you are a terrorist you are a poet

Assata Shakur is one of the strongest and most courageous black women you will ever read about. Assata meaning “she who struggles” and Shakur meaning “the thankful one” is a true warrior in the fight for black equality. At a very young age in the 1960’s, she participated in various struggles including the Black Liberation Movement, the Student Rights Movement, and the movement to end the war in Vietnam. As member of the Black Panther party, she fed thousands of black children every morning insisting that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. She, as a young teen, mentored many young black girls on the importance of natural hair and supporting black men. In 1973, she was falsely accused of shooting a state trooper on the NJ turnpike after medical evidence showed she clearly couldn’t have done the crime. She spent almost 7 years in prison in solitary confinement, suffering from brutal beatings from prison guards, severe malnourishment, and complete lack of medical attention. Through it all, she stood strong and with the help of the Black Panthers, was able to escape that hell.
While in prison she birthed a beautiful baby girl named Kakuya Shakur.

Today 40 years later, she is still being pursued by the FBI and recently was placed on the FBI’S “Most Wanted Terrorist” list. This is the same list the Taliban and OSAMA BIN LADEN were placed on. She is not only the first woman to be placed on the list, but the second person in history from the U.S to be placed on the list. The state of New Jersey also added $1 million to the FBI’s $1 million bounty on her head. They are offering $2 MILLION for her capture. Isn’t it crazy that New Jersey with all the problems it has can come up with $1 Million to place on Assata’s head? She was basically kidnapped by the police, sentenced to life in prison with no evidence, severely beaten on the regular, starved almost to death then she is able to finally escape the torture and now she’s the terrorist? Anyway, she is a phenomenal poet and if you get the chance read her autobiography. It’ll change your life. The fact that they are still chasing her and offering so much money shows that they are afraid of what she symbolizes. Assata is an inspiration to us all and shows us how important it is to be able to stand on your own two feet. Stand for something or Fall for anything. Strong, Black Woman I Salute your Existence!!!!!

“Freedom! You askin me about freedom?! Askin me about freedom? I’ll be honest with you. I know a whole lot more about what freedom isn’t than about what it is, cause I’ve never been free. I can only share my vision with you of the future, about what freedom is. Uhh, the way I see it, freedom is the right to grow, is the right to blossom. Freedom is the right to be yourself, to be who you are, to be who you wanna be, to do what you wanna do.” Assata Shakur

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I remember in summer camp we all had to tell an event about our culture/country that changed us for good. All of the Americans were talking about 9/11 and when it was my turn I also said 9/11, and people thought I was being offensive because I’m Muslim. Then I explained, “It was a sad day for you, because you lost love ones and experienced terrorism, but it was even a worse day for me, because in just a day I became a terrorist, a danger to society.
—  Hira
I'm heartbroken.

This won’t get worldwide coverage, because it’s not Sydney, it’s not the U.S. It’s a third world country.

Over a hundred and forty little children were dressed by their mothers who made their lunch for them and fixed their hair to send them to school.

These children never came back.

They were shot one by one by people with no heart, no conscience; terrorists.

And there are still mothers out there looking for their children who won’t ever be found. There are fathers who are in the battlefield who will come home to find out the murder of their child. There are mothers sleeping with their child’s bloody shoe, because that’s all they have left.

Over a hundred children were killed. Over a hundred children who could’ve had a future. Over a hundred kids who were going to become doctors, engineers, writers, poets, teachers. Over a hundred kids, out of which any could’ve been the one to cure cancer, to end poverty, to change the world. You killed over a hundred kids, but over a hundred families as well. And I hope you know that the God you did this for will burn you in hell. And these kids will watch gleefully, and they will show no mercy, because neither did you. I hope you remember that.

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You know what sucks? I'm an INTJ too, and my friend and I were looking up famous people with our types. She's an INFP, and all of the people with her type were poets, writers, movie stars, really nice people, you know? Then all of the INTJs we found were scientists, communist political leaders, and terrorists and murderers. I know that your type doesn't dictate who you are, but it always feels like I'm just destined to be a boring, mean person because I'm an INTJ

Try this site instead. I lists a bunch of people according to type, and the assholes/crazies are in black at the bottom. I don’t see any under INFP, but ENFP has it’s fair share. Always remember that type doesn’t indicate who you’ll be. Both Hitler and Gandhi were INFJs.