you are a superman

i’m going to start off slow.

i’m furious.

i’m a young jewish woman, and i deserve to be treated with basic fucking decency. i should be able to relax and enjoy my holiday, say shanah tovah and not have to deal with goyische bullshit.

for those of you who haven’t heard, this years cw superhero supercrossover fuckdome is entitled “crisis on earth x”. earth x is the earth of the CWSeed’s new animated show The Ray, where canonically jewish characters/jewish coded characters such as barry allen, ray palmer, and kara zor el along with multiple other superheroes are nazis. i’m not going to explain why this is gross because you have google right at your fingertips.

comic books are jewish american culture. that’s right, say it with me. COMIC BOOKS ARE JEWISH AMERICAN CULTURE. every classic comic superhero you love was created by jews and tells a jewish story. batman? jewish. superman? jewish. wonderwoman? jewish. every single one of them tells a jewish story.

by making these characters nazis, they turn our own creations against us. we contributed to society, but they’d rather see a world where we’re dead than one where they give us credit for everything we’ve contributed.

so here’s the deal: don’t watch the crossover live. don’t give them the ratings. if you’re really despesrate, but the seasons on amazon or something and watch it right after it airs. watch it illegally online. don’t give them the ratings, let them know that this isn’t ok.

yell on social media. tweet the dctv writers. be vocal about how ugly this is. do something this is so bad please protect ur local jews.

Things that Bruce does without thinking
  • (Breakfast)
  • Clark: *chewing on his toast* --so I'm going to have to find time to help Mom with that somehow--
  • Bruce: *wipes off the bread crumb on Clark's face*
  • ----
  • (at Clark's apartment door)
  • Clark: Alright, I'm off to work, help yourself to whatever in the fridge. I'll see you tonight?
  • Bruce: *straightens Clark's tie, hands lingering at his neck* Yeah, love you. Say hi to Lois for me.
  • ----
  • Superman: That area's blocked off, you want me to clear it?
  • Batman: *reaches up and fixes the strand of hair over Supes' face* No, I'll do it. Go help Flash.
  • ----
  • Superman: Are you out of your mind?! You could've died!
  • Batman: No, you had my back.
  • Superman: You can't always be certain I'll get to you in time.
  • Batman: I trust you.
  • Superman: I'm flattered but that also puts a lot of pressure on me--
  • Batman: I trust you.

#ManOfSteel Lois and Clark featurette

Zack Snyder “I think it’s much more of a partnership, than it’s been in the past, between she [Lois] and Superman. In a lot of ways, you know, she is the right partner for Superman. She’s a reason to save the human race, you know. It’s cool that he has that example right in front of him.”

Henry Cavill “She [Lois] is obviously a Superwoman, in the societal sense. She opens Kal’s eyes to an entire new way of existing. He’s so used to being private with who he is, and finally he got to share it with someone and he can trust her, and she gave him the concept of a future on the planet.”

Amy Adams “I think it takes her by surprise, that it actually takes this person from a different world to actually make her more human. His [Superman] humanity actually brings about a change in her, and I think she comes to really respect and identify more with humanity by her experience with Clark.”

#LoisLane #Superman #HenryCavill #AmyAdams #ZackSnyder

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The BL anon and I are all-nighter buddies. For example: I think it has been two days since I slept and three days since she has because this assignment is kicking our asses (oh, Gotham, how I love you, but why the fuck are you so cloudy?!) -Tim

Maybe tweet @ superman and ask him to blow the clouds away or something. Although… That might be smoke. Red and I blew up a factory about an hour ago bc… You don’t wanna know what they were doing actually

i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas


My personal Top 10 Batfleck moments (So far and in no particular order) 

Feel free to add your own. I know i missed a couple. :D