you are a sweet soul

* I have to be studying rn but I have to say this*

Thank you so much, Tarjei Sandvik Moe..
Thank you so much for ditching one math class and going to audition
Thank you so much for never doubting on playing a lgbtq+ character
Thank you so much for playing it beautifully
Thank you so much for your incredible acting
Thank you so much for making me cry for a fucking spice (kardemomme!!)
Thank you so much for your cuuute facial expressions
Thank you so much for letting me feel everything your character felt
Thank you so much for your sweet heart
Thank you so much for your pure soul
Thank you so much for your ridiculously cute rapping skills
Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us
Thank you so much for playing isak valtersen

I’m so fucking proud of you lillebror!
I love you so much and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you. Happy 18th birthday! I hope everything good find you and I hope you find good in everything ❤

I so freaking love you baby Jesus, you can’t believe it!

Personal Opinions on the Signs

Aries: You’re so ambitious. You’re not afraid to push people aside to get what you want. Kinda a hoe. Funny though

Taurus: Sassiest mofo you’ll ever meet. Very goal oriented. Sweet if you’re close to them, petty if you’re not


Cancer: Witty. In all honesty emotional FUCKS. Resilient and funny. Smart and protect everyone at all costs

Leo: Wonderful. Extremely smart. Lw lazy but always pulls through in the end. Tends to be swimmers ????

Virgo: …. Never stops talking or COMPLAINING. You guys gotta chill tbh. Smart but has a low self esteem

Libra: Flaky as fuck. Doesn’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. Needs someone who can hit them with reality

Scorpio: HONESTLY?????? The Scorpio’s I know go to Church every Sunday and are so hardworking and smart. Go you

Sagittarius: Straight forward. Lw selfish because they’re so goal oriented. Loves to argue. Just wants to be loved tbh

Capricorn: Socially awkward. Funny when you get to know them. Closes up super easily. Knows what they want, not really motivated to get it

Aquarius: Doesn’t get close to people. Constantly traveling. SO SMART. Knows what they wanna be (lucky) right out of the womb

Pisces: Thinks they’re funny. Laughs at their own jokes. Lw entitled. Occasionally lies but overall truthful people.

The signs as lovers

Aries: the daredevil.
They’ll fight for you and protect you, but be direct, upfront and adventurous. The type to go to a festival and fuck you in the car, but also spoil and be jealous. Sometimes lacks the ability to slow down but means the best. Demanding.

Taurus: the comforter.
Provides emotional stability and comfort. Super supportive. They’re very sensual, and find comfort in giving to their partner. Bad day? Let’s have slow sweet sex. Loyal.

Gemini: the free spirit.
Doesn’t want to feel tied down. Wants a person to do whatever with them: sleep, go on drives, have witty conversation, watch Netflix, doesn’t matter. They want to feel like they’re with their best friend and not be smothered, but they’re curious and will never want to stop learning about you. Expressive.

Cancer: the over feeler.
They’re very loyal but demand a lot, bringing security, love and care. They pay attention and want security, but also to be allowed to care for you. Mothering.

Leo: the show off.
Wants to go out and show you off. They want to feel wanted and be able to brag about your relationship. They’re warm and loyal in a relationship but can be self centered. Sometimes they forget the give, in give and take. They’re very physical and sex is very important. Needy.

Virgo: the submissive.
will act tough and sassy but truth is: they probably need you. will move the earth to make you happy, do anything you ask at the drop of a hat. You will never have to question if they love you, not when they’re being sarcastic, not when they’re expressing themselves to you. Never. Extremely submissive in bed, but also very kinky. Will give themselves to you over and over again.

Libra: the romantic.
Cute dates and long cuddles. Slow kissing, laughter and class are how they love. They nurture but never stop courting you. Will bring you flowers every anniversary for the rest of your life. Givers in bed. They get screwed over a lot due to their trusting and loving nature. Hopeless.

Scorpio: the psycho.
Passionate and quiet. Their love is like a silent storm that rains over you and only you. You will never have to worry about them leaving if they truly love you. They’re jealous and controlling though, sex will always be them in control.

Sagittarius: the all or nothing.
They will never do anything half way. It’s everything or you get nothing. They’re a confusing mix of serious and lighthearted- forward and passive aggressive. Intense, and experimental.

Capricorn: the rock.
They’re funny and sarcastic but they’re solid, they want you to see what good there is in dating them. They’re both givers and takers and not push overs but will have a soft spot for you. Practical.

Aquarius: the rebel.
Notorious for being detached, Aqua will impress you by slowly opening up. They’ll want to get into all sorts of trouble with you, and they’ll slowly become your best friend. They’re interesting and quirky and will give stimulating conversations, passionate kisses, little kisses and lots of diverse sex. Once they have you they’ll never want to let go.

Pisces: the dreamer.
Softhearted and starry eyed, they will think the world of you, while building a world with you. They’re sweet and genuine and creative. Never stop romanticizing you. They’re old souls with the stars in their eyes when they look at you.

