing i thought was do a blurred friend for Halloween (because i’ve seen that most people of here love halloween), but that might be such a far date, so one friend reminded me Easter! That brought me a lot of ideas (for example, we can play with coloured eggs, in each egg there will be a challenge! like if you’re good at editing pictures, your challenges will be related to it, and other things like that!)

However, in this ocassion i want to count with your opinions, because in this activity there were also mishaps, so it would be better if this time we can do something when everybody’s free from school/work! So, please comment this or message me to tell me what do you think!

Love you all!

I’ve just seen the new song and may k say that i have no words to express my feelings.

The song is thruthfully amazing written, the scenario is itself amazing too, but just look how deep and emotional it actually is.

It’s like they are saying:
“Alive or dead, always together”

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YOUR WRITING IS AMAZINGGGG. I literally just finished the two about bughead staying at Betty's and actually had the biggest grin on my face and squealed out loud multiple times because they were written so perfectly & in character!!! I can't wait to read the other fics you've written now, too! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

Oh my God, thank YOU so much for your amazing words!!! I can’t really say how happy and excited to write more this makes me!!! Seriously, you guys and your brilliant feedback melts my heart!!! Once again a million thanks you, love, and I hope I won’t disappoint in the future! <33333

Stuck [Han Solo x Reader]

Summary: By little choice of her own, the reader is pulled into the Millenium Falcon for a mini off-base vacation with Han and Chewie. Though, when you’re flying on the fastest hunk-of-junk in the galaxy, things are sure to go wrong by the dozens.

Word Count: 3000+

Warnings: None that I know of! Lmk if I missed anything!

Notes: This was actually written by my amazing lil sis @imagining-imagines! I know I enjoyed it, and I hope you will too! Go check out her blog!

You hurried with a search-and-rescue team toward Hangar Five after receiving an urgent message from Han Solo. Since Han had specifically requested for you, they allowed you to lead the team. When you reached the door to Hangar Five, you typed in the code, the door opened, and you ran inside to see Han cleaning the outside of his ship, the Millennium Falcon. He looked up from the spot he was shining and smiled.

“Chewie, come out here! Our help has arrived,” he announced as he put his rag away. The search and rescue team shifted behind you and you heard murmurs of disapproval.

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ohh lordiee I am in love with your writing and like you deserve all the hype about your writing because it's bloody amazing :) I love the softness about it and it's feels like I am actually reading their feelings and there's just this greatness surrounding it and I love reading EVERYTHING you write but also wow cats wow you love them? wow me too and wow I literally freaked out about that for such a long time because cats wow they're my life and would you like to discuss about cat with me? *hugs*

omg wow you absolute treasure thank you for the kind words idk how to write dnp and their emotions at all tbh it’s all just guesswork and v broad brush strokes and like not a lot of nuance which is why i barely ever do it and writing through phil’s eyes is especially hard so i’m v happy it worked for you!!!! and oh my god yes i will talk about cats any time hi hello 

If Hobi truly has no lines in “Spring Day” (or he has, but mostly for harmonization), I hope no one gets too angry about it.

If we think about it, the members are actually very selfless with their lines in their songs. Wasn’t ‘Butterfly’ supposed to just be for the vocal line and the rap line was willing to not participate in the song because they felt the ballad didn’t need the rap? All I’m saying is that you have to remember that Hobi did the ‘Intro: Boy Meets Evil’ and had a ton of lines on ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ as well as a decent amount in the other tracks. Back then, we were all looking for Jin’s lines. Now it kinda just reversed. Jin had a lot of lines in ‘Spring Day’. What if Hobi willingly gave the participation for the other members? Let’s still be grateful to have these seven young men who put quality first before anything else because they truly want to give the best to ARMYs.

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Prompt 19 - something angsty about them breaking up and getting back thogether whith neil being a mess without andrew maybe ? If you want? You are amazing every prompt you do is so good i love your writing so much!! So happy i found this blog!!

hi lovely I got good news for you this is actually the FIRST prompt I wrote back in December, and that story is right HERE

I’m so glad you found my blog too you’re sooooo sweet

Catherine was right: General Tilney is a villain. She was right to read life like a book: her mistake was to think she was in a Gothic melodrama when actually she’s in a domestic comedy. Once she knows her genre, she gets herself home, not unheroically. Henry eats his words, defies his father and proposes. And Catherine ends the novel ready to embark on the adventure of marriage with a charming, amusing man who likes to read until his hair stands on end and thinks anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good novel is intolerably stupid. Catherine has completed her training and become a heroine. I don’t think anyone is ‘born to be a heroine.’ It takes effort, valour and willingness to investigate your own heart.

How To Be A Heroine: Or What I’ve Learned From Reading Too Much by Samantha Ellis

That line “I don’t think anyone is ‘born to be a heroine.’ It takes effort, valour and willingness to investigate your own heart”…oh my god. It resonates. It hit me with such force.