you are actually a terrible person beth

this problematic show, tbh

Beth Greene shouldn’t be dead, and I really hope that she isn’t, but I’m working on an essay (that’s getting silly long and might turn into a book) about writing effective character death in fiction. 

For the sake of using her as an example, I’ve been writing a lot under the assumption that she’s really dead, and it’s just making it that much more apparent to me that killing Beth Greene off at this point in her development is a legitimately terrible idea on it’s face.

However, I wrote this passage that I’m not sure fits, because I’m really trying to talk mainly about technical aspects of storytelling, and not so much my personal reasons why her death pisses me off.

For that reason, this isn’t going to make it into the final cut, but I thought you guys might like it…

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She Keeps Me Warm [13/?]

Chapter 13

Hannah realized that it was easier to ignore her crumbling, aching heart when you had consumed an extensive amount of alcohol. She felt like she was on the clouds but still a searing and throbbing pain from her chest reminds her every now and then, that she is in fact heartbroken.

“What is going on in your mind, Hannah Hart? One moment, you’re giggling and the next, you look like you’re about to cry.” Grace asked and Mamrie smiled, who was surprisingly the most sober out of the three of them. Hannah’s reply was a coy smile and a giggle which earned Grace’s laugh. God, it’s so easy to pretend.

“You are so drunk.” Mamrie raised her glass to her mouth with an eyebrow raised.

“I’m not as drunk as Grace though!” Hannah nodded towards the tall blonde who was on the floor, hysterical.

“Good point.”

“Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Mames!” Grace sat up suddenly and called Mamrie loudly, startling the redhead. “H-how does it feel to be married?”

Mamrie frowned, for a moment, in concentration putting a finger on her chin for the full effect before answering. “It, uhh, feels the same, my dear Grace but it feels more real. More solid and also warmer. Yes, warmer.” She answered, eyes distant. Hannah giggled at Mamrie’s expression and Mamrie looked at her. “Wait till you’re married little Hart!”

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