Moon Signs: Your Soul
  • Aries Moon: Your a passionate spirit that is driven to protect and love others. You're easily controlled by your feelings. Your soul loves passionately and hates passionately
  • Taurus Moon: Venus has been placed into your heart to spread love and ambiance amoungst your loved ones. The energy in your spirit projects a beautiful calmness to you. You are the healers of this world.
  • Gemini Moon: Your soul, mind and body is constantly restless. Your heart is full of emotions, spinning like a wheel inside of you. Your feelings dance on your lips, and you are born to inspire with your words.
  • Cancer Moon: Your soul is constructed from moon dust. Your Cancer moon fills up your soul with compassion and instinct to care for others. You are a sweet lullaby and beautiful soul that was placed on this world to spark hope in others.
  • Leo Moon: The sun burns in your heart. Flames of happiness flicker inside you, and you want to share that happiness with the world. You are an angel of light, and make this dark world light up a bit more.
  • Virgo Moon: Naturally you feel driven to fix everyone and everything. But just remember, in order to heal others you have to heal yourself first. Your spirit needs to cleanse before you cleanse others. Use your tender gift to serve the people who need it.
  • Libra Moon: You are a work of art. Your soul is painted from the finest oil paints, and sculpted from rich clay. You are born to create and to make this world beautiful again. Use your gracious spirit to guide others to see the beauty in the unexpected.
  • Scorpio Moon: You are a bruised spirit that has been on this earth a million times over. Your soul is old with wisdom, but young with intense passion. Dear Scorpio Moons, you are so rare and beautiful. Use your that rare, deep beauty to show love to others, and to inspire the broken to keep fighting.
  • Sagittarius Moon: The planet Jupiter rules over your heart, causing your soul to be passionate. Your heart is made of gold, and you have this craving to travel and to discover. Your duty is to explore, and quench that thirst to discover.
  • Capricorn Moon: Icy and harsh Saturn is nuzzled into your soul. You are made of steel, and stand as tall as a mountain. You weep tears when nobody is looking. My sweet Capricorn Moon, its okay to feel broken. Use that brokenness to mend the hearts of others, and to be the best you can be for yourself. Because you are loved, and you deserve the best in life.
  • Aquarius Moon: Naturally, you are a very accepting and open minded being. Your unique spirit stands out from the crowd. You are a gorgeous soul made from stardust that inspires others to be themselves and to express themselves the way they want to.
  • Pisces Moon: You are soft as the sand on the beach, and ever changing like the ocean. A ocean like storm is constantly raging inside of you. Let go, and let the dark waters flow out of your spirit.

Happy birthday Julie ❤ - @feather97 @feather97 @feather97 @feather97

Sometimes Neil has to put on Andrew’s glasses because Exy all hours of the day (and night) has ruined his eye sight. Usually he just reaches into Andrew’s pants or jacket pocket and takes them (lesbereal they’re usually in his jacket because his pants are so tight), but on a few memorable occasions he plucks them right off of Andrew’s face (can you imagine the foxes’ faces watching Andrew - Andrew Minyard - stoping mid-sentence and keeping still so that Neil can take the glasses off of his face without poking him in the eye).

The foxes take bets on whether or not Andrew will get fed up enough that he’ll make Neil go to the doctor and get his own pair, or if Abby and Coach will end up mandating that he gets them. The only person that thinks that Neil will voluntarily get his eyes checked is Kevin (you sweet dumb soul you, when will you learn).

After a while, Andrew begins to just expect to wake up without glasses on the mornings when he doesn’t have class but Neil does, so he buys himself a three-pack of readers from the dollar general and hides them in the night stand.

I need the image of Neil wearing his tight pants and a soft sweater with his hipster hair and wearing his boyfriends glasses, just plsplspls


Magnus: 1st Even fan, 1st Evak stan *

astro: Home

if astro were things that felt like home, mj would be the wind chimes. he’s the soft ringing of the bells in the gentle breeze, humming its favourite tune when you slide the windows open. he’s the playful flutter of curtains dancing in the sun and the crackling of the old radio singing his favourite love songs, and the way you’d dance and hum along to the melody as you go about with your chores.

jinjin would be the paintings that hang on your walls. he’s the one with the sea painted a soft, calm blue and the other a house covered in snow. he’s all the picture frames holding your best memories, and the polaroids you’ve scribbled on and hung on a flimsy red string. jinjin is also the feeling of sleeping in on a saturday morning, where your tired bones sigh in relief and you finally get to breathe.

eunwoo is your old bookshelf standing tall and proud in your room. he’s every book lined up neatly on your little wooden shelves, paperbacks worn and happy from being read many times over. he’s also the notes and stationaries strewn across the desk tucked in a corner, pushed up against the wall right underneath your window. eunwoo is every post it you’ve slapped onto your walls and every scribble you’ve made in blue and red ink, and the forgotten cup of coffee that had gone cold as you work away diligently.

moonbin would be the glow-in-the-dark stars scattered across your ceiling, and the light from the moon or street lamps shining in faintly through your windows. he’s the crack in the door your mother used to always leave open for you, the slither of light that falls across your sheets and the sense of security that it gives you. he’s the murmur of a goodnight’s kiss and the quiet whispers on nights you wake up from a bad dream.

rocky is the feeling of wrapping up in warm blankets on cold, rainy mornings. he’s the cup of hot chocolate you cradle in your palms as you watch movies and wiggle your toes, tucked into a corner of the couch, warm and cosy and peaceful. he’s the smell of your mother’s cooking wafting through the walls of your home and the smile she gives you when you peek into the kitchen. rocky is the cheeky grin you give when you steal a bite and manage to get away with it.

sanha is the laughter that fills in the gaps and the lull of conversation in the air. he’s the doodles on fogged up windows where you make raindrops race, and the flowers arranged randomly in pretty flower vases. sanha is the chirping of baby birds greeting you good morning and the bunch of old plushies on your bed you refuse to throw out, and the secret box you keep little odds and ends in tucked away in your closet.

if astro were things that felt like home–

what am i talking about? they already make me feel at home with the way they just are.

I want to sleep with you.

I don’t mean have sex. I mean sleep. Together. Under our sheets. In our bed. With my head on your chest and hand on your shoulder with your arm around me. The window cracked, so it’s chilly and we have to cuddle closer. No talking, just sleepy, blissfully happy silence.